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  1. Wales1234

    Garmin Astro 320

    Can get a European one bud if you can get your hands on one
  2. Wales1234

    Garmin Astro 320

    If anyone sees or hears of a second hand one for sale I lost mine this morning and need another one so let me know if you hear anything
  3. Wales1234

    Old dogs past or retired

    Miss this one almost weekly she be gone a year this month !
  4. Wales1234

    Working Dogs / House Dogs

    Mine are kennelled out , if we are home the kennels are open and they have pretty much free run of house and garden, my misses is soft as shit iv come home and she on the sofa with 2 lurchers and 3 terriers lol I like them to be able to come in and be chilled helps when they’ve had a hard day they not like loony’s around the house because their not use to the house
  5. Me and the misses have been talking and I’m gone be Toning it down after the pup I got now and something like Phil Lloyd’s would do nice 22ish small enough to have around the house either that or a beddy whippet type
  6. Wales1234

    Daytime badger

    Funny story with one them me and ideation off here were mooch one morning I had just had my knee op so was move much dogs shot off he had to chase after them and I kept asking what’s Happening because I could hear him flapping haha to be told numour times to shut the f**k up haha
  7. Wales1234

    Bitch pups

    Iv got a rough idea who your on about , my bullx bitch wouldn’t put her mouth around anything till 20 months I was gutted I bred her I pulled my hair out for a few weeks but then at drop of a hat just before she turned two well different dog and finished her season in style with a mate
  8. Wales1234


    That’s exactly how I see it , iv gone with out and not had a penny and give the pups away if I wanted money I’d not keep dogs with out them b*****ds I’d be loaded haha
  9. Wales1234


    I know it’s been done to death but the price on pups these days is scandalous! Iv got two terriers here at the moment both gifted I gave the one lad money for a drink the other wouldn’t take anything off me ! Proper dog men same if I ever bred a litter they would be free see so many for sale posts on Facebook all saying off great workers but seem to have the full litter for sale crazy !
  10. Wales1234

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    I was at a old boys place this week and his Russell’s are stunning ! I’d packed the two I seen up and took them home in a heart beat proper good looking Russell’s iv got one black bitch left and when she’s gone it be all Russell’s here from then on
  11. Wales1234


    That’s what my brother runs I could go on site Monday I just don’t want it , boys here got dogs and on the rails and earn more than me and out with the dogs more aswell will see how it goes
  12. Wales1234


    You wouldn’t believe the amount of electricians in my town mate there 8 my brothers rugby team lol I need the change from domestic electrics aswell iv done it 9 years and it’s mind numbing
  13. Wales1234


    Im not happy where I am so it’s time to change I fecking hate my job on my own day in day out working for people that thing your dog shit it’s worth a bloody shot if anything I can always fall back on my electrics
  14. Wales1234


    I’m going to do Saturday nights at first just get into the swing of things, my brothers got his own electrical company I’m going work in the week till the rails kicks off tidy the company’s around here are crying out for pts boys and OLEC 2 I’m a qualified spark so hopefully get my OLEC 1 and 2 done pretty sharpish
  15. Wales1234


    That’s not a problem mate I don’t drink usually hanging around the house on Saturday night