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  1. Loads of deer tracking dogs in the lurcher section
  2. Fox dog and a pot filler that will do a few foxs, massive massive difference.
  3. I remember hearing it was something to do with imports, I have no idea if that was true or not. I remember saving grey partridges up in the freezer thawing them out when I had around 2 to 3 hundred then taking them to the game dealers and getting around 700 quid for them which was a nice wad 30 year ago. Got different prices for what they called young and old birds, the dealer used to look at the wing tips if they were well rounded they were classed as old birds.
  4. I can remember them being a fiver a brace, why did the price go down I don't remember? Roe was a pound for a pound which was good money back then, not sure its that much more now?
  5. I would guess maybe 85, shows an A reg motor towards the end they were 83/84.
  6. I remember watching this about 35 year ago, I still use a bike to this day to start getting my dogs in shape because of it, shows lamping rabbits with the dog and shooting roosting pheasants on a night in the last parts.
  7. Some dogs can be a bit destructive with wood boxs.
  8. I have used plastic barrels but the dogs didn't seem to like them they prefer the wood boxes, the wood boxes cost about 40 to 50 quid for materials, the dogs chew feck out of them as well.
  9. Moral of the story is there are wankers in every type of cross.
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