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  1. Britain would fall to bits and Ireland would just stay at home.....
  2. WILF


    To be fair, since the rule change on academy players leaves clubs in a bad position they may as well sell if a bigger club comes in for one of their prospects.....that was a terrible rule change imho Many clubs did away with their academy altogether.
  3. WILF

    Tattoos 🤔

    I recently had this done.....what do you think ?
  4. They even let welshmen into England now days......place has gone to ruin ! Lol
  5. You are going think I’m joking here.....but I’m not. You would have to be very, very careful as any adjacent farmer or land owners could sue you and you would literally loose your house........and they would believe me.
  6. I don’t understand it either mate because I drive around and there’s some fine land that would lend itself to decent driven pheasant shooting......undulating terrain where you could stand guns in small valleys and drive birds off the ridge tops, it would great shooting. They would earn more out of it than poxy cows ! Lol Theres just no call for it, they ain’t interested.
  7. I keep my guns because living on a little farm in the middle of nowhere it’s always just handy to have them around.
  8. There’s just not enough to give a dog anything like a decent amount of work mate......not proper work. I just can’t find the heart for it, bumping into the odd things is no good for a dog....a dog needs graft, heavy graft and plenty of it. Id rather watch stuff now, when there’s f**k all to start with I just can’t bring myself to kill it.
  9. Moving to Ireland wrecked my hunting mate.......I was all excited when I was first going to move thinking “out in the sticks all on my own, I can leather gear until my hearts content “........how wrong was I ! Its literally barren !........they have gun clubs over there and that areas club is allowed to hunt over big tracts of land.....they are clowns ! They would rather spend money on clay f***ing pigeons than buying a few birds and rearing them. They see one pheasant in a hedge and texts are flying backwards and forwards in the group as they cum in their pants and that is no exaggeration. I won’t shoot at a pheasant on my land, I feed them but I don’t shoot them because you just don’t hardly see any. I have seen one fallow in 5 years !! Rabbits don’t exist in the west and hares again I won’t touch because you don’t see enough. Compare that to Scotland in September or October with 80,000 pink foot in the sky or North Essex with its wilds herds of 50 to 60 fallow, roe, muntjac. Bedford and Norfolk with its Chinese water deer......all the product of rich lords of yesteryear Pheasants as plump as turkeys and in fine condition pecking round every hedgerow. The dales and it’s rabbits Managed farms where you can see 50 of the finest hares you will see all sitting on one field in the lamp beam. A free for all without backers in wildlife is pure shite and leads to no game or wild life at all
  10. May just not like or get on with the dog.....personally I’d give it away but if they need the money then hey ho. Some dogs you just don’t get along with, it happens
  11. Go through the north, UK to UK.....no paper work required. Thats what I did when I took my dogs over
  12. Ahh, here’s one I can reply to actually having seen what the other side of the coin from well keepered estates owned and maintained by wealthy landlords looks like. Your idea sounds fantastic in theory don’t it, redistribute the land back to the common man and all that old bollocks.....let me tell you, it’s a wildlife disaster ! As you may or may not know, ireland has no culture of keepered estates or lords or anything like that. Many of Its great country houses, formerly residences of lords have been allowed to fall into disrepair and ruin......no doubt all of that from kicking out the “nasty” British and it’s feudal System of lands and titles and the estates that go with it. There is f**k all game compared to Britain and Scotland and I mean f**k all ...it’s lads shooting 3 skinny wild Pheasants A season and never replenishing the stock, same with deer (if you get to see any in numbers !) .......just the difference in the condition and numbers of pheasants between Ireland and the UK is stark. There’s plenty of grey crows if you like them!!......except you can’t decoy because you get nicked if you get caught by the silly wildlife police ! Crows and not much else is the order of the day. The keepered estates are the lifeblood of wildlife in the UK......give that to Jo Soap and it will be destroyed.
  13. Today......the government probably ironed out £80,000 on cups of coffee ! Mind your own f***ing business, them c**ts can afford it !
  14. Right anyway, I’m leaving because Uncle Ben will smell this thread a mile off and be into town like Nelson Mandela arriving from Robin Island !
  15. Mate, I read that word “minority” all the time so let’s have it right. Lets Take London, 10% of the population is Black........that 10% accounts for around 60% of all violent crime and that is reflected nationally as well. In the US, 13% of the population account for 45% of the prison population......do you know why?.......because they are the ones doing all the crime! If that is a contribution then it’s a contribution any country in it right mind can do without. If you had a business and 10% or the customers were 60% of your problems you simply would have nothing to do with them any more.
  16. I don’t know what they contribute that we couldn’t contribute ourselves or why we always skate over the massive and wider negative effects having this “contribution” entails. Im sure a wolf in a henhouse would contribute to stopping someone nicking all the eggs......trouble is, he will eat all the hens in the end because that is his nature. I never understand the “weed out the bad ones argument”......I’m sure if you had an infestation of rats there would be one or two amongst them that could be tamed as pets......but f**k it, you just want them all gone because it’s easier and it solves the problem. None if this will ever get sorted all the time nobody wants to tell the truth.......
  17. Genesis 16:12 ”He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen.” As it was written......so shall it be
  18. White abusers usually use the career path as a way to gain access to victims from what I can see of it. With the Asians it’s different, it’s cultural......they look on us as scum to be abused and that is an indisputable fact.
  19. Here’s the thing, they should all be gassed.....from catholic priests to scout masters to care home assistants to pakis.....if they were involved in abuse of kids they should be rinsed. What we shouldn’t be doing is turning a blind eye to a whole group of people where behaving like a filthy savage is part of the culture because we are trying to sell a wider agenda !
  20. It will be raining beddy whippets in Jock land ! Lol
  21. Here’s a phrase that has caused many, many young girls unspeakable horror: ”Institutional racism” Answers on a post card who was the instigator of that gem !
  22. Don’t take my word for it.....let the figures speak for themselves (by the way, white folks make up about 85 % of the population so these people are punching well above their weight on something at least !) Wogs are only 3% of the population.......do the maths yourself !
  23. 20 odd years ago, we allowed some f***ing nobody from off the banana boat to completely emasculate our police and criminal justice system. We have our own people lining up to tell how great it all is that these people, who are completely alien to us and share no affinity at all to the ground they walk on, have come along and enriched us. Inviting all these odd marks into the gaff hasn’t been a common sharing of blessings, it’s been a common sharing of misery.
  24. WILF

    Harry & Meghan

    I wonder if you will ever see a time when a black person will want to prevail in any sphere of life without trying to weigh the odds by mentioning they are black ? Dont they find this stuff embarrassing ? I mean, they scream like f**k when you mention the major statistic of their achievements as a race but they want to play the black card for everything else.......bizarre.
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