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  1. Wales1234

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    I watched it in a english pub in Newbury ! I did intend on being quiet till a know it all english man that by the sounds of it never played a game in his life start , well then I couldn’t help myself and after we won I left the pub singing why why why Delilah
  2. Wales1234

    Average speed check....

    My thoughts exactly!
  3. Wales1234

    Been a while

    Yea I’m thinking putting a mates collie bull grey over her maybe next year ! She’s upped a gear the last season or two , give me a shout when your free id love another little outing with her up there !
  4. Wales1234

    Been a while

    Been really busy lately with work and other things so not been on ! Seasons not been as good as the last but working away no so getting some lamping done ! My gwpx pup is going really well pretty chuffed with her so far bag a few bits on the lamp with her she’s a big powerful bitch now !!
  5. Wales1234

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    I know the feeling I got screwed over my second months wages after going self employed was a 5 week month and was hell of a lot of money! Still haven’t seen a penny of it , Iv rebuilt and acted like I’m never gone see it , it’s down to solicitors now so if I get it gone Be a good bonus !
  6. Wales1234

    Change of career

    Just started working for myself doing electrics love it, pretty much had a dream job 8-4 Monday to Friday decent pay but as hard to say motivated got payed weather bust a gut or did f**k all now it’s work or have no money much better and actually enjoy getting up for work
  7. Wales1234

    WTF is wrong with people.

    This happened literally 2 minutes from my house I use to see them regular walking around with a lurcher , they’ve got police protection at there houses now because they’ve received a lot of death treats , seen a lot comments on Facebook from antis and animal activists coming down here and smashing there’s houses and family’s up they’d be lucky to get off the estate if they did , it’s proper kicked off down here over it there c**ts of the highest order
  8. Wales1234

    Rock Dogs

    Same earth
  9. Wales1234

    Rock Dogs

    One from not so long ago
  10. Wales1234

    Rock Dogs

    There’s loads bad places by me right behind me there a old mine , I had a lurcher in a old rock place for 4 hours ! My cousin and a few others walk there regular with terriers off the lead I think it’s asking for trouble
  11. Wales1234

    Rock Dogs

    Iv worked a fair few rock piles mark a lot in them !
  12. Wales1234

    Garmin Astro 320

    Can get a European one bud if you can get your hands on one
  13. Wales1234

    Garmin Astro 320

    If anyone sees or hears of a second hand one for sale I lost mine this morning and need another one so let me know if you hear anything
  14. Wales1234

    Old dogs past or retired

    Miss this one almost weekly she be gone a year this month !
  15. Wales1234

    Working Dogs / House Dogs

    Mine are kennelled out , if we are home the kennels are open and they have pretty much free run of house and garden, my misses is soft as shit iv come home and she on the sofa with 2 lurchers and 3 terriers lol I like them to be able to come in and be chilled helps when they’ve had a hard day they not like loony’s around the house because their not use to the house