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  1. That was a brilliant scene,Morty gave him some going over
  2. One of my favourites I lost count of the amount of time's I've watched it, I've read the book a couple of time's to
  3. It was my Mrs birthday last week to and we were walking past an expensive restaurant and she said the smell of the food coming out of there is lovely so I said fcuk it I'll treat her so I walked her past it again
  4. Another building for refugees got burnt down last night over here
  5. I was going to watch that but thought it would of been far fetched like that queen of the south,but I'll give it a go now,if you haven't already seen it snowfall is worth a watch or Mr in-between is also good
  6. I thought that was about king Charles,was going to say shorter reign than a Shetland pony
  7. Most if not all political parties over here are for open borders
  8. Sinn fien are all for open borders and have become hated in the south,the Irish are fighting back the media are trying their best to cover it up
  9. Another building earmarked for foreign men was burnt to the ground over here last night
  10. Even better Dan but they don't don't do them in chippers over here,fish cakes are one one of my favourites
  11. Is that a spice burger beside the curry
  12. There's a lot of protests over here at the moment outside buildings that are going to be housing migrant's. A few places have been burned down recently
  13. I watched it a while back and thought it was brilliant. It's based on a low budget film called the magician
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