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  1. That's strange, I just got off the phone to King and logged on here.
  2. Must've overdone it with the 3/4 of a mile the other day lol
  3. MH1


    Anyone see the Australian coppers/FBI set up their own encrypted phone brand and marketed it at criminals, who were recommending the phones to their mates lol
  4. MH1


    Yes that's it mate. Re: your daughter that just sounds like a bad night on the booze, probably nothing to worry about too much and just a one off?
  5. MH1


    Inflation has got to him lol, used to be 20p for the train to Barry
  6. Used to do those 5x5 full body routines like the Stronglifts one but you just end up in the gym for ages resting between sets. Preferred doing 5/3/1 and using the app to take the planning out of it lol. 5/3/1: How to Build Pure Strength | T NATION WWW.T-NATION.COM Jim Wendler's 5/3/1/ program promises slow and steady gains that will eventually turn you into the strongest guy in the...
  7. Saw a litter of Italian greyhound x french bulldog being advertised as "Mini Bull X" on one of the selling sites a while ago, not cheap either lol
  8. My daughter's 2 now and my mrs has been taking her to baby/toddler lessons since she was about 6 months (with a break for lockdowns), so I'll be making sure she keeps that up. I did that NPLQ course when I was younger but didn't end up using it for any work. I can tread water for a bit and drag myself round a few lengths but make it look like a bit of an effort
  9. I've got a cabin from them, dog will spend hours in it even with the run and house open lol. Would've saved money and got a smaller run because he doesn't even use the empty space, be handy for splitting in 2 if I get another dog.
  10. Has music and podcasts on there, you can make your own playlists or listen to the ones already made
  11. Fair play, bet it's warm in the suit in this weather
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