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  1. Elchapo

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    New it was something along them lines mate , fair play on your part
  2. Elchapo

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Was a topic on here about it , lad from Scotland ended up gifting young lad a pup and think even got it sent down for him
  3. Elchapo

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Guys a scrote , just pedals pups out , think on one his adds he even said he pretty much has pups all year round , then sold a young lad getting in to the game a pup full to the eye ball with worms , not first time either by all accounts
  4. Elchapo

    Bowie and not David

    Cracker that , best one so far for my opinion would looked nice with coffin shaped handle
  5. Elchapo

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    He’s a f***ing scumbag
  6. Elchapo

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Guys a f***ing scummy peddling prick who doesn’t give a f**k about his pups or where they go as long as he gets is £300 notes ,
  7. Elchapo

    Groovy Stan

    I’ve ordered 3 he’s chucking in 500 E,s aswell
  8. Elchapo

    Groovy Stan

    Any one herd groovy stan lines ?? Must be well bred ?
  9. Elchapo

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    I could even imagine were to start doing something like that and wouldn’t ever have the skill to do it so my opinion counts for shite but I think it looks bit ..........well shite ... looks like it was just a stuffed pig then someone found a stuffed dog and glued t on side of it
  10. Elchapo

    moochers , is it down ?

    Calm down pilgrim
  11. Elchapo

    moochers , is it down ?

    Moochers is about as good as tits on a fish,
  12. Elchapo


    I watched a program where David did a small little venue with around 100 people in it it was cracking always thought he was mint but seemed like he never went as big as he should of as he is amazing talented man
  13. Elchapo


    Cracking song and a cracking singer , ..and you right , doesn’t mater if your from the country or not it still hits home ,
  14. Elchapo


    My music is all over the place and depends on how I’m feeling , fleet wood mac rod stuart meatloaf Bill withers anything soul wise garth Brooks randy travis blake Shelton bit Dolly Parton but then can have day listening to garage rnb
  15. Elchapo

    moochers , is it down ?

    Well if your missing it that much you could just WhatsApp Jim or fert , that’s pretty much all that site was lol 2 post a month and if anyone posted who want in the bum boy click then it would either get ignored or picked a part