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  1. Anyone that mentions permission and lurchers just aint for me lol
  2. Fair play to ya. I talk myself out of getting one every so often. Best of luck with it
  3. Get on there charts what the breeding ?
  4. Ive allways liked that ted good to see you still about feller
  5. I was laughing at some of the things said dont know what went on but not every one is trustworthy in dogs even those that aint trying to be sly can inadvertently be in sticky positions. Gifted and been gifted tbf
  6. Tiny aint he maybe 18-19 i reckon
  7. Is that 6 oclock in the morning lol
  8. Really ? Any pics ? I find you normally gotta knock them out the dreys
  9. Catapult headtorch thermal and a terrier that knows the craic youll wipe out a place in a few nights.
  10. Well reared little things the tri pup is the cream for me but nice animals
  11. If you get stuck let me know can put you in touch with someone who knows abit about that stuff. Very best of luck
  12. Hate to be that one but every whippet i seen lamping even if just kept to rabbits and no matter how well it started off has either suffered in conditions or just plain thrown towel in.
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