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  1. Same on Gumtree here, $2000 for a useless crossbred. I've noticed they aren't selling and people advertising 4 month pups later at a 1/4 of the price. I can imagine how much it costs to run a dozen mastiff type pups to that age.
  2. I'd like a first cross either Jack Russell or Patterdale /whippet but it wouldn't replace the running dogs but work with them. On the ground here you need very fast dogs in the open.
  3. It could have been my grandson bitten and just a waste of a good terrier. I just can't bring myself to like snakes, probably because most around my area are deadly. I had a close call with one and was trapped behind a shed but saved by my blue whippet/ stag. I had no phone or car at the time and no close neighbors so I would have been dead for sure.
  4. My dogs put in extra effort when they see a black rabbit for some reason and they kill which they rarely do on normal colored rabbits.
  5. No I was just exaggerating but you can imagine in the future with animal liberation, some states in the US dogs have more rights than people. Nobody will be able to afford a companion animal.
  6. I'm still trying to cross my Parson with my whippet bitches, putting the bitch in a hole for height but as soon as you interfere with the mating he won't perform. I haven't seen any decent whippet terriers over here.
  7. True but I'm not going to starve myself to give a ferret a kidney transplant, they were supposed to provide the poor with fresh rabbit to eat and still are in some places.
  8. Tbh you do get attached to some ferrets, the ones that work well for you and they all should be cared for as good as you can but I think you have to draw the line somewhere. Heart transplants, putting them on kidney dialysis machines may be too much lol, it's a ferret for fck sakes. It's going to get to the stage no one will be able to afford to keep even a pet budgie.
  9. I've only taken one to a vet as he had cancer near his eye, he was my best ever worker. They cut it out but it grew back so I shot him. I've never had another sick one I couldn't treat myself and just keep them comfortable if they are dying of old age. I think vets play on people's heartstrings a lot and I could of bought a brand new Landcruiser the money I've spent on dogs over the years at vets, lol.
  10. I really like both whippets and greys but they cant compare to a working terriers intelligence. Terriers may appear stupid at times due to their gameness but for ingenuity they leave most hounds for dead. The whippets do surprise me at times though.
  11. The main difference I've found is the working bred whippets seem to know the game even as very young pups, some inherent knowledge and you may get more good workers from a litter but I couldn't say that for sure as I've only owned a couple from pet stock which were both decent rabbiters.
  12. They use their nose more than what people think. They are the best pure bred for rabbits I reckon, even whippets from pet stock pick up the job pretty quick.
  13. I love and have always had whippet types but I wouldn't say they are overly intelligent. I've had one grey I raised as a lurcher and I really liked him too but he wasn't the brightest. I think both are very driven and game when hunting and that's what I like about them.
  14. The parson at the front and the small bitch at the back are. She was a very game bitch, too game. Even my pit/ am bulldog guard dogs didn't mess with her, but very gentle with people. Very sad when she died at 3 years. Pic when she came home from the vet after first bite nearly $3000 spent only to die from a second bite a couple of weeks later. She was a beauty.
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