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  1. Aussie Whip

    Another vets bill

    They have you over a barrel,being dog men,your dogs are everything.It comes down to economics in the end,as much as you love your animals you can't let the family go hungry.Ah fck it,they could do with losing a bit of weight.
  2. I think its the combination of diseases driving the population right down and then hunters,be they man or beast killing off the few rabbits that have become immuned.It could have something to do with climate change as well with more insects to spread disease,something rabbits and us have never dealt with,or not in recent times.If the population gets too low,inbreeding will create weaker animals as I've seen in isolated populations of rabbits here.
  3. Aussie Whip


  4. Aussie Whip

    Boozey Sloes and Blackberries

    Christmas pudding.
  5. Aussie Whip


    Yeah the roo meats dark red and no fat,mixed with the lamb fat its ok but they were selling it as beef and charging double the price of roo.Where I am now there's no rabbits,there used to be thousands,so have to travel higher into the ranges where there still a few in isolated pockets.I think in the lower wetter areas have been wiped out by disease.
  6. Aussie Whip


    Here in oz I worked at a raw pet meat wholesaler.Beef steaks were roo steaks,and beef mince was roo meat minced with lamb fat.There were no regulations for pet food then, don't know about now.
  7. Aussie Whip

    Unusual Bushing Dog

    No unfortunately.
  8. Aussie Whip

    child killer released

    Should have been inhumanely euthanized.Prison's a joke.
  9. Aussie Whip

    Unusual Bushing Dog

    Yeah I hate cats too,the russells aren't bad on them.
  10. Aussie Whip

    Unusual Bushing Dog

    Know a bloke who's a conservationist(not an anti)uses 2 basenji's and a bully/cattle dog for bushing and killing feral cats.Goes around on horseback with them.Their very good at their job.
  11. Aussie Whip

    Terrier x whippets

    Amazing how the russells can take the pups.Mates bitch got out and mated with a shepherd/rotty cross and spat the pups out fine.And surprisingly all got homes.
  12. Aussie Whip

    Small lurcher,

    Your sons too young to own a working dog,most kids wont look after a goldfish at that age.I'd wait till he's a bit older and make him save up for one doing chores etc,he will value it more.Make him do the hard yards,carrying the ferrets,feeding the dogs so he learns hard work is how you achieve your goals not whining for something.If he's still interested at twelve let him buy his own.
  13. Aussie Whip


    More like a c'nt of a deer.
  14. Aussie Whip

    Quick question...

    It would come in handy with recall like that.Once my dogs are on something your wasting your breath,but they are running dogs.My mate has kelpie ,running dog crosses he can call off but they are not as dedicated as mine to catch,not as highly driven or one track minded.So whatever suits you is best.
  15. Aussie Whip


    But you don't get long runs on rabbits.If mine kick one up a decent way from a warren, its history.