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  1. 6 month old black and tan, i imported from Ireland , gos back to old Middleton lines,coming on well..
  2. Just wondered if anybody uses this site for there ferreting equipment??..Just came across them and found the prices very fair,and the equipment looks of decent quality,but I can't find no reviews??..I've tried ringing the number but it went straight through to voicemail.
  3. This year's kits View Advert Looking for a couple of this year's kits,West Yorkshire Advertiser slip-em quick Date 01/05/20 Price £1,234.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
  4. All strong fit dogs...am i right in thinking these dogs pre ban,would have tackled the job lot???
  5. Genuine bred 3/8 5/8 litters seem to be very thin on the ground these days,as you don't see many advertised...do we think this is down to a closed nit society,where all pups are spoken for or is it they've fallen out of favor and not much call for them these days??
  6. Crying shame,really mate...looked a strong looking bitch..just gos tho show its not the dog in the fight,its the fight in the dog!!
  7. The bitch didn't make it??...sorry mate,but in which way,didn't make the grade or went to the pearly gates premature???
  8. Looks a handy looking thing you've got there,hope he does you proud..am i right in thinking you use him during th day time??..
  9. Suppose your right there...be interesting to see the variations this x comes in,i reckon they'd have a lot to offer...
  10. So after a long while bumming about and generally not doing owt for a bit, I'm thinking bout getting back into the old dog game...Talking to my pal about days gone by and the dogs weve had over the years has got something stiring inside me again and so the spark ignites!!!...not thinking of rushing in and getting owt just yet...but definitely thinking down the bull x line....but what x???..i quite like the idea of the 3/8s bull but never had the pleasure of owning one or seeing one run.Years ago i had a reece bred half x,an absalute tank of a dog,destroyed all in its path,more suited round a h
  11. Appreciate work your saying mukka..but like i said im not looking for a pup..but the old minds still sharp n curiosity gets the better of me some times so i av an occasional look what's about..but proper riles my blood to see folks trying to have fellow dog men's pants down..just because a juk can catch a rabbit doesn't make it a world beater..a border collie can lamp...as the old saying gos..just cos a dogs born in a stable.doesn't make it a race horse!!
  12. Turn it in mate..jus trying to make a valid point..don't need some absolutely winner trying to bust my balls..
  13. Not after a pup u scruffy Smack head looking FCK .jus curious,
  14. Is it just me or is there some proper cranks breeding litters at the moment or even generally..seen a litter of deer grey x collie greys £325..on what planet does a lurcher pup warrant changing hands for that kind of money in the first place!!! ( exception of course blood )..and then given capability of the deerhound greyhound,a once formidable warrior n pot filler..turns out to be a ferreted n joy to own n takes all legal quarry...so how can they sign the pups off as will make decent all rounders!!!..beggars believe!!
  15. ...years of experience in dealing with many different dogs of this breeding then!!...love it when folk make bold statements like this.I suppose every human walks about with ruck sacks all wired up with the desire to Maim and kill thousands of people???..ur obviously interested in the cross ors you wouldn't of clicked on the thread.Im genuinely serious about the cross so could you please keep your comments positive,cheers
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