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  1. I'm going to give it a bash, if I can come across it,
  2. Ffs I'm never going to win it at this rate
  3. Over your head pal, see that's the ugly bugs, fuzzing your brain
  4. I'll put me name down for that one, please
  5. Sounds nice I must give it a go, I enjoyed that write up
  6. Is it nice meat jig, I've never tried it, what way did you cook it
  7. Reading that thread about the drugs must have put him back on the gear
  8. Ffs pabs your only out of rahab an you've relapsed already
  9. Nearest farm to me is a good three day camel ride from me, can it be bought online or over the counter in feed stores
  10. Can that be bought without a prescription pal, never heard of it
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