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  1. Get a pic of one don, I'd like to see that
  2. To me it's just the collie or corgi that they put into them for the merle colour showing up in the breeding and clowns think their getting an extra special dog, how anyone pays that money for a dog that can't walk around the block is beyond me, the amount of them that die in the hot weather is ridiculous
  3. I've seen some of these merle bulldogs been born with long hair and going for ten grand
  4. My mrs went to get a packet of 20 chicken breasts today which she normally pays 20 euros for and they've gone up to 35 euros
  5. A couple more youngsters i bred
  6. Same thing was said to the singers the fureys when they got a house in ballyfermot in the 60s, i was only in ballyfermot Sunday there's plenty of foreigners living there now
  7. I've watched a program that was about doo men some characters they were, and by the story's they were telling they had some bitter fallen outs over them
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