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  1. I loved him as a kid and all I use to watch my first rod was a John Wilson rod and still got and use it now , I find most people we look at on tv are wankers so no real surprise there
  2. My old bullx would go to ground had her in a rock pile for 4 hours before fecking thing
  3. Rory major breeds tidy type sure he’s got a litter on the ground now , google him or Facebook is
  4. If your not far from the beacons yours not far from me , give me a shout if you want a walk !
  5. I have text you bud not sure if still got same number , can’t mail you on here
  6. Having a look earlier beautiful day!!
  7. Agree with you I’m not bothered about the breeding of the dog I’d use over my bitch aslong as he’s doing the job
  8. I use the garmin 320 but they don’t make them anymore but they still make the garmin Alpha at a 430 model , once you’ve used one make world of difference
  9. I love them marking ! I went for a wander Monday afternoon forgot the gps lost her for a hour found her like this !
  10. I only keep bitches as a rule so I’m never wanting a bitch to bred from and generally get on with them better , my blue bitch is small and a demon with foxes she can make a meal out a big dog fox but that’s lack of size not heart , the gwp cross picks them up like rabbits, she’s scary powerful edited to add , mine run together because it’s day time hunting not that they need each other just always got them together out hunting both have done it alone on the lamp and in the day
  11. She’s 1/4 gwp and the rest grey and bit of collie that’s her in the last picture all grown up lol
  12. Forgot to say , don’t underestimate a gundog x this gwpx got is a serious animal and still slightly young in the head is heading in a good direction iv never thought about a pure gwp over her got day time hunting
  13. Iv been toying with the idea of breeding my blue bitch got a young baby at home now and just started my own business so a litter at home would be a nightmare lol but going to what age people are entering I had a bullx bitch I bred 20 months old running along side and barking no interest and one day it clicked and she’s some animal now with a mate up north , she’s didn’t suit my needs really , not saying you have entered them to young just saying lol , Iv been very lucky lurcher wise everything thing Iv brung on from pups have entered and been good fox dogs
  14. Definitely mate I be up for a day on the river done abit barbel fishing as a kid ! let me know where those course ponds are il have a bash
  15. Yea bud , we blanked carp fishing isn’t easy in the winter and nothing’s came out here since mid jan , really getting into my fishing lately , struggling with out a terrier and Sky still not being quiet right
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