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  1. fireman


    Less than 10 miles from me,gutted i didn't find the place ..
  2. You on about supposed members of the royal family or the jokes?....
  3. That Suffolk and Norfolk rat pack sign,been out with some of them folk..
  4. Grand tale and grand tales your'll forever speak of old Sonic, made me smile Jigsaw ..
  5. Yesterday on the A140,A14 junction,car up the bank facing the wrong way with a total written off drivers side front end and a huge Fallow pricket dead below it on the verge,must have been terrible for the driver for sure.Mind you i was well pissed off it wouldn't fit in the boot of my motor and thought i'd most likey get nicked if i started chopping it up on the verge to make it fit....
  6. It's also from a company that transmits messages via soaps and other mind messing TV entertainment programmes into your living room every night,the nonce hiding BBC..
  7. The art of working rocks is in breeding a rock working terrier so you don't have to move the rocks ..
  8. How many times did your tools get nicked?,,my brother went to one house there and his work mate started to take some tools into the house and my brother said leave mine in the van as when you come back out to get some other ones the first lot will go out the back door,his mate laughed till he carried the second lot in to find the first lot had gone out the back door and no one in the house knew anything about it....
  9. Standard action when going through a divorce round me and has been for a good few years now,same as depression or any other mental problems..
  10. Block paving is cheaper than tarmac,block paving can be cheaper than concrete and a feck lot cheaper for a patio than stone slabs.
  11. Survivor's guilt,now that is a funny old feeling when at a persons funeral who dabbled to much when they didn't normaly dabble. Fecking heart breaking to watch a family walk behind a coffin when you know 99.9% of them wished it was you inside the box and you almost wishing it was you in there....
  12. That's it, they added a congealent to them after to many folk hitting them up went on,proved fatal and limbless to some folk..
  13. Yeah and had to hit them up quick before they congealed again,never did them myself after watching folk doing that carry on with them..
  14. Knew a few one legged folk myself,few from hitting up jellies or eggs as some folk called them(but fecked if i can remember the proper name for them) and one lass i knew goofed out crossed legged for so long she lost the circulation in one leg and lost it.But same as you not enough fingers and toes to count dead folk from my past .. One bit of good news i heard this week was from a lass who iv'e known since she was a junkie teenager has got herself clean from methadone after 20 years on the shite,i'm proper proud of her and hope she has a feck lot happier life than she's known..
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