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  1. That one strumming away on her instrument looks like she knows her way around the organ too.
  2. I'll have to hope she doesn't see the advert
  3. gnipper


    Might sound daft but if the docs said your ok could it be something like anxiety?
  4. I think they are worried about people spreading them around.
  5. gnipper


    Yokel is he off any particular breeding or did you just get a staff and put the time into conditioning him?
  6. gnipper


    Might get a nice staff after these hairy little feckers have gone (the borders not the kids)
  7. Is it hot to walk on when the sun's on it?
  8. Apparently the dog ones are the best to use
  9. Derek's on bad taste, it's Lionel on braindead. Come to mummy Lionel
  10. Going off their ages and genders I'd say the worst thing that will happen is your house getting trashed from them constantly playing and arsing around.
  11. Nobody has mentioned Bad Taste yet
  12. Isn't it something like the hair from round your arsehole?
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