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  1. Thats is a very kind gesture Adam, FairPlay to you pal. Regards Collie John.
  2. Well said pal. Regards Collie John.
  3. Neil has far has I know he has but it will be getting on abit. Regards Collie John.
  4. Very funny pal, you always get one. Regards Collie John.
  5. Thanks for the kind words Phil. Regards Collie John.
  6. I know where you mean lol, there’s a few dog lads in Leigh I know one or two. Regards Collie John.
  7. You’re not a million miles away from me pal live just down the lancs just past Leigh. Regards Collie John .
  8. Sounds like a place very similar to near me pal. Regards Collie John.
  9. Cheers Phil and the same to you. Regards Collie John
  10. Yes there’s Greyhound in them about 25% Regards Collie John.
  11. Two of Dans offspring to my Collie bitch Liz. Regards Collie John.
  12. Yes still see him Ray and he still gets out with the dogs, do you still hear from your old mate Kevin. Regards Collie John.
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