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  1. I haven't seen much of it this way for a while - we get a lot of bees over the back gardens, a swarm of flying ants at a local sports club, the odd fly in the kitchen. It's been months since I took a tick off the dogs. Maybe I'm just a sour ol' c**t and they don't like me - I'm not complaining.
  2. Good call Rick' ....... I'm sat here in the evening heat having a couple of rums and, that is spot on
  3. I was an 80s kid - we threw fireworks and aerosol cans on bonfires
  4. Personally I wouldn't want to cut or break any of it - I'd wet it, remove it carefully then wrap it in the bags. ......... use a decent wide gaffer tape if you need to wrap the sheets in more than 1 bag. When it's all done, bung the suit, mask and gloves in another bag and let the council take the lot.
  5. It might be a simpleton answer but, I'm still using a bog standard NS Viper kit - the rabbits on my permissions do get used to the red light on the kit (especially if I've missed them a few times ) so, I watch them right on the edge of the screen while I walk into them. Depending on the distance, I sometimes turn the NV off for a good few steps while I creep in closer. Hope this helps Jimmy
  6. 30yrds to infinity should be fine for an air rifle - test it on lower mag and see what happens. .......... it's a decent scope so you might get less range on lower mag.
  7. This was my 2240 - it had the steel breech, shoulder stock, valve pinned (2 holes and grubscrews), silencer adapter and silencer and, a hammer adjuster. The adjuster (in my opinion) is shit - if you wind it up too much, the peircer thingy inside gets stuck in the Co2 bulb so, you have to dismantle it to release it. They're fun little guns though - I like the way a Co2 gun spits when you pull the trigger
  8. f****n hell mate - you only have to eat the little fishes, not bum them
  9. You won't even notice mate - the one's that I had at a restaurant were kind of like eating crunchy chips. ......... my daughter didn't like the thought of their eyes but, I told her to think of them like chips They're pretty good - give them a whirl
  10. And therein lies the problem - integration and illegal immigration. We're getting too many too fast because no one is willing to properly deal with illegal immigration. No one has the spine to escort them back to where they came from or to deal with the country that are providing a porous border. They land en-mass and gravitate to a ghetto populated by their fellow countrymen and adopt the status quo - no one is showing them how to behave in this country. The British are typically a forgiving and helpful bunch - we'll accept anyone that is willing to try but, all we're seeing at the moment is freeloaders that want to put pressure on a system that they've never contributed to to the detriment of the natives that have. .......... it's the piss taking that gets our backs up. As for the foreign criminals and those that come here to do us wrong, I guarantee that the silent majority would vote for them to be sent back asap. ........... if papers and passports are destroyed - dump them back in France. Let the French/EU deal with them.
  11. Right then, I'm off to Pets At Home for some guppies tomorrow There's a fish monger up in old town round here that's due a visit - thanks for the advice
  12. So, just double checking, you leave them little fish whole - guts and all?
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