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  1. Unfortunately it's not quite that easy. Jonny is on airgun BBS, he only makes batches occasionally, but no harm in messaging him.
  2. It's one of Jonny neats, it's a slip on, very close fit then a tiny bit of loctite.
  3. Who's on about Wales? I live in Cornwall
  4. A grand a week Most of the holiday homes I have on my books down here are between 3 and 9 grand a week.
  5. Debatable! People who've tried it like it, personally it's too quick a cycle for my taste. It's nice to the eye though and very pointable.
  6. I tramped up there when I was six stone over weight and had a brain tumor, any fanny can walk up there! Jeez I hate winers
  7. Cheers d, It should be fine, Mel's panicking as they are having a go at the liver tomorrow as well as the left kidney. Hopefully you and m are having a good Christmas.
  8. I've had a silly year booze wise! I'm thinking after new year's I might take a break for a bit. I went four years dry and missed it every day. I'm in for an operation again day after boxing Day which may just bring it on sooner.
  9. This crazy bint is now just coming up 15, we never thought she would make five. Recently we've had the conversation a few times, bad days her back legs give out, regularly incontinence, deaf, and sights going....... Then like an hour ago she's literally tearing round the field in pitch dark chasing a fox, comes back into the house like a charging rhino! Throwing herself from one sofa to the next, and tearing round the house like a loony So if she doesn't break her neck she gets to escape the needle . Gawd I will miss the crazy bint when her time comes, even though she's an arsehole.
  10. This one is .22 It's definitely not a dull thud but fairly recoilless as it's so quick.
  11. Here's mine after Lyn put in a v glide kit and fitted my slim barrel weight by Jonny neate. It's great, but I will be honest and admit the firing cycle was not what I was hoping for. I was thinking it would make it smoother to shoot, but it's actually the opposite. Very quick and snappy. Not harsh, but definitely not smooth. However Lyn's work is without question, I just bought the wrong product.
  12. mole trapper


    Not completely correct. For three year they were led by an out and out remoaner. The EU were hardly being backed into a corner by her
  13. Just move our subs back to Plymouth, put a proper wall up and let them go back to eating each other while they beg us and the EU for morsels from the table. Personally I rather like the Scots, but that crazy little bint really is very annoying with her constant brave heart shit.
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