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    Surprised you lads are allowed to talk about such an exclusive club?
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    Looks like the amendment to lower the voting age to 16 and allow EU nationals to take part has failed.
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    He came down to mine years ago for a night out,i used to be able to walk cross country to the next village a couple of miles away and back the other side of the road and be able to have a good few runs and bag a few different things.Whin the total pleb wouldn't turn the lamp off and just kept on saying deeed laaaandddd in his fuckwit accent so scaring off and emptying usually game ridden land and the final straw was when he slipped his dog in on a run and it was only luck neither dog was hurt.We called it a night with one rabbit caught and you did well missing out joe.
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    I’ll tell you what I think will happen....... People will have spent the last 3 years watching these pricks make a mockery of everyone....... They will have spent the last 20 years watching their communities go down the khazi. And they will go out and vote for exactly the same parties all over again Then they will spent the next 5 years wondering why and complaining that everything is up shit creek !
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    All the best with it, £450 seems like value from my recent encounters with vets, is she on metacam?think casso meant she doesn't look bothered,not unmarked mate. Joe
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    He's a sneaky Russian
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    She’s got an honest lookin eye, can’t ask any more than that in their attitude
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    ive one here under priced and a bargain to the right man/woman lol...Ive paid a bit too much for some pups and very little for others ,if you want it bad enough and its bred right ,money is not an issue ,unless your skint i suppose
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    I offered him a night out on the moochers forum, he said yes on the forum then spewed by ignoring every pm I sent
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    Moochers was dead for years, mark brick and jim joined after previously being banned and brought a little bit of life back to it. private and exclusive
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    Some women use kids as a weapon to get back at you and poison there minds accordly I never saw my two lads for years because of that c**t telling them things that weren't true I don't know your position kd but fight for your rights i wish I did it's time you can't get back and it's the impact it has on the kids when your gone from home seek legal advice and have as much contact even if it means a contact centre don't do what I did
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    What a fecking monster lol(I mean the dog,my daughter's an angel lol)
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    one terrier in each pen/kennel. easy
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    can't remember the last time i bought a pup be it lurcher or terrier as if you in a good tight circle of people you won't ever have to put your hand in your pocket atb cbx
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    Sorry mate took you the wrong way thought you was saying looks like she hadnt done much haha yea she been a good bitch for me and what I do
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    Iv got meds of the vets here seems to be sorting it , might took it the wrong way Casso sorry if I did haha
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    Either way stav thats one beautiful piece of land and I would have thought a pleasure to be out atb mate
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    No, but I know of a bloke who is in this situation. Everyones circumstances are different and I don't know yours but my advice is to not go off on one and end up shooting yourself in the foot by being offensive or violent to anyone involved in this story Ect Ect,. Basically the woman gets precedence over a bloke unless there ere exceptional circumstances. it may not be fair but that's how it is. Nothing is ever sorted out by getting bogged down in argument and recrimination. The only ones that benefit are the lawyers. What you have to remember is that it is the welfare of the children is paramount and not the adults. Don't use the kids as kind of weapons or bargaining chips. it might be better to completely walk away from this situation and move on rather than getting embroiled in a war that you probably won't win..... ( different to the bloke mentioned above). That case is a whole lot worse than my nephew). >>>> My nephews wife broke from him and took the kids. He got a new woman and the whole lot of them went of holiday to Cyprus. All the time they were out there the little B.. studs were texting back home to mum what was happening. over the years he has spent a small fortune on them but they have been shits to him and although they have good well paid jobs they couldn't give a toss about him. Others will be able to advise their experiences better than I because I haven't personally had this to deal with. If I had kids like that texting back home their phone would have been chucked in the pool. ps. Question. Why is your Ex trying to stop you from seeing your kids.
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    tnite at 9.bbc4 chan9..freddie mills..
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    See, folks already talking in terms of Tory and splitting the vote so better vote Tory etc etc !......... Honestly, after what you have witnessed the last 30 (never mind the last 3) years why the hell would you put your “X” in the box of any main party? Even Farage has made his party a one issue party.......the problems are so much bigger than that..........nobody is saying “There’s too much government and they are f***ing everything up” ! The last 3 years has shown that “Brexit” is the f***ing least of your problems and I was a mad Brexiteer !.......... f**k Corbyn f**k Johnson f**k Farage And f**k all the rest of them too........all part of the same shit system. If I was still voting there it would be someone small who’s message I liked and at least I’d have a clear conscious knowing I never voted for what’s happening outside my window ! Or I’d not vote at all
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    It’s mad Ini , I thought £450 wasnt bad for a Sunday evening call out and overnight stay
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    Tbh mate im exactly sure I just know he’s a very good animal from what I heard from a friend and will go see him this season , im not bothered what’s in him tbh as long he does the job
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    Bet she wishes she had a big old dirty guard dog in back her car they’d think twice bout pulling down that drive again when a dog jumps out the car and sees a load masked men and starts taking chunks out them
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    The absolute best time of the day bar none. But don't tell everyone, as the lack of people is one of the reasons!
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    Thank fook for that.
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    That's what they are, there's no shortage of aimless souls waiting to be lead astray, Sab a hunt, bait a badger, ride the estate bike, it must be the opportunity of a lifetime to a prospective junkie who's usually stood outside of the corner taliban waiting for someone to get them a bottle of bella then bum along to a riff raff flat to call each other daft cnut finishing with a police presence courtesy of a disgruntled neighbour, ad infinitum
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    12th it is ....merry Christmas Turkey's!
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    Yam bin shuddering like shudder mc shuddington from shuddingtonville
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    not really good at putting what I think across but imo why couldn't we have a Brexit and leave the border between NI/Irl how it is .. I think it'll be bad for both countries with a hard border , whats going to happen to the people who live on one side of the border but work on the other ..
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    Sounds good mate. I prefer Good plate of cockles in vinegar with a big door step of fresh bread and thick butter. But would def give that a go. Cheers Arry
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    I get offered them all time but sometimes it may be the case of not finding the type yas require or need at that given time that means delving in one's pocket. Atb bill
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    Well I'm giving mine till the age of 7 after that I'm wasting no more time wi the fecking thing
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    Not looking at any book bud looking her in the eye , she has work written all over her
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    Everyone that voted leave, should vote for the Brexit party..
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    I got spat on by one at Waterloo Cup when I collected a mates dog after its course so I belted him Copper grabbed me and wanted me to appologise even though he saw the twat spit on me. Told him to f**k off & he gave me a verbal warning Ffs. Dirty unwashed b*****ds!! Atb
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    the f***ing pest
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    Massive over her in Spain.. each coastal place has their own versions, it's simply seafood soup. Cockles, clams, razorclams anything they can get their hands on.
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    Sire to him is my old dog troy who it out of razor witch is foxyxcharlie Smokeyxdancer, troy dam is derrie who is a Merl and ever bred dog back to a minshaw bitch, dam to him is also out of troy back to a whippet grey
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    Yep, slug liner for crown and impact from Krale
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    Bang on WILF I am prepaired to have a 100 pound bet that labour will keep their 3 seats in my town of Rotherham despite us voting to leave.
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    Was running one yesterday he went under she went over and got stuck on barbwire , pulled herself off before I got there was a right state
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