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  1. fireman


    My brother..
  2. fireman

    beggers in your town

    When i was selling the big issue i had a pitch i used to regularly sell from and a lad who i knew had a flat started selling in the same place and apart from decking him in the middle of a high street as he said he wasn't going to move,i went to the pound shop bought a bucket then went and filled it up with cold water.The look on his face was one of,i dare you when i walked up to him,he dared the wrong fella and he soon wet home cold and wet and i got my pitch back and didn't get nicked....
  3. fireman

    Well done Sunderland

    It's ok max,everyone of us on here has pretended to be something there not at least once in our lives ,around 6 or 7 years of age i pretended to be a coyboy and my little brother a red indian...
  4. fireman

    Well done Sunderland

    It was me that was a smack head max, a real one at that and not a pretender of something i wasn't .
  5. fireman

    beggers in your town

    The big issue has always been for folk who are vunerabley homed,it's always said on the mag itself or it did do for years and iv'e sold more than a good few copies in my past as well..
  6. fireman

    beggers in your town

    Hand on heart knowing my brother gave a shit about me even though i was a smack head stopped me from doing myself in more than once as at times you do feel as worthless as some folk think you are when you have a habit..Fare play and respect to you don .
  7. fireman

    14 Year old stabbed to death in London.

    My step son got attacked by a couple of want a be townie gangsta's with machettes start of last year,he's lucky in the fact he's still here today but has a scar running along the full length of his jaw line.Wrong place wrong time as he's a lad who knows to keep his head down and keep out of trouble,i was out last sunday with my terriers on a shoot and a lad who was tagging along with us was beaten up outside a pub last summer by a drunk bully,wrong place wrong time again but he's got a unsolvable problem with a brain injury he got when he was knocked to the ground and he's 19 years old and has till the end of feb to live...Anyone can be a victim mate and no matter what we try to teach them fate's hand deals the days out to us all..
  8. fireman

    Deal breaker?

    That reverse sneezing could well be due to a extended pallet,it's like a enlarged tonsil and i myself lost a russell to ground once who couldn't catch her breath back when she had a bout of it under the sod and at a fox...
  9. fireman


    Your moaning about owning a terrier that does what a terrier is ment to do ever since the first terrier was ever bred,seems to me to be honest you want a terrier to fight something rather than work it like it's ment to...
  10. fireman

    After a young dog

    The young russell i have is from a line of russell's that has well proved itself for the last 30 + years, knowing what i have ain't a problem for me FD ..
  11. fireman


    What is it there allowing to bolt?.
  12. fireman

    After a young dog

    Iv'e a young russell bitch here who's a gifted dog,i knew before i picked her up if she works she gets mated in the future to what ever the fella wants her bred to and she probebly will go out the country to be bred as well,but she's my bitch and if she don't work she'll stay here as a family pet and be sterilized as she's a cracking little no hassle dog to have about anyway....It is all down to respect for the line,the terriers themselves and the folk who have worked fecking hard putting a line together and i couldn't look in a mirror if i didn't stick to the true meaning behind what were talking about.I'm doing my very best for her and she's going in the right direction so far,so all good for us all and to the folk who do gift out stock to us non breeding terrier owners i thank you greatly..
  13. fireman

    View From Your Swim

    Where are the cod mate?,as all iv'e seen or read about is poxy whiting and dabs..
  14. fireman

    Galgo Barbucho Patagonico

    Recon a few hound men and a few big game hunting dog owners might say something different there bud,but i get what you ment ..
  15. fireman

    Galgo Barbucho Patagonico

    That last bit with to many dogs on it was a bit shitty but i bet one on one with a dog would give some grand sport indeed if it can be done with one dog?..