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  1. WILF

    Sunday lunch

    Im a fan of the curry, not so sure about the Paki in the spare room and him dangling his bollocks over the front of the khazi seat !
  2. The old chestnut is that good pals don’t judge you, I don’t actually agree with that. I think your very closest pals do exactly that, they hold you up to a standard and you do the same for them......sometimes you fall out about it but you’d feel less of a man if you kept your mouth shut. I have exactly 3 people who I consider my close pals. One of them has stood shoulder to shoulder with me in some real hairy situations when bottle counted and the odds were bad. It becomes a matter of pride and it’s a rare quality to find.
  3. WILF


    Don’t feel bad, I used to be a regular in that shop ! Lol
  4. WILF


    Now I don’t know why that surprises me but it does mate, dont know why but I can’t picture you mincing round Lakside! Haha I bet you love it with all the tribes ! Haha Anyway, had the obligatory mince round there myself last summer because my daughter wanted to go and this was there......a bit of you I think
  5. WILF

    Right or wrong .......

    Life is all about seeing the wood from the trees pal
  6. WILF

    Right or wrong .......

    I hear you mate , I just think it’s funny that a load of bloated ponces are having a big slap up at your expense and people think it’s OK for them to rough up some young bird into the bargain......Keith Vaz was probably in the khazi getting the arsehole knocked out of him by a rent boy but no, this bird who wants to save the world is the freak ! Lol
  7. WILF

    Right or wrong .......

    The funny bit is, you are all paying for that dinner and their cab fare and nobody has said a word about that ! Lol
  8. WILF

    Right or wrong .......

    Whatever you think of that girls argument, in her mind she is trying to save the planet......which is a pretty honourable thing to be protesting about. Id probably hate her politics I’m guessing but that don’t detract from the fact she has a point and she is doing something about it. The only people that deserve to be roughly ejected from anywhere is that f***ing MP and 649 of his mates to the end of a f***ing rope for what they have done to that country.......f***ing prick, looks like he hangs around public toilets for a hobby ! They should nic him because you can bet your bollocks, if you did the same to him, they would nic you !
  9. WILF


    You are being a bit over complimentary there boss, it’s more a stick of chalk.....except it’s broke and only about 4mm long
  10. WILF


    All the same to me ! Lol
  11. WILF


    I wasn’t in the army and the latter part will be a matter of individual opinion I’m sure.
  12. WILF


    Never mind the complexities, send a battle group and wipe the paki c**ts off the face of the earth......load of goat f***ing backwards savages.
  13. WILF


    We ain’t meant to live together as one, we are meant to live in our own groups......same as every other animal on the planet
  14. WILF


    The ones who go into social housing are the clever ones.......for those, like me, who bought their own house in the UK the government turned your house into your prison a long time ago. Its the leverage they use to make sure you comply with every rule, regulation and new tax they come up with........why do you think Travellers are the only one who still live a pretty free life?.....because they have f**k all nailed down that the government can take.
  15. WILF


    Build what and for who ?........when are people going to get it through their thick skull that the UK needs less of everything not more. Its the sense of entitlement that has got the place to where it’s at.......there are towns up north still crying about the pits closing when they themselves made them unviable !! Theres people living in the SE who will never ever be out of debt because they want to live in a place that has 24 hour Tesco and outstanding wi-fi !! There are people going on about merry old England then welcoming any c**t from anywhere as long as they are “ok”....... Less!!........less stuff, less f***ing oddmarks, less rules, less tax, less money........less of everything !