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  1. Elchapo

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    Video I got the lad saying he’s a scouser saying “ leave him mate he’s had enough that’s what happens when you don’t get paid your wages you just go sick on the job , f***ing scouser , the lad who is saying this is a scouser aswell , you can tell by the accent and the “ go on lad “ that he says over and over again lol , he may well be from London but why would his Scouse mate be calling him a scouser
  2. Elchapo

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    I got the video his mate did of him lol
  3. Elchapo

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    Mate you must have different video than me I got it on my phone the lad is from Liverpool who was driving the digger he’s s scouser there are other lads on site from different company’s who pull all the wires out the back of the digger , I’ll try get the video up that I’ve got
  4. Elchapo

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    Got the vid on me phone mate 100% scousers he even shouts at one point “ that’s what happens when you don’t pay scousers wages “
  5. Elchapo

    He's Back

    Well done daveo glad dogs sorted for you a good bone man is worth his weight in gold .
  6. Elchapo

    Rat Bait

    Best results for me are peanut butter and melted chocolate
  7. Elchapo

    Out Today

    Must say I’m a little bit jealous of the sport you have , and that your still aloud to do it , long may it continue for you S.S atb to you and your lads and all the best for rest of season ,
  8. Elchapo

    moaning black bitch

    I wouldn’t let that stupid bitch boil an egg unattended, have you seen the interview when she is going on about new police officers and how much they will cost , f***ing hell I felt bad for her the bitch can’t organise the making of a ham sandwich
  9. Elchapo

    Working border types

    Who the fuxks Ray ??
  10. Elchapo

    Brilliant prank

    Seen it befor it is kinda funny but now when I see it I always think to my self that there are people out there needing killed like this for real , men women and children....kinda don’t see it as funny anymore
  11. Elchapo

    Working border types

    Thought you and Bernie where good mates and were digging partners herd Bernie bought some borders of some welsh lads and put papers on them but never new if it was true or not
  12. Elchapo

    Working border types

    Herd something along the lines of Bernie falling out with someone over some terrier and pups getting stolen out of a shed not long after butch had dropped
  13. Elchapo

    At stud

    That’s not just for a f**k I give there mott a good licking
  14. Elchapo

    alsatian x greyhound

    I have no interest in a dog of that breeding work , not my cup of tea,