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  1. Another sad day for us today .one of our top dogs has sadly passed away .he had an aggressive bacterial pneumonia the vet said .he literally went down in a couple of hours .R.I.P DUMBO .you will be sadly and deeply missed .
  2. Hi mate a mate of mine has just lined his small bitch last week .due back end of December.
  3. As a transgender pandasexual, (currently identifying as a bin liner) I find it highly offensive and disgusting that the company below is named after ‘greg’. Currently on the phone to the police. f***ing outrageous !
  4. Yes mate ,I twisted head a few times to best i could get it .but has a slight halo still.
  5. Beagle x cocker ,terrier mix and 2 beagle cocker x terrier mix. Full beagle pup .
  6. Done 4 miles of banking today .dogs done well ,put 5 foxes out .shot 1 .was a new spot so didn't know where to stand lads . This young dog is absolutely flying now .has a mass hatred for the fox .screams his head right off . More pics to follow .
  7. No mate have it on a 22 amp lithium .I changed the cable after we were having problems with them also
  8. I use the enforcer led .good lamp nice crisp white light ..
  9. Sure is mate .I sleeped like a baby last night .lol
  10. Young beagle bitch cuming on .just needs to find her voice .
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