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  1. C.green

    What type are these?

    You wont hes got a waiting list and only lets them go to certain people
  2. C.green

    Pup not seeing rabbits

    Small dogs struggle to see what you can with the hieght advntage. But acword of warning theres not much worse than a young dog seeing too many of them impossible rabbits sat a foot of a hedge in daytime. Sure way to get a dog pulling up at cover that is.
  3. C.green

    If you could only have one busher

    For me personally i cannot see past the right type of spaniel for what i do. Tho would like a pat x spaniel that isnt going to drop to ground.
  4. C.green


    Counted over 50 the other day a good few in groups of five or six and still leverets about looks to have been a good year for them.
  5. C.green

    A Week on

    Looking well matey doing a good job on them
  6. C.green


    That sounds like the sort of thing im after just a jack of all trades sort of thing. Ill think ill have a good look at getting one from germany i have a couple mates going over soon working dogs ill ask them to have a look see whats about.
  7. C.green


    Wanted to try one for a long time just for abit of allround work but would like to know if you can get them controllable ive been told there just like houndy terriers but its a fair old wedge to put into a dog for it to run off into the distance lol. Wouldnt mind hearing peoples thoughts on them and is it worth buying an import or sourcing one in the uk ?
  8. C.green

    Alfie of clitheroe.

    I seen it the other day fair play lad god loves a trier hell do well.
  9. C.green

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    Not your usual type of gundog but stepping in while its warm. Handy with a catty will point to stuff sat tight and has marked birds in trees before..
  10. C.green

    Quick question?

    Theres coursing dogs then theres saluki lurchers. They aint necessary same thing. Not every man who likes to run a few hares needs to go to the fen to do it either.
  11. C.green


    Aye not for me them matey.my mates handy bitch bieng lined locally but weve tried a couple times even A.I n that n never took so just looking to see what else is out there
  12. C.green


    Maybe but would have to be bred right for me to take one. Are you happy with yours ? If I remember rightly hes bred abit different to most saluki bull greys isnt he . Bieng heavy on the bull side.
  13. C.green


    Aye i like abit of bull. Needs abit of coursing dog or fast lurcher in with it for me now tho matey
  14. C.green


    Im after another pup got my eye on one or two things but would like to see what else is about just after something out of parents with a good bit of heart for anything really. Dont like anything too small or anything with alot of saluki or collie. So any chancy litters about folks?
  15. C.green

    Best looking Breed?

    Not maybe someone sending there lurcher to work cover n find itself a run lol ?