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  1. I know this is nothing to do with this thread but SL’s post reminded me of it years ago before I had centrefires i used to jump at any opportunity to go out with the foxing lads, it was all still lamp and rifle, one of the lads was an eye shine shooter and everything seemed to be a fox to him, he’d shot cats, hares and deer in the past, one night he took me to one place, where I was the lamp man and he was the shooter, now I didn’t know this land and as I was lamping around I picked up two very bright eyes, I wasn’t sure what it was and the lad took a lot of time looking at it through the
  2. Chicken, leek and potato pie. Parsley, garlic butter new potatoes. Carrots cooked with butter and thyme, I’ll start my diet tomorrow
  3. Chicken, leek and potato pie, nice and simple for when I get back from having my first jab
  4. Welcome, Just down the road from me in Yarm
  5. Up to the sheep farm tonight ( after a detour to FH’s to collect the buck ) met my mate there who is on a lifetime centrefire ban ( you know the one ), I took him the .17 for a bit of bunny bashing, he managed 5 for 5 shots, he shot one which was without doubt the longest rabbit I’ve ever seen shot with a .17, if only he could do that with a proper rifle. We did seen one fox but sadly it was in next doors field full of horses, I swear it knew I couldn’t take the shot, it knew we were there with the wind blowing from behind us, but just sat there about 80ish yards away Looking at us before turn
  6. You want to try getting to grips with English first
  7. If that wasn’t about 6 hours away from me I’d be there like a shot and no would need to change hands
  8. Got a bit to much of it in the freezer, can’t fit our lasses frozen chips and the orange chicken burger thing in it was handsome with the garlic basmati
  9. When a mate of mine takes the dog out and his hands are cold he waits for it to have a sh*t, puts it in two separate bags and put them in his pockets, the dirty bast*rd, no idea why he can’t buy himself a pair of gloves
  10. Venison rogan josh for me tonight, fingers crossed after a couple of hours cooking it will just fall apart something out the freezer probably orange and covered in bread crumbs for the missus
  11. Gained a few pounds and grew some hair
  12. Took my hoppers from last night to the shoot and set up a bait station on the ride at the piggeries, all the crop is getting a bit long now for calling them into the fields and I know there’s still one or two about over here, with a bit of luck these will end up been the last supper
  13. I used to love it when I was a kid, even more so if I’d hunted it myself and the old man did a rabbit stew with it, but after years of gutting hundreds of the things I can’t stomach it now, even when cooked I still get the aroma of innards
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