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  1. I know theres been a couple pit cattle dogs done dont quite know why but id imagine that dog aggression could be an issue
  2. Cheers feller i understand what you mean. Obviously its abit of an awkward one for me anyway as i dont want one for that type of work i want a little allround tag along type dog that can turn its paw to a few different jobs but at the same time can do some stuff well. Time will tell ive had a few kind offers to spend abit of time with some so ill see what happens if i think there suit what i want ill definitely give one a bash
  3. No disrespect here feller so please dont take this the wrong way i hear alot of people going on they need this they need that whats with the wieght alot of these dogs carrying if there out all day every day 7 days a week ? Is it just how they are ? If i went and got a cattle dog and i still would if i seen one out the right dogs hunting and that wouldnt be a priority for a good while theres other things you can do that tell you more about a dogs character.
  4. I had a merle working cocker bitch few years back they was a few quid to buy then especially if it actually worked see them for sale now 4-5 hundred quid
  5. I dont think any pups make that money now some people still going off covid prices lol.
  6. No pics of her im afraid feller shes abit too ugly for the camera and as for folks worrying about surplus and graft im sure it will be fine theres a fair bit of thought going into it and quite a specific couple tasks in mind if it doesnt work out ill be first to say so and try another route
  7. Spoke to kens mate going to pop over and have a look at him cheers for input fellers
  8. Cheers. Hes a handsome dog thats more the sort of thing im after. Id like something that bites thats not a shepherd or bandog aswell
  9. Ask him if he would please socks and if u could let me know that would be much appreciated. Thank you
  10. I can’t remember anyone saying about it when you was off for a few year tbh. It dont fuss me i dont really use these sites but keep saying about making the site run smoothly there be nothing to run if you keep on how you are.
  11. Paulus why all of a sudden ya taking ya mod responsibility so serious after barely showing ya face for few years ?
  12. Id like to put one to my white bitch whether it be any good or not i dont know only one way to find out heard there real guardy and want to work as much as possible so like to give one a try to make me own opinion on them. Just having trouble finding right sort of pup
  13. Any lads on here know where i can buy a cattle dog pup off working stuff ? I like the strong headed type not the ones that look like cattle dog x collie i see the odd litter advertised but they never seem to look right.
  14. I had a choc bitch exactly the same ended up loosing her in the end tried alsorts to cure her as she was a decent thing apart from that
  15. Yeah shes bull terrier x not something idve have done or thought to do but shes producing the goods as youve seen. Thats the thing with pointers there so varied seen some monsters and some smalluns seen some look like they carry bull already. Might be a case of putting the father back to a gundog of some sort yet as ill be very surprised if this bitch produces herself she just seems like one of those dogs.
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