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  1. I'll be leaving it pal,my apologies
  2. Haha I got to you Kevin,no need for anything else,yeh clown
  3. He started it Francie so I'm in the right
  4. I made shit of your mother's pit ask her infront of your old man I'm sure she'll confirm it
  5. Can't cook it more like,keepdiggin told me you like it up the bum and your Mrs spends all your money on stupid stuff and you can't stop crying and Francie is praying to all the God's
  6. I used to take the dog I put a picture up of for walks before he was gifted to me and I loved bringing him up along the canals an through the travellers site's were he always get into a scrap,and there was often a crowd of us standing around waiting for the outcome and he always walked away,I remember one time I was about 17 and I slipped him on this big gsd type and it knocked the bollix out of him I was sick,then he just nailed it like it was nothing
  7. This thread made me look up an old picture I had of the only pitbull I ever had,and it was good seen the dog again,I got this dog as a teenager off a friend when he split with his Mrs and I was only to happy to take it,I spent hundreds of hours out with this dog just prciking about,I'd love to have him now and do him justice regarding fitness diet etc even though he always looked good and was well walked,bred from some of my cousins and his I law's breeding to a bitch of bo dalys breeding
  8. Bit of roast beef tonight
  9. I vaguely remember the dog I was only a young kid at the time,i remember the son and a couple of daughters off the dog,I spent a lot of time around then dog's as a kid we used to be out the back garden alone playing with 4 or 5 them and them dog's never showed any aggression towards us not matter how much we pulled out of them,and they got out infront of us one day and nailed a big dog on the road I'd never seen anything like it,he told me the story on the dog and how he came to sell it,he said he got the dog off a fella called Tony Lee,and he never planned on selling him and said he refused t
  10. I'm sure he bought a dog off a friend of my family,a dog called starsky and re named red warrior
  11. I leave the skin on the spuds when I'm cutting chips
  12. Did something take a shite on your dinner
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