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  1. The Burial on Amazon. Based on a real story, well worth a watch.
  2. I have a non ped blue whippet. Cracking dog bit keen on fallow for my liking (they are too big for him but he doesn’t seem to realise that) but other than that a useful dog on the rabbits and great with my little girl.
  3. Always had ferrets in the house since birth but my mum wasn’t big on runners and we always had terriers, didn’t know anyone with a runner either. Didn’t really think about having a runner until I started really reading books. Phil Drabble, Plummer etc and then I was desperate for my own. Years of nagging eventually mum let me have a beddy whippet and the rest is history. That dog was a legend in my eyes a true character and good little worker. Always had lurchers and whippets since and always will….and my mum now loves them! They get under your skin do running dogs, once you own one another do
  4. If the siphon (flush) is newish then just change the ball valve and see if that cures it. As said if reply above the rest is potentially quite complicated so start there.
  5. That toilet doesn’t even have a donut mate. As a plumber of 25 years I generally agree with you but in this occasion changing the ball valve is easy the rest not so much it’s a concealed cistern in a boxing so potentially you have quite the job changing the siphon depending on the set up of the toilet.
  6. Be best to just change the ball valve although it may be the siphon letting by very slowly. Can you see water running down the inside of the toilet? If it’s trickling water through then it will need to replace the water it’s lost causing the ball valve to open. Ball valve is easy on those concealed cisterns the siphon a little harder but still not to bad.
  7. That’s great to hear. Even though they are no where near me it’s promising to hear they are coming back into areas that were very low on numbers. Have a good season but don’t go to hard leave a few for next season!
  8. What’s mixi like for everyone in your areas? Dogs picked up a few mixi ones lately on walks, numbers aren’t great anyway so a real blow when mixi starts picking them off before the seasons even properly started.
  9. Are you Scottish lads going to just carry on as normal or go without a dog or sadly just give up?
  10. I genuinely hate that man. Wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.
  11. It’s bad enough a bloke has “won it” but f**k me he looks like what he is a bloke in a dress!!!! Some of these trannys you really have to double take but he is f**k ugly. What’s going on in the bloody world?? Madness.
  12. I had always had lurchers until I got my current pure whippet. He has done everything a lurcher could do (when it comes to rabbits that is) and has really impressed me with his nose and brain. Your pup looks an absolute cracker! Good luck and keep posting updates please.
  13. Just like all those trust worthy scientists with covid you listened to ?. Surely even you can see we were horrifically manipulated into lockdowns that have now had shocking consequences for society especially the younger generations. The dissenting voices were shut down nazi style no debate. Real science encourages debate not shuts it down like your climate change scientistS and covid scientists have done. Without dissent science dies.
  14. Decent chance of vote leave in Poland I’d say
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