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  1. fireman

    Galgos vs our stock

    Coursing isn't hunting.. tell you what feck it i can't be bothered......
  2. fireman

    Galgos vs our stock

    Slipping a dog to catch a hare isn't coursing,it's catching a hare with a dog.Coursing is a duel between two running dogs on a points basis,so to see which one is better at coursing you need to slip them and score them.You lot seem to be telling each other which ones are the better hare catchers/killers...
  3. fireman


    That's called milking a cow and it doesn't count as sex...
  4. fireman

    So I came home .....

    A Rhonda valley girls tampon mate..
  5. fireman

    So I came home .....

    Pike bait...
  6. fireman

    Funny Joke Thread

    Sat up all night wondering where the sun had gone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then it dawned on me ....
  7. fireman


    No in laws about but the staff in Curry's were well fecked off about it...
  8. fireman

    All set

    Get a canoe or kayak ..
  9. fireman

    Please Don't Take Pictures Of "Spice Zombies"

    To be honest Tomo,the folk who are spiced out in 99.9% of the vids on you tube ain't homeless folk,there just dossers from the estates as such..
  10. fireman

    Not eating

    I got my misses a irish wolfhound bitch and she was about 2 years old,fecking thing didn't eat for a week and i was eating a banana and just offered her a bit in the off chance she would take it and she did.She then walked straight to her food bowl finished that off and then begged for more,she never was a great eater but she just came round in her own time as no chance are you ever forcing a wolfhound to do anything they don't ant to do..
  11. fireman

    All set

    Can't beat a mepps..
  12. fireman

    All set

    For mullet use a mepps no 2 spinner and tip the hook with harbour rag worm,sod chucking fluff or floating with bread for them after catching them on a spinner...
  13. fireman

    Roll on the morn 😀

    Thought you'd know what a fox catching net looks like mate....
  14. fireman

    How happy is your town ?

    Corby is a sh*t hole full of jocks with proper irritating accents who have never been to scotland ffs.....
  15. fireman

    acd x greyhoud

    They have drive and buckets of it,there aim in life is to work to please their masters and the one's iv'e seen truely do,but it ain't the same sort of drive say a lead pulling eye bulging bull x would have.Equal to it in that they'd die for it ,but not so up front as such.