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  1. Unwinding They not bad mate thanks.
  2. ffs is that the best you have? so boring
  3. Suppose I better be careful or you may threaten me with someone you pretend to know
  4. You really are a proper boring cnut
  5. Shut the fcuk up you boring cnut
  6. Obviously you didnt do your homework properly.
  7. Coursing dogs were 500 plus around a decade ago. Pedigree's have always commanded a higher price. Covid has made prices go mad. The right pup shouldn't have the wrong price on it or is it the right pup?
  8. Na he will get some when it takes my fancy
  9. Bang on mcdull , to many start the dogs early season without any prep to tighten them up throwing them straight in the deep end on ground thats like bell metal, then wonder why the dogs are getting injured or running shit which is usually because of bad fitness or undiagnosed injurys!
  10. Ffs what's wrong with people on here, get off your high horses! Fcuk the vets a decent greyhound bone man knows more about running dog injuries than most hamster vets. If it's calloused it will heal by itself. 6 weeks rest lead exercise only. Bone radiol twice a day for a week and use a magbox if u have one.
  11. I would breed off a young dog and wouldn't give a shit what the THL massive think.
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