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  1. Im changing the wood boxes to thermaboard boxes next week. Cheap blanket in the box and a kennel coat. Will be a problem if i have a dog that wont wear the coat but its alright at the minute. Take them off first thing in morning anyway
  2. There a video going round at the minute of a feller with a good size police shepherd on him and he doesnt seem in too much of a jam. speak to people into bite dogs alot say the shepherds are a hard biting dog aswell. Not everyone the same its like dogs on quarry somethings fold some things are a handful and dont just lay down. Im not saying every situation you should be able tl bash the dog up in seconds but in allt of these attacks if someone half knew to use a break stick or pinch the dog off wouldnt be bad would it
  3. Thats all i use is amber belt. Like u say can tie them on to naturals with no grooves but them wasps bands will slip right off after few shots
  4. I think the band grooves are too shallow on them wasps
  5. Think some of you are confusing driven dogs that guard or bite out of drive and aggression to them pieces of shit reactive bullies that literally just want to throw there wieght around at the weakest thing they can find.
  6. Why worry about temperament when pups were making a few quid ? Nerve bag x nerve bag = pups sold on payment plans to divs thinking they was making a fortune breeding off it in future dont worry about it growling at children well sell it after first litter
  7. I wouldnt want to walk a lurcher muzzled all the time if they get set about by another dog got no way of defending themselves
  8. Think there only about 9 month old so far id say its doing plenty good enough for a pup. The lad i know thats got it aint on Facebook and if its no good hell be the first to say it ?
  9. Ive seen one out this litter is an awesome little dog its caught a few boar and other bits if it carries on how its going it will be unreal at 2 year old. most people wouldnt look twice at it but its got plenty of go and aint just for one thing. Surprised they aint more popular
  10. Ive got some real good lookibg sets made for me but i do think the best ones are the simplest the little wooden tabset i allways shoot it with sqaure very good little fork
  11. Shoot loads of different elastics if flatband 1mm 25-20 sometimes 1.2 or 2mm tapered real thin. Shoot tube upto harpoon its just finding something that ya get on with at the time isnt it.
  12. Good shooting. I find the little steel good when ya shooting in places abit public better than a 14mm steel dinging off a branch ?
  13. No id definitely agree most need to be good up and down hedges to kill alot even rabbits but they can be good bit of fun especially if your into the bushing catapulting ferreting type of thing. seen some real good dogs off a bull whippet back to something else aswell.
  14. Ive had a good little bull whippet dog very hard to find
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