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  1. I walk mine at 5 every morning , before work and weekends , till it’s cool enough to get them out straight from work
  2. It’s summer mate , I lock my dog’s up till September now , feed them with a slingshot
  3. Just went out and got myself a coursing bred pup
  4. Sky and both her stoppers off last year mate hasn’t made a difference fingers crossed she’s back to normal come season
  5. Didn’t say Scotland did I? I said flint in the south
  6. I can bet you I have and caught abit on it aswell
  7. Actually I’ve run the flinty land of the south a good few times aswell and up to Scotland few times and Sussex Cornwall Devon anywhere else ?
  8. To flat for me that yea she marking there
  9. I will bring my younger bitch and I won’t bullshit anyone and say she’s a good lamping dog she’s not she’s a out and out day dog but I will have a crack with her , I still think your a f***ing loon
  10. Tbf if IF i was in to lamping I’d properly own something with coursing blood Iv seen enough to know that but I’m not so there’s no point , I keep what works here , but I’m massively interested to see these super dogs and I’m pretty straight il call it as I see it ,
  11. Oh and it’s guaranteed poaching so we are probably gone have to hide in a hedge at some point
  12. Basically his coursing dogs catch hares , on wet ground , but also catch everything else and they don’t miss ! He won’t come down and prove it but we’ve got go and run his ground doing his way for him to prove this dogs are the best ! Oh and he can also see a hare 500yards away
  13. No point if you don’t come down and prove they are the best I ain’t coming up
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