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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. Its always worth asking in a gun shop what they have "out back". For good commercial reasons they really want to sell you something expensive from the display racks. However they sometimes have stuff that's been part exchanged or handed-in stashed in the back room . Some are only fit for scrap but quite servicable guns that're otherwise destined for auction might be had for reasonable offers.
  2. I have done the splitting of cane ,araldite and lashings of whipping thing on a delaminated rod thing ; not pretty but functional . But maybe Cruella better stay with you Clive. If only as a source of spare line guides for The Silver Monarch Good luck with the
  3. I have used a hot needle just as an experiment but with 5or 6lb bs line a slim float slides fine without any reaming
  4. I did offer them back to the health visitor first!
  5. Never one to waste anything ; when l inherited a bundle of (unused) catheters on my Dad's passing-away a couple of years ago l immediately started thinking of alternative uses for them. Slicing one up for float rubbers seemed a good idea A bonus is that parallel with the main hole that is the right size to accomodate a float , there runs a narrow channel that is used for inflation of a little bulb that holds the catheter in place when used for its legitimate purpose. Perfect for converting floats into sliders! If need be the hole can be enlarged to take heavier line
  6. I just use the cane for feeders as it is, mainly through laziness Cruella,delaminating? Can she......be...saved?
  7. It was in Winter in mid flow . Not that l know if that really makes a difference as far as crayfish go. I've never seen one but there must be crayfish in the the river though because a big fuss was made because illegal crayfish trappers are said to have salted the river with Signal breeding stock. They didn't know it held native crayfish and was being monitored. Or perhaps didn't care. I am fond of the bamboo feeders. Each section of cane gives you a couple of block ends if you use the nodes and open enders from the rest. Mostly l am fond of them because l caug
  8. Did you notice if it had red or yellow ear flashes? I had one as a pet for 15 or 20 years. It became quite tame but was not to trusted with fingers as it grew bigger! I felt a bit guilty as they are said to live a bit longer than that . Maybe because mine was active all year round and didn't go torpid in the winter as a wild terrapin would it wore out quicker
  9. I've some left that l made a couple of years ago. As you say ; easy to make and cheap enough to be lost without tears. Apart from those taken as offerings by the River Gods l had to scrap a few because the mesh had been torn open by fish . I suspect trout or ,less likely chub. Both have the teeth for it. For real economy though l still like my old bamboo cane off cuts for feeders Note the chunk missing from the front front feeder . Don't the fish realise these things cost money! These don't
  10. Had a dabble in a customer's pond during yesterday lunchbreak. Unaccustomed to the borrowed modern tackle l still caught several rudd and a crucian. The owner was almost in tears of joy when he saw the crucian as he thought they had been wiped out by cormorants a few years ago.
  11. I think Robert Plant used to put one down his trousers before he went on stage. Not only did it impress the girls but it helped him hit the high notes.
  12. Except the "foot rests" or whatever they are look to've been fixed on to the spring as separate parts. This makes sense . The spring needs to flex , hold and release energy. The " pegs "need to be rigid. The components would've each required different blacksmithing techniques , metals of differing composition and tempering treatments . That's if the spur things are foot pegs. Knowing just how strong those springs really are would probably give a clue as to what was required to exert the required setting pressure. Maybe it was a two person job? Removing an
  13. Yes ,l've just found a flicr picture of a double sprung trap with a similar fancy treadle . It has flat spurs either side of the spring eye. My guess is they were foot pegs for depressing the spring.
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