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  1. dogs are looking well there buddy
  2. Sire to him is my old dog troy who it out of razor witch is foxyxcharlie Smokeyxdancer, troy dam is derrie who is a Merl and ever bred dog back to a minshaw bitch, dam to him is also out of troy back to a whippet grey
  3. Few photos of the pup after a walk up north a 10 mile hike
  4. Here one of the old boy on a stroll
  5. What do people think of the mcbean snug box , what are they like for healing injuries are they as good as the porta mag box
  6. A said to him to put old Don on swift to keep his old gear going with um both being out of his old dog jack, but a dunno of he will or not tomo
  7. Killed some gear them dogs, a was having a crack with andy other day asking him when he breeding me a pup out of Don dog
  8. Cheers pal, They are about 9 1/2 month old now mate
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