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  1. I don't know how to post an image. cheers Kev.
  2. What about "hey you guys" ?
  3. Shit load of that on track Greb. Its like the civil service.
  4. I used to sell rabbits to an old Polish man in my local, he always wanted the kidneys left in for that reason.
  5. Soory Sheep, ill keep my top on in future
  6. Dear Trans community. Don't tell me to accept you for who you are when you couldn't accept yourself for who you were.
  7. Not 100% but if you have a phone number for Sigourney Weaver id give her a call ASAP.
  8. Congratulations Ken. All the best to everyone.
  9. Mate i don't want to be the cnt because I'm quoting you but it was the Labor party under Blair who started selling off parts of the NHS.
  10. hambone

    Pet hates.

    Using cruise control makes you realize how many of these cnts are on the road. The other ones who piss me off are those joining the motorway who make no effort to alter their speed to get on and expect you to move over into traffic.
  11. Never mind that...Did he find them?
  12. Coke from the steelworks used to go through the bars like a hot ball bearing thru butter. Got told id have to pay to replace by the council.
  13. Died of a heart attack in 2020!!! surprised no fkr has been on to blame the jab. .
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