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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. And like no one's noticed the connection ....
  2. Short phone video , then l just kept screen shotting until l had one that was half decent If l was more technical or had a computer l s'pose l could "extract stills".
  3. Rescued from a skip this afternoon.
  4. Not a brilliant picture but it was the the best of a bad lot. They don't keep still!
  5. It's strange down here at the other end of the country. There don't seem to be many wasps out and about compared to some years. Then again the Season came into swing a couple of weeks later than usual . Yet there have been so many nests l've broken my record for the number treated in a day several times . Multiple nests in one house were the norm until the last couple of weeks . I thought eight in a tiny bungalow was going some but then l did a house with thirteen! If only the number of nests treated equalled the number of call outs. This one nearly caught me out. I'd go
  6. Your other half stealing it is a positive thing. It's a lot better than her saying " We have a wedding to pay for and you've come home with another gun!"
  7. That one looks like what we call a sea bream .
  8. My old dog has never been food orientated but he's become really fussy of late. My daughter sent off his details to this company,who tailored a mix to match his age, health , activity etc. She had an introductory voucher so it only cost a couple of quid for a decent sized bag. The dog actually eats them too! I suppose you vould always fallback on the old fashioned remedy of charcoal biscuits.
  9. It seems there are a lot of posts appearing in General Chat that are better suited to more specific existing categories . Posting about hunting and smallholding topics in General Chat might get an initial flurry of views and " likes" but risk getting buried pretty quickly. Putting the topic in the correct section keeps those areas of the forum active .
  10. Nah. The classic Pedigree Unknown by Phil Drabble came out ten years before Plummer started writing ..... "By chance" his work shall we say "mirrors" a fair bit of Drabble's experience, especially regarding rat hunting.....
  11. Ha. I had the one with the misspelling on the cover too. I remember my Mum ,who worked as a spell checker in an audio typing pool spotted it immediately. I was convinced she was wrong as l naively thought that surely a publishing company wouldn't make such a mistake... I gave all my Plummer books away; don't miss em .
  12. I can't see much detail on my knackered phone screen but they look wasp shaped . Anyway hornets are just big wasps . And you get different sizes and shapes of wasps/hornets within each species ,whether they are Male, Queens or Workers. It also depends on the time of year and age and strength of the nest. Early season workers tend to be weedy little things While as the nest gets bigger and stronger the size and quality of the inhabitants improves. As does their lifespan. Early season workers might manage to make it to the end of the week . Later batches ,maybe two
  13. I have some Pydust but haven't tried it yet. Likewise ,while not using Ficam for ground nests anymore, l've not fully converted to Vulcan for nests in building cavities. By the time l've powered-up the gear, suited-up and climbed a ladder l'm more concerned with using a product l trust. I can't help feeling that anything based on pyrethrin/ permetherin is just a rehash of old products ,rather than progress. I might be missing something but Vulcan instructions say that a second application might be needed for cavity nests. Does that mean factoring in a return vis
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