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  1. kanny

    Steve Bruce sacked

    I built and fitted a kitchen for the Bruce house in Manchester his son Alex was living in it at the time ....I didn't have a clue who they were
  2. No just the channel that it was on got shut down for copyright issues but luckily its on another channel
  3. kanny

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    Hes ruined her quick ...I'd have had a bit more fun
  4. The above links went dead if mods could remove
  5. kanny

    So warm.

    We had 24 degrees yesterday and 8 degrees today ....bonkers!
  6. kanny

    Calls For Rats to be Protected

    I'm the same, fat balls are a very unhealthy diet for a rat so i save them from a long agonising death.
  7. kanny

    Galaxy or Iphone?

    I pay 30 quid for my s9 with 20gb of data I don't think that's much tbh it's not just the phone your paying for its the plan also so get whatever suits your needs
  8. kanny

    Galaxy or Iphone?

    I've had the galaxy s9 for a couple of months its a nice bit of kit I like it but I've always had Android so can't really compare
  9. kanny

    Which one

    Personally id be looking at a datsun GTR, MERCS AUDI'S and BM's are 2 a penny on the road that said I wouldent mind a c63 all nice motors bud
  10. kanny

    Which one

    I'm sorry to hear that mate you have my deepest sympathy
  11. kanny

    Which one

    If your happy boosting the German economy then good luck to you kev
  12. Expressions say a thousand words