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  1. Politics is a load of old bollox same with the news I didn’t know nothing about the dickheads in Westminster I give up on tv or follow any shit that comes out there mouths reporting it be it to do with brexit,immigrats,covid 19,20,21 what ever were on now our this variant covid its all a load of depressing shit…..worrying what politicians are doing or any political dilemma that are going on in the world that you personally can’t physically change is bad for your soul
  2. If it was me I’d add decent working beddy greyhound to what you already got if you can find one it’s a game changer if the cross gels gives you options an little in the way of restrictions. adding straight beddy your more than likely slow them down an probably add turd in the mix now days as most straight beddy are talked up hole sniffing shit bags adding whippet x greyhound will speed them up but could add poor construction for work shit feet dogs that are fast but burn out fast
  3. I don’t like the bloke an not interested in a thing this hypocritical twat has to say
  4. Darcys books are good also eg Walsh that pedigree unknown is also a good read I’ve read most Lurchers books for something to do an waist time as I don’t watch tv as a rule I personally don’t think your learn out from most lurcher books most books just want to talk highly of them selfs because it sells books an only give good accounts of there selfs an what they say they got….and it’s always a world beater rather the flip sides this is why I liked reading darcys books he’ll print if a up an coming dog didn’t make it an if it was a coward we’re other authors give a vanguard account then ch
  5. We used to double up young up an coming Fox dogs back in the day as we always liked them experienced with a grandmaster because the grandmaster knew what it was doing how to run them an how to catch them and kill fast the grandmaster always offered a young dog vital experience it needed there would be a couple of catches double up then they were on there own to see how they done the end result is still the same what ever way you look at it they can either do it or they can’t it’s just lurcher politics that separates right from the wrong way of doing things even though technically there’s no ri
  6. It’s all about building good soil with good micro organisms rather than adding chemicals I’m surprised more farms haven’t gone chemical free and gone back to old practices of natural fertilisers for land. I’m guessing it’s a practicality thing but definitely think all farms could play there part in stepping towards going chemical free. Tbh I think it’d be nice to see them using cover crops an animals more in crop rotation
  7. That’s my kids they just chuck them in the sink after breakfast I’m at that stage we’re I won’t replace stuff till they learn to respect stuff abit
  8. Little lamb stew thingy
  9. Fair play to the lad an good luck to him
  10. Building mate. Plumber is one of my 3 trades mate I’m a mechanic an welder/fabricater by trade but plumber is a trade that pays my bills for the last 10yrs I’m guttering a new build in this photo plumbing will be my trade till I retire I plan retirement early at 50
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