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  1. I see the OP has the locators on, I'm thinking of getting some for when the ferrets comes out in the day, lol. Ahh to be young again.
  2. For me it would be a good way to lose ferrets, can barely see them in daylight these days, lol .
  3. You can't use dogs legally to pull them down but as the deer population increases a lot more people are hunting them. I was surprised they could thrive in so many different climates and regions over here. I find them annoying when ferreting as the dogs can't seem to resist them.
  4. Hard to break dogs from deer once they have a taste. The fallow over here are becoming pests, they are breeding right on the coast to almost the desert.
  5. I've eaten plenty of moles,best washed before chowing down to reduce the fishiness
  6. That's a good idea not only to replenish numbers but it's puting different blood into the local rabbit population which would add to their health in the long term.
  7. It's hard when they get old, if it's a young dog and you can afford it it's a no brainer but you have to way up the stress of surgery and whether it would be kinder to PTS an old dog if it's suffering. I had a pitbull with similar lumps on the teats, they spayed her and removed them and they didn't come back but she was 7 at the time.
  8. The sister to my blue bitch was almost half her size at 7.5kgs and they are 1/4 staghound. She had the rough coat and almost blinding speed but she was too small and fine to survive hunting the bush here. We have small running dogs here but most aren't up to the work.
  9. Not puting shit on it but it looks runty as well as small.
  10. I thought you had hundreds of ferrets Gus?
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