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  1. joe ox

    Lamping filters

    Yes they fit.
  2. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    We have a few extra hurdles to get over, under or around that's all.
  3. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    Irish bred originally imported from England
  4. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    How did you know that? can I hazard a guess that you have a minshaw?
  5. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    Ringing Victor wouldn't help he doesn't know either
  6. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    Can you answer what a minshaw is?
  7. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    Could you explain in a bit more detail what a minshaw is? as us naysayers are still non the wiser with that answer.
  8. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    You still seem a bit stressed Could you explain to us naysayers what a minshaw is?
  9. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    What does 30 rabbits hanging on a gate prove? they are superdogs
  10. joe ox

    MINSHAW .....

    Your going to give yourself indigestion with the stress of it.
  11. joe ox

    Dog kennels

    You fecking tramp, cracking idea though
  12. joe ox

    Old lurcher photo

    Looks like it has a bit minshaw in it
  13. joe ox

    Minshaw dogs

    Bob I think he means you
  14. joe ox

    Minshaw dogs

    Three nice looking minshaws
  15. joe ox

    Minshaw dogs