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  1. All people I no ether keep digging stock or Beagle spaniel crosses for bushing , which I don’t want either of them , I put an ad on for a mate who was going to breed his bitch he could of sorted it out and I would had pup off him I was looking for a stud of a russle that was used for bushing and ratting not of digging stuff , had couple hundred views but not one reply , truth is I only realy speak to a handful of lads and none them keep what I’m after , I’m not on fb I don’t follow hunts , and I don’t have a lot to do with every Tom dick and Harry who keeps dogs so the people I new didn’t have what I wanted so I looked else where , I don’t want take on a beagle spaniel pup that it’s parents and gran parents have been used like a small foot pack when all I need is something for working g close nocking a bit hedge row and bramble as beagle spanie would be wasted on me , ( bit like using a sledge hammer for nocking tacks in ) I no what it is what I’m after so I’ll keep my eyes open and see what comes up if it doesn’t then it doesn’t and I’ll do without
  2. Exactly , that speech what borris did didn’t do anything other than confuse more people than help people , people think that only essential workers are aloud to work when in fact he said only travel to work if it is essential and you cant work from home
  3. That’s wrong to as I work in a steel place and what we do isn’t essential and where still open , when borris started the lock down he never said only essential jobs are aloud to stay open , we do work for 6 large company’s and none of them are closed and what we do Isnt classed as essential but we and them are still open ,
  4. Not been funny but I ain’t walking round with a bunch of people I don’t no , going to meets , going to hunts , spending weekends walking round having to listen to aload of waffle just to source a pup for a bit of bushing and ratting , I’ll just buy a pup and take my chances , I don’t want to have to introduce my self and what I’m about to every Tom dick and Harry just to get a pup , them meets , gamefairs, and hunts all attracted the wrong kind of people , ( just have a look on YouTube or Facebook ) if I wanted a digging terrier there’s lads I could ask but I’m not after a digging dog , can’t be arsed with the hassle of that now , just after something that can have a wander out with when I get chance so I’ll buy a pup in when something worth a pint turns up , but i deffo won’t be lineing any the pedlars out there with stupid names stuck to there pups to help them sell , truth is not everyone is on the hunting life , Facebook, or follows a hunt and they advertise there pups on the pet sites , old boy who I no has a outstanding coursing dog he had a litter pups most whent to mates his spare pups whent on gumtree , didn’t make them any less of a well bred pup
  5. Mate of mine had a Harris that hated anything white , this bird would fly up sore like a buzzerd then drop like a stone , couple times he had strip of and get it off swans in middle of ponds which nearly drowned him as well as the hawk , he ended up getting rid as it would active find out white stuff and had couple close calls with people with white hats but the final straw was when he slipped on a rabbit in front of a farmer on new permission and it decided to veer off and bind to a sheep ,
  6. Yea went round slapped the c**t .....that’s why my hands are still hurting
  7. Me ,missus and kids were out to , bloody hands still hurting as the nugget next door was trying out clapp me
  8. Elchapo

    Summer pups

    Anyone breeding any litters of bushers this summer . Seen couple litters advertised else where but seem to be heavy beagle blood
  9. I couldn’t live with a imprint, the noise would drive me insane lol my mate as two imprint a mae and female finish , Male silent female sings like Tina Turner when in mews or garden
  10. Bet that was a shock when her feet slammed into that lol
  11. I was as was only after something for the odd bit of ratting and a bit of bushing and night time shooting and as it would only be owt 2/3 times a week hunting , rest days just walking and exercised I didn’t want get something off earthdogs as have no intention of digging so it would be wasted on me , and been struggling find something of bushing parents that weren’t been dug to
  12. Nope I’m already at that stage to , so much so that I’m going to tell my kids that they are now bedroom bound to help prevent spread and can only come out for one hour a day
  13. Domestic violence (husbands been beaten ) domestic cats going missing (need the food) load of redecorating (husbands been forced) and loads more sneaking out the house like when we’re 12 well that’s just my house anyway
  14. Bet the dirty c**ts going be cooking dogs cats rats and anything else alive and eating it so defo going be another case poppin* up somewhere over there , if so should just nuke the yellow little fuckers
  15. Bout 40 , with 2 canteens and not enough space to stay 2 meters apart
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