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  1. Ive found with some dogs your best of not bieng heavy on the flesh dont matter whether chicken beef lamb or tripes some do better on a complete and raw given once-twice a week i dont know why but thats what ive seen.
  2. Have you tried feeding good puppy complete during winter when working a dog hard ? If so do you still rate the redmills over that ?
  3. Hard to find straight bull greys now id like one of the smaller 23/24 inch ones like the first one i had keeps everything sporting then.
  4. I know what ya mean but just gotta be careful as can get alot worse cant it further down the line.
  5. Complain if you feel there pulling you without good reason youd be surprised how that can go they cant just harass you and hope to catch you doing something.
  6. Had some bad luck bred a litter out of our stuff and some had bad mouths i shouldve just put me black n tan dog over sommat but me trying to be clever bit me on the arse. Im after a good terrier puppy now if you hear of anything bigger and stronger the better. no plummer tho lol
  7. I find same thing if you walk them enough they generally try and hold themselves until you let them out see alot of people just walk by pens with shit in them aswell if its there pick it up imo
  8. Reminds me of my old dog nice animal
  9. C.green

    MP stabbed

    I took a saluki lurcher type 26-27 inch down to a place on the south coast dog stopped everything he was slipped on quite easily to be honest same dog on big land would run with abit of style and boxiness force mistake out of things some dogs can run both and even without conditioning can run trying to kill but still have abit of blow. I just personally like to see a dog put some pressure on stuff as soon as it can but i seen some good animals that dont
  10. C.green

    MP stabbed

    Man you can tell some lies. i seen bull x kill hares seen saluki dogs kill fox not in style but kill them you cant generalise really get out enough and soon or later youll be made to look silly having them set in stone beliefs
  11. Any good strong docked terrier pups about fellers ? Strong smooth types ideally
  12. Ive seen people pick up squirrels alive and theyve not bitten and seem half sort of friendly had dogs grab them and not kill them and theyve sat there calm like maybe rats are similar just not enough folk hand catching them lol
  13. I had genuine first x was not for me but could see why some like em
  14. Would ya not sell ? Is it t5 mini ?
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