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  1. I’m deeply insulted I may have to cry my self to sleep tonight 🥲
  2. Macho Macho man I want to be a macho man lol don’t make me laugh mate with all that macho dog man bull shit I really couldn’t care less what you keep it’s no interest to me Give ya self a pat on the back man
  3. He’s a nice dog and northerns a sound bloke with good breeding but wouldn’t be what I was after I want to try an lock in to the type we already keep without trying to piggy back of someone else’s line
  4. na your alright mate to much dog for a mear mortal like me we been there with bull bred dogs before I find what I keep now more handy for a bit of everything bushing ferreting lamping easy to live with have a crack at anything without advertising a trade I take it you ain’t found what suits you your stuck in limbo or you’d not be scratching round the edges with greyhounds
  5. good luck with your search your probably going to need it an a large bank balance
  6. My biggest regret was never asking the owner of the beddy greyhound dog I used as a stud if I could get some straws taken from his dog I was told I’d be a fool for not getting any. well I’m a fool it’s to late now the dogs sadly no longer with us I feel a little regret as I put it off asking now I’m sat here thinking that f1 to a decent greyhound giving me some genuine bred 1/4 bred beddy greyhounds would be a handy thing to have about an left me with loads of options to put back in
  7. Makes sense to me I’d do the brother an sister mating then put the dog to a greyhound spread the seed an that that’s the outcrosses for the tight bred there then for down the road or if shit hits the fan
  8. I’ve never tried line breeding with dogs my self I’ve had line bred dogs I’ve still got a line bred collie cross bitch she’s old now an buggered she’s a spine injury she’s just a sofa dog now I’ve got here granddaughter that I started bringing on this season I bred the old collie x bitch to a beddy greyhound then a bitch from that went to another persons type of collie beddy x type producing what I’ve got now I’m hoping to put my bitch to a greyhound in 2-3yrs time shes 2 now then keep a rough bitch out the litter if there’s one to go back to the dams brother I like the type I’ve got now there
  9. Great cross mate if I wasn’t in to the beddy collie things I keep this would be my choice as a lamperGood luck with your pup longers
  10. I personally wouldn’t go as close as brother an sister but if you do let us know how you get on fella. likes already been said mother to son or father to daughter or grandmother to grandson or grandfather to granddaughter but depending on what way you wanna go dog line or bitch line that your breeding to . I’ll be starting a line in a few years time with the type I keep I’m starting to think it’s the only way if your particular in what you want an like the type you keep. I find line breeding fascinating stuff I’ve practiced it with canarys an done very well in a short space of time I upset a
  11. I thought you would be mate....sorry
  12. That’s all it is opinions nothing more nothing less mine is if it picks runs or refused to run once or twice I could live with it but if it was a regular thing I couldn’t live with it but guess what I’m try to say is with any cross is you have to look further down the road an try not stitching ones self up.a half cross is never going to get better with age it will get slower after a peak period an start using it’s head more an more to make catches that’s when the problems start of run picking or not running at all that stalking down the beam shit straight off a long slip would do my nut as
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