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  1. Yeah, the fox, the deer and the squizzer will always come back
  2. I know, you wouldn’t have to leave you porch to go shooting
  3. They are a proper predator, I love watching them stalking young rabbits in the summer
  4. It’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last, I’ll do the bait and wait on my own for this one
  5. Last night’s outing was to the sheep farm, meeting my mate there for our daily physical activity we headed to the bottom of the field where there’s a small beck that the foxes follow. Putting the caller about 100 yards from us due to the way the wind was blowing, we set it away with vixen on heat. Now my mate was on the thermal/caller and I was the rifle, it had been 35/45 minutes and he hadn’t seen anything, so he lights himself a fag and rests against the tree, he took a look through the thermal just straight out in front, “ sh*t, sh*t “ he said under his breath “ it’s at the fu*king caller
  6. Haha, I thought the same, I thought over/under, .17hmr what’s going on that is a smart looking cannon
  7. wow how do you find it, I had a go with an ATN Mars and above 150 yards or so it wasn’t very good, under 100 it was proper smart, I know someone who is getting the pulsar to test, I might have to break lockdown to have a go
  8. Just my opinion, so it’s probably wrong in everyone else’s head, but I only use DPT mods now, not mad expensive, work well and weigh nothing
  9. The more I think about it, I think I’ll have a look for a little er6 for the summer you can pick them up for a couple of grand now the old KTM’s ( especially the motocross) had a terrible reputation for things going wrong and not starting KTM used to stand for KICK FOR TWENTY MINUTES
  10. If he doesn’t want to shoot it he could always poke it in the eye with that barrel length
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