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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. comanche

    It might be mad....

    A sadly departed friend once spent an evening with his shotgun by an open window in his workshop hoping to ambush a fox that was bothering his ducks. The fox came as expected,Doug leapt into action and fired . Unfortunatly he fired through the wrong window;the one that wasn't open. He got the fox though. On a later occasion the same chap when after another fox opted to snooze in his pick-up with a rabbit tied via some fishing line to his big toe. Sure enough he was tugged awake(Oo er missus) but could'nt see a fox anywhere. The tugging continued until he eventually made out the shape of a mink latched on to the bunny. This time, luckily, he had left the window down.
  2. comanche


    21 nests yesterday and the same last monday. Mind, it was dark finishes both days. Had my first ever hornet sting on Saturday . I wasn't even treating a nest. I put a strimmer over one though! That has to be either irony or karma.
  3. comanche

    View From Your Swim

    Not so much a "view from my swim" as my swim in the background with a rare picture of me holding something I've actually caught! Amongst a few bream,scad and mackerel I managed a thornback and four undulate rays. I kept the two in the picture and all the bream and other rays went back. On the boat we probably had a dozen or more rays between us including a couple of sandies, a small tope and some little conger amongst the bream and pouting. And of course the obligatory doggies. One chap caught a cuttlefish. Then on the way in we passed one of these! A Dutton amphicar;on a test drive at a guess as the bonnet is missing.
  4. comanche

    Mum And Baby Roe

    She'd been watching me do a wasps' nest in a barn before this. I went back to the van for my camera and she hadn't moved. She'd gone back to eating by the time I was driving away. It was one of those moments when a proper camera would have done the scene justice.
  5. comanche

    New Jimny Model

    It's got a very 70s/ 80s look to it. The you tube video makes it look a bit bigger than the present model ;as do some of the publicity shots . Though its hard to tell as it's being fawned over by Japanese chaps who tend to be a bit little. It certainly looks wider at the back and in the video seems to have narrower tyres than the present model which should save stress on the front steering joints. Jimnys have been around long enough to have a couple of known weaknesses that really should have been designed-out by now. Hopefully the new model will have them sorted. Trouble is ,it'll be few years before the new ones are old enough for me to afford!
  6. comanche

    Cow hide

    Eek ,I'm no expert. having attempted brain tanning,the proper (ish)bark tanning and alum bath methods I guess the alum&salt bath involved less "seat of the pants" experimentation. I had real trouble stretching the fibres in the cow -hide to soften it after it had been in the alum bath because of the sheer weigh,size and thickness. In the end I used the native American thing of beating it with a rock from the centre outwards to stretch the fibres. It's a bit stiffer than the professionally tanned skins.I don't know if that's down to my weedyness or the method. The sheep was a pig(!!!)to handle wet due to the weight of the fleece but as it dried the skin was easy to stretch and is lovely and pliable. I'm wondering if starting with a well dried skin would be easier. Perhaps strip the worst of the flesh and membrane off when its wet then put it in a rack to dry like parchment. Then use rough sand-paper to get more of the membrane off before the pickling bath. Whatever,its the cleaning up and preparation where 75% of the work is. Short answer EDDIE,is the alum& salt worked well and is cheap. Hark at me! I'm no expert just cursed with a child-like enthusiasm. The skins could start to smell like box of dead moles in a few months time!
  7. comanche

    Cow hide

    Well I managed the cow-hide. Its come out OK enough for me and with a bit of trimming-up has made a reasonable rug. The woman I did it for is pleased .Though I did warn her that the real test will come in winter when her under-floor heating kicks -in. At the same time I also did a sheep-skin from a rather hairy thing that I'd swapped last year for a ewe lamb that was too good to chop up for the freezer. My mate had her for breeding and I got "Slash" ,named for his resemblance to the Guns & Roses bloke, in exchange. Turned-out he couldn't play the guitar though .So he's in the freezer now. I'm really pleased with the result apart from the fact I have a lot of blxxdy combing to do before he's finished! Cow-hide =never again ,ever! Sheep = I could be tempted,possibly.
  8. comanche

    Selling Meat

    As far as I know small(apparently "small" applies to any amount you provide because in the great scheme of the meat industry game meat is a tiny percentage anyway) amounts of rabbits and game can go direct to local butchers,friends,family ,pubs etc. I think "local" is defined as something like 30 miles over the County border. Though you don't need a licence the game must still satisfy health and hygene requirements. The catch is that they must be in feather or in the case of rabbits they can be gutted but not skinned. Once you start skinning you become a food processor and are supposed to be registered as such and have suitable premises . Game entering the wider food chain such as by going through a Game Dealer's premises or other distribution centre is supposed to be properly traceable and vetted by a qualified person in the field. Though some Dealers still seem less fussy about where their bunnies come from than they are about the deer that go through their hands. The NGO course gives you the required training to assess the quality of the game and handle it hygenically ,leading to a"qualification" allowing you to sell it into to the wider food chain than just direct to local consumers. Responsible hunters will already know about keeping game clean and cool but the instruction goes much further than that.Even without the Certificate of Competance/Trained Hunter ID card as bait , it is an interesting course in its own right because it covers everything from deer and boar to rooks and squirrels as well as legal requirements if you do go down the home-processing route. The instructor on my course also gave examples of dire instances when poor quality ,untraceable game has entered the food chain.
  9. comanche


    Hornets are about and wasps' nests are coming-in. I treated six on friday; four little nests in the same pile of fence-panels in my local fencing yard and then a freebie in a horse-rug(they seem to love horse-rugs) for my friend at the stables where I keep my sheep. Just left there and a call came in for another one which amazingly was about 100 yards from where I had pulled-over to take the call. Then the day before I had a call from a lady who was putting put her kayak on top of her car ready for a peacefull evening on the river when she discovered it contained a wasp's nest. Looking through the books a reasonable year seems to follow a bad year so here's hoping.
  10. comanche

    Re-crowning a muzzle

    The bore was fine so I could've settled for a re-crown but the threads were a bit naff. I settled for two inches off the barrel-the price was the same anyway.
  11. comanche

    Re-crowning a muzzle

    As promised ;before and after photos. You can't tell the difference .
  12. comanche

    Cow hide

    It's an old draw knife. Thanks for the good wishes.
  13. comanche

    A salt rifel

    Ok before someone else says it; that would make a good slug-gun.
  14. comanche

    Cow hide

    Well i may have taken-on more than I can deal with but flushed by success of the bark-tanned knife sheath and brain-tanned deer skin(I'll forget the lurcher vs squirrel skin debacle) I'v e agreed to have a go at a Dexter cow hide for a friend . Luckily there is no pressure but if it works I'll get brownie points. Wheely-bin alum bath.