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  1. They be bigguns then ,the trolley bin impounded I think they had it under surveillance for a few month ,some Anglo Scottish dog smuggling fiasco
  2. Reckon that black un on its own be a sport dog john
  3. Still 3 just checked the camera
  4. Keep knocking the piece off the coffee table
  5. Ah well last year I was driving along when I seen a bird trying 2 push her own car so I got out she'd run out of fuel.so I bezzed down wi a can what she had in her boot got some bought it back then she got a makeshift funnel out and expertly poured the petrol.thru this contraption like shed done it times all the while telling me its a good job I showed up cos her autistic daughter who was in the back was about 2 have a melt down tbh she looked calm as feck anyroad turned out she done the same thing all the time and was a smack head and no I didn't even finger it
  6. Double or quits on the barrel trick
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