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    Love all types of Rabbiting,...Ferreting/Mouching, snaring, trapping, netting. I have a lifelong interest in Herding dogs and favor the Cur based Lurchers.
    Most happy being around genuine, trustworthy Hunting Men...
    Cannot abide Braggers, Boastful types and Billy fecking Bullshitters.

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  1. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Good sensible comments lads... I know for a fact, that certain coursing Studs can command a high price for their services, and any resulting pups will not be sold cheap. Obviously, when a breeder has paid a £1000 for a lining, he is entitled to ask what he likes, for his pups. I've never mixed in such company, and my lurchers ain't in the same league, so I always try to breed a pup, solely for my own requirements. Once, I have my choice to hand, the rest of the litter can then be placed in other, safe hands. As a pensioner, my needs are modest,..I don't want money,.....I just want,.... a bit more time...
  2. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Whenever I plan for a litter, I consider two things. Firstly,...I make sure that I've located enough good men, to gift a pup too, and, secondly, I start stocking-up, on Lactol and raw meat. Pups need placing in their new homes, as soon as possible,..so in actual fact, you only really have to feed them, for a few weeks... It ain't really a costly business...
  3. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Yeah,..buying in a dog, sure ain't cheap these days...
  4. Phil Lloyd

    steel vs brass wire

    I don't think you can better the brass wire for rabbits and hares. As a material to work with, it is incredibly malleable and shapes easily,..it is also great for putting tension into a snare. The steel wire seems to be popular with the American snare men,....but our quarry species over here are completely different...
  5. Phil Lloyd

    The Places Ye Get To See

    I once took a brace, of eight-month-old curs, to some remote area in Northumberland. They had the time of their lives,...we had to call a halt to proceedings, it was getting silly... For a Moucher, it was the best place I have ever walked over.
  6. Phil Lloyd

    Pre Season

    Nice stamp of dogs...
  7. Phil Lloyd

    Pre Season

    Good cheap scran,...I used to buy-in, a hundred at a time,..all the dogs enjoyed them,....great days...
  8. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Nice sort...
  9. Phil Lloyd

    Pre Season

    That looks really good...
  10. Phil Lloyd

    Pre Season

    I've never seen a Salmon head, is there much meat on them? Has anyone an image of one?
  11. Phil Lloyd

    Midland game fair

    Last time I saw the guy, he was coming down for breakfast, after sleeping over, at my house...
  12. Phil Lloyd

    Pre Season

    I grew up with working sheepdogs and cattle dogs, Allan,...and you are spot-on regarding how these essential animals, are often fed. Our dogs were trained to a certain standard, then passed on to others, for finishing... We also sold sheepdogs that were hill worn on the Welsh mountains, onto farmers in the low-lands of Kent. My family had dozens of dogs and my Dad would never countenance feeding flesh, to a sheepdog... They feared that the raw meat, especially dead lambs, might encourage the dogs to have a chomp... How fecking silly, eh... Mercifully, times have changed....nowadays I get a real kick out of grubbing my dogs well,.I like to see them enjoying their tucker, same as me on a nice hot Jalfrezi...
  13. Phil Lloyd

    Pre Season

    Those chicken bits are so easy to feed to the dogs, I buy a few boxes in and bag-up a few in separate freezer bags. Unfortunately, whereas, once upon a time, tripes, lamb ribs and chicken carcases were ridiculously cheap, nowadays, ( unless you have a contact), the raw feeding option, needs a wee bit more planning. It's crazy, but when I trained as a youth, I also smoked like a factory chimney, yet, I still got by...and when I was running a team of lurchers, on the lamp, all along the South coast, frequently every night, two weeks on, one week off, my dogs all caught good numbers of rabbits, on a regular basis, and all on a big feck-off bowl, of Vitalin! Makes yer wonder, doesn't it...
  14. Phil Lloyd

    scotish preban coursing pics

    I see a friendly face in that line -up,...and a man, with a unique insight into the coursing scene, back in the day...
  15. Phil Lloyd

    moochers , is it down ?

    It is a shame if Moochers has folded... It was one of the first, Hunting related websites, and I met some really good pals, via the site. Facts are, in today's political climate and the bias against the hunting lads, we need all the friends we can muster.