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  1. Cuz he’s watched from above ma man…… wee gus told me so
  2. Glad he’s doing well for you mate and hope your trip to Germany comes of il keep my eye out for your future posts about him all the best
  3. Ooooooft looks the part now does he
  4. Nah mate it’s the variable dial that’s fecked eh am no use with electrical stuff
  5. How was the west highland way with a lurcher wae you mate am thinking about doing it end of January n taking my bitch
  6. Btw mate how’s big Gus doing ?
  7. That’s a good shout btw Iv a striker variable needing fixed il pop in one them phone shops the morra see what they say sorry haven’t a scooby about garmin tho……
  8. I got rid of a bull cross for the same reason the Cnut wouldn’t let go of anything till it was mince or bigger stuff it tried to drag home I clipped a leash round it’s neck one night to see how far it would drag something an telling you it was a fair whack before it stopped for a blaw n a rest then tried go again fecker was mad as a box of frogs wanted to kill things twice
  9. I was moaning about the same things a while back even contemplating packing the terriers in all together been flat out with work since august 7 days a week an think the man above is right about foxes behaving difrent what with the warmer winters there’s defo more about just don’t seem to be using dens as much
  10. Merry Christmas mate an all the best for the new year
  11. All the bull x Iv had or been about been spot on......my mates got a bulldogge there bitches dogs goldfish budgies this things feckin wired wants to eat everything the only good points it likes people ..... unless it’s in or tied to the truck feck no’s how he puts up with it ..... reckon you’d get some nice running dogs out it
  12. Bang on this time of year mate out [BANNED TEXT] it’s dark home [BANNED TEXT] it’s dark eh am thinking about packing the terriers in an just keeping the lurcher bitch Iv here been grafting non stop so if anyone no’s any young lads want a leg up terriers locators spades boxes pm me
  13. Good set long John’s and a geordie foreman at the back of the dyke good walling weather this is
  14. Clap Christ they where out with fiddles singing hymns the Lot here I was travelling to aberdeen daily 4.30 rise feckers were doing my nut in proper feckin innocent cnuts.....wouldn’t mind another lock down keep most these silly feckers out the road
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