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  1. Yeah I'm not really a fan a of folks calling out old dead terriers in snide ways but I have 2 stay impartial in my line of work
  2. I cant remember his name but he hunts rabbits wi a pack of beagles int winter aswell
  3. I don't like it abroad the people are weird I'd like go Scotland I know the put salt on the porridge but I can live wi it
  4. Good chance therd be some bumming involved tho depends how much you want it
  5. No mate I dont get involved wi all that wriggling about lark these days
  6. A good little un will always beat a good biggun
  7. I likes the shoulder and neck in the slow cooker No need 2 thank me
  8. Yes specially when there trying 2 bite your bollox when your just trying 2 help the bloody thing
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