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  1. Stavross

    Newbie from Lincolnshire

    I’ve seen loads of dale mews videos another one that has some good stuff on YouTube is My Yorkshire Hawks
  2. Stavross

    Newbie from Lincolnshire

    I was a bit obsessed at one point watching Roy lupton flying his eagles on mountain hares and goshawks on rabbits and even on game birds, it’s something you don’t see a lot of and is stunning to watch
  3. Stavross

    Newbie from Lincolnshire

    Welcome, that sounds an amazing thing to be involved in, I’ve done almost every kind of country pursuit over the years, even the ones that are now banned that sadly people coming into this now will never get to experience but I’ve never been lucky enough to go out with someone who works birds, I’ve watched a lot of videos on YouTube and to see them chase down hares is a fantastic thing to watch
  4. Stavross

    Which rifle

    Good choice that man
  5. Stavross

    In the name of the father 🙏

    They say that Jesus saves but he did nowt for these little beggars
  6. Stavross


    Haha, they are ideal if you want to kill it and skin it in one shot
  7. A mate of mine asked if I would like to remove a few rabbits from a church yard with him tonight, not to wipe them out but just to thin them as the congregation like to see a few about, so on arrival it became clear that a lot more shooting opportunities would of been had with air rifles but only having the little .22 rimfires we made the best of it, I managed 14 of all different sizes and all shot in daylight, I think my mate was around the same number, the church is surrounded by horse paddocks and looking over them there was double the amount of rabbits in them compared to what was in the church yard so I’ve tasked him with finding out who owns them
  8. Stavross


    Two of my favourite cal’s along with .243, .308, 30-06, 22-250, .223, what am I saying I love them all
  9. Stavross

    Wanted; DIY place Notts

    Have you asked around the local farms to see if they are after beaters for there shoot, that’s always the way on my shoot, if you want to be a member you need to put the work in, saying that I’ll always give them a bit of shooting for there efforts
  10. Stavross

    Might be good news

    The problem with the GL’s that have been released is they are to grey and can be interpreted in to many different ways, it wouldn’t work for the shooter or if someone was deemed to be not following the GL they would never secure a conviction because of how it is worded, on the other hand if pigeon was classed as quarry there’s clear guidelines as to when they can be taken and if you are not shooting for crop protection then you would not be effected by the GL also been seasoned this makes them a very sustainable food, it would make perfect sense to go this way and also to put corvid on as vermin, but sadly as you say I’d be shocked if he’d rock the NE/WJ boat
  11. Stavross

    Might be good news

    That’s what I want to see, by putting them on the quarry list you can take them for food in a season and they would still be covered under the GL for crop protection out of season, win win saying that I’ll believe it when I see it
  12. Stavross

    Too little too late

    I’ve had the same problem on the sheep farm in the past and as I tell the farmer “ you can’t kill them all” this is no consolation when they are taking livestock especially when the livestock is essentially the kids pets, one saving grace is at least the cubs will still be hanging around the earth but it’s still never a nice job
  13. Stavross

    Piggy wiggy

    Could be time to bring home the bacon Bernard sausage
  14. Stavross

    Piggy wiggy

    http://www.wild-boar.co.uk/WILD-BOAR-POPULATION.html check out this site SD, they seem to be spreading quick, a lad I know said they have started to see them in South Wales, where he is, we get a few pigs up here but you only ever see them around the pubs on a weekend
  15. Stavross

    Rabbit numbers

    There’s a good few around here at the minute, we normally get a good go at them once the crops come down for the first couple of weeks, I don’t think we’ll ever see it how it once was, it’s been a lot of years since I’ve been out and taken 30’s