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  1. They seem spot on, they fly nice and flat, the down side is the price, the sako 70g are 35 quid a box, the lighter hornady are almost 10 quid cheaper but the rifle doesn’t like them, so I think once I’ve used the two boxes I’ve got I’ll look for something a bit cheaper to chuck at foxes
  2. Been up on the shoot and court up with this little pheasant munching vixen 231 yards out mousing in the stubble field, a nice one to take not to far from one of the pens
  3. Stavross

    Stav’s new tik tok

    Same with me mate, I think the only one I’ve got off the shelf was my browning 525 and that was still £150 more than the same shotgun in right hand
  4. Stavross

    The usual suspects

    Cheers, yeah they are a little under fully grown, they are good eating this time of year, I popped into my mates an hour ago and he’d made himself what he called braised rabbit, to me it looked like he’d beat it with a hammer and chucked a few carrots at it, so maybe it’s not that good eating around his way
  5. Stavross

    The usual suspects

    Pin point accurate that scope I thought it was just because you were just leaving them for another day
  6. Had a walk out for an hour tonight a good few about but very lamp shy, some good range shots with the .22 and a fair few misses, managed six, left two old ones for the fox and my mate got tomorrow’s tea out of it, everyone’s happy do you recognise any of these longshankx
  7. Stavross

    Stav’s new tik tok

    Ha ha, that’s almost racist, us wonky lefties are a proud people i fell discriminated against by the gun manufacturers as they seem to think it’s ok to charge me more for my guns, the buggers
  8. Stavross

    Little Roe Deer

    Very nice, that would look lovely in my conservatory
  9. Stavross

    New in te Uk

    Welcome, you could book days out on deer and driven game, if you don’t mind paying for it, but my advice would be to spend some time at your local gun clubs and clay pigeon shoots, get to know a few people, offer your services for beating on local shoots, make a few friends at these places and I’m sure one or two of them will invite you out with them, good luck
  10. He was pecking at all the poults, I had a couple of dead outside the pen and a few more that had been arse pecked, so he got the blame, they are a bloody nightmare when they get in the pen
  11. Stavross

    .223 vs .22-250

    It’s sometimes frowned upon and some forces don’t let you use it but I have wrecked a fair few foxes with the 17hmr, head shot under 100 yards they go nowhere, it’s a bit of a marmite round, some people love them some think they are pointless, I like them and own two
  12. Stavross

    Stav’s new tik tok

    Boringly accurate is good for me, it’s what the Fin’s at sako do best
  13. Stavross

    Stav’s new tik tok

    For an all rounder you won’t go wrong with a .243 there seems to be endless off the shelf loads for fox and deer
  14. Pick up the new t3x lite in .243 today, dpt mod, vortex scope, had a play with it, grouping very well with sako 70 gr, not so good with the honady lighter bullet so the 70’s it is
  15. Been up today and they are looking well, taking feed and not masses out of the pen, had an old cock harassing them around one of the pens so sadly he had to go, the other shoot members seem to be doing a good job feeding and walking them in