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  1. It was in January mind.
  2. I think its only a matter of time until hardball needs to come into play re Europe. They seem to still be under the illusion that they can dictate to the UK.
  3. Its Laverbread mate, fresh from penclawdd.
  4. Made brunch for my old man today, he didn't want many tomatoes so i swamped mine,
  5. Not a proper Whitey with those flowing lock isit?
  6. They might not have valued the written word. They might have been...........Aliens
  7. Brings back a memory, probably abut 14/15 year old drag netting on my local beach for sewin on a spring tide. I was the tallest so was farthest out and that b*****d theme tune started going through my head. hanging on to a repurposed shunting pole, shitting myself while thinking I know we don't have great whites here.
  8. You might just have hit the nail firmly on the head.
  9. Not enough troops left for that.
  10. I was looking at the stumpy tail TBH, no expert tho.
  11. wren with some shadows across it.
  12. I think there will be riots whatever the verdict...Even if found guilty it will not be enough to suit the agenda of some.
  13. I have said since the first "Live Aid" that Bob Geldorf is responsible for more black deaths than the original famine would have caused.
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