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  1. Can anyone recommend a solicitor dealing in fieldsports/terrier work in the Uk. Pm please
  2. Spray foam best stuff ive used in an attic covers every part and not too expensive
  3. Rte documentary about a racing coup,if any one can put link up,its a good listen
  4. Done deck and walls last year, Havnt gone near it since. Needs some colour
  5. dublin dezzy


    RIP Damien To young
  6. Picture of health,some fine terriers you have there
  7. Alright hatch,ye only bring him out the odd time,still do a job,about 13 now
  8. if you had the money I'd strip it back at least 4 tiles creating a bellcast on roof. Can see where the ply under the felt is sagging,them flat roofs are a nighmare if not done right
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