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  1. I wish they’d crack on and get the rape and wheat down so I can start to see what’s about up at the shoot, there must be a buck up there
  2. Friday and Saturday don’t look good which is a shame because I’ve just got another good field to shoot across the road from my shoot, it has a cracking strip of wood on it that looks like it will hold fallow, I wanted to get up there and check it out
  3. Cracking night out that, let’s hope there’s a few more out there for you
  4. I’ve shot loads with mine and not had one run, just saying
  5. I’d love to see you driving through the town with a buck strapped to the roof of that
  6. Roast beef, cream mash, garlic and thyme roasties, home made yorkie puds and gravy, probably about 4000 calories, time for a nanna nap
  7. Good luck no mist up there and I managed to dodge the rain until just after 11
  8. Back to the sheep farm tonight and put an end to my run of bad luck ( sort of) went to the far side of the farm on the field of cut barley, 50 minutes in and spotted a fox at the bottom of the field along the fencing, I thought it was on the field side of the fence, took the shot and it disappeared, turns out it was sat up against the wire the other side and was down in the gutter where I was unable to retrieve it, I seen another one on the way back to the yard but something had spooked it as it was flat out across next doors field, one for another day
  9. Venison saag curry ( to make it worse I used the loin ) different green chilli’s, it was bloody hot sausage egg chips and beans for the missus, she won’t eat this foreign muck
  10. Sometimes when someone is being a tw*t you just have to tell them even if that means losing a good bit of rabbit shooting
  11. No, I lost that bit of permission through a job I was on with the owner of the paddocks, never mix business with pleasure
  12. Giving your head a shake are you made of money I’m just jealous, I’d love a FAC puff gun
  13. To be fair I had one and was offered the cz along with his cabinet, ammo, few hundred cartridges and some other bits and bobs for £200, so I thought sod it, 24 hour variation and bought it, but I see where you are coming from
  14. I had a walk around the sheep farm tonight to kill a couple of hours, seen one fox but sadly it was in next doors first, I didn’t fancy the shot as there’s about half a million quids worth of horses wandering around in it and try as I might I couldn’t get it onto my land, so I called it a night and went and splattered a few rabbits with the .223. I did see a good roe buck to take that had a very wonky head and will never make a good animal
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