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  1. Mates got a astro 320 and 1 dc50 collar for sale in very good condition wants £500 for it message me for more details
  2. Yea he does still have stuff regular off him
  3. It’s terrible mate , my old bitch done a stink Xmas eve and hasn’t move much since she’s 10 but had a tough old innings over the years
  4. Finding foxes to ground randomly is very challenging Iv never found many maybe this time year on while pair up comes down to a lot of earth checking , we checked a earth in the snow on a big Welsh hill lurchers we’re keen but not home walked 100 yards he was sitting in the rush bed makes no sense Iv not terriers anymore for one reason or another but Iv cold marked 4/5 this season where as Iv probably run in 15/20 and had to just leave there
  5. Or get a lurcher that will put them to ground for you
  6. Im sure Iv asked on her before my bitch is 5 going 6 next summer does everything I want From her and is a big strong thing I’m thinking about breeding her next summer and looking for a gwp x stud dog would like to see it work more than welcome to come down here or I don’t mind travelling to see a dog This is the bitch
  7. Had that digging a hunt once , broke through and fell into a changer I could crawl up was huge under there sort of made sense why the Terrier wasn’t staying still
  8. Gps4you I use , works out of the box and come pretty much same week
  9. Yea it’s got a map aswell but I tend to use the distance most the time , I look at the map sometimes If I know a earth to see if there running towards that
  10. Well in buddy !! More snow than we had , quiet morning today I seen one sneaking away and only had one dog with me because older bitch had a break , probably out Wednesday now
  11. They did but there back at it today
  12. Lucky enough to have a few mates in the terrier job over years use to go to a pack for a week a month and fill boots and a fair few local
  13. Been messed around abit lately by lads and the bitching and slagging each other off and got to me lately so decided to get out to on my own , and what a day it was even though Iv only got 1 1/2 dogs because the old bitch is struggling ! -4 getting out the van and it started from there got to a nice bit of cover and off they went 5/600 yards and young pointerx and accounted for one and was on her way back with it , from there up a gutter and off they went old bitch was up at 900 yards and young bitch was trailing her then I heard her speaking and she over took and caught the second one and at f
  14. Im opposite to that tbh , Iv a kennel set up they’ll go in there in im out and about , but after a day or night work I’d clean them off and have them in , when I bathing them I can check for anything Iv not seen injury wise and I can keep a eye on them few hours after , find they recover bed too if there on the sofa for couple hours after working , when I had terriers after a dig it be bath and crate in a warm quiet room for the rest of the day
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