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  1. I watched it wit the mrs, not a bad watch
  2. I finished that tiger King last night, them yanks are off the wall, they'd remind you of the ones on here
  3. I have a saluki cross here that had the worst recall I've ever seen, one day i called her an she just looked as if to say fcuk you an just kept going, so I hid on her an when she panicked like fcuk when she realised I was gone, so I left her like that for a few seconds then got up an called her and she was straight back, an her recall has been spot on since
  4. Well I won't recommend his self help manual on how to maintain a bad back while shagging like a rabbit so, there's a few disturbing pics in it, put you right off your beans
  5. I've just pmd bird, a picture I'm just waiting on a reply he'll know the answer an he'll probably even throw in her temp
  6. I've been watching porn the last 25 years an I've only ever seen about 5 minutes of it
  7. Thank fcuk it's hard to get, I remember years ago I was talking to my sisters friend an her kid says you smell like Maria's house Fcuking stuff would stick to my clothes
  8. I don't know pal, I used to just laugh I never asd, Yeah all sorted now thank god, and thanks again for the help
  9. Me da used to brush his teeth with it, Fcuking head banger
  10. In Northern Ireland they do the knee capping by appointment
  11. Cheers pal she's 5/8ths 3/8ths bull grey I haven't a clue what she weighs, she's about 21tts
  12. She's doing alright pal their getting a few runs here an there, hopefully she gets a fox next year,
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