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  1. Yeah, it’s a lot of woods, it does make some really good pheasant shooting, it’s all farmed for timber in forestry blocks by the forestry commission, but it’s privately owned and leased to them, we have got a few fields and if we were to put strip cover in ( like maize ) we could probably hold partridge but that would just be another thing for me to worry about and most of them don’t appreciate what I do now, so sod’em
  2. You should be grateful that this fine land has welcomed you with open arms, even though your lot has a dubious history with our woolly friends
  3. His birds are no where near mine, ( they put about 3000 down ) by this time of year they know where they live, so what you get is his birds coming out onto my shoot and you just need to keep them interested with feed and go around them to stop them heading for home, we are not set up for partridge with it been 80% woodland, saying that nether are they, that’s why you find them walking down forestry track looking confused
  4. That’s the plan, I’m thinking I might push them through the rape and over the trees and stand the guns on the track the other side of the trees ( that’s where the gutter is we walked past that looks like it should be full of roe ) I’m getting a few of their partridge along my oak wood drive as well, which will be something a bit different as we’ve never put partridge down its a shame he is the way he is, the keepers that have been there before have always been spot on and we would help each other out and never do anything like this, but if you are seen dogging birds off my fields, if I ca
  5. I find it the ideal gun to have on the front of bike, there’s not a pest it won’t deal with
  6. Up feeding this afternoon and autumn is fully here even though it’s about 20 degrees, the birds are starting to tail up, some a lot quicker than others. I’ve got birds throughout the shoot now and at the minute they are doing what I want them to, by moving around in groups and not all just walking off together. Speaking to the old girl it seems next doors keeper is being his usual dickhead self, by bashing his gums at the old girls daughter, so that’s it fu*k him, I’m going to carry on feeding his birds onto my land and then I’m going to let the members shoot them all I was telling the shoot
  7. I like the little.22 for shooting them off the feeders around the shoot, I used to use the hatstand semi for shooting them out the trees but I don’t have that anymore, I like to leave some up in the trees for the kids to have a go at on shoot days ive always wanted a hushpower, but for some reason I’ve never got round to getting one
  8. I’ve screen shotted that, I’m taking you down Bhoy
  9. I’ve been a HGV mechanic for the last 25 years, I’m just making this sh*t up as I go along
  10. This is a nice one, like a bottle of pop
  11. I’ve just dug the luggage scales out the cupboard ( don’t think we’ll be using them for a while, I don’t like going on holiday anyway) and put them in my rifle bag, bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted but you never know I might come across another big’un in the future
  12. No, I don’t take scales with me, I really should put the luggage scales in my gun bag, it’s not very often I get one this size
  13. Saturday seems to have turned into whatever is left in the fridge, make a pie out of it, chicken, potato, carrot, shallots pie cooked with white wine and chicken stock, bit of veg and a few new spuds
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