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  1. WILF

    Bad day for hunting

    I don’t care who’s fault it is, I just hope Cwis Pwackham gets AIDS !........and I hope it’s a giant great black c**t that’s gives him it!
  2. WILF

    Bad day for hunting

    Good pal of mine went pig hunting years ago over there, loved it. I have the hogs, dogs and quads DVDs, that’s a bit of me that turnout
  3. WILF

    Bad day for hunting

    I wouldn’t mate, always better to be a witness to a car crash than actually involved ! Lol Are you fitting in any pig hunting? ( And I don’t mean in the local nightclubs !) Lol
  4. WILF

    Bad day for hunting

    Welcome to my world !
  5. WILF

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    I see the bbc have managed to put a “poor Muslim” slant on a report about reasons behind the attacks.
  6. WILF

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    Just my opinion but referees have been turned into stars in their own right and it’s completely f***ing ludicrous. Referees at all levels watch too much telly.......somebody needs to remind them that the best refs are the refs you hardly notice. Those boring f***ing egg chasers don’t help, so help me they even make YouTube videos about the refs.....like “Fred Bloggs best bits” and it’s all clips of him speaking into his silly f***ing head mic and telling off players with cauliflower ears !.......maybe because the games like watching paint dry ?....who knows?
  7. WILF

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    With all due respect chief, some of these blokes are so big, powerful and violent that they will destroy most people. Their chin or lack of just wont come into it, they will go over you like a train......it’s why you have to swerve them because your options are die or risk 25 years behind the door.
  8. WILF

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    He was a cheat in a sport where everybody else is cheating too mate. If you have ever studied the bloke (and I have a little bit) he is borderline sociopathic if not totally sociopathic.....that’s why he was 7 times a champion. Nonody else took things to the extreme he did. As far as I know he wasn’t on steroids, he took sports science to another level so far above steroids it just isn’t true.
  9. WILF

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Funny enough, after reading this thread I was just reading up about Lance Armstrong (who is probably the cleverest and most successful user of performance enhancing science ever I’m guessing) and it mentioned diuretics there and I didn’t really know what they did or what they are used for.
  10. WILF

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Good point from Katchum, there will a thousand times more blokes making a prick of themselves on drink every weekend. What makes the bloke who is having a bad affect from steroids more dangerous is that he is completely lucid.......and probably a great big powerful b*****d to boot. Both a worth swerving when they obviously have their stupid head on.
  11. WILF

    Title race

    If United don’t make top 4.......the whole of the south of England will be devastated !
  12. WILF

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Cheers mate that’s very informative . I suppose like most things, it’s the ones that don’t do the research that get into bother r
  13. WILF

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Being the type of bloke who hates taking even an aspirin I always find it hard to fathom anyone wanting to take medication but especially those blokes who do it just for vanity and not for sporting reasons........that just seems mental to me. Anyway, you always hear the horror stories around steroid use so if you don’t mind me asking mate, did the use of steroids have any noticeable negative effect physically or mentally? Did they have any unintended effects to you or those around you. It sounds like you educated yourself well on their use but others probably don’t and I dare say it’s them you hear about going about being a nightmare to everyone around them. Bit of a personal question I know so I won’t be offended by a “mind your own busines” ........
  14. WILF

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    Arkan would have known what to do !
  15. WILF

    Notre Dame fire.

    I’d say an 850 year old European monument is worth more than a load of f***ing savages who don’t belong in Europe !