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  1. gnipper


    Flying bird?
  2. Great news that Phil, my mum's been given the all clear now too after her operation, has to go once a year for 5 years to check it. Shame my dad passed in June though and didn't get to hear the good news and about his new grandchild.
  3. gnipper

    Arm Wrestling (info )

    A lad I went to school with wins a fair few comps but he's tiny, I think he's bantam weight.
  4. gnipper

    Staffy Bull

    https://www.teamriskys.com I don't know anything about them but these look pretty decent.
  5. gnipper

    Deben mk3 ferret finder anyone 🤔

    Does it come with a collar?
  6. Half the cnuts doing it though couldn't keep a goldfish and have got bitches stacked up in manky crates getting lined every time their in season. A girl I went to school with breeds poodle cross things and must make a fortune off them but they all live the life of luxury and get fed the best etc. It's still breeding for financial gain but I know who I'd rather buy a pup off.
  7. A decrease in rabbits and permission and an increase in kids is pulling me away from lurchers, I've still got my terriers for a bit of pest control but I won't be rushing to get another lurcher.
  8. gnipper

    A bit of luck is a great thing,

    I took the big filter box out of mine when I had it, as Gnash said it's shite and I used to get fish living in it. There was one botia who lived inside the outlet for the powerhead.
  9. gnipper

    Piccalilli Recipie

    I thought about trying a few with other ingredients like chilli or even a curry paste. I was going to try one with beetroot in too.
  10. gnipper

    fish keeping/tropical

    I think your meant to soak them in something, possibly potassium permangonate? but I could be wrong, it happened once before
  11. gnipper

    Piccalilli Recipie

    I threw a couple of spoons of wholegrain mustard in too and it tastes good so far.
  12. gnipper

    Piccalilli Recipie

    I was planning on chucking this stuff in raw, a lot of it seems to have gone soft whilst it's salting though.
  13. gnipper

    Piccalilli Recipie

    My cauliflower are ready mate, I've got the veg salting away as I type. I've got cauliflower, courgette, cucumber, onion, shallots and french beans in there. I was thinking of trying a couple of experimental jars too with beetroot or other seasonings?
  14. gnipper

    Piccalilli Recipie

    How did your picallili turn out Terry? I've just been searching through for this as I remembered seeing a recipe on here.
  15. gnipper

    lee duffy of borough

    A cousin of mine was a tough bloke but he wasn't bullet proof either unfortunately.