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  1. I got less than 3 minutes into that shite before I switched it off
  2. I was in retail management for 10yrs - it was a decent number when I started but, in the last couple of years management changed to favouring the brown nosers over those of us that got results - f**k that. I've been on the railway for a short while now and, I'm really enjoying it - I'm out in the fresh air all the time without anyone looking over my shoulder An ideal job would be something to do with space exploration - maybe asteroids or Mars. .......... it's a shame that I'm too thick for that kind of job
  3. The commentary on those videos is hilarious
  4. Sorry for your loss Socks.
  5. f**k it, I'll have 2 please .......... and a van with a 1980s number plate.
  6. It could be a header tank - the sort of thing that you'll find in a loft.
  7. I agree - good morning Keith. ....... hope you're well mate
  8. I've always liked Jim Davidson and, that video is quality Good on him - I'd vote for him as prime minister
  9. Jonjon79


    Can't argue with any of that I think Boris showed his true feelings towards the EU months ago when he said they can go whistle for their divorce bill. .......... I get the impression that he doesn't like them but, he has to behave.
  10. Jonjon79


    Ms McBride is absolutely spot on
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