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  1. A couple of spatchcock poussin on the grill this evening..
  2. London seals EU finance investment crown every year since Brexit WWW.CITYAM.COM London is beating away the dire warnings that Brexit would knock it off its perch as Europe’s top...
  3. Smiles per gallon is what counts.
  4. kanny

    BBQ Smoker

    They look good ....same with lidl pork belly strips, they are cut too thin to get the best out of them with a long smoke.
  5. https://www.trademinister.gov.au/minister/don-farrell/media-release/uk-trade-deal-delivers-today
  6. kanny

    My mate

    No idea pretty decent though...I'll stick with me jar
  7. kanny

    My mate

    Beast of Belvoir...
  8. A dirty Doner is one of life's guilty pleasures
  9. Smoked pork belly burnt ends style...
  10. I'm with you on that , I've only ever done cheese tosties and garlic bread in ours, just another fad.
  11. It was just garlic Bread slices, done in the air fryer .
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