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  1. First of all thanks to those who have thought of me and all is well in my life ,SSH messaged me about this thread and it'd have been rude not ot have popped on and said something. I've just had some time away from our forum as like a pup or regular haunt can get you sometimes just need some time away and that's what iv'e done, i'm days away from buying my house and that is has been enough goings on for my head to be dealing with.So again many thanks and you will see me back again some time ... It was my pleasure Gnasher and hope he's doing well...
  2. fireman


    Do you believe the jews haven't been doing the same for years seeing as you put yourself up as the site expert of arab issues, but funny how after all them years over there your supporting the jews over the arabs,lol...
  3. How did it finish and have you put a tarp over the frame,old car windscreens are good for letting some light in around the bottom if you have covered it over..
  4. Tommy fury is a cnut if he thinks himself a boxer...
  5. fireman


    It's fecking Israel that needs that doing to it, it was a country formed to get rid of the jews from the western world because no one has ever wanted the jews about and there's some thick fcuk heads on here than spout out about the UK being under threat and the invasion of unwanted folk and then they support the jews for doing the same thing to others..All that hamas have done in the last week the jews have beed doing to the palistinains since the end of WW2 ,not saying it's right but when your a race of people being killed off in front of the world and no one is doing feck all to help you the
  6. fireman


    In as much as the "ordinary" Brits voted them that govern us , ,, you once said to me you were misinformed by the media about stonehenge festival, the same is happening to you again wilf...
  7. That's not quite true, it's against the law to delibrertly hunt to kill squirrels with a dog, if the dog accidently kills a squirrel then that's sort of get awayable with in court but then you have the uncontrolled dog issue. Which can be sort of got round as the same as dogs that kill attack sheep in that if the dog belongs to someone else and you just walking it then you won't have the same level of control as the owner will so accidents can and do happen,so if you get caught when you dog kills a squirrel tell them it's your misses dog and it's the first time she hasn't listened to you . ...
  8. Not being a black dog man but sort of going by stamp as such you can sort of tell what was what back a while ago, Nuttal stuff looked like Nuttal stuff, wheeler looked liked wheeler etc etc and Gouldy stuff (sparticus as a eg) looked like Gouldy stuff and that AC stuff looks like old Gouldy stuff going by stamp as it were...But that's just my look on it and i'm more than likely miles out...
  9. fireman


    And the first christians gave the pagens pretty flowers and the promise of being happy for ever if they followed them and good job the native amercian indians went along without arguing or feck knows what might have happened eh...God has been the cause of more deaths and suffering than any other thing in the history of man kind,
  10. Soak off any flaesh and old bits of skin and once it's clean them use peroxide cream (what women use to make their hair blonde) to make it white,do not use bleach as it will feck it and make it crumble..
  11. What a belter of a bird, Bully x Linnet, what ever it is well fecking done mate....
  12. fireman


    You blind to what the jews been doing to the arabs in their own country since the second world war ?,a tiny bit of bit back at the hand that beats you every day imo. I'm not condoning it but ffs it nothing them cnuts don't deserve it's just a shame innocents will pay the price for it...
  13. A few of us were parked up right next to the canal where the A5 goes over it at Wheedon, none of us were either brave or stupid enough to try to go through a lock in it though.. ...
  14. Done that over 25 years ago on a canal between Daventry and Northamton, it worked better than you would think it would and didn't capsize even though a bunch of drunk hippy's built it..Mind you it was really hard to control and did go round in circles a lot so we tied a scaff plank between to old canoes and ratchet strapped the outboard onto that and that was loads better.. ..
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