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  1. Brookie is Tyson's cousin and Brookie don't speak,act or behave in the same way tyson does, a total gent of a man when i spent an night on the lamp in his company some years ago,would be good to hear from him again for sure...
  2. External nest pans give you easier access for ringing etc and don't take up space inside the cage, i myself have never used artificial lights but these days with tech being like it is i'd say there's plenty who have used them to good effect..
  3. Felt is meant to have a little sag in it,so any water that maybe gets in runs away,with tight felt it sits on the rafters and over time will penetrate the nail holes as it can't go any where else unless it gets soaked up in the batton resulting in rotten battons. That's the correct way to lay on felt francie and that like someone used to say is a FACT mate...
  4. Felts to tight,..it should have a little sag so if any water gets in it runs down the felt rather than run along the batton and in through the nail holes..Not picking fault just saying mate ...
  5. The older Rangers are mazda's so decent enough but you will kill one if you treat it like a Hilux,past i think 09 there made by Ford and are.... Fords,also the 12 - 15 plates are known for oil pump problems,same engine as the transit that had the same problem but transits were recalled but the rangers weren't..
  6. As it goes it's against the law in the UK to have a dog in harness on the highway ..
  7. I used to have a window box with wire over the top and i grew chickweed in it,the birds could eat away at the chickweed without eating the whole plant . I also grew wild hops up the wire and that did grow faster than the birds did pecking at it,iv'e also grown nettles and docks and a few dandilions in grow bags,but found just picking it all wild and hoofing it in by the bucket load kept the birds occupied and fed what mother nature intended them to eat.I also had a bucket with wire over the top and had rotten fruit in it and it always made me laugh watching the birds chasing and catching the t
  8. Any hole a biro pen will fit in a mouse can squeeze through i was once told by a old bird man and after seeing what some of our bigger wildlife can fit into i'd say he wouldn't be far wrong to be honest and i did used to catch mice regular outside in my flights both wood and house mice...
  9. I used to have a couple of snap back mouse traps in each outside flight and had them under upside down plastic flower pots and i just cut some little mouse holes in the pots,i never had a bird go into a hole so never had any unwanted catches.. I'd would also paint the wire black as you will see the birds so much better and use a roller as it's a pain with a brush.... Cracking little set up and the best of luck with it....
  10. Just seen this Jok and if your on facebook there's a few ford ranger pages there worth putting on to sell them...
  11. You don't deserve it ....
  12. Did see that myself and i do have a regular browse on there and there is the odd "worth a punt pooch" on there ,but plenty of stuff like the Berwick speed lurcher bollocks..
  13. Just a moment... WWW.PETS4HOMES.CO.UK FFS......
  14. No mate but knew a few folk who did live there , i do have to say although at times it was hard and life could have been so much easier in "town" as such i wouldn't swap those days for anything. I'm 57 years old next week a and i have to work maybe harder than i should at my age due to me sort of living my life backwards and doing what i wanted in my earlier days rather than getting a mortage etc etc, but like i said i have memories that i find hard to believe at times and they make me smile, regrets??,who ain't got a few but not from me for the way i chose to live on the road ..It's never to
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