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  1. Your usual stuff is nice but, too fancy for me. ......... This one is spot on - simple quality
  2. Jonjon79

    Age to join THL?

    Is there a way of marking his profile to show that he's a younger member? ......... Then we could all make sure that we answer any of his posts or questions appropriately.
  3. Jonjon79


    You'll need one mate and, you'll need to drill a hole in the front end of the stock. Mark the position carefully and triple check it before you go in with the drill. The bipod will have 2 little pins that go into either side of the stud and, a part underneath that you screw tight with your fingers. The sling studs are usually sold in pairs - the short one is for the front of the stock. There might be a couple of YouTube videos with hints and tips for fitting. Good luck
  4. Jonjon79


    Have you got a sling stud in your stock?
  5. Jonjon79

    Who’s best for the new PM?

    Vote Corbyn, get Abbott - f**k that! I'd sooner vote for Pol Pot. I reckon he'd soon sort the remoaners out
  6. Jonjon79

    What's this?

    It turned up on 1 of my deliveries today - just sat on top of the pallet like this A freeze dried mail order bride (just add water)? A vaporised Chinaman that had been hiding in the lorry? Anthrax from the DPRK? A canine snack that's been in for too long? Sacred ash from mount Fuji?
  7. Jonjon79


    I still would though
  8. Jonjon79

    Corbyn, the poppy and the anorak........

    .......... Or, because he shagged Diane Abbott
  9. Jonjon79

    Corbyn, the poppy and the anorak........

    I don't mind his anorak or his scruffy beard. It's the everlasting torture that you can see in his soul, behind his eyes. It was earned by befriending people that spent years blowing up innocent women and children
  10. Jonjon79


    He'll shoot something ......... I reckon the stubborn ol' git will stay out until the Impact's christened tonight
  11. Jonjon79

    C02 rifle advice

    The 'cool dad' points will last forever mate ................. Cracking offer on the scope - let me know if he needs mounts, I may have some here.
  12. I have been watching a lot of Marvel lately
  13. Jonjon79

    C02 rifle advice

    That's a cracking gift for a young lad