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  1. Things are shit in this country for sure but the courts have always taken a dim view of poaching and some draconian punishments handed down over the years. Best thing to do is keep your head down don’t park your vehicle in an obvious place and probably keep your own company and don’t post everything on Facebook. I poach but try and be very careful about how I do it, it’s the attention seekers that piss of the land owners that then call the law.
  2. Not round my way, deer and badgers are taking over the countryside. Wish someone would cull them both back to manageable levels. Haven’t had any badger culls in my area and the deer are shot but not even remotely in high enough numbers as no one wants them
  3. The free speech is utterly irrelevant. Linekar would have know where near the presence he currently has if it wasn’t for his bbc work, he retired 30 years ago. He has been told implicitly to stop wading into politics and he hasn’t. Simple. Not about free speech it’s about respecting your boss and the organisation you work for and the fact the bbc are (or at least should be) the only truly impartial broadcaster around due to the way they are funded (licence fee). Go and work for someone else and you can say what you want Gary you crisp munching, socialist, jug eared c**t. And you can take Packh
  4. The increase in badger numbers has a hugely negative impact on rabbit numbers. I have a very good permission (well used to be a very good permission) ruined by badgers. They dig out the nests takeover the warrens and cause a lot of damage to the population.
  5. To right mate! That’s over £60k a year! Nearly double the average wage for the uk for catching rabbits!
  6. With so many lads with rabbit shortages in their permissions I find it absolutely incredible that a tight old farmer would pay someone £2.50 let alone £250 to clear rabbits! I reckon he is bullshitting you. A single post on a site like this would have people knocking down his door why would you pay?
  7. That would be great thanks. Am I right in assuming the NV007 simply goes onto your existing scope? So no need to change the whole thing?
  8. What would you want for it mate? Thanks
  9. That’s not each to their own that’s wicked. I have always said if you kill a game animal you eat it or put it in the food chain somehow. The argument for pheasant shooting, deer stalking etc falls apart when you start burying edible game.
  10. Never been and wouldn’t. From what I’ve seen and heard it’s like shooting fish in a barrel and yet we coursing people are the ones that are called cruel. The ban has without doubt had a huge negative impact on hares.
  11. Very random round me last weekend the does I caught were either not yet pregnant or were only in by a few weeks or so and this weekend I was bolting babies. The spots were very similar land and only a few miles apart, can never quite work out why some start earlier than others.
  12. Got my book today and as a starter for kids to understand why we do what we do it was really good. Probably no point the likes of us buying it as an educational book but be great as a present to give to townie friends to make them understand a bit more about hunting with dogs.
  13. Went to the funeral of my 23 year old brother in law last year who hung himself and I can say that was not something I ever thought I would have to do and it was harrowing. Look out for those around you lads you just never know what people are dealing with in their own heads. Looking around at the funeral it was genuinely the most tragic thing to see how many people would have been there for him if he had just reached out. Anyone that feels that black dog stalking them just talk to someone.
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