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  1. I did like him at one time but lost interest lately
  2. C.green


    I have a bitch that was quite bad for redirecting if she got too frustrated thats the worst type of biter i think. I know people say game stuff shouldnt ever be man aggressive but im not sure i fully buy that. Some are bad dogs especially with that bit of meaning behind what there doing.
  3. C.green


    Whats the biggest dogs that still have a use ? Anyone seen one 70lb + ?
  4. C.green


    nice bitch i had a little while back lovely animal that came from Europe.
  5. C.green


    I seen a few that have that real thin furred look to them if you know what i mean you can see the skin through the fur on certain parts of the body. Anyone know a remedy to this or is it just something that pops up now and again in these types ?
  6. Fair enough i seen a couple i liked have funny characters. But seen more that were like you say temperamental cranky c**ts.
  7. What about your pals dog that charles ? He half ebt aint he ?
  8. I know one come over and was meant to be absolutely no good whatsoever for anything. And had a good bit of bull in it too. Theres some ok stuff over here to be fair bull terrier wise. i got a bitch here out of an ingles dog. Good little dog hunts on abit but good fun.
  9. Jeemes is the man to see for leather collars top work mate thanks again
  10. I dont shoot as much as i did so prefer tubes as flats although bieng faster and better allround the tube just lasts longer. I find best way is a good bit of leather and wrap and tuck the leather to the frame then tie your tube onto the leather. My mate also makes good paracord tabbed catties makes thwm how you want i get on well with the smaller frames personally. Cheap latex or hosepipe elastic fir 14mm works well
  11. Any ko hatching eggs about fellers ?
  12. I like them. Seen few ganoi birds monster things.
  13. Best looking unusual type ive seen is a certain line of bandog produced in the uk. I dont normally like this type of thing but was taken back by how agile and driven they are i had to get my hands on one. i like the look of hounds and pointers aswell ill tell ya what ya dont see much now is rottwielers. Can’t remember last time i seen one
  14. Its more finding a amall dog that punches above its wieght than it is about getting sommat to just flatten them if you know what i mean. One with the terriers in a bush is worth 5 on the lamp in fields to me.
  15. Hard to find a really good one but if your lucky enough there a good bit of fun no matter what ya getting upto
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