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  1. If the ferret comes across a badger it would probably result in a very dead ferret so yes it’s dangerous. Holes could very easily connect to the badger holes, it’s a bit odd to me but not uncommon at all for rabbits and badgers to live in the same holes. Good effort on starting up with your ferrets but steer clear off badgers and fox earths nothing but trouble there for you.
  2. There was a very very small issue and then it got deliberately leaked to the press by a combination of a pro remain HGV union and BP both of whom had been lobbing without success to allow more foreign drivers into GB and needed to make the problem worse to force the governments hand rather than just pay drivers better and train more of them. This issue has been going on since the last lockdown ended and everyone got back in their cars but no one even noticed but good old MSM coupled with the complete lack of intelligence of many of the public cause a major headache on Thursday night. Bingo mor
  3. That was disturbingly and worryingly extremely accurate. Whilst it was said in a funny way everything he said was spot on. This winter could get messy……
  4. MSM big up what was a minor problem and then all the f***ing idiots panic which causes more idiots to panic and so it goes, toilet paper all over again. Got lads working for me tomorrow saying they have no fuel and struggling to get it so might not be able to work. Could be true could be don’t want to work Saturday. One of my lads that was on fumes filled up this morning and said in the time it took him to fill his tank 12 people came and went, all had loads of fuel but filling up a tenners worth cause they are morons
  5. If it had been anyone but trump the treatment would probably have been available much much sooner and saved many lives but the MSM and illiberal governments of the world couldn’t have trump as a poster boy for a new treatment could they
  6. Plenty round me, despite the keepers and rifle boys smashing them. They are amazing animals really just seem to thrive no matter what a bit like coyotes in the states. The harder you hit them the harder they seem to come back. The way they thrive in towns is a testament to their adaptability
  7. Same, I love the new collars no messing about with a screwcap and insulation tape etc just a nice waterproof collar with the magnet to turn it on and off but just can’t get on with the disco box and not just because of the ridiculous noise!!! MK1 boxes are fair superior in my humble opinion.
  8. The poor treatment of anyone not ill with covid was more a side effect of the appalling fear mongering and propaganda dished out on a daily basis by the government and MSM. A lot of hospitals were dead during lockdown. The nhs has badly failed 1000’s of people.
  9. Tried that and I didn’t work…
  10. Where are these available please?
  11. Lad I know only 31 had his first dose Thursday and has been bed ridden and full of fever since then, unable to work or do pretty much anything. Can’t help but feel he would have been better off catching covid
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