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  1. In fairness you know everything, that’s why you are the elder statesman of the site
  2. I haven’t as it happens mate but if I did the reply would be the same to all of them: ”sorry, can’t tell you”
  3. Being totally serious for a minute lads I won’t reveal anymore than anyone here has sussed out because then it would be too easy to find all the lads personal information. We may have our silly arguments on here but I wouldn’t do that to the lad or anyone else. I have known This little gem for months and it’s just good Enough to know
  4. @THE STIFFMEISTER “one......”
  5. No....... Lads, it’s too good......I can’t
  6. What’s your feelings on grown blokes making an utter c**t of themselves at football......do you feel they are setting a good example ? Lol
  7. There you go, bringing your nipper into things again......sorry mate, not playing that one
  8. Make sure you get a few brass coreys sold, don’t want to be late with the fine
  9. All that standing up can be tricky, especially on a football pitch can’t it......expensive too
  10. You have to be careful, before you know it it’s off with the shirt and “woosh” ......game over ! Lol
  11. I don’t think he is talking about buying you a pie and a bovril.....he would have to watch out for your signature slide tackle move mind you ! Lol
  12. Did you just get a little bit over excited dear ?......come on, you can tell Uncle Wilf
  13. On another note Maxy, do you have any handy tips for getting grass stains out of the arse of jeans ?
  14. Mate, if you are suffering any kind of mental issue especially depression then just don’t go near booze, period ! Those two things definitely don’t go together.
  15. No, no, the photo is the best ! Lol .......
  16. The gift that keeps giving !
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