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  1. Iv'e been out with black lasses and have a few good black mates and my doctor who had my bollocks in his palms just a few months ago is a paki, so it sort of points out i ain't racist and do accept coloureds as equals.It's the dregs in any colour i hate and i ain't sorry for it either. But back to my question,have you put yourself up to the NHS in anyway to try to help out??????..........
  2. Say's the site gob shite who's just back from hiding away for a few months and i have offered my service to the NHS max,have you????..
  3. fireman


    I meant a pic of her in the shower to prove you really have a misses and not a pic of a fecked ceiling..
  4. fireman


    Pics or your all talk Rusty...
  5. Whats there to make a living from apart from the sea Jetro,a amazing looking place but those very few bent over trees show how windy it can get .But how can you not be into fishing with a coastline like that?,,,fecking wasted on you man ..
  6. I have that very same book mate....
  7. My neighbour has a pine tree of some sort in his front garden and i see one maybe once a month going up the trunk of it hunting out bits to eat,got to be one of the prettiest birds in the uk and i'd love to see how small a new hatched chick is..
  8. They may well be older pairs as such but there is also so much more live food out there to help with the protein needs of producing eggs and rearing young,most finches will feed more life food than they will seed food as there ain't many seeds about this time of year.The dandilions ae nearly ready and there's a few buds blooming but it's the live food access the wild birds have that put them ahead of captive birds..Go out with a umbrella and shake some branches and long grasses,nettles,dock's etc and collect all that falls into it into a tub and just chuck it all on a tray and watch the birds feed on the tiny insects and spiders that you will catch,it may well surprise you how much a seed eater eats live food..
  9. Nice when you know at least they thought about you when they were out,good lad and best of luck getting a egg from them mate..
  10. I once took a fly fishing farmer to a secret suffolk sea trout spot with his fly rod,he caught a tiddler and ran a multitude of flies through the different pools,i took him to another pool and my pal stayed to run through a worm on a float,a few mins later he walked round the corner to our pool carrying a lovely 2 kilo fresh run silver fish and the fly fisherman's face was such a picture..The garden fly sure takes some beating and once when landing a fresh run fish it spewed up a golf ball size ball of earth worms so feck knows where it found them from as we were still in brackish water but earth worms they were...
  11. All councils have a fund for paying for damaged motors caused by there grass cutters.Had a back window put through once and all they needed was proof there gang had been in my village working and they had that proof themselves.I had to pay the excess but they paid that back to me very quickly,does your motor have a bad scratch ,chipped windscreen or a broke light as that pic is proof they were mowing next to your car as them stones they flick up can cause damage..
  12. One keeper i know has spoken to his fire arms officer and explained it all to them and the FAO is happy for him to be out shooting vermin at nights,he is a self employed keeper though and has no one else to control vermin for him(well me and my terriers but were locked down on that front)..
  13. There is a black dog in our team of terriers FD,came from a old member on here who sadly passed away (Border) and he gets as much of a look as his size allows him to as he's a lump but gets some sport in a few places..
  14. I know iv'e defended my old lass to the hilt on here and got some grief for it but when the truth is the truth i'll say so and feck who or what i upset... But yeah a ill bred russell will cost in general more than a plummer pup will these days,mind you i have two young russell bitches in my kennels that have some worked line history behind them and they were both gifted to me so the right sort of folk are still out there...
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