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  1. WILF


    In all honesty I’d be pretty happy as a Man U fan at the minute, alright, you don’t seem to be attracting the signings and you are light in some areas but in the whole he is assembling a really tidy young squad there mate. Rashford, Marcial, James, McTominay and young Greenwood all look tidy to me, f**k me, I’d have my club take them in a heartbeat. Ok, you ain’t dominating leagues and won’t for a while but I think you have a lot to be positive about. Put a real top class boss of a midfielder in there, another real good out and out forward and a keeper that inspires confidence and I think you are there mate. Thats it, I think you are 3 or 4 experienced top class players and a season away from being the force a club of your stature should be.
  2. WILF


    This last year Klopp has been the best coach in the world......bar none. I don’t believe you can buy that in players, Liverpool under anyone else would be under achievers again
  3. WILF


    I know the lads agent was being a bit of a cock about things mate, but Unt should be getting those players. Still, only 19.....Theres time yet. Maybe he is holding out for a move to my little hammers?........when he is 38 and has two broken legs ! Lol
  4. WILF


    Haaland, a hatrick for Dortmund on his debut.......Unt have to ask themselves why are they not landing players like that.
  5. WILF

    Lucky little boy

    Yeah, course he has ! Lol
  6. WILF

    Lucky little boy

    “Mentally ill son”........lol
  7. I hear from my pal in BC that Trudeau is widely regarded as a f***ing prick
  8. Mate, I dont know about Ireland but in and around the major cities in the UK it’s genuinely chilling how little respect these people have for life......they don’t much care about their own and they certainly don’t give a shit about yours. Bring Africa, get Africa !
  9. What a surprise, as Varadkar has imported more from the 3rd world the crime rate has gone up.......nobody would ever have guessed, I mean it’s not like it’s always the case where ever these people get a toe hold !!
  10. WILF


    Liverpool has better watch out.......we may buy Olivier Giroud !
  11. WILF

    Bad boys

    There’s a video somewhere of @THE STIFFMEISTER doing something similar on a quad ! Lol
  12. It will be ludicrous......just like the bloke who came up with the idea !
  13. WILF

    Bad boys

    Have you watched the 3rd instalment of my autobiography yet ?
  14. WILF

    Harry & Meghan

    It’s like ireland mate, in them places, us Englishmen are the wogs! Lol
  15. I’ll throw you up there and throw you off again you clown !
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