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  1. Young Alan the terror, cuming in well .bold as they come .coat like wire wool
  2. Sometimes I would just like a quite walk out mate ,? but can't knock them for looking for graft all time
  3. Maggie the maniac .this little bitch will graft like hell. You cannot go for a genuine quite walk ,my and the Mrs were walking down a coast line on the beach and she was away found a fully grown cub in some white grass .was hunting for over 20 minutes
  4. Hes out of Brian to my Russel, / pat bitch .
  5. The devil mate ,the fu king devil ?
  6. Alan the terror .honestly a full on twat .fear of nothing and gets lost every walk we go on
  7. Fox shooters local to me who I know well .and I know don't go out when the going gets tough .my dad is a full winter fox shooter and will wait out all night for a problem fox in the middle of winter .
  8. I've controlled foxes all my life .,and had to move some problem foxes and cubs of certain areas ,be in lamb trouble or bird .1 of the tasks I'm afraid u have to do to keep permission.though I will try different methods to move cubs on first .but 100% I cannot see the point of shooting cubs that aren't causing a problem .!! . There's a few drive by shooters in everybody village and let's be honest when proper winter fox season starts they will be cuddled up on sofa ,as its to cold to shoot .old school shooters , hunters let foxes have there summer unless a problem .it's the unwritten rule
  9. Did you not get a look at the parents .?
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