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  1. Aussie Whip

    Should I breed my springer bitch?

    I bred my pit bitch who was a brilliant dog but a whinger, twice to two different quiet dogs two years apart.All the dog pups I know of turned out whingers,and all the bitches were quiet like the fathers.They all were great dogs apart from that.
  2. Aussie Whip

    Mesh in ferret toilet areas

    Here in NSW its pretty traditional to have wire floor hutches, easier to clean and way cooler in 40c summers.If decent weldmesh is ok on their feet.
  3. Aussie Whip

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    No, but I hear there is some endangered whale sharks in a pond you'd probably be interested in blowing away to cater for your macho insecurities.You must have great bush skills to track an elephant,sort of like tracking a backhoe.
  4. Aussie Whip

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    I was actually going to breed some dogs for you guys,boerboel cross patterdale for when warthogs go to ground,so you can put some effort into your hunting.Shooting an animal the size of a barn in a cage with a cannon isn't a challenge.
  5. Aussie Whip

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    Thanks, you said you enjoy killing stuff,thats the difference, most hunters like hunting ,the killing is just the shitty bit at the end.
  6. Aussie Whip

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    Feral animals in my own country not native animals in their home country.
  7. Aussie Whip

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    I wouldn't be interested in meeting one,but have seen enough on doco's etc. While your here could you explain the attraction of going to a foreign country and killing say an elephant or large predator.
  8. Aussie Whip

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    The only thing moronic is big game hunting in general.I've been a hunter for 40 plus years and I can't see how people get enjoyment from destroying these awesome creatures.I'd say the majority of these people would be pin dicked Ferrari drivers with a twenty year old dumb blonde mrs and an over inflated ego,the animals they kill have so much more to offer the world than these douche bags.
  9. Aussie Whip

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    But only a fraction of what big game hunters have to answer to.What were cartoons making out animals were nice,god forbid.
  10. Aussie Whip

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    The thing is with pics of lions and elephant with some useless slob standing next to its corpse dosen;t paint a good picture in general of hunters,of who 9 out of 10 find this type of thing distasteful, so you can only imagine what the general public think of it.Its a draconian pastime from an era most want to forget and is going to spell the end for genuine dogmen and hunters who are helping the environment and famers thin out pest species
  11. Aussie Whip

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    These two,there from two different foxing lines.I'm going to keep him to start my own line of workers.Was waiting till later to breed but glad it happened.Bitch in first pic.
  12. Aussie Whip

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Decided to keep this male pup from an accidental mating after his dam ripped a hole in a chain link fence to get to the dog,have to go weldmesh.Little bloke is hard as nails already and cocking his leg on trees at 8weeks.
  13. Aussie Whip

    A Look About

    Pups growing nice mate.
  14. Aussie Whip

    Non working dogs

    It is a shame with the lurchers as they are probably from workers and are missing their vocation.Whippets I think if not worked are happy being lounge lizards,although they do need to stretch their legs.I can obviously see the attraction to these dogs by non hunting owners, but they will never witness them at their finest.
  15. Aussie Whip

    Working Dogs / House Dogs

    I keep the whippets inside and terriers out,the whippets don't have much dog odour and are quiet,the terriers moult a lot , can't sit still and get bored.