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  1. C.green


    I think you get gooduns of all shapes and colours but all the best ferrets ive had have been black eyed whites and silvers.
  2. C.green

    Gundog lurchers

    Do you still hunt the same area if so what do you use ? Ive seen terriers and spaniels catch allsorts in most places but i wouldnt head out with the lamp amd bushing type very often.
  3. C.green

    Mooching lurcher

    Any dog will learn to catch stuff with brain rather than speed if its out enough. Ive a little bushing bitch catching rabbits all the time and had variety not even a year old. Just get them out amongst stuff. Seen coursing dogs only ever pointed and slipped learn to mark snatch up bolters point to birds retrieve off the water all that.
  4. C.green

    Fell terrier cross

    Not from what i seen pal i must admit. Never seen a dog make the noise they do even around kennels.they bred to be proper noisy aint they for the boar n that.
  5. C.green

    Fell terrier cross

    Yeah i could imagine theyd scream jagds are a noisy type of terrier.
  6. C.green

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Nice that is. Has anyone crossed the teckels ?
  7. I know exactly what your saying. Ive a cocker x terrier bitch here doing everything quite well but she aint got that something a good mooching terrier has. I keep thinking to put another terrier too her to make 3/4 terriers but i think im gonna just try to find a little bushing terrier pup instead. They deffo sharper and dont just crash cover for the sale of it wich is sommat i hate.
  8. C.green


    Is there much running over there ?
  9. C.green

    Bull xs for this season?

  10. C.green

    Bull xs for this season?

    At the moment id love something like that. Id guess hes bull x coursing type put back to a coursing type ?
  11. C.green

    Gundog lurchers

    Everyone whos had one reckons the lab crosses are decent old dogs. A spaniel cross would be sommat id like to see.
  12. C.green


    Cant rate the cheap flea collars enough the lurcher has one on at this time of year not pulled one tick off him me other dogs with no collars picking them up here and there.
  13. C.green

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Little terrier x cocker bitch keeping herself busy in this heat.
  14. C.green


    Rather them on dogs than myself lol. This time of year i have those cheap flea collars on the lurcher and regularly advocate. To be fair ive carried a few cold and fresh crawling with allsorts but only had them on me a couple of times one thing i cant stand like when ya catch a rabbit full of fleas or a fox with mange makes me itch just thinking about it.
  15. C.green


    I was told if your in an area where the deer carry alot of ticks is to let the carcase cool before handling too much. Is this the best way or not ?