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  1. So just a fast soft mouthed ,good at daytime longuns, lamps ferrets marks good in cover ,retrieve live 2 hand rhfd brilliant feet ,full UK driving licence Worra bout teeth ffs
  2. Not short on bone strong little bitch genuine collie x
  3. Wyh don't u tek lass off your cousin use bud or Duke or find another stud no ones gone give you a good bitch
  4. Reckon your gone have 2 breed your own or at least use 1 o your dogs or bitches ,or is that what u said I'm confused its the yogurt
  5. No wonder the dog games I such a mess if half the lads are staggering about off there nuts on that,that marrajoarna
  6. You wanna pack that lark in kill you quicker than a bullet
  7. The can still spit and Jack only usually second season at 3 prefer a dog over 10
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