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  1. kanny

    Winters coming

    Ffs I thought game of thrones had started again
  2. kanny

    Wasp nests and stings

    I've had 2 this year one in the ivy and one in a hedge. ....I burnt them both out
  3. DOINK!... Thats the sound of the tommy Truman boat hitting the wall like other's have said I think there's more going of with tommy if the truth is known ,but that's not necessarily a bad thing it seems to be going in the right direction, he's done a great job using social media to his advantage I'm glad he's out a new series starts in 2 weeks .
  4. kanny

    Guy in Chernobyl

    So your saying that there's a chance of nuclear firenados? ..... Cool
  5. kanny

    Best looking Breed?

    But they look shite
  6. kanny

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Brilliant show from both ... good fight
  7. kanny

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    What a finish from alen. ...go on Dave!
  8. kanny

    Best looking Breed?

    If its just for looks then it's a heavy on the bull side X for me
  9. kanny

    Best looking Breed?

    The humble farmhouse tin loaf is probably my favourite.
  10. kanny


    Aliens just talk a load of jibba jabber.
  11. kanny

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Whyte will try to do what AJ didn't and that's ko parker also Parker will be looking to reinsert himself again so should be a good fight AJ And Parker both played it to safe.
  12. kanny

    Bathroom COMPLETE fitters

    What area?
  13. kanny

    Acid attack

    Said on the radio there not releasing the perpetraitors names... I wonder why
  14. kanny

    Funny Joke Thread