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  1. Lamlac powder mate spot on that stuff
  2. Dougies burds recyclable haha that’s a cracker
  3. not as fast as a whippet but faster than a terrier.....
  4. Coke bottles biro pens an soapy water dc haha ffs eh........
  5. Plugged up the starfish not the fleshy bit comet bar ruchill glasgow uncle of mines got proper done and some bastward done him up the brown eye with a big lockback now that’s a terrible injury ages to heal.... at that time glasgow royal infirmary was dealing with the most amount of stabbings and facial wounds in Europe.......
  6. Aye that Nathan books a crackin read his best in my opinion
  7. Looks like shotgun cartridges in that collar Salukis needing shotguns wtf next
  8. Did you get the pat x from Stoke mate?
  9. Totally agree dc boy used tae run about wae us had it and u just described him to a T
  10. Nae danger is that the bold greb again haha
  11. Have these two fought yet ? And weres the dough in this do they get paid of you tube for views loada lads making a Cnut of thereselves in there now surely there not at that lark for feck all?
  12. What’s he like with stock mate? Pal of mines after a lurcher
  13. Same here charts met some cracking lads thru this site had some good days and nights out had dogs of members got members dogs if used right there’s a wealth of knowledge in here authors,artists one thing lurchers brings is snobs yobs an everything in between an long may it continue eh ........
  14. Your right mate my mrs had a first cross patterdale whippet now it wasn’t the fastest thing an tiny with it about 16 inch but what a nose put a lot of stuff out for bigger dogs cracking on the rats had a right few hares out there seats easy to keep fit cracking wee thing she was
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