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  1. joe ox

    Up for stud

    The only decent post on this topic, we have all been young and naïve once upon a time! The kid pictured with the dog looks 14 at the most.
  2. joe ox

    All good then?

    Bill used to like perving at their pictures tb25 got it about right with hells angels
  3. joe ox

    All good then?

    They were very dangerous, nasty pieces of work both of them mate.
  4. joe ox

    All good then?

    a poachers wife and primadonna were the main names they had quite a few others.
  5. joe ox

    All good then?

    That's for sure, they were nicknamed the harpies.
  6. joe ox

    All good then?

    FUJI or ANDY SUPER DOGS which he called himself over a decade ago on this very forum has always thought he is better than everyone else, has always spat his dummy out and got nasty when people didn't agree with him and give him the hero worship HE thinks HE deserves, back when his ex wife and sister in law where on this forum he was much much worse with them backing him up, they always got all the blame though as they are very vicious individuals.
  7. joe ox

    Collie Lurcher X Collie Lurcher..

    Really old? less of it lad
  8. joe ox

    Collie Lurcher X Collie Lurcher..

    It doesn't seem like 7 year since you posted pics of her as a pup, time goes by to fast as we get older!
  9. joe ox

    Can am quads

    Have you made a decision about what your going for?
  10. Looks like that would be a pain to net, well done dogs.
  11. joe ox

    They all don't come good

    No amount of training will ever make a coward brave.