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  1. Jonjon79

    Falcon fn19

    Is the bolt stuck forward and the drum not moving?
  2. Jonjon79

    Falcon fn19

    What's it doing? Is it not turning at all, misaligning or, just feeling rough when you push the pellet through?
  3. Jonjon79


    Nice ...... Can't beat having a dog around the house.
  4. Airgun Forum - it's another forum that also has a sales section
  5. There was a nice looking FN8 in the sales section on AGF.
  6. Jonjon79

    Took the lad out

    Good on you Jimmy Welcome Chris
  7. Jonjon79

    New Member Introductions

    Welcome aboard Deker
  8. Jonjon79

    That time again

    I bet that mixture of charcoal and pork smells good I'd be feckin starving if I lived next door to that.
  9. Jonjon79

    ASI Sniper (El Gamo)

    Welcome Callum That looks like one of the Relum air rifles to me (I could well be wrong though) If it's got sentimental value or, you just fancy having a tinker, it's worth striping and seeing what you can do with it - that's all part of the fun
  10. Jonjon79

    That time of year again

    Very nice mate ........ I do like a bit of belly pork. Don't forget the pictures when it's done
  11. Jonjon79

    hw95 tuning

    Davy Thomas is in my neck of the woods and, is very handy with springers. ....... Also, if you fancy a trip to Black Cat, there's a chap called Keith that could help you out. You'd have to give them both a shout to see what they're up to at the moment. A bit further afield - I've heard some very good things about Charlie Callers work. Si Brown's '97 is probably the nicest springer that I've ever fired. And, the work he did on my Beeman C1 is excellent.
  12. Jonjon79


    ........... I do like the look of that especially the longer version
  13. Jonjon79


  14. Jonjon79

    Free to any tuner

    Yes, there's no getting away from that mate - loosing a bit of volume in the cylinder does sap a bit of power and, some extra preload is needed. ......... The shot cycle in mine is a quick snap but, it's not what I'd call snappy (if that makes sense). I suppose the recoil is still there but to a lesser degree and, it feels different to shoot. Also, I like that the rifle cocks on only 1 click of the ABT - I don't get that clack clack clack if I forget to hold the button in any more
  15. Jonjon79

    Free to any tuner

    Each to their own mate - I like the shot cycle of a short stroked TX.