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  1. One that’s actually worked regularly a good dog that’s clever an intelligent an put together right not just a novelty kept dog or pet. There’s loads of collie out there but wouldn’t say there’s many worth breeding out of that’s all I meant
  2. Nicepix is Andrew Tate I recon……
  3. Couldn’t imagine this cross being any good these days being f1 to f1 bred with the state of deerhounds an lack of decent collies to use it’d definitely be a mission to try on find a good matching pair that produces anything of a half decent standard bit of a shame really
  4. Or his profile was a spare change of clothes from the beginning who knows probably still on here in his normal clothes
  5. There’s no pity taken for the guy or anyone for that matter but I’m a believer in letting sleeping dogs lay no point in awakening them like i said maybe the dude no longer wants to get mixed up in any shit an wants to watch his own tongue.
  6. I don’t know the bloke from the next man but my guess is the dude can’t be arsed to get mixed up in any of the divy shit that goes on on here. to be honest I don’t blame the guy there’s more to life an such a short time to accomplish it all in
  7. Some times the juice is no longer worth the squeeze some people will admit it some won’t some will try an hold on for as long as they can before realising but it don’t mean the people that have realised are pussys or jackers it just means they have priorities that now come before running there dogs.
  8. Mate once they have your name an suspicion you won’t believe the amount of power they have to gather intelligence to build a case an the tools they can use to gather that intelligence it’s pretty mental thinking about it to much all to catch someone wanting to work a dog. Just think from your name they have your address from your address they have phone contracts registered to that address cars registered to that address the list goes on craziness when there’s real criminals out there….
  9. poxon

    Weed ;)

    Don’t even blaze up no more but looking at all the smoke on here always reminds me of the good old days when our little gang used to get proper f****d up necking buckets,bongs,lunges proper good times an proper good laughs
  10. Good lad fair play to him that’s a good achievement
  11. poxon


    That’s all I do few at the top end of the garden I use them for converting food waste to eggs an for there composting making abilities for my little kitchen veg garden they make so much sense as you know there really easy to keep I’m surprised more people don’t keep a few.I think there good for kids as well as pets an for getting kids used to a little responsibility of helping look after them my 4yr old son loves em one of our hens is his it’s a light Sussex hybrid he named it Gary .
  12. London is a shit hole I hate the place
  13. poxon


    I keep a couple of layers for eggs.shop prices for are a ripoff I’ve only got 3 hybrids at the moment they lay well enough I’ll probably add 2-3 more but probably pure breds to the flock this summer as I consume alot of eggs so I’ll never be over run with eggs if I do there’s always the dogs or family members that will take a few
  14. I think the powers that be are trying to shut everyone up that offers valid points I see there trying to shut dr Jordan Peterson up now think there having a big crackdown on people that are speaking truths over the inter web to the masses incase of some kind of uprising of people that are waking up to reality
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