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  1. fireman

    Few resent mounts

    The two dark necked fox heads are totaly out standing..
  2. fireman

    Bull x

    Word only travels if your telling folk what your up to ..
  3. fireman

    Unexpected catches

    Was fishing in the tidal waters of a river in suffolk and a terrapin the size of a tea plate went past in the out going currant,seen a carp in the marina there(woodbridge) as well and that was in just about pure sea water and there's a film of the carp on you tube as it was about there for a good while and was getting on ok in the salty water.
  4. fireman


    I had 2 plummer pups 13 years ago,one has lived with my mother in law as a old ladies pet for most of the last 13 years whilst the other one was still having a few digs last season.One has a lot of old coalville blood in it,the other has a lot of wyremead blood in it.Go on have a guess which one is which.... ..
  5. fireman

    UK first!!!

    My respects to you for letting them go,i'd have to say i'd be thinking about it hard as how often would you get to taste fresh caught tuna you yourself have caught?.The very best of luck for the future and how much you been offered to show someone the mark?.
  6. fireman

    Pit bull supposed rapist

    Then to tell you the truth if i caught some fecker who'd raped one of my family i'd have done something like that but with a chain saw seeing as good pitbulls are thin on the ground in norfolk and i'd have filmed it to show the world what should and does happens to dirty nonces.
  7. fireman

    Pit bull supposed rapist

    Some fecking mates some of you lot have if they send that sort of shite about,if one of my pals sent me a rape video they'd be getting a punch in the face and told to fcuk off pronto..
  8. fireman

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    And what the feck would you know about quality coke and fighting ?..
  9. fireman

    Those were the days.

    Bet it was warm in there..
  10. fireman

    Racism in football

    Does walking into the Black and White cafe in St Pauls in Bristol and shouting "where's that black cnut who's just ripped me off?" and not getting shot for it but getting sorted out count as being open enough?.
  11. fireman

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    Was being lazy today and lunched myself out on the sofa to watch my old home city of Salisbury playing,better than the prem mincers falling over everytime they get a player near them and some good old tackles going in,bloody enjoyed it and haven't enjoyed a game so much since watching Mick Mills captain England at the old wembley ..
  12. fireman


    Platts pal had the Coalville line as such and my old bitch is heavy with that blood on her dams side,she has been one i had to take out when she was younger and she sure didn't do one day a week but she's lived indoors all her life and has been no hassle within the house.ok a few of the kids shoes got had as a pup but any pup does that sort of thing.But saying that i couldn't these days deal with a kennel full of them as i work to much to have time for a pack of them and the russell's i keep these days are a bit more neighbour kind,but my life with plummer blood in my kennels ain't over and we'll see what the future brings..
  13. fireman


    My old girl has a few tiny rips on her ears from a life time of bushing through all sorts of crap,the worse thing is you can see the marks from brambles but she's never been ripped open as such,it's the thinness of coat hairs i don't like to much but if you your on it about it then a good box and a rub down when you've finished stops any problems as it does with any terrier or short haired working dog..
  14. fireman


    He did it to a regular poster on here ..
  15. fireman

    Flute band

    See jock footy songs are up on the same level as their skill at the game ..