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  1. kanny

    Time flies

    All the best
  2. kanny

    Spring watch what do you think??

    Bwoody bwilliant!
  3. kanny


    Country's in a state of ARF ....Awaiting Replacement Fukcwit!
  4. kanny

    the fight

  5. kanny

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Went to see Tom Morello last night in the rescue rooms notts last night ...great gig very small and personal ,he was lifted out the floor in the middle of everyone!
  6. kanny

    the fight

  7. kanny

    the fight

  8. kanny

    the fight

  9. kanny

    the fight

    I'm coming out of retirement!
  10. kanny

    the fight

    Well its certainly mixed things up again and what with the current stalemate of the top 3 it can only be a good thing, maybe they will jump on the money quicker now rather than stringing things out trying to make a even bigger fight.
  11. kanny

    the fight

  12. kanny

    the fight

    Meat head vs meat ball .... you can't put muscle on your chin