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  1. Looks a strong animal...hows he maturing???
  2. 2 belting looking dogs there,look well switched on...pre ban do u reckon theyd be bang on with the bigger stuff??
  3. Was thinking that surely their only same size as a stoat..so maybe as agile??
  4. Thinking next season am going to get back into ferreting.Its been years since ive been and had some cracking sport if the memory serves me right!!...I always kept the traditional size ferrets,hobs and jills.Keep hearing bout micro ferrets???...anybody work them and id be interested to hear their strong points and bad...any picks would be good as ive never clapped eyes on them...
  5. Looking forward to getting this pup...love to see a few pics
  6. What im after bit of mooching,ferreting and lamping...if shes no world beater so be it,but an honest dogs what im after,what size is she??
  7. Whats it like though will it tackle most things...and how versitile is she??
  8. Mines a bitch...n i half fancy my chances
  9. Cheers pal...wouldnt mind seeing a few pics like
  10. The lad who im getting my pup offs got a full litter if your interested??..sire and dam are proper dogs
  11. Picking my new pup up in 3 week cant wait!!!...Been wanting a collie bull grey for ages but for all kinds of reasons ive its never came off.Best dog ive been out with was of similar breeding so im hoping for good things.Justvwondering what peoples opinions are of this cross as im looking for a all rounder,and any picks would be helpfull to give me a idea of what the finished artical might turn out like
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