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  1. I don't take offence when an abbo slings abuse at me, it's like when a gorilla at the zoo throws shit at you, you don't hate the gorilla, you laugh and think poor creature. They get away with it because they are more primitive, I believe that's the best way to think.
  2. Snakes are a minimal danger unless the dog grabs one. Where I am in Oz I only hunt in the cooler months because I have terriers as well as a whippet and the terriers target snakes. Not worth losing a good dog and it's too hot in Summer here anyway, your more likely to lose dogs to overheating than anything else.
  3. It gets lonely in the outback, but not that lonely, lol.
  4. You can see why they bred Boerboels. At least they have lions and hyenas to dispose of the evidence, I'd imagine the badgers over your way having a hard time cleaning up all the mess, lol.
  5. I think a lot of hatred started with the new can't say anything bullshit. In Oz we've always had a mixed population for as long as I can remember. We used to call Italians, Greeks and Lebs wogs, Asians slopeheads and abo's boongs from the noise they make when they hit your bullbar. It let off steam and everyone seemed to accept the names, it was not blood thirsty hatred, just jest. If you said that now knives would come out. Not really on subject but thought I'd add it.
  6. Poor boy, hope he heals well for you. It must have hurt him as I've had whippets try and shrug off injuries when hunting and had to pull them up.
  7. I'd be happy to move back your way if you get rid of the immigrants. If everyone stayed in their own land we wouldn't have this problem. Either that or we get rid of our unwanted immigrants and all you people come over here, lol.
  8. I used to think that until I moved out bush and lived near them. I'm an easy going, friendly type person until someone crosses me and no matter how nice you are they will push you until you snap. I don't think I'm better for my skin color and I didn't choose to be born here as were 6 or more generations before me.
  9. That does sound like I'm being a cnt but you don't live around them. I reckon they should give them land then cut off all modern conveniences, they wouldn't last a week. When you get your dogs poisoned or speared you tend to loose compassion for the poor native. Anyway they got conquered over 200 years ago so they need to get over it and enjoy the benefits of the modern world and start acting like a human.
  10. They are probably about 5% indigenous and 95% English, Irish or whatever yet they identify as black in order to get handouts. These cast bred ones are the trouble makers, the 1/4 cast are the worst. I have a mate who is black as boot polish, full aboriginal and he is a great bloke, funny and honest. He has a good job and a nice mrs.
  11. I'm pretty sure that's right, now they are trying to get sections of coast and it seems they are getting the red carpet rolled out. Give them an inch. They're a useless people, they get everything handed to them yet they still complain. A cop up North shot a young indigenous not long ago because he came at them with a knife, now they want official revenge by spearing the copper. If I came at a cop with a knife I'd expect to be shot. Just an example of their mentality. I still feel more sorry for you guys seeing your homeland and way of life destroyed.
  12. Over here you only need to identify as being indigenous, there are a lot of ginger, freckled boongs getting handouts. You can tell who has it in them though, they are total cnts and mostly in jail. They are truly the worst race of people that have ever existed.
  13. Nothing much anyone can do, there are fcken billions of them. That's why it's far worse for you UK people.
  14. I moved to the sticks years ago here in Oz because I could see what was going to happen. Now a large number of white Aussies are doing the same. Problem is the bush is full of indigenous, which are ok to live with if you are a zoo keeper.
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