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  1. Same every where by sounds of things , couple people I no are packing in , some getting rid of big runners and going for terrier types for a little pet/moocher , some the lads I no who fly bop are packing in or moving on to smaller falcons due to lack of quarry
  2. 100% what I was trying get at was when people say the starving imagrants took them , more like the more wealthy prospector type people looking for new start in promised land
  3. Never really understood the statement of “ the English Irish brought over the bull and terrier crosses in the time of the great famine “ so thousands of people rammed on a bout trailing thousands of miles across an ocean from a land where everyone was that hungry there children died in there arms due to lack of food sat there with there dog , bullshit that dog would bin dinner strait away , cant feed there kids but coulD feed gr ch sox enough food to cross to America lol
  4. You got Many decent waters for pike mate ? Mite have a nip up to you with my lad one day if that ok oh and nipped round see the pup the other day can honestly say there both 100% smitten with her , his wife takes it everywhere with her lol
  5. Footballers are bunch sissy c**ts Overpaid mardarses be glad they don’t see your sport as equal to there’s on a serious note tho it is a puss take this whole thing is just get out do bit rough shooting not your fault if another 20 odd People have same idea as you lol
  6. Elchapo

    good frost

    Ano yea who writes that on there own windows
  7. Elchapo


    What do you think I was going for
  8. Elchapo


    He was a good lad , especially for a yank , even laughed and had a joke about dogs and didn’t get his arse out,, even after I called him a pig wielding dungaree wearing hill billy he invited me over for a hunt and some beer
  9. Elchapo


    Place has gone to the dogs ,,, and not in a good way , most people I no and speak to are on instergram , not as bad as that fb shite either , you can choose who you speak to who can see your content and don’t have to listen to the usual shite spouted by the usual fecking ejits , you can post pictures without some smart ares behind a hidden name trying to pull it to pieces, met some decent lads on there
  10. Anyone no where cheapest place to get the fibreglass poles from , I no I can use hazel but I’m after the fibreglass cheers
  11. Lock downs a load bollox , I’m good enough go work to keep the country running I’m good enough go out for a bit of me time when ever I want t9 hunt and see who I want
  12. Well technically,,,,, he’s laying alone now
  13. So a nigger then ????
  14. Elchapo


    Couple vids on YouTube , lad I new bought one for his peregrine hybrids but not sure how he got on with it
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