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  1. gnipper


    I know what you mean mate and I know a few lads who did the same as you and feel loads better without the fags but it's still got nicotine in so imo could easily fall back onto fags if no vape is available or their battery dies. I think the disposable vape are getting banned too which is a good thing as twats are chucking them everywhere.
  2. gnipper


    Best thing I ever did quitting, vaping and all that is still smoking to me.
  3. They're fine. Just jumped the nest and never used their feet to perch or walk on wire floors so legs like bambi at first.
  4. First 2 chicks of the year jumped today while I was at work so got my first proper look at them when I got home.
  5. Had extra help up on the platform this morning
  6. 11 month now the crazy little bellend
  7. I dunno about burning it but I've pruned enough of them over the years its a really soft wood isn't it. A treat to prune after doing oaks and beech
  8. Just reading back through this old thread and lads saying about the old working lines that haven't been mucked about with and crossed with angora etc I wonder what the ferrets that live wild on the Scottish Islands and been over there for donkeys years are like? Could be a way of resurrecting the old lines if anyone could get hold of them?
  9. The season has started weird for me, it was looking like the goldies were more forward than the canaries but then they seemed to go quiet again. I've bred mules before I got any young canaries though and the goldfinch pairs still haven't started. Hopefully they'll get their act together by the end of the month.
  10. Will they eat broccoli or peas?
  11. There was one here yesterday and I can't remember the last time I heard one. I've seen them in the wood here years ago when I was a kid too.
  12. Boring work for some but being surrounded with birdsong and not a person in sight or sound is bliss to me. I couldn't work indoors.
  13. I don't know about special needs people but I've seen dogs act a lot differently around frail people and children like they know they should be gentle with them instinctively.
  14. gnipper


    She's got a good jacket on her, she has the look of her mum too on some pictures.
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