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  1. Love offal, but I just see testicles when I see kidneys
  2. Handful of these in tonight. Went to the best pub in Cornwall yesterday and several people choking and coughing and sneezing, couldn't get out of there quick enough. We are now personally locked down again ready for the inevitable after this weeks covid influx of half termers.
  3. Lost two mates to suicide in just over 8 months, both with young kids and loving wife's, no money issues, just got it in their heads that they had to hang themselves . Devastating for everyone around them. Another mates Mrs left him after 30 plus years recently, he's been on the phone going to top himself at least half a dozen times. He's finally getting over it and obviously hasn't carried it out. I've always said there's those that talk about it and those that are dead.
  4. England is beyond saving, the values and the past that we try to cling to are gone!
  5. I've still got a couple of my original bethel Rhodes knocking about here from when I set out originally (21 years now), no rust and the springs still good.
  6. Pretty rubbish season down here, even the guys that advertise aren't really getting the calls. To be honest it's utter pants compared to 15-20 years ago down this end.
  7. I really like that one, 3 for a fiver at morrisons
  8. Did two this afternoon next to each other in a garden hedge, they were completely mental! Not seen such aggressive ones in a very long time.
  9. It's a feckin joke, I couldn't get in anywhere so I'm on unpaid holiday till sanity prevails again.
  10. Will be back up that way on the cider in 3 weeks time, might search that place out. Having said that, they will almost certainly gave it in our two favourite cider houses up there.
  11. What the feck went wrong is all I can think
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