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  1. Had to look that one up but I think you mean f--- all chance lol.
  2. I'd feel sorry for them coming to this disaster zone .If they bring a few working beddlington terriers I'd be happy.
  3. , just please don't banish them to Oz lol.
  4. A lot of pig hunters here don't like APBT blood in their dogs as they tend to fight the pigs,grabbing the nose, instead of working them and getting a sensible hold,they much prefer EBT blood.In some ways pits are the ultimate dog, a step too ultimate for a lot of things though imo.
  5. I think it's a good trait in a dog that is being used to hold or kill game.I'd much rather them avoid other dogs than see them as a prey animal.I had a pit/staff/English bull mix when I was young,it was petrified of other dogs of all sizes.I never used her for hunting.At about 18 months she started to "hunt" other dogs if she got out and got me into a lot of trouble.Her time ended when she killed my girlfriend's lab,who lived a couple of doors down.This was a dog I did everything to socialize.At the same time she was 100% with anything else living including cats, and even guarded baby chickens.
  6. A mate had two English mastiff/dane crosses,huge dogs, they would actually crush pigs skulls when hunting,he ended up selling them as he liked to knife pigs so there was no sport in it for him.These two monsters were shit scared of other dogs,once he found them cringing in the yard when a mini fox terrier got in with them, lol.Just saying their dog fear had no effect on them hunting game which they would annihilate.
  7. To me a good working whippet is ideal as is for day time rabbit hunting and ferreting I do.My 3/4 whippet 1/4 stag has a slight edge being thicker skinned and tougher feet but other than that is just a whippet.You do have to start with a first cross though as you say.My mate has a first cross stag/whippet but I think lacks pace compared to the 3/4 on the hard ground with little grass.
  8. Just learn as much as you can about your chosen quarry by getting out in the country, bush and observe their behaviour.I think hunting is a life long lesson with no short cuts.
  9. That's why I like 3/4 whippet as you are getting all the goods,1/2 crosses are not one or the other(not saying they can't be great dogs) but adding 1/4, say terrier blood for vermin or !/4 staghound for bush sense,you are still getting a fast dog with a little more edge.And most still retain the great whippet temp.
  10. Those moments are pretty regular with them lol.When they come out ok it's these moments and memories that stay with you.I agree they are at the top of their game as a pure bred.
  11. I haven't seen many whippets afraid to mix it with any game.
  12. They don't need terrier in them,I've pulled my whippet and whippet /stag out of holes after foxes,I think a lot of highly driven dogs will try to go where the prey is at.Wombat holes are bad here,and wombats will crush dogs heads against the roof of the hole.
  13. Yeah I'd love to live,hunt in NZ, plenty of rabbits and you could hunt all year without snakes killing your dogs.They do have Wetters,giant crickets the size of Jack Russells(not quite) I'd rather deal with an angry buffalo than one of those b*****ds .
  14. My blue whippet/ stag had to learn the ropes by herself and turned into the best hunting dog I've owned,but she was from a long hunting line.I mainly worked her on really steep country at the time and the locals there reckon the smaller lighter dogs do a lot better than the bigger dogs.
  15. If I jumped the Hilux like that I'd end up with a dog box full of whippet pieces, and a crowbar to the skull from the missus
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