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  1. Little 'un asked to go to this place for dinner today. It's only a couple of miles away and, it's been a while since we last went there. It's quite nice to be fair. It's a big place, out the way by a lake. They show you to a table and take your drinks order, you go and get your own food - there's always lots of choice and, they keep cooking it fresh and bringing it out
  2. I was kind of hoping for something better before I clicked on the thread......
  3. I was thinking the same, looking at those pictures - that's a nightmare.
  4. Seriously, what the f**k are you searching for to find this weird shit?
  5. To be fair, I've only read about stuff like this happening - among friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, I don't actually know of anyone becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid or the jab. From what I've seen and experienced, it's like none of it is really happening. Maybe I've just been lucky but, I'm still grateful for that. We buried our nan last year - it wasn't a covid related death and, there were no restrictions on the funeral, not that we'd have taken any notice if there was. It's just for me, it seems to be a weird ol' carry on - I have
  6. And they wonder why the police were so quick to put a bullet in the latest aspiring architect/doctor/musician/sportsman/c**t (delete as appropriate)
  7. Sounds about right mate. ........ Keep them and make good use of them
  8. Absolutely f***ing useless Where's the rubber bullets and water cannons?
  9. Star Trek Strange New Worlds - on Paramount+. A prequel series to the original series - it's been done in a way that any Star Trek fan will appreciate. Well worth a watch - a strong 9.5/10
  10. Spot on Len I went to Tunisia once - the place needs carpet bombing.
  11. Ah they were the good days - we used to go out the front gate, over the road and into Prospect park for the scrap. ......... I remember a teacher getting a full blown haymaker in the face when he tried to split one up - wanker
  12. It's in the freezer mate - me and the missus had a 1/4 each and, now there's an easy dinner for another day
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