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  1. Fck off lol. Welcome to the forum John, I'd get the ferrets first, get used to handling and caring for them then get out by yourself and find some perm. You will look pretty silly if you get perm then tell them they'll have to wait, cheers.
  2. Had that whistle, wheezing sound coming from the little black and white bitch after a long hunt, two days later died with a grass seed on the lung.She was coming up a beauty at 2 years.
  3. Sound like meself, got any pups coming up mC HULL, lol.
  4. I got her gifted to me as it was an unplanned litter, she's saved my ass a few times from dangerous animals and people but loves everyone that's nice and the best rabbit dog I've owned. No money could buy her off me. My once in a lifetime dog.
  5. We call her a whippet here but 1/4 staghound so a lurcher.
  6. I had a bloke from the Mallee district in Victoria call me and reckons they are over run. Bit far away as I'm in NSW and fixing my new place up but thinking about doing a couple of weeks there. Southern NSW and Vic are where most of the running dog people are. I'm happy atm getting a few in the Tablelands NSW. The days of getting three hundred for a long weekend are over I think.
  7. Just getting back into it as have moved back out bush. Lived up the coast for 8 months, no rabbits about but the dogs caught one one night up there it was an angora escapee, lol. They did get quite good at catching quail up there, lol.
  8. Not that it matters but wondering if anyone keeps tallies on rabbit numbers bagged for an individual dog. If they catch 5 a week that's 250 a year. I'm thinking my blue bitch's catches must be in the thousands at 8 years.
  9. Don't know much about hunting bear as I'm from Oz but I can't see any game type dog living long. I thought they use bailing type hounds and maybe Airedales or Irish terriers to harass but not fight the bear. I think it's the bat ears that make the french bulldogs be not taken seriously, lol.
  10. Mad stuff toolebox, sheep over here are going for upwards of $250 a head atm so 800 killed is big bucks.
  11. Yeah I thought French bulldogs were just pan lickers but saw a clip of one seeing two black bears out of it's yard which doesn't prove working brains but pretty game imo. Who gives a shit as long as it does the job.
  12. A story over here of a giant feral dog, what they think was a wolfhound cross that was killing calves on the North coast NSW. A few blokes went after it with two bullmastiff crosses and a Rotty. The dogs bailed it in a pile of logs dozed up by the forestry, by the time the hunters got there both mastiffs were dead and the Rotty was still bailing it. It was shot and was said to be bigger than any dog they'd seen, a freak sized stock killer. I doubted the story but was talking recently to guys up the coast who verified it.
  13. Don't know if still around but Leo ear cleaner was the only one that worked on my Am bulldog. I think bad ear problems are inherited.
  14. I was surprised to see the running dogs feral on the highway that time, I didn't think a grey would survive long wild. There was a fox terrier living wild in the forest near Lithgow that survived and was sighted for more than ten years. I can see how it lived so long being smart, tough and small, probably getting enough food from lizards, rabbits and other small prey.
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