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  1. You find if banda arnt freshly tied up they snap quicker
  2. Had a bull patt recently nicest easy going dog youd find fetch off water sensible as anything drop in be called out the lot
  3. No way is that lamp as strong as a blitz on highest setting it barely scratches a striker
  4. Atleast it looks like its a proper boar not one of them half tame things.
  5. 11-12 week old bull grey out with the catty from day one.
  6. Owned some proper good little catapult dogs fetching birds off the water mark odd rossters in trees point to stuff sat tight. Most ive been given or paid a few hundred quid for. Every lurcher ive owned picked it up very quick. Just gotta get em out as much as ya can and theh soon learn some days the only chance of getting game in there mouth is if you shoot sommat.prob best i had was a bull patterdale or a little cocker x patt
  7. With it bieng that short do you find it fast enough for what you do carrying that little bit of wieght ? Nice type of dog like it alot
  8. I see on these sites alot people saying 2-3 fox a night 2-3 times a week but i dont reckon theres many people seen 3 foxes killed in a night with one dog i know some fellers live in an area snived with fox thats all they go out for and foxes are abit dafter than most theyve only had 3s couple times i dont think theres as many foxes bieng killed by same dogs as made out tbh
  9. Seen a few bull whippets i like em good little dogs out with the terriers around hedges. Youll find folks that keep em over the moon with them bashing up the odd fox here n there. If you out abit more lamping then get sommat bit more suited to that aint it.
  10. The conditioning plan of most on thl right there black
  11. I often think its better to see offspring of an old dog thats meant to be producing well. Hope ya find sommat but be careful its a minefield out there
  12. How long you owned misty ?
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