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  1. WILF

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    I’d have run him over in a car !
  2. WILF

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    Has anyone else noticed the common denominator in all these piss hole American cities ?
  3. WILF

    Bob Ross

    Nope that won’t be happening mate.....he may be knocking out a landscape on the tele but in my mind he will be breathing on the back of my ears ! Bbbrrrrrrrrr !
  4. WILF

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    I have it’s mental isn’t it.
  5. WILF

    Bob Ross

    I can respect the fact you admire the mans talent mate.......but the Barnet and that voice!......it’s how I imagine the prison rapist would sound as he held you down !
  6. WILF

    Bob Ross

    I just couldn’t stop looking at his Barnet !........you can’t take a man with a Barnet like that seriously. Its like midgets......you can’t help but chuckle !
  7. WILF

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    You Socks....you ! Lol
  8. WILF

    Hard men...

    Bollocks......I heard that you screamed for morphine and demanded to be put on a chopper and evacuated to hospital? Lol
  9. WILF

    Hard men...

    I agree mate, and maybe I’m mistaken, but I always assume that when someone brings the subject up that’s what they mean. And that’s how I read the original post to be honest. I liked the example you gave a few posts back and I thinks it’s spot on. My post was really directed at anyone who is talking about fighting, and I just meant that some people have a mentality to do what others wouldn’t but I don’t personally think that’s the same thing as toughness, hard, courage or whatever name we all give it.
  10. WILF

    Hard men...

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I always find discussion like this can easily move into the realms of “cringeworthy” The world is awash with hard men (and women) for one reason or another.....not one thing defines them. If we are talking just about street fighting, then if a bloke is twice your size and mean as a scrapyard dog, take a lump of wood to the c**t until he will never be the same man again........no hardness required, just the mindset to do it. Dont expect a pat on the back or a medal or the adoration of your peers because you probably won’t be regarded as “hard” but you will be regarded as a dangerous horrible b*****d.....and in many cases that’s enough.........that’s if you care about that stuff.
  11. WILF

    The Gull Who Eats Pigeons

    Was on a shoot years ago and had my Lab and my Lurcher with me, shot a decent crossing pheasant. Both dogs watched it down and before the lab could move the lurcher was away, grabbed it and promptly ate it there and then on the spot !
  12. WILF


    In other words: ”Don’t spread scare stories about things that have not happened yet so that currency brokers can’t manipulate the media and cause panic to make themselves a shit load more money”
  13. Hi lads, is there a calibre that you would recommend as an all round rifle that will deal with fox, crow, rabbit? Need to be able to hit foxes at reasonable range so a normal .22 Lr probably won’t do. Any advice welcome
  14. WILF

    Trophy Hunting in the UK.

    So you mean it was an indestructible, lethal killing machine ?
  15. WILF

    how to pi55 off a load of canadians

    My pal lives out there and never sickens of telling their “army veterans” that they don’t have an army, they have a militia and unless they are in their 70s they ain’t a veteran of anything because they have not been in a war since the 60s !