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  1. It does make the job quicker, easier, safer..... why be greedy with yourself if you can afford thermal vision equipment? Law enforcement, keepers, water bailiffs etc are using it.
  2. I got to page 7 then jumped to the this page did I miss anything?
  3. I thought poachers dogs fed themselves and the family of the person who owns them?
  4. Only having a laugh there was no offence intended
  5. Your the most knowledgeable man on this forum I am in awe of your knowledge about running dogs.
  6. I thought this topic was about greyhounds
  7. Any pictures of your dogs?they sound like the real deal.
  8. Haven't weighed her but I would say around 75lb she is around 28tts No idea I was told she was recently imported from ireland, I know little about greyhounds TBH
  9. Ive just been given a greyhound bitch, she is no bother, recall is good, jumping in and out the 4x4 no problem, very quiet and no problem in the kennel, fine around my other lurchers and the border terrier our lass has in the house. I will run her like a lurcher with a few limitations see how she fares.
  10. I feed half kibble half raw mince, the kibble is soaked.
  11. Its about eighty mile from me, for the money I would save it isn't worth the time and effort
  12. Bargain, cost me £150 for 300lb of minced chicken carcass in 1lb packs yesterday to top my freezers up.
  13. Probably more mate, sports specific so to speak.
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