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  1. kanny

    Ouch, remember the safety catch lads.

    A hour in Shell V POWER!
  2. kanny

    isis bint

    Have a bit more sympathy for me ???
  3. kanny

    isis bint

    Bangladesh dont want her either...I'm sure we could have offered 2for1 or something https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47312207
  4. kanny

    isis bint

  5. kanny

    RIP the Labour Party

    This new party has the distinctive whiff of Gina Miller and her sugar daddy soros. It'll be interesting to see who the backers are...blairites rise again, I guarantee the cnut is in the background somewhere.
  6. kanny

    isis bint

  7. kanny

    RIP the Labour Party

    Another one jumps https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-47300832
  8. kanny

    Ouch, remember the safety catch lads.

    I did that...but luckily I'd steeped my feet in petril the night before.
  9. kanny

    isis bint

    ISIS have claimed responsibility
  10. kanny

    isis bint

    Great news!..... now let the bleedingheart shitfest commence.
  11. kanny

    Funny Joke Thread

  12. kanny

    isis bint

  13. kanny

    isis bint

  14. kanny

    isis bint