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  1. I have fed lots of these to my ferrets with no issue, I bet you could eat them yourself but I haven’t.
  2. Does anyone know if the new orange ones work with Mk3m collars, the old grey knocker box does. I like a knocker box with a Mk3m collar don’t like the orange disco boxes!
  3. Top bloke offering out permission to others if you have to much yourself. Nice to see.
  4. If the dales were to be stripped off rabbits it wouldn’t be due to disease but over hunting. Some pictures I see posted are staggering to someone that considers half a dozen a good day. Lads genuinely catching 100+ in a trip and driving from here there and everywhere to get there. If rabbits are left to do what they do they will always recover in time the issue in this country is to many people to much impatience. It’s only been 5/6 years in most places max since RVHD2 started it’s grisly work from looking at New Zealand and Australia it’s a absolutely minimum of ten years if they are left alo
  5. I have left 8 Jill’s in with one vas hob for the summer and he just worked his way through them as they came in season. After he did mine he went round my mates and did his too!
  6. If rabbits recovered from mixi which killed a reportedly 99.9% of rabbits on it s first contact with the population I don’t for a minute think that they can’t recover from RVHD2. In both NZ and AUS they have recovered from it to a lesser or greater degree but like many things it will take time and patience. That land that had 100’s if it gets back to dozens again don’t clear it out and expect them to come back. If theres a dozen rabbits left just leave them full stop. There are still fair more rabbits in the country than after mixi first hit (saw a picture on socials of a chap caught 150 in a
  7. Short end of a very thick wedge I am afraid, these c**ts won’t stop until all hunting is banned and then it will fishing and then shooting. Stand up for what you believe in whilst you still can.
  8. Only real reason to get upset is if you’ve driven a fair few miles to a spot and then someone has already been that night/is on it and therefore ruined your sport but realistically everyone on here has poached especially at night. You may well have shit them up now so they might not be back for a bit. I do understand your frustration but as others have said be grateful you have good land and a good dog and be a bit more relaxed if possible. Definitely not worth giving up the game over.
  9. Well done mate, looks a good day and decent numbers.
  10. Only a .22 and generally like to get fairly close and normally shooting off the shoulder or laying flat. I don’t ever shoot anything other than rabbits and if shooting at night would probably get even closer than during the day. Got a few spots that are hard to shoot during the day (just can’t get close enough) and I can’t get in there with the ferrets so thought it would be good to try and thin them out at night when it’s a bit easier.
  11. Thanks for the advice seems about a 3rd cheaper on first glance. The pard perform well in the day also?
  12. Thanks for the reply. I doubt I’d ever shoot further than that and already have a pulsar spotter that does a very good distance.
  13. Biggest march/protest in British history (still to this day) and made absolutely f all difference. The powers that be do what they want and don’t give a f**k about the people that actually understand the issues, in this case the countryside and hunting.
  14. I am thinking of getting a scope I can use for all times as I only own one rifle and don’t really need another as only do rabbits really but would like to be able to do some night shooting or stay out after it’s dark without having to change scopes/guns. Are these types of scopes good? Had a little look at the pulsar digex c50 which looks good but is expensive. Anyone got one of these? Worth the money? Any advice appreciated, thanks!
  15. Whist disease (both mixi and RVHD2) have had big impact on rabbit numbers in my area the permissions that I know (bar the odd bit of poaching) I am the sole controller of rabbits still have a population on not huge but enough that they could recover. I only take the odd one or two to show face and keep the permission. Areas where rifle lads are out as well as me ferreting or other ferreters that purse net and long net and take every rabbit are very very low on numbers. Not rocket science I know but my point is over hunting is as big a problem if not bigger than disease, a lot of people just bl
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