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  1. Unfortunately mate people that can see that are the minority….brainwashed sheep, scared shitless by their own government
  2. Masks have and had nothing to do with infection control and everything to do with control and keeping the fear going. Hard to forget there’s a “pandemic on” when everyone has a mask on…They are a complete and utter waste of time as this video so perfectly demonstrated!
  3. I haven’t had it but was going to but the constant coercion and bullying and threats from the government has put my back up and made me suspicious of the whole things, never before in history have people been so pushed to take a vaccine for a disease that is so harmless to the vast majority. As SC has said it doesn’t stop you getting or passing on covid and as a younger person that’s had covid I feel safe enough knowing I have some kind of natural immunity. Three friends of my Mrs haven’t stopped bleeding since they took their first doses nearly 9 weeks ago, that’s not normal. 3 girls in their
  4. Depressingly accurate. The real reason for the virus being released by China is to give ever greater control over the world’s population. The vaccine probably is harmless but is being used as part of a master plan to “reset” the world with more and more control and power to a very small select group. I don’t understand the obsession with the vaccine otherwise. It doesn’t stop you getting or passing on covid and the youngsters they are coercing into having the vaccine are pretty much immune to covid and most of them have probably already had so have natural immunity to it so surely don’t need t
  5. No I don’t but if they get even a penny more to deliver the vaccine on top of their normal wage that is a massive red flag, what is the obsession with getting people at pretty much zero risk to take an emergency developed vaccine? If you can’t ask a doctor for an honest unbiased opinion on a medical procedure we are in real trouble as a society.
  6. I do know that GP’s get £12.46 for every second jab they administer on top of their basic earnings. They have never got that for any other vaccine……
  7. For those asking for people that are trying to speak out about the vaccine look up Dr Mike Yeadon the former head of vaccine development at Pfizer who quit his job as wouldn’t endorse this vaccine. He is a multi millionaire and is ruining his own reputation purely to stand up to something he feels is wrong. Look up Dr Bryan Bridle on masks and how useless they are. Richard Fleming MD on how the vaccine sheds. Dr Charles Hoffe on the dangers off MRNA vaccines. Most of these people are being starved of publicity because they don’t repeat the government line. These are just a few of many, do your
  8. Absolutely not. Disgraceful to bring them in especially as they are removing option of a negative test. It’s not like being double jabbed even stops you getting or passing on the virus so what’s the point? Coercion and bulling to get the vaccine, simple as.
  9. Journalists could face 14 years in prison for embarrassing the Government under proposed law change | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Under a consultation run by Priti Patel's Home Office, reporters who handle leaked documents would not have a defence if charged under new... Slightly off topic but just another example of a government out of control and drunk on power. Very very dangerous times in this country and around the world. Mission creep is full steam ahead.
  10. Absolutely. The Lib Dem’s are just mainstream though. As you keep saying the system is both rigged and f****d.
  11. To say enough is enough. This government are obsessed with option polls and staying popular, they don’t set the agenda they follow it. Write to your mps, protest etc refuse to show your fascism passport.
  12. There’s no one to bloody vote for Wilf, in my I had three options. Labour, Torys or Lib Dem’s that was it. Who the f**k do you vote for with those options?
  13. The whole thing about the vaccine and vaccine passport is that the vaccine neither stops you getting or passing it on so the vaccine passport isn’t actually a great idea at all as your not checking if an individual is infectious or not and so a night club is still a super spreading event. Better to make everyone take a test but that’s not an option anymore…if it was purely about disease prevention a negative test would be better than a vaccine but no it’s got to be double jabbed. I don’t care what anyone says something stinks about this whole thing. Why remove the option of a negative test? It
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