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  1. Last one of the 3 done, bloody nightmare didn’t get going until gone 12 because it was 2 damp and couldn’t do the front path until my mate had been and scratched off the render, luckily the paths around the house took ages, might be the last big one due to the damp conditions until the spring
  2. Home made chicken Kiev, only I rapped it in bacon and covered using panko breadcrumbs, with new spuds and griddle pan asparagus, tasted miles better than it looks
  3. Driveway number 2 done, number 3 to be done in the morning
  4. Fair play to him, a lad I used to work for used to bet on the horses every day, he had some big wins, I remember him once in the earlier 90’s winning 21grand on a 5 quid accumulator and give me an extra tenner in my pay packet, I also remember him sat in the office of his tyre garage one Saturday when I was working there and he lost over £25k and wasn’t bothered, you could see he was enjoying it even if he lost, he sadly died earlier this year and I went into the tyre place to see his sons and they were telling me the value of his estate to be split between the 3 of them and he was clearly doi
  5. Garlic chicken breast with wholemeal pasta with a tomato, onion and balsamic sauce ( maybe a stew, tomatoes and onions a bit chunky) I’m living like a king whilst she’s doing her best with the buffet dinners in the all inclusive , 4 more days to go and I’ll have to go back to chicken dinners and pie’s when she’s home
  6. Clearly not that lucky, I’d be in tears if I lost 3 quid
  7. Up again this afternoon, autumn is definitely on the way, leaves are a changing, the birds are growing at a fair old rate, still wanting to be on the stubble but that’s been drilled in oats next week which will give me my next problem because they will head for the rape, I went to the bottom of the stubble to walk them in and next doors keeper was sat there in his truck, not been able to get away from me I ask him how he was getting on, “ nightmare “ he said, he can’t keep his birds out my field, I tried to console him with “ ar the know where they live” while trying not to laugh
  8. Venison curry tonight, I got the chilli’s out the father in laws greenhouse, I picked some called apache, they were only small so I left the seeds in and chopped 2 and in they went, two mouthfuls and my eyeballs started to sweat, didn’t stop me finishing it but next time I think I’ll us 1 or at least take the seeds out bog roll already in the fridge
  9. That’s a proper good do that, shooting adventure like that don’t come around often my best was 9 but as you know that was down in Lincolnshire, where fish in a barrel springs to mind
  10. Missus is on holiday so I get to do meal for one all week venison casserole with chive and black pepper mashed potatoes ( no red wine in the casserole, I think it ruins it, I use balsamic vinegar) it was lovely, going for a venison curry for tea tomorrow
  11. A trip up to the shoot for an hour or so this evening, there’s a noticeable change in the weather still nice but definitely a nip in the air when the sun goes down, anyway only seen one fox and that came into a vixen call but didn’t come through the rape enough to present a shot before something spooked it and it was back into the oak wood, there was a lot of deer about tonight, mainly fallow doe but I did see one prickett and a roe buck, I think I counted 14 in all and that’s some good numbers for my little patch, I hope forestry don’t hammer them come November but I think I know the answer t
  12. I know there’s deer taking them at one spot because there’s a lot of slotting around there, but I think you could be right at the other spot
  13. Like a summers day up there today, the big field along side the piggeries wood was only drilled a few days ago but with the wet and warm it’s already through, the birds are still wanting to be in the sun on the bank side at the back of the farm, they are still heading back to the pen to feed and roost so fingers crossed for a little more warm weather to stop them wandering into deeper cover for warmth oh and the deer aren’t half getting through some apples, I still haven’t seen the buggers
  14. We started doing them about 10 years ago, the first one we did was for an ex footballer Gordon McQueen and that still looks like new, it just needs jet washing once a year, when it goes off it’s really hard, but there’s no strength to it if that makes sense, it will snap like a biscuit if you get under it, a lot depends on what you lay it on, don’t put it down on anything other than concrete
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