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  1. They have indeed mate ! Lol
  2. What are they, Blue sharks ? Get yourself over to the Wild West of ireland for some Tuna !
  3. I personally don’t have anything against people having decent kit, I always use the adage of buy the best kit you can afford and use it. It’s people being a total prick I have a problem with ! Lol
  4. I see they have free wi-fi at Headley Court !
  5. That looks absolutely fantastic mate, food looks amazing. Your lad is a ringer for you pal
  6. If I could offer Wolfdog one bit of advice it would be ignore all those carp forums. Fish and read, make mistakes, refer back and learn to try and understand why what’s happening in front of you on the bank is happening. There is excellent reading material out there, but I’d push you in the direction of Hutchy, Maddocks and (best of all in my opinion) Jim Gibbinson, specially “Big Water Carp”.......and excellent book that can be applied to all situations and really got me thinking differently back in the day. Well worth looking for. Maylin, Hearn, Lane are all about too muc
  7. None.....and rightly so too. These people have nothing to offer youngsters. I was lucky in that carp fishing was really in its infancy when I started and there were some very good lads doing the rounds of lakes, especially in my area which were all the anglers from Essex and Kent. I remember two lads who were up from Tottenham way, they had spent the previous season on Walthamstow and anyway, I was this skinny 12 year old sat there behind my fibreglass rods not doing very well. Id been chatting to these two blokes all day and they said “Here son, let us give you a bit of ad
  8. Syndicates are just like being a member of a little local shoot really mate. The upside is that people are paying a hefty fee to fish so they tend to be more serious about it, the downside is that it can get used if the owner needs a few quid so he lets in loads of members and you are back to square one except it’s costing a fortune. The bigger old reservoirs tend to be cheaper because they are hard and most of the new breed don’t want to fish them because they don’t have a clue how to approach something 120 acres plus. Thats why it’s a shame there’s no carp here, the lakes are
  9. Very happy to see that Erickson is stable. Heard about it yesterday evening when I got to football and it brought to mind Marc Vivienne Foe. I’m sure it’s just a freak occurrence but I’m guessing that will be it for Erickson. A very talented player who should enjoy a long and well deserved retirement.
  10. I can talk with a little bit of knowledge on this subject mate.....you are right, most of them are total pricks ! I was carp angling from about 1983 and over time the people carp angling changed massively. While there remained some very good, knowledgeable lads....real countrymen who would have been as comfortable out shooting or ferreting or anything, a new breed of all the gear, no idea type anglers came along. Happy to sit packed on a lake 10 yds from each other catching stock fish that were no different from the old “put & take” rainbow trout fisheries......throwing
  11. I personally love all this type of stuff and thought some of you lads may find it interesting as well The UK's forgotten 'fifth nation' WWW.BBC.COM The Tamar River is central to Cornish history and identity, marking a 1,000-year-old divide...
  12. No need to get angry mate, there’s millions of these people walking around........nobody feels like dealing with them so there’s very little point in getting annoyed about it.
  13. Don’t worry about it mate, nobody else seems too Thats where we are at and that’s how it is.
  14. My Saturday evening will consist of a vets game and then home to watch Sligo Rovers v Drogheda ! Not exactly Totti and Del Piero ! Lol
  15. Not looking for a bite mate, I never do that ever. I was just replying to the post, nothing more
  16. I hope not, my dream is that they go out in the group stage......that would be amazing for me.
  17. Consider the evidence of how people of this ilk crack on every day mate......what do you think?
  18. Do you just refer to the manual in these discussion in the section where is says “ If presented with the truth keep shouting racist, bigot, low IQ until the other person gives up” ? By the way...... Why do you try so hard to hide your racism ?......are you ashamed of it ?
  19. Like a beautiful cocktail of Ronaldo, Iniesta and Chuck Norris !
  20. Based on the fact that the two party betrayal of that country and it’s people has to stop.......nope, zero interest in policy as long as it makes inroads into their power base and starts to chip away at them. That’s not a waste, it’s the opposite, it’s striking back at these scum !
  21. Apparently neither are Hungary or the Czech Republic. Lets hope for a Jock v Czech final
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