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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. On a positive note. My daughter called me round for advice on the rather sickly baby whippet she'd acquired . It was the only pup left and clearly the runt and had no papers. It also had weird skin problems but being a soft touch (like her Dad )she felt sorry for it. Not soft enough to pay the asking price though and she walked away with the pup for the princely sum of £100. One look told me it wasn't even a whippet! Two years on she has a rather good little rough coated lurcher bitch.
  2. Ignore this post . I was trying to edit a question and had a phone malfunction. Sorry. I am a techno numpty at times
  3. It's a great series of posts. My brother was keen on falconry for many years . He said that of the birds he had his Harris was the only bird that he felt was a friend . I don't know if that makes sense. Anyway , please keep up the progress. diary
  4. A couple for Wolfdog from a 1947 Ducks Unlimited book. And something more British. And just to be a bit multicultural , a photograph my Dad took in 1962 of the Horsham &Crawley Boxing Day meet. The cowboy was a local farmer .
  5. The Angling Guide : a wealth of interesting advertisements.... Advice on how to dress properly for the bank. No namby pamby thermal cammo suits or bivvy tents . Real men fished in string vests. Or even half naked. For some reason the booklet included this advert for a pen.....
  6. The View From My Swim Today consisted of my good friend standing on the opposite bank wondering just what had taken his trotted maggots on a size 14 to 4lb line and centre-pin reel This view remained unchanged for half an hour as the fish did what it liked . During this time l made it across a bridge , negotiated floodwater and a bit of a bog to see if l could lend a hand. Or at very least get a glimpse of the beast before it came off. When l did catch sight of it l simply announced that it was huge without mentioning the species . If he knew what he'd latched onto a
  7. I can't believe some of the disbelieving numpties on this . The way that photo shows the puma off is no different from the way a fisherman arranges a trophy shot of a big fish. Anyway why would it be faked? Pumas aren't rare . Thanks for posting Wolfdog ; l reckon a few of the disbelieving chimps on this site owe you an apology.
  8. . Foxdropper l dare not ask what else is buried there . Especially as she is a widow! Sausagedog : nooooo
  9. Not quite Groundhog Day : this one was awake . As per instructions it joined its friend in the compost trench . Either the client is going to have the best vegetables in the County or a Steven King style plague of zombie foxes .
  10. 3.9kg . That's 8lb - the size of a big human baby!
  11. Good Lord no , her reputation would be ruined .
  12. The Sun that's appeared for the last couple of days seems to have brought the foxes out during the day in my area . No doubt the the thawing fields have made grubbing about a bit easier for them than it's been for a couple of weeks . Though some seem simply content to bask in the warmth . I shouldn't have been surprised when just as l thought l might have an early finish this afternoon l had a call from a customer. She's a lady in her nineties who despite using a walking- aid still maintains a bit of a smallholding. It wasn't that long ago that she shot her own foxes -usual
  13. Very close Shaaark : collie over a slim lurcher
  14. Moses Smith , Martin Knowlden(?) and Ted Walsh too! Most of my old photos are in the loft but these were to hand. As a puppy ,looking cute and cheeky.And with my daughter ,looking a bit smug after a show .Though l can't remember what those prizes were for . Certainly not the show ring . A well known lurcher person once said that it was a pity that he didn't grow into his ears because he'd be five MPH faster without all that wind resistance
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