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  1. 99% of the walk , bullx walk over 2 miles shut up you sausage
  2. That’s next , Iv seen the light
  3. I don’t always check but I know That pointer x bitch has clocked up over 20 miles on a hunting day when we’ve been out a fair few hours she’s done 12 miles in 2/3 hours regular
  4. That’s the dog mate I only did about 4
  5. Had my first proper afternoon today , been doing couple smaller walks but first time hitting a spot I know holds what I’m looking for oldest bitch is 10 now as stuffers abit after
  6. If I was down Saturday I’d be up for the hounds
  7. I want one , getting one is a different story , misses works mental shifts , a two year old daughter and living in a house while renovating is making it difficult
  8. Be starting shortly mate , older bitch struggles now after a hunt , been walking or trotting most mornings depending on what the misses is working ,
  9. Dogs have decided there house pets now over the summer with moving house and having no kennels
  10. Bit tape over the flashing green light
  11. Usually take the misses and let her pick then blame her when it’s shit
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