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  1. What, if anything, do you use to treat the inside of a shed? Bloke that delivered it said use something oil based, I've got creosote for the outside, can I use that for the inside too? Cheers
  2. Mushrooms job sounds a bit too technical, probably better of recruiting an equality and diversity officer on here
  3. They were in here but just dogs i think
  4. I wandered off on the prairie in Alberta for a quiet shit lol and a coyote walked passed a few metres away....luckily by itself
  5. That's just out for a walk with Bangers
  6. Broadcast tower mate
  7. MH1

    Pet hates.

    Speed gun operators that hide their bike then get into some sort of American Sniper fantasy concealed firing position like they're dropping targets 1000m up the road. Morons that speed up when you try and overtake on a dual carriageway giving it their best Fast and Furious reenactment.
  8. Probably the Eisteddfod - that sounds about right!
  9. My wife and all her family are fluent in Welsh and my daughter is going into the Welsh stream in school...I'm going to have to learn it incase they start chatting shit about me
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