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  1. Good to hear he lived a life as well as worked to support his family as that is what we all have to do is live as were only here once.RIP chicky. Also RIP to Old Jack and thoughts to you all Dave..
  2. Me and my fishing/digging pal have just bought this today for the very reason of getting the balance right ,we were all ok on our boat fishing but they were sat bored on the beach.Next year they will have some fun on a inflatable banana on the back of this,then we can feck off miles out to some wrecks and banks for some bigger fish...
  3. Nice but feck having a inside bog in that little space, bit to close for me..
  4. Can't bring myself to watch footy any more but did google QPR to see how there doing as such and good to see them and coventry didn't do all the knee bollocks before there match..
  5. No one ever catches them as they just don't come in close enough due to the water colour,me and my pal are upgrading our boat to a 6 meter rib this winter so neat year will see us out far enough to find them...
  6. I got £8 for a old one off my ford ranger last week..
  7. We don't get them at all from the coast here in south norfolk or suffolk,waters like a curry arse on a sunday morning ,further out where the waters a bit clearer they find a few and north norfolk they catch them from the shore but feck a 100 + mile round trip for some when i got bass a lot closer..
  8. Iv'e caught the odd makeral a few times in november around strumble head light house spinning a sand eel for pollock around there so some might stay around all year if the waters warm enough as there's plenty of food for them there and which island is it Walshie?,as for seals when they pop up next to you on the rocks it can make the old arse twitch up that's for sure..
  9. My one and only chance of a gloat being a QPR fan is now sid so sorry but looser....
  10. Only thing i ever caught from Bournemouth pier was a twat of a jet skier who took my rod over the side,mind you he did give me some money for it after i chased him back to the shore and then borrowed a rod and managed to trawl a hook across the bottom and get it back..still got it and use it as it goes,
  11. Met a armless and legless woman at a bus stop today, i was very polite and asked her "How's she getting on?" ...
  12. By slating someone,yeah dead clever. What pup?,again rattling on about things you know feck all about again and why not finish off a dig with a big old bifta whilst the terrier's having a rag about after the shots been fired man. Got a box just like triggers broom,it's the same box iv'e had for years and only had to replace the wood a few times... Always real and always honest. See didn't hurt to say something positive did it now timmy..
  13. I'd just have griff off here with me, he'd make you everything you'd ever need and when you got bored and wanted home i'm sure he could muster up a plane from some old twigs and a few vines...
  14. Don't mind him mate,he's a jacker with plenty to say but not a lot to listen to, but that is a good box and well done.....
  15. A hurse costs around £800 to hire just to carry the coffin and it's full of strangers,i told the undertakers what i was going to pick him up and take him to the crem.They didn't like it but tough,we were late for the funeral and the under taker wasn't smiling much but we all thought it well fecking funny and so would have Dave who was in the box,..
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