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  1. https://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/news/19011884.asylum-seekers-stage-second-protest-penally-camp-conditions/
  2. MH1

    Guard dogs

    There's one behind someone's gate round the corner from me. Bounces about at the gate barking whenever anyone walks passed. Barks at anyone from toddlers and pushchairs to old women though ffs lol
  3. Don't disagree we need stronger punishments for certain crimes, but who would be in charge of capital punishment? Wouldn't trust the government or police to do it properly (or get the correct people ) lol. Think longer sentences would be better though.
  4. Just what we need in the UK, full sharia law lol
  5. Are you having to self isolate until you get the test result?
  6. Same, never been busier since all this kicked off lol
  7. MH1


    Just gets too much for some people, shame the family didn't get round to help out (if there was any)
  8. MH1


    How much do they want for that bed? It'll clean up alright
  9. Looks like America needs some freedom
  10. I've not got twitter so don't know if that's a genuine account..
  11. Careful what you say it'll be going through a Huawei base station most likely lol
  12. Probably you just take pic of what you want with the app and its saves it as a pdf as if its been scanned
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