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  1. https://perdixwildlifesupplies.com/product/perdix-spring-trap/#
  2. try looking at game keeper suppliers a lot sell barrels https://www.gameandcountry.co.uk/Plain+Barrel/0_CAAA327_CAAA133_CAAA182.htm
  3. look on here https://www.camerajungle.co.uk/ i picked up my 18-400mm lens in the jan sales for half price it was mint
  4. i started off with lumix 12x then a nikon D3300 with a70-300mm lens now i have a nikon D7200 with a 18-400mm and a 150-600mm lens and then i edit them on the laptop
  5. hope he knocks the fukking BLM out of him
  6. got a cook book with some in and how to skin them i scan them and put on later
  7. texas bewitched one direction bucks fizz pearl jam
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