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  1. I'm jeven, how's things with you pal
  2. I'm only seen this now, i used to have a good chuckle at his posts he was a funny chap, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and freinds, rip Johnnyboy
  3. I'd be the same i nearly ended up going to prison last year over some cnut bashing his mrs infont of his kid, until i put a stop to it
  4. A couple of my mates went in, they said thousands turned up, i would of loving to go i just had to much on today ill definitely be thier for the next one
  5. I haven't seen a pic of her i a while shes looking good pal, she looks as strong as an ox,
  6. I ran up on a stoat fighting a magpie when I was a kid and frightened them off i always wished i could of got to watch the outcome
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