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  1. gnipper

    This season

    I've bred siskins and redpolls for the first time this season and my canaries have done absolutely shite.
  2. gnipper

    Phantom pregnancy

    Had she been mated or had the jab?
  3. I thought it was common knowledge he used borders off a well known strain local to him?
  4. gnipper

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    Not the best quality as it's a screenshot of a video I filmed. They came from the other end of the field right to my feet.
  5. gnipper

    View From Your Swim

    I saw a couple of vids on the local facebook pages of the water going out and it was going bloody quickly into that hole. Hopefully it gets back to how it was and there's not too many fish die.
  6. gnipper


  7. gnipper

    Fave takeaway dishes?

    Chicken passanda and special fried rice with a garlic naan and chicken took took. Or shredded chicken and fried noodles if I'm getting a Chinese.
  8. gnipper

    View From Your Swim

    Just a farm pit out on the moss by mine. I controlled the rabbits round there when we used to have them.
  9. gnipper

    View From Your Swim

    I love it out here. There's some big fish in here but there keeping their heads down at the mo.
  10. gnipper

    Fool that i am...

    I've had to knock stoats on the head in genuine mk4 fenns so I can imagine a ferret surviving well enough. Glad she survived for you mate and you don't have to face the wrath of your girls
  11. gnipper


    Apart from the little feckers chewing the legs to bits they look ok to me.
  12. gnipper

    View From Your Swim

    I use 11mm pellets and have had roach on them.
  13. gnipper

    Hopeful Hybrid Pair

    Just got a 'pair' of Irish fancy this morning, didn't really want any cock canaries here but seeing as the mulers don't seem to be producing the goods I thought I might as well breed something. Both bloody cocks. The lads refunding me so not the end of the world just my time and fuel collecting them.