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  1. You hit feck all stinky,. i hold no awe over someone i think is a dossing piss head pal no matter how "read" they try to be.. .............
  2. Around the time Tommo and Dean done the ton a pal was down at the bricks with his dogs and they kept up with marks and one night it was mark who pulled out of them doing the ton with 2 dogs as my pal said the rabbits were there and they were on 70 odd with plenty still in the dogs tanks. That Minshaw dog he was a dickhead to ,running it and running it till it broke down is the act of a man who won't even be a dogman no matter how much he tries to be....
  3. All i said is what i think about you, still do and who gives a shit about you? ,not i so don't flatter yourself treacle on thinking i am.. As for talking to me like a c**t on the net, have your false moment as you wouldn't say it to a mans face so fill your boots (if you have any?)if it makes you feel something better about yourself than being the tramp you are.. your welcome..
  4. I asked what you do for a living as i think your a dole supported piss head who is wasting his free hand out on feeding vermin...
  5. The white one we have we bought in bits,the hull and trailer was around £400,engine was about a grand, controls,fish finder,radio and paint what not bits all cost us about £2000 and the boat as a whole is a £3000+ boat,the offshore rib is a £ 9,000- £10,000 boat to buy as it is...The white boat for where we go inshore bass fishing is so perfect if i won the lottery i wouldn't buy a new boat,honest truth as it's unsinkable and pretty much more stable than any other small boat in it's class, Bonwitco 400 is what it is and it's a fecking brilliant little boat, the rib is so we can feck off miles
  6. What sort of boat you got Gaz and any pics??,these two me and a pal own between us and can't wait for some warm weather....
  7. 99.9% of public ramps want 3rd party insurance on your boat, can't remember for the life of me what i paid for mine this year but i;ll find out but it means i can launch any where in the country as such..
  8. I got some pirks and a few weights to make before the spring warmth gets me out on the boat and this has given me some ideas, nice one chap..
  9. I could well get one like that through the door with the misses blesslings,a fine looking animal for sure FP...
  10. Some of the best reds in the UK are in suffolk along the coast there bud, will be fun if there are boar about that way for the dog walkers in the forest though.. The red flag bit might be because folk will wonder what your up to with a terrier and running dog with trackers on, it can be as you may find out one day a tad hot in some places to have such dogs let alone with trackers on them...
  11. If your Rendlesham forest way(looks like you might be) there's plenty of fallow that'll take your dogs for miles there...
  12. That's more like it..................
  13. Was out yesterday with terriers and all the kit needed,keeper was on a quad and i was using a polaris mule.I was warmish and had no hassles in carrying the the gear,dogs etc,he was always in the wind and although he was quicker i was more comfortable.The mule does seem a little bit guttless but it does earn it's keep carrying a full load of feed and water without to much trouble .They both have advantages and disadvantages and for speed the quad gets you around quicker but the weather is always in your face,as for using a heater on a mule,your'll soon take off the stupid plastic doors many hav
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