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  1. I once joked " i can't believe you just said that" and i got a few laughy faces for it , i could so wear that joke out on a daily basis with max and it's beyond me how he looks in a mirror every day . But boy isn't it fun turning the key a few times waiting a bit then setting our little toy free to run around his keyboard with is fat head all in a tizz and Taa Daa he not often lets us down ,himself daily but not us......
  2. It's not real it's a joke you thick twat.. paranoina, people talking about you..get it now? ..
  3. Stop being so paranoid all the time as, the whole forum has spoken in pm's about you and we all "know" your nothing
  4. That he does, That he does, That he is, . Don't ruin it though as it's fun and some of us have nothing better to do at times. .
  5. fireman


    Been homeless and on the streets and feck that housing them lot in the palace ,it's a regal building built by craftsmen with hand made tools and deserves to be treated as such. Far to much to house folks who are homeless and just giving them a home isn't the cure,many homeless folks are mentaly ill or addicts so the extra stress of "keeping it together" with a flat,room etc paying bills when you don't have any money to live on anyway is a backward step in many cases as it's just a added burden..But as for their wealth,just because their family took control of most of europe and managed to hold
  6. Big aviaries can mean the birds can hide away from you a bit and the thing is you want to see the birds when you keep them, so what's the plans on aviaries and what sort of birds do you like the look of as some are not for newbies as such mate.
  7. My hands were so cold i didn't feel it when it happened and it happened in such slow motion i really watched it all as it happened . Had to carry on sawing wood as well as i was out of logs for the burner..
  8. I got one of them ,frosty morning and a bit of Elm. Blade just bounced across it and across the knuckles and can still see it happening 35 years ago like it just happened now. ..
  9. A drive way just been done next to a job i'm at,was laid on whackered type 1 and sits right,feels solid and hasn't moved in the month it's been down,local fella as well so not a cowboy see you later job..One thing they said was never try to lay it in the wet as it goes milky, smart job that Stavross..
  10. fireman


    Bit guilty of stoking that fire myself and deffo one of the most interesting threads iv'e read on here about a subject i knew very very little about or was interested in if the truth be known, like you say from someone who walked the walk and it's sure educating me......
  11. fireman


    Yes you are now fcuk off you paranoid freak...
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