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  1. One of the best ferrets I’ve ever owned was a 3 year old Jill I got that had been living off cat food in a tiny cage in someone’s kitchen it’s entire life. She worked like an absolute demon from the first time I tried to the day she died. 20 years later her blood still runs through my line. I have also had older ferrets had no work for a variety of reasons that when eventually given their chance have worked very well.
  2. The war is a very nice distraction for fuel prices going skyward. They were doing this already way before the war started, you can’t shut economy’s down and then pump free money into them on the scale the government (and many other governments) did with out consequences. Our energy policy has also hugely let us down bowing to woke eco loons and stop North Sea oil and gas drilling meaning we are hugely reliant on overseas for gas and oil. The whole thing is an enormous f**k up in government policy and they are now able to conveniently blame the war for all their f**k ups and who suffers? Us lot
  3. I would say personally I have seen mixi strike at anytime but is definitely worst and most common September/October time. Fingers crossed for you it’s just a one off.
  4. Mines ferreted in bitter winds and snow and doesn’t seem to bother him as long as something is happening gets a touch cold if it’s very slow but basically not bothered by bad weather.
  5. I personally hate bloody deer, more around me than rabbits but I have no interest in them and no way of taking one so they are just a bloody pain in the arse! Dogs sound with sheep but can’t break him to deer, the harder they kick the keener he seems. Thought a sound kicking might put him off but just makes him more determined
  6. Lovely pups lads. I have a non ped whippet and can be a bit head strong at times but a cracking rabbit dog and bloody keen on deer mainly fallow round me but reckon he would take a roe given the chance, fallow are to much though poor f****r gets dragged round the field. Doesn’t stop him trying though
  7. a page on instagram I was following about a young women who has been absolutely ruined by the vaccine was deleted. Was saying anything to radical either just documenting her problems really, so have other pages from doctors and nurses that have been telling stories about covid/vaccines have been taken down also. If you haven’t had the vaccine and die headline news i you have it and have an issue it gets brushed under a very large carpet. This is not a balanced debate. I was going to have the vaccine but something about the way we have been coerced and bullied by the entire media and government
  8. Amazing if you have the money you can get good value, saw a 166 acre parcel of some lovely farm land but no buildings or planning for 1.2m but then a couple of acres with planning 500k all within 5 miles of each other, Madness. I would love to buy 10acres of pure farm land at 100k but they don’t sell farm land in 10 acre parcels. Best start playing the lottery I guess….
  9. It’s also a massive scam as a lot of people in hospital were admitted for non covid reasons but tested positive before or during their stay. I can’t find the info for it but I believe 25% of “covid patients” aren’t in hospital for covid they just happen to have it. It’s the same as deaths if you are in hospital within 28 days of a positive test you count as in hospital with covid…manipulation of the figures since the very start.
  10. I saw a chart of ages, vaccination status etc of hospital admittance and total was around 30-35% unvaccinated I’ll see if I can find the website and I’ll post the link. Various commi sage types love to claim it’s only unvaccinated in hospital but it’s just not true. I think 68% fully jabbed so it’s about the same split
  11. Funny that as according to the government website it’s 30%…..but that doesn’t fit the narrative. Why let facts get in the way of a good scare story eh?
  12. Doubt to many of those dogs make old bones, some challenging terrain there for sure. Although the risk is mitigated by the volume of dogs meaning most of the rabbits make it about 2 foot! Wouldn’t want to be digging the ferret out on that though!
  13. Not a single death worldwide from the omicron bullshit variant, not one. Not a single hospitalisation in this country either. Fear mongering scum in power and the media just don’t want this to end and the so called experts they roll out are positively desperate to remain relevant. Ignore them all.
  14. Would agree with that. Adult rabbit to much for a buzzard but young uns definitely and seen plenty of poults taken
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