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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. comanche

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    I had a Modern Arms Company .410. Their clever use of the Marco trade name gave their fishing tackle a sophisticated continental feel. I would've gone down exactly the same route as you with the rod. Stuff an expensive restoration; epoxy the whippings and get it in use Out of interest the Marco Silver Monarch is possibly an up-market sea rod. I only write this because I found a rod called a Marco Silver King described as such on the interweb. And we all know everything on the Devil's Playground of the internet is gospel Reel.....Well I just looked at my G&Y Avon ; a biggish reel but the adjustable drag is quite puny even on maximum. Hopefully a G&Y Jecta or Sea Jecta would have a firmer setting.. Alvey? Yes ,probably contemporary with the rod , has a star drag and importantly not expensive.
  2. comanche

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    Not quite 7" ,but at first glance a bit of a monster! Yet ,as you say ,the Maxima spins and spins. Interestingly my Maxima weighs the same as my G&Y Avon Supreme . Which is a smaller reel and also from the same stable as the Jecta you lusted after. My first reel was an ELO. Not ,unfortunatly ,a model witj features like yours. Mine was a black plastic drum about 2 and a half inches across. Clearly a base-model
  3. comanche

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    I'm trying to be sensible now. I need no more rods ...but if someone had a RW Mk4 heading for a skip . I've actually sorted out my favourite stuff for keeping and priced a box of old reels ready for a boot sale. I look on The Bay of Temptation at some of the gorgeous shiny things like, Adcock Stantons,Hardy Do Dahs,and stuff by Gary Mills, but it would be wasted on me. If I had a Roach Perfection reel and Barder rod I would still grab the Flick-em with missing spokes and either one of my ratty whole cane rods(hum,now do I go for the one with the tip that dresses to the right or the one with visible Araldite on the handle) ,or the split cane fly rod with a broken tip that has been ,with the addition of a handle extension ,recycled into a very bendy float rod? Catfish on a cane rod and big centre-pin sounds like a super "bucket list" idea. A much overlooked big reel is the Harrington Maxima. Probably the reason it's overlooked is that most of the stuff made by Harrington was pretty naff( the Omnia drum reel,Gat Air pistol etc) but Maximas dirt are cheap . I have one and it is a proper centrepin .For a Harrington product it's pretty good
  4. comanche

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    The tip is greenheart and when I got it the rod was missing several rings and a couple of inches off the end . It's old but not a collector's piece so I've no guilt about lashing some mismatched eyes on and abusing it. The only decent split cane rod I have is an Allcock's Record Breaker, given to me by Tyla on this forum. It's reserved for posh use.The couple of whole cane rods I have are far more work-a-day and have a more "organic" feel to them. I know old greenheart has a reputation for cracking but this could be due to the age and huge number of rods that were made. How many old split cane rods are about with shortened tip sections due to breakage ? Yet no one dare complain about split cane being inherently flawed. I have a whole rod made from it and two with greenheart tips. None of them cost me anything so if they break in action so be it. Looking on the Bay of Evil whole cane/greenheart rods often sell for less than the postage price. Almost worth the risk if you just want a user,rather than collectable rod.
  5. comanche

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    I was a bit under- equipped. The rod is over 100 years old and as the fish shot-off I very quickly remembered the reel has less than 50 yards of 4.5lb line on it.
  6. I had to pop down to the coast to see my brother this evening and as an afterthough took a rod in the hope of grabbing an hour's mullet fishing. Unfortunatly it was obvious that I either I was too inept to tempt one or had left it a bit late in the season and they were no longer in the river. Bread certainly had no pulling power so I tried a bunch of maggots. I had one bite that produced a suicidal 2 inch bass and one other that resulted in this!
  7. comanche

    Mole control, charges?

    Forget what others charge. Decide how much you need to charge to make it worth your while . Better a couple of jobs from good payers than a load of phone calls , lots of driving about and the stress involved in doing too many cheap jobs. I'm sure there are other things you would rather be doing during your retirement.
  8. Yes,it does have a long rail underneath. I shall google hamsters. Thank you.
  9. As someone who never felt the need for a PCP I have to admit I'm hooked. It's the only PCP that felt right the second I was handed it. I'll still have to admit I bought it on impulse because I knew it was a bargain but have only just come to realise how much of a bargain. Rifle,a few spare seals ( I've no idea what they are for mind you) ,10 shot conversion with two magazines , an unbranded Chinese scope, silencer,bag,spacers for adjusting the stock,original tools and dive bottle-£160 the lot. So far apart from a couple of Typhoo tea boxes, I've shot a pigeon,a magpie and a squirrel . Though I should've shot the squirrel a couple of days earlier ; before it stripped my hazelnuts !
  10. A big yippee. I know you have been looking a bit of land for a while. Pigs ! This was choked with brambles two years ago . Pigs are quite thorough!
  11. comanche

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Wow. I didn't know Hancock bred Bichon Fries' or pugs. I missed out there
  12. comanche

    1 good dog in a life time

    I think there are dogs that set the benchmark for those that are to follow. The sort of dog that responds to your training and temperament and makes you realise that a lot more is possible than you thought . It may not be your "dog of a lifetime"but it is the one that teaches you what sort of dog really suits your needs (and not necessarily anyone else's),the one you always remember as the turning point, and strive to emulate and improve upon with those that follow.
  13. comanche

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Back in the early 80s I chose to buy a puppy from David Hancock. He sold me a dog with four legs and a brain. A wild, untouched blank canvas.As he pointed out ; the rest was up to me . She was a good dog. Others may not have been so lucky ,or understood that Hancock dogs were not magic beings that had somehow read all the lurcher manuals and knew what was expected of them . If I lived nearer to him I would've considered another from him and would've had no qualms about popping-in to see if he had anything that took my fancy . But there are always dogs nearer to home and none of them will have read any of Plummer's books either! Out of interest ; I wonder if there will be any way of accessing his stud-books and records in the future. It might prevent accidental inbreeding if nothing else.
  14. comanche

    Lance lab AR8

    Apart from when a joint has become stuck I've found the plastic tube has to be tugged sometimes before the lance will retract properly. I usually put my foot on the tube to keep it tight and lift the lance away when this happens. The device is useful but really needs a holster for the air bottle combined with a long net type pouch for the the trailing pipe'work in my opinion. And I love the way none of the side pockets on the carry case are big enough to accommodate the air reservoir . Like a lot of pest control kit it's been cobbled together from parts meant for other applications; a cheap telescopic fishing pole, a mini fire extinguisher and a few quids worth of 1/4" plastic tube etc..and sold at pretty hefty price for what it is. But it does cut down on ladder-work!