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  1. In my humble opinion I wouldn’t get caught up on names, I have seen a couple of dogs with sooty Sam blood and they were utter rubbish I am afraid, doesn’t mean he was or all his offspring are just means blood doesn’t guarantee a good dog. Proven working dog doing the job is what you need whether it has famous blood or not, most of these “famous” dogs are a bit of a myth anyway.
  2. It surprises me that with the wet weather they have breed, amazed they found a dry enough spot for a nest!! Poor buggers must have been born with flippers!!!!
  3. Early for babies, I got several pregnant does yesterday but all were no more than a week or two gone. I caught some Young last year in early February yet does caught only a few miles away weren’t even pregnant yet at the same time of year. Always found it strange how rabbits in the same basic area seem to start to breed at different times of year.
  4. Good dogs are made not bought
  5. In future I have breakfast in my room
  6. I have found Deben nothing short of brilliant when I have dealt with them, very quick to respond and if you send a faulty item back they can’t repair as a good will gesture they have sold me a replacement at half price. Really good company, not cheap but excellent to deal with.
  7. Coogan can go f**k himself with a fence post after his comments during the election, calling all leavers and Tory voters uneducated racists, before then I did like him but refuse to watch anything he is in anymore.
  8. I’ve seen Jimmy Carr, Al Murray, Romesh, Jack Whitehall, Sean Carr, Jason Manford, Micky Flanagan and Kevin Bridges live and they were all very good. Jack Whitehall surprised me a bit as he was a lot funnier than on the tv (went for the mrs really and ended up loving it) was piling into vegans and woke culture etc was class. Probably say Micky Flanagan was my favourite though, used to like Frankie Boyle till he turned into a lefty liberal preachy c**t!!!
  9. Typical vegan, can’t even let her speak. Refuses to even let someone with different views to his own talk. She waited patiently letting him say his nonsense but he can’t let her have 20 secs without interrupting. Got to 4.14 and turned it off. Blokes got the kind of face that I could never tire of punching!
  10. I like your thinking!!!! My ethical belief says this liberal bullshit has gone to far, can’t they all just f**k off? I am bored of it now.
  11. A good explanation of how to use the mk3, I have one and have tried to get on with it. I generally use it to get a rough idea on search but struggle to “pin down” the exact location. I’ll give it another try using your guide.
  12. I respect and understand what you are doing but be careful as it is illegal, by all means do it but keep it quiet perhaps. Good luck though hope it works and some other bugger doesn’t wipe out the relocated stock before they can take hold.
  13. Well sounds like I am not alone in my love of the mk1...if someone did make some new mk1 boxes I think they would sell but production cost may be prohibitive. I’d buy one for sure though.
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