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  1. Most working terriers prefer rats to rabbits because they do bite. I like to start them on rats at 6 months but my new bitch started herself at 3 months and never got put off from getting bitten.
  2. What's the white dog got in it mate? it looks whippet or grey and russell.
  3. Very sorry about your dog mate. When I got my blue bitch PTS at 9 from cancer I felt my heart drop out of me.
  4. My family have been harvesting snatch for more than six generations. Fck that place, lol.
  5. I think that's Holland mate, you know, clogs, hot women with blonde plats, daffodils and heaps of windmills.
  6. Has the dog ever overheated badly in the past? I had a dog that got out and was chasing roos on a hot day and would overheat very quickly after that. Don't know if this is a scientifically proven thing but it happened to mine. I agree with gnipper on the highly strung thing though.
  7. I didn't see this because I'm in Oz so it is a story. They do lead dogs out to eat them I've been told and maybe picked the wrong one?
  8. I've heard of a pit bitch killing three adult coyote that led her into the bush.
  9. Not sure mate, I'm only going on my 20kg buckskin bitch that used to throw cattle dogs bigger than her around and up in the air if they went near her. A coyote wouldn't last long.
  10. A full pit would kill any coyote above or below ground, like a Russell on a rat.
  11. There was a hunter that used first cross pit/bloodhounds and reckoned they were really good. I know a guy with bloodhound/mastiff first crosses that work well and are good guards as well. I think they add bloodhound for the nose obviously in thick country. I don't know about pures but I can't see why they wouldn't lug when dogs like labs will. The pit/bloodhounds are a nice style of dog, the ones I saw looked like brindle hounds with long ears, slightly shorter and lean muscled. I'm more a terrier, lurcher person myself but the mrs used to catch pigs for a living and she didn't like pit in her
  12. They use practically any likely dog for pigs over here in Oz and bloodhounds and their crosses mostly are quite popular now. Pit/bloodhounds are supposed to be good in thick scrub.
  13. You have some scary moors over there Blacky.
  14. Or a dash of werewolf.
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