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  1. Are you mocking my man boobs, my little Welsh sheep botherer
  2. Cheers for that, that looks like something that’s right up my street, I think after the shooting season I might have a go at that, I’ve think I’ve seen them when I was working up at chopgate on our side of the hill
  3. I’m not to bad with some reclaimed sandstone dwarf walls and I can lay blocks for steps and beds, I’d like to learn how to do it properly, I watched a bloke build a slate wall, now that’s a proper skill
  4. Put a grass path in going out the garden on a bank, looks really good but completely impractical, steps might of been a better idea, but the customer is always right apparently
  5. Customer is over the moon, tomorrow’s job is to fence around the top of the wall to close it in and make it a private space, I think that will transform it again, especially if they let me paint it dark gray to match the windows and slate roof on the house
  6. That water feature was a nightmare, the builder who did the wall didn’t think that the pipe would have to go through the wall so made it 2 foot thick and back filled it, I had to dig out the back of the wall and put a core cutter through it, the plank
  7. This is what it looks like now after 16 hours hard graft
  8. Nowt to do with any of this but I thought I’d put it here because I’m really proud of what I’ve created over the last to days
  9. Haha, I was just typing blooming eck that a belting night out
  10. I was once out with a lad a long time ago and he rested his rifle on the ground, covered in mud and sh*t, he washed it off in a stream and it was a Howa I’m surprised it never dissolved
  11. I use mine just for transport as I travel far and wide and the police don’t like seeing just laid on the back seat, once I get to where I’m going it’s out the motor or in the footwell, you’ll never see any mud on mine because I’m far to knackered to be laying on them, I’d never get back up
  12. Back up at the shoot at first light ( ish ) this morning, strimmed out a couple of feed areas as the birds are on the move, they are not taking masses of feed but they are enjoying the brambles and acorns, there seems to be fallow about in good numbers so with a bit of luck and if I can address my work/ shooting balance I’ll sort out an evening with FH for a look out after a buck
  13. My .243 travels in a nightmaster bag, well padded with a big accessory pocket on the side, cost about 100 quid, my rimmy’s travel in a Swiss arms bag, with two big square pockets and rucksack straps, no padding on this one but at about 20 quid off evilbay who cares, both are big enough to carry the rifles with all the kit on
  14. I know I don’t know you, but my heart is breaking for you and your family, it’s a terrible Illness that has affected my family and friends, after reading your posts and the way you speak about her one thing is for certain, you haven’t let her down in any way, the love you have shown her will of helped her through this terrible time
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