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  1. , full of shit the only thing you’d turn to the UVF for, is feeding your habit.
  2. Casso


    Whats a Wolfe Tone mentality, bunch of aul lads singing songs is a mentality
  3. Let’s be honest , biggest f****n balls up ever, Failed
  4. Ya couldn’t make this shit up, farcical ? First country in the world to impose sanctions on itself
  5. The social element of the hunt is what made the wolf become the dog, Foxes , raccoons , rats , cats you name have lived in or around humans for ever but it wont made them as social as the dog, they use the word “may”because they can’t figure out what the f**k is going on , living in close proximity, feeding in dumps, from garbage all that shite wild animals do now , won’t make them domesticated , take the bear for instance, is it on the way to domestication too ? Not a chance, the less fear it has , the more dangerous the f****r is the wolf became the dog because the pack
  6. Once they can contrast home life become a lot easier, no doubt Well done you sir , she looks in fine fettle
  7. She looks in good order there that bitch, what’s the head space like with them ?
  8. Ah your 100% right sir ? the point been the younger you introduce confrontation or discipline instead of management the deeper it’s embedded, sure he’ll wag his tail at ya after it but he’ll never forget it , especially in your space
  9. When a dog gets a handle on what he was bred for , everything falls into place , little issues fall away because then he wants to fit , thats how a pack works , the physical act of hunting is what makes a pack social , that’s where the bonding takes place, on that same note until he gets that principle he’s a bit all over the place, so when lads are trying to discipline a pup to makes it social, to stop it doing shit , your only promoting misbehaviour because if he can’t engage with you without fear , everything else is much more inviting include stock he just want to expr
  10. Doberman is a great example of that , Official War dog of US Marine Corps during World War ll , Pacific duty in Guam places like that , nerves of steel , Splashed all over the papers and news in the States at the time , everyone wanted one , you can’t breed friendliness into a breed, all your doing is breeding a flaw/weakness Into the Animal , when they stop breeding for purpose and function, you f**k up the genetic pool almost unheard now as a true working animal , I’d hate to see that happen to the Mali
  11. Nothing intelligent going on in my head , just a very curious f****r, park and open coursing is nothing to do with catching , one dog races another up till the hare , hare is usually given enough grass for the hounds to take a turn out of her and that’s usually it , judge decides red or white , the dog that takes first turn wins , 3 points in the bag they don’t want hares caught , why would they , it don’t look good it’s about genetics , hounds in general , fox hounds , beagles , greys , basset hounds , you name them , that list of dogs that hunt/ kill on there own, are le
  12. I don’t as a rule stock break a lurcher , I introduce it to work, say lamping ,I ingrained that in for a few months so the dog understands the system , It gets the pattern of events that leads to work , boots on , battery ready , smells and sounds of work , all lead to catching rabbits or whatever your hunting , they get it quicker more socially aware , less inclined to deafness out , meeting stock after that isn’t an issue , full hounds are a lot more trigger happy, If it moves chase it , it’s what it’s bred for shape size colour matters f**k all , movement stimulates It right down
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