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  1. If I was after a lurcher an was after a herding bred type any of the cross would do me because the straight crosses have become like hens teeth now days to get anything half decent Id make do with what I had I’d not look for negatives in the cross I’d look for positives in the cross that other lurcher types don’t have an go from there. I do like herding xs but if your after a good clever pot hunting dog an vermin dog that will have a crack at every job a lurcher is expected to do a drop of terrier blood x herding blood is were the real magic seems to happen while retaining good traits from bo
  2. I’m not going to lie but I see people on a daily basis that I think to my self this smug c**t could do with a smack in the gob. I also bump in to people with my job who don’t have that face that you think could do with a smack but just on how they act towards people thinking there a class above everyone else an talk down on people like there a piece of shit that could easily do with a punch on the nose so I don’t think it’s all about having a face for a smack I think it’s just some people are just c**ts in general that could do with a slap
  3. poxon

    Rare pigeon

    We had a paki down my mom an dads street that used to use food colouring in his white pigeon feeds it was hilarious to see it was the talk of the street an over social media the sight of pink,green,an off blue colour flying rats flying about
  4. He needs a bit of attention he’s trying to make himself relevant when he’s not relevant. Can’t wait for the next song
  5. Problem is down my way land is bloody expensive and any smaller bits of land that comes up is snapped up by businesses almost a mediate because they use it as business expenses either renting it out to farmers or sell on at a later date for profit to development normal people like ourselves will struggle to acquire a small spot of land. i think it’s crazy all these small barns dotted about all over the country just going to ruin it’s madness
  6. I was speaking with a surveyor yesterday He recon down our way (Oxford) there just dishing the planning permission out with little to no objections on land if it’s within reason an not completely ridiculous applications. I had a good chat with him about a few things I’ve been thinking about for the future. I understand up the dales it’d be a bit different to get planning
  7. If I had land I’d make it beneficial to me I’d grow as much veg an rear animals for the table that I eat I’d also camp on the land using the 28day rule in the mean time but I’d also put stables on it as it’d be easy to get planning for a concrete pad foundation and because of type of use of building you could get running water an electrical hook up fitted under the planning application of use Id keep it as stables for the time being till the window allows then I’d get planning to convert the stables in to a dwelling to live in as the application of use can be changed I’d then convert the stab
  8. I shan’t be waisting my time voting.complete waist of my time none of them do what they pledge to do all they care about is getting there seat/place an pay packet so they can lie and under handing us the general public working class by extracting more money out of us in some way we fall for it every time there’s voting we think there going to make a difference to our lives for the better but sadly it never happens
  9. Didn’t know that mate I’ve not sat down an worked it all out cost wise but at £10 for a good quality home reared meat bird that’s had a good life an reared on quality feeds an had some sort of standard of life don’t sound to bad tbh
  10. Reading this has left me positive mood for the day a head good lads!! I personally think there should be a hell of a lot more justice served like this in prisons I also think the abuser needs a couple more rounds with the tins of tuna an hopefully death with a bit of luck.
  11. Probably mate but if your rearing a decent number I’m guessing you can bring the price down per bird if you work out correctly what you need ie feed instead of buying single bags of food at farm store price an buy in per tone plus bulk buying shavings/straw
  12. We get a few meals off a chicken then boil the carcass the broth is used for the dogs we get our money worth out of them
  13. Fancy having a go at doing my own meat birds but space/land is the deal breaker for me. I could probably do batches of 6-8 birds in a movable chicken tractor over the lawn but wouldn’t work out economical to do that because I’d of eaten the first lot before the second batch is done an ready to harvest plus 6-8 birds takes the same time in daily chores that say 40 or 50 birds would Id have to work harder for longer throughout the better months an in to late autumn just to produce what I think I’d need to feed our family but if i could do the higher number I’d only have to do a couple of batches
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