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  1. I keep getting cramps in my forearm which I think is from my knackered shoulder, it's weird. Other than that the only cramp I seem to get is when I'm about to shoot my muck and it doesn't half spoil the moment
  2. They've been collecting nesting material up here for a bit now.
  3. Are you sure they said "flanker"?
  4. I've seen some shocking looking ones advertised online,lads with cages chokka with obviously wild birds advertising in their own names feck knows how they get away with it.
  5. Loads of birds for sale and not one aviary or parent bird to be seen,same all over the place.
  6. I think its 100 -120 for goldies up here but you need to be careful they are rung properly etc. Bullies I couldn't say,probably 180 -200? Stafford sale is on in March you'll find summat there.
  7. All them weird coloured bullies are Northern/siberian birds the same with the weird coloured goldies and them siberian goldies sound horrible,I like a nice natural coloured native bird too.
  8. I'm hopefully working towards breeding proper pied goldies,plenty of lads are breeding them now but they want ridiculous money for them which I can't afford. I have bred more marked mules than in previous years since using this family of goldfinches.
  9. Its the top of the shoulder not the armpit but that can be hard with young birds too. I could have sorted you out before Christmas but I won't have any now till autumn
  10. You get cock birds with poor blazes and hens with good blazes justbto throw a spanner in the works,I find the black hairs around the beak a better indicator. Cheverals have a white line through the mask completely under the chin and if it doesn't go all the way through its a pea throat. Both are indicators of being a pied bird and "could" increase your chances of breeding pied or clear mules.
  11. Nice bird. I bred a couple last season and I'm hoping to breed better this time.
  12. There's no rush mate and I'll sort you the cash out if you let me know when your passing, cheers
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