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  1. Hope it’s not what first come to mind and is just a terrible accident , sorry for your loss mate
  2. Great mate soon have plenty of fur in them feet in no time
  3. Hope it does you well jjm good luck in future mate
  4. He looks a belter mate , will keep an eye on his progress, always liked Wheaton x and this seems an ideal vermin killer , I tried to get a first x Wheaton whippet for a while but gave up as none around
  5. How did you rate the pointer x spaniel, what did it work like did it hold a point , cheers
  6. Common buzzard , looks to be soaked tail an£ primaries probably just low in weight wet and unable to fly , as said i5 will eat anything meat wis3 and worms , feed it some beef keep it somewhere dark and warm so it can dry off and rest , don’t want it flying around nocking it’s self up , give it couple days then let it go will be fine as long as no broken bones , if it’s been shot with lead will be dead soon so if got young uns best not letting th3m check on it
  7. Heard dumbo is a good stud ,smooth as feck no feathering and massive lugs and a tonne of nose
  8. It’s horrible for kids to have ,, Me and my sister suffer with it , my sister worse off and also her lad , as for cream ,aqueous cream ,oiliatum cream,bath oil help my sisters and her lads clears up when there on holiday in sea , must be the salt water and warm sun , my sisters is that bad she spent most her childhood in bandages but there’s better creams about now ,
  9. Let me no if you find a decent litter that isn’t charging a mortgage lol
  10. 4 Sided Dog Pen Without Roof - Kennelstore WWW.KENNELSTORE.CO.UK Kennelstore extra strength galvanised dog pens are manufactured to the highest quality at an affordable price. They have been manufactured for over 35yrs &... Can’t beat these , can get them with roof on and opening on the back to put a kennel up to , last life time .
  11. I’m sure belucky off here had pointer x greys that he was working with hounds
  12. Plenty of people would belive that he's only seen 2 good ones in 40 years lol probably only ever see 2 good beddys in full life time
  13. Stay vigilant as there’s a mountain lion on loose but I’m not going tell you where it is other than Leeds / Yorkshire but also want help catching it ????as farmers who’s just lost his lively hood wants it rehoming load bolloxs
  14. Dout anyone on here will sign that when most people on here are out lamping rabbits on lan£ there not meant to be on lol , plus only people who it would benefit are the hunt toffs to stop sabs etc but wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire
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