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  1. WILF


    Just thinking about Katchums post and do you know what, he is spot on. So that’s me, it’s been emotional lads, take care out there
  2. Great thread, thanks for sharing. Watched a few of your others too, likes the bolting rabbits video. Tidy stuff
  3. WILF


    Well lads after reading this I just had a look at Gun dogs, Lurchers, Terriers and for the first time ever Bushing Dogs ! Lets put it this way, bushing dogs is the best !.......Lurchers is f***ing mortal ! And Gun Dogs ain’t had a post since the 30th ! That lads sums up where we are, shame really but there you go.
  4. WILF


    Absolutely mate, no old bollocks from that lad. One of the best along with Chief that used to be in here, Mik, Shay, Fellman, Snatch FLCC and a few others
  5. WILF


    As you know I am one of the most guilty of getting involved, I can’t deny it and certain stuff I find interesting and have an interest in so I talk about them. Maybe I shouldn’t, I don’t know, but if I didn’t then what is there of interest to interact about ? There was a couple of decent little posts on running dogs and gun dogs, first I have seen in months. The lurcher section on here used to be top class, but as soon as a blanket ban on anything except rabbits took hold it was like watching paint dry ! Now very often lads are slagged off for posting a picture of a lurcher w
  6. WILF

    Bad backs

    Mate, it’s as easy as that.
  7. WILF


    Did you go to Stabs place mate or did he come to you ? One if the nicest blokes I have ever met old Stabs, out of touch with him now but there was a time me and Stiff was talking about having a little jaunt over to Oz to see him. We visited back and forth a few times, he had his nice old collie x bitch at the time.
  8. WILF

    Bad backs

    All the best mate, backs when you get a bad attack ruin you.
  9. WILF

    Bad backs

    You probably play your banjo stripped to your budgie smugglers in the North Sea in the dead of winter don’t you ? Lol
  10. Your enemies enemy is your friend when it comes to politics these days
  11. Well why ain’t you talking about what went before then ? Trump-ist?.....you just don’t get it do you, what’s important is why a bloke like Trump gets to be president isn’t it ?.....or is it ? I know you threw a bit of a tantrum the other day and started writing shit like “sub-human” and all that old bollocks......(I bet NAZI was in the tip of your tongue wasn’t it ! Lol ) but you have to see surely that slagging Trump is much less important than why he got to be POTUS. That warrants talking about, the 4 years of white noise about what a nasty character Trump is don’t cut it.....it
  12. Don’t bet you “brunch” on it ! Lol
  13. WILF

    Bad backs

    Also, a tens machine helped me a bit, nicked the old woman’s and it was tidy.
  14. WILF

    Bad backs

    I take anti inflammatory pills until it stops hurting and then stop. As you say, that shit ain’t good for you.
  15. Send them round Max’s house, they can enrich his area by showing us stupid Brits how to hijack ships in the North Sea......in a donkey jacket......for charity........after boxing.......feeling low about not going to Wetherspoons !
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