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  1. I used to use the netting off fruit trees on big, multi holed warrens to stop them hole jumping when doing pest control jobs but you need ferrets. I'm afraid you are going to put at least some investment in if you want to catch anything. Rabbits aren't Einstein but they have extreme survival instincts and don't commit suicide very often.
  2. My daughter is the same with her old pitbull, blokes are dime a dozen, good dogs aren't, lol.
  3. Bet she still wouldn't part with him, he's a great looking animal
  4. Yeah good pics mate, what's the brindle one made up of, it's hard to tell the size but looks Russell/whippet or bull/whippet?
  5. Do they allow dogs in nursing homes? If not I'll get the green dream before then
  6. I think a lot of these people shouldn't even own a dog. To me hunting is all about the dogs, their welfare and seeing them working at their peak fitness. Unless you are catching stuff to survive or a pro pest controller the dog doesn't need to be a world beater at any age and deff not as a youngster.
  7. Lol, it's a prisoner's Island, trying to take us back to our roots, you're not far off mate. In some ways Oz is a free, forward country and other ways it's like a bunch of backward hillbillies running the show.
  8. A fare few even older blokes get deerhound staghound types and expect them to be hunting at 6 months like a bully cross when some need 18 and end up shooting them. They really need to be educated on the breeds before getting them, the dumb fcks.
  9. Do you know toolebox if any real wild boar were released in Oz at all? I've never heard of them being in NZ but you have some different imports than us like stoats, weasels I think and Chamois and other stuff like our delightful Brush Tailed possums, sorry about them, lol.
  10. Same as every layman I don't really know what the long term effects of the jabs are. I got two jabs because they said we wouldn't be able to travel to see family and I have kids and grandkids in different areas of NSW. I do know I got extreme kidney pain after the second dose and was vomiting and passing out for two days, the weirdest illness I've had and felt like I was dying. I hate prescription drugs and don't even like taking Panadol because it wasn't here when god or nature gave us every remedy naturally. I also have no trust in the gov having our welfare at heart, they are greedy cnts.
  11. Also allows you think outside the box and the gov doesn't like that. If I didn't have a chuff now and then I'd probably would have put a tomahawk through someone's face by now so it's not all bad mate.
  12. Sorry to hear that Ray and hope you can get around better soon. What about a little whirrier later on to do some ratting or rabbiting?
  13. I don't agree with killing any native birds. Even if you do kill them they will be replaced when the others realize there is an open territory for them. If I saw anyone shoot a wedge tailed eagle over here they'd better watch out.
  14. If you want to catch some pigs you should come over to Oz bullmastiff. I even get them come through my 24 acre block in the Central Tablelands NSW but the Northern Territory is still the mecca for pig hunting here. Anywhere there are pine plantations in NSW you are sure to find decent populations. Your bullmastiff cross bully/grey would have done well over here, bull terrier/stags are very popular for pigs here.
  15. What's the temp like on them Moocher, as protective as the straight bulldogs?
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