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  1. Used to be plenty of fish in the grand canal, the Eastern Europeans have it fcuked, still holds a few, and still a few big pike in it, it runs through my area in Dublin i walk it most days
  2. For a second i thought hannabil out of the A team was hiding under her top, nipples like cigar butts
  3. I love family guy after a few joints it does have me in stitches laughing, i watched a special they did a few years ago, were they let people from other cultures watch it, ane record them bit like goggle box it was watching them getting offended from what i remember, another good one on Netflix is F is for family, and much better than family guy imo
  4. I do see some of them walking around screaming tiocfaidh allah
  5. I get that pal, and a lot of ordinary people that just keep to themselves wouldn't want that type of trouble, this is the way it is in Dublin and I've seen it happening more than once although not over dogs, something happens and thier approached and not mob handed and told if it's not sorted kids will go missing and then things get sorted and then they scatter, I've seen them demand 500 punts at the time a caravan to leave then pay 500 a caravan to be let out of the field, most travellers won't even think about messing with fellas from Dublin or chances are they'll end up murderd
  6. Would a few lads from the area not get together and move them on
  7. Seen something about that, taking with pups, adult dog was found and the pups still missing
  8. I think it's more to do with catering for disabled people, in the new council builds I've been in had rails and stuff fitted and most light switches and sockets were all low on the walls
  9. I've 3 toilets in my house, 1 at the end of the stairs, one in a bedroom and a normal bathroom up stairs, I was in a couple of new built council houses the last few years, and most have a toilet under the stairs
  10. He was a good actor, road house is one of me favourites, I seen him in another film years ago, I think it was called red dawn, I must have a Google
  11. I started giggling well before the end, I knew I was going to piss meself laughing for some reason
  12. That's right I seen it on a program before, the dog doesn't touch it
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