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  1. Fantastic endless possibilities! We only have 3.5 acres and it produces soooo much. As an aside though, you are no longer allowed to tether goats.
  2. mole trapper


    Sweet shooting there mark.
  3. mole trapper

    Classic Air Rifles

    Maybe not such a popular Idea then
  4. mole trapper

    Classic Air Rifles

    This section got me thinking! Wouldn't it be useful to have a classic rifles wanted section? I've been after a really clean example of a theoben taunus for a while now, now and again one comes up but I'm usually too late seeing them Anyone else think this would be a useful thread?
  5. mole trapper

    HW 97K , ready for decoying.

    Have fun mark
  6. mole trapper

    Remington Express. 22

    Lyn lewington specializes in tuning them too
  7. mole trapper

    no mole pricing

    No catch no fee.
  8. mole trapper

    Ficam D / Vulcan

    Better get yourself some good running shoes, it seriously winds them up
  9. mole trapper

    Diana 56TH long shot

    I've recently bought the Diana 34T premier from sfs after Tony wall had done his stuff on it. It's very light, but very long, especially with the moddy he puts on them. Although it's in .177 it's still very nice to shoot.
  10. mole trapper


  11. mole trapper


    Yep it's silly season alright, lots of bee calls, people insistent they are wasps My mate who started out last year has the right idea, he's telling them that it won't be wasps, the customer insists they are wasps, he charges £35 to go and confirm! Beats working
  12. mole trapper

    Diana 56TH long shot

    Not often you see a Diana getting used these days, nice one
  13. mole trapper

    Rat Snaring

    It's an electric fencing stake, not ideal as it does hold memory if you leave them set too long. Fine though if you only set them in the evening.
  14. mole trapper

    Rat Snaring