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  1. Jonjon79


    That's the bit that got me - not the adults, I suppose I'm kind of detached from that - it was the photos of the kids that died. I used to pass through a church yard on the way to work but, I always took the long way round so that I didn't have to walk past the kiddy bit. I can live with the adults - it's not nice but, dead kids is f***ing horrible.
  2. Jonjon79

    Cannabis oil

    They said on the news today that Theresa May, now that she has listened to those doctors, has agreed to consider cannabis for medicinal use. They also said that she basically admitted that she now sees it in a new light because she has chosen to hear the debate and evidence for its use. That pissed me off a bit - why couldn't she be open minded enough to listen in the first place - especially when it's less addictive and less damaging than morphine which, I've personally seen plumbed up to patients on a cancer ward like it was going out of fashion.
  3. Jonjon79

    Primo trigger sticks

    Try putting some sort of pad between your knee and the rifle for that sort of sitting shot Phil. Or, fit a hamster.
  4. Jonjon79


    Argos catalogues are the best ........... You should see their customers stampede when you start shooting them
  5. Jonjon79

    Dinner hour

    That is a good dinner hour mate Nice Ripley
  6. Jonjon79

    Best text ever

    Yes, nice work Bn And, good to see you posting again Dave ........ Hope you're well mate.
  7. Jonjon79

    Fathers day

    The girls done well They made all of this from scratch - a chicken dansak type curry, onion bhajis, spicy potatoes and a key lime pie. ......... It was bloody lovely
  8. Jonjon79


    Ffs, it'd be a stretch to reach that conclusion. ........ It sounds like someone's just looking for trouble.
  9. Jonjon79


    I've done a few a while ago - nothing scientific, just pellets fired into timber.
  10. Jonjon79

    Bbc4 eagle huntress

    That was one of the best things I've seen on TV for a long time
  11. Jonjon79

    Bbc4 eagle huntress

    I'm watching it - it's amazing. ....... I really want that girl to do well at the festival with her eagle
  12. Jonjon79

    The wild beaver thread

    ....... Kind of inspired by all of the big cat threads In the past, when I used to be enthusiastic about going looking for it, I would often encounter wild beaver ........ Usually a short while after last orders - there didn't seem to be a usual habitat, they could be found anywhere from alleyways to back seats of cars and even strange houses that I'd never been in before. On the whole, they'd be friendly creatures, although some would need a little coaxing to eat from your hand. As with any wildlife, some could have a condition or a parasite that may need to be dealt with later However, despite the risks, I found it to be a rewarding pastime in my younger years. ....... Alas, I did have a few pictures of these creatures but, they are now long gone. So chaps, here's your thread to regale your stories of wild British beaver and, of course, provide photographic evidence
  13. Jonjon79

    Fathers day

    I wasn't expecting this when I got in from work today Schools shut tomorrow and the missus has got the day off work so, that's when they're both making a nice dinner together
  14. Jonjon79

    HW97K 177 Vortek PG2 SHO

    Welcome Robo That's at least 2 of you on here now with those posh 97s. Nice shooting mate.
  15. Jonjon79

    Airguning nostalgia

    I remember that sinking feeling from those 'is your dad in' knocks at the door