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  1. Bitch has now been sorted .
  2. 2 little bundles of noise out of Brian. 3 weeks old
  3. Hes been dead a few years mate .was a good little warrior
  4. Good old jack. Sadly gone .10 inches of pure madness.
  5. My late grandad with a pure beagle .
  6. Always good at fencing mate .he can turn his paw to anything .
  7. 100% .we have some toppers when we were kids .rabbits didn't stand a chance with the little white devil's. Use to go for eating crabs with my uncle and he had a little bitch that would grab them when he hooked then from rocks
  8. Foxpack 2


    All will work out mate ,the stomach injections get to work sharpish and do the job,hopefully your Mrs feels better in couple of days. Plus women are a stronger model than us
  9. Foxpack 2


    My Mrs had the injections first into the stomach .think that was about 1 weeks worth. Then about 6 months of blood thinners .then a break off them and see how u get on.my Mrs had a big clot removed from behind her knee , since then ,touch wood. She has been ok .
  10. Foxpack 2


    My Mrs has had then for years ,on blood thinners for life .its a scary thing ,so make sure your wife takes it easy .as my Mrs sister died because 1 travelled .
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