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  1. No mate, mine plays right off the post.
  2. Maybe I’m noticing something that’s not there, but it’s strange that in a world where they have to shoe horn a spade into every advert they have only used white people to mock and condescend to another European nation…….you can bet if it had been a positive message that advert would have looked like the Notting Hill carnival Wolves, wolves everywhere Edited to add: Must just be me imagining things seeing as we are upto our ears in black, women bricklayers !
  3. At what point did the British bloke get so down on himself ? When did we start blaming each other for things none of us asked for ? Railwaymen didn’t ask for massive price hikes in goods and mortgages just like none of us did, but they have a right to ask for a few quid to help cope with a situation they didn’t create. See, the fact is, we never needed anybody to come here and say “Move over son, we can do this better”…… We didn’t need the doctors, we could have trained our own We didn’t need extra blokes to drive trains or build roads or lay bricks or man the petrol
  4. Because there are tens of thousands landing at Dover just waiting to take your job. Have a look outside any big building project in the city of London and you will see a small village of 3rd world incomers all standing around, dressed like a bottle of Sunny Delight, scratching their bollocks, dreaming of what schoolgirl they are going to rape next and directing a lorry in occasionally ! Never hear the media say f**k all about that do we mate. As I said, they kick us and kiss everyone else’s arse !
  5. Fantastic post mate, spot on
  6. An absolutely spot in post…..however, that extremely logical post only makes sense if they were in the least bit interested in balancing the books. As we have clearly seen for, let just take the last 25 years, nobody is interested in balancing the books. Theres plenty of money (that don’t exist) for everyone except us poor c**ts…..if every politician, their big business employers and most of the 3rd world are gorging themselves at the trough while we take a kicking, why shouldn’t ordinary blokes get some of that too mate.
  7. Nope…..I have a telephone ! Lol Thats my pension. Now, I have been polite enough to answer your questions, would you answer mine ?
  8. No, I’m retired.
  9. Question, how does a railwayman, a working bloke like you, getting an extra few quid effect you exactly ? And if it makes you half an hour or and hour late helping him get an extra few quid, wasn’t that worth it to be able to help a bloke just like you win against the people who are destroying the country ?
  10. I’d obviously report you to the party for re-education for being a red ! Lol
  11. Well, a decent start is not swallowing all their shit, then you can make better informed choices. Your enemies, enemy is your friend and never more so than now……jmho of course
  12. Course you would
  13. Yep, thought so……and here ladies and gentleman is a person who is allowed to vote. Ever wonder why politicians get away with murder…..well I suppose you are one of them thinks you’d see a load of money back if they sacked off everyone who needs benefits as well are you ?
  14. It’s not a riddle, what’s confusing about not mistaking who your enemy is ? Because it ain’t the railwayman working 12 hours shifts who lives down your street, who plays for the local football club, who gos to the school fete and slings a few Bob in the pot, who lends you his ladder. It ain’t that bloke……. Kicking our own and helping our enemies, it’s a British f***ing disease !
  15. The taxpayer subsidises the House of Commons bar to the tune of £6 MILLION pounds every year…….but no, let’s call rail workers all the c**ts under the sun for asking for a Tiny chunk of the billions the government is pissing away without remorse every year ! No wonder they are able to keep kicking the population in the teeth, it’s just small minded nonsense and it plays right into their hands.
  16. You do realise it’s folks like you who help these government pricks take the piss out of us more and more each day don’t you ?
  17. Sorry mate, but that whole post just shows a massive naivety of the wider world…..
  18. As I said before, you don’t get out much do you mate ? Lol
  19. I know what I needed and I didn’t live big but I’ll keep it to myself, but a survey around 10 years ago said people needed £27 an hour to just survive…..I’d guess now that figure is closer to £50 now
  20. I agree, but kicking the small bloke ain’t the place to start mending it….we are looking in the wrong direction mate
  21. It’s a shame we don’t take that attitude at election time isn’t it to all the duck house keepers and 2nd home moat builders !
  22. Not if you lived round my old way you wouldn’t, you’d be down the food bank every week so you didn’t starve !
  23. Really ?…..you don’t buy that shit do you ? The economy ain’t so bad that they can’t keep housing and feeding and clothing hundreds of thousands of wogs every year is it ! It ain’t so bad that they can shovel off billions of pounds worth of kit buck shee to that phoney f***ing war in UKraine that Europe and America were so eager to provoke. Economy stopped mattering years ago, didn’t you get the memo mate ? Lol
  24. I could count them on one hand if I was Socks !
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