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    Crimewatch:48 year old Javed Ali was brutally stabbed and after 2 weeks lying in a coma his family made the agonising decision to shut the shop and go visit him Cheers, D.
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    Me and the wife have just been to the cinema to see that film Suffragette. Two hours of a woman's struggle........full of tears, aggression, sadness, anger and frustration. Anyway, after she finally managed to park the car in the cinema car park we rushed in and caught the credits... Cheers, D.
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    As I was asked for a couple of hoppers I thought I’d pop into a few fields on my way back from the shoot today, now the lad who asked for them said they must be head shot, so the first one was a lovely 75 yard head shot, full of confidence I thought the next one would be a sure thing, not so, this one was about 50 yards and I managed to put it straight in the bib, hollowing it out so this one ( the one in the picture) is now in front of the camera as fox bait so we will see what comes of that, luckily for me I spotted another at the bottom of a hedge back no more than 55 yards away and this time a clean head shot dropped it on the spot, a quick unzipping in the field and off home for tea and a bit of David Attenborough
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    A hunter was out with his dog Old Faithful when he sees a duck and shoots it down. Old Faithful runs and brings his back the duck. As the hunter reaches for the duck a forest ranger comes by snatches the duck out of Old Faithfuls mouth puts his finger in its ass pulls it out smells his finger and says "This here is a Wisconsin duck, do you have a license to shoot Wisconsin ducks?" The hunter reaches into his wallet and pulls out a license for a Wisconsin duck. The officer says "thank you, sir, have a great day and leaves." The hunter then proceeds with Old Faithful when he sees another duck, takes as I'm and shoots it down. Old Faithful runs grab the duck and come back. The hunters about to grab the duck when the same forest ranger comes back, grabs the duck out of the dog's mouth take his finger puts it up the ducks ass, pulls it out smells his finger and says "This is an Ohio duck, have you got a license to shoot Ohio ducks, sir?" The hunter reaches into his wallet and pulls out a license for an Ohio duck. The officer looks at him and says, "I'm sorry sir, just doing my job, have a nice day," and leaves. Well, this kept happening over and over. Every time the hunter shot a duck and Old Faithful would bring it back, the Same forest ranger would be there to question the hunter if he had a license for all the different ducks he shot, and in his bewilderment seeing the hunter having all these different licenses for each duck. Well on the last duck the hunter shot and Old Faithful bringing it back, the Same forest ranger comes and triumphantly snatches the duck out of the dogs mouth, takes his finger puts it up the ducks ass, smells it and says "This here is a Canadian duck, have you got a license to shoot Canadian duck?" Exasperated, the hunter reaches into his wallet and pulls out a license for a Canadian duck. The forest ranger looks at the hunter and says, "you know sir, you've had a license for every duck you shot, tell me, where are You from?" The hunter turns around, drops his pants, bends over and says, "You tell me! You're the Expert!"
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    Thanks DC. Get some fur in her mouth was the idea when I set out but I was planning on a rabbit in a net not a full run! I was over moon when she caught it and retrieved. Cant explain it, still buzzing now!
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    Just phoned the wife. "I'm just about to finish work babe, do you want me to pick up fish and chips on my way home?" She immediately hung up on me. Mind you, I think she's still bitter and probably regrets letting me name the twins. Cheers, D.
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    Back out today had some big moors to do . Had some great hunt s .put 3 foxes out shot 1 .
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    I've had 2 males in together before they was separate litters both same age got to year and a half old and all hell would brake loose over nothing. I ended up getting one of them the chop and then it all stopped but wouldn't advise it myself I'd never do it again. But then I wouldn't kennel again mines in the house with me
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    Had a decent lurcher killed in a kennel fight when I was first starting out and didn’t know any better, I’ve kennelled lurchers together since but it’s been brother and sister or mother and son and never kennelled two unrelated dogs even if they’ve been reared together, might not be how other people go about it but it’s worked for me and I’ve never lost a dog in kennels since.
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    To much like hard work, I will stick to my air cylinders. Phil
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    Wow he's a lot bigger than i thought he'd be, you did right today mate, short and sweet for them both, theyl be twice as keen next time and theyl only get better as you know, nice one again pal
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    Young beagle bitch cuming on .just needs to find her voice .
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    I nearly got knocked off my bike by a council salt wagon last night. "You dozy f***ing twat" I shouted, through gritted teeth. Cheers, D.
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    I'd class my little bitch as fell type... Good rough coat, hardly feels the weather even on a wet day
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    I guess every man would say his own..... but they must all be wrong because without a shadow of doubt in my mind the nicest lurcher on THL is my Pippa! 6months now 21ish to shoulder. Reckon she will go 23/24. Enough for the rabbitin dog I wanted.
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    I’ve got aunt an niece kenneled together at the minute I’ve kenneled bitches together in the past with no problems but I don’t plan on keeping my current 2 together being both terrier blooded an both the firey type it’s a accident awaiting to happen! Got plans in the pipe line for another kennel
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    Not sure if thats the one where Wright re unites with his old pe teacher but that was a good watch.
