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  1. I got a phone call from little Hugo’s dad earlier asking if we could get out for a bit, not wanting to be out late I said we’d go and chuck a few rounds at the fox target, so we headed for the back garden of the bloke who has the helicopter. Setting the fox target at 134 yards ( full length of the back garden) we spent an hour chucking a few at it, letting the rifle cool after a few shots, it’s safe to say there’s no challenge in shooting the .243 at that distance, hitting the target every time apart from once, even Hugo’s dad didn’t fail to kill it every time, shame he can’t do it when it’s a
  2. When it’s free I like a venison curry ( usually the loins ) if I was paying for it I wouldn’t put a chilli anywhere near it
  3. Another roast beef dinner today, I’m going to have to try and get her to eat something other than beef or chicken, still nice, but I wouldn’t mind pork or venison now and then
  4. Chicken curry, spicy not hot
  5. Chicken curry, chicken thighs done in a very hot griddle pan before been finished in the sauce/gravy
  6. So just as the light was fading I could see a small ginger walking across the field towards the the cat food, although I was starting to lose the light I could still see it clear as day through the wraith on day/colour mode, when it reached the area I wanted it in with a good backstop I put the single red dot on it, it stopped and then moved further up the field, luckily it stopped again side on giving me enough time to get the red dot just above the left leg and down it went. By the size of it I was convinced it was a vixen so waited it out to see if there was a follower, giving it 40 minutes
  7. I don’t know what your idea of a good picnic is but cat food wouldn’t be my first choice
  8. Thought I’d give it an hour laid in the field with the sheeps, hopefully something shows, if not it’s a nice evening listening to the birds
  9. No, I could of said the 4 lads off here are spot on but that would be a lie
  10. I enjoy the keepering once the birds go in up until we start shooting, then I worry are the birds going to be in the drives where I said they will be, will they fly and will the guns have a good day I also run the beaters on the day and I like to strut about shouting
  11. I think there’s a bit of knobhead in all of us I will say the 3 lads I’ve met off here are spot on I think shooting should be for everyone, it winds me up when people won’t help others out, it can be a foot in the door with a bit of rifle shooting or a days pheasant shooting somewhere people wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to shoot, there’s too many people involved with shooting that are like “ THIS IS MINE, ALL MINE” and are paranoid that someone will go behind their back, most people just really appreciate the help, I’ll give anyone one chance, you can normally tell what they ar
  12. Road planings turned up today, so tracks down and rolled, I can’t work these people out, he’s wanting a horse arena putting in at a cost of about 35k but he’s had me take old post and rail fencing down and reusing it
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