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  1. fireman


    Went up in smoke that joke eh bud....
  2. fireman

    Another milk shake.

    Bless them,there so special they have their own mini bus windows to lick..
  3. fireman


    If they keep them in then why not?,but because loads of folks do something it don't make it always right...
  4. fireman


    Then mrs jones at 36 high rise terrace should think of a more suitable animal to keep for her own amusement then. keeping a animal for your own amusement is ok as we all do it but to keep an animal in unsuitable conditions and surroundings is being the div no matter if your a lovely old lady or a hooligan of a fuckwit..
  5. fireman

    Urban wildlife.

    I had an otter chase a trout i had on a line in a weir pool in someones garden at dusk once,fecking thing came right up under the rod tip after it and i nearly gave the game away by shouting at it to scare it off from grabbing my trout..
  6. fireman


    Why not,if you thought anything about your local wild life you would,letting any animal roam to do what they please is poor animal keeping imo. If a cat is causing me or my own livestock hassle it goes and ALL my neighbours who own know how i feel because iv'e told them with a nest of dead young birds my hand caused by cats roaming...Ain't going to get into any row about it socks but not everyone thinks cats are great things..
  7. fireman


    Every animal will roam if we let them,it's what they all would do if we took our fences and runs down.As for being cruel letting a main predator roam unchecked is cruel on the local wildlife and i know a few folk who keep cats and have built very grand outside runs for them without it being cruel . It's what cats do is the div answer i got from cat owning neighbours when i asked them to try to keep there cats in after loosing a few nesting birds in my aviaries due to them,i bought a decent pellet gun and my birds became very safe within a week...
  8. fireman

    Urban wildlife.

    Little fella i found at work yesterday...
  9. fireman


    One of my lads has had a cat all his life and that's the only reason iv'e never killed one out in the field as such as i think a roamaing cat is vermin,this cat ran backwards and forwards in front of me and i was towing a boat so no i wasn't going to swerve,it was the cats choice and i for one don't really give 2 fecks for a owner who lets a animal like a cat roam to do what it pleases...
  10. fireman


    Neither is the poxy tabby that ran out out in front of me on saturday night,hit hard with both sets of wheels and didn't it bang? but the cars ok though ...
  11. fireman

    View From Your Swim

    Yes mate that's what you do when trolling,the rod will bend round and the drag will let line off and no need to strike as it's already hooked so just slow the boat down and play the fish in..
  12. fireman

    View From Your Swim

    Like Daniel says mate,just trolling the rapala's.
  13. fireman

    View From Your Swim

    Couple of three hours after work this evening...
  14. fireman

    royal baby

    He ain't a mackem cnut ,he's a monkey hanging cnut ..
  15. fireman

    Well done Alabama & San Francisco

    I know someone who is the result of a rape,her mum wasn't allowed by her rightous w*nker of a father to get rid so she had to birth the lass i know and bring her up looking every day at the face who raped her as she looks the spitting image of her rapist father.The mother went mental and died when my pal was about 10 years old and my pal is not the most stable person going.A rotten thing to force upon anyone and my pal has many times wished she'd never been born as she'd not know anything about it as such and knowing has been a heavy burden for her to carry all her life...