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  1. Elchapo

    Jockeys whips

    Jok if you think that’s lamb you need your eyes testing mukka lol and Tesco have English strawberry’s in I think lol
  2. Elchapo


    Nice to see cubs about
  3. Elchapo

    G.O.T finale only 3 sleeps to go

    f**k Danny the jumped up tramp whore hope she dies a slow and painful death , hope its arya or John
  4. Elchapo

    Shooting/mooching stick

    Bit of varnish on the stick and it looks perfect mate
  5. Elchapo

    Dog micro chips

    If you got an iPhone or iPad just screen shot them
  6. Elchapo

    Dog micro chips

    Get the pms up fat lad
  7. Elchapo

    Few boxes

    Lamping please so there easier catch
  8. Elchapo

    Few boxes

    Sound send us a post code I got a young dog I could do with getting on some them dale rabbits
  9. Elchapo

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    I’d say Wheaton waggons nice , they your relatives Marsh ?
  10. Elchapo

    Few boxes

    Nice to see people helping eachother out , be nice to re stock stock some areas with a good bit of heavy cover ,a lad down by me let 30 odd go but never manage to settle in as there was probably 20 odd lads walking that ground with lurcher the same month ..
  11. Elchapo

    Military memorabilia sort of gear

    Think what it is with the travelers and wagons is heritage mate , back in the day that was there pride and joy , no difference in someone spending 1/4 mill on a house a lot of time and money whent in to making them as beautiful as they could , a lot of non traveler people are buying them now and charging people a couple of hundred a night to do that fancy clamping in them lol
  12. Surely they must realise that this is one the busiest times for farms so how are they expecting farmers who live and work every hour god sends to have time to start weighting emails , most them wake up and strait out to work ,a high percentage of people this will effect won’t ever even no that they have a chance to email and have there say .
  13. Elchapo

    Military memorabilia sort of gear

    That open lot bow top worth couple grand depending on there condition looks like a decent dray with old iron strap wheels .
  14. Elchapo

    New Arrivals.

    So from this thread we have learnt ........... dont buy collies
  15. Elchapo

    packham ,,good morning briton

    Truth is give it a couple of weeks and it will all stop ... because it doesn’t matter how many pertitions are sighed and how many threats he gets nothing will change , first it was hunting ban , now it’s ban on shooting birds soon it will be shooting altogether and hunting all together that is banned because this country is f****d ,, I feel the ship has already sailed