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  1. To be honest mate the wanking in public is more of a concern.
  2. I've had both shots of the AZ jab. I now cannot stop picking my nose...Coincidence???
  3. TBH i had some grief years ago through being reported by a neighbor. Plod that came out was an absolute W but the RSPCA fella said the if everyone's dogs were looked after as well as most working dogs then he wouldn't have a job. Doubt if he was the norm tho.
  4. RIP johnyboy only met him once but a cracking bloke. Condolences to his family.
  5. We like the Protestants. They keep the United Kingdom.....United.
  6. It was in January mind.
  7. I think its only a matter of time until hardball needs to come into play re Europe. They seem to still be under the illusion that they can dictate to the UK.
  8. Its Laverbread mate, fresh from penclawdd.
  9. Made brunch for my old man today, he didn't want many tomatoes so i swamped mine,
  10. Not a proper Whitey with those flowing lock isit?
  11. They might not have valued the written word. They might have been...........Aliens
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