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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. comanche


    Yep.I've had various shades,some I confess I bought because they were pretty ,especially when I was younger. They all worked but experience and aging eyes, coupled with the sort of single-handed ferreting I tend to do has taught me that a white one shows up best in thick cover!
  2. comanche


    It is probably true. A friend was stung by a wasp and came out in a painfull and worrying rash. He rushed to casualty where a doctor told him it was bad reaction to a plant. My mate said somethong like " Look,I'm a pest controller,I know what I'm talking about." To which the doctor replied "Look, I'm a doctor I know what I'm talking about." Then he went on to explain that the wasp had probably been feeding on ivy or a similar irritant plant and my mate had reacted to that not the wasp's venom. Bearing in mind a wasp has ,I think,eleven main toxins and cart loads of minor ones in its armoury and it forages on dead bodies, various insects and catterpillars with histamine-coated bodies and flies that have been feeding on corpses and poo,as well as irritant plants ... Well ,it's a wonder we all don't end up with reactions and allergies,but it could explain why some stings do have more effect than others.
  3. comanche


    Years ago reddish-ginger ferrets were not unusual ;they were what we called sandies. Albino,polecat and sandy( ginger) were the main colours. Anything in between light and dark was a poley-cross. These days a sandy is just a light polecat cross but I would love to see one of the proper type again.
  4. comanche

    View From Your Swim

    Yes most of the female tench showed signs of having spawned recently. Judging by the mix of sizes the tench and rudd are happily procreating. It would be good to see if there are many crucians to be caught.
  5. comanche

    View From Your Swim

    Unfished for three years and only occasionally fished before that. The owner had picked the swim we were to share which wasn't where I would have chosen but it would've been rude to disagree with him ,especially as he had already set up a pair of wicker armchairs for us! It was a bit of an experiment as far as tactics and bait were concerned but a succession of rudd up to eight inches and some small tench fell equally to my quill and Crabtree approach and his graphite and waggler technique. It is said to be a carp-free zone apart from crucians which are on the hit list for next time.
  6. I did this one on the 11th of April;can't believe the customer called me out instead of reaching for a rolled-up newspaper. Been doing a nest or three most days for the last couple of weeks. The biggest ones have been about the size of a deflated football. Could be a busier season than expected.
  7. Did the BDS commision some unknown Peruvian artist ? Weeks of study ,four days of feeling like nervous schoolboy and I end up with a badge with a blxxdy cartoon alpaca on it!
  8. comanche

    Plans for 16th

    Fired by yesterday's minor triumph I returned to the scene for a couple of hours this evening. I approached the swim with care in case any Environment Agency types were laying in wait after hearing of my pike snaring prowess. Hm ,and there I am spouting angling ethics in my last post... Well it went pretty much the same as yesterday; plenty of tiddlers and would you believe; it another jack pike,this time on a worm. At first I thought I had latched onto the same fish as yesterday but when I landed it I realised my first pike was a bit bigger with a small scar on its cheek. I look foward to catching both fish again later in the year when Simon ,as I have named him might go close to 2 .5 lbs and Adrian a few grams over two and a quarter. Little Adrian can't believe his luck. He's only been caught once but already has been given a name!
  9. comanche

    Plans for 16th

    Not for me even if I had the odd few grand to spare,but as long as he enjoys himself. I worry that the continual catching of the same fishes in semi captive conditions and the ,to some people ,almost obscene use of vast quantities of human grade foodstuffs as bait will turn round and bite us when the antis get properly tuned into angling . And I'm sorry to say they may have a point. Of course the truth is that I tend to fish alone in funny little corners and hide behind a love of decrepit tackle because I'm not a particularly good angler. But I do enjoy myself ; just like the bloke who lays out £1000 for a few nights in a tent and the chance to see if his favourite carp has put on a few ounces since his last visit. Each to his own...
  10. comanche

