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    You name it, if its country and leagal (ish) !! + real Ale

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  1. The client will be an Arab then Stunning work as always
  2. Thats us too! Everyone says oh this is gorgeous you are so lucky, yeah come here the other six months. You are doing a grand job there. Ours was a wilderness, it is now worth the money and graft, yours is coming along nicely.
  3. 6 mornings in a row a rat in this cage, this morning........
  4. Blimey I reckon that feeder must hold half a pound And you have morrisons in France now?
  5. Blimey there's a name blast from the past
  6. Ooh you will be sooooo popular with the hgv, s clogging up those ones. Never mind I suppose we'll pay our road tax.
  7. Slurry tanker on standby for anyone parking on my land
  8. Sweating like a cornered nun. Gary glitter in a playground
  9. I've just had to pop into town, there were literally only a few people not wearing a mask.
  10. My serious health issues have not gone away over night, I will continue to keep people away from me where possible and wear a mask.
  11. I gad one of about 2lb last week on light float tackle and it wasn't disappointing, yet most say they are like pulling in a bin bag?
  12. Nice lump. Unusual for them to put up a fight longer than the first few seconds. We were only saying an hour ago that it would be blooming hot down ile de rhe today.
  13. Also waiting for feedback My Mrs has moved away from making authentic bir curries and started making real Bangladeshi and pakistani curries, trippy as fook! I dream all bloody night after them.
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