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  1. Jonjon79


    Good shooting Jimmy ....... Hope everything's ok mate.
  2. Jonjon79


    That stock's got some nice grain in it Phil
  3. Jonjon79

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    What the f**k? I've never heard of him but, he's obviously a prick.
  4. Jonjon79


    Enjoy it twat
  5. TX200 for me I tried everything to get on with my old 97 - changing the internals, fitting a custom stock - but I just couldn't get on with it. ........ It was a shame because I did like it.
  6. Jonjon79

    whats this (moth larvae)

    Someone on here will know Sid I posted a picture of a right wierd looking thing a couple of years ago - it turned out to be a larvae of an elephant hawk moth. ....... It looked similar to yours but different.
  7. Jonjon79


    Enjoy it mate Pound for pound, I think they're the best all round air rifle that money can buy
  8. Jonjon79

    remi gaillard

    Now that is funny ........ See how fast the bloke in the tent rolled away
  9. Jonjon79

    new air arms410k,off viz

    Right, I'm having a fiver on 37 days That's a good looking rifle Jeff
  10. Jonjon79

    Broken gate

    The gate looks like shitty steel and a stress fracture where there may have been internal corrosion. ....... As already said, it looks like it's caused the hole further along. I reckon the other shinanegans sounds likes someone trying to wind the old girl up. Maybe even malicious sabotage. Maybe it went as someone was going over it. A couple of trailcams is a good shout
  11. Jonjon79

    Do apple spy on you

    They all do it to varying degrees - information about people's habits and preferences is big business.
  12. Jonjon79

    BAD LUCK..

    This is Tony from Croydon - he can wave chicken feet around and burn some dodgy herbs to ward off bad luck But, if you don't want to travel that far, my advice would be to just keep pushing on - nothing lasts for ever, your luck will improve eventually. ...... Atb
  13. Jonjon79

    Diane Abbott !!!!

    Admittedly I wouldn't want to wake up next to her mate but, I do tend to take things a bit deeper although, I wouldn't draw the line at holding your feet if you fancied a go
  14. Jonjon79

    Diane Abbott !!!!

    She's a racist that hides behinds the black card and, she's a hypocrite.
  15. Jonjon79

    Diane Abbott !!!!

    I agree mate, in more ways than one.