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  1. Looks ugly to be honest and poor made I get it’s to keep cost down but if your spending 12k on a truck you may as well just buy a second hand quality made truck
  2. We always get a fools spring an a fools summer in the uk most captive bird breeders are to keen to pair up a get breeding.
  3. The dt an tz are very similar engines think it was just the cylinder head that was different and the gearing. Bet that dt flew! Last dtr I had was a k reg it’d do the clock 80mph my mate had a little tzr 125 that little thing was mental he tuned it himself that would go off the clock I’m sure they had 110 mph
  4. Looks a smart thing mate I do like the custom builds I’ve been thinking about doing a custom build I’ve got lots of bits an bobs for a 03 kx 125 I was thinking of putting together another 03 kx125 but it’s just the engine there like gold dust I was thinking of putting a tzr 125 engine with a 170cc big bore kit on it in a kx frame with 2017-2020 plastics kit and try an road legalise it think it’d be something a bit different and quirky
  5. poxon


    100% mate drivers cars
  6. poxon


    Cosworth killers the pulsar
  7. poxon


    I think audi build quality and reliability is good and they seem to hold there value reasonably well in comparison to other cars I’ve had a little s3 for about 8 possibly 9 years now and had no issues only service items
  8. Not a f1 just a beddy hybrid bitza worker to worker bred
  9. I’ve always thought the beddy grey folded to other xs produced better working dogs my self. People are so hung up on on the f1 pea in a pod thing
  10. I always like the old pictures of beddy Lurchers back in the day
  11. I’d of thought getting a decent bred beddy greyhound now would be a near impossible task there not what they were 20 odd yr ago. Beddy lurcher to beddy lurcher type bred worker to worker is the way to go in my opinion
  12. Got given a pair of quad bikes for free for my sons by my brother inlaw. I said to him I’m thinking of getting my lads a quad to share for Xmas in a conversation we we’re having one day he said that that’s a good idea. couple of days later he rings me come to the unit I thought he wanted a hand with somat takes me in one of his units an said there you go quads for the boys take em he said there new I had 8 in total but sold six he said they just need new fuel lines as they have been sat for 3yrs he said we only kept them 2 because we thought we would get use for them but they’ve not moved sin
  13. Crazy ain’t it I’ve been keeping my eye on the kx 250s 2strokes on fle bay for my next bike but the prices are mental most are wanting 6.5k for rough looking bikes there’s the odd 3.5k kx250 they all in need of a proper rebuild
  14. Bit of useless information I was doing a bit of reading on tinter net not so long ago it was saying the launch of 4strokes in motor cross was the worst thing that could of happened to the sport they said soon as the teams started switching to 4strokes blokes that were privateers packed in a lot of teams made there riders say 2smokers were wack and slow Jo public believe it but it was all a marketing ploy by manufacturers because 2smoke was a cheap form of racing bikes were relatively cheap new if they went pop they could be repaired quickly it was all a ploy to boost sales through dealership f
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