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  1. Jrc x-lite beds are as the name suggests quite light.For a bit more comfort the Fox flatliter
  2. Kevj

    Dandruff in dogs

    I had same problem a bitch that I recently acquired.I put her on raw and a grain free kibble and was also told to put a few drops of evening primrose oil on her food.Cleared up after a few days
  3. Kevj

    Lad out for morning

    One of my lads,keen to learn
  4. Kevj

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    They work well together.That Black and Tan Bitch from you has very high prey drive.She is very vocal on scent and gets the others worked up.They are quite even in tight cover but her and the black dog are a lot faster in more sparse cover.They give me some fun and that’s all that matters to me mate
  5. Kevj

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    She’s flying atm.Very high prey drive in her.Goes ballistic when on bigger quarry.She’s turning out a very handy dog .Made up with her.Any more?
  6. Kevj

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Cheers Str.They keep me busy
  7. I was on a shoot a few weeks back with a lad who had a Jagd with him.He told me he was a great worker on top and below.Stood next to him about to start a drive and said you want to put your dog on a lead here because a couple of earths in the wood went 10ft and hard digging.He said it’s ok because he comes out after 10 minutes
  8. Kevj

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    My little bushing team
  9. Kevj


    Use them for Ratting,bushing,earthwork.The pup marked this hole then the bigger ones took over
  10. Kevj


    Versatile little dogs doing a bit of ratting today with the terriers.Young Teckel pup watching the adults at work.
  11. Kevj

    Lab x grey

    Ged was passed from Greylab to one of my other mates.Asked him about the dog and he said Ged was a great dog on bunnies both ferreting and on lamp.Ged would hunt up quarry well daytime and was also very handy to the terriermanWasn’t the fastest dog but still caught plenty of foxes day and night(pre ban obviously)
  12. Kevj

    Lab x grey

    Lad who owned him originally,who wrote the articles,gave the dog to a good mate.Funnily enough he was saying a few weeks back to keep an eye out for a litter of Lab/Grey coz he wants another one
  13. Kevj

    Lab x grey

    My mate in Liverpool owned one called Ged.Was in some old earth dogs.Will speak to him tomorrow and find out more.He quite enjoyed teeth