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  1. Stavross

    Talking of bows!

    Are you shooting through the wife’s best scatter cushions there, you will be in bother
  2. From what I’ve read they say that it carries both genes and the male gene becomes more dominant as the bird reaches sexual maturity giving it its cock feathers, I haven’t read anything that says that the birds are hermaphrodite but that would make a lot of sense, the other thing that puzzles me is if it can go from hen to cock ( in looks ) why doesn’t it work the other way round as well
  3. Stavross


    Very sad, RIP, I loved watching him on a Sunday evening with my dear old dad, I don’t think I’ll sell my Wilson Avon quiver rod now, might even give it a run out on the Tees
  4. So I’ve got a couple of hen pheasants on the shoot that are starting to get cock feathering, we have had this in a few birds in the past, I was wondering what makes this change happen so I’ve had a little read up on it but have not found a lot of information on the subject, as far as I can work out it’s a product of intensive breading and the hen birds that were checked after this were found to have abnormalities in there reproductive organs, I would be interested to know if any of you have come across this or know a bit more about it
  5. Stavross

    foxes hunting pattern

    Well done. Keep baiting it mate, more will come, you can change the foxes pattern by baiting it, once they learn where there is food you will be there first port of call, so no daft o’clock foxing freezing your bits off at two in the morning
  6. Stavross

    Am I stepping on toes???

    If you are feeling guilty I’ll go up for you if you want me to, I’ll jump on his toes for more rabbit shooting
  7. Stavross


    I was up that way about a week or so ago, there was hundreds in a field near the dam going across it like a forensic team, I’m might have to have a knock see if they require my assistance
  8. Stavross

    The old way!

    It’s sad that most shoots are like this now even the private syndicates, we were left with a few on our first day, I have no bother finding a home for them but I think if you want to shoot them you should give them the respect they deserve and us what you have shot, if you just want to stand there and shoot at something piss off and go and shoot clays
  9. Stavross

    The old way!

    Cheeky tw*t, don’t judge my lifestyle choices
  10. Stavross

    Another for the .223

    It always seems to be the way that you bump into them on the way back home
  11. Stavross

    The old way!

    So inspired by UD and having a day off, I’ve had a little walk out this morning and bagged myself a couple of pheasants, made myself a pheasant and spinach curry, two fat cock birds going into one fat northern lad
  12. Stavross

    Fox down ( maybe)

    On the bright side you fell down the hole and not me, if it had been me it would of been up to my neck
  13. Stavross

    Fox down ( maybe)

    Cheers U, I was shooting with the tikka.243, I didn’t realise how deep the rape was until I went looking for it and it was above my wellies, I hate not being able to find what I’ve shot, it’s not that I want my prize but more I wouldn’t want to leave an animal injured to suffer in the field if the shot wasn’t a good one
  14. Stavross

    Unbelievable amount of pigeons

    It’s the same up here, the amount that are about I would of thought they will have the tree lines cleared in no time and will have to move onto the rape
  15. Stavross

    Fox down ( maybe)

    So I’ve had a WhatsApp message from the farm hand ( I didn’t know he was that technically advanced) he found the fox on one of the tracks through the rape, he said it’s a good size dog, he said he could see it from the quad so it goes to show I was looking in the wrong place for it