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  1. Kingdom Arena in Riyadh mate. The event would be better taken away from the sand chaps and put into somewhere more traditional. Then, they could shoot the rapper before he gets started and, put up some big posters of the previous world champions that had been in those arenas before.
  2. They should knock that shit venue on the head - I don't want to see the f***ing Mobos before a sporting event that I've been looking forward to
  3. To be fair - this was Greyman going home that day
  4. Enjoyed that today - she made a beef and veg pie and peach cobbler and icecream I must have done something right lately
  5. I could eat that mate But, I've also got type2 now as part of the package with all of my latest health bollocks and, my diabetes nurse is a propper little hitler - she looks like Gloria Esterfan though so, I don't really mind going to see her
  6. That's exactly what I was going to say
  7. Nice fryup and a Cobra beer for tea today after a visit to Millets farm shop this morning
  8. A nice hotpot for me today
  9. Hi Simon. It seems that a few lads have been kicked in the nuts with various health issues lately. Sorry to hear about your sight - I'm pleased that you managed to get it fixed though - that's a right result - well done
  10. Enjoyed that today - it feels like it''s been ages since i had roast pork, apple sauce and crackling
  11. Well, here we go - i landed in my 40s and, some health issues came along and kicked me up the arse. Feckin typical i'll be 45 next month it's not too bad - i just have to watch what i eat now. Breakfast today was overnight oats with yoghurt, walnuts, pistachios, blackberries, cherries and redcurrants - i suppose it's good that i actually quite like all that stuff but, i will admit that i do miss a nice full english. The good news is, because i had a breakfast like that today, dinner later will be a full sunday roast with my favourite pork and crackling
  12. Omelette with olives and cheese in a bit of tiger baguette - I do like olives
  13. Good post And, good on you Wolfie - it sounds like you're exactly the inspiration that that kid needs. Top man
  14. A few things for me lately have hit home the fact that you really do only get one go around on this wheel so - feck slaving away for most of it. I like folks idea when they can retire early - do it. Go and enjoy your time and family as much as you can - take as much time in the sun as you can and, do whatever makes you and yours happy everything and everyone is just white noise. All the best.
  15. There's a bit of a story behind this one that I may elaborate on later ............ the missus started on Cuban beef a couple of days ago and, finished it up as dinner for us all last night - it was lovely.
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