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  1. Thought I was until I came back on here.
  2. Got to page 2 then my neck started hurting having to look up at people sitting on their high horses this place never changes! I would never believe a word the police or msm media say!
  3. Back on track I think? any lighforce with a 100 watt bulb and a dial type dimmer, as for thermal the best u can afford but not needed and totally unnecessary for rabbit bashing.
  4. Lampers have no back bone and are scared of being caught you should all be going out during the day.
  5. Your so far behind in the race you actually think your winning, your about as sharp as a cue ball.
  6. You fat barstard you fat barstard you fat barstard
  7. you fat barstard you fat barstard you fat b*****d
  8. Cheers me up coming on here watching the fat barstard making a complete tit of himself every day
  9. You fat barstard you fat barstard you fat barstard
  10. Road siding so 80s smashing down gates and tearing fields up with a 4x4 is the way to go
  11. selling every cull that has been threw his kennels as a world beater is not really honesty. Before you defend his honour, think would I say that without LOTS of proof? Any man who sells his shit culls on can not be called honest!
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