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  1. Is that plastic covering...I didn't know you are a gypsy wolfie? Nice write up man
  2. kanny


    She's got a right granny pouch on her ...can't hide that
  3. Its Sapele, its a good exterior wood....ive only used the osmos stuff for worktops.
  4. do you think she's over compensating at the beginning? Definitely the most honest election....Ever!
  5. Putin attempting to block telegram. Many Russian War bloggers have been critical, we can't have that lol. https://meduza.io/en/news/2022/10/30/roskomnadzor-blocks-telegram-domain-t-me
  6. I had them yesterday ... Just keeping it light ish today
  7. Smoked chilli and fennel sausages and mash n vegs, onion gravy.
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