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    Hunting .mainly using bushing dogs

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  1. Foxpack 2

    Started well

    No mate ,
  2. Foxpack 2


    Teckels we had would catch there knobs on sheep fencing when going through squares lol,good little hunters, got mine of Nick v.tryed to line it to a beagle bitch ,but never took ,
  3. Foxpack 2

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    We will have him
  4. Foxpack 2

    Started well

  5. Foxpack 2

    Started well

    My good mate who is the hill shepherd sorted a day out for us today, great day for hunting and all dogs done brilliant, real hard going for them 2 out and 2 shot ,happy farmer ,as he gets murdered when lambing on ,,got another farm to do next door next weekend ,happy days ,
  6. Foxpack 2

    Out Today

    Are you sitting there being superviser to the young lads s.s haa
  7. Foxpack 2

    Anyone using pure beagle for bushing?

  8. Foxpack 2

    My busher

    Spot on mate ,good pictures
  9. Foxpack 2

    Started well

  10. Foxpack 2

    Started well

    Had a day out with keepers bad weather really ,new to the area so we had 3 foxes out ,all got away .we know no which way they want to be going ,had 1 to ground in afternoon ,bolted and shot. Little Brian dog done well .again.
  11. Foxpack 2

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    He is just bull x lurcher to bull lurcher mate ,bit of everything he's bout 16 months old in pic ,
  12. Foxpack 2

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

  13. Foxpack 2

    Anyone using pure beagle for bushing?

    We have 2 youngsters for next year, went down to near Cardiff for them, off excellent working parents ,hoping they do ok for us ,we can only try ,