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  1. MH1

    My mates malis

    Afghan Taliban capture British military dog WWW.BBC.CO.UK ISAF officials in Afghanistan have confirmed that the military dog captured...
  2. MH1


    Cheers, that's what I was getting at lol. Suppose there's no preparing for an opponent as if you would boxing etc and it's just what happens on the day
  3. MH1


    Is it all fitness and conditioning or is there "sparring" & technique etc? Seems a bit of a waste its the fittest/most game but just a crap fighter?
  4. Just telecoms maintenance mate
  5. Don't really notice it too much on those big towers, worse on the smaller ones that shake about as your moving around on them
  6. Thanks for sharing this, I won't be eating carrots again that's for sure
  7. The way I sunburn there's no mistaking I've got nothing but northern European back in the family tree lol
  8. Have a look here Francie https://www.anglebooks.com/
  9. MH1


    That's Greb blending in with a new user name
  10. MH1


    Moment mob armed with makeshift weapons brawl on street after protest was held near Eritrean Embassy | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Emergency services descended en masse to north London this afternoon after... It's alright, just a peaceful protest
  11. MH1

    What job.

    I'd like to have a bash at this
  12. MH1


    'We need to say enough is enough': Two female police officers sexually assaulted during Notting Hill carnival WWW.LBC.CO.UK Two female police officers were sexually assaulted during the Notting Hill carnival. Wonder if that video was to do with this
  13. MH1


    That police horse died of shame I reckon
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