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  1. Less of the old fella! It wasn't that cold and not to far from a bus stop, mind you I'm not sure he had the price of a fare.
  2. There has always been a divide in that regard but the rabbit bashers seem to be most upset on this topic.
  3. People with rabbit specific dogs seem to be quite defensive and getting offended by this topic.
  4. Yes leaving gates open is just not cricket! I lived with the guilt of that gate being left open for years.
  5. He got out the motor to open a gate and I drove off and left him. I've never seen or heard from him since I worried for a long time as I never knew if he shut the gate or not!
  6. That was my old lamping partner not a dog he was a cull he went years ago the dog is still here.
  7. Oh no sir they bite and it hurts sir, I have no intention of mixing it up with that thing sir. I could chase that thing to its safe point sir and look like I may catch it sir but I most definitely don't want to catch it sir because I may get bit sir, I do promise to look like I may catch it sir and act extremely disappointed that I don't catch it sir.
  8. Its called prey drive lurchers are not usually much use without it. Bit far for me that one good sir I don't really fancy running it, can I wait for a close much easier one I promise I will try hard on a close easier one Its a bit hard this one sir I' am gona turn back and let it get away, there is sure to be an easier one to catch sooner or later. I will just push this one around and wait for a mistake sir it might trip or bump into a fence if I'm lucky, I could easy catch it but why bother getting rough when it could make a mistake and be so easy and much gentler for me
  9. Peroxide from hairdresser suppliers put it on with a tooth brush.
  10. A good dog doesn't decide what it can and cannot catch it gives its all regardless.
  11. I was implying you knew the fella who named his dogs coursing bulls and there for you knew the reason he named them so. Feels like this topic is going round in circles which is nothing new for this forum I suppose.
  12. What you say your trying to understand! has been explained on this topic in terms an infant school child could understand.
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