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  1. gnipper

    Another Bird in the Hand

    Finally got a chance to sit down and read it tonight mate and I enjoyed it. I will breed a hybrid myself one day.
  2. gnipper

    Available Mid-November...

    And me.
  3. gnipper

    Seasons started

    Although they're just little brown birds that don't sing they are lovely little things aren't they. I need some unrelated isabels to pair these I've bred to as all mine are close bred now.
  4. gnipper

    Any ideas wtf this is

    If it's a lump that puss came out of would you not say it was a foreign body like a thorn?
  5. gnipper

    Food challenge

    That's the lad I was on about.
  6. gnipper

    Food challenge

    There was a programme a few months ago about English competitive eaters and a lad from the north east was eating them amounts Tomo, I felt ill watching him eat.
  7. gnipper

    Seasons started

    Couple of linnet mules and some redpolls
  8. gnipper

    Painting plasterboard

    Knock off any high spots, prep it with a bonding agent of your choice and just skim over it.
  9. gnipper

    Toby’s house

    Bang the lot in a giant yorkshire I'd eat the lot but not gravy that's just wrong.
  10. gnipper

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Be nice for you when they all start puking
  11. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    There was lots of wealthy houses round here before they got divided into bedsits for the foreigners and smackheads.
  12. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    Poshest thing round mine then They dragged a track level near this recently and it was full of oyster shells and kids shoes, proper old fashioned ones like Victorian.
  13. gnipper

    Any Ww2 finds?

    I found an unexploded hand grenade at work a good while ago, the old colonel who owned the estate let the army train on the estate so that's where it came from. An old lady who worked here said the last time one was found was 30 year before and the village bobby took it off in the basket of his bike rattling and bouncing around to the main station in town.
  14. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    I've found this type of jar before but normallybroken and never with the lid in, what were they used for? There's something in it but I don't want to break it trying to get it open.