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  1. I cant stand cats but seen few accidents with them thing i allways think is its some lonely old doris only pet.
  2. There feet a long way from there heart sure someone get bit of sport out of it.
  3. How old are these now men ? What sort of size are they ?
  4. I find if ya where waterproofs ya sweat when digging/carrying anyway i where helly hansen baselayer and either waterproof coat or cheap fleece hat and gillet with them rab downpours over the top of some cheap thin joggers.
  5. Pups look to be strong things fellers.
  6. Sometimes ill tell my dog to hunt in the dark. Seen few dogs pull up at hedges but if hearts there they should follow.
  7. Lamp and daytimed all my dogs never had a problem to be honest
  8. I dont see how in 2 an a half years a dog wont bump into a few bits out and about ? Ive struggled to keep 6 months old pups off stuff lol
  9. I dont mean pushing them to jack i mean alot of them seem happy now and again but when work loads increases will wait for mistakes and overun stuff. When youve seen it youll see it more if that makes sense.
  10. Id call that carrying a dog. When you see what good dogs are capable of it sets a bar dont it. Ive seen a couple that i liked alot but very few and far between
  11. 95 per cent of coursing dogs will crack if run hard enough. But the blood is good mixed.
  12. Done alot of it ferreting at night. Nice feeling to walk off a place ya know loads have passed but not been able to do.
  13. Think youll do same job with a peirced tin of fish put out day before.
  14. Can go blind anywhere with minimum worries to the dog depending on what ya after lol
  15. Love me forestry but some of this grassy or gorsey land is good for a walk. Done a season hunting woods done ok few bashes and knocks but gotta run a type to suit havent ya. Gps is a must.
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