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  1. C.green

    Pure saluki x whippet

    Seeing them kill is abit dofferent to killing well trev. Have you seen these whippet cross kilk gooduns all winter ? ive seen couple whippets just ran on hares in the lamp nice to see them run but no good after two or 3
  2. C.green


    Just by cheapo little fix blades for a tenner out the local gun shop now. Folders are ok but find fur and other shite gets clogged in the folding mechanism. Been gifted some good knives find the better the steel the harder to get a good edge. one thing i wouldnt be without now is the tripe knife makes jobs on bigger stuff so much quicker and more importantly cleaner.
  3. C.green

    Pups out of troy

    It adds alot but takes away alot also. Like the look bonny.where does the blue grizzle come from not from buddy surely ?
  4. C.green


    You not think they either got it or they aint glyn ? Genuine qestion as im im undecided meself.
  5. C.green

    Bushing rabbits

    Aye its nice to so a dog so enthusiastic about its job.
  6. C.green

    Paper bedding

    Good stuff that wax shredded paper. Seen someone use teabag paper bedding thats decent n has a nice smell lol wicks any dampness off the dogs in seconds.
  7. C.green

    show us your whippets

    Some lovely animals. Would love a good strong hardblood type.
  8. C.green


    Youll see alot of adult dogs too with the bit of breeding law just come in as they were making good money a pup i not long had a litter here the couple i had spare were snapped up.
  9. C.green

    earliest memories of coursing dogs

    Of course phil. Just think how boring bits of life would be without working dogs ... running dogs in particular
  10. C.green

    The Black Assassin

    Never heard of it. Knew of a bitch while back black death
  11. C.green

    Guard dogs

    Seen some good bulldogs i like the right sort.
  12. C.green

    Cooked food for your dogs

    Does em good that on a cold winter night.
  13. C.green

    Guard dogs

    Seems alright very quite and lazy but early days yet.
  14. C.green

    Guard dogs

    Youll find alot of them need a handler. Not that im an expert just what ive seen. no pics katchum id say its bit big for most peoples needs to be honest.