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  1. Same here mate I do alot of estate work rubble walls dry stone walls just landed in a site start of last week never asked for any cards not all sites up here ask for them
  2. You want bring them up stretch there legs gives a shout
  3. Everyone needs a Linda
  4. il have a gander now
  5. How will you find out an who the fecks Sandra
  6. Aye seems well made gear eh jackets aren’t cheap but do a turn had my 2 seasons a was looking at there fleeces they look not bad either
  7. Tried most of them expensive coats got a swazi smock I wear lamping now been alright jacket I like the big pocket at the front an zips under the arms for when it gets a bit sweaty Betty
  8. If that’s right that’s frightening …..
  9. One my pals had a spaniel x Russell never seen nowt took it out with us one morning and it drew a Charlie out a hole end that’s was him after that flying dog was already about 4 year old
  10. Nc500 mate but after the silly season honestly the west coasts wer you want to go miss the east it’s pish…. Plenty free fishing up and down
  11. Camp anywhere you want up here mate kinda…. Nice place the west coast to doss about with a rod
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