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  1. fireman


    Not to far off Bass and big bones so easy things to find. Nice fish there SH and cracking sport are mullet..
  2. fireman

    Memorable fish lost

    Funny that,bit like when you lend a rod out and it comes back broke and useless ...Some would say i just blanked yesterday when out for a few hours after work , but i recon different ....
  3. fireman

    Fishing at anchor

    His profile pic is a Bass of a size we'd all love to catch....
  4. fireman


    Was just saying and as it takes just the time to have a cuppa and happy for you you've had no problems ..
  5. fireman

    Essex v Yorkshire

    Some hard life you live eh pal ...
  6. fireman

    vinny joneses wife dies

    Sat here for a while trying to think of something to say,fecking speechless i am ...... Just hope you both find strength for a happy tomorrow mate...
  7. fireman

    Lugging and fishing with the kids

    What life is all about.....
  8. fireman

    Lugging with my eldest

    Cracking that bud and good sized worm as well,..
  9. fireman

    Bass session.

    One per person we had as many kids with us as there are fish,i just didn't mention them in the write up .. But nice one GL and glad you had a good time and i told you that rod worked and i'm so glad you didn't waste it's talents ,would say nice one for the chinese but i can't even stand the smell of chinky food but glad you both enjoyed it and we'll hook up again soon for another day (did you see what i did there?) ..
  10. fireman

    Bass session.

    I just didn't mention the tribe of kids we had with us who all caught as well ...
  11. fireman

    Bass session.

    Not sure and not a monster but a decent fish nether the less,he took a pic of it along with a few others and the small ones are legal and it's a lot lot bigger than them. I ain't ...
  12. fireman


    Not pulling the pic and maybe it's not always on the chain,but seen a dog hanging while on a chain in the same sort of place mate,the dog had gone beyond the coping bricks and when it had jumped down the chain didn't pull over the lip.I was weighing in some bricks at a rec yard and it was the owners dog and it would have died had i not just turned up during dinner hour..Fare to say the fella knocked the chain off the wall there and then and tied the dog up else where.
  13. fireman

    Bass session.

    Took Green Lurchers out for a few hours trolling a few Rapala's in search of a few Bass,me and a pal have a small boat and a spot which does quite well on a dropping tide so we sorted a trip for sunday. We set off in lovely conditions with high water just about there so we had a hour or so to just chug around and see if we could pick up something before the tide ran hard,my pal was first to hook up and poor old GL's face when it went back as it was a tad under size as he had his cool box already open and was dribbling at the chops with the thought of fresh Bass on a barbee ,well the tide turned and the fish started to turn up with both GL and my pal getting a few.I in the end did get in on the action myself and landed a couple.We trolled about and with a easterly wind there was a swell pushing in and what with the tide against it we had a few bow in the air moments but nothing to worry about to much as my pal sure does know how to steer a boat,but anyway we carried on and had regular hook ups with some small un's and some good un's and some losses by the side of the boat like you do sometimes .But we had time for one last trip round the sand banks and who should push his luck with his manners as not only had lent him my new rod and reel for the day but also had given him the lure that does the job but he only went and hooked into the fish of the day and what a cracking fish it was to ,it took some line and i'm sure he was milking it up somewhat but in the end he got it close enough for me to slip the net under it and get it aboard.A truely cracking afternoon in good company,good weather,good fish and good sport .. The pics of the day i'm sure he'll put up and to be honest i only did this post so he would put them up as i'm sick of waiting to have my nose rubbed in it on here..
  14. fireman

    That's townies for ya lol

    Flat tyres?,ffs car should have gone up in flames just for starters..
  15. fireman


    You still upset you guessed wrong at how one of my terriers is bred?, ,,,,,,,, unfuckinglucky