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  1. Well, just for your info, I’m double jabbed, 50, 3 stone over weight and I trained for 90 minutes against the local big clubs first team of 20 year old tonight and we give it to them……still not dead FYI
  2. WILF

    Car Wow!

    You cant put a drop of cherry in an electric !……case closed !
  3. No, I’m an Olympic gold medalist !
  4. Didn’t want to wind up like Edward Woodward in the Wicker Man ! Lol
  5. 13 and an Olympic gold !!……blimey ! Whatever happened to cutting lead off church roofs and bullying fag money out of the flash kids ?
  6. Their weakness is that they crave power but it’s essential they maintain an illusion of democracy……that’s how you get them imho
  7. We are also artificially supporting over population in areas that have no business containing that amount of human beings, like Africa ! However, shareholders at pharmaceutical companies are doing very well thank you ! Cause and effect lads, cause and effect
  8. It’s useless if you can’t hold the precipitation mate, as it stand we are constantly lowering the ability of our ground to hold water. We are doing that in all sorts of different ways. We don’t have a water problem, we have a capture and hold problem.
  9. WILF

    Net zero

    @Gypsydog94 Have you seen that operation in Saudi ?……over 100,000 cattle……permanently housed indoors and fed with imported feed from South America that they no doubt cut down thousands of acres of forest to grow ! How can that even be allowed to exist ? Wrong mate, just wrong !
  10. WILF

    Net zero

    My postman keeps around 180 cattle, beef operation. He couldn’t get the factory bloke for 5 weeks over lock down and that 5 weeks cost him all the years profit on around 30 or 40 cattle I think ? 5 weeks can wipe out a years work on something as essential as food !…….that’s a broken system imho
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