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  1. Tell that snitch stop end fuckall sid g he’s a rat.
  2. Your right glyn I’ve done the same in the past with the odd surplus pup, I’ve a litter of blacks here and I have one maybe two spare and they’ll be sold, but not for stupid money.
  3. They put calves on you like shwartzernigger.
  4. I had a pair of the Super laced to toe fell boot. £100 in 1990.
  5. Get yourself a pair of £20 Welles theyre better than anything, your digging holes not climbing mountains. ?
  6. He looks a right character similar to some sealyham/russels a fella in Durham bred years ago.
  7. Your young dog looking well flasher. His father.
  8. Maybe I have higher standards in kennel management ?. There’s worse lads to listen to on here at least fd had his feet on the ground whereas some have their head in the clouds. ?
  9. Your quick enough to translate it from English to Spanish are you quick enough to put a few pics up? Forget it I don’t want to see them if the first was anything to go by I’ve seen better pics in an RSPCA advert.
  10. We’ll prove me wrong terryhero show me your hunting pics and I’ll take back what I said, any self respecting dog man that had any pride in his dogs wouldn’t put a pic up like that, I’ll stand by what I said, pic is a disgrace.
  11. Shocking!!!! Typical animal rights pic, mods need to take this down ASAP.
  12. You must have hit a nerve the other day with benchpress billy Fd I thought it was the buckfast talking but clearly not. If he ever told me to Fock off I’ll snap his jaw, but he’s a typical shithouse he thinks we’ll never meet, we won’t hear from him for a while as usual, maybe when he gets out again with his pics of thumbs ups, hugs and high 5’s ffs. ????
  13. I won’t repeat our conversation Mark you have enough enemies it seems, forgive me if I never heard you telling me to f**k off!!! I thought you was offering me the pup so I said I’ll pay you for it. I see why your not taken serious on here, don’t take it out on me please. ?
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