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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. comanche

    Anyone successfully bred ferret hybrid

    Polecats have been known occasionally to mate in the wild with European mink and the cross has been deliberatly bred in Russian fur farms. Crossing a ferret with a mink is obviously possible ,but it would have to be a European mink not an American mink.
  2. comanche

    Smith and Wesson 15-22

    Never fired one but handled one in a local gun dealers. If anyone is old enough to rememember the old Tv cop show Hill Street blues;well I felt like the mad SWAT team leader who popped up every few episodes. I think if you were looking for something to hunt with, pulling one out of the gunslip would raise a few worried eyebrows from the farmer and get you reported to a real SWAT squad if a passing dog-walker spotted you in the bushes. The local gun-dealer actually specialised in their import and customisation though I think it was getting near impossible to source them at the time I was talking to him. They have loads of custom add-ons available and seem to have almost cult status for the tactical -target disciples but too scary by far to be seen in a field with one in my opinion. I think the one I saw was around 700 quid and that would buy you a couple of good second-hand reliable CZs or a very fancy more conventional new .22 rimfire indeed! In fact I remember seeing an aftermarket kit that transforms a CZinto and AR15 lookalike. Still too scary-looking for me but proven reliability.
  3. comanche

    Lab x grey

    Only a guess but I reckon anyone looking to breed from a good lab would be more inclined to use it to produce saleable pure-bred puppies than lurchers with a limited market and lower price. This would leave leave lurcher production to less formal liaisons and as not that many people keep "entire" greyhounds as pets the chances of accidental lab x greyhound litters are small. Lab x whippet puppies turn up more often.(Tyla;Gill dog-sits a whippet x lab from time to time,reckons it a nicer dog than its pure labrador house-mate)
  4. comanche

    Gatwick Closed

    I don't think the drone was the problem. If there was one at all it probably came and went before anyone could react. The concern was that it may have offloaded something. Gatwick Airport covers a big area and apart from the commercial areas there are a couple of high security "establishments" on site. I expect everywhere on the outfield and beyond had to be searched. As for blasting it to atoms with a shotgun; probably everyone's first thought. On second thoughts;suppose it was carrying a bomb or anthrax spores,or some horrible poison? There could well be a couple of teenagers cowering under their beds waiting for a knock on the door,or maybye Putin decided to flex his muscles and create a stir(checking out our anti-drone procedures at the same time) in retaliation for us daring to have a spy ship in the Ukraine. ..Could be a hoax of course . All I know ,as someone who lives nearby,is that it's been lovely and quiet
  5. comanche

    soft plastics

    It was Tyla that introduced me to little rubber lures. I've been a fan of big shads for pike for years ;mainly because before rubber-hauling became trendy I bought a bagful of 7 inch rubber fish for a pittance from my local fishing shop and made my own lead keels and traces for them. First time out with one I dangled my DIY rigged contraption in the current under my feet just to see what it looked like and a jack pike barely twice the size of the lure grabbed-it. Bit of a confidence boost! As I mentioned it was an evening with Tyla that had me interested in using little lures though. I was float fishing and had plenty of small fish of various species but he was catching some interesting perch on his jig-heads so I gave it a go. Here's a surprise catch from my local river.
  6. comanche

    Old TV fishing programme

    I've found it. The presenter's name was Jonathan Webb; the programme was Casting Around. Seven episodes 1970. Clearly a forgettable series.
  7. I've been racking my brain and asking friends if they remember a TV fishing series from around the very late 60s or early 70s. Everyone remembers Jack Hargreaves's Out of Town but not this programme . I'm sure the presenter was called Jonathon Webb and the programme was called something like Lucky Casts but I know that's not quite right. If I knew the proper name it might come up on google. It was on the really silly time of Saturday morning so that's probably why nobody remembers it and it didn't catch-on( only a little pun intended). The only episode that sticks in my mind was the presenter catching several pike from a Thames weir. Does anyone else remember it and what it was called?
  8. comanche

