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  1. Bobtheferret

    Bad day for hunting

    Be nothing left soon, won’t even be able to kill a rat soon if these c**ts have there way
  2. Bobtheferret

    Air tank for charging pcp

    Thanks lads, I have just purchased a ready to go bottle with hose etc as as said above not worth the risk. Unfortunately it comes empty so will need to get it filled now.
  3. I have been given an oxygen tank by my old man (he is a jeweller used to use it for soldering etc) does anyone know what I would need to do to get it up and running so I can use it to change my Air Arms S410 .177? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Bobtheferret

    they come out of the wood work

    Mines just come up to 2 and it’s only now I am having the odd issue, it’s mainly caused by other dogs but before he wouldn’t react to another dog being aggressive but now he is.
  5. Bobtheferret

    they come out of the wood work

    Had something similar happen to me yesterday. Mrs took our whippet to the beach with her, he has been a little bit funny with other dogs and was trying to get him around dogs whilst on the lead, whilst sitting on the beach with her friends a terrier runs over to her barking it’s head off she calls to owner to get it on a lead they didn’t seem bothered . Ours is trying to ignore this dog but then it launches itself at him and gets hold of his leg so he picked up and in the mrs words “ shock it like a rabbit” she literally had to prise his jaws open to get him to drop it. He is only a whippet but is a big boy and has had a full season on him this year and is top condition so a terrier was no match whatsoever. Owners of the other dog seemed completely unbothered by the fact there dog was nearly killed and didn’t even apologise . Mrs was obviously pretty upset and as others have said it’s the lasting effect it has on your dog. Some people shouldn’t own dogs.
  6. The Worcesters have a really small piece of pipework that connects the expansion vessel to the boiler and it can get blocked or expansion vessel might be knackered not sure how it’s a 2 man job....although I hate carrying my own tools!!!!
  7. As a gas safe registered engineer I can say the best thing anyone with a broken boiler can do is ring a gas safe registered engineer to come look at it! If you start fiddling with it and get a leak etc you could cause a lot of damage to sensitive electronics, and that’s just water not gas! The model of boiler in the picture also comes with a 7 year warranty so at still be under warranty from the manufacturer, worth checking.
  8. Bobtheferret

    Big Cat Sighting

    I am sure I’ve read multiple articles that say that once turned feral cats can almost double in size which could very well account for a lot of the sightings and evidence. Not saying that there definitely isn’t a genuine big cat out there but think the above is more likely when you think about it. Interesting topic though for sure.
  9. Bobtheferret


    I had a similar thing happen, the ex mrs used to keep chickens and my big nasty hob got out one night when I didn’t close the enclosure properly 2.00am in the morning all hell is breaking out in the chicken run I thought Charlie must be in there but no it’s my hob he killed 2 and wounded another all clean neck bites. The bugger only killed her favourite that sat on her lap . Ruthless b*****d he was.
  10. Bobtheferret

    How to tell a good ferret

    I have found sometimes that rabbits that have bolted and gone back suddenly disappear! Despite putting in fresh ferrets and trying other holes etc and have got pretty frustrated with it but it doesn’t happen often and I put it down to the rabbit going very deep to hide or maybe even digging itself in where it goes down a tunnel and then piles earth behind it so the ferret can't get to it, I have dug down to a ferret basically digging at earth which seemed quite loose and turned out there was a rabbit behind it! No idea how often it happens as generally you wouldn’t know but I am sure they do it...either that or my ferrets are crap!
  11. Bobtheferret

    How to tell a good ferret

    I would be getting the locator out quicker personally, especially working hobs. It’s surprising how quick they kill a rabbit and how little blood they have on them when they’ve killed with a sharp bite to the back of the neck. One hob I own would’ve killed and moved on in 20 minutes no problem, I had to give him a few months off when he was younger as he had got to sharp and killed so quickly then just moved on. An impressive animal but not really what I wanted! He is a bit older and not so quick now and bolts a lot more. Sounds like your ferrets are doing just fine though, don’t overthink it be happy with what you’ve got
  12. Bobtheferret

    Good Day Out

    Top day out that by the looks of it, always good to see the young stock working well.
  13. Bobtheferret

    Dog being aggressive

    Not wrong at all, the good thing about a forum like this is getting lots of people’s experiences and views. I agree that dogs do often mature naturally and just become calmer with age. Just like people tbh, think how many of us were complete dickheads as youngsters but end up being decent adults!
  14. Bobtheferret

    Dog being aggressive

    Thanks mate, he is food oriented so hopefully that will help.
  15. Bobtheferret

    Dog being aggressive

    That has been a lot of the issue! Some real neurotic people making the situation worse with how they react, however if he didn’t run over in the first place....going to work hard strengthening the recall and stopping him even going near other dogs in the first place.