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  1. From a neutral perspective I’m looking forward to what Ten Haag can do with Utd, that’s going to be an interesting watch. For today, be nice to see my little hammers pip Utd….it would be no more than we both deserve really.
  2. In the land of the shallow obviously the shallowest people are king ! Why is this total non entity even a story ? They have moved in with his mum and dad !!…..does this also make his parents as big a couple of fuckwits as this dude obviously is for not saying “Oi, get back to your kids you stupid c**t !” ? What a f***ing world !…..I despair
  3. The frightening bit isn’t that people like this woman exist, no…..the frightening bit is that we have allowed an environment in which they can exist and as we can clearly see that has much greater and wider repercussions
  4. WILF

    Frustrated kid

    Hard to give advice without knowing the full circumstances and that’s your business mate but I can only speak from my experience. My youngest is autistic and I find any kind of ruff and tumble just gets him more and more and more wound up, frustrated and upset……the emotional stimulus is obviously too much. When he is angry or frustrated my personal go to option is to get him calm and relaxed and happy again…..”getting it out” is in this case worse for him. Sometimes providing something that channels into anger or frustration or violence may NOT be the answer despite what all us
  5. Sometimes I have to ponder just how we are friends ! I’m going to phone your wife and get her to iron you out for being a buffoon !
  6. Did he reply “No, they have thrown themselves in the Thames !” ? Lol
  7. Anyway, back to top flight football, come on Palace tomorrow !
  8. The only thing sending shivers of fear through me is waiting for the tsunami of absolute tripe !
  9. It’s all brings to mind a chat I had with the comedian Mike Reid one evening, talking away and my pal was a bit drunk and kept coming over and being all silly and Mike said to him “Alright son, I was like that after my first pint as well”
  10. You cant buy a decent cup of coffee anywhere in Britain or Ireland never mind one for £4 !
  11. WILF

    Best man

    One of my closest pals (now divorced) once said to me when talking about his then girlfriend: ”I proposed to her in a hot air balloon” To which I replied “You should have thrown the horrible c**t out !”
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