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  1. Several of my customers are in it, tarmacers, farmers, foot trimmer all sorts, one of the farmers I work for almost weekly , we get on really well, our in joke when I meet him on the yard is " you out goat shagging tonight "? He then tells me where to go! apparently they don't have a pest controller in their lodge these days, he's said several times that I would be welcome but it's not my thing.
  2. You drinking a lot? Biggest cause of af. I was getting blue lighted couple of times a week at one point, then realised the issue very quickly when they were going to give me a pacemaker at 40. Stopped drinking completely for 4 years, af cured immediately, I drink these days, but nothing like I used to, get a flutter now and again but nothing major.
  3. It's nothing, only down side is it works for some and not for others, presumably you get af?
  4. But they aren't just economic migrants, that's the real issue! When you are fleeing a war or famine you take your family, when you are going to war you leave them behind.
  5. Way too early still. Usually get the tree around the 14th.
  6. My attempt at a tgif in a Wednesday. It was blooming awesome, but sooooo filling, heavy and calorific
  7. Not so pretty tonight,but very tasty. Cottage pie with mixed root mash, topped with cheddar and red Leicester cheese, had with the first of this year's button sprouts.
  8. Going to try it with a mixture of sweet and cooker apples next with damsons from the damson gin.
  9. Plum bread and butter pudding.
  10. Lovely looking pup! Wish we could find another looking like that, but unfortunately looks like Sally Hancock has stopped breeding altogether now.
  11. Guessing most of the stronger cider producers will, the new tax banding would put on £2 a bottle.
  12. On the rattler tonight, got to get as many in as possible before it goes down to 4% and becomes piss water due to dishis new tax banding , thankfully we make a lot of our own cider now.
  13. Today I tried 2 small ponds up on dartmoor , the owners warned me on the phone they were tough, they weren't kidding. Lovely peaceful spot though.
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