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  1. All that razor bred stuff are winning c**ts, if its the merlin a think he sadly got killed this season
  2. 7 month old litter mate to mr Wilkes
  3. Aye mate both parents are out of razor
  4. Here a few new ones of my 2 pups here ruby they just turned 6 month old
  5. Aye all out of same litter tomo
  6. Cheers bud, I'd say they are going to make 25 tts for bitch and 26 maybe 27 for the dog, yeah both parent are out of razor, to lurchers troy sire dam was a merl and eve bred dog back to a minshaw bitch, misty dam day was a 5/8 3/8 bull grey
  7. I'd say she going to stay that colour buddy, there was 3 this colour in there litter 2 dogs and 1 bitch witch is her
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