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  1. I’ll let him park his car on my driveway and sleep in it, anytime he likes
  2. Well my feet are absolutely fu*ked and I’m really struggling to walk, I haven’t been out since the last day of the shoot and I was starting to go a bit mad, so as my attention needs to be focused on Mosh’s ewe’s this time of year I decided to go there on Friday night as it wouldn’t involve any walking, I decided to go to the reservoir field because I can park my car on the side of the road and just hope the fence, I must of been there a good hour and half before I seen anything, that turned out to be a humbug, I thought I’d give it another hour as although I couldn’t go looking for them it was
  3. Retaining wall in, fresh water harvest tank in, treatment plant in, land drains in, now on with the services, just want to get finished now, been working in water for the past month
  4. For a minute there Stav I thought you were going to finish on “tell you what mate ,as it was so shite you can come up and have a day here “ I wouldn’t want to add to your disappointment It’s sad how the members seem happy with what they are getting, he certainly seems to be in it for what he can get from it, I don’t expect anything from the guests but a handshake at the end of the day is always appreciated, but to ask for money at the start is just taking the piss, I suppose it’s a lesson learned
  5. That’s tickled me this morning while sat on the pot i would of laughed in his face if he took me to one side and asked for money before the start, that’s incredibly disrespectful when you were there as a guest, and as for the keeper carrying a gun in the line and shooting at birds going forward, if I hadn’t already left I would of left when I seen that and made everyone there know why I was leaving, make sure you tell everyone you know just what a shower of shite this crank is
  6. Lovely stuff all it needed was a good clean and a zero and now the little HMR is back in favour fair play to you for doing the right thing by that fox, plenty would of taken a wild shot at it
  7. No, they are all split on the soles and and the skin is coming off, just with all the crap weather I’ve been working in for the past 2 weeks, but I’ll soldier on
  8. Well that’s it for another season last Saturday was game shooting at its best, lovely clear day, freezing cold and just syndicate members shooting ( and my mate Mosh, but he’s with me, so that’s that) they had some cracking drives, we even decided to walk the edge of the oak wood and the rape, this produced some unbelievable high birds, the birds that got up a third of the way up the field were next doors and wanted to be back at the bottom, so we put a few guns on our boundary at the bottom, they were probably some of the highest birds I’ve ever seen there, a good few missed but for the
  9. Could of been, there’s plenty of them up there, if that’s from shooting it’s been right in front of the barrel ( on the up side it didn’t go to waste my mates Jill loves them ) it will all be over in less than 10 years, BASC have already sold us down the river, lead ban, grouse banned next, then all game shooting, then anyone who wants FAC will have to prove it’s for work back to pike fishing for me
  10. I agree, and to be honest the amount of grief I got yesterday about certain people’s behaviour and shooting has made me think I’m about ready to fu*k it off, I don’t need the sh*t, I haven’t bothered doing a write up of the day because I’m that sick of it, my job is keeper not shoot captain, but for some reason I get it in the neck for how adults conduct themselves on the shoot, there was a couple of instances where someone should of been sent home yesterday and it’s no good having a go at me about it when I turn up at the pub afterwards, it may be the case where we get rid of a few members an
  11. Concrete floor in this morning for the plant room and back on the retaining wall this afternoon
  12. Well I’ve got to look after you old boys, I don’t want you thinking bad of me
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