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  1. I had a couple with that biscoff spread stuff on and they were pretty good.
  2. Is there a way of joining without your name and address stuck on a list somewhere, especially on a computer?
  3. I often think a lot of rough black terriers have a border look about their heads.
  4. Someone told me you can get metacam tablets now?
  5. I find with terriers you have to tell them rather than ask them if you know what I mean.
  6. gnipper


    Bunch of fannies
  7. The runts can make the biggest.
  8. I wouldn't mate, I can't even look at them like that being a dad of girls.
  9. There's got to be a load of them though after 27 years of being a closet bender.
  10. Just seen a video about the real reason schofields come out, the young lad he was bumming that worked on this morning was going to expose him.
  11. He used to use both his accounts to talk to himself on here and then f****d up a few times signing off with the wrong username.
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