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  1. We’re all entitled to an opinion, because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean the individual or his opinion is retarded , The ease in which you throw in , an off the cuff remark about some Irish, who may not agree with your empirical mindset just about sums you up on here , you still living here .? “we were still the best nation in the world when we were still united “ Where the f**k you going with that statement, The word nation doesn’t leave much room for the Scots welsh or Irish
  2. http://www.vconline.org.uk/james-murray-vc/4587698927 His daughter lily was my granny he went on to work in the fire service in Dublin ,
  3. For a start , don’t f**k about with the dog in the house, every environment leaves a dog with an energetic feed back of how he felt the last time he was there, dogs don’t think this shit out, they go back into the same head space , the same energetic mind set it was in the last time there ,mother nature’s shortcut , so if the house was a f***ing play zone as a pup , the script is already typed, I’m not saying you caused it the point I’m making is , inside calm outside play , you don’t want to want to be stimulating a pup/dog in the home because your creating a physical history of how it should act , if ya get me leaving a dog crated with no form of physical movement under stimulation is a sure fire method of f***ing up the whole idea of a crate , it’s always the movement that’s the cure, dogs HAVE to move their bodies in certain ways , call it rituals , rituals defuse tension in the dog , social dogs meet and greet , go through a ritual of sniffing and pissing and it’s all good I’m not against crates but in quiet out of the way places where any stimulation can’t overload the system , get some item the dog wants the bite , get him on a long line in a quiet area and start interacting with the item to such an extend that the f****r is driven nuts , let him tug the item out of your hands, he must win every time*thats important , he must achieve a feeling of success in your space, the same space he normally avoids while out so let him win , he’ll f**k off with it but you got one end of along line 20/30 metres, you can buy camping line in Aldi Lidl cheap out a D clasp on the end , you'll have a line for f**k all , anyway get him doing a circle around you with the item in him mouth , dogs do everything in a circle but you become the midpoint , he’s not running away he’s orbiting you , and that makes you part of the good feeling he’s getting , don’t bother with other dogs or any of that socialising crap, your only encouraging him to leak energy that from now on need focusing on you , hand feed , f**k the Bowl away and make him earn every scrap , teach him the down, feed a lot in the down even out , the down trains a dog what to do with its body instead of trying its normal shit of breaking the place up , he’s more likely to do an action you need to show the f****r there is an alternative to expressing itself in the way it does , but you got to show it , A DOG CANT JUST DO NOTHING , training is just putting a different body action to the same feeling , dogs don’t understand mess , it shits and pees to release pressure, inside calm outside play , the outside work plays into the behaviour at home but you can’t have one without the other , it’s the contrast that seals it in a dogs mind , the dog can contrast and learn of the where to physically express themselves , that’s the key change doesn’t happen overnight , best of luck
  4. Ah, I think we’ve had just about enough of ye thanks , we tried it once and didn’t like it , as I always say
  5. She’s got an honest lookin eye, can’t ask any more than that in their attitude
  6. Not looking at any book bud looking her in the eye , she has work written all over her
  7. Tough as aul boots that one I’d say , not a sign of it on her face , good bitch to take a pup out of
  8. Your on to something there , the state of mind and the urge to eat are connected in the dog so things have to be moving in it’s environment, it included high vibrating dog doesn’t like static situations like a bowl , food can make a dog feel vulnerable makes it feel a little panicky,little fearful , get contact to eat , it would also work on the down but only by luring, then feeding in the down , gives the dog something to do with its energy and that build up gives the dog a focus for it when you whisk your hand in with a mouthful of food , It’s a pain in the ass issue but a lot of these issues don’t just stand on their own it’s in the rest of the behaviour as well , if ya get me
  9. Hand feed the f****r everything, get to the stage where he’s pushing in on your left hand to get the food in your right Won’t happen overnight but what it does is , it give the dog a feeling of overcoming you/something and reduces fear overall He won’t f***ing starve himself, pushing for food builds confidence and gives the dog a sense of achievement, I mechanically use it to speed up bonding in a pup with its owner, it has to tune in to you, to apply physical force If ya get my drift bud
  10. Where have I mentioned anywhere about despising English people or a word about England ?? You’re beyond debating with , you confuse patriotism and bigotry, it’s a privileged position, it takes a bigger man than yourself to look at himself honestly and decide whether to respect another mans homeland or not , and it’s not in ya, tosser my words are aimed at you , not English people or England but I’m sure it be followed by some off cuff remark about the Irish , and none sees that as an issue ?? thats where the problem lies, the tone of privilege is well known to the Scots and Welsh alike , it’s only tossers like yourself canne see it ,
  11. And the point of that post about the Irish is ????? Why is it still going down an anti Irish road where’s the anti English from me
  12. Whose looking for an apology?? What the f**k you on about tosser Calm the f**k down with all this sorry shit no one here asking for your sorrow tosser
  13. The difference is mush , I didn’t post up disrespecting any homeland, people are proud of where they’re from, that’s a given my point was towards the man, if we can’t take responsibility for what we put up on threads ourselves without justifying it with some ancestor bullshit , how can we find any common ground because as far as I’m concerned he already coming to any thread with a bigoted attitude also as soon as you try to voice a opinion maybe wrongly ill admit on bigoted remark , you get a heap of anti Irish venom from some other wanker , just because I’m Irish but at no point have I attacked England or the English ?
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