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  1. I find myself in this bizarre twilight world of hoping we win that final / hoping we lose. Winning would be great short term but imho it will set my club back years because Moyes and his brand of absolute shit football stays and just being bad gets rewarded ! Let’s look at the big picture here, we are about to loose the best English mid fielder in a generation, a lad that a team with a little ambition and a bit of football at heart would have built a team around while we have been mixing it with the equally as diabolical Leeds, Leicester, Southampton’s and Everton’s of this worl
  2. You are all forgetting that Ireland has one advantage over the UK, it’s called proportional representation. Its not much, but in terms of having the chance to elect your way out of this type of thing it’s massive. Italy has something similar and it’s that system that allowed Meloni and the brothers of Italy to get elected
  3. Not at all mate, think about it ……they have done more for club football this season than any other team. Some clubs have been a great example of this obvious football fact, a fact that has always existed in football but that many seem to have either forgotten or don’t believe. Chelsea should have every club re-evaluating the way they are running their club and their team. Lets see who gets it, answers on a postcard !
  4. Chelsea have been the most important club in English football this season and that’s not even a joke……jmho of course
  5. Was doing a little glance in this page and read this and thought I’d put the record straight. First off, Ireland isn’t even in the same ball park as the U.K. when it comes to being over run, loss of culture, loss of tradition, all black towns, crime and degradation……it’s not even in the same galaxy never mind ball park ! Yes these people are being taken into city’s, yes we know what’s coming down the line but to even suggest that ireland is in as dire position as the U.K. is frankly just uninformed, because it just not true. Wanting to think everyone is in as shit a state a
  6. Not been on here for a long time but thought I’d have a look seeing as it was Election Day and all that….. Mate, I genuinely feel your pain and I can only say I feel sorry for how you are feeling…….it’s a bitter f***ing pill to swallow ain’t it ? I know, I swallowed it years ago. Me and you used to go back and forth a bit about me being down on my fellow Englishmen……but maybe now you have an inkling of what I meant. I had f**k all in common with these people. In this scenario mate, you really can look at the other people in your area and say with some certainty that ol
  7. I bet he is over the moon about that, being accepted into the most hated and under attack nation of people on earth ! Lol
  8. It’s a pretty arrogant and condescending attitude in my opinion by these people who claim to be all “down with blacks” (for want of a better description) to expect people from the 3rd world to come and inhabit the west and simply by dint of being here be all “Pip,pip, what ho old chap” and completely relinquish hundreds or thousands of years of genetic and cultural development ! At least blokes like us are acknowledging the differences and pointing out that it’s seems to be bad for them and bad for us to all be forced together…..It’s much more respectful to call and African an African rat
  9. All possible mate of course, but equally as possible is that you get either: 4 defenders just sitting in their own box marking a couple of strikers while 8 players have a kick about in the middle ? or Its a kids playground free for all with everyone running around like headless chickens ? I don’t know is the answer but I’m a mind of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” which is pretty much what we are seeing play out with all this VAR nonsense imho……it was fine before, warts and all. jmho mate
  10. I personally think it would be rubbish mate, it would actually kill the attacking element imho
  11. It’s a good job they never had VAR when Pippo Inzaghi was playing, he’d have never have been on-side never mind off side ! Lol
  12. Everyone has gone all touchy, feely of late mate…..Socks started it and now it’s spreading like a disease ! Lol
  13. Don’t know why we are talking about it, f**k em, they got away with it when Frank Lampard scored a beauty that clearly crossed the line but wasn’t given now they can have a taste…..sausage eating c**ts ! Lol
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