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  1. I bet he is over the moon about that, being accepted into the most hated and under attack nation of people on earth ! Lol
  2. It’s a pretty arrogant and condescending attitude in my opinion by these people who claim to be all “down with blacks” (for want of a better description) to expect people from the 3rd world to come and inhabit the west and simply by dint of being here be all “Pip,pip, what ho old chap” and completely relinquish hundreds or thousands of years of genetic and cultural development ! At least blokes like us are acknowledging the differences and pointing out that it’s seems to be bad for them and bad for us to all be forced together…..It’s much more respectful to call and African an African rat
  3. All possible mate of course, but equally as possible is that you get either: 4 defenders just sitting in their own box marking a couple of strikers while 8 players have a kick about in the middle ? or Its a kids playground free for all with everyone running around like headless chickens ? I don’t know is the answer but I’m a mind of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” which is pretty much what we are seeing play out with all this VAR nonsense imho……it was fine before, warts and all. jmho mate
  4. I personally think it would be rubbish mate, it would actually kill the attacking element imho
  5. It’s a good job they never had VAR when Pippo Inzaghi was playing, he’d have never have been on-side never mind off side ! Lol
  6. Everyone has gone all touchy, feely of late mate…..Socks started it and now it’s spreading like a disease ! Lol
  7. Don’t know why we are talking about it, f**k em, they got away with it when Frank Lampard scored a beauty that clearly crossed the line but wasn’t given now they can have a taste…..sausage eating c**ts ! Lol
  8. The balls out but there have been some shocking decisions at this World Cup, all the very worst that VAR has to offer ! The penalty against Poland, what a f***ing joke !…… But on the plus side, the krauts are going home…..fantastic !…..mind how you f**k off ! Lol (PS. Is it ok to say “krauts” ?……don’t want to upset the members who get sensitive about me using these type of scare words !) lol
  9. I used to see Pakistanis in east London emptying the contents of their bins along the streets very, very early in the morning….did it all the time. Its just what they do mate, hence why these countries look like they do. We can hardly hold it against them for just being who they are. But again, it highlights how different we are…..and there’s nothing wrong with being different, we just have to acknowledge it. Its the forcing vastly different people together bit that creates problems.
  10. Nobody should be harmed, after all, we ain’t savages. No, they should be offered a “golden goodbye” ……say 50 or 100 grand ? They would be set for life in many African or Asian countries and just think what benefits the massive influx of doctors, engineers, scientists, artists, bricklayers, tradesmen and generally a section of people that boast such high numbers of skilled and talented people in their ethnic group could do for these 3rd world countries. They would be 1st world nations within a generation Im sure. But harm, no, absolutely not.
  11. That collective mental illness is more widespread than we all want to believe, even on this forum there are people taking their first steps on the road to being that person…..they may not be at that persons level but they have got on the bus !
  12. Great read, great pictures…..nice one mate
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