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  1. Casso

    Dog eating grass.

    Some dogs will ingest grass if they feel unwell and others will eat grass all day well or not some dogs are browsers and will go from blackberry to grass to cleavers to whatever is available , dogs like that are usually fairly grounded and level headed , the ability to switch off and browse shows a calm animal
  2. Casso

    Hunting up on the lamp

    It’s about creating or not creating a state of mind ferreting by the very act of standing still makes a rabbit appear or so it seems, makes a pup a very quick learner of what to do with its body , it creates a focussed state of mind/body on the flip side, if a pup believes that running round the field like a headless f***ing chicken make bunnies appear , that too is exactly what it will do with its body, no dog worth his salt, needs to do showing how to hunt
  3. Casso

    Puppy attacked

    Few things going on there me aul bucko, first, sexuality has kicked in , he’s more driven , eager to investigate sights/smells etc , while grub/gut had motivated him before, now his balls are tingling for work , it’s not a dead ear it’s a different emotional state A dog has no idea what its bred for , it has no idea it wasn’t born to run down the driveway barking like a c**t because if that the only physical expression open to him that’s the position it’ll fill , it needs some form or work/hunting forget training in the house, forget that shite , if the dog is in the house , ignore the f****r , inside rest outside play , train where the dog needs to listen , the field, the staff thing may become an issue time will tell, and it may be only staffies could be any male dog , don’t walk him on a lead around dogs it’s only building up tension , take him out into the countryside and let his temperment develop naturally Best of luck
  4. Casso

    Dog behaviour

    People reading aggression, I’m reading fear , how does a dog show fear ? Read fear in body language, when a dog is fearful of something it’s noticeable through the space given and its movement , when it can’t express movement like on a lead , in a pen in a car , a dog can’t just do nothing, whatever it’s feeling has got to be expressed somehow if it’s a leash or hand issue I would only hand feed in those circumstances , no bowl f**k the bowl away I only ever hand feed pups and have into adulthood I don’t create space between myself and a highly prised item like food from an early age the pup has to make contact with me to get what he wants , he can’t hold onto fear and desire at the same time , something has to give too many heavy handed fuckers will destroy their dogs retrieve , you see fear in the amount of space a dog puts between you and a highly valued item , that’s the tell not the amount of tail waging and face licking it does
  5. Casso

    Dog whining and barking at night

    The only time that negative shit shows is when the dog has a Choice , , give it a choice to come to you or interact with something it feels is completely and utterly Positive , decides its next move
  6. Casso

    Dog whining and barking at night

    Corrections without association would be my first port of call, drenching the f****r with water and shocking him will cause negative association , dog has no way of filtering you out of that mate, the f****r can’t do reason But it’ll only show in the field and that’s the only place that matters , each to their own
  7. Casso

    Dog whining and barking at night

    How do you know it’s harmless? if you believe you can introduce a fear response to a stimulus through your actions in clear sight of the dog and not leave a fearful residue, your deluded corrections are best made without the dog directly associating its owner in the process, no doubt,
  8. Casso

    My pup coming along

    Looks good enough to take a “turn “ already would have put the pup down for a few months further on , it’ll hit the ground running by next season ,
  9. Casso

    9 and 10 months now

    Honest lookin animals, just about all you can ask for in a working dog
  10. Casso

    Daft cat

    We think we have it all figured out, we’ve experience and knowledge, then the natural world has a way of reducing us back to 10 years olds stuttering and fidgeting , good tale well told
  11. Casso

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Capable looking animals there AT, best of luck with them
  12. Casso

    pup wanted summer time

    I would be looking for something now if your itching to start it this season
  13. Casso

    Dog being aggressive

    You know it make sense Blacky
  14. Casso

    Dog being aggressive

    I would ask the question on here , why does the dog need to engage with other dogs to be completely social Can a mature grounded working animal not deal with a situation involving dogs or any other animals without months of pointless stressful encounters Does a dog even know it’s a dog or is it going through preprogrammed behaviours with another to resolve tension , sniffing , peeing for grounded dogs , and for f****d up dogs barking , snarling biting, they all reduce tension it’s just some are dysfunctional to our human reason how can working sled dogs in the far north engage and play with polar bears without been socialised to them before adulthood ?
  15. Casso

    Dog being aggressive

    Temperament comes online at adulthood , it’s also malleable not fixed , just needs a little tweaking sometimes