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  1. Could be worse, it could be January time
  2. hambone


    No, not for a second. Only allow reusable masks in supermarkets and keep the disposable for frontline workers
  3. hambone


    I can see why front line workers would need disposable masks but the advice to the general public could be to get some washable/reusable ones.
  4. hambone


    More like the Ant Hill Mob
  5. hambone


    Went to Glan Afan lower school 1979, i,m from Velindre so can remember the school allotments before that (we used to pinch fruit and veg when camping etc ) and yes still local. The allotments are doing well but the allotments at Lletti Harri are now abandoned and overgrown and the play park has gone.
  6. hambone


    Glan Afan lower comp had its own gardens and glasshouses when i went to in school there. The gardening area is now a council allotment and the glasshouses a parking area.
  7. I've just got back from shopping and bought a litre and a half bottle of both gin and vodka. I normally buy a litre of each so fallen into the panic buying trap
  8. hambone


    I already had the batteries for my other tools, just bought the bare chainsaw. There may be better makes of battery chainsaws out there but i did not look into it because i had makita batteries
  9. hambone


    it runs on two 18v batteries, ive never timed it but lasts longer with 5amp batteries than with the older 3amp ones i have. If i had a good bit of oak etc to cut i would probably use the sthil as hardwood seams to drain the batteries out of preportion to softer wood also the chain sharpness can have an effect on battery life.
  10. hambone


    I have a sthil 181(petrol) and a makita 355(battery) they are both quality tools. The sthil seems more powerful but i find myself using the makita more often, its quiet, easier and safer to use. (I already had half a dozen makita batteries tho.)
  11. hambone


    Tufts of wool are good unless theres a thorn caught up in the middle
  12. If a dog was trying to look hard as fk it would hate you for the last photo . jokes aside tho a solid looking bitch.
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