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  1. We’re come in 2s mate we’re come in 2s….just about sums it up
  2. Bit early for me as well mate I normally brave it out. Same got all my logs stacked up plus bags an bags of kindle ready to go but loads of shit wood I’ve cut I like burn first I save all the decent seasoned logs for them long winter nights because I buy them in 140£ a large trailer load from my local farm supply’s they always hook me up a proper load
  3. First fire of the season not particularly cold but temps are pretty low in our village at night thought feck it get it lit as me feet are cold and wanted to get the kettle on so i could have a coffee in a bit
  4. Just looked it’s no good for under 18s apparently my bad
  5. Creatines safe to use one level scoop to 300ml of water with a little fruit juice a lot of athletes use it
  6. Tbh I think the foreigner give it him fair an square the British guy wanted it he was trying to bully and intimidate the foreigner an belittle him in front of people if he didn’t want it he could of just talked to the bloke normally he wouldn’t of been there giving it the big un causing a scene otherwise
  7. One thing that gets me is when someone trys to push about them selfs being a vegan on to a none vegan and trys to talk down to someone who is a none vegan about them eating meat this fucks me off! Same as these c**ts if your out on a meal they stand up when a waitress/waiter is taking orders so they can be centre of attention an starts spilling out they got this intolerance or there elegiac to that the same c**ts 8pints or a bottle of red later will forget about intolerances Cracks me up same mental bitches that like being centre of attention with all these intolerance’s they talk about aft
  8. poxon


    I watched queen Elizabeth’s send off today nearly all day watching tv but worth every minute to see the old gal off the pipe player at the end put a little lump in my throat
  9. Always liked the sound of gsd x greyhound. Other than ray off here I have only known of one other guy that used to use the type but I’ve not seen him for a good few yrs now since moving trades he had a f1 the thing was a proper machine by all accounts that was a specialist in fox killing an nocking good numbers of deer over last time I spoke to him they were bringing on a 3quarter greyhound 1/4gsd out the bitch that was showing very good promise but I lost contact. The thing I like about the gsd cross is there a very deceptive looking cross they look like they’d be incapable of catching much d
  10. Sorry for your loss mooch it’s never easy when they go I’ll admit it my self I’ve shed a few tears for a dog or two in my time
  11. I’ve said all along that all this eco stuff government are pushing is a load of poo for the easy fooled be it with cars or housing energy usage they want everyone dependent on them an to be seen doing the right thing so they can stand up an say I’m helping the ozone but reality of it is energy companies an government want to just pull your pants down to get money out of you
  12. poxon


    Never really seen my self as a royalist more of a person that likes all the history of the royal dynasty’s we’ve had through out history. But I’ve found my self watching tv for the first time in a long long time I’m not sad of her death the queen had a good run and accomplished loads in her life I just hope our new king king Charles 3rd does a good a job as his mother has done.
  13. That’s the way Id do it if the dog actually knows what it’s doing by running down the beam but as the lad as said he’s not having no luck I was thinking an trying to comment without trying to offended him by saying literally walk out from we’re the rabbits will be heading for home that way you can be completely on top of the rabbit you know the dog as seen it before slipping plus your as close as you can get the dog to it the dog could even take it out of its seat with you close enough to relieve the dog of the catch I get what your saying gilbey I don’t think there’s no right or wrong way it’
  14. If your dogs old enough to run drop it on top of green rabbits far out in the open field walk out from were there going to be heading for home try an box them out in the open offer the dog a good chance of a catch to build confidence no long winded slips at edge lines just yet But remember you showing being disheartened of no catch if the dog doesn’t make a catch will feed of that knocking the dogs confidence more. Your job is to make the dog think it’s the best thing since sliced bread to walk this earth using your field craft your job is to build a young dog up offering opportunities that go
  15. poxon


    She’s brown bread
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