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  1. Excuse my ignorance, why is max not selling them on here himself, is he banned or something?
  2. Someone who sucks up and brown noses to people for gain, in this case permission trips out etc
  3. Darcy is a skinny big nose snake who stirs worse than a women, a permission slag and hanger on who thinks he is some sort of guru of all working dogs.
  4. Munch my stump. Do excuse the tourettes. Yes mate how's you?
  5. I forgot how much of a boring cnut you are, thanks for reminding me.
  6. Is this a good topic? I got tired of reading sheep shaggers condescending bollox on page one and skipped to the end.
  7. Unwinding They not bad mate thanks.
  8. ffs is that the best you have? so boring
  9. Suppose I better be careful or you may threaten me with someone you pretend to know
  10. You really are a proper boring cnut
  11. Shut the fcuk up you boring cnut
  12. Obviously you didnt do your homework properly.
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