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  1. gnipper

    Working border types

    What's Judas registered name?
  2. gnipper

    Weirdy Beairdy?

    Mine never stalked but he was good to watch in the daytime peeping round corners and through gaps in hedges to see if owt was there.
  3. gnipper

    Working border types

    The bloke from Devon used to come on here, what happened to him?
  4. gnipper

    Weirdy Beairdy?

    The guarding is the main thing I miss about mine, no need to look over your shoulder out shooting with him around and you wouldn't go in the yard with him.
  5. gnipper

    Weirdy Beairdy?

    Mine would be walking along on a normal walk happy as larry and then just look at me like I'd just threatened him or something for no reason and then I had no chance getting him to come to me, I'd have to ignore it and walk off the other way and after a while he'd just forget the imaginary altercation and then come to me. Trying to bite me and my missus was his main fault though the weird b*****d.
  6. gnipper

    Weirdy Beairdy?

    Mine was temperamental, nothing to do with his training.
  7. gnipper

    Weirdy Beairdy?

    If you get one that's mentally stable then yes they are all that you require...... but you could end up with a dodgy temperament cnut like I did.
  8. Didn't woodga breed a litter of this type years ago? He might know of a decent dog out the litter?
  9. gnipper

    After a young dog

    Are you after an earthdog or just a knockabout terrier?
  10. gnipper

    New apprentice­čśü

    No fresh air round them shitty arsed things in them sheds
  11. Has anyone noticed a decrease in predatory mammals in areas where rabbits have vanished?
  12. gnipper

    North/south divide.

    The way my brother in laws going with his missus Cornwall is going to be 50% northern before long
  13. gnipper


    I've got bekinas at the mo and they're decent for walking around in but they're no warmer than any other standard work wellies, if your stuck on a machine or standing around you get cold.
  14. gnipper


    What make are they and are they steel toecaps?
  15. gnipper

    Is it a fetish ?

    Here's one for ya meece