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  1. Got to be up there as one of the best feeling when breeding birds is when a fledgling jumps onto your hand by itself,well done indeed bangers,well done mate..
  2. If you were down there already i'd have popped round for a cuppa as i'm working just outside Colchester in Malden for the next couple of three weeks and i'd have found some time for you keith...
  3. I;ll be a couple of hours drive away from where your going to Keith and there's room on my boat for you for a days fishing and there's room in my motor come winter for some trips round a shoot doing some pest control,you won't be on your own all the time bud..
  4. Good fun but it'll never reach great hights ..
  5. Remind us when fury told us all he was a proud English man or proud to be British even,feck the pair of them to be honest..
  6. As it goes town foxes are getting shorter stronger muzzles than country foxes,that is adaptation on a genetic front so evolution within 40 years... But then it could have be a giant man like figure who lives in the clouds could have moulded a new foxes muzzle over night just for the sake of it.... who knows eh...
  7. Hand on heart apart from a few things like squirrels and magpies and food kills as such i've always wished everything i killed could jump up and run off after the dogs have had a mouth of fur...,being a old hippy who hunts does have some moral issues to deal with at times ...
  8. I had a litter of foxes to remove for a gamekeeper the other weekend and i didn't have the heart just to knock them all so two went to a fella who keeps a bit of a hawk center zoo thingy and there doing really well,feeding properly and growing like a healthy cub should...
  9. I recon if you get rid of the Tango man look you might stop getting hit..
  10. My fishing/digging partner went into a local Tesco's one day and heard a row going on in the car park,he looked over and saw the store manager and security guard looking at a fella who was strangling another chap in a car.He went over as the chap being strangled was shouting and screaming for help and my pal just dragged the strangler out the car and made sure he laid still for a bit ,it turned out it was a carer who was strangling his patient who had mental health issues and the tesco manager and security guard weren't allowed to touch any of them due to risk of getting sued. The strangler st
  11. Some folk would have heard about the UFO jobby in Rendlesham forest in Suffolk just outside the old yank base at Woodbridge where a UFO is meant to have touched down a number of years ago.I sort of know a few fella's (mates of a mate)who were fishing on a beach not to far away that very night and they had a thing fly over them while they were on the beach and it shone a bright light on them,they just legged it and two of them are fecking rum old boys as it goes but they shite a brick and left there rods and gear behind.They ran up the beach a few hundred yards then looked to see what was happe
  12. Respect to you Phil for giving her the chance of living a proper life and well done Honey on nailing such a chance in life.....
  13. I held some cubs last weekend that were still under ground and there eyes had only just opened,but well over a month ago i saw a cub on a road that had been run over and that had been above ground for a good few weeks already. Tis a funny old countryside out there with no hard written rules that much is true....
  14. One of the shoots i do the terrier work for i cleared out a litter a few years back for a keeper and he shot a barren vixen carrying a rabbit back to that earth the same night,it still had the rabbit in it's mouth when he showed it me in the morning but deffo wasn't the mother of the cubs..
  15. Wonder where the spark plug came from or how it got there?....
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