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  1. fireman

    This season

    Brilliant mate and proper made up for you,a fine healthy bunch of youngsters eating good quality food. First f*cking class that is ..
  2. fireman

    Song birds

    So much wild food about that most will be feeding else where but keep it there and in time they will start to drift in if you have the feeders in the right place as put them in the wrong place and feck all will come in.Out in the open so they can't be ambushed by cats or spars and one of the best thing around to attract birds into a garden is a big clean water bath as this time of year they need to drink and bathe..
  3. fireman

    Best part of uk to live

    I lived on hippy sites for nigh on 20 years,went to many festivals,raves etc and thought i'd seen every sort of odd ball.Then i moved to Norfolk ,deffo a strange lot...
  4. fireman

    Why the sad face ?

    That bass is a bit small mate ,must be a morrisons spanish special ...
  5. fireman

    Funny Joke Thread

    Two muslims sat chatting,one says to the other "the wife called me a peodophile last night".The second one replied "that's a horrid thing to come out with, but mind you it is a big word for a 8 year old "........
  6. fireman

    Fledgling id

    The swallows were probebly born in your barn,their desendants have been using it for years and years and you go and shut the door on them,ffs man at least put some swallow nesting boxes up as you've just shut down a breeding site for your local swallows..
  7. fireman

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    There's a man on here who's been more than open about what he digs and where he digs it with his beddy types,fare to say FD don't go on to him about how shit beddy types are,do you FD?.
  8. fireman

    Hopeful Hybrid Pair

    The joys of bird keeping,in one flight all is well and in another your pulling your hair out,but well done with the siskins mate...
  9. fireman

    Hopeful Hybrid Pair

    How you getting on with this pair any joy yet Gnipper?...
  10. fireman

    Show today.

    Sorry for the delay in replying but yes a very very good show with many types of birds from Ravens to canaries,a outstanding pair of marsh tits and a blue throat that was just a wonderful thing indeed..I'll be a bit more on the ball for putting up a few more shows next winter as that's when the bird shows happen as there all breeding in the summer...
  11. It's against most state laws to work ferrets in the USA,so there all pet bred and many many are full of interbreeding problems..
  12. fireman

    Few pics

    Have to admit of thinking " i wonder how much it smelt and would have i got away with it in a tub in the motor?" as i'd have liked the skull off it to ...
  13. fireman

    lurchers (breeding)

    The ground on which Buck ran on with me is a wet bit of ground that has seen a few struggle in,but Buck coped very well for a lump and i myself do think a bit more runner in him as such would produce a lurcher most lads would be happy to run.And like i say you'd know what you'd be getting with a greyhound bitch rather than a lurcher as anything could crop up in a breeding of various breeds..
  14. fireman

    lurchers (breeding)

    Greyhound mate rather than a bred down whippet/grey...
  15. fireman

    lurchers (breeding)

    Having held Bucks lead one night i'd say a grew is deffo the way to go,Buck has plenty of size,speed and guts as well as brains and ok it was one night but he did all that was needed and did it well.Breeding him to a grew would throw what you'd think would be thrown and choose a distance running grew the pups would have a chance to be able to handle most things that can get a shift on..