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  1. C.green

    Lurcher with air rifle

    Yes its sound got chewed and knocked many times and it was sound. Alot less bulkier than the others aswell.
  2. C.green

    Coarsing type

    I do like a lamper x courser for abit of messing about here n there sort of dogs that will have ago at few different bits.too much coursing blood though and i find they can ovverun stuff on lamp.
  3. C.green


    Regards ceserian ive found and a few other i speak to its more common in unfit dogs to have to have them keep a bitch active as you can dont let her get overweight and dont over feed whilst a bitch is carrying.
  4. C.green

    Lurcher with air rifle

    Aye mate old sharps it is.
  5. C.green

    Lurcher with air rifle

    Bit of everything in it mate. I wouldnt look for a particular cross just you need a dog steady around game that only comes with plenty of time and experiance. I dont shoot rabbits but if i did i wouldnt take the dog. He does point and mark stuff in cover in the day knocked a few bits with the catty. Use him alot on the pheasant and water fowl he comes in handy for the geese.
  6. C.green

    Lurcher with air rifle

    Not often i walk out with a gun but ive a lurcher that loves the game. Bring stuff of water and marks roosting pheasants.
  7. C.green

    First cross bull whippets

    Looks a well reared animal that
  8. C.green

    beggers in your town

    Allways give them something. I had to sleep rough a few times when i was younger wouldnt wish it on no one.
  9. C.green

    Guard dogs

    Anyone brought one of them cathoula things over ?
  10. C.green

    Guard dogs

    With some of the post on here its easy to see how some folk get silly money for a dog that bites a sleeve and barks when told.
  11. C.green


    Anyone know what this dogs best was over a season ?
  12. C.green

    Guard dogs

    Not killed but one of my pals a few on here would know is mad into the protection dogs was hospitalised by a lurcher turning on him. Dont trust any dog they can all do damage lol
  13. C.green

    House training

    Sounds like its been kept dirty once there into that habit its a b*****d to break. Id be tempted to put it in a kennel and run let it learn if it uses the run it dont have to lay in it.
  14. C.green

    Strange wildlife you've witnessed

    That reminds me of one that been winged and landed on a small bit of pond ive never known an animal try so much to avoid the dogs keeping its whole body under the water before pressure got too much if it was healthy idve happily let it be but managed to pick him in the end.
  15. C.green

    Strange wildlife you've witnessed

    Seen deer take to water a few times. Seen a squirrel running along with a young bird in its mouth. Also especially summer just gone seen quite a few badgers out in the daytime i dont mean mooching about in the evening i mean proper daytime. Bet not many folks have squeked a badger in either but seen one come running in like a well trained dog to whistle when squeaking foxes lol. Part of what keeps me mooching in the countryside is seeing these things most dont.