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  1. Bobtheferret

    Seven mk3 problem

    Appreciate the advice but I have other working collars so I know the box is working, I have changed the batteries for new ones and also put batteries from a working collar in the faulty one so know it’s not a battery issue. Have been in touch with deben and going to send it back to them to have a look at but from what they said it may be knackered as it’s a sealed unit..... Thanks for replying though mate.
  2. Bobtheferret

    Seven mk3 problem

    I have tried that and it worked before but no luck this time....thanks for your advice though
  3. Bobtheferret

    Seven mk3 problem

    On slightly different note I am having problems with the mk3 collars, I have used them for years now and have found them brilliant but two have just suddenly stopped working. Changed the batteries a couple of times and tried checking the contacts etc but nothing, are they repairable? Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.
  4. Bobtheferret

    Big Kev & Young Fleet

    Well do mate, good footage. Would love for holes that open and with that many rabbits in them. Fleet looks like he has a lot of potential hope he does you proud
  5. Bobtheferret

    Small lurcher,

    The boys age is second to the fact that reading between the lines you neither have the money to buy or look after the dog, if you can’t afford £200-£300 to buy that dog then you can’t afford the vets bills if it hurts itself, decent food etc. People should not own dogs unless they can afford to look after them properly and what you’ve written on here doesn’t fill me with confidence...always a bad sign when someone’s primary concern when buying a dog is that it’s cheap.
  6. Bobtheferret

    Ferrting Season so far

    Well done mate, some cracking bags there.
  7. Bobtheferret

    Was a cold day

    Bloody hell!!!!!! Serious volume of rabbits there, must be 75 there or more. All caught by the dogs or nets? Still some big populations around then.
  8. Bobtheferret

    working a whippet

    My bloody whippet doesn’t just flush them he catches the damn things! Mainly hen birds just sees that flash of brown and he is off little f****r.
  9. Bobtheferret

    New perm, get in!

    Good for you mate. Nothing like that excitement of getting a new perm with loads of rabbits on it and one with a landowner that supports long dog use even better! Enjoy it.
  10. Bobtheferret

    Half grown rabbit

    I think nature fills a void and with numbers lower (also October was dry warm) they are breeding for longer. With less competition for the best feeding and warrens they can breed longer I saw to chasing each other in what looked like a mating dance last weekend and caught loads of half growns in October (if they were unharmed by dog or ferret I let them go to grow). I noticed the few does I shot in the summer (I try to leave them alone but some land owners insist so I show my face) had 5/6 kits whereas a few years ago 3/4.
  11. Bobtheferret


    I think in answer to your original question you probably do have RVHD disease in Kent, I think it’s pretty widespread across most of the country. There are still rabbits around in most parts I think from what I’ve read and seen but just nothing like the numbers. Picked up a new permission recently 1300 acres used to be riddled but now just pockets but I’ll go catch a few and just enjoy being out. Good luck finding some rabbits!
  12. Bobtheferret

    Bad day

    Still a top day really mate, can’t ever complain at 24! Enjoy your write ups, well done for doing them although I must confess I feel envious after ready every single one! You are a very lucky chap to have the permission you have!
  13. Bobtheferret


    I have been told (although not personally seen it) that healthy rabbits drive the mixi ones from the burrows which is why you often see them on top of the warrens rather than below ground.
  14. Bobtheferret

    Land owner permission

    Because if you are ferreting an area that is due to be shot the next day then your presence could push birds away to other areas causing fewer birds for that drive or even worse if you are not in communication with the keeper and just turn up and start ferreting an area that is due for a drive that day that could ruin a whole drive by being in the way! People pay £1000’s of pounds sometimes for a days shooting and it’s the keepers job to make sure they have a good day so they won’t just let anyone come on the land. Keepers don’t really care about rabbits generally as to them they don’t really cause any harm so no keeper will risk disrupting a shoot day for rabbit control. I ferret several estates with full time keepers on and some are very easy to talk to and tell you where to go for the best day some are a bit grumpy and seem to resent you being there but I always tell them when and where I going and make sure that they are ok with it. You’ll never get permission on keepered land if you can’t get the keeper on side
  15. Bobtheferret

    Sad to kill rabbits anymore.

    I think (hope?) that rabbit numbers will turn around, when people are going out not catching much they will lose interest and leave them be. Equally if they aren’t damaging crop etc then farmers will also not bother getting them dealt with. History, and evidence from NZ and AUS, suggests that immunity to RVHD2 will devolop. Once these things happen coupled with the rabbits amazing ability to reproduce they will be back in something approaching good numbers but...it may take a few years or even decades .