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  1. C.green

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    I could imagine ive seen one she does the work of a pack to be honest thats the route i fancy going down myself just enough spaniel to keep retrieves soft and obit of obediance still there
  2. C.green

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Anyone got 3/4 terrier qourter spaniel ?
  3. C.green

    Urban wildlife.

    Your right feller deffo more than i thought there wouldnt be especially rabbit wise bushers had plenty work. And the area i live aint what youd call barren lol. Will get me a parakeet boy i know thats had a few reckons alot of dogs wont touch them to retrieve.
  4. C.green

    Urban wildlife.

    See muntjac deer in and out of peoples driveways most mornings. Was near hounslow other day bushing on some rough ground good numbers of rabbits and deer. Seen them parakeets dying to nail one with the catty lol
  5. C.green

    Some thing different

    My terrier cross catches rabbits out with ferret to me thats nothing. I find alot of them can overrun stuff on the lamp dont get me wrong they force alot of mistakes out of stuff also but i dont like the way they run a good daytime hare killers style shouldnt really suit to the lamp in my mind.seen a few that did ok on the lamp but seen alot more not very good than good.
  6. C.green

    Some thing different

    Got a little last attempt going with our own stuff but weve had no luck so not holding my breath. Prob have to go down the route of buying sommat in.
  7. C.green

    Some thing different

    I think youll struggle to get one thats decent at everything for a couple seasons straight. Myself id be more tempted with coursing dog cross.
  8. C.green

    Shooting/mooching stick

    That dogs head stick is a cracker
  9. C.green

    Pups and pricing

    I know what ya saying joe but sometimes its nice to put a pup in fresh hands see what they make of it. Just on terms is handy enough.
  10. C.green

    Picked up my new pup

    Best of luck with the pup. I have one off the same dog and hes done a hell of alot. Should have some fun with yours
  11. C.green

    Pups and pricing

    its nothing secret squrriel its running a few dogs. Met some very good people through dogs that posibley wouldnt have met otherwise.
  12. C.green

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    Wheaten or early beddy type.
  13. C.green

    Pups and pricing

    Why do u have to boast ? Just get out and do ya thing. Ive turned down a few bitches for a dog i own few have seen him run words got around. Last bitch i owned 9 pups all gone before 6 week. Then you got people wont leave too many on a bitch. More than one way to skin a cat feller not everyone has to look on preloved or dragon drive for a running dog
  14. C.green

    Pups and pricing

    Good pups should sell or find homes themselves if parents are proper and not just kept for owners eyes only.