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  1. Went with ridgeline pintail 2 seems ok can get abit sweaty though and feels like its bieng pulled back by the hood but keeps ya dry light and plenty of pockets
  2. Id like to see what some of the big leggy jagds would chuck to a bull whippet type. Seen them bieng crossed with pointers in the us
  3. Bigish terrier small lurcher lol
  4. Tbh as gay as it sounds some days its nice to leave the lurchers at home. One kill with the small dogs is worth 10 with lurchers but like i say you need them real sharp terriers to make it worthwhile
  5. Thats how me old one is ter. Hope you keeping well mate. dont look a bad thing that dc
  6. Are there any nice small ones ?
  7. Yeah man good luck with it but i know a couple terriers i could name when you let em off your putting bodies away some of the terriers i seen recently aint for pushing stuff to runners really they bred more to catch stuff themselves for that reason of less agg than lurchers. I like that little dog you bred dont get me wrong but wanting too much rolled into one package rarely works out ive found. Them small lurchers wont rip cover like a terrier will but i think the right sort of terriers will still put plenty of game on the floor
  8. Well i seen water deer in Reading and didnt know they was there until shown so who knows lol was near chilton area today luckily was on perm but they seem to be on high alert out that way go steady gb
  9. What im saying is though mate if your going somewhere you dont want to attract attention would the leggy terriers bred with bushing in mind not be just as good if not better as theyll still rip bramble catch odd stuff when they can ect ?
  10. You reckon that distribution maps accurate ?
  11. If your talking small runners would a leggy terrier not be just as good and should still rip bramble as opposed to getting where it can ?
  12. Cheers mate tbh id rather just buy something tho. Got an old one made for me years ago been a handy old thing but time for a new one
  13. Wheres best place to get ferret boxes these days fellers ?
  14. Im in same situation tbh like u say hard to find sommat this winter
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