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  1. Training's the fun part I find, most people let themselves down with their diet.
  2. Ask the yanks in the terrier section lol
  3. Non payment of TV licence probably over here lol
  4. Haven't seen any in the local fields but in the woods I go I've noticed more and more burrows on the side of steep banks, under tree roots etc but had a look in the field at the edge of the wood and there's no sign. Anyway, this morning got a quick glimpse of a rabbit so hopefully the population starts coming back.
  5. MH1

    Had my eyes opened.

    https://www.bds.org.uk/index.php/research/deer-distribution-survey Scroll down a bit and it has the links for different maps for different types of deer. 2016 but can't find any later.
  6. Holiday home down Cornwall or somewhere, grand + a week through the summer
  7. Loads of sandy beaches and holiday parks pretty much from Saundersfoot/Tenby to St Davids. South Pembrokeshire - Tenby etc probably has more places for the kids with parks, zoo's etc. Further west towards Newgale and St David's is more remote but not a long drive to any attractions and still good beaches. The whole area will be rammed in the summer lol Theres Bluestone as well which is a bit like Centre Parks I think
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    Brit girl rape

  9. MH1

    Here we go.

  10. Are you not picking Bill up on the way too?
  11. I'm losing track of all these different beliefs. However, spare a thought for this gentleman https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7849333/Muslim-demands-apology-biting-pork-Sausage-McMuffin-served-mistake.html?adobe_mc=TS%3D1578078205|MCAID%3D2E9BC80C05311ED5-4000010F401DE69A
  12. MH1

    Daily mirror

    Swings and roundabouts
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