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  1. I've used two solely for work for about seven years now, both in .177, I cannot fault them, thousands and thousands of trouble free shots. No mag problems. Only gripe I had which I was talking to BSA about them was the rediculous little [BANNED TEXT] screw that was supposed to take the weight of the gun on the foreward sling swivel. It gave way in the middle of the new night in the middle of a very sheety dairy cow yard, it along with £1200 worth of NV hit the concrete really hard. Thankfully other than the sh1t nothing was too badly damaged. Awesome bits of kit.
  2. £1.16 for diesel in Bodmin yesterday.
  3. Quantum you have to allow up to 21 days for ccc! I'm looking for an alternative this year.
  4. You really are living the dream Clive!
  5. Sorry if you have seen this on another forum. After many happy years of using ultra se,s for day and night work I've decided it's time to get something small and light but with a higher shot count. Long story short I decided to try a kral np02, as usual for work it had to be in .177 Immediately giving me nearer 180+ shots per fill as opposed to 40 with the ultras. Another bonus was the 14 shot mag as opposed to 10 with BSA. A good mate of mine already owns one and suggested types of pellets that it likes. Although as he'd mentioned it's not fussy what you feed it. I really am a fan of the barracuda hunter extremes and was really pleased when it was printing less than half inch groups in a serious bit of crosswind. Obviously very early days, it gets its first night on duty tomorrow night at a new farm contract that is heaving with rats. My only small gripe so far is the filling probe seems very fussy about positioning
  6. Wanted Theoben Olympus View Advert As above, I'm also looking for a scirroco. looking for a nice clean example preferably in .22 but would consider a .177 Advertiser mole trapper Date 16/02/20 Price Category Airguns

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    As above, I'm looking for a nice clean example preferably in .22 but would consider a .177


    - GB

  8. Fair enough. Glad I asked First
  9. Ah don't do faceache, but thanks for the heads up
  10. Where do you find Nelson please?
  11. Where does he advertise? I believe his nets are supposed to be good also?
  12. Anyone bought quicksets from rabbit fever in Selby? They seem to look ok and have a reasonable amount of feedback.
  13. A leupold vx3 works well with the archer when they are working.
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