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  1. I’ve not seen McHull ?….maybe his heat shield disintegrated as he was having his casual morning stroll to America ?
  2. Will it f**k, from a military point of view those bunch of queers couldn’t run a bath ! Plus, without you lads NATO would cease to exist as any type of credible force. It has us but we just don’t have the size despite punching way above our weight.
  3. The face you see looking back at you from under the bed after 2 years of Covid ?
  4. WILF

    Woke loonacy

    I’m assuming the younger girl is the Pint Of Guinness daughter ?
  5. The look you get when Ali at the Discount Curry Centre only gives you 2 poppadoms ?
  6. I wonder if he walks a lot ????
  7. In the words of your own great General Norman Swartzkopff “Going to war without France is like going duck hunting without an accordion !” Lol Im not really interested in the other stuff but the comment about France tickled me……being told “France are sending support troops” is like being told someone is sending you one water wing because there’s a tsunami heading your way. That bunch of balaclava wearing empty tracksuits couldn’t soldier their way out of the line for an ice cream truck ! Lol
  8. I think he was booked in to one of @THE STIFFMEISTER safety briefings and just couldn’t face it ?
  9. I get all that chief, obviously I don’t agree with you about “Lads like me” ( I think that’s the first time you’ve mentioned it to be fair ? ) but tomatoe / tomayto mate, you know the score. Im not saying you don’t have to adjust your game against certain teams but you have to have a reference point of how you like the game in my humble opinion and then everything is just an adjustment to that central point…….that’s why I’m not coaching top level football ! Lol But f**k it, it’s what I believe and I’d argue it with Johan Cruyff and still think I was right ! Lol
  10. That’s everyone’s first thought mate but you have to be sensible, we asked the proper people to do their job and they did do their job so the thinking process didn’t need to go beyond that.
  11. Yep, nice sensible way of looking at it and I understand that when all is said and done, football is all just opinions wether you are Pele or Pete from the pub……they are all relevant if they ain’t just fantasy nonsense. You are obviously more familiar with the situation on the ground so I may be way off the mark but I have always been a football optimist in as much as I believe you can achieve good stuff and play nice football with just about any group of players, that way of thinking has dictated how I played, how I coached and how I view football. I understand it’s a bias but I thi
  12. Fair play to the cozzers here, my daughter got followed on an evening out with friends by some Ukrainian when they all first landed here. He was popping into her work as well and making her feel very uncomfortable. It frightened her so she went to the guards and they went round there and told him he wasn’t to go in her work and that if he ever went anywhere near her again they would nick him. They also had a word with the hotel owners where they were all staying and the bloke got moved on shortly after.
  13. Good post mate, and I think as far as Moyes is concerned that’s exactly the right way to look at it……when all is said and done, it’s just about going to your football. I was looking yesterday and maybe I’m well behind on something everyone already knows but Slaven Billic assistant manager when he was with us is the head coach of Borrusia Dortmund ! Edin Tzercik or something like that, I would personally love to see a young coach like that or Pep Linjers or if there is another English Eddie Howe type kicking around have a go and see what he could do with a pretty decent starting 11, I
  14. Could only catch the end on the radio and it sounds like we had a proper go last night and some bad refereeing didn’t help matters. Cant do more than have a good go, that’s all any supporter asks for…..at least mental ones like me ! Lol Credit where credit is due, I loathe Moyes but it sounds like he let the players try and win it so fair play to him. id like to think that’s his lot at the end of the season because I think there are better coaches with better ideas who could get that team playing better football but I say that with no bitterness, he could leave with his head he
  15. Transport police = Railways Traffic Police = Fingered in the arse by big boys at school !
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