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  1. I applaud your dedication to your type of cross pal, nowadays has I ain’t getter any younger my enthusiasm has well has slightly dwindled, I think our sport has seen better days I have been fortunate to have seen and worked my dogs in the halcyon days days so to speak, I feel sorry for the younger people coming into our sport, times have changed culturally, socially and lack of game rabbits in particular, I think the more mooching types will become more popular in years to come it’s a shame really but our sport is f****d. Regards Collie John.
  2. Collie greyhounds are a very versatile cross pal and can be worked to fur feather etc. Regards Collie John.
  3. That’s your opinion pal, that pup reminds me of Luke which Matthew owned. Regards Collie John.
  4. Nice racey types you can see abit of both of the parents influence in them, reminds me of Whins old dog. Regards Collie John.
  5. I know Steve could see his very posh name at the bottom of the pic lol. Regards Collie John.
  6. How old will that bitch be now Steve and I see Fert has took the pics. Regards Collie John.
  7. My Collie Greyhound dog Dan out of my old bitch Gwen to Ian Clayton’s Dan . Regards Collie John.
  8. How’s she bred pal and who bred her. Regards Collie John.
  9. Cheers pal I won’t. Regards Collie John.
  10. Very sorry to hear that pal my thoughts are with you. Regards Collie John.
  11. You’re very right there Phil, I’d say that white and brown marked bitch had signs of domestic blood in her. Regards Collie John.
  12. I will get some up for you pal. Regards Collie John.
  13. Don’t understand why you have brought it up on my post instead of starting your own. Regards Collie John.
  14. Cheers mate, she’s well put together and she’s out of probably the best working and trial bloodlines in the country. Regards Collie John.
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