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  1. Goombay dance band or some shite when I was born
  2. Staffords this Sunday isn't it?
  3. Can you still smell the roman coffee on the grinder?
  4. Doesn't look like it wanted to come off
  5. That soft water even feels weird on your skin compared to ours.
  6. One of them glass kettles with our tap water would be like a snow globe within a couple of months.
  7. Crap picture but that's probably the best one I've bred this year. I've bred some nice mules too so happy enough with this season.
  8. It was piss wet through in the tops of them b*****ds this morning, dried off a bit now.
  9. Her voice was bearable but you can just tell she's a lentil muncher and wouldn't be too keen on any of us I'd imagine.
  10. Any idea how much a spray tan is? Asking for a friend
  11. Got a few young dimorphic cocks there if you want any?
  12. Looks like the bite of a folding pruning saw that?
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