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  1. Probably be a bit more to coat being solid wheels I think gloss black is the cheapest colour they do as it’s a main stream colour
  2. I payed £20 each wheel rim that was blasted an coated gloss black but I guess it depends on type of wheel you want coated
  3. True mate be a shame to get it all dirty I did mention to her indoors we can have it in the living room as a ornament but she don’t seem keen for some reason
  4. Cheers dan I am mate wouldn’t mind doing another but they don’t half damage the wallet
  5. Cheers mate Kawasakis are mine too. This little kx as got some really cool trick bits on it going to be a really cool little bike once done
  6. Not posted for a while thought I’d add a few pictures of my bike I’m building and it’s progress I’ve pretty much gone to town on it it’s cost me a small fortune to do so far to do but I don’t plan on ever parting with it it’s not completed yet but progressing on really nice
  7. Don’t follow boxing as it just seems shit now days you have kids show utubers that sell a shit energy drink thinking there rocky disrespecting old legends and every other c**t just to get a fight you have pro boxers offering mma fighters a scrap but there not aloud to use mixed martial arts you have to pay extra to watch the fights even though you have to pay a tv licence when you pay to watch the fights you feel you have had ya pants pulled down as you just watched two dudes in shorts an boxing gloves have a dance battle in the ring.
  8. Cleaned the frame up and made a start reassembling it how I want it. made a custom billet steering stop for the new triple clamps gunna be a really trick little bike once done
  9. That’s it mate gotta keep em serviced. Looks good
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