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  1. Jonjon79


    Who in there right mind would decide to to make that into a film? ............ Seriously, wtf?
  2. I can't be dealing with the PMs from Walshie asking what pellets are the best for getting 5p sized group at 30yrds any more It was ok at first but, now he's asking about washing, weighing and lubing. .......... Can anyone with any helpful info please send him a PM with your thoughts on the matter. Thanks in advance chaps
  3. Jonjon79


    You already know what you're doing, you sneaky feckin airgunner The offer's there if you want it
  4. Jonjon79


    I'll admit, it's a little bit of pissing about but, if you like to tinker with things it's actually quite therapeutic and, the results can be quite satisfying. Your Cometa is probably a good one to have a go at. ......... Just wait until we start on about polishing the trigger sears
  5. Jonjon79


    Yes - strip the rifle down, clean up all of the bits and, give it all a proper relube with some molybdenum disulphide grease - it often helps to improve the shot cycle with a springer.
  6. Jonjon79

    New gun, sort of...

    Nice result Phil. .......... You can't beat a bit of nostalgia Your mate sounds like a good 'un
  7. Jonjon79


    Can you put up a picture of it Dave? I'd probably put a couple of hundred of pellets through it to get a feel for it and see what it's doing, then give it a strip and relube. I've got some decent moly here if you want it
  8. Jonjon79

    Another decent session + bonus

    I like both of those set ups Good pictures as well
  9. Jonjon79

    A duo of coneys

    Nice work Matt I'd be well happy with those 2.
  10. Jonjon79

    Shooting in Poland!

    So many jokes, so little little time i...... Must.......not.........take.........the...........piss.......argggghhhh. Damn these new year resolutions
  11. Jonjon79

    Ferreting OZ style

    Some Ausies are f***ing awesome
  12. Jonjon79

    moaning black bitch

    You can actually see how slowly her cogs are turning
  13. Jonjon79

    Daystate Airwolf mtc 177

    Nice rifle Daz I can't really help you with your question but, on a full charge, it should last more than a full nights shooting - keep an eye on the battery meter on the screen. I'd still have an Airwolf now if it wasn't for those electronics - they're right up there with the best that I've owned and, the 2 that I had were always faultless but, I just couldn't get over the thought of having electronics in a rifle. Enjoy it mate
  14. Well worth a repost .......... I'd 'Asian Street Meat' that all day long
  15. Jonjon79

    rap videos