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  1. Hippy traveller for 20 years,junkie for 10 and a homeless mess of a man during some of those 10 years...Call me something i ain't ever heard .. Mind you got into a bit of a do with a neighbour over his fireworks landing on my bang shy terrier run last year and during the chat he told me he'd do a "old git", like me ,,never been called "old" before in anger and it did cut a bit ..Still there's a bit of life left in this old dog and he's not as fit and strong as he thought he was and firework night was ended up real quiet around me,,
  2. fireman


    The sort of set up is the two blue huts have double beds,wood burners and the black hut has bunk beds and a double bed and electric heater so 2 couples and there kids sharing a hut as such sort of thing.The wooden hut is the kitchen and can sit a dozen folk around a central barbee and it also has electric hob,fridge etc, the blue hut with the white doors is loos and showers,
  3. fireman


    I built a glamping site earlier on in the year turned a soggy field into this for a pal of my misses,i didn't build the huts or the wooden kitchen hut but did everything else.
  4. He could kill a million things,show lads the same and be the funniest man walking but i'd still think him a wanker for running that young dog into the ground to prove he could/minshaws weren't indestructable/to pop at Andy/ to make up for his little cock/you fecking tell me why a man would do such a thing???...
  5. Shooting,gassing and trapping all if done correctly can kill more than a dog can and no one these days has to have a dog to catch much needed food and not every dog owner has land or crops he needs to protect, so not many folk use a dog solely for pest control and they use them for the sport of hunting with dogs. Same goes with terriers and earth work,iv'e never owned a pheasant and iv'e never wanted to stand on a peg to shoot one either so pest control as a reason isn't why i work a terrier.I work a terrier under the banner of pest control but i work one because i enjoy terrier work,like the
  6. He got called a cruel b*****d for breaking that minshaw pup he had and rightly so,not sure why he got ran off this site but maybe it was also something to do with him being a cock sure mouthy fecker who knew it all and had the best of the best dogs going,,
  7. It's like being caught in a time web and it's just repeating itself again and again and again and .....
  8. Seems the season of " wankers returning " is upon us again..
  9. What a wonderful thing to have found and be able to watch,a once in a lifetime thing that is and your a lucky man indeed Bell ..
  10. I wasn't sat on a dumper but the digger driver had a tweek in his hand and i got hit in the head by a bucker on a 9 tonner just a few years beck,fare to say i saw fecking stars and it was my hard hat that saved my head being caved in .Deffo a fecking close one and even in a mini digger i tell the lads to get off the dumper before i fill it..
  11. FCUK Thatcher and hope she rots in hell the scummy cnut..
  12. Just a heads up and not anal pointing out but don't be seen by the H&S sat on a dumper without a cab when it's being loaded . i knew a lad who got a £2500 fine for doing it and the H&S fella was just driving past the site and spotted him..
  13. Go on you tube and look for Simon a bloke in the woods,he lives just up the road from me and his vids will show you how to use one and how to look after it as well.He does roast lamb joints and all sorts and a dutch oven in deffo on my list to get one...
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