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  1. Im not massively fit some days can be horrid but you push on , and have days where you walk miles and miles and see nothing but once you get one up and going it’s a real sight
  2. Nice spot that , the big white dogs still about had a few days out with his this season and his daughter Dan
  3. Same as everything else seen some good seen some bad , but they do go , I found the one I had hard to live with and more once on a line there gone , with the pointers I find them better on a shit day just constantly busy and looking even when the scents shit she covers the ground and has found when other dogs have moved on
  4. Another breed few local us and houndxs , Iv had mine at a fair distance a few times
  5. My two , ones a pure pointer and there others 1/4 pointer with collie and grey in there the pure pointer is probably one the best finding dogs Iv ever seen , had to learn to just when she’s found scent to give her time to work it out , Iv seen her turn a few on open ground which I didn’t think would happen , im tempted to put a pure pointer on the lurcher would roughly be 3/8 5/8 reverse cross just might be the ticket , something thst doesn’t quite look like a lurcher but have a little bit of pace
  6. My Lurcher bitch here opens up in the day but not the night maybe try some ferreting and let her grabbing them in the nets
  7. Day time for me ! Iv seen some insane runs in the day and Iv had to close my eyes a few times while there running , bolting them from cover to waiting lurchers and lamping probably equal but for the lurcher to hunt it running and kill it a hell of job
  8. Of course I wouldn’t own one , I was just saying Iv seen them kill foxes we all know the coursing dog in king buddy don’t worry
  9. My uncle had a whippet dog thst use to kill foxes single handed was a big dog ! And sheep chasers dog Finn would mince a fox aswell in his day both out of sooty Sam’s line I believe
  10. Got a few pictures of otter on a trail cam of mine , nice animals can ruin a fishery rather quickly mind
  11. Both mate , thst was cold ,
  12. Because one came out of there
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