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  1. They're scum! - they don't like folk having anything that they don't have to pay for. They'll only ban it until they can figure out a way of taxing people for it. Can't a lot of people move their boat to the other side of the canal and cover the name so that it's out of reach of the council scumbags?
  2. I know it's not strictly cooking but, does anyone else drink this? I normally get through 1 to 2 pints of milk a day so, I thought I'd give this a go when I saw it in the shop. ......... it's different. It tastes like yoghurt. It's not horrible though - it's just not like the cold milk that I like.
  3. The father in law got away lucky a couple of days ago - he was in a rehabilitation unit for 3 weeks. The Day he was released it was locked down again for Covid.......... no actual cases in there, it's just what the NHS like doing. It won't be long until they go all Stasi on the visitors again - non effective face masks and hand sanitiser ahoy - it's ok though, the performing monkeys will be drawing pictures, making tiktok videos and banging pans on their doorsteps by Christmas.
  4. You know me mate - I do like that colour combination
  5. A Chinese burn on the front leg would make them feckers behave
  6. Same here mate - some folk got quite nasty if they knew that you wouldn't have the jab. It happened everywhere unfortunately. That's why I also started to just avoid all conversation about it. Me and my daughter didn't have it. The missus had 1 but, even that wasn't good enough for some - she had a stand up row with another woman at work about it. You're spot on about eating well and staying active ......... we've got a couple of lads at work that are half my age and in shit state - they can't run the length of a train and speak on a radio afterwards.
  7. Identifies as a Bully XL every time knocks the door, the twat
  8. I did like the first weird day - when I woke up in the morning the sun was shining and it was warm outside and, it was very quiet. The shop was open but, there was no cars and hardly any people about - it was like one of those films where most of the world has gone. If they could scare most of the population back into their houses again so that I can crack on in peace and quiet I'll be happy
  9. So, the old yard stick has been brought out again - 38 out of 33 people in a nursing home have caught a cold, whoops I mean new Covid so, 'They' are watching it. Gearing up to see if their mates can make another fortune by flogging vaccines and PPE - No doctors appointments for real things but, no doubt the GPs will be getting an extra bung for the amount of jabs they can dish out again. I've already seen some departments short staffed at work because people are self isolating with the sniffles again. .......... Nothing learned from before, as you were folks.
  10. I got home from work at 1am today and, found that my daughter had made me 2 huge pork and pickle sausage rolls ......... I ate one and put the other in the freezer for work next week.
  11. You piqued my interest with that one mate so, I looked into it My dad has got cancer in a couple of places that he'll never get rid of - the hospital have got him on some tablets that slow it all down but, it will do him in eventually. .......... I've got him some Birch Polypore to try. He'll probably call me a hippy wanker but, it can't do him any harm to try it. I also discovered Chaga Mushroom. Apparently he can't have this because he's on blood pressure meds as well. ......... I've been using it to make a cold tea with honey to take to work for a few da
  12. Don't have a pet bigger than you're capable of overpowering if need be - simple. ......... that goes goes for dogs, snakes, exotic cats, the lot.
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