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  1. gnipper

    I’ve seen it all now

    I'm sure I read something he wrote about a 17 year old bitch having 16 litters or something and grafting well too and all the pups grafted?
  2. gnipper

    Hob wont serve Jill.....

    My hobs nadgers are nearly back inside now so I've chucked a jill in with him today, there's a bit of bickering going on but he's not trying to shag her anything like he would have been a few week ago.
  3. gnipper

    What type are these?

    Was it chipper who had one off Burrell and it was meant to be a natural? I'm sure I remember reading that on here.
  4. gnipper

    What type are these?

    That's the rare Abyssinian tripe hound. I've got one
  5. gnipper

    Hob wont serve Jill.....

    Have his knackers gone back inside?
  6. gnipper

    What would you do

    Buy houses to rent out and tell work to f**k off. A few hunting trips around the world.
  7. Cheapo piriton from Aldi?
  8. gnipper

    Bodywork garages?

    Make sure you wear dust masks whatever your doing with fillers, sanding or spraying. My brother runs a paint shop and the amount of sprayers with fecked lungs that come in he always moans about me using one.
  9. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    No mate it came up when I was searching on the local site for Mrs plumtree. I think we did find a few different local pots in the hole and potted shrimps too but like I say they were all damaged. The other lad from work took allsorts home I'll see if he got anything good.
  10. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    That's an ad from 1900 apparently. It must have been all the toothless old visitors that made potted meats so popular.
  11. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    Me and a mate found a load of them potted meat ones in the same hole but they were all damaged unfortunately.
  12. gnipper

    Knockerbox Repairs

    I don't think I've seen a thread on here about Jim's passing so I thought I best let the lads who aren't on facebook know.
  13. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    I found an unexploded hand grenade at work once too that must have been ploughed god knows how many times, the old landowner used to let the army train on the estate or something that's why it was there. One was found 30 years before that and the village bobby stuck it in his bike basket and rattled it off to the main station in town. The one I found was detonated by the army and went off.
  14. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    They're building on the local hospital site at the moment and a blokes been going on at night and picking up loads of stuff as it's the old tip. Some of the stuff he's put on a local facebook group is really interesting. He's been getting signs and sweet wrappers etc that look like they've never been used.
  15. gnipper

    Old bottles etc

    How old would this be?