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  1. I'm no expert on Wheaton or bulls so my opinion doesn't mean much but like has already been said I think it would be mainly for coat , I've kept full bulls and a bull without any marks on it brings unwanted attention a bull with marks on it and your labeled a dog fighter by any one who accidentally sees it , adding coat to it most people wouldn't even look at it or give it a second though, ..as for people saying just use a full Wheaton, we'll unless your part of the secret squirrel club you won't get your hands on these mythical game bred Wheaton, everyone I know who's had a full Wheaton off
  2. I'm not saying ban all guns , that's just stupid ans would never work , but getting a gun in England is no easy task and when someone does its a old shotgun , they can't just nip Walmart and buy a sub machine gun just because there over 18 , there readily avaliable on most street shops ans in people's homes , probably 40 to 50 guns for every single person ,
  3. No not at all the government are scumbags ,,, however I don't think that us having guns would change hoe we are , we don't realy riot like hoe other country's do over fuel , rent , taxes etc etc and I don't think that's because we don't have an ar15 under are beds to blow people away with , us having guns doesn't define who we are , we're brithish we're stubborn c**ts who most time live in a world where if its not affecting us directly we bury are head in the sand and pretend it's not happing , I just don't belive that having an arsenal of 35 guns in are house would change that , ...I'm all fo
  4. Typical dick head American response that , cause guns are the problem , well gun laws anyway , most Americans have more guns in there home than an English gun shop has , and why , because they need them for self defence .... bullshit , there called assault rifles not defence rifles , ans no taking guns away won't stop killings ,but if someone walked in to a school with a knife or a bat they ain't going to do the damage they can with a gun are they , you don't have to have more than half a brain to realise that , but when anyone over 18 can walk in to a supermarket ans buy a fully automatic gu
  5. America still don't think they got a gun problem lol they got a big problem and it's there stupid outdated thinking that's causing it
  6. Tank you still got his contact ? I had him on Instagram but think he come off there pm me if you can mate
  7. Elchapo

    New Project

    Well done mate
  8. Elchapo


    Yes used terriers befor , to be fair I don't think you can beat a propper bread bushing terrier of bushing stuff , however want try something a little diffrent
  9. Elchapo


    How far do these teckles range ? If I worked one with a spaniel for rough shooting from a pup would it work in close like a spaniel or do they range out like a beagle ,
  10. Had it befor twice actually ans both times cured in 2/3 weeks by putting it on low protein adult food , cheaper the better , some times irrelevant of what people mite say banging to much good food in a pup can make it grow quicker than its bones can develop, like Say had it twice ans both times put on cheap adult food with low protein and it cam good in less than a month , my mate had same problem and his came good doing same thing ,
  11. Elchapo

    New Project

    Yes flown plenty hare with birds and the catch rate is a lot less than with a dog , a bird has one chance ( most the time ) to bind to its quarry not multiple like a dog has putting bend after bend after bend in it , there plenty videos on YouTube of birds taking hare out of the seat making it look easy but that'd far from the truth they didn't put up the 5/6/7 misses they had that day just the one of the catch , a bird binding to its hare is no guarantee of a catch as they often get chucked off , a dog once it has its teeth in a hare is done for , I've had birds have there talons ripped out
  12. Elchapo

    New Project

    Bird looking well moorman it's a credit to ya mate
  13. Elchapo

    New Project

    Can't see how catching a hare with a 2lb hawk is less sporting than watching a dog chase it for 4 minits then crunch it lol
  14. Elchapo

    New Project

    Never herd of a Harris flying at 3lb 2 , you sure it was harris hawk
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