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  1. C.green


    Make one cut per shot as opposed to four with the new forest type of mould just leass aggro does 12 at a time and soon get a few knocked out. Use allsorts but thereaband blue tube is a favourite at the moment.though just trying green cut short aswell. Mainly shooting at stuff the dogs are about to push out of bramble and what not bit heavy for roosting for my liking.
  2. C.green


    I got a 16mm new forest mould deadly for pheasants and rabbits in cover. Think it does 12 at a time. Steer clear of them cheap fishing ones more hassle than they worth
  3. Its a strange because i agree with what your saying but some of them first x saluki greyhounds come with a good bit of fire that you dont see too much of in the hybrids
  4. C.green

    Ferret carry bag net bag game bag all in one

    Aye deffo id ratger just mooch and try and bolt what the dogs mark then messing about with nets n that too much.
  5. C.green

    Ferret carry bag net bag game bag all in one

    What youse need is a little bitch ferret that dont stick. Had one for years never stuck a collar on it had ferrets stay with rabbits in same warren would allways bolt what it could then be onto the next.
  6. C.green


    Theres some dogs that have been owned by right nuggets that will go over still trying or die rather than pull up and say no.
  7. C.green


    Sounds like something a pet man would say. Youve a standard that you want a working dog too youll get atleast one in your life that dont meet that standard.if you just a dog walker that puts up with anything then fair does but not everyone is.and not everyone passes on failures either
  8. C.green

    Is this an otter?

    Seen one last night a fair old way from water. Seems like they wondering this time a year.
  9. C.green

    Pups for 2019

    Id love a alittle hardblood type grew just for kicking about with the terriers and spaniels
  10. C.green

    Who do you admire?

    To be honest id rather buy my dogs in then be gifted as when you take one as a gift you sort of cant make your own decisions on it without involving the feller who gave it to ya. Also found with certain people theres a few more excuses with gifted dogs.
  11. C.green

    working wheaten lines

    Got a wheaten x terrier bitch here now cant see it making the grade for anything other than bushing at the moment but will get a fair crack.
  12. C.green

    Lucky fella

    Would you not just collar up the first ferret lol ? Nice one feller leg looks to be healing well all things considered
  13. C.green


    Think it kills the worms but not the eggs in the muscles.
  14. Seriously? I remember when hares wasnt even making a fiver lol
  15. C.green


    Yeah its worth doing mate. Normally use drontal myself but now and again use that milbermax u think its called