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  1. Yes, I like those - I don't soak them though. I just pull them out and put in a pan. ........ I like them fried up with English mustard The dogs go nuts for the hearts and kidneys raw.
  2. Have a look at this shit that's just dropped through my door ......... They're pushing hard to get the kids done now. The first page of the letter states that kids will usually have a mild version of the illness - what it doesn't say is that they will then have a natural immunity. Then it gives a thinly veiled attempt at emotional blackmail by saying how having my kid vaccinated will protect others - while we're still seeing side effects in all age groups and, it's still not known what the entirety of the side effects will be, they can shove it. ......... 'Help t
  3. Pork loin for me today - every one is at the coast so, I get to eat whatever I want I rubbed it with salt and pepper and let it stand for a couple of hours before cooking. I did manage to dry the meat out more than I would have liked but, it went well with the apple sauce and, the crackling was spot on I'm convinced that the worlds problems could be solved with a hog roast
  4. I'd put a chair in front of that - knife, fork, brown sauce, mug of tea. I'd be well away
  5. Well, that went down really easy and, no hangover at all ........ That's definitely one to recommend. Although 'er in doors - the feckin rum police, did tell me how much was no longer in the bottle this morning
  6. None of us are normal mate - we're all a bit different to each other in different ways. ......... I'm on a hunting forum - I've got 2 chihuahuas and air rifles ffs Good luck and all the best
  7. I don't really look for it so, I haven't been noticing it - I tend to check the weather report, that's all. However, on Thursday morning, around 3am, a huge white owl glided round the trees at work, low and slow, then just disappeared again - if I hadn't been looking that way, I'd never had known it was there. It was probably less than 20ft away - nice to see.
  8. I think age brings an appreciation for quality over quantity
  9. Yes, agreed - I judge them partly by that as well. I can live with being a bit foggy in the morning but, a raging hangover is a right shitter.
  10. Well, it's Friday night and, it's not been an easy week so, I'm on the sofa with the dogs watching Netflix I've tried quite a few rums but, this Kirk & Sweeney is the best yet by a long way - the flavours are subtle and not sweet: burnt sugar cane, dried fruit, vanilla and oak and, they develop well. ......... it's the smoothest that I've tried - it would be criminal to put ice in it. It would be a hanging offense to even think of putting a mixer in it. I'm going to enjoy a few of these tonight - we'll see what the head's like in the morning
  11. Here's an interesting article about how the numbers are being manipulated to make the situation look as bad as possible. Whether it’s cock-up or conspiracy, officials are still feeding the public misleading statistics WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK Hospitalisation figures do not paint full picture, with as many as a quarter of those listed having...
  12. This weeks work schedule means no drinking for me............. until Friday night. Inspired by the Newcastle Brown Ale post (haven't had one for years), I picked these up today - I've been eyeing up the rum for a while. ........... I also picked up a big slab of belly pork - roll on Friday
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