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  1. hambone

    Gut hook .......

    Looks good , What is the hole for?
  2. hambone


    The result of sanctions is the same as tariffs. The EU would also be damaging its remaining member states who sell us more than we sell them.
  3. hambone


    They deserve to be tied to the railings and forced to have maths lessons off Diane Abbott.
  4. hambone


    And this.
  5. hambone


    Thank you for that. I couldn't be arsed to look for 'proof'
  6. hambone


    It does if they want to continue to trade with us. They hit us with tariffs, we respond in kind = they loose more than us because they sell more than us
  7. hambone


    Yes, because the EU sells us more than we sell them. Seeemples
  8. hambone


    He is the new prime minister and IF he takes 20% then you would indeed not be an idiot but he is a politician and they have been known to lie to get elected.
  9. hambone


    Fkin idiot....and I don't mean Boris
  10. hambone


    Don't think we will see that TBH. What we will see is more votes for the Brexit party. This shit could go on for years unless the EU collapses.
  11. hambone

    Best bait for eels

    I've done well on fatty bacon rind. If you can pre bait for a few days even better.
  12. hambone

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    The worst warrens for non bolters I have come across was where rabbits where previously (and regularly) being worked for hawks. Had to dig every trip but had some good bags, best was 7 in a stop end. Felt like Paul Daniels pulling those rabbits out one after the other. 7 not best trip just 1 dig, I read it again after posting. Lol
  13. hambone

    new pm

    Weightlifters like to oil up and get nude
  14. hambone

    new pm

  15. hambone

    Spawn of Satan.....twice?

    When out in the field with it do you feel the urge to roll past gateways grunting hup hup hup then look (panting slightly) through the scope for Osama Bin rabbit? If so you are totally normal. . Just use and enjoy, be a boring old world if we had no choice in picking our rifles/guns.