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  1. Only person talking crap here is you son making the dog out to be a world beater now its gone classic move mate You’re not fooling no one you peddling nutter
  2. Look on eBay now an again Chinese copy’s of the 170 variable £30 sometimes there labeled as predictor lamps look exactly the same as the 170
  3. I’m pretty sure I read some were that dogs do actually see in colour vision but the shades are not the same as human vision
  4. There be plenty of world beaters for sale shortly not long now till the end of the season
  5. No I don’t think so I’ve never had a problem with the dog being disoriented by the lamp I’m guessing it’s because rabbits colour vision is made up of blues an greens an low lighting vision with nearly 360 vision bar directly in front of it that’s were the disorientation comes in shaking the lamp to confuse it were a dogs vision is black an whites with vision direction in front of it
  6. Any more than 3 shakes it’s time to get out the tissue
  7. Why has it got to be in chesterfield an not any we’re in the whole uk the right dog is not always on your door step an you have to travel
  8. I’m guilty of the lamping birds that little twinkle out in the field in par shooted rape crop your adamant it’s a rabbit squatting tight you get reasonably close but not to close because you want to see a good run you slip the dog just as the dog goes in for the strike booom (snipe) in to the air leaving the dog like what just happened Who’s not guilty of it any twinkle it becomes a rabbit
  9. Smart looking dog pall bet he’ll motor
  10. Shake! It’s meant to disorientate them. I didn’t used to bother but noticed all the rabbits round here know exactly where there heading with no second chances offered for a dog but with a little shake just before they hit cover it confuses them enough to make them make mistakes hitting cover then bounce back out in to the open give a dog a opportunity for a catch
  11. That’s all I do mate numbers are down sneak about take what I can
  12. We’re all be at that stage someday mate it’s the inevitable. Sounds perfect tho mate I’ve already jacked on the numbers of ferrets I keep my old line I had going for a number of years i give them away to lads that do abit due to the decline only keeping one hob I resigned one of my big ferreting permissions but retained lamping on there The hob I’ve got only comes out a couple of hand fulls a time per season just to bring pups on
  13. Or bring size right down with overdose of whippet blood with what Beddy xs I’ve already got
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