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  1. A lot of those boulders where I ferret, I don't know how many times I've seen rabbits run straight at them then zip around trying to smash the dogs. That's why I start my dogs as young pups, but still scary at times.
  2. R.I.P Lima, sorry for the loss of your good dog mate.
  3. My grandmother had a red kelpie that was as, or more protective than a acd of my mum as a baby and attacked quite a few people that went near her. It was a failed stock dog that was scared of a whip cracking. That was back in 1946.
  4. Phil, did these dogs guard as well as hunt? I haven't owned one myself but have hunted with a mates acd/ grey when younger but can't remember if it guarded. I was thinking of a dual purpose lurcher when my old bulldog crosses pass on.
  5. I had a big one eyed albino buck escape and the neighbor found him in her chicken pen, she ended up with 6 stitches. I owned up, she was known as a mean bitch but was ok about the encounter. She had clubbed the ferret to death which I was happy about as it had attacked the whippets several times when hunting, lol.
  6. You should get a good long working life with that cross and few injuries.
  7. Anyone that can handle living with 20 plus terriers deserves a meddle, Plummer excluded, lol.
  8. The Silkies are lighter built with the Yorkshire coat, bred as pets mainly but they still have the terrier vermin killing ability, or they did. They do show Oz terriers too but both breeds are pretty scarce now over here. I remember a notorious doberman got out to attack me walking the silkies off lead as a kid and the terriers kicked it's ass, lol.
  9. I didn't know honey expired, didn't they find some in the pharaohs tombs that was still ok?
  10. I got a few pups over the years at that age, they bonded well with me but needed a bit more care for a bit. If you have other dogs they do fine as yours has.
  11. Might of just had a dickhead owner, all the running dogs I've owned have had different temps from a coiled spring type to very laid back and have worked ok. Once they work the rabbit skin play seems to not interest them, they just become serious and grow up quick.
  12. She might keep it up until she matures more. If she's a hunting bred dog she has to relieve her prey drive somehow.
  13. Seen a few young dogs do this but stopped when they started on real game.
  14. I had a staff cross Oz cattle dog when young that went everywhere with me, it used to bite bees until it's mouth swelled up and also used to bite hot coals in the campfire and chew them, loyal dog but totally nuts.
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