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  1. That black theratube is about the best youll get for ammo that size i reckon.
  2. I would myself 3/4 terrier is what i fancy next just touch a spaniel keep abit of retrieving n that
  3. 15 weeks there katchum i think ? Try not to keep tabs its long enough as it is with pups lol just bull grey to bull grey as far as i know. I like him so far but they all show good signs as pups dont they.
  4. Sheep chaser knows where to look if he wants to find what hes after. Few nice pups about if ya dont want the aggro of a litter.
  5. I know a feller got some 3/4 spaniels 1/4 patts
  6. I think sheep chaser got stuff on his doorstep as good if not better than anything hell find on here. Trouble is with this site avarage good hearted dogs become legends especially with an owner that takes a pretty picture.
  7. But you dont reckon some are more prone to it than others joe ? I found you could run heavy dogs like half x in woods and that with alot less risks to injury than the coursing dogs aswell. No reason i can think off
  8. Injury wise im talking about not wind n what not. Ive a dog here still doing bits at twelve year old yet never had a coursing dog last me half that
  9. Ive run both types on flinty ground bull x deffo last abit longer.
  10. To be honest thats one of the nicest looking minshaws ive seen.
  11. Would you sell that stanley frame mr wilkes ?
  12. I can remember someone putting on here that scout took everything put in front of it. Knowing what i know now think it was just ok for a coursing type.
  13. Smart calm looking dogs dodger. Been fancying myself a little black n tan cocker dog if you hear of anything mate.
  14. I own a grandson of scout. Truthfully i think most coursing dogs will be ok to use if the bull side is right.
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