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  1. I think all fuels don’t last long now days I used super unleaded 97/97ron to get my little project going but that’s still got ethanol in it….few of my mates who run 2stroke enduro bikes told me to run race gas on the little kx I’ve got but don’t think my pockets are that deep and feck knows we’re id get it from or if I can store it
  2. Feeling like a right twat now I meant e10 but put E5 like a spaz you are correct mate
  3. Another thing I’d like to add is E5 don’t do these old 2strokes much good they like high octane fuels.
  4. Cheers mate it’s like a new bike
  5. Yes mate it’s going on the road as day time mot I plan to do a bit of endurance stuff and fancy getting it on the track but not competitive racing just for fun
  6. Think I’ve pretty much completed it now few little bits of fettling left to do
  7. No mate by trade I was a car mechanic I dabbled in fabrication and restoration work on classic cars spraying an body work as well but gave all that up when kids came along I don’t know mate it is a Kawasaki the model is kx
  8. Little kx 125 I’m rebuilding coming on a treat spent a few shillings on it it’s turning out nice it’s been good fun working on is so far an felt nice to have spanner’s back in me hands
  9. Tbh I don’t blame ya mate I’d love to go off grid and lead a more simple way of life I’ve got a plan for the future to retire early I want to sell the lot once my kids have left home and enjoy life abit rather than work myself in to the ground without living the life I want to live good luck fella
  10. poxon


    Misses said you’ve only had it about 10days an it’s in bits. I said It’s gunna look nice can’t say the same about my bank account
  11. I’ve been through all stages when I was a kid I was a fat c**t nick named bullet by my family but when I got to secondary school I had a growth spurt an became a lanky streak of piss built like a twig then left school by the age of 20 I started putting on a bit of man mass due to eating a poor diet by the time I got to 35 I was a fat c**t again with a 36-38 in waist rocking a un fit fat dad bod the final straw for me was my brothers giving me a bit of brotherly banter that I took to heart I was told I’d never be as fit looking as them so started not eating as much shit food started eating cle
  12. poxon


    There designed to fit the older bikes to give them a modern look it’ll probably take me about a year to do I’ll just potter about an do bits an bobs when I’m bored im gonna start getting a list together over the weekend I’ll buy bit’s when I see deals on
  13. poxon


    No only a 125 mate but goes like stink proper little wheelie machine for what it is i quit like the beta 300rr 2t there a nice bike
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