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  1. We go through there on the bikes quite regularly, I will definitely divert into there next time, I used to work in Willand around 86, some lovely pubs round there.
  2. France, the Netherlands to mention, but several other European countries allow it. Most though insist on I think yearly tests for accuracy etc to get a permit. Me and the Mrs belong to a field archery club, we also have our own 3d target range here, personally I think I'm fairly good on a good day, but sometimes I loose an arrow and it's a gut shot or similar and I think thank fook that wasn't a real animal.
  3. I've not heard one in the UK for at least fifteen years, considering I work and play in the countryside that's not good. The last one I did hear was in France about four years ago.
  4. Blair without a doubt my first choice, then corbyn, after that hmmmm, probably Packham
  5. Made the predictable peasant food again this evening, its very nice but I'm getting a little tired of it. She would gave me make this three nights a week if she had her way. Ironically she doesn't rate sausages normally, I blinking love em.
  6. Excellent, we were due to start lambing tomorrow, unfortunately the first due got twin lamb disease , git the vet in straight away, £110 later ewe died. Next 2 due next week.
  7. Now back on fox duty, people around us losing birds and lambs, we start lambing next week too, so got to focus, then look out for a buck. I've been very kindly invited to go for some munties, something I've never done but it's in Herefordshire so a bit out the way for me. Going to try and fit it in sometime though.
  8. This is the simple unit I use these days, I've had the brinsea 800 egg all singing in the past, but this fits the bill for us now.
  9. Bloody hell ! Handbags at dawn on here again over who catches more moles, will nothing ever change? By the way I run similar courses and only charge £350 just saying
  10. We keep gleanies, I love them, they are brain dead, hysterical, noisy, ruthless, comical little dinosaurs. As I sit here now I have 38 eggs in the incubator that went in yesterday . When they are keets they try to kill themselves in the most ingenious ways. If you can get them to live longer than tgat they stick around, mine roost in the same pear tree every night in the chicken pen they grow up in. Strangely kat year o put a few of our hen eggs in to fill up the incubator, those hens roost up there too thinking that's what they are supposed to do
  11. We start lambing mid April, typically the first one due has gone lame as hell, tidied her feet up but she's still going around on her bloody knees.
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