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  1. Recon jn 10 years it will all be finished ans we will Ave to be eating proced vegetarian meat
  2. Just lay a base of c35 last life time
  3. Elchapo


    A lot of dogs will die after fights as sometimes a dog will be aloud to go past the point of no rerturn so to speak , any good dog handler should no if his dog is out matched and beaten, then he could ask who ever he was matching if he could scratch after ( so if your dog was beat and you new it you can step in pick your dog up and then scratch one l’art time to see if your dog was still game to continue by crossing the pit and taking hold of the other dog , that way the dog goes down as 1 x LG ( lost but still game ) . Some lads tho didn’t give a shit about there dogs , some lads had better m
  4. O well least we get another bank holiday
  5. though you said it wasn't a fat barrle, looks exactly like the rest the fat useless kc shit that you been peddling
  6. Just bout sums you up you stupid Welsh pedling c**t
  7. If its no good with kids best off giving it bullet because who ever had it will promise tou this that and the other then in couple week it will of bitten a kid ,
  8. Ie used it couple times and been fine
  9. 520 for 10 mate where you get them from that's cheap mate I been paying nearly 3 quid a battery
  10. Other than keeping Salukis lol
  11. Give it ago mate its pretty addictive, I started not long ago and although I was trying to snare on shite ground ( grass to high no clear runs etc etc ) its pretty addictive, snared rabbits phesant and a hare since starting and it's a nice skill to have , will be doing plenty more come season ,
  12. Never known a dog ruined by holding it back a itte bit seen plenty ruined started to young
  13. Bit blunt but what he said is right you did answer your own question , a puppies dog is not mature enough to be taking fox , and most dog aggressive mouthy lurchers I've seen were dog shite on teethed quarry , him been submissive will not affect his working specific quarry unless he's a nervous wreck , give him time mature and if someone tells you he should be doing teeth by 12 month or 18 month etc etc ain't worth listening to , all dogs diffrnet ans mature difrently
  14. Got some decent stuff him mate will do well with them
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