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  1. Ours are the same - always taking notice when there's grub about
  2. Jonjon79


    Good luck King - hope it's all ok mate
  3. You've just reminded of this from back in the day ........ have a listen, it still makes me laugh
  4. I agree, it's a sad state of affairs but, this was just posted for a bit of light humour
  5. My missus is a Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean fan. ........ her mate sent her this yesterday - she was absolutely pissing herself
  6. Beef and stilton pie ......... cut in half and put in the freezer - that's 2 easy dinners for after work in the week.
  7. There you go........... Census reveals white Britons as minority in capital for first time WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK
  8. That's good news - she's a right ol' gob shite. I see London has voted to keep Khan - not surprising really
  9. I wish this bloke had been on my ballot paper
  10. I've been a few times mate - Copenhagen was my favourite. Tunisia wants nuking
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