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  1. If you need some that hook on the wire I've got a few in the shed.
  2. My goldies nest is probably 50 percent dog hair too
  3. I've not got anything of note to put in yet, the chev has laid, I've got some mules out and some red eyed dimorphic to replace my hens with next season. All the cock goldies I bred last year are filling eggs with canaries now.
  4. Same here in Lancashire. I'm melting now but it was hoofing it down most of the day. Not the driest of places up here.
  5. Pieds crop up naturally, breeding peas, chevs and white nailed birds together can/will produce pied birds. I'd say satinettes and yellows, albinos etc are a lot harder to come across and I'm not sure how they managed it with sibos either. I prefer the smaller nicer sounding natives myself.
  6. There are people breeding native sized mutations now but I would imagine its from breeding to sibo birds and keeping the smallest back.
  7. By foreign finches do you mean siberian/northern versions of our own natives or actual foreign finches like gouldians etc?
  8. Pics or it didn't happen
  9. This lads has worked with ferrets, hawks, guns, terriers and on the lamp etc its been a proper well trained all-rounder.
  10. Her uncle did the same, went to Turkey toothless and came back able to blind people with his nashers
  11. I've seen a lad who has a collie x pat and it has been a great dog that did everything for him and its a shame it never successfully lined a greyhound.
  12. I bet it looks a lot better when the lawn and plants have grown up to it.
  13. Is that a bullfrog and 2 leopard frogs?
  14. Mine get on fine together too but giving them bones etc right next to each other is just asking for it to kick off isn't it and once they start they might be at it forever.
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