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  1. Wales1234


    I always take abit extra care with cuts inside the mouth , when I was doing terrier work for a hunt I use to stay at my mate who was the terriermans house I walked in and a smell smacked me in the face I knew what was straight away one his bitches had a cut inside her mouth and food had got in a caused a infection , she went down his fast , so from then on I always checked the inside of mouths after a dig especially the roof of the mouth
  2. What about a hound x ? Same thing really
  3. If you order from them they tend to work out the box good company to deal with
  4. Wales1234

    Spring ???

    Seen a fair bit frogspawn up this way around the ponds up on the hills
  5. Get a pure German wire hair , I love mine great fun she’s like a one dog pack of hounds when something gets up , good fun to be had with one
  6. That old bitch there has had some nasty injuries cost me thousands putting her back together
  7. My old bitch is 12 this year some days I look at her and think you haven’t got long left your f****d when she’s doing some mental or barking in the garden for no reason then the next day she’s a like a pup running around haha
  8. I think your on crack mate , bit the bitches box off
  9. That’s what I was thinking
  10. I seen a staghound x hunt boar , only boar deer run straight passed him and he didn’t flinch , nice dog , was imported from aus
  11. Looks like my type of hunting
  12. Celtic lakes , Lampeter , hour and a bit from mate , they weighted it last time it came out 110lb
  13. Me and my cousin when big fish hunting and he only landed this we both had to get in to land it
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