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  1. Plenty lads on instergram seem to be having them , making out there wonder dogs , pics up of them marking sets , bushing rabbits , then the usual picture of a dog standing next to mound fresh earth saying « another dig to the teckle « etc etc truth is probly digging to a rabbit but at least when pups are due it’s good sales pitch , i actually like the look of the dogs and would have some fun with them bu5 I don’t want anything that holds Aline and disappear off into horizon singing as it goes ,
  2. If your moulting him out you don’t need to be going near him , you shouldn’t realy be moulting him out by feeding him on the fist this could cause you problems with a young hawk as it constantly going see you as food source , any pr hawk will bate away from its owner when it’s at fat weight as they don’t want you , love you , crave your attention like a dog does , once they have food they couldn’t care if you don’t exists , they only want food , if you are moulting it out I sujets you free loft the bird and feed it through a food chute so it’s indirect feeding otherwise you could end up with
  3. Well they need to cull them terriers and spaniels then if They can't find a fox or a phesant in a hedge row , every dog can miss something sitting tight in thick cover but if my dogs missed a fox sat in a hedge they'd be gone , I no lad who had two of them teckles who ended up getting rid , there are lads on here who have had them and moved them on for various reasons ,not nocking the breed they obviously work but to me the only think they differ from a beagle spaniel is they can fit to ground ( but not all lads want that ) and they can fetch 2grand a pup
  4. When best time to be looking for mules for sale , not after a world beater just something keep me lad happy ,
  5. I’d say fails earth dogs are the worst terriers for bushers as the dropping in is in there blood , most terriers will go to ground but not many have the heart to stay with something biting back but unfortunately most of them failed dogs will happily stay to ground after a soft rabbit , a terrier that has been bred for bushing and not dropping in is a hard dog to beat as they want to kill , not flush like a spaniel , I’ve seen terriers and spaniels work I have spaniels still and still think a terrier that wants to kill what it’s hunting still has that little edge on a spaniel ,
  6. He wasn’t a cashier he was actually the manager , he was also shot in the leg and fell between two tills when the lad turned round the till and saw he was white said sorry and then moved on looking for more, I do believe it was because he was after black people and the white woman who he shot imsure was after he’d. Shot the black guy getting the trolleys ,
  7. Yep seen footage mate sen5 it me this morning , you can clearly hear him apologise to the white cashier , the woman who he first shot was white but t9 be fair I though she was mixed breed , ,
  8. Last time I check ( bout hour ago it was 10 dead 3 wounded , was 2 white people shot but seeing as tho he apologised to the white cashier and left him I don’t think he was after whites ,
  9. Well to be honest I’m going hold my hands up and say I’m a bit racist, however I have mates who are half cast , I wouldn’t want any of my family , sisters and daughter to marry and have kids with black people because I don’t like the idea of mixing but that’s just my opinion , however this. Lad going round murdering innocent people doing there shopping isn’t solving anything, now on the other hand if he was killing Muslim child molesters , or black Somalian rapers then I’d be all for it , I’d set up a go fund me page to pay for his guns
  10. Marsbars , chuck couple Mars bars around place they hate them , especially when they got half a pack paracetamol in them
  11. Yep them blue gum cotton pickers statues would be fine , welcomed and showered with flowers ,
  12. Seen plenty of types of dogs work well to ferrets but one sticks out , was a small lurcher type crossed with a Staffordshire bull terrier , not a game one , or an athletic one , more l8ke a pet one , speed wise wasn’t the fastes but it’s désire to catch and kill made it a demon , would take ducks of side bond hare in seat rabbits bolting and in rough , but it was simply mugging ,
  13. Well if you find any more nocking around I’ll take some off your hands
  14. Ended up getting a imbra trap for £20 , in excellent condition , can I legally still use it
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