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  1. gnipper

    countryfile tonight

    He was outstanding in his field
  2. gnipper


    They're definitely warmer just gotta get used to wearing them now. I think they need breaking in more than normal wellies.
  3. gnipper


    Just got a pair to try this afternoon so I'll give them a whirl tomorrow. They seem decent though, shame it's not cold to test them properly.
  4. gnipper

    pup not taking to diet

    Try no chicken and see what happens.
  5. gnipper

    pup not taking to diet

    Is it chicken he has a problem with in general? My last lurcher could eat anything but chicken gave him the squits for the first 4 years and then he snapped out of it.
  6. gnipper

    Waste oil forge

    If you have a YouTube account ask him in the comments and I'm sure he'll let you know. He's made his own grinder, heat treat oven and forge etc too.
  7. gnipper

    Average speed check....

    Mushroom is.
  8. I've seen a lad neck a moggie like a rabbit but I think he'd struggle getting his hand round a puma
  9. gnipper

    Missus wants a pet dog.

    Although the price of them is shocking I'm yet to meet a cockapoo thing that isn't a nice little dog.
  10. gnipper

    Waste oil forge

    This is one my mate knocked up
  11. gnipper

    London baby abandoned in that weather

    Some horrible b*****d dropped a baby in a public toilet local to me the other year and left it to drown head first in the bowl. I can understand not being able to care for a baby etc and aborting them or wanting them adopted or something but to dump them to die is unforgivable.
  12. gnipper

    Evening All

    Welcome back Gnash
  13. gnipper

    big cat....real big cat....

    Before I saw the posts saying it was a bengal I was going to say it is, look at the height of it compared to them nettles it's walking past. I'm no big cat expert but surely they're taller than nettles.
  14. gnipper

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    Ready minced
  15. gnipper

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    For £700 I'd want it carrying the lambs back and butchering them properly for me.