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  1. peterhunter86

    Funny Joke Thread

  2. Did you ever meet your real ladder
  3. peterhunter86

    Notre Dame fire.

  4. peterhunter86

    Smithfeild fair 91

  5. peterhunter86

    Smithfeild fair 91

  6. peterhunter86

    Smithfeild fair 91

    1791 I think, theres lots more I'll put them up over the next few days
  7. peterhunter86

    Funny Joke Thread

    I was there that day funny as f**k an there's a few clips of it going around
  8. peterhunter86

    Smithfeild fair 91

  9. peterhunter86

    Mc Gregor accusastions??

  10. peterhunter86

    Mc Gregor accusastions??

    He's a wnaker pal, he always was.
  11. peterhunter86

    trt treatment..

    I remember years ago the older lads used to get my mate to Rob tablets out his house, I think the whole family were headbangers, the lads called the pills duck eggs and from what I remember the were like a cod liver oil tablet, and they would pierce a hole in them squeeze the stuff out then take them, probably the same sort of pills
  12. peterhunter86

    trt treatment..

    What are green eggs pal
  13. peterhunter86

    Mc Gregor accusastions??

    I've watched a few programs about him over the years he's been a prick from the start, and I noticed a couple of times his Mrs looked at him like he's a piece of shit,
  14. peterhunter86

    General inquiry

    We always lamped up around the blue gardinia pub and onwards and they were everywhere, I know a fella who's a member of killteel gun club I think it's called, if you want I could ask him has he any contacts about getting a lease,