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  1. Brilliant - Le Coque est Mort. .......... One of the the only things I remember from secondary school French lessons
  2. One of little 'uns favourite comfort food while she's got a cold - Pennne with fried chorizo strips, tomato pesto and cream - very simple
  3. A lot of people underestimate that - I used to get cramp in my feet after work, my toes would do all sorts of weird shit, moving around by themselves ......... putting a little salt in my food again stopped it from happening.
  4. Chicken and pigs in blanket today - I didn't even have to cook it
  5. That's a really nice place - I could happily disappear into somewhere like that
  6. Fk him, he's a knob head. The little plastic copper has probably gone off in a pissy because he was over ruled by a decent mod when he tried locking threads and dishing out bans. .......... or he chocked on a snail
  7. If they'd put the picture of the middle copper on the right side end, my OCD would be a bit happier
  8. Wilf chased Robin Williams through Jumanji ???
  9. Free trainers and new tellys, here we come
  10. That's it for me on this Friday night - Rock n Roll
  11. I like the sound of that Arry - I've never thought of putting cream in there
  12. Spicy meatballs tonight with bird's-eye chilli's, red onion, garlic, red wine and grated cheese.
  13. Same as my pickled duck eggs mate
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