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  1. I prefer taking pictures of the big cats ,, sorry bout photo quality , was bit dark
  2. For digging ? no be people saying there is but you have be part secret squirrel club , but truth is you have as much chance of getting a digging beddy off 100% digging parents as I have meeting Jesus
  3. Shame them dogs were wasted on him in the end , don left a lot knowledge to him which in the end was also wasted as most dogs on his yard weren’t tested and he just used dons name and line to sell pups
  4. Elchapo


    Yea plenty times , there not for me tho , bit boring for me I like fly hawks off the fist , thing is with falcon is you set dog off get point , let bird go let it get up to height flush game bird stoops catches quarry then you feed up , it’s more of a one catch hunt , don’t get me wrong some of the flights are good but after the 6th 7th time it lost its appeal to me , I prefer flying birds fro. The fist in the day on the lamp , car hawking etc , couple lads I no fly eagle at hare and the majority of them if they miss will just land on floor and wait to be picked up , the males put some good fl
  5. Going be honest here , never even new who he was,, I’m not up to date on the royals but was a bit stumped as to why he wasn’t king if he was married to queen ... any way , rip old fella
  6. Well done trev dogs serving you well .atb
  7. No point he'd tell you he don't no you so not letting g you have one
  8. No one ... ever lol To be fair tho he's posted them in the bushing section so it shows that they ain't very good earth dogs or they'd be posted in the digging section lol
  9. No offence Morton but what’s the price of them , maybe that’s why pet homes only are interested , also peoples ideas all differ from working , 99% of digging men won’t entertain them, busing lads don’t really seem to use them other than the odd couple of lads ,
  10. I feel hurt ,,,,,no one wants follow me
  11. You can tell a lot about a man by how he keeps/treats his dog , fair play dilly well looked after and well worked , next time one spare giz a shout
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