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  1. Driving me insane this time year usually finish work straight out with mutts , don’t like taking them when it’s this work if they get going on a couple mile hunt could mess them up ,
  2. I’m not 100% on location I’m not from that area but it’s on that road somewhere
  3. There’s a road I drive from Aberystwyth down to cardigan on left hand side always rabbit sitting out on a gorse bank
  4. Probably same place if I’m thinking right !
  5. Have a word with the misses that’s about it , we’ve a cleaner and a garden if they f**k about and do the job she’s paid for she’s fairly on them , me I’m a shit arse and just nod and smile
  6. boys thst worked there have opened it on there own and not involved the owner of happy hounds , Iv never had problem with what Iv had from there but I do get it from else where now
  7. I feed raw , Iv got a freezer and fridge in the garage and keep chicken cool , dogs usually have one solid shit a day usually goes runny if out working and empting themselves I mix it with essential dog biscuits it £50 a bag but keeps dogs in good nick I get chicken for £40 - 36kg so pretty cheap these days
  8. Or I just tell the breed to pick me one and il come get it
  9. I let the misses chose much easier and can over think it sometimes there all bred the same all got same chance
  10. You’d be surprised seen a few collie bull greys out there going the job
  11. You sound like a right belter
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