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  1. Stavross

    Not a total waste of a day

    Bloody hell, if you told me he was dishing out 20 quids I’d of flung a sickie nice day to be out mate, the weather has been spot on
  2. Stavross

    Hushpower 410

    I’d go for synthetic, I love a plastic gun, no need to look after it and no need to worry about bashing the timber
  3. Stavross

    show us your hunting knives and multitools

    This is mine, I got it from a bloke that makes them in his shed, he talked me into buying one for £40, at the time I didn’t really want it but I’m glad I bought it because it’s bloody sharp
  4. Stavross

    Aquirrel had no ears!.

    Nowt to do with me, I’m not sure the mouse gun could take down such a ferocious beast
  5. Stavross

    First firearm

    That wait is a joke, you will find it’s different all over the country here we are policed by Durham/Cleveland and the wait is about 8 weeks for your first one and for a variation as long as your not adding land, my last one was 48 hours, sadly you will just have to wait it out as although it’s a paid for service it’s a privilege to have a FAC and they don’t like been told what you expect from them, fingers crossed for you that they get there fingers out there backsides and you don’t have to wait anywhere near 12 months for it
  6. Stavross

    Price of pheasant poults

    We are paying £3.50 up here and the have been that price for the last 3 years
  7. Stavross

    Pigeon rotary

    Your not wrong, they have all moved off the rape now, I’ve been seeing them on the grass fields already
  8. Stavross

    Books and birds

    They are yours mate
  9. Stavross

    Books and birds

    I think the hill side is west facing
  10. Stavross

    Books and birds

  11. Stavross

    Off out in Storm Gareth

    The difference in weather up there to down here is mad, a bit of wind is not a bother but the driving rain was to much for me, at least we showed our face
  12. So I’ve been working for an old South African boy up on the moors today, I’ve not seen him for a year or so and he came out to see me when I got there carrying a bag, walked up to me asked how I was doing and said “you like guns and all that sh*t don’t you Chris” so I replied, “ yes David I like guns and all that sh*t” well I’ve got you something and gave me a bag containing 3 books, not wanting to offend the most offensive man I know I said thank you very much and put them in my car, I’ve had a flick through them and to be honest they are not really my thing although the guns and how they work book is worth a look through, so if any of you lads would like one of them or all of them, let me know and I’ll send it to you on another note he was telling me he has just purchased the hillside at the back of his house and would I be interested in being in his private game shoot, I think this might be an offer to good to turn down, his boundaries are the edge of the biggest shooting estate in North Yorkshire, he was wanting to put a release pen in but with everything that’s around and the two flight ponds on his land I think I’d give it a go without putting birds down first, I think there might be a couple on here that will recognise where it is from one of the pictures, I’m there the rest of the week so he can tell me a bit more about his plans
  13. Stavross

    What lawn mower

    You won’t go wrong with a mountfield, in one of my many jobs we use mountfield and hayter push along and they never miss a beat, the ride on is a husqy and that’s a quality bit of kit, go rid of the John deer because it was pants and cost a fortune to fix
  14. Stavross

    Sheep, sheep, sheep 🐑

    Yeah, it makes a change up there for it to go right for once What made it better was John was in the shed lambing so for the first time I could show him what was shot, I’ve not had anymore phone calls this week but I’ll have another look up there over the weekend
  15. Stavross

    Pigeon rotary

    Cheers, I got the A1 decoy one off free ads, the lad was just around the corner from longshanx so he picked it up, £70 with two batteries and the timer, it doesn’t even look like it’s been used