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  1. To answer shaaark question a bit better. The saluki coursing bred dogs on bigger game typical behaviour is: Don't connect and keep hold because they dislike any rough and tumble which is inevitable with bucks, its like " I'm a diva no way I'm touching that I may break a nail or get dirty " even with bucks that make a mistake they are not willing to get in and try and keep them down. Starting off quite up for it but soon realise it can get very rough and throw the towel in and refuse to run, a quite common trait is they turn into pushers and pretend to be doing the job but have n
  2. Sadly not mate, gladly I do have offspring from him though.
  3. Collie Bull Greyhound mate.
  4. Eddie he had a great temperament and was a pleasure to rear and run through out his career, he will of been in his second season in this picture. Explosive could be used to describe his style, he was great to watch.
  5. My mates dog lived on the sofa after he retired got to 15, it had Malinois and coursing dog in its make up quite big at 29tts. He was a handy animal.
  6. I prefer no roof on the runs so the dogs are able to lie in the sun if they prefer.
  7. Saves loads of time, much easier to spot/locate quarry and wander about where your not supposed to be undetected. The dog still has to catch what you find though. Its called progress which for me in this case is for the better. The downside is the shooters are wiping areas clean of quarry with it.
  8. Its very hard to watch dogs and people get old and fade even harder as oneself is ageing, walking past a mirror looking into it and thinking who's that old fecker staring at is also hard lol
  9. TBH I enjoy watching game in its natural environment as much as I do chasing it these days, which I never thought I would I would say Seeing game hanging does not have the same appeal to me these days as it did even 10 year ago, although the adrenaline rush of the chase never wears thin, especially deer.
  10. The one sure thing in life is change, either change with it or get left behind in the past.
  11. Topic is supposed to be about lampers!
  12. Larry do excuse him panting to cool down he has just done 5 mile alongside the quad!
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