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  1. Lamping leverets would count going by your thinking ,but here on our planet wilder has fought no one of any boxing class in that 40 ko's ..
  2. Fare to say mate your slab laying ain't to shoddy at all, it's just the pattern and now you know ....
  3. Crosses and full run straight lines in a slab patio ...
  4. The bellman collar will work with all mountain rescue receivers,ortovox,barryvox,peips,red shit brick,mammut,etc etc...
  5. The keeper has heard them calling on one of my permissions, had a litter born in december time on another permission local to me as the litter was well above ground when found on a shoot day a few years back. Different thing i know but i was watching hares boxing yesterday and not many times round my way will you see a single hare out on it's own so there at all year round and iv'e found fist sized leverets on a shoot day...
  6. Thanks and a nice looking bird for sure,what way round was the pairing,goldie cock,linnet hen or the other way as wondering what it'll sing that's all..
  7. How they looking now and any chance of a up to date pic please?..
  8. Lovely and well done lads.....
  9. Who is more fcuked up,saville himself,or the cnut who thought i know i'll make a film about him,or the other cnut who said yeah here's the money to make it or the lot who'll go see it?.....All of the above need a bullet upside the ear ffs...
  10. With,, not so screamy and not so tight trousers small cock look at me girls if you get my drift...There'll be playing Thunderstruck at my funeral and everyones getting the words to rock along to it to,my eldest stepson has said he'll sort it for me.........
  11. Quo were to cocaine and not enough speed and booze for most greebo's back then,i liked Quo as it goes and apart from Ace of spades i think most motorhead is shite,BUT AC/DC are the greatest rock band to ever grace a stage so no comparison from the off there....
  12. Have to say my garden this time of year is a nightmare with acorns but there's not that many but the ones there are have been gall wasped.
  13. I got derv for mondays work,replacing a few slabs,then i'm out and i got insulating on a few houses to do from tuesday onwards and i'm not sure i can get there,how fcuking ironic....
  14. Later on i'll just google "watch AJ v Usyk for free and i'll spend about 5-10 mins sorting through a few stream links till i find a decent one,every sporting event i want to watch i do it this way and haven't missed one yet...
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