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  1. There not all the same like other breeds .seen a keepers one .mad for fighting and couldn't be let off lead. And when it came to the job it was useless .yours looks steady .all the very best with it .
  2. How much for nathan book please?
  3. Looks a good spot that .and nice dogs .
  4. Done some real big gorse patches today .real tough going .dogs done well .2 foxes out both shot at only 1 fell to the gun .one fox went back on me and away for another day .all youngsters doing well .them the dreaded mist came back and spoilt rest of day .
  5. Where abouts were you staying mate ?
  6. Sure am mate .I've dedicated my life to dogs .from early age ,loved every second of it .looks like hes taking after me .my eldest lad had interest .but not as much as this one.cheers .
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