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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. It's been very busy and still doing the odd nest or three most days. What l have noticed this year is that quite a few nests don't have any queen cells in them . And yesterday l did a nest that was in two sections. Half the nest was normal with egg galleries but hanging from the side was a perfect almost classic shaped football shaped nest . There were plenty of wasps working on the outside but when l broke-in it was just an empty shell .
  2. I looked in my gardening book. You are right . Pears will also graft onto blackthorn apparently!
  3. If you bake them like apples they have an almost apricot taste. Or maybe apricots taste a bit like quinces Ever wondered why the label on marmalade specifies "orange" marmalade? No neither did l.. Until a few years ago l realised that a pub l do the pest control for had several quince trees in a derelict corner . Looking up ways of using up the bags of quinces l came away with l discovered that marmalade was originally made with quinces. The supposed story of how orange Marmalade came to be is that a jam factory bought up a ship load of rotting oranges cheaply . Th
  4. That's big for a male tench! And look at the size of the bait . Mind you looking at the holes in the tobacco tin anything smaller has probably escaped into the pocket of the angler's tweed jacket . Great picture though. I seem to be a bit of a tench magnet this season . Spent a lovely civilised afternoon sitting on a jetty in a wicker chair in the company of one of my customers . Our task was to fill a keepnet with rudd from his fishing pond to stock one of his more ornamental ponds . When we had made the transfer we went back to the main pond for an hour or so of
  5. Stroking him and being firm but friendly with him will make him easier to handle . Stroke him anywhere you like but not the top of his head! Maybe its stimulates competetive hormones but rubbing and tickling a ram's head can too easily lead to a shoving match. Before long the ram sees you as a rival rather than benefactor .....
  6. Sadly as an univited guest it wasn't given the option of tea and cake. Strolled into the room while the elderly lady was knitting . As a fairly robust lady- albeit in her 90s-she tried explain the error of its way with the aid of a rolled up newspaper and strong words . Being met with vulpine indifference ,she shut the door and phoned me. Though l've no reason to doubt her claim that had l not been available she would've fetched a log from the woodshed and "brained" it.
  7. A fox from a living room . Talk about "Make yourself at home!"
  8. Hm, l'm getting inspired to have another go
  9. I suspect the little tench was Nature's joke because l went to the river to have a change from catching them in the farm pond I've seen chaps having great success In the estuary , and using similar tactics to your ones upstream at Arundel. The river being so polluted with the things there that residents of the town are actually known as Mullets! I've tried to emulate them but clearly have "something" l don't . They use a tethered sack of bread as groundbait . The sack also thwarts the sea gulls . Then they take turns to trot past it. . I've watched the things cruise abo
  10. In all my years of fishing l've only ever caught two mullet . That's not for want of trying . I just don't seem very good at it At the moment the tidal Arun is full of the things ; from the estuary up to a good 12 miles inland . Which is where l spend yesterday evening . Some very liquid offerings of Co Op's finest white loaf were plopped into the river . It certainly seemed to grab the mullets' attention as pretty soon they were flashing under the rod tip . I don't know if the sods were seriously feeding on the milky cloud bait or simply taunting me. Either way they
  11. I'm absolutely no expert- just an amateur sheep-keeper so hopefully a proper expert will chip in. I was sold , very cheaply, half a dozen young rams after a local farmer had selected the best for breeding. I only kept them for meat . One had a rather nasty temperament so he went first. The others were good natured so grew-on as hoggets. When it was a few years old the farmer then kindly gave me the ram he'd originally kept back . Elderly or not the chap served my few ewes admirably and was a lovely character but was getting heavy on his legs . This and the fact th
  12. Never Mind The Bollocks ...... Look for sturdy legs too Rams can get heavy, and bendy limbs and wonky feet can limit the atheletic abilities required for mating. I guess you are renting the ram rather than buying. So its not such a long term investment though.
  13. This lot weren't exactly best pleased by having their nest exposed by a chainsaw but while their siblings were bouncing off me others still carried on with nursery duties. I can imagine the reception if l'd suggested laying off the job for a day or two while l fimed some video footage . I don't think my wildlife camera would've survived a trip through the shredder
  14. Not the best photo , partially because l was using my phone but mainly because l was standing under a nest full of hornets at the time Unfortunatly l had to kill them because the nest was impeding some tree surgeons . Before doing the deed l managed this picture of the inmates of the pupation cells being helped to freedom by their older relatives
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