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  1. Whats wrong with going and killing a few stubble time if you know where theres alot of hares ? Rather have abit of sport with my dog than leave them to thermal shooters thats for sure
  2. I did sort of break a dog to fawns once aslong as they didnt move hed just stare at them. Where i live its lifting with muntjac and roe fawns and its no fun walking dogs on a lead all summer. I still got a pic of him just stood staring at one in the grass i see if i can find it. that cocker x pat bitch i had off socks she had a thing for finding leverets until i owned her i could count on one hand how many i seen f**k man shed find them daily some parts of the year never harm them just stare at them
  3. My mate lives on a big place no nieghbours but even so i dont know how he put up with it would drive me insane. But i had one was almost like having a person with ya before i had gps collars id regularly lose him round home and hed find hes way back smothered in blood if you had a catapult in your hand hed point to sitting birds and the only dog ive owned that wouldnt just mark a warren but would mark where the rabbit was if he covered a hole 9 times out of ten thats where it was bolting but he had alot of time and miles put into him.
  4. As for pures me brother in law had one for abit he run it that much it was knocking hares with its chest but would not under any circumstances open its mouth i see it run loads and loads of stuff and the only body it ever put away was a rabbit that run into a log and killed itself and it picked it up and carried it back to him
  5. Alot of the real special coursing types have funny ways ive found and alot of lads wouldnt be able to put up with the headache of them. My pal had a real goodun not long ago all he done all day was bark would set about adults or pups try and bite ya face over hares but you just new when he was on it was dying and when the conditions were shit for most he thrived. I had a pup off the dog and was as feral as him just didnt want to know people. Ive had one or two on the other hand that were as clever as any other dog and no trouble whatsoever but they wasnt as special as some of the headache dogs
  6. Definitely can be rough especially when he gets on a track dog needs to knock him off asap
  7. Turned out a lovely bitch fair play
  8. Thats brilliant. You still making these by any chance ?
  9. Best thing i seen behind a hare was off rover
  10. I could be wrong but the ones i seen i dont think its for any particular reason other than it looks right.similar to us over here with rotts and tails. Good dogs i like them but big place needed.
  11. What species of deer you have floating around over there ? Do they make good sizes ?
  12. Cracking roe buck is that one from uk or abroad ?
  13. Slides over but doesnt screw just fits tight enough to be used ive had some good little digs with it them screw ones i found a screw would comstantly catch on stuff drove me mad.
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