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  1. mole trapper

    good grub

    Lovely dog, and lovely grub.
  2. mole trapper

    Spring Rifle Hunting.

    Had to travel up to Wiltshire, 300 second hand
  3. mole trapper

    Spring Rifle Hunting.

    Will do!
  4. mole trapper

    Spring Rifle Hunting.

    My Springer fetish is getting a bit out of hand there's 22 there, plus the r7 has snuck in somehow?
  5. mole trapper

    Spring Rifle Hunting.

    Awesome post thank you. Two of my Fwb sports have now arrived back, actions from blueing by Colin maloy, stocks from Nathan for restoration. Got to try three other sports at the BBS bash a couple of weeks ago, each having different tuning done to them. The most pleasant by far to use "for my tastes" was a simple v-mach drop in kit. So when I get back from hols I will order one and see if it feels the same in mine, if it does I will order another.
  6. mole trapper

    Warwickshire - incompetence

    Oh boy, they truly walk amongst us.
  7. What an incredible write up! Thank you so much for doing this.
  8. mole trapper

    Fwb sport restoration

    Thank you Jimmy, appreciated!
  9. mole trapper

    Fwb sport restoration

    Shout? Sorry didn't realise that I had? Anyways, unfortunately I do not do faceache so miss out this time.
  10. mole trapper


    Not a single wasp callout down here. Less every year down here, it's been pants last 9/10 years.
  11. mole trapper

    Fwb sport restoration

    Hmmm, can't seem to find this forum?
  12. mole trapper

    Fwb sport restoration

    Omg, I didn't know there was an owner's forum! Awesome! Wicked picture by the way.
  13. mole trapper

    Classic Feinwerkbau Sport, 124 and 127 mk1`s.

    Beautiful rifles, I have three, all in 177, just can't seem to find a .22
  14. Morning all. I have just had two tired looking Fwb sports 127,s completely refurbished, stocks to Nathan and actions to Colin, both elements now back here and looking superb. Now they were both rather boingy and not particularly pleasant to shoot. So I now need to decide what is best to do internally before reassembling. I prefer a slower/softer shot cycle, rather than quick and snappy. One spring is bent so will need to be replaced, both piston and breach seals are going to be replaced, I do need to find the best type of seal for these rifles. The pistons will be polished up, cylinder degreased etc, I don't want to go down the delrin route if I can avoid it. Unfortunately there are no YouTube videos showing how to strip/tune these rifles. I know a few of you gents use these rifles regularly so would really appreciate any hints or recommendations on best way forward. Thanks for reading, Jamie.
  15. mole trapper

    Pie Moulds

    Excellent posts thank you.