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  1. fireman

    All good things end

    Fare to say in a few days once he's healed the old dog might not agree with you but respect for calling it for him as your the only one who knows when to call it a day for him...
  2. fireman

    Eddie chapmen books

    They were his own terriers,he bought them and worked them , the book is about working russell's rather than him breeding a line of working russell's .Don't mean that to sound narky mate but in no way was i pulling him for that pic on his book and there's plenty of other men and other men's terrier's in the book and not as far as i remember does he say in that book he had a line of working russell's,he just tells stories of him working some.It's a good pic of what it is and deserves to be on the cover and they could be anything bred it don't matter, to me it hasn't affected the way i reread that book or look at the pic.....
  3. fireman

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    If you have doub'ts then by all means have your wind up moments FD ,but don't start being the retard and calling me a liar it's boring and your looking a childish dickhead mate .
  4. fireman

    Eddie chapmen books

    The pic is still what it is mate,a pic of a terrier man called Eddie Chapman with two working russell's in his arms and a fine pic it is to .. I have both those books and there a not a bad read as it goes..
  5. fireman

    Eddie chapmen books

    Like i said,no dig or side swipe at Chapman what so ever and if i was digging him out i'd say it straight out without worry.But i'm not and i was like i said just giving a little bit of info for those who keep a russell or two like i do.As for knowing what those dogs were i have been told but i can't remember exactly the story(maybe some woman had them as pets and they were to much for her so Eddie bought them?,something along them lines anyway) but the man who bred them isn't a million miles away from this page so if he replies your'll know if not you know as much as me mate.. Your answer in there to Sid g ..
  6. fireman

    Crab hunters

    Aren't those big green hangers the old Hovercraft sheds?..
  7. fireman

    Eddie chapmen books

    Not dissing eddie chapman and just a little fact for you russell geeks,but those russell's he's holding on that book cover are East Essex bred terriers not chapman breeding..
  8. fireman

    Michael Jackson

    They also said his fav film was Aladin .....
  9. fireman

    Buying a Dog/Pup

    Depends on what you want as there's a good few good dogs sat in dog homes,some are stricter than others on what sort you want and how you keep them,ie,outside or indoors...
  10. fireman

    Working terriers in france film good watch

    Always said the French are fecking idiots in the way they dig and it just don't look worth it, what they have to do it there way..
  11. fireman

    Started well

    Thanks for this thread Foxpack,really enjoyed your posts and well done those little workers you got each and every one of them....
  12. fireman


    When i lived in pembrokeshire and fished off the rocks a lot if i was bottom fishing and up high,i'd make a float rig on a running trace type thing and clip it on my main like and let in slide down.Caught a few things on this method like makeral,pollock and pouting and once had a bull huss on the bottom rig and a cracking pollock on the float at the same time..Chesil looks like a beach you could maybe do that on with it's steep banks????..
  13. fireman


    It's not 5 months old,it's still a baby so let it be a baby in it's ways still.It should just still be a quick game for it retrieving anything so don't push the time spent doing it for to long as when out in the field does a dog retrieve things one straight after another anyway?,they don't unless it's a gun dog and then there's a hunt for it to find it first.Little bits and keep it fun ..
  14. fireman

    Old photo 1960

    I spent nearly 20 years living on the road as for want of a better word a hippy traveller and have lived in all sorts from Bender tents,bow top wagons to a double decker bus and by far it was the best years of my life.When my kids have all grown up and left the nest and are all sorted i'll end my days back on the road as it's a lot less hassle than the rat race of modern life full of it's crap we really don't need.... I will add that's a cracking old trailer marshman and any idea on make?,winchester or eccles maybe?...
  15. fireman


    It'd have got another chance on another day that much it true,what's also true is that dog done more this season than you and your dogs have and it's dead .. .