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  1. OS maps, but you have to pay
  2. After this thread I'm dying to see a man vs XL bully cage match and I won't be happy unless there's at least one arm bar.
  3. Police comb Richmond Park in hunt for fugitive 'Iran spy': Helicopters with heat-seeking cameras scour grassland for hours - amid fears 'resilient' ex-Brit soldier Daniel Khalife, 21, is using army training to hide after escaping Wandsworth Prison in van | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Police helicopters equipped with heat-seeking cameras were seen scouring... If anyone remembers this quote from Rambo it was actually inspired by elite Royal Signals warriors "You don't seem to want to accept the fact that you're dealing with an expert in guerrilla
  4. This was for sale near me, bit more than a cabin and a bit out of my price range Check out this 1 bedroom detached house for sale on Rightmove WWW.RIGHTMOVE.CO.UK 1 bedroom detached house for sale in New Mill, St. Clears, Carmarthen, SA33 for...
  5. MH1

    Racoons in UK

    I was up that way today, kept an eye out but unsurprisingly didn't see anything lol
  6. MH1

    Racoons in UK

    Rare wild boar turn up at Welsh racecourse as staff stunned - Wales Online WWW.WALESONLINE.CO.UK Sightings are rare and the animals have never been seen at the racecourse before Bit unusual for down this way, unless they've escaped from somewhere.
  7. Always remember them banging on about the hole in the O zone layer when I was a kid, haven't heard of that for a few years lol
  8. Got to run it passed the Bangladeshis first Justifying farming subsidies to ‘Bangladeshi taxi drivers in Cardiff’ comments slammed by political rivals | cambrian-news.co.uk WWW.CAMBRIAN-NEWS.CO.UK COMMENTS made by the First Minister that Welsh farmers won’t get subsidies if...
  9. My mums been using this for dishing up for years ?
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