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  1. Would be handy dogs .Regards Collie John.
  2. Did you receive my reply mate 

    1. Rabbiting man

      Rabbiting man

      Yes mate I've replied 👍 

  3. Hey mate, sorry for the message out of nowhere but I’m hoping you might be able to help point me in the right direction. Seen a good few people on here recommend you as someone who’s in the know. 

    I’ve just had to have my collie-grey x whippet-collie put down with cancer at 11 years. Now really keen to line up a pup from good working stock to be a bit of an all rounder. Not bothered too much about size and mix but would like a bitch that’s not got too much bull (if any at all) in her. 

    I’d be mega grateful for any advice you might have or if you know of anyone I should be talking to. 

    Sorry for being a bit necky but it’s proper rubbish being without a good dog. Cheers 👍

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    2. colliejohn


       To be honest looking at your dog I’d say there’s more Greyhound unit than Collie it’s got Greyhounds feet it’s long in the body I’d say it’s more like a 5/8,s 3/8,s Geoff’s brindle bitch I believe was out of Typps Arri which was a first cross back to. Damson which was out of Kev Rowlands stuff .Regards Collie John. My number is+447895863556 if you fancy a chat mate.

    3. Rabbiting man

      Rabbiting man

      I give you a ring later when I've finished work 

    4. colliejohn
  4. He was a true gentleman saw a couple of his dogs run in the mid 90,s at a coursing meet put up a good show, liked his stamp of dog big strong powerful types there’s one of his dogs he bred near me it’s a fine example of it’s cross , if I was going to get one I’d go for the 3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Whippet bit more substance about them. Regards Collie John.
  5. Neal I applaud you for your passion and enthusiasm with regards your Kelpies FairPlay to you pal. Regards Collie John.
  6. No he’s not a half cross pal, he’s out of my old bitch Gwen, she was 9/16,s Collie 7/16,s Greyhound and his Sire was Ian Clayton’s Dan a reverse threequarter. Regards Collie John.
  7. Yes I will let you know how he gets on pal. Regards Collie John.
  8. Father and son team, looking forward to getting my young dog going this season. Regards Collie John.
  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder pal you’re right, but decent types of Collie Greyhounds are getting harder to find they’re either to Greyhoundy fied or outcrossed with other breeds so like I say genuine types are getting thin on the ground but that’s just my opinion. Regards Collie John.
  10. What do you mean by that pal, a proper Collie Greyhound should have a good broad head, plenty of bone, decent feet, good coat, most you see nowadays are Collie marked Greyhounds that are slightly built, poor feet and coats, and snipey heads. Regards Collie John.
  11. Cheers All The Best with yours . Regards Collie John.
  12. His Sire, and Dam. Regards Collie John.
  13. Neil ain’t jealous pal he’s a good lad, he’s misprinted it or most likely his phone has lol this is my young dog, Collie Greyhound fantastic feet and plenty of bone my type of Collie Greyhound. Regards Collie John.
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