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  1. dublin dezzy

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Top man s, cheers she made a decent bitch
  2. dublin dezzy

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Lad in Wales bred her, wheatenx
  3. dublin dezzy

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    With dogs thin on the ground, brought Jim out 1st time this season, 2 digs to the old fella
  4. dublin dezzy

    Funny Joke Thread

  5. dublin dezzy


    Living area with bedroom ensuite
  6. dublin dezzy


  7. dublin dezzy


    Big job just finished
  8. dublin dezzy

    Various Jack Russell's

    Jim finished now, good dog to have around
  9. saw these on my travels
  10. dublin dezzy


    1st season dog going very well
  11. dublin dezzy

    Bitch after pups

    Thanks lads,hes just back from vet, calcium deficiency,gave her a shot and some other stuff should be ok now.
  12. dublin dezzy

    Bitch after pups

    Mates bitch had a litter yesterday,8 pups right on the date,last night bitch throwing up food she had eaten earlier and panting heavily,looks as if she's not producing enough milk either as pups constantly whinning,could it be milk fever?anyone same scenario?
  13. dublin dezzy

    Couple Boxes I Threw Together

    Stress free,great job
  14. dublin dezzy

    Staffy Bull