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  1. totally agree with you mate i think fury will knock joshua out and wilder would destroy him big josh is in the wrong game hes not got the mentality for it when it comes on top........
  2. Mrs wants hang it over the stairs ffs it’s feckin orrible.....
  3. some money for a lump a plastic eh......
  4. I’d have a bet on that with you mate I think big fury’s the better boxer in a very bad bunch
  5. That’s it mate exactly the same as that
  6. Metro haha sorry jetro........
  7. Was looking at them metro healthy price tag on them aswell
  8. Feels like it mate got it buckshee anyway so am not fussed
  9. Got this off my mate today said it was antler..... is it feck don’t think it’s wood either?
  10. Good stoves the morso Francie pricey but I’ve had mines ten year still looks new... ish
  11. My stoves a morso squirrel mate And a few lumps a peat will burn most the evening I don’t really mind what I burn in mines mate coal peat off cuts off wood an logs likes been said this is a conservation and smoke free area but every house in this streets got smoking lumbs.... if I had the choice I’d rather flick a switch tbh but quoted some stupid prices for central heating
  12. been buying in peat francie or split logs from a tree surgeon i no or cheap home bargains house coal mate
  13. log burner does my hole house....iv got no central heating....
  14. iv worked on a few estates this is hapning on mate there shooting all the deer off the hill to re wild the place its nuts all the cottages renovated for tourists iam sure they would rather see the deer than trees?
  15. cracking fish mate....what kind of work are you doing out there if you dont mind me asking?
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