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  1. I will literally just in the car and go anywhere tbh I use to go to Norfolk for a week a month digging when I had a mate up there , Iv done many 3/4 clock in the morning and got home at 10 in the night from a day trip , got to do what you’ve got to do , there’s jack shit local here probably one the worst places for game known to man
  2. Wales1234


    Iv got the t5 minis don’t seem a problem I lamp them with it on aswell
  3. Full gang in for the evening having a chill none of them are bother by fireworks I just like letting them chill in here
  4. IV got a bloke on Facebook only keeps plummers got a pile of them does abit of digging and my uncle got 3 there he travelled north for , they don’t do anything tbh he’s 81 next month still thinks he’s 25
  5. I hope so cause this cants driving me insane
  6. Wales1234


    Mines done the same
  7. Wales1234


    I didn’t get nothing when my collars came in the summer I did expect a bill
  8. Wales1234


    Garmin website , I got the Astro 430 of gps4u came in 3 days
  9. Wales1234


    I looked at that but was 5-8 weeks for delivery but I needed one straight away I’m thinking selling my setup in the summer and getting one
  10. Wales1234


    I’d have you know I don’t wear tracksuit bottoms I’m a country man and have a cracking sense of style , also this came today
  11. Wales1234


    There’s two of mine out there Iv got a terrier box in my cupboard and collar haven’t used it a while
  12. Wales1234


    You can’t link two Astro 320s got a new one arriving tomorrow had a emotional day today without one
  13. Wales1234


    I lost my Garmin hand unit on the mountain the weekend 2nd one in 3 years
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