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  1. There’s no need for that I enjoy a sit down but now there few and fair between work , dogs , baby and rugby I do see the misses from time to time aswell
  2. Tough at the top see , I haven’t got my brush ticket
  3. You’ve got to work with what you got we not blessed with game but the hunting is incredible when they get going , big difference to finding stuff in woods with loads stuff , neither my two hunt up on the lamp but don’t think I can same for this pup
  4. My old bitch has done a fair bit of lamping tbh and Iv found her struggle more on killing the hill ones , cause obviously there covering the ground aswell , and those winter dog foxes are tough old animals
  5. When I was looking for a stud couple years ago , I had a good think about how much the two dogs caught , one lived in area full of game and caught say 50 of the intended quarry in a season , the other lived in a more difficult area and caught 20 , which ones the Better dog , and it’s not about how much they caught it’s how difficult was those catches ? And same goes for a the bloke I think a lot of men would jack it if there had to work as hard as others to catch stuff some people can walk out there front door and catch all sorts , others including myself have to work hard for the bits we get
  6. I can Feel it in my bones not long now !!!
  7. Being doing a hell of a lot for Cardiff council lately ! Worst houses Iv been in and even worse spec
  8. Radio helped me , massively she tended to cool down the howling , she barks every now and then but more manageable than before
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