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  1. Had a Russel bitch years ago with prick ears used to sufffer bad with getting shit in them that bitches eyes weren’t the best either we where digging on a lot of old railway embankments that black fine shale slippy stuff horrible stuff to dig in
  2. Same happened to me and my mate few seasons ago two terriers trapped under a water filled lift shaft in an old hospital fire brigade said there was no dogs in it an coppers told us to leave it .... we went bk first light next day and carried on gt a mark on the bitch with my terrier and got her out we got the dog on the 3 rd day rather get nicked than leave them in the ground
  3. None of my dogs get chipped feck that
  4. An a wee cracker it is like to see a country ned an that’s what that is ... point me at it an il bite it.... all the best big man
  5. How do u no? Flip flop fluffy ears haha just messin mate
  6. Mate give your head a wobble eh not only them paki dogs can catch them an no I don’t wanna match
  7. Had and saw plenty heavy lurchers lift hares in heavy ground flat parks same dogs get straight lined mc started a legend feck chip an pin mc hammer king of the slop..... merry Christmas lads hope all yer rabbits got long ears
  8. Wonder if that dogs in better condition now we into the season.... just asking
  9. Been told the same for years don’t give it think it makes them fit not sure iv never had a collie bred dog since my teens
  10. Finished.... tidy them steps up few pins here an there in the dyke that’s us till new year .... tallyfuckinho lads
  11. That’s got that mad look in its eye.... I like him
  12. Yer baws be blue in em up there mate that’s high up been mild up here but Baltic up there long johns jobby few em boulders heat u up right enough
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