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  1. I think the dominant pack leader type dogs tend to be less obedient. My whip/stag was the best dog I've owned but she always worked on her terms. If we were about to go home and there were still rabbits in a close warren she would "make me" ferret that warren then would happily get in the car. I tried to overpower her with commands but after 9 years and thousands of rabbits under her belt I just went along with her. She was a pig headed but very thorough bitch and a champion pest control dog in my eyes.
  2. Best thing to do, most will shit themselves when you're out of sight and learn to keep you close. It's worked for me with lurchers and pits but not Russells ,
  3. The ACD's are very good doers, as said from the dingo ancestry, so they don't need as much food to maintain their bodies but need heaps of exercise to keep fit.
  4. Gotta have legs, that one looks fast as fck.
  5. I would have liked to see my old 3/4 working whippet 1/4 staghound in a race but she only liked the real thing.
  6. Not doing much hunting now just mooching but still have this bitch, grew cross working whippet. She has a weird running style, nothing like whippets I've owned but covers a lot of ground.
  7. Just give you a one up, don't ever compare me to the likes of Rolph peado Harris you little piss ant ?
  8. No, just at my age I don't have time for dickheads.
  9. But I act like Chopper ?ya butthole serrated knucklehead ?.
  10. I doubt they love it. You sound like Chopper Reid blowtorching toes off, lol.
  11. I don't think it's ethical hunting using an underpowered dog, for the game hunted or the dogs. It is admirable watching the little dogs punch way above their weight but in some instances you can see the vet bills piling up.
  12. Your lucky mate, a lot of areas over here don't get Winters cold enough to kill fleas. The only place I've heard with no fleas is where a mate lives in the upper Blue Mountains, he's never had to buy flea prevention. Years ago I had 12 big dogs but you could use spot on every 3 years and never see a flea but not now they're immune to it.
  13. I think it's too strong now but so are some of the new dog chews and spot on, hard to know what to use.
  14. Yeah I can't see the point of that cross when you get a better and more useful dog from grey/bulldog mating plus I wouldn't pollute the best pure bred rabbit dog, the whippet with a non hunting slow lump of muscle, lol.
  15. Cougar Bourbon, it used to be one of the cheap ones, probably why I first bought it, lol but up there with the dearer ones now. All I've drunk for the last 25 years, except for coffee, never get hung over ?.
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