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  1. Cheers mate yea was steady enough hoping the weather abit better this weekend so can get couple flights at pheasants with the goss ,
  2. Cheers mate yea was steady enough hoping the weather abit better this weekend so can get couple flights at pheasants with the goss ,
  3. One on right . Got some knuckle and build to it , if my main quarry was rabbit and mooching then itd be snapped up
  4. Aye that’s it mate hopefully someone who will appreciate him will come for him mate ,
  5. Can’t believe he hasn’t been snapped up yet , that pup looks a picture of health and can see the effort that’s been put in to its up keep this far
  6. Couple pics from other day Male and female males 4 year 1lb 7 first pheasant , missed two cock pheasants and managed to get hen , wasn’t greatest flight but was nice to see, taken from off fist raised up rolled over and dropped on hen bird female this years bird first kill on rabbit at 2lb 5 nice easy kill
  7. Can’t stand cats but going round killing cats in front gardens is asking or trouble and just puts are names in the mud , if the dogs are off and bump into a feral cat in a field then accidents happen when I it’s moved in my house my next door neighbour had 14 cats and 7 dogs . Made the clampit family look like royalty , for years they were using my garden ( befor we moved in ) as a toilet and after I’d levelled it and slabbed it and the dog had run the garden while I was building pens the cats whent from 14 to about 6 in 2/3 week the owner said he was ringing the police as my dog was killing them in my garden , sometimes accidents happen but going in to people gardens to kill there cats is just stupid
  8. Single handed cat slayer ... be up for stud soon on here
  9. f**k me that’s like a wet dream to me lol
  10. Elchapo


    Yea I’m going offer to drive him round do bit car hawking , or offer to try get a slip from the cover for him , some the farmers tracks through the fields will get us close enough for a decent slip
  11. Elchapo


    There peregrine x American is a gutsy little fecker to lol there great to watch flying and once they get on things the flights can be great , the lad who owns them is 72 and still gets out regularly with them but I can’t help but imagine the flights he could get if he just a little more nimble , there’s a spot near him which holds some thick cover if he could get up through there he would have a better position at the quarry
  12. Elchapo


    Seen it trying to push birds out of the trees but not seen it on a kill yet , problem is soon birds see my mate they no what’s coming so they scarper , seen it trying to push a rook from out the top of a tree , was funny to see but could also get its self in some trouble it thinks it’s a golden eagle lol it will get off after most things and it’s best flight was after a starling ,
  13. Elchapo


    Here’s the pics of the gyr x American kestrel I said I’d get for you mate took awhile as weather down here hasn’t been playing ball . It took a likening to my hat for some reason and after a couple swoops to lure it decide to investigate me lol
  14. Dog would only ever bite a child once then it would be pushing up daisies not been sold on for 500
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