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  1. Elchapo

    Old bottles etc

    We have about 40 bottles and tins at work in the cabin .even got old Victorian tin with a wooden tooth in. Bout 9 /10 them gold bottles and 5/6 blues green ones rest clear
  2. Elchapo


    Bull mastif 70lb dog
  3. Elchapo

    New Season In France

    Once hunted a rat my self. Never again tho
  4. Elchapo

    New Season In France

    I here what your saying and I agree that some threads an be ruins by people but I suppose that part and parcel of posting on an open forum realy so when postjngbyou have to accept that some people won’t agree if they Wright something you( not you personally) don’t like you can either just leave it or start debate about it but sooner or later someone loses there dummy
  5. Elchapo

    New Season In France

    I only hunt rabbits rabbit hunter
  6. Elchapo


    Have one I’m my garden and won’t ever trim it till it dies back . Always got butterflies on it .
  7. Elchapo

    New Season In France

    There’s nothing to moderate really it’s an open forum and everyone has there own opinions unfortunately when there not the same as other people’s then people have a bit of a tiff.if every bit of a tiff was moderated nothing would get posted
  8. Anyone know the dosage to treat mange in a dog and how regularly it has to be given ,
  9. Elchapo


    I’d be more worried about all the pedergrees been made up and pups been churned out for silly money sold of the romantic tales of the badger trials over the pond. Some of them Americans can sell snow to an escimo by the looks of the money they have been charging for paterdales so imagine the sale pitch of the Wheaton and its romantic tales of trials
  10. Elchapo


    I know the Irish don’t like parting with there Wheaton’s but I think sending Wheaton’s over to America would be a real shame
  11. Elchapo

    Locator, the best

    Go for the bell man and flint they have a good reputation and stand by there product . not sure if they sell tings tho
  12. Elchapo

    New Season In France

    So does that mean you won’t be taking a collar ?or does that mean you will drop 6 holes then after failing to find use a collar funny how your using British dogs tho
  13. Elchapo

    Wheaten x grey

    What lines are your Wheaton’s off? Don’t see many first cross Wheaton greys for sale or even full Wheaton’s for sale . There is a very secretive thing with the breeding and selling of Wheaton’s which make Wheaton x,s hard to come by. ( genuine first crosses anyway)
  14. Go over and speak to them. They may only be after acouple of bunnies and could help you out in the long run by helping keep an eye on the land. If there the nuisance type smashing gates fence ruining livestock then go over and tell them to leave if they don’t you have to options. Fight or walk away . phoneing the police isn’t ready a good option as will just give cause for them to get there own back this escalating the problem
  15. Elchapo


    As much is Kerny/ dog fox is a plank I’ll agree with him that a Wheaton and a proper bred apbt are no equal.they may share similar traits but in no way equal. There were Wheaton’s tried in the box as there were apbt tried out in the field but comparing them together there is only one winning breed for gameness. Sure Wheaton’s are game no one can deny that.however I don’t think any of them have a place in the field in this day and age.