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  1. Rvd is another one when they first get that they look like that ,
  2. Elchapo

    New Project

    Hes doing you proud mate hopefully next season I should be in a place where I'm able to take up another bird
  3. My mate uses his with hawks to find hares , I've never realy seen it as cheating in this sense as if it's raining you can walk round with a hawk on your fist soaking wet , so driving round sporting a hare in seat allows you to atleast half half a chance of getting a slip on it , however it also comes in handy if your in a wood that you shouldn't be and you think someone coming after you you can have a quick look and see if anyone's coming and then avoid them accordingly
  4. There decent bit kit , if you have the money to spend on 1 they do come in real handy , like say , bit of a kick in c**t if you get it confiscated tho, sure is is the hik owl 35 ,
  5. I paid 1300 for my pulsar and my mate bought a hik for 1000 I thought his was better , my other mate bout a hik for 2500 that thing was amazing , I stood out side a wood and looked through it and the phesants lit up like xmass lights in the trees from a fair distance away, was picking up tiny birds deep in Holly bushes etc , it was even showing the heat on the branches where a phesant had been roosting after it flew off , amazing bit of kit but ....if you get caught somewhere your not ment to be its a lot of money to loose ..well it is to me anyway because I'm a tight fecker lol
  6. I do personally, I've used acouple diffrnet pulsars and I actually like the look and the feel of the pulsars more than the hik but that's a out it realy ..for function I'd go with the hik
  7. To be fair all the hiks I've seen have been decent bits of kit
  8. Mine must been broke then because it was shit , and it' was shot through winter just as it was on summer
  9. That's a lot of emogies for 1 paragraph lol
  10. Yes , there better for finding ground stuff than in trees I found, I sold mine as I had mine for finding phesants at night but to behonest they weren't that good for that due to phesants nor letting off much heat at night , my mate has 1 wich he paid 2500 for but its a hik owl I think ....that thing is next level amazing, ypu get what you pay for
  11. Tweed suit with Dunlop wellies and a baseball cap worn backwards
  12. Elchapo


    Where about are you from ? Can't see it on my phone ,maybe someone local to you can have a quick look at her for you
  13. Any better pics that black pup
  14. Good saws them I had one lost it bought one them from aldi still going strong
  15. To be fair he's a bonny looking dog
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