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  1. Nice one Daniel It's good to see someone make use of the pelt. I think most of us on here only use the edible bits.
  2. http://www.rotherhambugle.com/2020/01/10/furious-queen-challenges-meghan-to-a-straightener-in-palace-car-park/?fbclid=IwAR1aQ9t1NfORjOd3ilS7IcxA1HhF-m7-02bX-ASW4hiz_WzMnu2fU6rs2Pg
  3. I never knew that - I just saw it as a massive bit of pork ......... maybe just the beers then
  4. Stories like that make me wish I lived there. I hope he got it on a spit and told everyone to bring beer
  5. Jonjon79


    Because you watch it for the storyline and dictation
  6. I've got the 4" tube ready and waiting mate
  7. Fireworks is an excellent idea - I might do that and invite a bunch of people round That should make the Polish c**t a few doors away feel unwelcome for a while
  8. I believe it's official at 11pm. Hopefully they'll have Big Ben ready to ring to mark the occasion
  9. Jonjon79

    Tattoos 🤔

    Yes but, I just checked it - that's one of the words that they all get wrong so, it's ok
  10. Yep, I remember both of those
  11. I didn't see the programme but, surely that's a clear case of theft and, the police can go and act on it?
  12. Be careful with Freeads mate - there's some good deals to be had on there but, there's also a few scammers. It's up to you but, I'd be looking for one that I could go and collect.
  13. It's nice Peter - I like it slow cooked. I'd describe as being like lean lamb.
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