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  1. Exactly that a lot people are more worried what’s in everyone else kennels when they should look at there own
  2. Totally agree with you , hence Iv got a gwpx and probably stick to them for what I do I need the bigger rangy lurcher , she checks every inch of mountain I’m on I can’t fault them
  3. I think gundogs aren’t used enough in the lurcher world , brings some much to the table
  4. The gwpx , maybe in couple years she’s only 3 at the moment
  5. I’d like to try a half cross just to see what it’s like , I’d have a clone of her though or my old bitch any day of the week if I could
  6. Mines spot on , Iv literally got no problems with her , she’s full of it but if there’s days I can’t get out she’s pretty chilled
  7. I will be looking for another come next summer , mine does everything I want and more
  8. There getting more popular ! For good reason I love mine
  9. Bitches every time I just get on with them better, I can’t stand dogs following bitches around when your out drives me up the wall
  10. I seen them £1000 a pup ! No thanks and you wouldn’t know if there from workers , il be keeping a eye out for a decent litter bred over the next 12 months
  11. She’s about 25/26 I’d say not that Iv ever measured her
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