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  1. Two minutes after reading this I went onto Facebook and this advert popped up and was in a traveller site today looking at a horse and in one of the pic's there's a caravan in the background
  2. There was a story in a paper over here recently naming 3 suspects for his killing two are irish and the other one's from Estonia
  3. Some dirty fcukers in the world,I'm in Dublin and it's a small enough city every one is related to someone and they would kill you within an act as we say,there's been loads of fellas killed in Dublin pushing prams or holding their kids some bloke's just don't give a f**k can't judge a fella for not opening his mouth kid's mean fcuk all to some bloke's,I know I wouldn't rat them out in my situation if I was a single bloke with no other family members maybe I'd think about it just not if I was living in this city
  4. It depends on the I individual I suppose and this fella obviously he wasn't thinking about his or anyone else's safety when he got himself into the trouble he got in for someone to take a shot at him,I think it'll be the shooter's family and associates who are in danger and they'll be the first to give him up so they can distance themselves from him no one will want to be connected to a child's murder,the only way I can see him not getting caught is if it was a well planned and organised and not many have knowledge of it,
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