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  1. Prime Minister Thatcher addresses the Polish Government | Making the History of 1989 CHNM.GMU.EDU The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe
  2. "Margaret Thatcher holds a special place in Polish history" \ President Komorowski \ News \ Oficjalna strona Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej WWW.PRESIDENT.PL Margaret Thatcher occupies a special place in Polish history and Polish hearts, President...
  3. Apparently there's a 40km range on these, the Russian equivalent have a 18km range , these are also pretty new still so still retain their accuracy whereas the Russian kit is said to be well used and not accurate due to worn barrels ect..
  4. I'm not far from grantham, my Polish workmate lives there he's real excited about this , the poles love her She's always going to split opinion but definitely the last of the strong leaders.
  5. I think Turkey have a few objections, saying they need to sort out their terrorist problems first...
  6. kanny

    BBQ Smoker

    Definitely one I'm going to do again but you need plenty of time on your hands if you are not going to wrap it , I reckon a full shoulder would be a over night job , imo it's worth preserving the bark by not wrapping, the contrast between the bark and the soft meat is what did it for me
  7. kanny


    We came second to Ukraine ffs ....fuk sending them nazi's anymore weapons
  8. kanny

    BBQ Smoker

    If your looking it ain't cooking Looking good buddy
  9. kanny

    BBQ Smoker

    8 hours of smoking for 2 minutes of eating...worth every second
  10. I know a couple of people who have been to Turkey to have their teeth done and they both have had a great experience, my only issue is I now have to wear sunglasses just to talk to them their teeth are a very unnatural whiter than white.
  11. kanny

    BBQ Smoker

    Shawama is done and gone ...couple of hours left on the pork , should be just in time for Eurovision
  12. kanny

    BBQ Smoker

    I put this pork in on fair hot 200+°c for half n hour just get the magic going and now im slowly bringing the temperature down to around 120°c , I find with pork if I go low from the start I struggle to get it to render properly.
  13. kanny

    BBQ Smoker

    Very nice bud, your going to be eating well today ....ive not long put a pork shoulder on for pulled pork later also got a shawama kebab to go on later
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