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  1. A good way 2 establish a bond is 2 let them bite ur bollox regular
  2. Nice 1 mate a just turned me hat sideuds an layed me seat right back so I cont see feck all and drived slow down the precink like the man
  3. Sort um out shaun there a bloody nuisance
  4. He be on the naughty step fost thing tomorrow All this aggravation mekkin me chalfonts play up so ill bid u goodnight
  5. He did say you had no chin and your face just joined directly 2 your neck tbf
  6. Whats up wi u today looking for arguments wi folks is it anything ud like 2 share wi the rest of the class hmm hmm
  7. Yeah I only feed the once at night few pellets in the morning but only a bit unless pups then its more like the hour job
  8. Usually on the hour or every 45 mins if there working hard
  9. A hosing down in the yard then jump straight in the dog meat freezer its also a good way of deciding what there gerrin tomorrow aswell whatever s stuck solid 2 ur bollox is getting thawed out no trying 2 prise that 1
  10. Wanna be careful wi that mate fair few bummers on here
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