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    It is possible, but I wouldn't do it. Sometimes it takes the slightest thing to set a dog off and attack it's kennel mate. Better safe than sorry
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    Got to say, I wasn't gutted that england didn't win. The 3 months of constant celebration on every tv channel would've f****n skulled me. Well done south africa
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    Two hours long but this is one of the best football related things I’ve watched in a while Roy Keane and Gary Neville interviewed in a studio in Dublin , some very good stories and a great insight into Keane as a player , a manager and a man . Neville more of a sidekick here but it passed two hours on a long journey for me well worth it for a united man , or anyone with an interest in that era
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    The Mk3 is a good rifle - if you've got paperwork for the recent service, that kit is priced well Good luck with the sale
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    I think he had a difficult time , remember he was a youngish manager with a squad of aging stars , Barnes , Beardsley , rush , some of his signings didn’t have the effect he desired Michael Thomas , mark walters , latterly dean saunders , he had several very good young players , mcmanaman , rob jones (who is a gamekeeper I believe nowadays ) and several who didn’t make the grade , Mike Marsh being the prime example the beginning of the period of wilderness for Liverpool who do sounesses teams remind you of in the modern game? A club icon struggling in the midst of a varyingly talented team ...
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    My plan is only ferreting with her this winter. She's still only 6months so not fully grown yet and don't want to do her any damage working her to much. Probably get her on the lamp back end of next summer early autumn when there's some easy ones about.....thats the plan but let's see!
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    1/2Grey, 3/8Whip, 1/8Beddy. I spent quite a while looking for what I wanted and ended up going to South Wales for her. There's a thread 'she's finally here' with other pup pics on.
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    Just the black and whites today. Its great to see daughter working like her father.
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    Couldnt honestly tell you mate, I don’t know enough about the respective squads and who they have. However, I think purely from a football fans point of view most proper fans would like to see a grand old lady like Liverpool win the league than they would the likes of the Man City’s of this world. purely from a players point of view the league never lies and the best team win. 100 points is a 100 points, you can’t argue with that even if you hate City with a passion.
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    Maintaining that level all season requires something very special imho.......it’s Total, unwavering focus, determination, belief and aggression to achieve by every player, the manager, the staff. Its a bushido type mentality to never lay down and die, it’s require players to step in at key moments if they see a teammate dropping away and making them stand on the shoulders of giants. Its a state of mind.......
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    Well done on the pup first marking up and then the catch and retrieve she's a nice type her i might have missed it but how's she bred buddy
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    it will be ok bud
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    You was gutted I can't see one post were you even say well done for beating the double champions and getting to the final oh and the record I was referring to was that one with the superbike that doesn't do corners or bends
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    Let’s not have short memories here liverpool fans will become worse than united , they have a sense of entitlement already and the average koppite is becoming unbearable of late . Lets not pretend liverpool have developed this the right way , they have spent some serious money , this is no rags to riches story , it’s one of the top 5 clubs moving forward with finally the correct investment . As a supporter of neither team , it’s great to watch them both, for a lifelong city fan , the last decade must seem like a Christmas dream come true , for a Liverpool fan , it must be nice to finally come full circle from the likes of Neil rudduck john scales etc i must admit though a part of me wishes someone would catch them , someone like Leicester or god forbid Tottenham just to shut up some of the koppites at work I think city will beat them next week , I just have a feeling that liverpool will die a little post Xmas , the united game was a biggie imho , if they’d win comprehensively at old Trafford they could have kicked in with that mental barrier gone. As it is , they still look like a balloon ready to burst , yesterday’s result was the hallmark of champions . Anyway what a great start to the p l season
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    Here's the lad napper
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    Up feeding today and the birds are looking very well, I walked three of the drives that we will be shooting this coming Saturday and it was pleasing to see the amount of birds I did out on the rides, it’s a massive difference to the wash out that was the first day, one thing that was disappointing was I had a ride over to a drive at the far side of the shoot known as the valley drive expecting to see a lot of next doors birds and seen very little, this could of been the time of day and they could of been out pheasanting about in the fields, with a bit of luck we will have some more cold weather over the next week and not so much rain, one thing I did notice when riding around on the bike was how nice the place is looking in it’s full autumn colours
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    Nice looking beast fella. I am on my second Picardy blood dog if he is anything like mine took a long time to mature but worth the wait. They seem to get better as they get older. I know a few lads running similar bred dogs and most of them rate them well. alb with him hope you enjoy him as much as i do mine
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    To be fair, depending on the rifle and stock, coming with NV, this could be an absolute bargain
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    What section would that be Phil , toy section
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    Even you you gave it me I would say you can keep it
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    Cheers John. She blown me away today. That albino took some handling but he is sound now. Turned into a big lad. He had a go today, had a little dig to get him out. His claws were full of fur so he was doing his job and sticking with a rabbit. I got my arm down but couldn't feel the rabbit so left it for another day. Only on a quick outing for fun not pest control so I don't mind leaving some. Get ready for me being shot down for saying that now!
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    Cracking bit of sport sounds perfect for pup and ferret good read to
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    Some fine looking bucks there. Happy hunting
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    Nothing succeeds like success, well done, atb Joe
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    I can never get on with scope tbh. The open sights will be easier if any more rats come back to the bird feeder well.
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    The inventor of the USB stick has died At his funeral they gently lowered the coffin, then pulled it back up, turned it the other way, then lowered it again. Cheers, D.
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    David Beckham gets into a taxi... "Heathrow Airport please driver" he says. After few minutes he spots the driver giving him a few looks in the rear view mirror. Driver says "come on mate, give us a clue... "Beckham replies "Had a great career at Man Utd, Real Madrid, played in Italy and America, and won over 100 caps for England.... "Driver says "No you thick c**t, what terminal?".. Cheers, D.
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    I bet you broke the land speed record again to get on here when that final whistle went
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    Welldone pal made up for you. Regards Collie John.
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