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  1. Them frenchies have fell in price drastically and loads of people are offloading their young breeding stock too since the arse started dropping out of the market.
  2. gnipper

    My mate

    It must be that fuzzy camera greyman,they are flat coated retrievers.
  3. Hows everyone getting on? I've got a few canaries out and finally got some mules and full eggs in the nest now after a lot of clears. Lost both my marked goldfinch hens so wrote them off for this year but managed to get a hen which has built up ready to lay. This time last year I'd bred a lot more.
  4. Pretty much anything you search for on YouTube will have something you wouldn't mind knocking boots with in the video in some way. YouTube suggests things too and you find yourself watching a live edge table being made, snorkeling or women's athletics. The long jumper videos with 10+ million views didn't get them from people admiring her skill.
  5. I don't know tbh mate. My first pair if canaries had chicks on boxing day in the house with a normal light bulb though, the cock was bred in the same year too.
  6. A lad I know breeds a lot early doors using heat and light in his shed and it suits him but personally summer is for breeding birds. I've thought about putting my goldie cocks in one shed with lights and the canaries on natural lights to try and get them in condition at the same time but I'd worry about messing them up.
  7. If there is already birds returning then I bet a few hoppers around the place with pellets in will fetch a few more in and keep them around. Its surprising how many reappear after the season isn't it.
  8. Throw a load of carrots in the boot and see if you can get the bunnies back with you.
  9. I think they're very pricey over here too and b*****ds for fighting. I thought about a staff but if it liked a scrap it would cause a lot of grief.
  10. If I get a lurcher Ray I'd be back to moping around with nothing to run and worrying about getting plastered all over the local facebook pages. Not worth the mider locally.
  11. I'm looking into getting a dog at the minute for a family dog that can still be useful and not completely gay so been looking at labs and it's a minefield. I'm interested in other breeds but the fertility problems like labs.
  12. You could argue they have been bred for colour and dollar over temperament and health though. The majority of labs I've been around have been on the shoots and were mostly sound temperament but the couple of iffy ones I've seen have been the big show types or rescues.
  13. First working pouters of the year and the next two are just hatching today.
  14. I had a quick read through the post earlier and I'm defending anyone in any way but I had a dog put down recently and the only proof I have of it is the collar and lead I carried out with me? Are you meant to get a slip like off a log book?
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