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  1. I think that highlights perfectly the kind of split second decisions law enforcement in the United States are having to make every day.......fair play to the officer, he stopped a murder in its tracks
  2. I can train a dog to use the bathroom if that is what takes my fancy but the the first lamppost we walk by, he will be having a piss up it......it’s in his nature.
  3. Bailing out banks in 2008 ?......allow them to sell junk bonds rated at AAA+ and enjoy cheap credit then get the taxpayer to pick up the tab when it all go’s tits up ? £500 billion that cost the taxpayer .......£500 BILLION !!!! Meanwhile you and your pals walk away Scot free ?.......that sort of example you mean? And, before you do it, don’t give me the “crisis in world banking” shit like nobody knew what was going on.....these same people advise governments here and across the pond on policy As I said mate, you are the gift that keeps giving ! Lol
  4. Ok, I don’t want to start a whole thing and this will probably cause an argument but you are overlooking basic genetics imho. You can remove people from their place but you won’t remove the place from them......every race has defining characteristics, it’s just a fact. Africans can’t be more than they are, same as everyone........that’s why Africa looks like it does and black communities all over the world look like they do.
  5. Was there a gun to their head?.....absolutely yes ! But I still would like to believe that ordinary people did their best. Should we deal with people like the media and the President making veiled threats and trying to unduly influence these matters for their own twisted ends?.....again, absolutely yes. The arrest and death of Floyd was the least of all the horror surrounding this case, more dangerous is when people are being bullied by Presidents no less into thinking and doing a certain way. Its been happening to us for years.
  6. Terrible state of affairs. I have argued the officers case all along but when I heard them read out the verdict last night I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that it was the honest decision of ordinary good people and so I have no problem with the result. He is guilty, judged by a jury of his peers honest and true......that’s good enough for me. Its what separates us from the mob.
  7. Well at least we can say adjusting the legal system to pander to Africans is something we in the U.K. did before America ! Lol
  8. I think the jury deserve some credit too, the pressure they were under must have been immense.
  9. “Biden hoping for the right result” was one of the most terrible things I have ever read about a sitting president and tells us all we need to know about the true nature of this trial. I hope they give very heavy consideration to that officers service when sentencing, and also due consideration to the type of person he was dealing with. Security services can’t just waste people, not on, but all those boarded up shops tell their own story about the mentality of the people they are having to deal with in a daily basis.
  10. Sandy is to the Labour Party what Maxhardcore is to Sunderland AFC ! Lol
  11. I was surprised to see no Sunderland ? Lol
  12. No, I don’t see the difference between pissing away a pound that’s not theirs or 40 billion......it’s not theirs, they ain’t entitled. Spunking money is spunking money, end of story.
  13. It genuinely gives me pleasure that the supporters of all those clubs have been f****d in the arse ! Lol
  14. So are we saying the fact they piss it away don’t matter ? Its just the amount ? really mate ?.......you are no way being serious !
  15. Some of the interviews after the sacking of Jose were priceless ! “yeah, Pottetchino was our man, all the fans loved him, we need him back.......except he’s at PSG in the champions league.......errr.......errr........” lol Mongs !
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