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  1. What part of “done that and it ain’t working” do you quiet not understand ?
  2. And yet taxation is the highest it’s ever been……that’s a conundrum isn’t it ! Maybe Arthur Laffer was onto something ?
  3. I’m not suggesting it’s a “start” but the cold hard truth is something different always has to “start” somewhere. I have no doubt it will all be bollocks because 70 years says it will, but we can only hope it actually is a start of a different mindset. Whatever the mindset behind it, 70 years of poison leading up to the highest taxes in history while the country gets worse won’t be solved at the stroke of a pen…..it’s time and pain and a fair bit of suffering.
  4. The only thing I picture when I read the name “Stanway” is those f***ing traffic cozzers ! Lol
  5. Good for you mate, a much better outcome all round
  6. I just find it interesting in that “street fight” situation where someone is giving you grief you probably didn’t ask for how some people can be quite controlled about it and not just want to beat the offender to death once that switch gets flicked. Some lads can do that and others would be dragging a comatose attacker out into the road and throwing them under a truck. I know both types and I just find motivations and mindsets interesting……but if it help the thread, I once watched a Bruce Lee film and broke my action man’s arm
  7. I have an interest in human beings, that’s all…..see you, your crazier than a shit house rat reading all them crank sites your patronise. After nearly 3 years reading your Covid nut station stuff whatever you say is basically meaningless. Enjoy
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