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  1. Aussie Whip


    That's true, there's not much in day old chicks,probably not as good as eggs.Sort of avian fairy floss.
  2. How fast do you want them?lol.
  3. Aussie Whip

    More fecking dreamers

    Some people over judge their "eye" for a good working dog.If the pups fail they will say it was bad management.I don't know how many times an unlikely looking dog has surprised me with its ability.So seeing them in action then their breeding is the way to go imo.
  4. Aussie Whip


    The mrs had 2 GWP's that were really good pig dogs,very game and good at finding.Also they were great guard/protection dogs and would attack intruders.I think same as any breed,a1/4 GWP 3/4 sight hound as a lurcher is enough.
  5. Aussie Whip

    Skinny nursing jill

    Fresh meat
  6. Aussie Whip

    Old Photo's

    It also looks English bull/Russell.I was hoping you knew.
  7. Aussie Whip

    Old Photo's

  8. Aussie Whip

    Skinny nursing jill

    I only have two old hobs atm,not much around, and both hate eating rabbit,maybe their sick of it but I have to feed chicken or roo.I think it stops them laying up and eating kits when working though.
  9. Aussie Whip

    Skinny nursing jill

    I was always told meat makes milk in carnivores,don't worry if the jill is thin just feed her up on meat.I cant see milk being a natural diet for anything that is past the nursing age.
  10. Aussie Whip


    Plenty of terriers can do the job of a plummer,imo brian was looking for a legacy,his name forever on a breed.Close inbreeding and severe culling,an inhumane shortcut to please his ego.You might say this needs to be done to cement a line,I'd rather go the long way.
  11. Aussie Whip

    Old Photo's

    I don't know if these old dogs were better than todays dogs but they had a hard workman like look that is lacking in a lot of modern dogs.Top pics fellas.
  12. Aussie Whip


    I was always told greyhounds have old bulldog blood,whippets have a good dose of bull blood imo.Mine don't start fights but will pile in on any fight that starts around them.
  13. Aussie Whip


    Yeah, I feed my ferts thermador,the inlaws can catch their own dinner.
  14. Aussie Whip


    Mate,dog aggression is the last thing you want in a pigdog that usually hunts in packs.You will never find a dog aggressive pig dog here.They have to be sociable.I just don't like labs as a breed,whether they are good examples or not and def not bred intro running dogs for me.
  15. That's the type most terrier people like here.