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  1. fireman

    Show today.

    Look up your local bird club as in a month or two the show season starts with captive birds...
  2. fireman

    what is this ?

    Reptiles need warmth from the sun to get moving about, so you won't see them at night ,as for keeping common lizards i did as a young lad have a few but come towards the end of summer i always let them go back where i caught them as i was worried about the hybernation bit.used to feed them on fly's,maggots and other bugs i found around the garden at home and they all lived ok in a fish tank in my bedroom..
  3. fireman

    suggestions for a private license plate

    Y N W A 96. Your'll Never Walk Alone, 96 for the Hillsborough victims. for those who don't get it...
  4. fireman

    Mystery hiker

    We was swimming in a river as kids when a pals dad came along and asked if any of us had seen such and such a old boy who walked this way on the way home from the pub last night pissed up but didn't get home.My pal was in the water at the time and his dad said "have a poke about son and see if he's in there" half heartedly my pal sort of pushed his feet around and then the body just came up to the surface on the end of his foot type thing,mad thing was although it was gruesome to see, the horror on our mates face just made us all fall about laughing as he was just about holding on to not passing out and floating next to the old boy...
  5. fireman

    Locator, the best

    No it don't as if it did they'd use locators to help them dig less holes,hence not messing with to much or ruining their setts like they do.I recon like the fox hunters here did , think their pomp and tradition is higher than what folks generaly think and so can't or don't want to change things.Waz's day sounds brilliant but it'd be a lot less social if they used locators and maybe it's the pomp of it all that don't sit right with the general anti population so there'll vote it out like it happened here mate..
  6. fireman

    Mystery hiker

    Times sure change ,in my day all we ever found down the woods were old w*nk mags....
  7. fireman

    Locator, the best

    That my good man is the most perfect of days and like i said before i sure haven't ment them any dissrespect if Blasie has taken it that way,i just thought with the locator it would be better all round.Still do as it goes as like FD says they won't drop into some places due to it and those times when they do dig to a dead dog it maybe could have been saved with a locator??,i ask my dogs to do more than i ever would myself and they do so happily so it's the least i can do it do my very best to protect them when they do go under ground and without a locator you cannot say no matter how many folk are there your not doing your very best for the quarry,dog or tunnel system....who knows it might be that point they loose it all on...
  8. fireman

    Locator, the best

    I'd never enter a terrier at any time in any hole of any kind on purpose without a locator on it.....
  9. fireman

    New Season In France

    Now your just being a dickhead and plenty think the same as me on the war zone bit,but i'm out of here as i don't want to ruin a good thread....
  10. fireman

    This season

    Feather perfect little diamonds spanna and well done indeed,cracking and a total picture of health.Good luck with the moult mate, but looking at the way your keeping them your'll have no bother i'm sure ..
  11. fireman

    New Season In France

    I wasn't being funny and like i said i'll bet most folk who have dug a hole or two will have thought the same as i do at times and you dig a lot of holes which everyone knows ain't no good for any earth,sett or warren,i those of us who do use locators don't often have places looking like yours do.Like it or not Blaise it's the truth mate and i wasn't being funny about it just saying it loud as such,your lucky folk having it the way you do and i do wish you all the best with it,but those locators do help at many levels from the dogs safety to the upkeep of the earth,sett,warren it's self and time has proved this over this side of the channel....
  12. fireman

    Sand sculptures

    There good for sure, but they ain't the same without the little paper flags....
  13. fireman

    View From Your Swim

    It's called ethervesance or something like that and it is a alge thing,when i lived in west wales i saw it quite a lot and sometimes it came in with the little waves as they broke on the shoreline and that was some sight to see as it moved down the beach..
  14. fireman

    New Season In France

    Very true and a baying type is sure needed over anything else when using the ear,it's just that thought most of us have had if were honest that sometimes there's a lot of holes being dug rather than one as such.Lucky lads though and i wish them all the best in keeping it going..