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  1. Fair enough I understand the reasons but I genuinely think the dog would rather a life of little bunnies and hunting but with you than plentiful hunting but the huge psychological upheaval of moving homes etc. Right decision and good luck with him.
  2. Can’t personally understand why you would even consider giving the dog up after owning him for a year. Dog is a companion first and hunter second in my opinion, that bond you say you have should stop any thoughts of letting him go. In terms of the dog you are lying to yourself in a massive way if you think sending him to another country is going to be anything other than hugely distressing and upsetting for him even if he does eventually settle with another owner. You buy/breed a pup you should own it for life unless something truly exceptional happens. Hope that doesn’t come across to strong but hate to see good loyal dogs passed around. My opinion only.
  3. I assume the walls themselves are where the rabbits are living and they are unferretable? I don’t have any walls in my neck of the woods so they are all new to me!
  4. Don’t see many vicars round my way but you do see the odd one, I have caught thousands of rabbits but just the single black one!
  5. Sounds like a right cnut tbh, surprised the jill even came back in. I had a very early litter this year and jill stayed out of season. Didn’t think there was enough demand to breed ferrets commercially.
  6. Bloody hell thats incredible! 8000 in 3 months, just with drop boxes?? How big an area are we talking?
  7. To many people are happy to just give up on dogs, people, work etc fantastic to read about the effort you put in to that dog and even better that it paid off. Good luck for the season you bloody deserve it!
  8. On original topic can I just say...Hamilton is a total hypercritical c**t.
  9. Brilliant clip...unfortunately we will probably never see comedy that “offensive” again .
  10. Not read all this thread and this point may have been made but this BLM movement will have caused more racism between whites and blacks than anything since the 60’s is my guess and done more to damage to the progress that has been made in equality than any far right hate group ever have. Normal ordinary good people that never considered judging people by the colour of their skin are being made out to be racist and guilt tripped simply for being white! It’s madness and causes resentment and anger that simply wasn’t there before. The more anyone goes on about being victimised the more it becomes true, keep talking about racism enough and you won’t cure it you will create it by putting massive chips on young black shoulders, making them entitled and less likely to work hard and contribute to society. It’s vicious cycle that won’t end until the media and the left stop all this bullshit.
  11. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/11951371/fears-big-cat-loose-dead-deer-mauled/
  12. Sites I am working on you would not know there is such a thing as Covid-19, know one gives a f**k. Not a mask to be seen and everyone is just cracking on like nothing happened. Thank god for it, just need the rest of the country to hurry up and get with the program.
  13. I regularly find air rifle pellets in the ferrets cages, they don’t eat them I am sure.
  14. That’s the one! Bollocks of the highest order. Just deliberately finding things to upset about.
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