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  1. Good vid trev Stuff all the nay sayers let em talk that’s all they good at talking! the difference is your out doing a bit getting your dogs work an enjoying them working your probably fined it stems from jealousy why there chatting poo because they probably ain’t hardly got any rabbits like the rest of us coming south down the country an they gotta look extra hard an put time in to get there dogs the work on them in I’m in the same boat on the rabbit front I have to look hard for runs an put the hours after dark in to get some catches in I do share a bit of envy for all you guys with decen
  2. I’m in the same opinion about the safety guidelines issued by government load a bollox saying one thing but only applies if your working but in your own times your under house arrest trying to fine me would be like trying to extract blood from a stone I feel the last bit about the only one who as a say is the misses to right pal
  3. Us site/building lads are not classed as key workers were classed as people that can still work under safety guidelines issued by government lol an are not able to work from home so basically we’re just there to keep the economy ticking over nicely
  4. My personal preference is bitches I bond with them better an can get them to do my bidding pretty easy. I don’t think there’s no working difference in the 2 tbh but with dogs the thing that kills me the most is the pulling to every post to piss on it an often going deaf if they can smell in season bitches have been about ive said id never have another dog but who knows what the future holds if you do a litter an one takes your eye you gotta go with that gut feeling it’s never the wrong choice only if it don’t work out the way you expected
  5. This covid shit confuses the shit out of me it all seems like bull shit I’m glad I’m antisocial as f**k but learned at the weekend I can only go for a local walk with the new lock down I’m not allowed to travel but in the same breath I’m allowed to travel to work an mix with people from different tier systems were I’m working surly I’m more likely to get covid from work than walking a dog on my own
  6. As you know mate, I've had a very hard time the last so many years. Given my constraints, I've still gone out with my son, lamping, done sort of half days daytime, til I really can't physically do any more! Don't need some slimy little c**t trying to 'chip away' at me because I'm not as able as I used to be.

    Anyway, rant/grumble over lol 👍

  7. It’d be nice to see what buck produced back to a greyhound ray ive a real sneaky bit of curiosity for 1/4 gsd x greyhound id be so tempted. Any one used buck yet ray? Pm if ya like
  8. Now now shaaark come sit on the fence with me I’ve got beers
  9. collie crosses are weird/funny buggers but don’t think I’d be without a bit of collie blood in a lurcher mix I wouldn’t have a straight collie cross or a 1/4 collie greyhound but would have 1/4 collie mix bred lurcher to a bit of bedlington greyhound or deerhound or bull greyhound mix bred Lurcher think mix bred Lurchers are the bollox an the way forward in modern times collie has a lot to offer even though some are tapped in the head weirdos
  10. Hi Jason hope you get lucky mate the beddy whippet is one of the most peddled crosses always people selling them at a premium on pet for sale sites an fb but at a guess I’m guessing the for sale sites have banned sales because of covid 19 don’t get your self stitched up paying a premium for something not very well bred that is just bred to sell if your wanting one for work wait it out for the right gear it’s always worth the wait there was 2 guys on here wanting to breed there bitches when they come in season if memory serves me right fred off here was on about putting his f1 beddy/whip
  11. They don’t have to tie but most people what to see a tie especially if there paying for a lineing that there is more of a guarantee
  12. Bred a bitch twice tied for first litter had her scanned was told 4 pups 8 were born the scanning can’t pick up accurate numbers it just tells you if there in pup or not they try doing a count up of heart beats but it’s not a accurate number in side of em.second litter same dog an bitch no tie 10 pups
  13. Bargains to be had on vet bed on eBay shop as well some times you can get off cuts or remainder of roll colours that don’t sell well dirt cheap I’ve had a few bargains over the years buying that way
  14. Good luck mate A question worth asking with rabbiter dogs is age of parents with rabbits in decline unless from up north of the uk getting any thing out of youngish parents unless there more than rabbit dogs is a risk to if there actually any good or not. Another thing to watch out for is if you go to view a litter an they own a load of Lurchers an they tell you there all good workers not many men/women can find enough to keep more than a couple of dogs in regular work just watch out for scammers an bull shitters
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