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  1. As I've said on here before it would be great to see people resurrect the old terrier breeds as hunting dogs but most hunters want the best dog atm for bragging rights and are more worried about keeping up with the Joneses.The young pig hunters over here are the worst.
  2. He might be better chained out if possibly,my pitbullmastiff would crush weldmesh cages when the bitches came on and broke most of his teeth off and got cut badly many times.Same with storms, he couldn't be contained and if loose would f--- off.Great dog otherwise as you say yours is,chaining was the only solution.I'm past all this now,too old and happy keeping smaller type hunting dogs,lol.Chaining inside an enclosure if you can't keep the little sluts away from him.
  3. Nice to see you working some of the breeds that people think are ruined by show breeding forever,I had a cairn terrier and it was a very game little worker and tough as nails.With your white dog I thought it had whippet with the tail carriage plus you could see the English bull in it.
  4. You have put a ring on it in that situation.Sheep everywhere around here and I'm sure there are things going on out of wedlock.They don't have very good morals in the outback,lol.
  5. I gave away a dog when I was younger,very loyal and one man type,I found out later it went crazy and was put down.I wish I had PTS the animal as I couldn't keep him,he was a working dog/whippet type lurcher.Still feel sad about my decision 30 years later.
  6. I thought so,ferrets have been domesticated for 2500 years and you still get some that will nab you.
  7. I suppose it might be an idea to keep a line as the frozen eggs would be further removed from the descents in relation but still of the same line.
  8. I'd imagine cloning would be extremely expensive and I think it produces offspring with the same genetic age as the donor.They found that with Dolly the sheep,I think the lamb was born as a five year old as to its organs and didn't live that long.I don't like the idea of storing the eggs either for years,it's sort of messing with evolution,bringing back animals that belong in the past.
  9. European brown hares,mine catch the occasional one but in the hills here it's a big ask.I just like watching the little dogs run them.
  10. I forgot to mention the tight coat,these crosses almost look like they have some type of bull blood,strange how the coat is much shorter than either parent.With the DNA I find it strange how two pups from the same litter/parents have different % of the breeds in them,some may not have any % of a certain ancestor in them.I thought they would have the same percentage.Even though not a fan of dingo's,these crosses do appeal to me too.
  11. What I've been led to believe is the ACD's are about 1/4 dingo and most kelpie lines have none or very little.I think most kelpies, being so loyal would protect their owners,even my whippet lurchers will if they feel I'm in danger.About dingo blood,I've seen working kelpies that look half dingo with broad heads and the dingo eyes,but in the bush here they very well could have been sired by a wild dog.
  12. Only hunt rabbits these days but there is something magical about hares and watching my whippet crosses run one if the terrier kicks one up.
  13. When I was younger I would give a dog away and just convince myself it would settle and be ok and most probably were, but now I keep my dogs till death,I only hunt now for the pleasure of watching the dogs work so am more forgiving of their faults.I think you look at things differently as you age.
  14. Most of the kelpies I've seen are friendly dogs,workers or not but my mother had a red kelpie as a kid that was so protective of her it was safe to leave her playing in the front yard as no one could get past the dog and it never left her side.
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