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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. Yes it's like not bothering to net those manky ,collapsed, blocked holes when ferreting .
  2. Is that due to pollution of some sort? Or local taboo or custom as in parts of Australia? Rays are usually excellent to eat.
  3. Anyone old enough to even remember pre myxy times is going to be close to seventy . Though as they would've been toddlers l expect their main contact with a bunny was in the form of a cuddly toy or ration-dodging meal. To have actually taken note of rabbit numbers or hunted them they would be a few years up on that. I wonder who the oldest THL member is? I know its not me,,,,,
  4. That's a bit like my philosophy. The Talpidaen Gurus ( a status easily reached by taking an on-line exam or attending a course it seems ) forever promote the search for a Perfect main / travelling / feeding runs or whatever sort of run the Oracle considers the Holy Grail . Oh so often though , l still seem to break through into what are clearly fun runs ,school runs or molish Red Light districts. Insecurity at my inability to find the Perfect Run every time has been ameliorated over the years . A sub industry guidelines tunnel created by some mole who hasn't read t
  5. It's cost a few people a lot of money to put right. A friend has to take a torch with him when he walks his dog round the local rec at night so he can check the coast is clear before he lets it off for a run about. It rarely is. Heaven knows what'll happen when we all have electric cars; all that wiring could =carnage!
  6. No , the four legged ones. It's made a few recent headlines but been going-on for some time round here. Foxes have been eating wiring and brake pipes. It's not helped in this area by someone feeding them every night and attracting them en-masse to a nearby garden . The "experts" claim it's because they like brake fluid but l suspect it's as much to do with modern eco friendly rubbers being palatable.
  7. I must've been the last person in the Country to realise there is a problem with petrol supplies. The van's probably got about a quart of petrol in the tank and hasn't moved since Friday night. Hence ; enter the Company Bicycle! I'm limited to what gear can be strapped to the beast and stuffed in a rucksack and I had one job yesterday where a ladder would've been useful . There were three nests in an awkward roof but Invention being the Mother of Frank Zappa l reached em all in the end. Customers seem to mistakenly think l must be really fit when l turn up. They don't
  8. The pumpkins and Japanese squash plants went mad this Summer. This is only half of the crop and l only had four plants! Weirdly the green knobbly squash grew on the same plant as the orange ones . Just about anything that was available a month ago went into the wine ; apples, pears ,plums ,sloes,blackberries, bullaces and sprig of fennel. A pretty random mix . It's bubbling like mad scientist's experiment and shows no sign of slowing down . The damson jelly took a couple of attempts to get right but has passed the approval test. Well at least nobody l gave jars to has expir
  9. On the other hand ; if the box is basically a Mk1 ( actually a misnomer as there were several marks of the "Mark 1") it will work with modern collars.
  10. We had another enjoyable day's boat fishing out of Littlehampton today. After chugging out to sea the Skipper stopped long enough for us to catch a decent supply of mackerel to supplement the rather dodgy tackle shop squid we'd brought with us.Decent frozen squid seems hard to come by . It didn't seem to matter though as despite the bright sun and clear water there were plenty of conger about on the rocky mark we anchored over; none of whom had fussy palettes. Surprisingly , considering l was on board , there were few small fish caught. This might've been because the conger
  11. I've seen it a few times just because it is a fishing programme. It may be heresy to say it bearing in mind the programme's good reviews but l find it s bit annoying. Too little fishing and too many weak and contrived "comedy" moments for me . If l want to listen to two blokes bickering about the woes of old age l can talk to myself in a mirror
  12. Garbage collection truck. We call em dustcarts, bin lorries Biffa is the name of a company that operates some of them. We have seperate bins for garden waste , common recyclable materials like glass and cardboard and another for general waste. Shoving hazardous stuff like chemicals ,outdated medicines and old hand grenades in any of em tends to be frowned upon .
  13. Just been talking to a neighbour who pilots refuse carts. Apparently one of their lorries csught gire last week and the cause was traced to old shotgun cartridges that had beed slipped into the domestic waste! Heat or pressure in the cargo area must've set them off. The truck was at the start of its round and had only done a couple streets before it caught fire so l guess anyone who holds or has held a SGC on that part of the round can expect a visit.
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