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  1. C.green


    I dont doubt it feller but Im back with what i know for now picked up an old russel bitch from wales saturday and im liking her at the moment.
  2. C.green


    Utter junk mate. Seemed keen when it was on its own terms but when it has the chance to get a mouthful of something amd didnt do a thing until it started running that was final straw for me. But very obediant and loved a rabbit in cover. Can see why some like them
  3. C.green

    Few resent mounts

    Nice is the black fox from uk ?
  4. C.green


    Yer on one side. Whats makes ya say that mate ? My pals got him now and is happy with him just for a pet for the children and abit of catapult shooting.
  5. C.green

    Pre Season

    To be honest i reckon my dogs have a good varied diet of raw scraps and complete but that uktimate oil still puts an extra shine on there coat.
  6. C.green


    Wouldnt take one for a gift.
  7. C.green

    Pre Season

    Whats cheapest lamb to buy for dogs ? Dont want it minced or i wont bother with it normally by breast of lamb but seems to be getting dearer
  8. C.green

    Nuts and bolts

    The one i got doesnt have no screws or threads but fits together pefectly aslong as you dont twist the handle when its in the ground its sound had some good dos with it.
  9. C.green

    David platts

    Im sure ive heard that guy mentioned before stiff and that hes dogs were tough good hesrted things.
  10. C.green

    Fibre optics on a catty

    Honestly lads try the raptors. I wouldnt be without one now.
  11. C.green


    Yeah little machine.she seen the whole lot with me and had a good go out everything. Bit hit and miss yapping on rabbits but screamed on other things had odd day out when she was a little bit stale and other dogs had to pick up the slack but i coulda lived with that. had a deal with a young boy whos got her now i think the plan is to put her back to a terrier id put money on them bieng good offspring if they dont start dropping in little bit of that spaniel blood goes along way.
  12. C.green


    And when i say one day a week fellers i dont mean pottering here n there for couple rabbits. I mean taking ya dog to acres of common scrub n gorse and asking ya dog to push rabbits about for the lurchers or taking them in christmas tree plantation and getting them pushing muntjac about and connecting with any the guns wound then theres the getting in out the water swimming about with geese and ducks to carry back but also bieng steady enough to poibt odd bits sat tight. I can take or leave the ratting and ferreting to be honest thats mainly what im wanting a small dog to do what ive put above.
  13. C.green


    Come and get this one if ya want fireman.
  14. C.green

    Pre Season

    Anyone peaked dogs to early and how do you know youve done it ?
  15. C.green

    Local wander

    Well if ya fancy a little bit of bushing away from them fences give me a shout im right down south but few bits there to go at