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  1. Dug out the foundation this morning, started mixing concrete, lad who was working with me said he had to pop out, well, never seen him again, had to put the thing in on my own, Tw*t
  2. Couple of these to finish off a relaxing Sunday
  3. I’ll have a fiver on Claire Balding
  4. This is how I like to spend my Sunday, in the kitchen for a couple of hours, nice roast dinner and feet up for the afternoon
  5. Roast beef today, gravy is coming along nicely
  6. Sea bass ratatouille for me sea bass with new potatoes and leek for her loving sea bass at the minute
  7. All down, floor out and bricks cleaned and stacked, start digging foundations on Monday
  8. Pan fried sea bass with asparagus and new potatoes cooked in white wine and cream, very nice, I need to work on my presentation
  9. Taking it down, brick by brick and cleaning as we go, I’m sure I was just meant to knock it down and put new foundations in
  10. Do you mean the bricks, they do look like it but we are a long way from where they are made
  11. Starting to take down a big old brick garage today, the only thing holding it together is the ivy all over the roof
  12. Meant to be visible again tonight
  13. I was out on a sheep farm in Richmond North Yorkshire after foxes, didn’t see a fox but it didn’t matter when this was my view, even had a few shooting stars as well
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