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    Love Rabbiting,...Ferreting/Mouching, snaring, trapping, netting. Has a lifelong interest in Herding dogs and favors the Cur based Lurchers.
    Most happy being around genuine, trustworthy Hunting Men...
    Hates, Braggers, Boasters and Billy fecking Bullshitters.

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  1. Phil Lloyd

    rabbit price

    I've never got more than a quid for a coney...sold fecking thousands,...and thousands, and... Problem is,..the British public just doesn't go for them, on masse,..ye can curry em, sweet and sour em,..do what ya fecking like, but the rabbit days are long gone. It is a crying shame, cos rabbit meat is fat-free and good honest tucker ... Mind you, I ain't-eaten a gravy rat in 30 years,.. I just couldn't stomach one...
  2. Phil Lloyd

    lurchers (breeding)

    Two Crows knows...
  3. No probs, just having the craic,...at least you still have your memories, I lost several thousand of mine last year,...probably too late in life now to get any more... But,..I'm trying my best...
  4. Colliejohn,..did your cameraman learn his blurry photo skills from the same teacher as me
  5. Phil Lloyd

    Kelpie x

    Walked out with a few,.and as you say, cracking roustabout lurcher types...ideal moucher's dog, easy to school and great fun to be around.
  6. Phil Lloyd

    Quick Kill Instinct

    An interesting and thought-provoking thread... I only hunt a few rabbits (very fecking few) ...but talking to men that drop a deer or two,..they tell me that, the technique is gained through experience...
  7. Phil Lloyd

    Lurcher pup

    I would think that the original poster's head is spinning... So much in-depth information and data, ...presented to us, in a most erudite manner. It must be comforting to look upon a canine pal in such an analytical and logical way... Personally, I still believe that certain dogs do have a genuine affection and close bond with their owners... Likewise, I genuinely enjoy, being around my own hunting partner,..we have great fun and life is a gas. Possibly, I am thinking along anthropomorphic lines, and maybe a contemporary student of training methods or a canine behaviouralist might think my feelings to be silly,..but, I don't care. We only have our lurchers and terriers for a relatively short time,..facts are, if you work them, you can lose them,..they could go, at any time... So, although admiring, the highly trained performance athletes,... I will never subscribe to the notion that a dog is just a dog, and simply see the critter in a cold-hearted and scientific manner. For me, there would be no point in keeping a jukel if it wasn't my bestest, truest friend,...
  8. Phil Lloyd

    Lurcher pup

    I think any dogman worth his salt, would be keen to learn from men who have an expertise that they lack,.it would be wastefully foolish not to benefit, from the wisdom of others. However, as a fellow of limited intellect and scant formal schooling,... I do think that it is woefully foolish, to compare the training, schooling, and phycology of the specialist attack dogs and highly trained protection dogs, to the mindset of a Gazehound based hybrid... I suppose prey drive is similar, no matter what the intended quarry, but I have found that my soft-hearted but consistent approach to schooling, seems to produce the type of working/hunting style of lurcher that I desire. As stated, I am genuinely keen to learn from guys with a modern take on this interesting subject.
  9. Phil Lloyd

    RIP Tilly

    I saw this bitch as a young sapling,..she had a natural talent for the rabbit game... RIP Tilly...
  10. Phil Lloyd

    Lurcher pup

    You have hit the nail on the head there fellah ... My dogs are just like me,...wee fat feckers, that love their grub and live for the hunt,....certainly wary of strangers, and yes, most definitely needy, especially when it comes to carefully choosing our hunting companions...
  11. Yes, I agree fully... I've acquaintances who favor the hare coursing types and also dogs of Bull blood,..and like yourself, they go to extraordinary lengths to obtain the best possible lines. The lurchers that they create are superb,..obviously, they do not always produce canine perfection or the type that they desire, but I'm sure it 'ups the odds' a tad.
  12. Phil Lloyd

    Lurcher pup

    Not so sure about that doctrine with a mouching dog,... I like my dogs around me, I enjoy lavishing attention on them... For me, its part and parcel of having a canine pal... Of course, when out on the hunt,..shit can happen,..and then,..its time to harden your heart... This bond can help us both assess the situation,...it can definitely save the day (and the night),...so I strive to become good pals with a dog. If I wanted a jukel kept in the manner of a racing dog, I would keep a racer,..but I don't...so its plenty of fuss, hugs, and strokes from me...
  13. Proper working dog...
  14. Phil Lloyd

    Quick Kill Instinct

    That is always the best way...
  15. Same as yourself fellah,... I only breed a few wee dogs, to suit my own needs... Not overly concerned as to what other folks want,..mine are usually gifted to like-minded souls, so the whelps are only ever used for a bit of mouching... Luckily, we all manage to catch a few rabbits and birds, and its always good craic to hear how the pups turn out..but, it ain't too serious