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  1. Have watched him on video many a time myself and he did himself and you all proud Trunk, a proper one indeed and may his offspring carry on his legacy....
  2. Such a shame she failed to get a medal, after she worked her bollocks off for it....
  3. They don't have to have much collie blood in them to be affected in a deadly manner and a good heads up that Gnipper.
  4. I typed that same reply earlier then talked myself out of posting it ,but deffo welcome back mate..
  5. Nice looking terrier mate and done much with him?.
  6. Some anti's will always be pricks Tomo ......
  7. Brilliant mate and so much better than sat in front a screen,great bit of parenting..
  8. And who the feck are Celtic and more's the point who gives a flying?....
  9. Happy Birthday and thanks for the effort you've put in for the cause over the years , ....
  10. If my misses said to me yes we'll all move to Pembrokeshire, i'd start packing straight away.A wonderful place to live and i miss living there dearly,fishing is out of this world along a truely wonderful coastline...Rain and wind can get on your tits a bit but hey ho can't win them all and worth it for the nice days weather wise...
  11. Fecking hate the poxy good for nothing cat ,but your floor is pretty cool bud....
  12. Make sure he can milk cows as then he'll always get work over there....
  13. Thank you Sid and no i don't get a urge to try it again and i'm not around users any more so it's out my life as a hard object as such.My past life has shaped me and many shit things happened in it but it has made me a better man as i don't let it affect me any more in a negative way and that's why i am happy enough to chat about it all to folks.
  14. Out of likes but again fare play,
  15. First off well done for rattling it out when taking another pill would have made it all normal again, Close call and again well done...I'd say most relapses are down to folk just wanting a hour off the rattle as it is never ending at times,i'd also say most suicides done on rattles are just for some peace rather than any other reason. With giving up any habit there is a rattle you have to go through and i was down to 2 1/2 ml of methadone when i said what is the point and stopped my script,i rattled the same as if i'd stopped on 20 ml so no pain no gain.One thing though is you have to want to
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