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  1. kanny


    Watch that backdoor.... https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/royal-navy-signs-deal-closer-3440539
  2. kanny


    Could be checkmate? Deal or not deal but out either way
  3. kanny

    Any car mechanics?

    Ffs lol
  4. kanny

    Any car mechanics?

    Thanks for that much appreciated
  5. kanny


    So they blocked no deal it now looks like they are trying to block a deal ...can you believe this shit lol
  6. kanny

    Any car mechanics?

    Nah definitely mouse you can see the teeth marks and debris I also found little seed pods all chewed up...fecking things! Lol
  7. kanny

    Any car mechanics?

    I will do a temporary fix on it ,it doesn't look a expensive part so I'll get it sorted next week...thanks for the input
  8. kanny

    Any car mechanics?

    I believe that it's a charcoal/carbon canister purge valve @Chid I was just writing that lol
  9. kanny

    Any car mechanics?

    Are Egr valves only diesel's? ...its petrol ,I've had a quick Google I don't think it's that . I'm the worst mechanic lol
  10. kanny

    Any car mechanics?

    I was putting oil in the motor today and noticed that ive had a mouse nibbling my engine...does anyone know what this part is and what its does ? Everything is running ok no leaks or anything I've got a lot on at the moment so could do without a trip to the garage if its nothing to important ...it's a Audi s3 Thanks
  11. kanny

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Masoud kid is looking pretty slick!
  12. kanny

    The death toll rises......

    Steady Chuck
  13. kanny

    Fury hanging up his gloves?

  14. kanny

    Climate crazies