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  1. Bobtheferret

    Rip old teddy boy

    R.I.P Ted. Non dog people will never understand the pain of losing a dog.
  2. Bobtheferret

    Fleets first day out

    Completely agree with what you’ve said. I have a eleven month old whippet that came out for the first time at 5 months and with me most of the winter and suffered not a single knock or injury. I wasn’t really planning on taking him much but older dog got injured on barbed wire and thought why not? He surprised me no end and has learned so much already. Can’t wait for next season to get him out again and really pleased I got some early experience in him. Good luck with Fleet.
  3. Bobtheferret

    Oswald the Lurcher

    Brilliant write up well done for taking the time. I feel your pain I lost one coming up to a year ago and still hurts now. RIP Ossie.
  4. Bobtheferret

    Barbed wire

    Just got to hope he learns for himself, tbh it’s going to happen at some point. Lurchers and barb wire is one of those things unless you can hunt somewhere with no wire....sorry if that sounds pessimistic but I’ve had so many dogs hit wire and need stitches
  5. Bobtheferret

    Strange bred

    What cross is he? I like the look of him.
  6. Bobtheferret

    Dog acting daft after lamping session

    That’s a fair shout, my ten month old is a hard as nails in the field not bothered by snow, rain or knocks but gets home as is a right baby about stung feet! . The older dogs don’t seem bothered however, never really thought about until you pointed it out ginger beard!
  7. Bobtheferret

    A Ferrets Value ?

    Following from what Phil said about finding quarry in different circumstances I have different ferrets for different circumstances. I have a hob that will refuse to leave a rabbit below ground and is methodical about checking the warren and I have a jill that simply races round at 1000 miles an hour and bolts all the easy ones but will leave to odd one tucked up. You would not want only the hob or only the jill but both are valuable in different ways. If you have to clear a spot for pest control put the hob in and know it may take longer but the warrens clear but if you want to bolt a few quick ones on a Sunday afternoon for the dog then use the jill. Both priceless in their own ways. Enjoyed this thread btw, good sensible discussion about hunting without the dick measuring!
  8. Bobtheferret

    A Ferrets Value ?

    Whilst most definitely preferable to get a ferret from proven stock I have had some amazing ferrets from some odd places. One of the best ferrets I ever owned came from a cat cage in someone’s kitchen (aged 3) never seen raw food or a rabbit and yet she was unbelievable. 20 years later her blood still runs through my current strain of workers. Regarding cost I completely agree with Vin that good ferrets are criminally undervalued a lot of the time, I try and keep my own line with occasional input of fresh blood.
  9. Bobtheferret

    Dog acting daft after lamping session

    Sounds like his feet are stung to me. Nettles at this time of year are very sharp, mine does something similar.
  10. Bobtheferret

    Fleet 10 weeks

    Looks a lovely pup, well done. Hope he catches you plenty
  11. Bobtheferret

    Is Lamping Unsporting?

    Personally where I lamp it’s actually pretty hard to get big numbers the rabbits are quick and the land is tough. Some of the videos I’ve watched of blokes lamping up north are ridiculous rabbits are just slower and seem happy to squat. Down south were I am hardly ever get a squatter and seem turbo charged! Either that or my dogs are shite!
  12. Bobtheferret

    Other way round

    I had a brilliant little beddy whippet that was bred from a beddy dam and whippet sire was a superb example of the cross in my opinion and a first rate rabbit dog. Miss him every day.
  13. Bobtheferret

    How old is to old?

    I lost my whippet/beddlington last year aged 12 and he was going ferreting all day sometimes Saturday and Sunday and although he didn’t get loved going out and I loved taking him.
  14. Bobtheferret

    Pups enjoying the snow

    Lovely looking pups, well done. You keeping many back for yourself?
  15. Bobtheferret

    Sub zero ferrets

    Mine live in a court in the garage and are happy as anything haven’t had to worry. Have noticed for the first time since they moved to the garage they have actually made a proper nest rather than just laying on top of the straw so must be cold! Never really worried about ferrets and cold more worried about the heat in the summer than the cold in the winter.