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  1. Some paterdales terriers do curl over back towards there head if not docked or a long dock , I’ve seen plenty with tails like that , or could have Russel in it ,truth is unless you no who bred them and trust them then it’s pot luck guess
  2. Bad night tonight out on lamp birds flown in to a low fence hidden in grass hit it full pelt , by time got two her she was on her back feet up in air got to her picked her up took her to car she snapped couple her tail feathers and took a good nock to the head but seems to be ok , think trip to vets in morning
  3. Cheers mate She’s getting there mate rabbits are really thin on ground round here this year ,
  4. Couple rabbits and a rat but Mainly pheasant rabbits are really thin round here, found a decent spot that holds rabbits but it’s not really safe for traps , plus there loads fox round
  5. Sup sticky Micky you old fart , kinda missed you bullying me , Glad to see you not fallen in that river trying catch them trout ,if you want me come show you how it’s done I will,...always try to help the aged as for confrontational events with game keepers .....well I’m definitely a violent shitter , to be fair the keepers can smell me on approach so just tend to throw sticks at me till I leave , the smell and disfigured facial features puts them off
  6. And me and 8m not even a Scot
  7. Cheers mate but anyone who sells there pups with stupid names like sprockets was thinking more about coin than working abilities and homes lol
  8. Another couple on lamp tonight for her 2.5 3/4
  9. But out 2 year old dog does as it had one propper season graft
  10. I got couple bows a good bow you can normally pic up second hand is a buck trail black hawk can pic them up £50 get couple arrows of eBay the fiberglass ones are good for beginners can get 12 for around £14/17 pound , get an old material suitcase from charity shop / tip , fill it with old clothes and spray target on it , the big suitcases with wheels on are best as don’t have carry them
  11. Elchapo

    Crow Hawking

    How long does she normally stay up for in training flight
  12. Ignore king no f****r understands his pictures
  13. Red tail looks a cracker but that ferrutail is a beaut
  14. Feck sake blacky can see why you were always in detention
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