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  1. Aussie Whip

    Flying bolter!

    Ahh, the good old days in my area with open warrens,most now are in blackberries or piles of barbed and rubbish,good catch by the dog.
  2. Aussie Whip

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Only stupid because of the bull blood.
  3. Aussie Whip

    Border terrier

    I think your better off with a show type terrier for a young kid.I had silky terriers as a kid and they would hunt anything,top rat dogs.they would also come home and not be a pain like most hunting bred terriers are when not working.
  4. Aussie Whip


    Two grand is the price of one Patterdale pup off the peddlers here in Oz so its a bargain.
  5. Aussie Whip

    JRT/Lakeland cross pup

    Ever considered a Whippet/Russell ?They never stop.
  6. Aussie Whip

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I think it's ok if he gets a good Bedlington stud and a decent grey bitch but if he wants a good line he will have to keep a good few pups back each generation and pick the best of the best workers and only breed from them.I hope he's young cause its a long road and he will make f--- all money from it.
  7. Aussie Whip

    Interesting article re dew claws.

    Ferreting around creeks on hard ground my older bitch seems to rip one dew claw out every second trip,she tends to use them as brakes.The claws that have grown back now are tiny,don't know why.She does use them like a thumb to secure rabbits so I can see the use of them.I thought they were remnants of claws used by dog's ancient ancestors to climb.
  8. Aussie Whip

    Odd things you see when your out.

    Ffs you have some weird stuff over there,reminds me of The Wicker Man movie.I would have watched the topless women but too lol.The old women you saw sounds more like a ghost,funny,as friendly as a lot of lurchers are, most still are protective of their owners.I believe you with the ghost thing,I've seen a few weird things over here in the scrub that can't be explained.
  9. Aussie Whip

    Odd things you see when your out.

    If those two things were together your lucky you didn't end up as a sacrifice
  10. Aussie Whip

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    As long as there is not an underlying health issue I wouldn't worry.It wouldn't hurt to get a blood test to check her organs are functioning ok.She looks ok in the pics,the first pic she looks like she's tucked up because she's cold.
  11. Aussie Whip


    Oh yeah,they tend to wander if starved.
  12. Aussie Whip


    That's true and you seem to see longer lifespans in all dogs these days due to better nutrition.I remember 50 years ago most pet dogs got a tin of dog food, which was gravy with a few meatball type things in it.I don't think they thrived.
  13. Aussie Whip


    Not onions or garlic.I boil all the veg up out of the garden, leaves and offcuts,and when cooked throw a cut up rabbit in, but not cook it.good meal for them after a cold mornings hunt.
  14. Aussie Whip


    Any half decent kibble mixed with meat, eggs and some vegetables.I cant keep enough condition on them feeding just game.Always got a long healthy life out of them,just had one pts at 18.I believe it's important to feed some fresh feed with kibble.
  15. Aussie Whip

    Short & Sweet

    He'd be a line bred version of my old bitch,but with more whippet blood,she's still like shit off a shovel at 7.I wish I had got another pup off that line,they have a lot of ferreting instincts.