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    Love all types of Rabbiting,...Ferreting/Mouching, snaring, trapping, netting. I have a lifelong interest in Herding dogs and favor the Cur based Lurchers.
    Most happy being around genuine, trustworthy Hunting Men...
    Cannot abide Braggers, Boastful types and Billy fecking Bullshitters.

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  1. Phil Lloyd

    Fur and feather

    Many thanks for that Micky....not really, back into the dogs and ferrets, wires, etc...just twiddling my thumbs in various Hospital waiting rooms. Rosy and I have been together, for 45 years, she is my best pal, so I am obviously a wee bit lost, and confused... We beat this fecking thing some 20 years ago; My wife is a strong woman and intends to whip its arse, one more time. Anyway,..it is what it is, eh... All the best to everyone,..regards, Phil.
  2. Phil Lloyd

    Fur and feather

    Don't think there is an actual best type,...I've seen all sorts of lurchers, big and small,..trying their hand at a multitude of tasks... I don't do a lot nowadays, but I do like to get my money's worth out of a jukel... It's fun to give everything a try...
  3. Phil Lloyd

    Kelpies as a stud,

    You are right, to move forward with your plans Jigsaw. There will always be more money to earn, so give it your best, you can do no more. The fawn bitch is a pure Kelpie,..she is a good worker on her sheep and I did have a mind to use her, as a Dam to create lurchers. Unfortunately,. the cruel hand of fate has decreed otherwise. My dear wife is ill. She must now be, my first priority. Anyway,..all the best of luck with your own exciting project,..regards, Phil.
  4. Phil Lloyd

    Kelpies as a stud,

    This young bitch is coming on a treat...
  5. Phil Lloyd

    Working dogs as pets

    Never owned, a single jukel that wasn't treated, as a pet,..mind you, I don't ask much from a worker. My standards are probably, a tad on the modest side.
  6. Phil Lloyd

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    Good old Geoff,...I judged his bitch Sally, at a prestigious lurcher show, many years back... I awarded her Supreme Champion... As I handed him, the coveted Red rosette, he said to me, "I'm off to win the racing now"... He did just that...RIP Geoff Fletcher,.."King of the Sprinters"
  7. Phil Lloyd

    Kelpies as a stud,

    You'll be right fellah...
  8. I would REST the dog for at least 6 weeks...NO running around, keep on lead,..just steady road walking...
  9. Phil Lloyd

    acd x greyhoud

    Best of luck on your exciting new journey,...it will be emotional at times,...but rewarding, so have fun,...all the best, Phil.
  10. Phil Lloyd

    Lab x grey

    Proper, old school, mouching dogs, I like them well enough
  11. Phil Lloyd

    Night time ferreting and lamping vid

    I've had cats, rats, partridges, and peacocks,...even a Pensioner,.. in a Long Net,..it was,..emotional...
  12. Phil Lloyd


    You are indeed fortunate, to live and work,.. in such an idyllic area...
  13. Phil Lloyd

    Night time ferreting and lamping vid

    Ran the Long nets around the Sweetcorn crops...sent a dog through and had a right mixture of critters, hit the nets, rabbits, hares, deer, and foxes... Now,.. that really would have made,.. a fabulously unique film...
  14. Phil Lloyd

    Pure Greyhounds

    Try eating Shelduck,...if ya dare...
  15. Its criminal really,..never thought it would come to this with pheasants,...but, as you say, there is still a bit of a market for the Ducks...