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  1. kanny

    WTF any ideas

    Boxer skull
  2. kanny

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    On the bright side, its pissed on Eddie's strawberries
  3. kanny

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Then theres promoters and T.V channels that dont get on to deal with ..Ortiz is probably the biggest fight to be had out the situation but I've a feeling it might be the hunter fella for the above reasons.
  4. kanny

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Its got to be a someone from yank camp I'd say being his US premier
  5. kanny

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    Another one USA this time
  6. kanny

    Funny Joke Thread

  7. kanny

    Cannabis oil

    It does seems a bit sacrilege to take a beautiful flower and squash the F out of it .guess it's not for the tenner a gram person
  8. kanny

    Cannabis oil

    Dabs are basically dropping some pure extract onto a atomizer ( something hot) and vaping it, there's a million and one ways to go about it but a rosin press seems to be the cleanest way of extraction with out a laboratory...check out the video it will give you a idea its pretty big in Canada and the US
  9. kanny

    Cannabis oil

    Anyone into dabs yet ? Seems to be catching on over here ,mind those rosin presses ain't cheap.
  10. kanny

    Cannabis oil

    Cats love a nibble lol
  11. kanny

    Notre Dame fire.

    Macron's mrs said that it's such a shame ,she remembers when it was first built.
  12. kanny

    isis bint