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  1. poxon

    Finally picked my keeper!

    Hardest choice of all picking your keeper with both my litters I got it down to 2 that I really liked then I was stuck on what one to keep
  2. poxon

    Hot weather exercise.

    Back to the hot weather exercise = At this time of year not a lot keep dogs well watered and shaded evening distance walk across country if they get there selfs a run if it presents its self so be it I get down to a few brooks I change walk routes regularly so I can check land out this time of year is boring as shit with fields full of crops and walking routes over grown
  3. poxon

    Hot weather exercise.

    Bill I can never normally get what your on about but this is 100% fella
  4. poxon

    Collie greyhound

    Yeah if you smoke crack
  5. poxon

    Collie greyhound

    2nd generation half cross to me still half greyhound half collie but if the collie was the sire on both sides first generation line bred just to throw a spanner in the works
  6. Few pictures I was sent of the pups
  7. poxon

    Lurchers dog or bitches

    For me bitches as I bond with them well but dog or bitch nones better than the other it’s all personal preference to what suits your needs some will some won’t
  8. poxon

    Mooching lurcher

    Something with bedlington in it
  9. poxon

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Nowt wrong with a bit of bush meat is there neck
  10. poxon


    Get me some bread An butter bill an f**k them pups off out the way that would do me for dinner pups look Bonny bill
  11. Cheers newkid Definitely well deserved mate
  12. Cheers mate. Your good! Yeah she’s about 3 1/2 weeks in the pic there about a month old now so not long till I go pick her up should be great timing because the house will be finished by then so I’ll have loads of disposable time on my hands to put in to the pup an other dogs