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    Love all types of Rabbiting,...Ferreting/Mouching, snaring, trapping, netting. I have a lifelong interest in Herding dogs and favor the Cur based Lurchers.
    Most happy being around genuine, trustworthy Hunting Men...
    Cannot abide Braggers, Boastful types and Billy fecking Bullshitters.


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  1. IF possible and financially viable,..I often prefer to use traps....
  2. Well, other than deer, there are feck all rabbits left on the forest these days...so if they have located some active warrens,..them rabbits wont be alive for long
  3. Hi fellah,...I have found with Metacam type tabs,..it is favourite to dose the dog with half a tab.. I like to keep the treatment, short and sweet, and cease using the pills, as soon as an improvement is observed. All the best, Phil.
  4. Time Left: 16 days and 8 hours

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    A Moucher Forever. New Book from the Veteran hunting man,..Phil Lloyd.


  5. View Advert A Moucher Forever A Moucher Forever. New Book from the Veteran hunting man,..Phil Lloyd. Advertiser Phil Lloyd Date 08/01/20 Price £25.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  6. Devastating news,...a man in his prime,..with a young family,...life can be so fecking cruel.. Fingers crossed for a full recovery...
  7. Many thanks for your kind and encouraging words Night Walker... I am so pleased that you found something of interest in the wee book... As you have probably twigged, I am not a writer.., but, I tried my best... Actually, this was not the book I originally wanted to write,.unfortunately, fate decreed otherwise, and it is, what it is.... All the best to you for the coming year, kind regards, Phil. http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
  8. Fair words from The Stiffmeister Let the man sell his wares, ..lets not queer a fellow hunter's pitch...
  9. Beautiful work there Jok,...fabulous descriptive script,....I was with you in spirit... http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
  10. Kevin Bridges tops the currant list of comics for me...
  11. Grand looking jukel,..just my flavour
  12. To encourage a young dog to get up and over, especially with a see-through type of barrier, I tend to throw my coat over .. I only do this a few times; I find it gives a pup, something to aim for,.. and improves his confidence no end....
  13. Long time ago fellah,....I've met so many folk over the years in the hunting field, that its difficult to remember But, I do seem to recall that the guy's name was John... He was a nice fellah with good , honest rabbiting dogs. I had journeyed to Devises to mate my ACD/Greyhound bitch Speckle to an exceptionally useful Red Merle Collie x Greyhound , name of Sam. His owner was Kevin Davies of Calne and the John guy, was his ferreting/lamping partner... Both genuine, capable hunting men,...I liked them...
  14. Nostalgia is nice, but it doesn't pay the bills... Most of the lads I see today, are using the Orange 'Treckie' style locator.. I've never actually tried one,.but IF I was still at the rabbiting game, I do believe that I would have to get my act together. Adaptability is the essential ingredient of the successful hunter, you have to move with the times,...or like the Dinosaur, you will become,..extinct.. http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
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