    Ferret finders

    I'd buy a mark 2 or three collar-they both work with a Mk1 box. If you can find a MK2 collar secondhand it should be dirt cheap a(the original black collar is the giveaway it's a Mk2 ) because they do eat batteries;I guess it's because they tick faster than a MK3.
  9. Not the best photos and its in a deer farm but it's still unusual. Especially as the hind broke into the deer farm after almost certainly escaping from somewhere else.
  10. comanche

    Help needed regarding newts

    I don't know but we have great cresteds where I keep my sheep and do a bit of rabbiting. They turn-up under logs that can't possibly be frost-proof and last year one was found midwinter under the spilt dung from the muck trailer in the stable yard even though it had only been laying for a couple of days. I reckon as its not hibernation time quite yet they are more than capable of either moving or being moved to cover. Probably more in danger from being exposed to predators if they don't get covered-up quickly than suffering from cold. Make a nice big log or paving slab pile for them.
  11. comanche

    Good Running dog books?

    Phil Drabble's Pedigree Unknown still stands -up. The original edition came out in the mid sixties and though some of his thoughts might not find favour with the "Hard Lads" it's honest. And dare I say DBP 's later tales of rat hunting adventures won't seem so original after you've read it.
  12. comanche


    I thought I'd try to make just a couple of gallons and that t'other half's Moulineau juicer would be Ok for that little amount. After the experience of me and a mate using his wife's electric mincer in an over-enthusiastic manner while to making venison burgers I was careful not to over-heat or stress the device. So not only was it a slow process chopping and poking half an orchard through the thing but it still conked-out after about six pints of juice. Check fuse; no luck. Allow to cool down ;no luck. Allow to cool down overnight whilst praying to the Gods for a miracle;no luck. "Bum"; looks like I'll have to buy her a new one. Double bum; her's is a discontinued model and colour so no chance of a shifty swap and they are getting-on for £200! Finally a desperate cruise of Evil bay turned-up a new listing. Right model,wrong colour but a low buy it now price. Hm,"If I swap motors,she'll never know." The day it arrived I had just one last go at plugging the broken juicer in. It worked. I turned it on and off . It still worked. It's still working. I didn't push my luck though and finished the cider-making using my own 19 quid E-bay juicer. I felt it safe to come clean about my fall-back plan of motor substitution or if it came to it actually buying her new one. That got me Brownie points. She hasn't seen the labels I've designed for the bottles yet though.
  13. comanche

    Jimny prop shaft

    Mine's 2003. I don't know when Suzuki started fitting grease nipples but I've been told the later ones had their bearings crimped into the prop-shaft ;making then harder for the home -mechanic to replace. The early ones like mine are held in with circlips. Still needs a press(or in my case a vice and big hammer;)) to get them out though. The replacement UJ kit I used came with a grease nipple. You did well to find a jeep with the bits you needed and to sell the remains for a small profit. Good stuff.
  14. comanche

    Jimny prop shaft

    Ah,now I know why Suzuki though it best to fit later Jimnys with a grease nipple on the rear UJ. Still reckon I could have eked another week out of it though-ahem.
  15. comanche

    Freshwater eels

    For us older chaps It's hard to believe that when we were fishing as kids, eels were impossible to avoid but now they are on the protected list. If you catch one on rod and line it must be returned. Their age is greatly exaggerated. While some captive eels are said to have reached fifty or sixty years old(and interestingly, didn't actually grow very big) ,most return to the sea to breed after between 8 and 15 years in freshwater. Pollution,disease and over-harvesting of elvers by high-tech methods and the trade in live elvers to stock European and Japanese fish farms mean that eels are certainly no longer there to guarantee a bit of slimey action on an otherwise blank fishing day. I fished a water-works on the Dorset Stour a few years ago on a day ticket and had to stop using maggots or worms because of the number of eels. I later then had a wander downstream to look at a section of free-fishing. Chatting to a local angler I learned that eels were virtually unheard of in the river below the water-works due to a massive eel trap installed in the sluice that caught them on their downstream breeding migration. So its not all down to foreigners and disease ;the EA obviously licenced the trap!