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  1. Jonjon79

    For our special boy our team

    I thought the same - I imagined he'd be a bit more Windsor Davies or R Lee Ermy
  2. Jonjon79

    Fox eating crocus bulbs

    Oh f**k me, we've got a dog woman - I give it a week before the spelling errors and 'pre-ban' posts start creeping in .......... Quick, run out and buy an air rifle - join the civilised part of THL
  3. Jonjon79


    I haven't actually gone looking for it but, try the websites for Natural England, DEFRA and BASC - there'll be a file that you can download from one of them.
  4. Jonjon79

    Fox eating crocus bulbs

    That's a new one on me as well - I would have thought it'd find it easier to knock over a bin. If you want to put the video up, it's probably easier to upload it to YouTube, then put the link on here.
  5. Jonjon79


    That's it then - she's off - roll on the 7th June Hopefully now we can get someone in there that actually voted for Brexit - this is a chance to really turn the tables on the EU ....... We could have Nige causing all sorts of head aches from the inside and, hopefully a prime minister that isn't scared to tell the tin pot dictators to go f**k themselves when they try taking the piss No wonder we lost faith in May - standing sniveling outside No. 10 for the world to see, she's an embarrassment. .......... Enjoy your taxpayer funded pension woman and, don't let the door hit your scrawny arse on the way out
  6. Jonjon79


    And yet, the good ol' boy can still stand and smile for a photo - just goes to show that he's made of better stuff than a cowardly milkshake lobbing remoaner
  7. Jonjon79


    That's f***ing Remainers for you - bitter c**ts to the end I wonder why they didn't go looking for someone more capable
  8. Jonjon79


    The old c**t, he's probably dreading the aggro and disruption that our Nige' is going to deliver
  9. Jonjon79


    We did our postal vote just over a week ago - me and the missus, and her parents all voted for Brexit party I hope they do even better than the polls are predicting
  10. Jonjon79

    Another milk shake.

    I would have liked to have seen that How do you know that he used to be a bit handy?
  11. Jonjon79

    They have been informed..

    That looks a nice place for it Steve Happy hunting mate
  12. Jonjon79

    man city 3 0 up in fa cup

    City have done well - good on them
  13. Jonjon79

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Packham's a c**t but, there's a host of people and departments responsible for this balls up. I'm concerned that someone may be be looking to make an example of a shooter in the sort term but, realistically I don't think that there's the stomach or the funding to actually police this bollocks. Especially in rural areas where the local copper will understand the needs of his community. At the moment, I reckon crack on as normal and keep schtum - probably a bit easier with air rifles than shotguns. Good luck everyone
  14. Jonjon79

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    You've answered your own question right there mate