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  1. Another hour out and another 5 hoppers, all taken along the edge of the crop, the barley is looking about 2 weeks off coming down and the oil seed rape has been sprayed off so not long to wait now for some summer foxing and the mad couple of weeks where the rabbits have no idea what has happened
  2. I’m loving the .17 at the minute, it got a bit sidelined for the .22 but with shots at them distances it’s back in favour, them mice better take cover
  3. Well a text off my mate and this is turning into a weekly therapy session, can we get out the house for an hour she’s driving me mad, yes we can petal where would you like to go, anywhere there’s rabbits, so off we went to a little place I go to at the foot of the moors, only taking the .17hmr with a fiver in the pot for the longest shot, he got to shoot first taking a nice 134 yard with a smile on his face, thinking he’s 5 quid up we had a walk around shooting another 4 all under 100 yards, with it been my turn to shoot and spotting one a good way off, I thought this is my chance to take the fiver and wipe that smile off his face, so up went the rifle and down went the rabbit, 149 yards, so there’s 5 quid towards all that ammo he burns through, 8 was the total for tonight, just looking forward to the crop coming down now so we can see just how far we can push the mouse gun
  4. Stavross

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    Common emerald moth, not so common around these parts so lovely to see
  5. Stavross

    First time out with the maxus

    Ooooow, that’s very nice, I hope the appreciate been shot with such a lovely looking semi
  6. Stavross

    Don't tell me this illegal....

    There’s definitely something amiss with this oddment even though he isn’t dead I think he should be donated to medical science
  7. Stavross

    Hi and thanks.

    That’s a proper introduction welcome a long
  8. Stavross

    This has cheered me up

    One thing I have always struggled with is the idea that someone can give me a telling off, firstly I don’t care what you think and secondly I’m not 12 years old and just took your sweets off you, I treat everyone the same I work with, I’m not bothered who you are or what position you hold, you are just someone who has a different job to me, I’ve come across a few people that would do well to remember that respect is earned not given
  9. Stavross

    This has cheered me up

    It certainly felt good to shout him down, I would normally never leave a job on bad turms but sometimes needs must when people think they are better than you. Well I was hoping they would tell me to go home and not work the Saturday/Sunday but after our little chat nothing else was said to me, this could mean one of two things, ether my gaffer wasn’t in or when fat lad told him he thought sh*t we can’t afford to get shot of him when we have all this work in over the weekend, so fingers crossed they will bin me next week
  10. Nothing to do with shooting but as I was looking through the hunting life as it happened I thought I would share it, now I’m at one of my jobs today ( the one I don’t like ) and for some reason the owner of the business is here wandering around the workshop ( horrible little tw*t ) and for the purpose of this little story we will refer to him as fat lad, so I’m having an unofficial tea break and looking through THL and fat lad walks up to me and says fat lad - do you know we have a no phone policy in place here stav - yep fat lad - so why are you on yours stav- I’m having a little break, I’ve worked hard today fat lad - you know this will be taken further stav - what? a bollocking fat lad - ( in a raised voice) YES THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER stav - do you know my name? fat lad - WHAT stav - do you know my name? fat lad - no stav - well f*ck of then son and come back when you have had the decency to learn my name before you start shouting you mouth off at me, I’ve worked for you for 6 years and you don’t know my name, what a tw*t so red faced he has stormed off into the office to see my gaffer who is probably now telling him that I put my notice in last week, so a bollocking might be wasted on me, fingers crossed I don’t have to work my notice and can have a couple of weeks off I feel this has been a small victory for the little man, haha f*ck you fat lad
  11. Stavross

    Shot fox

    One farm, burning muck heap, another furnace and the rest worm food, all the farmers like to see what you have shot but that might just be my untrustworthy face
  12. There’s a massive social divide up here, there’s those that have and those that are financially embarrassed like me, scraping a living off the landed gentry
  13. Out on a little fencing job today and I’ve just been talking to the woman who owns the land, apparently her husband bought her the land next to there house for her to ride on, it’s just short of 160 aches and almost finishes at the bottom of the hills behind that handsome fella in the picture, now this chap is on the Sunday Times rich list so small change for a man of his standing, the amount of rabbits on it this morning was mental so before starting work I’ve offered my services as the last thing she wants is that 100 grand pony breaking a leg, fingers crossed her sugar daddy agrees when she runs it past him tonight
  14. He comes on the shoot, my little mate and top beater Hugo is his son