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  1. What does that do 0 to the end of the island in
  2. It’s been a cracker, we are only a little private syndicate on a small farm that incorporates some working forestry, we put between 750 and 1000 birds down, it’s not about big bags, it’s about good people and a bit of shooting, what type of shooting do you do? I do a bit of a write up in the rifle section because that’s where I spend most of my time on here with all the deviants ( I mean good people )
  3. That’s a great way to end the season, glad you had a good day
  4. It goes by so fast, my last day today, so a few weeks off chasing foxes and back at it preparing for next season
  5. Draw time, you are all in, so here we go
  6. Smashing stuff, that’s what young lads should be doing on a day like today
  7. Well day 8 over with and my last day of the season, we had a lot of guests and kids shooting with us today so there was no expectation of a big bag, it was a bit of an odd day, doing drives the wrong way round and a couple of places we haven’t done before, mainly as a bit of a tester for next season as we plan on opening up a couple of new drives, there was no peg drawn today so for each drive we could put people who hadn’t had much shooting in a position where they had a very good chance of taking a bird or two, everybody had some good birds over them so the rest was down to them, I managed to bag just 4 today but 2 of them were crackers, the second was particularly pleasing as I was back gunning and it came out above the trees everyone in the beating line including the shoot captain shouted my name ( so no pressure then ) a quick snap shot and down she came, it put a smile on my face when they cheer and shout there appreciation, mid morning refreshments were in the form of sausage roll, pork pies, scotch eggs and home made cake, to wet our whistles a drop of sloe gin and port, the final count was 18 pheasants and a woodcock, not big numbers but definitely another cracking day with some amazing people, as I’m not able to go next week I’ve given longshanx my gun so he can go and have a bit of free shooting, he can also take my mate Morris with him to help clear up some stragglers, I’m hoping that with the way we are going to run it next season I’ll have the opportunity to give someone else the chance to come and have a go on our little shoot
  8. Sod him, whatever’s left I’m going to hand out to everyone
  9. Well we are shooting again tomorrow, this is an extra day as there’s still a good few about, it will be my last day this season because I can’t make the 1st of February, I’m shooting tomorrow and although I’m not the best shot let me tell you as it’s my last day and I’m not paying for the cartridges I’ll be putting enough lead in the air to make Greta Thunberg pass out and you better believe that whoever is next to me I will be shooting at their birds too
  10. I’ll do the draw on Saturday evening when I get back from my last days shooting
  11. Another cracking write up, I’m looking forward to the book, memoirs of a fox shooter me and longshanx went out last night but the ground was so wet and muddy we were struggling to walk on it, definitely a few about, we seen 3 but they knew where the dry bits were, unlike us splodging around in the mud
  12. Your in, it will save me on the postage if you win, there won’t be any favouritism mind and to be fair I don’t like you that much anyway
  13. you got the thumbs up mate, you are in
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