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  1. Its not nice watching tame ones circling the pond they've just been forced off getting snotted is it, clays are more sporting.
  2. Its just not possible or even fair on the dog if I did mate. When the kids are older and I can get back out the game will be even more fecked by then. Sgc again me thinks.
  3. I'm fcuked now, no point replacing the runner as there's nowt to run and too many grasses and also have to work all week and Saturday mornings, she works evenings and weekends so stuck in with the kids, youngest is a baby so can't take them too. Sick of it all tbh now.
  4. gnipper

    Super cold

    You should expect it on here love
  5. The safety door helps, stops the bird escaping.
  6. The lad who did most of the pesticide spraying at my work made himself a cocktail of stuff from the shed and drank it, hopefully he went quick and painlessly.
  7. I don't even know how the little shits spotted my birds tbh as they are in a building not like a little shed with a flight on. Definitely make a safety door though as I've had it a couple of times. Helps if you leave a cage open too.
  8. I've had the b*****ds go in my shed killing birds through the wires on 4ft long breeding cages. You'd think the birds would avoid them by going to the far end but the spars must set them into a blind panic. Not good walking into the shed thinking it's quiet in here and discovering the headless corpses.
  9. An old boy round here was telling me about one area locally that had piles of rabbits the size of cars dumped around the place that had been picked up. Lucky to see ten there nowadays
  10. I bet the dogs glad it wasn't a bit of crumpet you bumped into in your dream
  11. Time to change em Keith before he outs you
  12. I think it has to be installed by a certified (hetas) person and swept by a pro for your home insurance to cover it doesn't it?
  13. Do acers root up same as willows just from pushing a stick in the ground?
  14. You should have done mate. When I was a kid I saw a rat drop in a one holer out lamping in the middle of a field and we dug 4 out of it bottled up in a stop. I think thats the most I've had in a single holer.
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