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  1. He don’t know, he just says stuff like that and leaves it….. Like he had the lowdown on 9/11 but is keeping it to himself…….
  2. Just because he is world class in the Italian game or the French, don’t mean he is world class in the premier league…..he may not have what it takes mentally and physically and from I have looked at, he hasn’t…..he’s very ordinary when it comes to the premier league football and that’s me being generous. Just my uneducated opinion of course.
  3. Your pal was a top player and one I admire very much if it’s the same bloke you have spoken about before. Proper people should be listened to, they know and that’s good enough. However, have you watched Pogba ?…….what do your eyes tell you about him ?
  4. As I said mate, we have been for a wander down this lane before and we think totally different. We don’t know where you start because we are never going to start…..so “Oh well” as I said first off mate There’s not much more to say is there.
  5. No, I know you don’t agree with me mate, which is rather where we started and that’s fine. Different views of a thing, that’s all. As far as big organisations go, they don’t care what either of us think in my opinion mate because nothing is effecting them. Ill always believe that if it did effect them, then they would care. But, it’s all theoretical mate……we will never, ever know
  6. Or start a 700 page thread calling everyone who still weighed in an idiot mate ! Lol
  7. It’s enough to make people angry and want to protest about it and refuse……..oh, no, hold it……lol
  8. It was about 6 months after that when we had to spend a year listening to every government minister lecture us about the “morality” of tax (that was the buzz word as I remember it) lol Lovely stuff ! Lol
  9. Remember the expenses scandal ?……when they were “mistakenly” taking a 150 grand and when found out simply said “Oh, sorry about that, never realised !” Lol
  10. I have worked in almost every major city in the U.K., they are without exception all a f***ing dive ! Lol Lake district, rural England or Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland…..different story, it’s a match for anywhere on earth. Shame all the absolute shit is never far away.
  11. Mate, I have been ok and I have been poor, if you can’t be the same bloke either way then you don’t deserve any of it. Im not a rich bloke and I never was, at the time I turned down that job I certainly wasn’t but I won’t do anything I don’t want to do…..not for any price. People can believe that or not but if they don’t it says a lot more about their integrity than it does mine. Would you have the jab for a million quid ? Serious question ? Because if you would then all your protestations are complete rubbish ! You don’t have to answer because only you will know the
  12. Mate, how comes some Rumanian with 2 bob in his pocket, never seen a car can change his life if your average British bloke can’t ? Like I said, it’s not if you can, it’s are your willing to pay the price ? Im a lot poorer since moving, it requires a chainsaw to switch on my central heating blah, blah, blah…….happy with that, it’s a price worth paying for me. Nobody is helping them little man because nobody gives a flying f**k about the little man….didn’t any of us get the memo ? Look how often you see people on here slagging off some poor c**t on the dole…..well guess wha
  13. There you have it, people stand up for themselves (Slop end excluded if he’s busy !) Thats the difference, we don’t do that in the U.K. ……it’s a fact. I always say about water charges and it amazes me when I first came over…..everyone said “f**k off, we ain’t paying it” and they didn’t…..so they had to scrap them. We just wouldn’t do that in Britain…..we talk a lot of shite and that’s it. Sad but true.
  14. No mate, I don’t think I’ll be in the least bit surprised
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