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  1. Would love hunt a wild boar with a good pig catching dog and a spear , id even go full on with loin cloth
  2. Post this in the rifle section mate some them lads shooting 3/4 a night
  3. Stick them in a tub that purple meths for cleaning paint for couple week , then wash them let them dry , last years ,
  4. Can vaguely remember that little dog that you had , what happened to it in the end , If I remember most the litter dint mak3 9lf bones did they , .
  5. Wouldn’t of made for a good story ,
  6. To be honest I think there sending emails to beaters knowing that the keepers will hear about it , and let’s be honest the keeper ain’t going to trust any the beaters not to grass them up for £1000 if there not going tell them who pointed the finger , keeper not to far away got video,d taking buzzards with post trap
  7. I was speaking Spanish but yea french will do blacky
  8. nadie se ofende al ver fotos de su perro trabajando jabalí y fotos de su perro con cortes de trabajo, la gente está diciendo cosas malas porque el perro se ve asustado y parece que ha estado viviendo en muy malas condiciones debido al desorden en el piso, pero diferentes personas viven de diferentes maneras
  9. Glad you got sorted mate look forward to her progress
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