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  1. Them presa are OK till they get to a certain age...then by all acounts they turn in to dominant liabilities even to there owners ....not for me like Looks a nice dog tho atb with it
  2. So mine is 16 mesh deep and 72 mesh long so works out 8ft deep and 18 ft long with a 6 inch full mesh , but people make them 18ft 16ft 12ft long , think depth of the net is key , I'm going to make a 6 ft long one for brakes in dry stone walls ( no point taking 18 ft long net when a 6ft one will do )
  3. Think my ocd kicked in with this netting lark ....I even turned down a trip to the pub to stay in nitting a net
  4. I was going make a gate net for rabbits but to behonest the rabbit population down here is on its arse and I don't realy like taking them now unless it's from old places that are due to be developed on,,there a couple place near me where they built some new industrial estates on which were coverd in rabbits all the time but now u see the odd 1 or two ....times ...they are changing
  5. They close up the same as a big poke net does with a rabbit in it , the more they bounce around and try to push forward the more the net closes up, The key is a good depth on the net and the right mesh size , I've used 3" mesh board so will give a 6 inch full mesh so as the hare comes through his feet are on the net befor his nose touches the net so once they hit it they will push the head through 1 of the meshes and try to push through picking up the depth of the net with there feet tangling them self's more ,there also easier to get out of these nets that the square mesh types, H
  6. So the gates nets mainly used now are like giant poke nets as apposed to the old sqare meshed nets that were just draped over the bottom rail of the gate , the older type net would be draped over the hare comes through gets tangled rolls over and ends up 10 foot away from the gate , these types used now ate like a big poke net set about a foot back from the gate on two Hazlehead pegs , the hare hits the net and purse up , I dont think many people use the square mesh type anymore realy
  7. Well finaly managed to stich on a decent ring .tried it acouple ways but couldn't get it where I liked it, so had bit of help of netrigger ( again lol) 3rd gate nets I've made switched from the the bigger heavy rings on to inch and half rings wich I'm preferring now , Finaly made a net I'm 100% happy with . Thanks again @netrigger
  8. I know what you mean , I have a few farms with health population of hares on that I used to fly with my hawks but havnt flown for two seasons so going have a go with the nets try put acouple in the pot , good thing is with nets is can hang them up and leave them season after season and get them out as and when
  9. Going spend this summer setting the nets infront of the spaniel and walking the fields try get her respecting the nets ect ( obviously in fields where I no there isn't anything )
  10. Just waiting get the end pins welded up and then going cut me self some lengths Hazle get ready for winter and hopefully put acouple in the pot
  11. So had another go at making gate net number 2 with some diffrent twine this time. Still not as good as I want it to be but practice makes perfect and good to get some practice nets nicked up befor buying more expensive better quality twine, end goal is to make couple gate nets for hares and couple for rabbits out of the 0.75 braided nylon but as I'm going have to dye it as it comes white and a lot of work will be going jn to them I want make sure I'm 100% happy with the quality of my nitting
  12. Heard about that myself , had a seizure in back yard while sorting the dogs and couple of them set about him
  13. Anyone get hold of any amoxacilin
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