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  1. 60-80 quid i dont mind thats the thing i dont want to give too much for something thats easily left or might have to be chucked. Sommat not overly big in the pocket be ideal aswell
  2. Anyone recomend me a good folding knife please ? Something thats not opinel and holds a good edge
  3. Anyone got anything for swap or chop ? Got some good frames here danny sherwoods john webb sr ect
  4. You aint killing good hares on proper places with most lurchers let alone with a bull x. And if any bull x i owned ran like a good coursing dog in my opinion its a bad bull x.
  5. Go to where the hares are good and most lurchers aint catching em let alone bull xes. Ive killed bags with bull x types but where there ran alot on that big land your talking very silly indeed to think anything other than an exoerienced good animal is gonna do well seen good field dogs not even sniff one up the road
  6. Allways fed odd rabbit and hares i have ? Im sure eating porridge or tripe dont carry much goodness but both have benifits ?
  7. There is some good coursing breds but very few and far between. Need a touch of sommat else in there for me
  8. All them folks with blue grizzle coursing types the same king nothings ever straightforward with tjem.
  9. Get more sport out this little dog than i would with a pack.
  10. She doing well with em aint she fairplay
  11. Anyone know of any cattle dog litters ?
  12. From the little ive seen sheepchaser is a good man with a dog if its got a sniff of bieng useful he will get it going. I seen this bitch when he first got it and fair does to him hes put in alot of time with her i wouldnt of but i respect him for doing it. We all different aint we i aint trying to be a hunting hero or hardcore dog man i just like to be honest and i like to keep a dog that gives me abit back for putting the time into them that could be spent doing other things.
  13. It wouldnt personally sit right with me that an old jibber gets a life of luxury.
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