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  1. Relax bud it’s ok , look I understand you’re talking the bitch up, what’s the down side ,? is she the perfect hunter , I’ve caught animals out at night with dogs that would be straight lined during the day , fences ,circumstances, sometimes play in the dogs favour but it wouldn’t be a regular thing , been honest it’s hard to get past the tried and tested breeds , they stood the text of time , why didn’t you put her to a full hound ?
  2. Yeah , I get all that about the brothers creating the breed, interesting alright but I’m not convinced they’re more driven than a good bull hound or more athletic either, as far as catching anything goes, they’re just too heavy boned to be useful on their own, best of luck
  3. What sort of hunting do ya do ?, they wouldn’t have a great nose, little terrier here picks up scent a lot quicker, I think they’re sheer size and strength gives an illusion of drive because hey can inflict damage very quickly and not take much in return, I doubt many would go snout first into a stop end , with anything bigger that a fox
  4. Half Dogo , couldn’t run to warm himself , nothing really here to test his bottle, have come across bits and pieces with him out,
  5. Are you putting it down to the individual dog or the breed, that’s faulty and nothing got to do with the owner , is that what you’re saying ?
  6. I get that people might not understand the principle, most dogs will retrieve to a certain point, then f**k about, the point I’m making is, you can develop a positive mindset in the dog in or around your space , 3 or 4 feet around you is where most dogs start reverting out of the positive state its in and back into a hand shy state, the body language will show it, it’s because we then become the negative in its environment, it can’t sustain the feeling, So I work on the effect I have on the dog in that space, of course the dog will come into your space, when f**k all is going on,
  7. Hand feed everything, feed the mutt when you walk it, feed out of the right hand, using the left to keep a little pressure on the chest/ base of neck area, might not want to push through the pressure of your left hand when you start, let it overcome a little pressure at the start and gradually build up until the f****r can push full force to get the food, fearful dogs can’t project themselves physically on to their handlers, to do so, changes the dynamic, food is a prized item, caught game is a prized item, you’re just interjecting yourself physically into its behavior, how it
  8. , full of shit the only thing you’d turn to the UVF for, is feeding your habit.
  9. Casso


    Whats a Wolfe Tone mentality, bunch of aul lads singing songs is a mentality
  10. Let’s be honest , biggest f****n balls up ever, Failed
  11. Ya couldn’t make this shit up, farcical ? First country in the world to impose sanctions on itself
  12. The social element of the hunt is what made the wolf become the dog, Foxes , raccoons , rats , cats you name have lived in or around humans for ever but it wont made them as social as the dog, they use the word “may”because they can’t figure out what the f**k is going on , living in close proximity, feeding in dumps, from garbage all that shite wild animals do now , won’t make them domesticated , take the bear for instance, is it on the way to domestication too ? Not a chance, the less fear it has , the more dangerous the f****r is the wolf became the dog because the pack
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