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  1. Foxpack 2

    12 month pup I kept back

    Belter mate
  2. Foxpack 2

    Funny Joke Thread

    A mans wandering through the woods when he comes across a guy tied to a tree his arms around the trunk and wrists cable tied together. He shouts"help me untie me I've just been robbed at knifepoint, they've taken my wallet and car keys we need to call the police " "Oh dear says the other man"unzipping his trousers "it's just not your lucky day is it sweetie?"
  3. Foxpack 2

    Fathers day

    Priceless mate.
  4. Foxpack 2

    Fathers day

    I have fetched to step girls up from toddlers plus 3 of my own. I've worked hard to provide for them. They all show there love for me on fathers day. And always spoil me rotten. With very thoughtful gifts, not last minute pound land shite. So no split arse rugg munchers are gonna stop that for me!!
  5. Foxpack 2

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Young dog n his uncle.
  6. Foxpack 2

    Should be interesting

    On a better hand. I bet my pack will make some noise when they find a few wolves chilling out
  7. Foxpack 2

    Should be interesting

    There, ll give them a few seasons, then tree hugging rabbit shaggers will start there save the wolfs bullshit. Because shooters will have to start culling then when they realise lamb tastes nicer than deer.
  8. Foxpack 2

    Show us your Bull x

    Off a long line of Bull lurchers mate.
  9. Foxpack 2


    Still use the Coleman lamp but with lithium 22 amp for rabbits. Fox wise use the blitz.
  10. Foxpack 2

    new busher

  11. Foxpack 2

    Funny Joke Thread

    I was dancing with this fat bird in a nightclub at the end of the night. When the lights came on, she stuck her hand down my trousers, grabbed my cock and purred: "Yours or mine?" "That's mine." I replied.