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  1. I've only caught feral goats with bull breeds who grabbed the throat, did your dog ear the goats as my mate's staghound does? Just interested.
  2. For a straight cross it's all about terrain and quarry. For me it's 2 running dogs crossed because I need really fast dogs for the country I hunt. I also like terrier cross whippets for working the blackberries.
  3. It's a bit hard when they keep whacking up posts to advertise nonexistent ghost dogs.
  4. I had to give a young dog to a pet home because it got that car sick. I tried all the usual car training but it didn't work. The poor thing was that sick it just layed down when we got to a hunting spot, even a twenty min drive.
  5. I imagine they would, I just meant they need to give these morons a serving.
  6. Apart from all the other bad stuff about this the dumb cn'ts have turned the dogs into sheep killers . Imo they need to answer to the proper dog blokes in the area.
  7. Perfect all round bush dog here for everything including boars. If I could only own one dog this would be the type.
  8. I think you are getting me mixed up with Doug, lol. I live in NSW, Doug in Victoria, I've never met him but strangely we have dogs that are sisters from the different litters. Such is the small number of ferreters here that have running dogs. All pig hunting here in NSW with only the dedicated few running dog people. I don't use locators where I am, pretty useless without a backhoe in the rocky hill country I hunt.
  9. My dogs live through -8 to 45c mate, you haven't seen a working whippet. This is how you picture a whippet, lol.
  10. Not giving the whips up but thinking of getting a dog for bigger stuff, do you think one of your coursing Saluki types could handle fallow (if it was legal) in the bush here? Cheers.
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