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  1. Bobtheferret

    On holiday

    Campsites can be gold mines for rabbits, got a great permission on a campsite but have to be careful when I go as campers don’t always approve!
  2. Bobtheferret

    Skinny nursing jill

    Haven’t even bothered reading all this but another thread down the toilet thanks to the top thread ruiner himself.....
  3. Bobtheferret


    Always amazed this cross isn’t more popular. Reckon you would find homes for any spares in no time. Cross I’ve always fancied owning at some point in the future but genuine ones from the right lab are like rocking horse shit.
  4. Bobtheferret

    Absolutely gutted

    I lost one and she just appeared back at the hutch a couple of days later. Also twice caught them in catch a live traps after losing them whilst out ferreting. Keeper once found a jill a full 3 weeks after I lost her so don’t give up hope.
  5. Bobtheferret

    Paying your own tax

    I employ people on a self employed basis and legally I have to take 20% at source. You need to register for a utr then for CIS and get your employer to deduct the tax then do an end of year tax return. Get a accountant and possibly a book keeper and you should hopefully get a rebate with any luck unless your earning big bucks.
  6. Bobtheferret

    Ferreter Needed

    Nice offer, but it’s the wrong time of year really for ferreting. If the holes are open and obvious someone may fancy it but really it’s a job for after the cricket season. If it’s possible and safe may be better to shoot them with an air rifle then ferret them in the autumn. Good luck I am sure someone will come forward to help. I would but I am not close enough.
  7. Bobtheferret

    Ferret disorientated ?

    Agreed, I have breed hundreds of ferrets and have had one kit with something similar and that’s a kit not a year old adult. You owe it to your animals to take them to vets if there’s a problem not self diagnosing and asking on the internet. Not trying to be harsh but good animals deserve proper care.
  8. Bobtheferret

    mxy up and down the country

    I think with mixi it goes in cycles, population rises rabbits get it survivors have an immunity and pass it on which protects new generation and causes population to rise then immunity weakens/virus mutates and mixi strikes again and so on. I had it very bad round me not this season just gone but season before and last season saw one mixi rabbit all year only but had devastated them the year previous. I reckon in another season or two it will strike again unfortunately.
  9. Bobtheferret

    New permission

    Great find mate, I am envious though! Sounds absolutely perfect.
  10. Bobtheferret

    Big Cat Sighting

    Keep posting Greyman! Personally I am undecided as to if they are out there or not but I find this a very interesting thread and enjoy reading about your search to find an elusive big cat. I completely understand people’s scepticism but can’t understand why some feel the need to belittle you and undermine you, this is one of the few threads on here worth reading.
  11. Bobtheferret

    Guaranteed rabbit catching dog to be rehomed

    Fair play to the dog not many dogs (including hunting dogs) would be able to catch enough rabbits to survive for a year in the wild. It’s very different catching a rabbit on the lamp or that’s been bolted by a ferret to catching them completely unaided by an owner. He looks well in the pictures so must have been catching well.
  12. Bobtheferret

    Fly-tippers caught in the act.

    Google it the video is still online. Absolute class they put the tractor forks straight through the side of the fly tippers transit.
  13. Bobtheferret

    V-sec hob???

    You worried they will gang rape him??!! . He’ll be fine mate, I’ve had a vas hob in with 7 jills before he just worked his way through them like a footballer in a nightclub . Don’t worry about him he’ll have the summer of his life lucky b*****d.
  14. Bobtheferret

    Bad day for hunting

    Be nothing left soon, won’t even be able to kill a rat soon if these c**ts have there way
  15. Bobtheferret

    Air tank for charging pcp

    Thanks lads, I have just purchased a ready to go bottle with hose etc as as said above not worth the risk. Unfortunately it comes empty so will need to get it filled now.