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  1. No it's plum bread and butter pudding
  2. Look how this bad boy turned out once it came out the oven, everyone had seconds and said best one I've ever made.
  3. Mother and her husband coming fir lunch tomorrow, so Mrs is doing her authentic from scratch lasagne, I opted to make the pudding. Its Hugh fearnleys plum bread and butter pudding, it's a long winded job roasting the plums and making the custard from scratch etc, but sooooo worth it, I don't make it often as it is a bit time consuming.
  4. I made the beef, ale and mushroom mix for this two days ago, its been maturing in the fridge since. Hand name the cheesy ruff puff pastry this afternoon. It was proper hansom even if I say it myself.
  5. Mel will be glad she doesn't sweep your chimney then
  6. Globalisation and World without borders need immigration. Glad I've not got too long left to watch this human excrement bring the uk into the 3rd world.
  7. Rabbit pie for tea tonight, just needs the rough puff lid put on and it's good to go.
  8. A conspiracy theory possibly Where do all of these expensive ribs and outboards go once they've been brought in by the rnli in Dover? On to lorries and shipped back across maybe?
  9. Rained off today so made a roast chicken and veg pie with cheesy rough puff pastry.
  10. It was actually seen down as far as St Agnes in North Cornwall.
  11. I bought the helm 2 just before Christmas, think it was about a £190, excellent bit of kit with rave reviews. To be honest we've already got a couple of similar spec/size tents, but we'll it's like fishing rods, you can never have too many
  12. Interestingly everyone's heard of her and the hundreds of thousands being taxied over, but no one seems to be talking about the rawanda scam? Not only are we giving millions, but for every one we send them we must except one of theirs! Its in the small print, seems only nigel farage wants to talk about that bit.
  13. Anyone do much tideline foraging, snorkeling or spear fishing for free food?
  14. There's not been a signal crayfish thread for a long time ( according to search) So who's doing it, where ( not exactly obviously) traps, bait, numbers etc? I've just picked up half a dozen new traps ready to get in the water end of march. We don't get big numbers in Cornwall like they do up the line.
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