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  1. If your still on here could you drop me a pm....or anyone who no’s him pass a message to him?
  2. mate in the 70,s 80,s and 90,s folk just pointed with cement very few using lime and thats the biggest cause of damp in old houses get a bit of render of see what the stonewaorks pointed with, if its cement thats the first thing id do get it raked out repointed with lime mortar let it breath
  3. had a few good drinks with the lads that sang the opening tune for the sopranos....
  4. i dont beleive in ghosts but same thing happened to us up on the isle of skye in digs some weird shit happening just like you said above....didnt stop us staying there but it was a weird aul gaff like
  5. did aul bill hardy breed him bird
  6. i had a russell bitch here few year ago wouldnt bother with rats she would kill them but a half hearted ratter wouldnt rag a dead carcass either but she was a good wee digging bitch worked into old age
  7. i was working on skye last year with my brother on the road home just outside kyle of lochalsh he ran into a stag about 40 mph front end was totalled an the beast just jumped out the ditch looked at us and fecked off....dont think theres a lurcher stopping a healthy red stag on the hill or down south
  8. glad to the see the back off it onwards and upwards ladys n gents......
  9. jackthelad


    you ever been in the big chink place next to the glasgow angling centre sid?....they got allsorts in tanks alive in there mate
  10. still got a few of his books here lifted out the library in the middle of glasgow when i was a teenager haha then another when i moved to tayside about 16 year ago
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