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  1. I had some them 110 dukes , not bad but the triggers weren’t best still got handful , should be up your way in couple weeks if do your wellcome to a hand full try out
  2. So you say you don’t no what he means by that but then say your not here trying get anyone in any bother ,,,,,, sounds like you no exactly what he meant , plod .
  3. Some reason won’t let me post it , but if you google search , what space movie was made in 1992 it should come up .
  4. Exactly what I was about to put up lol , it’s the only dvd I’ve ever bought and watch it every couple month lol
  5. you one them mythical forest dwarfs
  6. Just a suggestion mate but try lifting the feeder higher up seems pretty low to the floor , find they work better for squirrel around chest height, won’t have as much trouble with deer fox and brock , and the squirrels seem more at ease higher up ,
  7. Unfortunately I’ve seen my half brothers do it, one brother never stopped and one has restarted after loosing his wife to cancer , glad your clean mate my brothers used to sell the stuff and didn’t care who they sold it to , how it took hold them I always thought it was karma balancing out the damage they had done to others
  8. One of em come up to us and said “ right lads im not a druggy I lost my money and need train fair get home , lad next to me said where you going he said Cardiff ,,,,, we were stood at Cardiff central station , we just burst out laughing and he walked off , lot stabbing over spice , , horrendous shit that
  9. They ain’t bothered mate , we go Greg’s for morning coffe and nap and they just walk in pick something out and sit out side eating it then couple them sit together blanket over them having a pipe , there couple tho playing at been homeless especially up by princess street in Edinburgh,blanket round them up to there necks with cup in front them , then End day get up wearing Adidas / Nike tracksuits and trainers , there a Romanian woman as well with one leg who sits on floor by maccys with her hands out , bad times
  10. One thing we agree on hull
  11. Wales is full them , especially cardif , full crack heads ,smack heads by half 6 this morning I’d counted at least 10 come past us in the space of half hour all of them trying sell us something , there’s a regular who always comes up and asks for 40p for train fair , he’s smacked out his head 24/7 he must be as he believes people falling for his same routine lol one was trying sell me steak like I’m not fat enough as it is lol , Edinburgh is bad too , there’s a ginger lad who stays out side the Greg’s who fully believes he’s from a difrent time and that he’s traveled back from the future , he’
  12. Sure you got worse than made up COVID bollox and Why would I want be near you,or is it a case you offer to run everyone so you can make friends lol or are you one them lads who offers lads out then put stupid money on it knowing there going back out lol , and yea I run a half cross sand slug hull not as featherd as yours tho and couldn’t kill a hare in a phone box it’s also never ran on the black so it’s not really worth feeding
  13. f***ing hell here we go another prophet of the hunting world the only guy who thinks he’s killed hares , and yes It’s a hunting site for people to talk if I wanted stick pics up I’d join face book like the rest of you mr hull , and I wouldn’t put pics up on her just to prove to you if I own a dog or not , or are you that knowledgeable that you can tell what a dog can and can’t do from a pic, because it’s been proven on here and other sites that pictures taken of quarry with dogs next to them don’t mean they’ve caught them , so you carry on doing you and I’ll carry on doing me , and why would
  14. OK And I don't like slops so I'm not coming
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