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  1. I keep seeing pics of these are they any good ?
  2. He got them for sale ? Send me details if you could please mate
  3. 100% i dont know them or the feller just know a few people have said same n hes welcomed them to try one for nowt
  4. do they tho ? As i known a few people that have put that qestion to him and hes said come and try one gifted them away ?
  5. I know what ya mean there phil owning a good animal but not actually liking it u til you think back. Lovely bitch
  6. Cheap tbh i been after one for a while for my littleun 1700 not out the way. Good luck finding the nice bully strong ones aswell they aint about like they once was. Everyone breeding blues with papers.
  7. Lovely strong pup very best of luck with it
  8. Small terriers cant work all day imo i know folk that breed timy things and they do struggle
  9. That looks like a full sister to the pup i have here that was gifted away theres deffo no collie or kelpie in them. i could very well be wrong hence why i asked.
  10. U absolutely sure its bred that way feller ?
  11. You are right in a way there feller that matching is not for me too much aggro finding perfect runs n that but i do enjoy a day spectating. When alls said and done tho you are best off just getting out and enjoying yaself with pals rather than trying to prove stuff to folk who in grand scheme of things dont really matter
  12. Or if ya mates know ya bitch or what not and if youve give em stick on different terrain do ya not think word would get about ? I dont mean selling pups through internet i mean day to day life ?
  13. How can a man be few down if u match u run one one other man runs one no sticky slips then.
  14. U sure ? What comps u been in or who u matched ? we spoken before about having a spin for money. You wanted sport money.
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