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  1. mole trapper

    Diana 56TH long shot

    I've recently bought the Diana 34T premier from sfs after Tony wall had done his stuff on it. It's very light, but very long, especially with the moddy he puts on them. Although it's in .177 it's still very nice to shoot.
  2. mole trapper


  3. mole trapper


    Yep it's silly season alright, lots of bee calls, people insistent they are wasps My mate who started out last year has the right idea, he's telling them that it won't be wasps, the customer insists they are wasps, he charges £35 to go and confirm! Beats working
  4. mole trapper

    Diana 56TH long shot

    Not often you see a Diana getting used these days, nice one
  5. mole trapper

    Rat Snaring

    It's an electric fencing stake, not ideal as it does hold memory if you leave them set too long. Fine though if you only set them in the evening.
  6. mole trapper

    Rat Snaring

  7. mole trapper

    Northern Shooting Show

    Indeed, just look up sharman knives. He makes his own Damascus steel, personally i think they are heirloom quality.
  8. mole trapper

    Northern Shooting Show

    Sharman knives
  9. mole trapper

    Hw97k pellet choice?

    I use trophies in all mine in both calibres. I find them to be the most reliable, and don't they ever make a crack on contact
  10. mole trapper

    Northern Shooting Show

    My mate will be there with his hand made custom knives! Travelling up all the way from West Cornwall, hopefully people will be in a mood for buying shiny things
  11. mole trapper


    When you have a snare line found by a badger or fox it's a complete mare, I don't do big trapping/snaring jobs like I did twenty years ago, but when I did and experienced this problem it used to seriously p me off. Same sort of thing happened on a dairy farm rabbit job I did, traps in every hole, come back in the morning, every rabbit had big holes in them made by rats! Rabbits completely unsalable.
  12. mole trapper

    Bit windy for a zeroing, but....

    I know three of the writers, you would not trust any of them to hold your coat let alone tell you how to service your rifles
  13. mole trapper

    Bit windy for a zeroing, but....

    Morning mark, I can say without a doubt I prefer the lgu by a country mile. One day I will get around to stripping the lgv and lube and polish etc and I'm sure it will be nicer. Obviously being .22 the lgu is always going to be sweeter to shoot than the .177 lgv, but I feel it needs a bit of work done and it will / should be a lot softer hot cycle.
  14. mole trapper

    Mole season over

    That's fantastic Clive. I detest hearing about dogs being neglected or cruelly treated. Glad yours has a happy outcome. We are due another dog as our oldest is quite old now, and even the pup is seven! We will probably rescue this time.
  15. mole trapper

    Bit windy for a zeroing, but....

    The field is mine. That bit I use as the air rifle range is 68 yds to the small hedge.