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  1. Bobtheferret

    Rabbit decline

    By the looks of the pictures on social media and some of the write ups in the air gun section there are large numbers of rabbits in some areas and very few in others but this is basically what has been said on these pages for the last few years what’s a little more promising (in some areas) is people saying they are seeing rabbits in places they haven’t for a while which would suggest they are coming back after being wiped out. It’s also very promising to note that after RVHD2 was released in Australia they seemed (from my reading on the subject and a few conversations with Aussies) to develop an immunity very quickly (10-15 years) which in nature is have rapid. When you think that it was confirmed in 2010 we are nearly 10 years in already. I know different eco system and climate etc but nonetheless positive. One permission I have was literally lifting with rabbits 3-4 years ago eating 30 yards out from the hedge into the wheat then basically not a rabbit to be seen would walk it with a lamp and see 6 over 300 acres but drive round now and there’s 3/4 here and 2/3 there not big numbers but promising...
  2. Bobtheferret

    Rabbit decline

    Whilst there’s no doubt that hunting rabbits all year round, night vision and excessive hunting have had a negative impact on rabbit numbers those things pale into insignificance compared to RVHD2. That is without doubt why populations fall from decent to almost nothing over a few weeks, when you add in that mixi is still very much present it’s not hard to see why the poor rabbit is struggling. This may be wishful thinking but they will recover, rabbits do build up immunity to both mixi and RVHD. When mixi first struck people thought that was the end of the rabbit yet they came back. I do however question when you see lads lamping already and catching 50 plus in August, same lads will then probably moan there’s nothing about come October. I am lucky I have a lot of permission but the last few years I have managed it like a gamekeeper, doing just enough to keep the permission and if there’s been an outbreak of disease and numbers are low most (not all) landowners are happy to leave what’s left alone and if there not then I will just bolt a few for the dog and show my face but basically leave them alone. If numbers are low and you still hammer them then they have no chance of recovery.
  3. Bobtheferret

    Topping up the ferret food.

    Good write up and a good result. Any signs off mixi round your way? Numbers look reasonable round me but mixi is definitely about, just hoping it doesn’t wipe them out.
  4. Bobtheferret

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    I thought the rabbit looked alive still as soon as I saw it!!!!!
  5. Bobtheferret


    Personally think it’s absurd that badgers are protected they should be able to be controlled, perhaps not completely unchecked but definitely need controlling in some way. The damage there digging does to the land is unbelievable and as stated they are very destructive to other animal species. There numbers have increased 10 fold round my way they are basically a pest that you aren’t allowed to do anything about.
  6. Bobtheferret


    RVHD2 has been in England for close to 10 years and RVHD for nearly 30 years it’s bad but as Micky said they seem to recover and develop immunity. In Australia it only took approximately 15 years from release to the point that it was of negligible affect on them so hopefully it’s not curtains for the humble rabbit due to RVHD! I fear it won’t be the last non natural disease introduced to try to end the poor coney! The rabbit is a born survivor though so hopefully will always been around.
  7. Bobtheferret

    BBC 1 now,poachers in Hexam.

    f**k me that’s a lot of rabbits!!! Hopefully they are still there come September
  8. Bobtheferret

    Is it safe to come out yet?

    I really hope he has been banned.... ruined to many threads. Been nice and friendly recently
  9. Bobtheferret


    I am sure your ferrets are doing absolutely fine by the sound of it, it’s hard to know without being there but with no collars and not loads of experience it might be that your jills are killing below ground and you don’t even realise. How long are you waiting between bolts? How many ferrets are you putting down and what size of Warren are you working? If they are smallish sets and ferrets go 10-15 minutes between bolting any rabbits there is every chance they could be killing and you don’t even realise it. Depending on the ferret that is plenty on time to kill especially if there is more than one ferret most of my ferrets don’t stay with a kill as they aren’t hungry and hunt for the love of it so once a rabbit is dead they are off to find another. I would collar up all ferrets personally and if there is a lull see if they are stuck in one spot. I hope this helps mate.
  10. Bobtheferret

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    Totally agree, I have been ferreting and landowner has rocked up at the worst possible moment and just wont be quite and yet amazingly rabbits have flown out in spite of the constant talking yet other times been on my own bolting for the dog so not even put nets on the holes to disturb the burrow and the rabbits refuse to bolt. Some rabbits are nervy and keen to bolt some just won’t part of ferreting, I think anyone that’s done a bit knows certain ferrets will kill more than others though. I like owning different ferrets for different situations.
  11. Bobtheferret

    World Cup cricket

    Amazing game, hopefully it helps spread and grow the game in this country. New Zealand were very gracious losers despite a few things not going there way and set an excellent example to anyone watching. Neither team deserved to lose.
  12. Bobtheferret

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    Has the village idiot be banned??? Haven’t seen a ffffft post in a while mercifully.
  13. Bobtheferret


    I heard OT has a ferret car like the dog one Lloyd has in dumb and dumber. Natural it’s a limousine...long and sleek like his greyhound ferrets .
  14. Bobtheferret


  15. Bobtheferret

    Dog help... whinning!

    Get a lurcher or a whippet . Sorry that was unhelpful! I had a JRT when I was younger and he never stopped whining or yapping when he was tied up whilst ferreting and wouldn’t behave off the lead so I just stopped taking him. My advice would be don’t tie him up, if he has to be tied up all the time then he maybe he can’t be a ferreting dog. I can’t remember the last time I had to put any of mine on a lead whilst out ferreting, a friend of mine has trained his dog to just sit next to the marked hole and guard it so to speak to keep him occupied whilst he nets up maybe you could try that?