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  1. jackthelad

    Who is pie eater.

    I new a grass when I was 13 14 he’s still a grass
  2. jackthelad

    Fell terrier cross

    My mrs wee black bitch half x patterdale whippet mad as a box a frogs and would hunt anything 14 fat as butter an still here
  3. jackthelad

    Show us your Bull x

    Bitch is a cracker mate like her
  4. jackthelad

    Show us your Bull x

    Big eck bull deer grey just over 2 knows the craic
  5. jackthelad

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Cracker that mate
  6. jackthelad

    First dig in snow this year

    Terrier in the digs a fair old lump eh nice one mate keep at em
  7. jackthelad

    Fagen getting there now

    Seen you bud mind saying to my mate check em nice Hings eh
  8. jackthelad

    Fagen getting there now

    Were you at the game fayre at drumlanrig with them two mate ?
  9. jackthelad

    New Pup

    Has this bitch came from America ?
  10. jackthelad

    dave platts' saracen

    How old bobza?
  11. jackthelad

    dave platts' saracen

    Have u deerhound X there now lurchers?
  12. jackthelad

    For Staffs Riff Raff

    is that a pup out of dai dogs litter mate?
  13. jackthelad

    out of my head on a tab

    Il second that guy I work with backs fecked he was taking mad amount of pain killers he's taking the CBd an he's working without painkillers
  14. jackthelad

    Anyone ever run a deerhound x borzoi

    Let's see it then
  15. jackthelad


    . You from the north of Glasgow bendrover?