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  1. Deer are overrunning the countryside round my way, total pain in the arse. Bloody dogs are obsessed and just about ever walk ends up with some kind of “incident” and being fairly small dogs they get a bit of a battering. Old lurcher is 11.5 and got various issues but keeps pulling the fuckers down then can’t walk after. That may sound fun but I normally walk the dogs with my toddler on public footpaths and it’s not ideal!
  2. I have a litter about to drop, i am in sussex about a 2 hour drive from Colchester if you fancy a road trip?
  3. Is that prince Andrew? lol. Wouldn’t put it past him
  4. I am getting genuinely down about it, it’s just never f***ing ending. Every time we have a small spell of less rain (not even no rain) it starts with a vengeance again everything ends up piss wet through. Just had enough of it now. Apparently it’s the wettest winter for 150 years…I don’t doubt it.
  5. I am looking to get a pup this spring (pick up any time after late April as on holiday mid April and not fair on pup or family looking after the older dogs). I am purely interested in rabbits and wouldn’t want anything to big but ideally from working stock of course. Nothing against those that love them but nothing with any bull in it or saluki. They just don’t suit what I like and want in a dog. In a perfect world probably a collie/greyhound that’s been put over a whippet or beddy/grey over a whippet. A smaller/medium size lurcher basically. If anyone knows any coming up would appreciate it.
  6. Jill jab isn’t made anymore at least that’s what my vet told me. Only option is neutering or vas hob
  7. I did a few last year and tbh it didn’t work well at all, but they had a tough year round my way with a strong outbreak of mixi in and around the area I released them on so thought I would try again this year. The spot I dropped them on used to be absolutely heaving with rabbits but so few left there now that I basically have nothing to lose. I have heard tales of other people doing it and it worked, I tell myself that the entire rabbit population of Australia originated from 24 coneys relocated from good old Blighty so shouldn’t be that hard to get a few spots going again….at least that’s the
  8. Obviously won’t help you this year but get a hob in the summer, a kit, get him done and then you don’t have to stress about it again. For about £120 for 8 + years of service it’s a bargain.
  9. Like a lot of us my permissions have seen a fairly dramatic fall in rabbit numbers but despite this there are some pockets on some very public land that seem to be immune to the disease that I feel has savaged rabbits overall. My master plan was let’s try and re populate my permissions with some of these rabbits, the issue they are crawling with people during daylight hours. So it has to be at night, I tried last year with a member of here to longnet but had limited success so I decided to try ferreting them at night. I found a spot with a long footpath running straight through the middle with
  10. All seriousness mate, get a hamster or something. A lot easier in your situation than a ferret, they aren’t really indoor animals in my opinion although people do keep them indoors. If you really really want a ferret you’ll need two as they are sociable animals and prefer company. Best thing is get two and have them neutered as this will limit the smell but not eliminate it and stop issues with coming into season. They are very instinct driven animals and in my opinion should be worked but they are very friendly and docile animals so not bad pets.
  11. Can anyone recall a wetter autumn/winter? Feels utterly never ending, I am sure we have had a wetter month or so (2000 floods?) but as a 6 month just been relentlessly wet. A forecast shows no real letup. I have royally had an enough of it. Bet there will still be hose pipe bans after 2 dry weeks in the summer though
  12. Bobtheferret


    Where he was shot wasn’t his farm apparently, god knows what really happened out there but says they knew each other and the shooter has been bailed and isn’t considered to be a threat to the public so assuming some kind of awful accident rather than cold blooded murder.
  13. There some special pictures @paulus Unfortunately hares are like hens teeth round my way so no comment on the post. Real shame would love to see a few more around
  14. Does anyone know anyone that will repair mk1 boxes? There’s a chap on eBay does it for £45 plus postage has anyone used him before? Cheers
  15. Not really tbh, it’s pockets of rabbits if you know where to look. It used to be unbelievable 10 years ago just pick a field really and you could bag up but not anymore. There’s enough around that I hope they will pick up but a long way from the glory days of catching 50+ without trying that hard. I normally get between 4-8 now just bolting to the dog as if you hit them hard and net them they seem to just disappear from that spot. What about you? 20 is a bloody good day these days.
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