    Plans for 16th

    Float made from a broken arrow shaft,landing net pole made from a bit of bamboo stolen from a customer's bonfire and "flamed" for a faux vintage look. Actually,I think "proper fishin' " generally involves more skill and fractionally bigger fish than the ones I usually catch . But I'd rather be the numpty who accidentally lassooed a 2lb pike , than be sleeping in a kid's play tent waiting for a carp that's been caught so many times it has its own section in the bankside visitor's book to pick-up a factory vomited ,sphere of junk food.
  11. comanche

    Plans for 16th

    After the previous picture of the lovely barbel I feel this post could be an anti-climax. Anyway it was off to the little stream for the second round of the day. Trotting maggots proved useless but worms and bread attracted bites from plenty of little perch ,chub and roach. (See photos for images of the rod-straining leviathons in question). With bites coming almost every trot I was loathe to pack-up and would love to have fished into the magic hour of dusk but my daughter demanded my presence for Father's Day. It was on about the sixth or seventh last cast of the afternoon that a little chublet I was bringing-in was intercepted by a jack pike that actually flew out of the water in its enthusiasm to kill something. My expectation was that the thing would nip through my 3lb line and make off with my baby chub but after a few minutes of gentle sparring I coaxed it into the net . Examining my prize I realised it wasn't fairly hooked in the mouth.In fact it wasn't hooked at all. The rather unfortunate-looking chublet was still attached to my size 14 but both were hanging clear of the pike's jaws. By some fluke my line had looped around the pike's nose like a noose.
  12. comanche

    Plans for 16th

    That is so true. When I was a kid we fished a small pond, anyone catching a carp of over a pound became an instant ,though temporary ,hero. The fish were small by carp standards but they were old and wiley and certainly not genetically programmed to be ever hungry like the monsters stocked today. My planned canoe fishing trip on a tidal river today has been put on hold . With the wind ,rain and high levels it might have proved mildly dangerous and certainly wouldn't have been much fun. Instead I spent a couple of hours at dawn on a local millstream where I opened the season with a few uspectacular roach and gudgeon. At least I didn't blank and I'll probably have another go this evening.
  13. comanche

    What's that noise...

    Chris Packhan has done very well by making his passion for wildlife into a successful career. He is as welcome to his opinions and dietry choices as any of us. He is also apparently mildly autistic ,though clearly at a high functioning level,which makes his ability to have made a success of his life something to be commended. However people on the autistic spectrum can not only be overly obsessive about their chosen interests but can also be quite gullible . This not the first time he has made ill-judged comments and I can't help thinking that he may be being fed inacurate information and that his celebrity status makes him a figurehead to be used by others with an agenda. The next challenge to general licences will no doubt involve a call for scientific evidence and that could take years of research and debate which is just what organisations like Wild Justice thrive upon. Its all well and good farmers ,conservationists and pest controllers recounting years of experience but scientists are disbelieving sods and unless they themselves have done the research they rarely accept the opinions of others. Even so it would be a good idea if anyone who does shoot under the General Licences keeps notes in their game books of not just the day's bag but of failures of other methods of control photos of damage caused by the pest species and the efficency of shooting . Who knows, it might not be long before Defra or someone might ask for input from interested parties and it would definately pay to be prepared with evidence.
  14. comanche

    sea fishing.

    That is a good idea. Especially if you are thinking of beach fishing for the first time. It can be soul-destroying sitting on a bleak bit of sand or shingle ,not sure if you are using the right gear, or have cast far enough,or perhaps cast too far,wondering if you have the right bait ,or if has been eaten by crabs ,dealing with false bites from seaweed and plastic bags and then looking out at the huge ocean and realising the fish could be anywhere in the World. Go with a friend or at least pick a beach with a few hopefully helpful anglers on it. Rock,pier and harbour fishing is far less daunting. You are really just using beefed up freshwater tactics; heavier leads,bigger floats etc. You rarely have to cast far and even if the fish are not playing ball it is less dispiriting than fishing blind on an unknown beach.
  15. comanche

    Charity Shop Bargains

    Good buys. Though I think if I came home from a boot sale and announced to the GF I had two padlocks and a whip .......