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  1. Haha met me once or twice 5 years ago, and it’s not the first time it’s come back to me either if you’ve got a issue message me ,
  2. Nothing really , just heard been slagging me and my dogs off
  3. Aye done you a solid there good bitch her gifted if I remember aswell
  4. Both mine here have decent feet the ground they run on it’s well terrible rocks and all sorts the young pointer x hasn’t had a problem touch wood , the older bitch has run some seriously shit ground in her time and she broke a toe on a nice flat bit of mountain and still struggling with it nearly 8 weeks later
  5. That the one I sorted for you ? I can’t remember her name now
  6. Didnt get anything was just happy she’s got the patients to sit and wait , try again in couple days at a better spot
  7. Took the young lurcher out yesterday just before dusk sat up in a corner with the thermal and a caller , I only really use her for day time hunting so didn’t know how it was going to go , she sat next to me for well over a hour perfectly still scanning the field and winding waiting for something to show pepper the stalking dog haha
  8. I’d be Messaging Tyla ! Dogs a belter
  9. https://www.garmin.com/en-GB/search/?query=Dog tracking
  10. You can get a uk version now mate there on the Garmin website
  11. That’s my type country
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