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  1. β€˜I’m afraid there is no money.’ The letter I will regret for ever | Labour | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Liam Byrne, chief secretary to the Treasury under Gordon Brown, left a note for his successor...
  2. Sandy has gone into whataboutism overdrive and this is the problem with most of us unfortunately, we seem incapable of calling out our own side and resort to pointing fingers at the opposite side , left or right we need to agree on a common standard and hold our own side to that standard.
  3. It's sad state of affairs when we vote for the lesser of evils rather than what's best for us.
  4. Until labour stop playing to the Islington twitterati they ain't going nowhere, they aren't even remotely connected to the masses at the moment. Even with all bojos fuk ups labour are still well behind, it doesn't speak much of them being a credible opposition.
  5. I didn't think a Aliens topic would be so popular
  6. The shopkeeper isn't claiming to be omniscient he's simply making a educated guess based on your past behaviour, you would still have the free will to say thanks but today for a change I think I'll have a couple Frogo's.
  7. So here's the problem... If god is omniscient all knowing past present and future how did you have free choice? It's not a choice if the answer is already known . So either God isn't omniscient Your a slave Or its all bollocks
  8. Is God omniscient? Are you a slave to God or is it your free will to choose?
  9. If we are doing this stuff on other planets then it easily conceivable that other civilisations are doing the same, maybe here on earth We are just in the infant stages of exploration, imagine what a civilisation with a million years on us would be capable of.
  10. I give up on trying to keep a serious topic on track mate
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