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  1. My old phone vs my wife's new phone lol
  2. Cheers, i was hoping someone would have an idea what it was!
  3. It was in mid Wales and there were a few Red Kites about so I've put 2 and 2 together and assumed it was that lol
  4. MH1


    Strava does all the average timing etc I think
  5. I was in Rhayader the other week, must've been bin day, they were all over the pavements like pigeons lol
  6. Finally a few signs of spring. Saw first swallows too.
  7. I've done similar - thought "when in Rome..." and started dipping my king prawns into the lemon water
  8. Could be worse Clueless couple struggled to get pregnant are told by doctor they were having anal sex | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK An obstetrician handed the couple, from rural China, a sex education book each...
  9. MH1

    The Royals

    I read somewhere she's recovering from a Brazilian bum lift or waiting for a shit haircut to grow out
  10. MH1

    Pet hates.

    I did it up the Brecon Beacons before...worst part was getting in through the letterbox opening. Caves of South Wales WWW.OGOF.ORG.UK A description of Porth Yr Ogof, the underground course of the Afon Mellte at...
  11. There's a place breeding them for the Middle East not far from me Fox Falcons - Breeding and Stud | International Wildlife Consultants Ltd. WWW.FALCONS.CO.UK Contact us to buy Fox Falcons: Email: sales@falcons.co.uk Call or WhatsApp:...
  12. Wouldn't want one anywhere near my house... 2013 New Brunswick python attack - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  13. 10% for trees and another 10% for wildlife habitat which probably just means scrub & brambles
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