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  1. Elchapo

    New Project

    Yes flown plenty hare with birds and the catch rate is a lot less than with a dog , a bird has one chance ( most the time ) to bind to its quarry not multiple like a dog has putting bend after bend after bend in it , there plenty videos on YouTube of birds taking hare out of the seat making it look easy but that'd far from the truth they didn't put up the 5/6/7 misses they had that day just the one of the catch , a bird binding to its hare is no guarantee of a catch as they often get chucked off , a dog once it has its teeth in a hare is done for , I've had birds have there talons ripped out
  2. Elchapo

    New Project

    Bird looking well moorman it's a credit to ya mate
  3. Elchapo

    New Project

    Can't see how catching a hare with a 2lb hawk is less sporting than watching a dog chase it for 4 minits then crunch it lol
  4. Elchapo

    New Project

    Never herd of a Harris flying at 3lb 2 , you sure it was harris hawk
  5. Makes it more fun when you got keep an eye out for keeper
  6. Bull shit normally makes a good terrier man, well at least when everyone up there arse shouting there name around like there the be all and end and there pumping litters out like sausage factory
  7. Lads moaning about paying 6 quid watch a hunting clip but pay 4 /6 quid for some slot show her tits and beef curtains on only fans if the guy is paying for some one to come out video his nights lmaping then if he charges people for dad's what's problem , no diffrent than the Warren's charging 22 quid or them coursing dvds of dogs plodding on for minits lol
  8. Looks like some kinda terrier whippet , border whippet or Russell whippet .aybe
  9. I own a spaniel ans have owned a couple of spaniels , a spaniel hunts completely diffrent than a terrier spaniel, a spaniel will work all day and flush stuff ro you , for you , add terrier to the mix and you have a dog that actively wants to kill what it's hunting , so hunts diffrent than a spaniel , plus most bushing lads don't want there spaniel quartering the field on days out , i don't think for bushing you can beat a terrier but terriers are c**ts for the most part drop in and ignore you , adding spaniel gives them that little bit more trainable
  10. Yea she looks handy mate ,and as u say maybe a one off kinda dog but unless you try you'll never know , as with the pointers yes they vary a bit and with it been half pointer they might end up alittle to big for what your after , you could alway chuck a Wheaton over her for the coat and end up with a dog aggressive mess lol
  11. She looked a handy bitch mate fair play , was the bull blood ebt , she looked long in the face on the vid but vids can be deceiving, she's looks like she got a fair turn of speed ro her too , a wee handy bitch you got there,if you go for a pointer there some decent lines of small solid pointers in uk that won't mess around when it comes to teeth , but coats can vary a bit , I have pointer here seen couple out the litter but coats vary mines long in coat but not very thick , but seen pup from same mating and it's coat was short but thick , Moorman1 of here got a decent bred strong black point
  12. My mate bred them , There was one dog in litter seen it work and it it had very little spaniel attributes about it , basically a full bull with big ears , was a c**t round live stock aswell had hold sheep lol , litter bitches all seemed to make similar size shape etc but the dog was huge , dont think there many litter of that type bred , probably better putting that black and tan terrier of yours to it or like you say try do a first cross litter yourself , a mate mine sent me couple videos the other day with a white terrier doing some decent stuff bushing and on the lamp , ( well what was se
  13. Big red stag probably been seen by hundreds off people who didn't give a flying shit about seeing it so why would they say anything lol ,
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