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  1. Clap Christ they where out with fiddles singing hymns the Lot here I was travelling to aberdeen daily 4.30 rise feckers were doing my nut in proper feckin innocent cnuts.....wouldn’t mind another lock down keep most these silly feckers out the road
  2. We were out at first light and finished for 11 not a thing at home few nice dry pulled out spots aswell pissing down but still awfy warm hopefully a bit of snow coming from over the pond
  3. Boy was telling me a few weeks ago his van got rattled few days later they on market place for sale anyway tools were on a tinkers yard so the lad phoned the coppers... and was basically told you mad wer not going in there
  4. You don’t see them now cobby feckers saw a few with woolly coats.... sure there was a bitch in glasgow early naughtys come up from his grandson I think the boy had her used be in here
  5. 7 and a bit f****d now mate he came of age as my da was dying of cancer I ran the bollox of him ran the poor c**t into the ground but Iv some cracking memories wae that big dog
  6. I was fixing a gap in a dyke just outside burnt island in fife with a mate just before the pandemic on a bend one of them snotter green Ford Focus st came screaming round right through the dyke about 40 yards away from us we ran up an the fella was out his tits bag of gear laying in the passenger seat haha
  7. Send a few straws this way deerhounds near me I watched a roe cross a track in front of this boys dog and it never moved a muscle turned and walked on needing some stern stuff in them they are.... wouldn’t mind a bitch for this old lad quarter deerhound in him
  8. Haha can you remember the rag and bone man mate I thought you were a young shaver for some reason
  9. Tall and narrow.... your fecked squire
  10. Full day.... we were beat for lunchtime bye rain... away draw the bike out see I can get this hairy fecker a spin in the slop..... can only get them upto her ankles eh
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