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  1. Surely pigeons just pluck em ? It takes two minutes i shoot a couple for ferret food most evening just quickly pluck them before chucking em in
  2. I know mate was just having a little joke with trigger i know he dont like the good stuff in a dog
  3. Bull cross i reckon off the pics
  4. Russels seem to make more than plummers from what i seen you coupdnt give a plummer away here.
  5. Ill have a go at one of themdeffo
  6. Tbh you cant beat the 10mm for daytime and 12mm lead for night i dont think. Im not on facebook mate are the decent moulds ?
  7. Wheres everyone buying there lead moulds from ? I got a few here but fancy trying 8 or 9mm. I dont mess with them cheap fishing moulds tho
  8. Thats it mate you normally find when you got them alot of the time decent dogs wont go as far as you think not all the time but most. Got my first a few year ago now and thought it was a gamechanger to be fair i had a dog very good at a particular job and could kill very quickly and come away so some things were left in the open unintentionally. im not a fan of carrying too much so just keep a garmin for when im going to unfamiliar places. Honestly for most dogs and places them vodafone ones are brilliant and dont look like a training collar ill probably use one of them next winter 10x more than the garmin.
  9. Got a garmin gps myself barely use it unless your on a mountain or hill that vodafone ones decent and no silly antennas or hi viz collars lol. Dogtrace decent for lurchers dont be sucked in to paying these mad prices for them.
  10. Tbh i agree with above post alot of folk are very kennel blind whether they relise it or not and for the very rare person that might gift ya a pup theres 50 people out there youll just buy sommat ya like the look of off them. Worlds probably smaller than its ever been if you cant find a dog u want in this day n age you aint looking simple as that
  11. Atleast its got a good home as i “found” it in my pocket originally im out most evening with the old catties i do enjoy it one or two kills an evening in happy most my hunting is alot of stress the catty is just a laugh.
  12. very good idea mate fair play. U gotta put the headtorches at a funny angle to shoot properly aint ya is annoying
  13. What headtorches everyone using ? Lost me petz the other night been looking at a ridgemonkey one
  14. Its too easy until they get educated then they do allsorts of crazy shit
  15. Them squrriels are the bestest of sport with a catty shake the dreys at night can be good craic especially with a dog hanging round
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