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  1. mole trapper

    Old school rat control

    I reset the next night and both got missed so I'm not that good lol. Been in hospital since, but I'm now off work for a month so going to finally do the things I want to do. There's some squirrels about too.
  2. mole trapper

    Old school rat control

    There you go.
  3. One of the dogs pointed out a rat run from the hedge to the chicken run yesterday, so made up a couple of whips to see if I could catch the culprit. This morning full house! Will re-set them this evening. Can't beat a bit of old school.
  4. mole trapper

    original 45 .177

    Nice collection there as always.
  5. mole trapper

    First Jay

    Lovely rig you have there, very classy.
  6. mole trapper

    Another good bag

    Good going when there's a big moon around, cloud cover or no.
  7. mole trapper

    Wasp nests

    Absolutely, I was thinking what a difficult way to go about it! Unless I was trying to justify charging a very large sum for it.
  8. mole trapper

    I found some!

    Blinking awesome!!!! Well done on your superb result. Gawd I wish I could find time to get out amongst them.
  9. mole trapper


    Brilliant season down here in Cornwall too. Not seen one like this for ten years.
  10. mole trapper

    Pure air gunning,- Decoying with the HW97 K .177

    That is awesome! A truly inspiring post. Just goes to show what can be achieved by the humble Springer in capable hands. Thanks for posting this.
  11. mole trapper

    Pests now under control.

    Nicely retrieved!
  12. mole trapper

    good grub

    Lovely dog, and lovely grub.
  13. mole trapper

    Spring Rifle Hunting.

    Had to travel up to Wiltshire, 300 second hand
  14. mole trapper

    Spring Rifle Hunting.

    Will do!
  15. mole trapper

    Spring Rifle Hunting.

    My Springer fetish is getting a bit out of hand there's 22 there, plus the r7 has snuck in somehow?