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  1. kanny


  2. kanny

    Paris riots

    Macron is a Blairite plain and simple.
  3. kanny

    Paris riots

  4. kanny

    Is it a fetish ?

    There's some good polish beers,lad I work with gets me a selection but there to hard to pronounce or spell ...I'll take a picture next time
  5. kanny

    Is it a fetish ?

    A pulse does it for me but not essential
  6. kanny


  7. kanny

    Fury v wilder

  8. kanny

    Fury v wilder

  9. kanny

    Fury v wilder

  10. kanny

    Fury v wilder

    Just watched it fair play to both its the best I've seen wilder tbf and fury looked sharp I just wish he'd realise the show boating comes with a karma tag,but i suppose it wouldn't be fury without a few shenanigans .....good fight I enjoyed it
  11. A boiler housing for me old mum free of charge of course!
  12. kanny

    Big rat?

    I've had a lot more than usual this year in the garden ...cats happy.
  13. kanny

    Big rat?

    Big un from the bird table this morning. Not far of 20 inch for a guess
  14. kanny

    Big rat?

    Seen it earlier. .Seen bigger mice ..... seriously I wasn't impressed its not that big