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  1. Agree with that. The only worry would be paying the fee then having the same slow service.
  2. TBH I read it and thought shot end of dig. Might be wrong tho.
  3. and his cousin Einstien
  4. I think young rat but it's hard to tell not knowing the size of the trap or the situation
  5. Won't be hard to get a breeding population.
  6. Love the Elephant loose in Wales
  7. No wonder the cardboard cut out was so thin....Fkn left half of that
  8. RIP enjoyed his country sports and fishing
  9. Hes banned at the moment so it don't matter but if he gets back on he needs start ignoring some or block their comments
  10. I don't disagree with that but I think others bait him for a reaction and more often than not get one
  11. Thats not 100% accurate. He can be a "bell end" no doubt but so can we all. I don't care about the he said she said shite or who started it but some of the personal stuff sent both ways is out of order. If Max deserves his ban then so do some others on here.
  12. Never forget being woken early hours by my terrified missus saying 'there is someone moving about downstairs'. went to look and it was crabs in the salad draw scrabbling about.
  13. She now knows your sharing pictures of her cooking..... Some good grub coming your way next few days i recon.
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