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  1. No mate - it's getting to the point where he'll just kop for some old fashioned teaching if he carries on I can go back on the tools and earn more than that lot pay. I'm seriously considering it.
  2. Best way mate ........ the older I get, the more cynical I get. If knob heads want to make silly decisions, let them - as long as I get paid and me and mine are ok, f**k 'em
  3. f****n' hell mate - they must be paying a good wage for people to work in that it looks a bit like the Kennet Island development back home in Reading - it's all built on flood plains but, they're always surprised when it floods
  4. That'd be my best guess - some of those bricks still have black on them.
  5. You're not having to work in that are you mate?
  6. Have a look at loft tanks Phil. .......... you can usually get them from plumbers/builders merchants
  7. I fancy a night away for me and 1 other to London. ....... we'll be going from Swindon to Paddington. I don't want to spend a fortune this close to Christmas and, I'd rather avoid all the over commercialised shite. At the moment, I'm thinking a show, dinner and somewhere nice to kip, all in one area so that that I'm looking at fairly short cab rides or walks to get around. ........ preferably somewhere that's proper London with proper people, if such a thing still exists Any advice will be appreciated
  8. Jonjon79

    Mince pies

    There's definitely a hint of Christmas in this house today - she's been making mince pies and pickled eggs She's had 2 mince mixes sitting at the back of the cupboard for a few months - one made with butter, the other more traditional with suet. Both with loads of brandy ......... She thought the suet one's seemed dryer - to me, the buttery ones tasted more boozy.
  9. Yes mate - we had a bit just before dawn but, it was all gone by midmorning.
  10. Posh twat's got his own swimming pool I'm glad you managed to keep it out of the house mate We haven't got any floods near me but, it's forecast to piss down all day. Good luck
  11. Happy birthday mate Don't forget to put some pictures up when it arrives
  12. I can't see that happening mate - it's already stopped and mostly gone. It was just a quick flurry. I reckon we'll just get rain later.
  13. We've had a little bit of snow in Swindon this morning.
  14. The 'Vision adjustment ring' sounds like your parallax adjustment - this will give you better focus at different ranges. If that's what it is, it should move. Can you put up a picture of the scope?
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