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  1. Pipeline route The Keystone XL route begins in Hardisty, Alberta, and extends south to Steele City, Nebraska. The pipeline will pass through the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan and the states of Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.
  2. 75,000 jobs just like that. Also impeachment looking unlikely
  3. Remember office of the president elect? Trump trolling joe hard Donald Trump opens his 'Office of the Former President' in Florida NEWS.SKY.COM Mr Trump has already suggested that he isn't ready to leave the job behind, vowing "we will be...
  4. Wigan pier all the way
  5. Look on the bright side at least now trump supporters are being called domestic terrorist they can get free cash and guns from the CIA
  6. kanny


    but sadly a lot less day ticket water ,its all syndicates and private clubs now which is a bit of a pisser but I guess that's a whole different thread.
  7. kanny


    Seeing a few more starlings about now but nothing like when I was a kid but thrushes as you say I don't see many at all now
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