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  1. WILF


    I think it’s a choice mate, you are either like me and just like your club and ain’t particularly bothered what tier of football they are playing in Or: You want to follow a big successful club I think the hard fact blokes like me and Gnasher are going to have to accept is that you can’t play in the top tier and not get on this “global brand” band wagon......at the top level, it’s that or die and more than that so many clubs & fans just want to be “in the prem” Loads of fans want to spend their money going to a premier league game......me?, I’d be happy watching West Ham in the Istmian League South......happier in fact if all I’m watching is a team doing enough to survive and sell shirts. But, imho, if you want to be “a brand” then you have to be doing something exciting enough to warrant people having a look at you......we ain’t, we are just going through the motions and we could have done that at home and at least we would have had that.
  2. WILF


    I don’t think you are digging me out at all mate. I think that it’s a hard one, it’s a quandary mate. We all like being little old us, go’s without saying. But on the flip side and as you well know professional sport is about progression.....you want to be moving forward. So the complex thing was/is, do we want to be little old us or do we have to understand that we follow a professional sporting club that has to move forward ? I suppose the point I’m making (badly!) is that we can’t have both, not in modern sport. At the minute it’s the worst of both worlds, now I don’t particularly care which it ends up......But just hanging in a state of constant limbo is rubbish. It we want to move on then let’s move on and do something exciting and fresh and different and go and have a real go. If we don’t then let’s just go to a division where at least our fans can enjoy the odd game for their hard earned money. Theres f**k all worse than planning for and being happy with mediocrity in sport, It has to be do or die anytime you compete at anything.
  3. WILF


    Mate, imho, unless they are prepared to do something radically different and fresh then there’s just no point in ironing out the £10 million it’s going to cost to see Pellegrini down the road......we will just end up with another version of the same. Id genuinely rather see us relegated then just go down the same old boring road again.
  4. WILF


    Ooppsss ! West Ham Unt points charity strikes again !
  5. WILF

    Weed ;)

    Round my old way it stinks of weed all over the show, even in my old mum old folks complex. I always associate the smell with total f**k ups in joggers with a baseball cap 2 sizes too small and a silly man bag......i can’t take 99.9% of people who use it seriously.
  6. He is in it for the right reasons......where else is a c**t like that going to have a 35 year career preaching that shit and end up a millionaire ! Lol
  7. If Corbyn is genuine then I can only assume he is a raving loon......his chancellor wants to revert to a politburo style of running the economy. And Diane Abbott is too deluded for words........her majority is about 35,000 !!......that means more than 35,000 voted for her !! WTF ??? Then there’s Boris and the new labour Conservative party ? Basically.......we are f****d ! Lol
  8. You have a lot more faith than me in all these people mate ! Lol Good to see you back sir
  9. WILF


    It was funny mate, they were reading out the teams over the speakers and every single Haringey player was a Cypriot or an African ! Lol it was all “Popudopules this and Bwgangofanso that “ Lol I was having a laugh with a couple of old boys saying “the new foreign player Fred Smith is on the bench” Going again Tuesday night before we fly home.....should be a way to get over the mauling at Arsenal. Having a look at our midfield pace, Lundberg mite even rig out himself ! Lol
  10. I actually like Jonathan Pie, he makes some excellent point and not least about the death of debate. What I don’t understand then is his support for a party that is almost entirely responsible for the death of debate. Watch Jonathan Pie meets Owen Jones, he makes great points.......but he obviously only talks the talk
  11. I think you are forgetting that the seeds of the 2008 meltdown were sown in the Blair years, you don’t seriously believe that nobody knew what the banks were up too? Blairs best mate George Bush jnr had the ex chiefs of Goldman Sachs making financial policy at the Whitehouse......policy that the whole of the worlds financial institutions embraced. But nobody got jailed.....the ordinary worker and business owner and plumber and miner and street sweeper....he was the one that suffered. But none of them c**ts suffered, Blair went off to a lucrative speaking career, Mandelson to the EU parliament (as did Kinnock before him), Corbyn staid an MP as did Abbott, Duncan-Smith, May, Ken Clarke, the Milliband Brothers, Jaquie Smith (remember her, “accidentally” took 150 thousand pound but didn’t realise!) Then along came Cameron and Osbourne......you will need a lot of pain so we can sort out this debt they said! So, we got pain and plenty(ish) of it but we understood, balance the books and all that.......however the books didn’t get balanced, the debt actually became gargantuan !! But hey, gays could get married so who gives a f**k right ? Do you see where I’m going with this mate?........if you can point out the good guy then please do point him out because frankly, I can’t f***ing see one.
  12. You make some excellent points there mate, but I have a genuine question......are you seriously suggesting that the mess the country and it’s services, schools etc etc finds itself in are SOLELY the responsibility of the Tory’s ? Because your post would seem to suggest you are, which is obviously ludicrous and I know you are much cleverer than that. You say that Johnson is a moral defective, I’d argue that almost all MPs are moral defectives save for a few notable exceptions like Kate Hoey, Dennis Skinner, Mark Francois, Zac Goldsmith.......at least they seem ok anyway. All if the rest are filthy charlatans, immoral vacuums playing politics with peoples lives. Corbyn don’t give a f**k about the small man same as Johnson don’t.....none of the policy they advocate will effect either of them. They just want to get elected so that they can continue to pick up the salary, the expenses and sip wine at the taxpayers expense. They won’t loose their house or business or school place for the kids or healthcare or have to get credit to buy a newer van etc etc etc
  13. WILF


    Was at the non league yesterday with the boy, playing Haringey Borough. Proper bit of edgey, aggressive English football. Proper tackles, just enough nastiness to make it interesting, decent men’s football talk......£18 for me and the boy to get in! Local team ended up winning 4-2. Great afternoon out for less than 20 quid.
  14. Far from being pricks I reckon the lads on here may just have saved the OP a load of grief for a poxy few hundred quid. Worth posting about it after all
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