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  1. Good to see a local ish lass get a medal Tokyo Olympics: History-making weightlifter 'from a home of grafters' WWW.BBC.COM Emily Campbell's friends and family in Nottingham had helped her raise money to train for the...
  2. It's a frigging circus now. Cracker cracks me up
  3. kanny

    Car Wow!

    Also seen a couple of polestar 2's around recently they look a nice bit of kit
  4. kanny

    Car Wow!

    Some of the older tesla's had free charging on them. Dont think they do it anymore on the new ones but if you buy one of the old ones it's still valid....mad
  5. Tokyo Olympics: Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard makes history - but fails to complete a lift NEWS.SKY.COM The 43-year-old New Zealander overbalanced on her opening weight of 120kg, taking the bar... After much soul searching I now identify as a crane operator....bring it on!
  6. Australian army soldiers to patrol Sydney streets WWW.BIGNEWSNETWORK.COM Hundreds of Australian Army soldiers are to be deployed to the streets of Sydney in...
  7. Plenty get by and many do well with out it ,I don't think it's the be all and end all ,however I do believe it opens more doors of possibility for them
  8. I know mate my daught studied Anthropology at uni and is now doing very well for her self with the skills she learnt in DNA analysis but not in the feild of Anthropology but horticulture, one of her latest projects has she has been involved with the development of a drone that can sniff out diseased trees so they can target more accurately those trees that need to be removed rather than taking out the whole lot and she has travelled to many different countries offering technical support for various things, she also took 3 months of work with works blessings to go help identify victim
  9. My lads just completed his A levels we are just waiting for his results then hopefully he's off to Leeds uni to study bio chemistry possibly for five years, ive looked at his A level work and honestly it might as well be written in Martian, I haven't got a clue lol.
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