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  1. Cheers mate - so far, so good down here. Hopefully it'll stay that way Hope you're keeping well and not getting too bored.
  2. Same here mate - I've found the best times are when the sun's coming up or when it's raining - all the knobs stay indoors
  3. It looks good to me Get some bands on it and see what you think of it.
  4. 5, 6 or 11 Personally, I reckon No 6 could be a good 'un
  5. I know what your saying Rez I still haven't been out hunting for a while but, my new job is keeping me out in the open - it's nice and quiet and there's plenty of rabbits and pigeons around - I'm not allowed to shoot any but, it's nice to just be out and away from all of the other BS going on at the moment
  6. I don't know what everyone's worried about - I managed to get some essentials in Asda
  7. It's trendy mongrel crosses with funny names - dopey bollocks in the suburbs will pay that money to earn a week of BJs
  8. At the moment, from what I'm seeing, the worst case scenario is that it mutates and becomes something more severe. Obviously I hope that never happens
  9. I dunno mate - I'm not that convinced on it yet. It still looks like hype to me. ....... yes, it's taking the elderly and infirmed but, there aren't any reported cases of young 'uns falling to it yet. This article was quite interesting: https://www.livescience.com/new-coronavirus-compare-with-flu.html
  10. Won't the local pharmacy deliver repeat prescriptions mate?
  11. It's great round here - the herd mentality has properly kicked in. .......... people are panicking buying, work have sanitised the door handles and locked the canteen, I saw a Chinese person on a bike wearing a face mask and carrying loads of bottled water, shops are offering free deliveries (probably to keep the money coming in), those in self isolation have been advised to put ribbons or tea towels on their front door handles, my missus has been advised to use the panic buttons at work if people start looting, they're thinking of closing schools for a month All this for something that isn't as deadly as flu and, over 80,000 people have already recovered from.
  12. That's how they are on places like that unfortunately mate ............ They want silly money for poorly bred lap dogs. Surely someone on here will have a decent pup for a quarter of that price
  13. They might as well just give England the win now and have done with it
  14. I'm glad to hear you're on the up Jimmy - all the best mate That Si is a proper good 'un ......... it's good to see that his kitchen table hasn't changed much
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