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  1. Bobtheferret

    Up for stud

    I bet. Just f***ing the game more than it already is for everyone and bringing unwanted attention on to everyone else.
  2. Bobtheferret

    Self employed

    Oh dear!!!! Dare I ask how that one turned out for you?
  3. Bobtheferret

    Up for stud

    Fortunately I haven’t! I haven’t got Facebook and and I have no intention of getting it. I think it would just make me angry tbh looking at the dog and hunting pages due to the sheer volume of muppets on there doing the real dog men no favours whatsoever!
  4. Bobtheferret

    Up for stud

    19 months old and putting it up for stud. Ffs. Well proven then. A load more puppies to join the 100’s being passed around for a mars bar then....
  5. Bobtheferret

    Self employed

    If your working for a contractor of any sort they will take 20% of your earnings under the cis scheme, you will still need to do a tax return though and that will probably result in a rebate as all your expenses will now come off the tax you’ve already paid at source. All your fuel, vehicle expenses, work clothes, tools, mobile phone can all be claimed back. You will also need to register for NI, best bet is to speak to an account but it’s all pretty straightforward especially if your working for one person and not loads of different customers.
  6. Bobtheferret

    It’s all ways the good uns

    So sorry for your loss Trev, never gets any easier losing dogs especially in these circumstances.
  7. Bobtheferret

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Agreed. I really do dislike the bbc in the main, they are so left wing when they should be impartial. License fee is a joke, should scrapped. It’s a joke in the modern age that they get all that money and if you want to own a tv you have no choice but to pay it. License fee gets absolutely wasted on nonsense
  8. Bobtheferret

    Funny Joke Thread

  9. Bobtheferret

    Looking for purse nets

    Let’s not mention Packham I’ll start hyperventilating
  10. Bobtheferret

    Dog or bitch pup

    All mine live in the house together no problem.
  11. Bobtheferret

    Dog or bitch pup

    I have two entire dogs and one bitch and they all get on brilliantly no problems at all. Bitch absolutely loves her boys and they both adore her. All extremely laid back dogs though.
  12. Bobtheferret


    86 carats!!!!!
  13. Bobtheferret

    Bolting to a gun

    Not for me, I’ll stick to nets and dogs. If you want to shoot rabbits go out at night with a lamp. I am sure plenty of people do it safely but it doesn’t feel safe to me and it’s all about enjoyment and nothing will compares to watching a dog work a warren and catch a rabbit as it bolts. Would never risk taking a dog if someone was shooting and ferreting without a dog to me is just not the same.
  14. Bobtheferret

    Packing up for a while

    Sorry to hear about your health, tried to pm but didn’t work....
  15. Bobtheferret

    Cheap pups

    f**k me!!!!! £2280! For a mongrel, that’s absolutely mental......just hope they haven’t sold out I’ll get a couple!