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  1. WILF


    I think the US would level China before they would contemplate playing second fiddle to them.
  2. Some really great posts on this thread from lads, Greyman in particular.....I’m feeling ya mate Clarissa and latterly Chris Yates record mirror were imho remarkable and you won’t see their like again......truly wild fish that had grown naturally in a rich estate pond setting.......it really don’t get better than that. Id like to think that there are still specimen size carp lurking in some massive forgotten pit somewhere or the other. These modern strains of carp will never make old bones, they are engineered to eat, pack on weight and die.....and they hold very little magic for me. Darenth was ruined by stocking bought in 50s.......there’s absolutely f**k all soul or achievement in catching one of those and I wouldn’t fish for them if you paid me. Its a shame that so few waters hold carp over here because it’s perfect for anglers like me, big lakes of hundreds of acres, not another soul in sight......amazing !
  3. WILF


    Everyone should have one
  4. A bloke up the road committed suicide by drinking a bottle of Ivomectin !!......took him 3 days to die !
  5. Didn’t you get the memo 35 years ago ? Lol
  6. Always know your enemy........
  7. True mate but the point I was making is that all these people are a wolf in sheep’s clothing......people like Lisa Nandy and her dad Dipak Nandy are the enemy, and a very dangerous enemy too. Look at her career record and tell me what’s working class about her and how she understand the day to day struggle of a born and bred Englishman on minimum wage in Bradford ! She hates that bloke !
  8. Lisa Nandy was worse than Kier Starmer.....another self hating half caste witch who detests the culture of the UK ! It was Lisa Nandys Dad (another massive communist prick) who helped form racial policy for the UK back in the 70s and we have been working to that model ever since......because some communist paki is obviously the very best person to ask what’s best for British culture and society ! There absolutely f**k all working class about Lisa Nandy or any other politicians for that matter !
  9. WILF


    They don’t need to clarify shit, if you want to ware one then ware one and if you don’t then don’t ! Simple
  10. Another massive c**t to add to the list of treacherous massive c**ts......long may he reign !
  11. WILF


    When it comes to kitting up for anything correctly it just comes down to personality ........some lads are belt and braces OCD about things and others are just very casual about things. I fall into the former category, I like to be fully prepared and have all the right kit for anything I’m doing plus I just take the view that this virus is lethal and worse still it’s randomly lethal !.......if the simple act of just putting on a mask stacks the odds even slightly in my favour then I’m doing it, why wouldn’t you ?
  12. You are no wally mate, I’m sure you will have all your ducks lined up as best you can.
  13. WILF


    The government here very quickly followed the South Korean model, but the people have bought into it too and are working very much with health advice
  14. Years ago it used to be a thing in the summer that a load of London people went off down to the country fruit picking and hopping.......it worked, but probably not for the government. These are the things we need to get back to.
  15. It’s happened a few times when they have cancelled big debts, like the 3rd world debt cancellation a long time back. I don’t have one either mate but I know a lot of businesses use one.
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