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  1. Tbh mate the dog you already got will be bang on the money once she gets going your bond with that dog will be bang on if that’s the case there’s no point In complicating things by adding twice the amount of feeding,walking hunting an up keep just yet it will teach you nothing bar you thinking this pup an the young bitch could of been better if no other distractions were in the way of things if it was me but it’s not Id put all energy in to the one bitch you have forget about bringing a pup in just yet there’s plenty of time for that school the bitch you have now chuck plenty of lamping her get her bang on and enjoy her and what she will do for you then maybe in a couple of seasons time think about a pup to bring on all good habits an skill in the field will an can be passed on to the pup
  2. Tried getting some decent up to date pictures vicky didn’t go to plan but these are a couple I got
  3. Best way mateMake sure you rear the litter just on green tripe alone or they won’t mount to nothing
  4. Have you figured out how to start that broom yet blacky I recon it’s the spark plug
  5. You got vicky confused with someone else mate she bred the pup/pups
  6. There ain’t half some poo being talked on here that’s for sure!
  7. I try an pick rabbits wisely for young dogs being bought on the furthest out in the field try an work out we’re there likely headed an walk out from that spot with young dogs I keep cool as a cucumber as there learning an Rome wasn’t built in a day some young uns want to just run them to begin with but as said the penny will drop there want to catch soon as they learn how the new fascinating game runs
  8. I’ll have to see if I can get some decent up to date pictures over the weekend she’s hard to get pictures of she’s constantly moving
  9. Thought you didn’t rate collie xs bill as there all cowereds it was straight Malli xs all the way on from now on
  10. I set mine up against the fence down the garden put it on full power get the beam tight as it will go then back it off half a turn seems to work well for me the beam is not as focused as it’ll go an not as wide it’s between both I do used the dimmer a lot I don’t just have it full power I scan the field close then work my way out on to full power turning it with my thumb I’ve got used to using the variable well I think it’s set up to still be powerful enough to disorientate rabbits so they bounce the hedge row if the dogs not quite were she needs to be to turn them back in the field her self .I think my personal concussion on filters on a variable lamp are there pretty pointless Tbh as there not a clear white light there almost like a yellow light plus the variable does the job of filter
  11. No problem mate.my mate does well with his LED lamp as well I think it’s just my eye sight tbh because I don’t use one find it hard to adapt. With your 170 have you had a play about with the focus of the beam to tighten the beam up you can spin the head of the lamp to adjust the focus? The little cluelite was good it was converted to a blazerlite light with 100w bulb an alloy reflecting backing I filed the adjustable beam slot out it had a alright beam to be honest it was tight but distance wasn’t as good as the more modern lamps being a small lamp but ran forever with 22amp lithium battery I had some good nights with that little lamp an good to bung inside the jacket going from spot to spot
  12. I’ve used a red filter for years on a little modified cluelite that worked well but soon as I got a 170 variable copy that I use now I found the red filter was rubbish so I binned it blaming the filter an opted for a amber but to be honest with you a amber is no better a little better but not much I just use the clear bean I dim it right down scan the field if I see a target go to full power beam I think the problem with 170 or bigger lamps the beam pattern is to large for a filter to work as effectively it clouds the beam out to much as say a 140 with a filter that’s a small reflective beam I can’t comment to much on the new LED lamps a mate has one I can’t see feck all down one of them as the lights to white for my eyes to focus correctly to me the center of the beam looks burnt out so if it’s directly on a target I can’t see the target till it’s moving
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