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  1. Wales1234


    My uncles got a young Plummer there now , he isn’t big easily spannable a tough little b*****d aswell , I was gone getting him going as I haven’t got a terrier now and it’s killing me iv marked a got 8/9 in lately he’s a cracking looking dog to be fair I like them
  2. Wales1234

    The money shot !

    Me walking wise? Or the dog ? One day in a forestry she done 28km i don’t really check much I’d love to know how many miles she’s covered in her life she’s 7 now
  3. Wales1234

    The money shot !

    No bud I had bullx pup with you she’s at a mates now as I don’t lamp really just the hill ,
  4. Wales1234

    The money shot !

  5. Wales1234

    Nearly there

    The bigger bitch ? Gwpxgrey colliegrey it’s taken some time to mature but been worth it she’s flying
  6. Wales1234

    Nearly there

    Went to a friend he caught my old bullx bitch and she died giving birth couldn’t stand the sight of him after that I kept my dogs at my uncles then and he was a night leave dogs out together even though I told him bitch was in season , dogs all with me down the house now thank god and I only really keep bitches
  7. Wales1234

    Nearly there

    Seasons nearly upon us !! Had a few walks local where I know there should be a few about , pups absolutely flying to be fair to her so promising she hit one up ahead of a few older dogs the weekend so fingers crossed strange going into this season with no terrier at hand lost two crackers in 8 months just not gone be the same ! Nice to have the garmin back in hand as well life saver
  8. Wales1234

    Scotland camping

    We are looking at more wild camping , no dogs unfortunately it’s more of just a trip the boys I’m going with would have a heart attack lol
  9. Wales1234

    Scotland camping

    Me and couple boys are going camping in Scotland looking for some advice , good places with woods and a lake or loch for fishing ? And advice welcome
  10. Wales1234


    Started our electrical business in April been crazy ever since , building and construction is crazy right now ! We are planning on staying small and maybe subbing abit out don’t need the hassle of people on the books
  11. Wales1234


    Nothings phased her so far
  12. Wales1234


    Yea she can be just around the house and stuff but while out she’s totally different , she’s still not what I’d call matured
  13. Wales1234


    No mate no bull ! She’s gwpxgrey colliexgrey ! She’s very jumpy very collie like but a tough bitch no messing when it comes to work she’s got a good mentor in my older bitch who is very work driven
  14. Wales1234

    Time flies

    Knees fine mate , I stopped playing rugby for a little bit head wasn’t in it , I started back end of this season and helped a local club win the league and the house I was doing up I live in now lol we buy houses between me my brother a father often now