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  1. any them down of your old steve dog mate?
  2. haha sir archie ffs hope the worms ate that old cnut...wee met a few boys from castlemilk side of the forth and clyde canal one day years ago then again just along from that distillery thats why i asked you keep russells.....the moor up the back of that distillery was good crack like can you mind the keeper wae the 4x4 fiat panda?
  3. used to get the bus out there me two mates lurchers ferrets and nets used to be lifting with rabbits.... did you used to keep russells mate?
  4. no deer along the nolly or foxes..........
  5. guy in the scheme i grew up in glasgow walking about backwards head stuck in 1990......true
  6. where did you buy the enforcer mate?
  7. had this pup out twice mate broke my striker been using a tracer i had laying in the shed cant see a fecking thing in it think thats the bother wae the leds there just to bright and bit a rain or dew laying on the grass makes it worse....
  8. where you buying the halogen enforcer from don.....?
  9. seriuosly mate silliness...lads dogs an vehicles getting confiscated isnt sillines...if he,s talking to coppers hes a f***ing snake
  10. same shadow cnuts a self confessed grass anyone associated with him or speaking to him is as bad and hes wanting to meet for square go,s ffs c**ts deserves his face marked for life
  11. jackthelad

    IQ tests

    who helped you dc haha
  12. aul davie s, don stayed in stoneyhurst street he done the barras the brigget market and some of the schemes in the evening weird bunch that family where my aul granny nelly used to tell him to feck off from under her window he lived across the road n up a wee bit haha daughter was a mad ginger offfffft the memories of yer teenage years eh
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