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  1. Them drop shot rods reels mad money I don’t get on with them tell yer boy never mind the rod il send thatwee blk hairy pup down keep him happy
  2. Wee 6 ft telescopic don iv had this years had all sorts on it it’s a lot better made than the modern ones dunno where you could buy something like it now tho
  3. same newkid him and st john were good together....rip greavsi cracking
  4. patedale whippet great dane puppies here now some with dudley noseys and already retreivin nike trackys off the washing line...
  5. Aye run wae the pilot dogs and never get straight lined.... so I heard like
  6. Will do mate btw his names sambo no darkie haha
  7. Black rough coated dog will prob stay here mate he’s a cracker I reckon best dog pup in that litter tbh they all pretty even bitch is only about 16 17 inch dog used over her about 21 22 there’s heads be the heaviest part of them haha.... that’s parents there bud
  8. Aye astanley they be whippet sized good jaw on em sire n dam are here sires auld 13 still has a trot out these pups aren’t advertised anywhere Iam going run em on see what’s there
  9. f**k off you kip there? My dogs a better bed than that ffs you got be catholic?
  10. Seen it myself don with my mother in law then my da in that fancy new hospital in glesga.... f**k that I’d rather go in my bed nhs is proper f****d
  11. Ankle biting b*****ds trained to retrieve Adidas and Nike air max yorky patterdale Great Dane whippets ....
  12. Why don’t u just roll yer sleeve up then ?
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