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  1. Jesus ,some price that .my stuff went back to colin rivers stuff.i gifted all my pups away .unfortunately the favour was never returned !!
  2. New member of the gang .foxhound beagle x beagle spaniel.
  3. He opened up ont fox sunday mate .was a very deep and loud cry .very good to listen to .
  4. Hes a foxhound beagle x beagle spaniel.
  5. 2 spots to do today for local chicken farmer .hes been hammered since hes reared turkeys for xmas .first fox was bolted after 2 hours .just keeped running round. And when it did bolt it cought the farmers son off guard and his mist the f****r !!! 2nd spot we done produced a fox which was cleanly shot .new young dog my brother bought done well on him. Farmer was over moon .as u can see from picture lol.
  6. I walked into a mental hospital earlier, one of the residents had his cock between two biscuits. I said, "What are you doing?" he said, "I'm f***ing crackers"...
  7. A lesbian collapsed after licking 15 fannies in 2 hours....... Doctors think she may have overdosed on crack....
  8. What has two wings and a halo?...............A Chinese telephone.
  9. 243, was 150 yards away. Looked back for a split second and he dropped it .
  10. After this for a bit on a Turkey farm .keeped out of lamp .but last night curiosity killed the cat ,my dad who's holding fox is 5ft 8inches .gives u idea how big he was
  11. Another sad day for us today .one of our top dogs has sadly passed away .he had an aggressive bacterial pneumonia the vet said .he literally went down in a couple of hours .R.I.P DUMBO .you will be sadly and deeply missed .
  12. Hi mate a mate of mine has just lined his small bitch last week .due back end of December.
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