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  1. My bitch is great , I’m thinking putting a pure gwp over her in the future ! Should still be fast enough for what I do ! My bitch is only one I have now with old bitch injured so she’s got big boots to fill ! Oh and she’s learnt to open doors
  2. I spent a bit of time with the brother to yours I believe in Scotland lolo was a tidy animal
  3. Some do some don’t , you’ve got to know the ground really bud , little black bitch I had could be called out if need to was quality little terrier got killed at a hunt kennels while on loan to a mate pretty shit really
  4. Couple from this season , Sadly no terrier around this season lost two good ones in last 12 months
  5. Perfect day in my eyes , there’s something about a lurcher marking that gets my heart going !
  6. I’m not mate , you won nothing this year absolutely nothing , and fell and at the final hurdle again , go drink your sorrows away
  7. I’m not concerned , I actually tipped england from the very start , i just it’s down right disrespectful to the hosts not to accept your silver medals
  8. Did they really do that ? I went out with the dogs while the rain stopped , That’s why everyone hates the English in sports there arrogance in while winning and there disrespect during defeat ! All posh private school boys not use to not having there own way
  9. Mostly colliebullgrey mate ! She’s very collie in her ways
  10. It’s mad Ini , I thought £450 wasnt bad for a Sunday evening call out and overnight stay
  11. Well iv got go back in the morning because the twat pulled a few out emptying my kitchen cupboard pulling out my gps collars , I thought £450 was great for what they done , see what they say tomorrow
  12. Tbh mate im exactly sure I just know he’s a very good animal from what I heard from a friend and will go see him this season , im not bothered what’s in him tbh as long he does the job
  13. She’s a collie bull grey with dash of beddy and deerhound in there , she’s very collie type though
  14. Yea she’s coming massive difference from September in her , I don’t think hill dogs are ready till at least 3 it’s a lot of learning
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