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  1. A certain young lady was demanding that the British national anthem be done away with on the good morning show, piers Morgan (yeah I know he's anti guns) didn't agree. Rule Britannia offends her and believes it should be not sung unless in private behind your closed door. I have a wonderful t shirt that has a union jack on it, the caption reads if this flag offends you I will help you pack your bags! I wear this shirt at every possible opportunity.
  2. Wouldn't mind having a look at her tits mind, they're huge
  3. That's why I was wondering? I will take a look in the morning. I've got a strange idea that I got some as a sample pack I'm probably talking utter shite as usual though
  4. Interesting! It's one of the two pellets that will group in my theoben eliminator doing 30ft/lbs in .22, other being Jumbo's. For some reason I think I have some here in .25? I will have to go rummaging now as it sounds like I shouldn't
  5. To me personally it means more now than it did three and a half years ago. It's shown us that most of parliament and all of the EU are totally corrupted.
  6. Thank fook for that.
  7. Personally I see the lentil loving liberals will soak up a lot of the terrorist sympathising shit bags votes for being a coward in all fronts, the Tories won't get an outright win because the Brexit party will take a large chunk of their votes despite Johnson giving it a good shot at getting us out, so we will be another hung parliament. And around again we go.
  8. £25 to put down and fiver a mole, what is she Romanian? I wouldn't even answer the phone for that amount. No wonder she can't catch it
  9. Two and a half to three hours is not exactly on my doorstep.
  10. Spent eight hours up at chesil beach last night. Lots of whiting, eels , dogs and pout. Unfortunately no bass or cod, but I didn't blank and had a thoroughly good time.
  11. Close enough, it's oop north
  12. Not if your a chinky cockle picker
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