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  1. Is the dogs trust advert on the radio doing your nut? That bloody advert does my swede in
  2. don’t think I’m sly digging no one mate think if I dig anyone on here I let them know don’t you recon my dogs better than yours
  3. Bless the guy that used to give every c**t a rib an crank people on heres not liking it done back to him….that’s cute what the hells happened to you dude! I was expecting a lightning funny come back this is just shit man…
  4. My guy mc hull or gospel or what ever he goes by the name of these days will be along shortly to shut you up pal Jokes
  5. Mc hull is this guy one of the guys you was on about that’s gone quiet as the seasons approaching? Didn’t same said bloke do the same last season after spending all his time while not having a dog offering expert advice on here telling every fecker what they should be doing an how they should be doing it an how they should be bred then goes against his own shit talk! an buys a f1 then comes on giving a excuse he’s waiting it out for the dog to mature while telling people he’s loads of land because he works as a £15 a hour cattle worker but spends most of his time trying to beg a trip out w
  6. Probably same for me mate we got more heat coming so might be longer! ffs Standard!
  7. Your fecking terrible mate what I’ve seen on here till now the last 3 months Not long now be time to run again less shit talk on here hey
  8. Not a debate you think your always right it’s one sided in your eyes ya fanny! even when a valid point is put across you won’t except it…..it’s a waste of time even trying to enter a debate that will turn in to a slag off match of I’m a better dog man than you then turn in to a saluki post then a hare post so like I said ill agree with you an I’ll jog on if that’s alright pal I just can’t be assed lol .
  9. I did do my usual long ass reply to this explaining my views got nearly to the end an deleted it an though what’s the point in debating with this guy just say ok…so ok mate I’ll jog on
  10. No problems mate I just read it wrong how it was worded an put my 2pence worth it sorry
  11. Fine built runner but looks the bollox
  12. One season…how can you tell if a dogs worth breeding out of after one season? Teach me bro!….
  13. Me I smoked since I was young gave up then started 7yrs ago started again an then gave up about 3an a half months ago for good dirty fecking things
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