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  1. Thank you Brambles and she is doing quite well today,as for work i have a few months to sort something out but just want to get this build done right and finished right for his memory type thing..
  2. I know someone within a very few miles of a famous cornish tourist green house attraction who bought a bit of land and just moved on in his double decker bus ,council got a eviction order and even a enforcement order and they still didn't move and now have permission for around 8 plots.Not saying everyone or any one can do this but it can and does happen....
  3. Had a proper shite week myself with a pal,who was also my boss dying so which also means after the project is finished i loose my job and my old mum being very ill indeed,but seeing this topic has cheered me up and nice one Keith and fecking good on you Blackdog92 ..
  4. Taking hundreds from a place where hundreds live can be just to easy for the dogs,but when they have to work for small numbers that's when the qualities show..Well done that dog eh..
  5. Awesome posts and pics and up there with a bass off Orford island eh ..
  6. My pal got buried and the undertakers lowered him in the wrong way round and the coffin got stuck half way down,it needed a few of us tugging on the ropes to get him back up and turned round.The undertakers were well embarised and couldn't have been any more sorry,we all just fell about laughing as it was just fecking funny......
  7. You taffs and jocks and the paddy's bare a slightly bigger and longer grudge to being country losers than we ever have,mind you we only lost a game of rugby .. But fare play to that other team they did there homework,stuck to a game plan and done us good and simple....
  8. A copper sees a black fella dancing on the roof of a car,he radio's for back up and says "we've got a darkie on the roof of a volkswagon",,radio operator replies "you can't say that sort of thing on the radio,you have to use politically correct gramma",,"ok" replies the copper,"Zulu,Tango,golf ....
  9. When i was around 11,12 years old a woman round the corner used to cut me and my brothers hair and i'd sit stock still just watching her cleavage while she cut our hair and it was something i'd well look forward to,well she had a son around the same age who was always sticking his head round the corner of the door and sticking his v's up at us and pulling stupid faces and when we left he'd walk down the path behind us gobbing off and there's was no way i was ever going to ruin my boob treat so we just used to just put up with it.Well one summers evening the same old went on but i'll never forget her boobs that day as she had a tiny little top on and all was well on show ,hair cut done and the son up to his usual and as we walked down the path he had started giving it a bit more mouth than normal and this time i turned to give him a dig.I turned and went towards him only to see his dad stood there watching,i said sorry and went to go and his dad stopped me and got his son and we went into his back garden and he made his son back up his mouth , i never gave him good oh but he got the punch in the mouth he deserved.Shame your old man don't read some of the cowardly shite you write from miles away..
  10. The black birds were black birds and not rooks,i have on my lap a cook book from 1949 and it contains 4 recipes for Blackbirds including Blackbird pie .The book has recipes for Thrushes,starlings,Larks,,Wheaters coots,Moorhens,cormorants,culews and even seagulls,ok it was printed just after the war but folk must have been eating them anyway or at least have had old family members that ate them so it didn't seem such odd things to be eating.
  11. fireman


    Yeah but what have they done compared to a massive club with stone age history?.
  12. fireman


    He came down to mine years ago for a night out,i used to be able to walk cross country to the next village a couple of miles away and back the other side of the road and be able to have a good few runs and bag a few different things.Whin the total pleb wouldn't turn the lamp off and just kept on saying deeed laaaandddd in his fuckwit accent so scaring off and emptying usually game ridden land and the final straw was when he slipped his dog in on a run and it was only luck neither dog was hurt.We called it a night with one rabbit caught and you did well missing out joe.
  13. fireman

    hunt sabs -- ?

    Iv'e never been lucky enough to have met sabs whilst following hounds,but one in a 57 plate land rover would be brilliant sport with a big old stick ..
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