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  1. Dogo with no go never known or seen a good one
  2. Think same could be said for any trial gundog shespdog ect it aint what youd exactly want in day to day work is it.
  3. Even the working type good ones aint game or hard i wouldnt say there just numb lol. Its basically a mongrel aint it they do have a good nose and the wind on some of them is decent but comparing them to bulldogs is abit silly. Any good bull terrier will carry bulldog blood in its recent breeding anyway
  4. Although i got pulsar i think hik is better
  5. That dog there was at a quarry at 6 month you aint got in ireland. Was on more traditional stuff not long after that still flying to this day. there wouldnt be another wheaten bsck in ireland thats done the work this dog has done and aint just brought out frothing on a chain at the end of a dig hes run alongside bay dogs bushing dogs terriers run loose with a garmin where theres stock i not seen many if any you could do that with
  6. Definitely alot of hype surounding them wheatens that they dont deserve. Ive seen one good one that could do abit of anything the rest have been absolutely shit. The good one i mentioned would have seen far more work than any in ireland aswell so dont get why anyone would go there needing to be vouched for
  7. When your ratting and you got thermal spotter your find a fair amount of rats tucked up in bushes. I was down me mates place once walking through killing rats but not killing loads and i looked up in the trees and it was moving honestly never seen anything like it. Since then allways take the catty ratting
  8. Chuck away the fishing mould and get a proper one. If the shot isnt smooth it will cut your bands. The lee moulds are cheap enough
  9. Ya do get some added problems with the bull blood though i have a dog at the moment hes abit handler sensitive and has that blind drive. But id rather have it then not for how i like a dog.
  10. Seen loads like ya say social until told to switch on and seen some even there owners were careful of alot of it is down to the man holding the lead herders or bull herders i like them both have owned both but my own were never a touch on the level of some ive spent time with i dont compete or train very often some of my pals are really into it. You wouldnt prove anything to me im sure youve a good little pet that sparks up but your crazy to compare to some of the top level animals in sport.
  11. Fetch your dog down to one of the many trials on all over the uk and let us know if you still think it can do what the bull herders can. And look at everything that places top 3 and how there bred
  12. Your find the nose on them is unbelievable if your running pures or crosses will deffo need gps at some point.
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