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  1. Never seen so many dogs in my village until this lock down. Fcuk knows how they were getting exercised before this.
  2. MH1

    A decent book .

    If there's a kindle version of it on Amazon
  3. MH1


    At least you went through all that trouble to get it back before
  4. I've got a one year old who's just started walking and a young terrier. I'll be mowing the lawn every day soon for an escape lol
  5. How's the black one bred?
  6. Are they leaving any good ones? Asking for a mate
  7. Are the boar hard to find or can you accidentally stumble across them?
  8. MH1


    If it helps I didn't question the maths
  9. Slippery slope when you start breeding working breeds for pet traits surely? Too many breeds been ruined already
  10. You can get these as well, I only use a phone for the internet. Only interesting thing I've got on my cam is rats under the shed lol
  11. https://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/news/18341825.police-stop-200-vehicles-entering-pembrokeshire/?ref=fbshr Going for a holiday ffs...
  12. MH1


    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8160067/UK-government-gets-permission-use-personal-data-mobile-phones-help-fight-coronavirus.html?adobe_mc=TS%3D1585332713|MCAID%3D2E9BC80C05311ED5-4000010F401DE69A Wonder how long these powers will last...
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