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  1. gnipper


    It'll heal quick enough if the dog leaves the wound and stitches alone. Mine was a twat for messing with it but it still wasn't too long before it healed.
  2. gnipper

    Seasons started

    First lesser redpoll nest of the year. Should hopefully be mostly silver's.
  3. gnipper

    Another bird in the hand

    I'm sure omanyra can sort you out a signed copy at a decent price.
  4. gnipper

    Seasons started

    This is my first pair and they were brilliant parents last year, 15 chicks they reared so I'm hoping they rear the same this year. I've heard of loads of problems like the cock pecking eggs and stuff but he's great and pumps the chicks full of food. I had a couple of surprise colours too in the chicks.
  5. gnipper

    Seasons started

    My siskins have picked up where they left off last year. Canaries are nearly all on eggs, goldies are messing with material and one pair of redpolls have started to build a bit too. How's everyone else getting on with their birds?
  6. gnipper

    Another bird in the hand

    Reserve me one Bill if there's not gonna be many.
  7. gnipper

    Strangest thing.

    We get robin's following us around work when we're digging and work stops till someone finds a worm for them.
  8. gnipper


    Screenshot them with your phone.
  9. gnipper


    The bloke I go to definitely isn't a charlatan, I was there last couple of weeks with my shoulder and it's miles better at the end of the session. There's not necessarily a load of cracking and yanking on you to get stuff back where it should be it's mainly just realigning yourself with a bit of help from him.
  10. gnipper


    A decent chiropractor should be able to get you something like straight, good luck.
  11. gnipper

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Its better with this video.
  12. gnipper


    Get a border, shave one side and strip the other and then in a few months tell me it doesn't change the coat.
  13. gnipper


    Shaving can/does make the coat softer. Them furminators are good for raking out thick dead undercoat too for anyone with thick coated dogs that suffer in the heat.
  14. gnipper

    Lucky fella

    How's the king doing Trev?
  15. gnipper

    Mini Ferrets

    Good because I was asking frank Rawlinson.