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  1. Be interesting to see how this goes off dan your mate sounds like a good man with his head screwed on Wish the fella all the best hope he gets lucky with a decent brood bitch
  2. That’s what I need to invest in a meat mincer at some point bloody handy for processing various meats for dog food
  3. There is definitely a few in small circles out there mate but the circles are so small that we decided to create our own small circle because getting truth out of people was so hard we definitely know what we want in our circle second rate is not good enough or a option we’re not in to dogs for the ££ it’s got to be a allrounder an good at it to be in the little program of ours to continue on what we want getting honest people in the circle that know what they want to see has been a mission we have given up an decided keep just our own type bred stuff we’re be dabbleing in a bit of line breeding down the road the next dog going in will potentially be a greyhound dog that’s in the pipe line to do a bit. Mate I put more effort in to finding the right bedlington greyhound for what we wanted than I did at school
  4. To many liers in the game mate there only interested in money an self promoting there selfs to a audience
  5. Definitely mate I was just going off when I was looking for a real un to use over my bitch as stud about 4-5yr ago when you dug a little deeper in to dogs offered being bummed up on the Internet an nearly all were not as made out over the Internet just talked up dogs with owners that chat poo I found / was put on to 1 dog In my search for the holy grail just as I was about to give up after countless emails phone calls to various people over the space of just over a year that was a real good one with age an experience on its side but wasn’t at stud but with some negotiating I got to use the dog you may of remember mooch my little dummy spit out on the working bedlington group we’re I was saying what kind of group is this everyone were all for breeding anything beddy bred to promote the bedlington but in reality most were not up to much. I don’t know about now but wouldn’t think much as changed in the bedlington greyhound world a real decent bedlington greyhound that’s more than a tested rabbit dog regular is like finding a needle in a hay stack if ya find a real decent one use it I say it’s a shame really it’s the money that’s ruining the cross
  6. Good luck with that fella Think a lot of us would plenty of bull shitters in to there beddy greyhounds That will tell you what they think you want to hear for the coin there’s not many taking anything more than a few rabbits out there
  7. Roof on the run today lighting fitted just gutter to go then jobs a good un will be all finished......fast running out of jobs to do being in isolation
  8. Cheers fella That’s it mate spoiled feckers ain’t they
  9. Get your greyhound mate we’re ever you ask questions there will be nay sayers your odds are the same as any with running dogs fella it either will be what you want or it won’t if you look to much in to any running dog or running dog cross there’s negatives with all it’s about what you fancy as it’s you that will be feeding it an caring for it. Here’s a question for you how much intelligence/obedience does a lamp dog need?.....in my eyes not a lot recall and a extension of recall that’s retrieve if your a rabbit man the rests all ready in the dog by genetic make up so get your greyhound mate give it a try if it works out happy days if not close the chapter an don’t visit it again
  10. Mate just gotta try keep busy make stuff to do keep ya head down I’m fast running out of jobs my self to do with the kennels nearly finished the other bit of that big shed I’ve got is going to be my little man cave/workshop so I’m going to kit that out an setting it up I do a bit of metal recovery/recycling of various waist house hold appliances mainly for copper/brass/aluminium only as a small scale hobby when I get spare time on my hands not as a business or out just because I have to keep moving an busy If not I get all down in the dumps an moody
  11. Cheers d Why’s that d Isolating getting to ya mate? I got a email from work today saying off potential till the end of May
  12. Strong bitch for the cross she is mate I’m really happy with her I thought 23tts was my lot hight wise but she’s having a growth spurt again she was the same size as the white bitch for ages but all of a sudden she’s putting a bit more size on
  13. Pup nearly 9months old out on a walk self entered couple of days ago an has more bottle to get stuck in than the bitch above Proper buzzing for the black bitch can’t wait till next season so see what she’s all about
  14. With this virus kicking about an plenty of time on my hands I’ve finished the kennel boxes bar changing the hinges like I wanted to I’m going to use these for a bit as I don’t want to be spending money or going out if I don’t need to all the alloy edging I had so didn’t need to spend of go out I set all the runs up an split the dogs today plus set there new cheapo raised beds up just got the roof to put on tomorrow I’ll not bother guttering it yet till isolation has been lifted I’m in no rush
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