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  1. Wales1234


    Nothings phased her so far
  2. Wales1234


    Yea she can be just around the house and stuff but while out she’s totally different , she’s still not what I’d call matured
  3. Wales1234


    No mate no bull ! She’s gwpxgrey colliexgrey ! She’s very jumpy very collie like but a tough bitch no messing when it comes to work she’s got a good mentor in my older bitch who is very work driven
  4. Wales1234

    Time flies

    Knees fine mate , I stopped playing rugby for a little bit head wasn’t in it , I started back end of this season and helped a local club win the league and the house I was doing up I live in now lol we buy houses between me my brother a father often now
  5. Wales1234

    Time flies

    Cheers mate ! Yea I might come down with you il let you know closer to the time been hitting the bank a good bit lately
  6. Wales1234

    Time flies

    It’s my first and it’s a girl so it’s all exciting lol i don’t sleep much anyway so shouldn’t be to bad hahs
  7. Wales1234

    Time flies

    Not been in here in a while life’s busy ! I must be getting old I’m now engaged and a baby on the way
  8. Wales1234

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Definitely going to make the effort to get down this year , misses be 7/8 month pregnant so depending on her I’m sure be fine though , looking forward to a good catch up
  9. Wales1234


    All well mate busy lately started my own electrical company and got a little one on the way so flat out lol trying to get down for the comp this year
  10. Wales1234


    She’s a nice type mate I’m sure she will be a very good when she settles just not much around here so getting her to concentrate is difficult
  11. Wales1234


    Iv got a Gwp x here , she’s exactly what moorman has said she’s big powerful , run all day , hunt and kill well she’s good at that too and very quick ! She retrieves Iv never taught it I was standing on a track on a bushing day caught her game and straight back as I was saying to the boys she won’t retrieve lol she took a long time to mature still a puppy takes abit to settle in to a hunting day , she’s good on the lamp aswell never hunted up or opened up I like her
  12. Wales1234

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    I watched it in a english pub in Newbury ! I did intend on being quiet till a know it all english man that by the sounds of it never played a game in his life start , well then I couldn’t help myself and after we won I left the pub singing why why why Delilah
  13. Wales1234

    Average speed check....

    My thoughts exactly!
  14. Wales1234

    Been a while

    Yea I’m thinking putting a mates collie bull grey over her maybe next year ! She’s upped a gear the last season or two , give me a shout when your free id love another little outing with her up there !
  15. Wales1234

    Been a while

    Been really busy lately with work and other things so not been on ! Seasons not been as good as the last but working away no so getting some lamping done ! My gwpx pup is going really well pretty chuffed with her so far bag a few bits on the lamp with her she’s a big powerful bitch now !!