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  1. I doubt it'll be October if it happens...reckon it'll be December
  2. Hornchurch: Woman dies in XL bully attack at home WWW.BBC.COM The woman was found dead at her home in Hornchurch in east London on Monday afternoon...
  3. I took the plunge, im more than happy, great bit of kit, plenty of poke ,I done a battery test, I managed to cut 30x 6in-12in rounds in one cycle ....doing bigger stuff some of it nearly 3ft I got 8 solid cuts , better than I expected, plenty for my needs.
  4. Fury was burning too much energy from the ring walk onwards, bouncing about like a cat on a hot tin roof before the first bell , meanwhile usyk was stood calm and collected, it was the same throughout the fight , on the backfoot inviting pressure from usyk when in truth Fury's best work came from the few occasions he held ground in the center, usyk was get pot spotted at will from that low guard stance of Fury's, fury must have done 10 miles walkabout lol
  5. Fifty-year-old crisp packet found in Dorset garden WWW.BBC.COM A Poole resident unearthed the old packet while renovating his newly bought home
  6. When fury did stand he was getting the better but the minute he went for a wander he was getting tagged on the way out , fury was on the back foot all night, that was the gameplan to fight of the backfoot, it was the wrong gamelan lol..I agree with Len if the fight happens again then fury at least needs to hold ground . He has the tools to do it.
  7. Apparently so according to Fury at the post fight, Lewis said if they are close round treat them as a your down .
  8. More shorties today, sorry never got the money shot ....y'all grub looks cracking, sorry out of likes
  9. I'm not saying it's Mike Bushell.
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