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    All thing outdoors, if I've got my wellies on I'm happy

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  1. Stavross

    243 granted

    I have a tikka t3x lite in .243 and for the money I couldn’t name a better rifle
  2. Stavross

    I’m going to have it

    My last one was from Aldi and I think it was £60, I had all sorts on it when I had it out, when baiting foxes, often buzzards during the day making the most of my rabbit bait, I once had a badger and a fox squaring up to each in front of the bait but it stopped recording before I found out who got the prize
  3. Stavross

    I’m going to have it

    So I’ve been and checked the camera and no fox yet, there was a fresh on the track in the front field, the camera is working and caught a few rabbits, we have gone for tuna today so we’ll see how that goes, it will be Friday before I can get up there to check it, fingers crossed
  4. Stavross

    I’m going to have it

    I normally use rabbits pegged down, but it’s just what’s in the house at the minute as I’ve not had the time to get out for a few hoppers
  5. Stavross

    One last look

    Them dirty dogs only have one thing on there mind this time of year, foxy love is in the air
  6. Stavross

    One last look

    Nice work, curiosity is the down fall of many a ginger terrorist, we were out on the sheep farm last night, only see the one but we were up wind of it and as soon as it winded longshanx’s aftershave it was off like a rocket
  7. Stavross

    I’m going to have it

    I’ve just had a look at them, I didn’t know you could get them that did that, just goes to show how far behind the times I am
  8. Stavross

    I’m going to have it

    I’ll give it a go, the bloody thing better turn up now I’ve gone to the trouble of feeding it
  9. Stavross


    He’s a little cracker, I know nowt about dogs but welcome mate, I’m sure someone on here will tell you all you need to know
  10. Stavross

    I’m going to have it

    They are spot on, I have it on 20 second video and in night vision it’s as clear as day, this is the second one of these I’ve had but I paid a lot more than 23 quid for the first one
  11. Stavross

    I’m going to have it

    I’ll have to give them a try, if the missus finds out I’ve been nicking the cats food she will string me up
  12. So I have some fields that I mainly shoot rabbits on, on numerous occasions I’ve bumped into a fox on here, ever since they combined it’s been about, it’s a clever old thing always in a position where a shots not possible or it know that I’m there before I know it’s about, so I thought I’d set up my evil bay 23 quid camera with a bit of the moggy’s food in the bottom field 75 ish yards away from my pigeon hide, I’ll bait it over the next few days and see if I can tempt it into the crosshairs
  13. Stavross

    First day on the shoot

    With one more day to go it was my turn to feed up today, I walked 5 of the drives with 3 of them still holding a few birds, with it been this late in the season I wasn’t expecting to see much at all but was pleasantly surprised, I can’t remember a time when we have held onto the birds this late, it would seem that all the extra work we have put in this year has paid off, it was like a spring day up there today with the cock birds out in the fields puffing there chests out and laying claim to there patch
  14. Stavross

    First day on the shoot

    Yeah, not everyday someone brings a Doberman as a beating dog
  15. Stavross

    First day on the shoot

    Second to last day on the shoot and another cracker, 46 pheasant and 1 woodcock, everyone got a bit of shooting and one of our youngest guns ( 10 years old ) got his first bird with his 410, well done jake, we are now over half the birds we put down and there’s still a few about for one last day, the morning was lovely and clear but by the afternoon the cloud came in and we got a bit wet but the birds were still flying so we carried on, we had my little beater Hugo with us today he had a cracking day picking up, bird in hand and a smile on his face, he’s the big 4 tomorrow so I’ll be round to see him tomorrow for a bit of his cake another selfie for longshanx seen as you mocked my last one