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  1. I haven't seen a pic of her i a while shes looking good pal, she looks as strong as an ox,
  2. I ran up on a stoat fighting a magpie when I was a kid and frightened them off i always wished i could of got to watch the outcome
  3. One of my lurchers has a thing for swans and would take one given half the chance, shes pulled a few up from the edge, ive her broke to them now but i can still see it in her that she still wants them, and yet she'll walk past any other birds
  4. I remember years ago me and me mates went to homelands i think it was, as soon as we got there we sold our tickets and got in through the fence, was me first time going to anything like that, it was fcuking brilliant
  5. Cheers for the reply pal, ive heard thier skins are good for making socks and gloves, supposed to be expensive
  6. We dont have moles over here, i know fcuk all about them are they a big problem over your side, do you use the pelts for anything or is trapping them just a pest control thing
  7. I like an hour before dark to, this place is hunted to death but you wont see a soul at that hour, all in bed
  8. My little bitch, I've never owned a dog like her, shes wasted on me you'd give your left ball for this bitch
  9. I never heard her before shes not bad, im going to have a google see what other songs she sings, im not mad about that song but I'd say she'd sing a few good cover songs of mary and Francis black etc
  10. Ive always loved the hour as its getting bright on a frosty morning, dogs always get plenty of runs
  11. Best off keeping to your self, none of my mates or family run dogs and i work them by myself , hopefully they leave you be.
  12. I remember a few years ago, i think it was you that posted that one of your kids went out and they were trying to take your dogs and they said they'd be back to get them, cheeky cnuts some of them, have you had anymore bother from them, none of the ones i know personally are into lurchers, the ones i know are well respected they've lived in this community years and never gave anyone bother
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