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  1. Casso

    Common beginner mistakes to avoid!

    Young lads need to stop projecting thoughts into the dogs head and see pups for what they are , every pup is working off a preprogrammed script that first and foremost involves prey making anytime a pup gets stimulated it slips into a prey making reflex just because it’s a f***ing cushion in the sitting room , doesn’t make it any less real in the pups state of mind , it’s a mind set we need to work with if we constantly confront a pup for displaying and acting on a stimulated state , we create problems for the recall and many other behaviours later in maturity from a pups point of view ‘“when I’m excited /stimulated by something this f****r slaps me I can’t be around him when I’m excited “ which also make anything remotely preylike much more attractive than you its not personal with the pup , it’s nature and when it’s not in a excited state, it'll return dog training is not planting seeds of habits or problems you have to fix later when the habit has dug a deep furrow in a pup mindset . Each time you confront the little f****r you cause resistance which won’t show until high value items are involved every pup is working off an Attraction verses Resistance script it’s nothing to do with being the boss or defiance or any of that thoughts projected leanings we have, management of pups is the key
  2. Casso

    Common beginner mistakes to avoid!

    Don’t be afraid to use food Up until sexual maturity a pup is a stomach on legs I only feed while out with the pup , getting it making physical contact to feed , if you think about it , it’s about getting a pup coming into your space in the field and aligning around a highly prized item but at the same time I don’t bowl feed so I’m not creating an exclusion zone around something the dog values , no fear creeps in as it never arises instincts creep in when a dog is unsure of your space ,
  3. I like that red runner a lot,
  4. Casso

    Lurchers hips

    Firstly , Dogs move differently in different states of mind, if it’s on the way out as opposed to on the way back in , I would keep a eye on it the term “Supple “ is used for a relaxed, chilled, easy motion style of movement but it should also show in relaxed shoulders , neck , ears down , swaying style as you mention, basically not a care in the world, happy in its skin , energy grounded. To my eye, it’s a body language tell of a well grounded dog and a good outing
  5. Casso

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    Seriously why don’t ya ,
  6. Casso

    lurchers (breeding)

    Is that Rodney Trotter at the hind end ?? Sleek lookin animal that
  7. Casso

    lurchers (breeding)

    Seen some great results from a half bred bitch to a good lurcher dog , twice as good as the bitch , pups seem to be ahead of time as far as learning too, smart from the off
  8. Casso

    lurchers (breeding)

    I’ve always worked off the principle that if a animal was bred for a specific purpose the pups will be genetically predisposed to gravitate towards that purpose, actually catching game in this case , almost as if the learned ability is passed on to the pups even prior to them hunting , I used to believe the greyhound was the starting point, but hounds nowadays are bred to race not catch , collie is not bred to catch , although they can , and when was the last time a deerhound fed a family that’s my take on it , I’m sure others will disagree , but I feel the physical history of what both parents have done can influence genetically , best of luck
  9. Casso

    Lurcher pup

    What I am saying is when someone brings a dog here with dog aggressive tendencies, it is almost certainly socialised with a high temperament with zero outlet for its physical capabilities many have had negetive encounters through socialisation , I wasn’t clear enough to add that these are joe public’s dogs not working animals working dogs are less aggressive in general because of purpose
  10. Casso

    Lurcher pup

  11. Casso

    Lurcher pup

    The puppy stage of development is the most open and engaging , there is complete emotional flow, in other words what it is attracted to , it wants to ingest , A stomach on little legs , no barriers to attraction and also no self regulation, no impulse control when it encounters resistance as it grows which it will in the form of house breaking, confrontation for ripping shit up, basic run of the mill day to day life in the Home encounters , these encounters are tagged with fear , how can it not be, the only way it can perceive the world is through a predator/prey axis negative encounters in a cub/ pup wild or tame are a learning process and when something is tagged with fear, it is never forgotten , it’s how the young of any wild animal survives into adulthood and the younger the pup is, the heavier the impact is felt but pups are born social and the overriding attraction to humans is a force of nature and we believe little harm is done because it wags it’s tail two minutes later, What the Germans in sports dog training found in high level competition those little kinks in the emotional flow, the resistance from confrontation / discipline very much affect the bravery of the fighting dog , dog against man , they wanted the pure emotional flow with no emotional resistance , they wanted the completely open puppy mind , fear of man was a lot more difficult to work with and will break down into instinctive fear based behaviour submissive behaviour in other words with valued items , that’s where it shows, the proximity of us to the dog with a valued item will rekindle the origanal fear every time A dog is attracted to whatever object /activity expends most of it energy , the mutt can only focus on One thing at a time , thats important to rememberv and as a predator, prey making is number one the ideal socialisation for a running dog should be to go out with a live bunny in your pocket , the dog wouldnt take its eyes off you , don’t do this in reality it’s unethical and illegal but if we want our grown dog to ignore everything as an adult , the focus should be taking away from everything else as how the collie can focus on its handler with hundreds around as socks said but you give it the object of focus first not later when it’s slready invested in every gobshite with a dog that comes along socialisation should be called ignorasation , you give a pup the object of focus first(food , play object )which enables it to placate the fear instincts which kick in when encountering strange people dogs etc you don’t needs to spend weeks months socialisation to every living object , man on bike , girl with hat , kid with ginger hair , you only need it to focus on what you have and you , you become number one and every other distraction gets ignored in the long run socialisation is a well meaning operation as it stands but the general public are introducing some highly driven dogs/ predators showing them other dogs.(prey ) as a way of getting used to them and what happening is their prey instincts are been triggered over and over , eventually something blows , most of the time it’s other dogs on the receiving end unfortunately but thankfully not children dog is a predator with social leaning ,Articles in the CMW are using the term predator now funny enough, but the more you know about how your dog is comprehending the world the easier it is to be one step ahead many may disagree but the best way to look at it is, food for thought ,,
  12. Casso

    Lurcher pup

    There definitely food for thought in what your saying ,it’s gone a bit stale on here of late , I’ll say one thing about chap , when he takes a bite he won’t let go debate on any topic is always good believe it or not , it informs but it also brings a new prospective you may not have looked at before If you keep an open mind ,
  13. Casso

    Lurcher pup

    plenty, but I don’t hide behind” I’m this and I’ve done that” ,it might impress some but you’ve a limited knowledge of why and how of behaviour , you don’t really understand dogs, your ego won’t let you open your mind, if you could debate behaviour like an adult , I’m all ears but there’s nothing behind the bravado ,
  14. Casso

    Lurcher pup

    The reason it can contrast between two environments is because it’s shown what to bite first and when to bite, not the other way round they show it what to do with its energy first that’s how a protection dog knows go from no , nothing in the hell to do with socialisation
  15. Casso

    Lurcher pup

    Socialisation is the new cure all for dog aggression , how were dogs able to hold their shit together years ago before socialisation ?