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  1. f**k me - I'm an English Scotsman
  2. Where would you recommend on a grand and a passport I've recently moseyed on into my middle aged years and I'm well pissed off. Doctors have been giving me all sorts of tests and pills. I've been cold and wet for months now, I fancy a change of scenery for a little while. I'm thinking of telling the missus and little-un to pack a bag so that we can all go to the airport and fuckoff for a bit *(Heathrow Gatwick and Bristol are all within reach. Some sunshine would be nice, good food would be nice - little 'un won't eat seafood Any recommendations for a loc
  3. Fkn scumbags. I hope your kids ok mate
  4. Ah but, was it the posh bisto in a jar or the stuff us peasants use In the red cardboard tub?
  5. Nutters do exist. I was shacked up with a loony bird for a while in my mid 20s. Being woken up by a punch in the face and loads of screaming is a very weird sensation I got dressed and walked out laughing my head off that night. That really pissed her off - the big vase that she threw, missed me and smashed her cars back window . I kept laughing and carried on walking until I was gone . I could still hear her shouting and swearing from a few streets away
  6. The ausies will bomb any issues there with our kit on our behalf if requested
  7. You can't trust any of them - they're sneaky little feckers that will flood the markets with overpriced shite kit given the chance. We dont need that or them.
  8. Nice bit of topside for the Sunday dinner and, a cottage pie from the leftovers today- I enjoyed that
  9. How long until the French start Trying to flog exocet missiles or shitty raffael planes to our enemies? Still, it's not like we can't chase their crap over made up boundaries and just bomb the shit out of it anyway
  10. Fine by me if it upsets the other mob
  11. I've just finished watching the 10 Commandments. Cracking film
  12. Well that didn't take much - 2 of our bored lads on a fun run from Akrotiri and a yank training exercise probably for 2 kids from Alabama and a few dead Yemeni nuggets. Now the ragheads are taking notice and understand that the phrase 'f**k around and find out' is a genuine offer
  13. Although if you're not used to them, you may need a sit on the bog after you've scoffed a couple
  14. You eat it you nutter - cut the f****r in half and dig it out with a spoon. It's loaded with fibre and vitamin C
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