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  1. Typical Russell.Really confident and full of mischief at 6 months old.A right little b*****d?
  2. The dog was an XL American bully.I know the parents and they have good temperaments.Also know lads with pups from same breeding and they are good family pets also. This dog was bought as a pup at 8 weeks old and was passed to 3 or 4 homes before ending up where that terrible tragedy happened. No one contacted the breeder with regards this dogs temperament and I know for sure he would have gave them the money back and had it put to sleep if they did.
  3. I know her breeding back at least 5 generations on both sides and it’s all Russell.Tbh mate as long as she does the job,I’m happy no matter the colour
  4. No beagle in the pup mate.Shes full Russell
  5. He can put any price he wants on his pups,can’t he? If people are prepared to pay that amount it’s entirely their decision.I’m not a member of his fan club mate just telling you what I know of them. Contact him and ask him directly if you are that interested in finding out how much he does with them mate
  6. I have been out with them a couple of times but only when they pushed quarry from cover to waiting guns and lurchers. I know a couple of lads who work their Teckels below which are from his stuff.
  7. Getting them out a lot and working them above and below mate
  8. I have Garmin Alpha 100 and 3x mini t5 for sale
  9. His dogs get plenty of work and he’s a decent man too
  10. I have a bit of fun with them.If there is something in cover they are flushing it.Work tight cover well.Follow a line and give good voice.Not as fast over more open ground as a lot of bushing types but horses for courses and they suit me
  11. Mine will hunt anything in cover.Will also drop to ground.They flushed a few ? this morning.Thank god for the Garmin tracking collars?
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