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  1. Kevj


    First season dog.Started well
  2. Kevj

    Hunting days USA

    Getting terriers out ratting does them no harm in my opinion.Has definitely helped me when bringing young dogs on anyway.Good luck with the young dog.What about any good days you have had this season?
  3. Wouldn't it be a pleasant change to have some decent threads from our American friends about actual days out working their dogs on quarry over there,rather than the name calling,pedigree chasing and all the usual bullshit we are used to on THL.You never know maybe lads over this side of the pond will gain respect for your dogs and the quarry they work.Just a thought
  4. I'm proud of myself if I last 4 to 5 minutes
  5. Kevj


    Not from our way Bigfellap.Kindly gifted to me by Ripstop off here and bred by lads in North Wales
  6. Kevj


    My young dog Billy,started well.
  7. Kevj


    You could do us all a favour and PM each other instead of f***ing up a really good thread
  8. Kevj


    I have suffered with it since 2008 when I bust 2 discs in my back.Tried lots of different treatments but best relief I have is from Pregabalin which my back specialist put me on.I take 300mg morning and night and it doesn't get rid of it completely but definitely helps
  9. Kevj

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    The Teckel is mine.She is only young but coming on well.She will go through any cover.That was her first day out on fox and she went well.AT isn't a fan of them so not worth asking him for his opinion
  10. Kevj


    Is there any chance another dog could have covered your bitch as well bosun ? Or is it defo throw back.Nice litter,looking forward to seeing them working
  11. We have 2 kids with autism.My 11 year old boy is currently home schooled.He can show difficult behaviour but it's not because we let him get away with it or because he is a little Cnut,it's because of his condition.He also didn't get party invites etc and we as a family try to make up for it but it still had a big effect on him.If sending a card in the post will cheer this kid up on his birthday then I will be asking my son to send one
  12. Kevj

    Afew Pics From A Trip In France

    i will book the same date an come with ye kevSound mate.I will give you a call when they give me dates and spaces
  13. Kevj

    Afew Pics From A Trip In France

    Well done lad.Some lovely fish there.Booking a week on there for next May.Will be after a few tips
  14. Kevj


    Soak for 24 hours and cook until split is the way I do it.If u are going to add any salt don't do it until cooked,if you add it beforehand the hemp won't split
  15. Kevj


    Fat and happy.