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  1. Ferrets are seriously tough sob’s, they’ll heal don’t fret. I’ve got a ferret that’s about 14, just refuses to die. Had various lumps and problems and just when I think I’ll have to knock her on the head and put her out her misery she heals up got another old one had a huge tumour in her gut but didn’t seem in any pain and seemed happy so left her and it just disappeared! Amazing, tough animals ferrets. Take more than a few scabs to bother a ferret.
  2. Need to separate the hobs they will do some serious damage if left together all summer. Is the jill properly in season, vagina will be very swollen and obvious. My guess is that she isn’t full “in” yet hence the reason the hobs aren’t that interested yet. My vas hob is in with 6 jills and he ignores the ones that aren’t quite ripe! They all get it in the end though
  3. I liked him. Give me the old duke over Harry and Meghan any day of the week. RIP Phil.
  4. It’s very very depressing. Both major parties are basically the same, Starmer has just backed the government at every turn without really opposing anything. The quality of politicians and political parties is appalling. I voted and championed Boris as a libertarian and a conservative and feel hugely let down. The two party system is completely broken. Need a Farage character to keep them on some kind of path that vaguely reflects what the majority of people actually want. There’s a massive protest being staged for anti lockdown etc in London on the 24th of April it’s about all that w
  5. Absolutely probably gets sent out 1000’s of times a day. I very much doubt that anyone that writes to mps gets much more than a generic response. Wrote to my mom over the statues stuff last year and did get a fairly personal feeling email back but now can’t even get a reply. Sent one to Starmer as well asking to actually oppose something and he didn’t reply either....starting to sound like a letter writing nut job but there we go!
  6. I wrote to both my mp and Boris as well as writing a lengthy letter for the public enquiry led by Michael Gove. The response above was from BJ, my MP has yet to respond. Regarding what I would have done I would have used the billions upon billions spent locking the economy down to protect those that were actually vulnerable to covid whilst everyone caught it and acquired herd immunity. If this was genuinely not possible I would have implemented much shorter lockdowns until the vaccine came online and once everyone in vulnerable groups were vaccinated (about now maybe another few weeks) w
  7. Thank you for taking the time to contact me about the prospect of vaccine passports. I can assure you the Government is taking very seriously the concerns felt by many people on this matter. As you may know, the Government committed to explore whether and how some form of COVID-status certification might be used to reopen our economy, reduce restrictions on social contact and improve safety. COVID-status certification aims to provide reassurance that an individual is at reduced risk of transmission. This could allow some freedoms to be restored more safely, for example by allowing mass even
  8. You sure about that? We are absolutely not a free country at the moment, it’s illegal to open formally legal business, illegal to go on holiday, illegal to hug your own f***ing mum unless you live with her! Government are absolutely trying to force us to have the vaccine also, covid passports are being bought in for exactly that reason! Wake up this country is not free!
  9. If I was under 30 I wouldn’t have it, covid is such a minimal risk to young people it’s not worth it. Also no way kids should be being forced to have either. Not a single healthy child has died of covid in this country. We only need 70-80% of people to have it/have had covid for herd immunity to kick so what’s the need to force everyone to have it?
  10. All sense of proportion has been lost over covid. Everything else is not important, starting the believe the conspiracy theorists...
  11. No quite true. There will be no passports for the next few months but they are trialing them and if they think they can get away with it they would love to electronically track us plebs. Plus can you believe a word Boris or anyone in government say?
  12. I have no real major issue with lockdowns (for a very short time period to allow the nhs to not be overwhelmed) and have zero issue with vaccinations. Vaccines have saved millions of lives over the years. My issue is this is an experimental vaccine that is still under emergency license until 2023, if you want to take it that should be completely the individual’s decision (I would by the way) the issue is the government are forcing this vaccine on people through coercion and scare mongering. We are living in a police state and the control the state have taken over peoples everyday lives is scar
  13. Problem with this shit is that if it comes in for a “short time” we will be stuck with it forever more. Power given is almost impossible to get back, people desperately want a bit of normality just going along with giving away their personal freedoms with zero justification. Covid passports have f**k all to do with covid and all to do with control, Boris said today even 2 fully vaccinated people STILL shouldn’t hug! So what’s the point in vaccination if we can’t behave normally after? What’s the point in vaccination certificates if you can still spread it when vaccinated? Control and monitorin
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