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  1. I've found they go red enough when given dark greens like dandelion leaves and broccoli etc.
  2. The pea throat has filled a few eggs before he went outside with the goldie hen
  3. Easy enough to selectively breed in captivity but out in the wild is different, it must be prey dependent where the bigger cats can take the bigger prey like the wallabies or something making them more successful.
  4. Would them aussie ferals stay big if they were in captivity or would they revert to normal domestic size when bred from? Its mad how they are getting bigger through evolution so quickly.
  5. The puma you saw that approached you cooking food would you say it was a tame/captive released one?
  6. I've taken my young canaries away from their hens today as they are wanting to have round 2. The little buggers are sulking but I know they are eating.
  7. I've chucked the pea in with her. I was going to get some mules off him first but might as well try and get some straights off him.
  8. I don't think I'll have as many as last year but some is better than none. I've switched the cock bird in my goldie pair so hopefully they click.
  9. We do ours the same here as the peat rots the wire in no time. I ain't digging a trench to bury it when it will need replacing in a year or two.
  10. All 5 goldies are full too
  11. Candled my first full mule eggs tonight
  12. You old buggers need someone to carry for you?
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