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  1. FFS its like Game Of Thrones on here. Alliances forged and won in the heat of battle then lost because of what 'her' Sharon said at our Alans wedding.
  2. Scaff firm, Total Access. Says it all really.
  3. Its easy to follow.. the old one had bad haircuts and tomahawks... the new one got large turds and a testosterone fueled rivalry between a kebab and a freezer full hair.
  4. I do not think she will last the proceedings without becoming suicidal.
  5. Very good question. If they cannot honor his will then they should return the land. Be surprised if that happens tho.
  6. FFS Kev, stop making sensible posts or i wont have any likes left for when Greb makes a good one.
  7. Good for him and well worth encouraging.
  8. Was it not the Labour party who started the privatization of the NHS?
  9. That's right i can recall you on that bus.
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