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  1. Fcuk the rat race am going out lamping, going lamping 4+ nights a week and lying in bed all day is normal isn't it?
  2. Only had it a year, never had any bother.
  3. Sheep heads real good food.
  4. That's for sure about dogs looking for an excuse, they would miss loads if not following into cover night or day.
  5. A committed dog shouldn't pull up at a fence on the lamp if game goes over the fence.
  6. joe ox

    The Election

    Is it subtitled or in English?
  7. joe ox

    The Election

    Yer you mentioned it on another topic a while back so watched it and enjoyed it mate.
  8. joe ox

    The Election

    mind hunter 1st series was good 2nd not as good, any other recommendations? just watched 1st series of impulse, not to bad.
  9. joe ox

    The Election

    Just had sea bass for me tea
  10. joe ox

    The Election

    Stand back a bit love you have a nasty aroma coming from your mouth.
  11. joe ox

    The Election

    You must love the smell of shit on your nose.
  12. joe ox

    The Election

    He needs to log off take time out and give his head a shake, this topic and a few others on general have IMO gone way to far though!
  13. joe ox

    The Election

    Yer I remember mate you got some hammer on here for it as well time passes to quick!
  14. joe ox

    The Election

    Did you ever get that metal breaking stick finished you where making?
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