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  1. I am hoping won't need to claim anything, it's more the principle that pissed me off. All depends on how long it takes to get back up and running.
  2. They are paying against tax return 2018-2019. I was still employed then. One of the press asked him about people who have done less than a year and he said we can't help them they should look at the other measures and increases in universal credit.
  3. I've not even heard of this clapping thing? Mind you I do live down a dirt track under a rock unless it was part of the daily announcements I wouldn't know. This is closest thing to social media I am on.
  4. Well I was wrong. They won't be helping everyone. I have always been direct employed and paid any taxes since I left school. Last few years of direct employment I had gone into the higher tax bracket. After thinking long and hard about what I wanted from life in June 2018 I set up my own business while still in full time employment. June 2019 I jacked and went self employed full time. Things were going great until this.....but because I have been self employed less than a year and haven't submitted a tax return yet I can't get any help incase I'm trying to commit fraud? Amount of tax I have paid over the last 20yrs is ridiculous and because the calendar hasnt required me submitting a tax return yet this year I can't get f**k all?! Once again compounding my thoughts of f**k the system and f**k the state. The one time ever I have needed a penny and after years of them taking Im guna get f**k all. 'Apply for universal credit' sure that's guna be a quick process. Then he comes out with 'it's about time self employed contribute as much as PAYE' well one things for sure I will be doing my utmost to avoid paying any and every penny of tax that I can legitimately. In the mean time they have increased benefits for those that have never contributed f**k all incase they are struggling?!?!?!?!?
  5. Sounds a good story wilf. Ive spent the last 2yrs cutting down on outgoings and paying off loans and debt so I don't need to earn as much as I've been used to. Got my outgoings down from nearly 3k to about 1200 now and still working on it. Mind, this blip won't help in clearing last motor cost. It is true that the more u earn the more you spend and that is exactly what they want people to do. I'm also a big believer that we are shaped from being a child that you go to school mon-fri 9-5, then get a weekend job, then get a full time job mon-fri 9-5 to pay your bills and everyone just falls inline. Keep the big wheel turning. I've been trying to change things so I will work when I need to but have much more time at home with the kids. Do you have a small holding or something now then?
  6. Good luck lads. Guna be tough times for a lot of us.
  7. Had a call at dinner about another 90k job shelved. 2 calls after Boris speech at 9pmish shutting my only 2 live sites left. That sees me about 450k down now, 650k if u include phase 2 on one of them. That's everything gone now, tenders, orders and live sites. I'm done, gone from 6-9 months work to f**k all for me and a dozen guys. The man who is direct employed can get 80% of his wage up to 2.5k a month. The self employed man who, lets be right usually works harder, can get 90quid a weekish? This shite is same as ir35 and same as the new CIS/VAT ruling that's coming utilising the situation in trying to force a man to work for the man. Bollocks to this. I WILL see the other side of this with my wife and kids. All this has made me realise is how much my self sufficient dream was the right path that I lost along the way. I might never get totally self sufficient but I will get closer than most and also close enough that I don't need the state in times like this. I've been through every emotion in the last few days of nervous anxious worried upset annoyed and having to go home to my beautiful wife and kids and put a brave face saying don't worry it'll be fine when I honestly don't know what's coming. Well now I feel angry and focused to make sure that next time it will be fine, because I won't need no c**t in the big smoke deciding when I can go out to get what I need. Taking away the opportunity to earn money but not officially so I still need to pay my direct debits and bills. Always forged my own path but fell into the trap of buying a chicken instead of breeding and buying a simple loaf instead of baking ur own same as 99% of people. f***ing done with it all and it's come at the right time because I will make sure now my kids, 7 & 4, are taught how to survive when needed.
  8. My little lad, 3yr old, is suffering with chicken pox at the minute and because of the wankers panic buying we can't even get him any Calpol to ease the pain. Selfish f***ing pricks.
  9. I think lockdown is coming this week. Why would they give business grants which are none returnable and also offer to pay 80% of wages if they aren't guna tell everyone to cease trading. I know of a copper who has had his leave cancelled and been asked to available 24/7. Why would that be required if there weren't extra duties I.e. patrolling areas to ensure the lock down is being adhered to. Obviously not guna be everywhere but city centres will be patrolled. London, Brum, Manchester, Leeds, sheff etc. It's coming before the week is out as soon as they get the financial side set up.
  10. I think I will qualify for the grant as I have some offices. My yr end is June so can't rush my books. Had this discussion with my accountant other day about company debt and folding, obviously total worst case scenario. Thing is if I have a loan for 3months loss of income while maintaining OHs it is guna be hard, as it would for any business, to make that back.
  11. Sounds wrong but I take some comfort in the fact it will affect the masses so everyone will need help with this one. I have some money in the business and monies still due in so I will be ok for a little while. There will be people worse than me that's for sure so I'm not guna wallow in self pity. Get last bits of work finished then see how the land lies.
  12. I had 300k worth of contracts pulled. Went from having next 6-7months work secured to a few days next week. Set company up 2018 Flooded 2019 Corona 2020 I don't know what I will or won't be entitled to but technically self employed through limited company not on pay roll as such, employment laws don't count for directors of a limited company. Took a risk doing this and worked my arse off for last couple year to get to a position of having plenty of work infront of me including having about a dozen guys working for me or lined up to join. Then for it to be taken away and not know if I can provide for my family is sickening. See what happens early next week and I will be applying for delivery driver with supermarket, they are after a load of temps.
  13. Can u remember what model that is NL?
  14. Guessing that's bolted in place to the body? Ideally I need one I can remove. Doesn't have to be in and out all time so undoing a few bolts won't be an issue.
  15. Haha. Before I had truck and a car so could keep car clean for kids and truck was constantley full of muck and shite. Now this is guna be my only vehicle and will have kids in back so need to keep it clean.
  16. I'm chopping my shogun in and getting a Ford ranger with truck man top. Loads of room in back for dogs and ferreting gear etc. Previously I used to chuck gear on back seats and dogs in boot but with them all being in together now I'm thinking of fiting a dog box. Sometimes have up to 4 dogs aswell. Does anyone have something similar that they use? Or any reccomendations if I was guna build one myself. Cheers Ry
  17. Didn't let him near your misus did you?!
  18. I went down to Norfolk for a weekend on wensum. I just had a quick look bout and booked a pub bnb. When I got there I recognised it immediately and it is where Wilson fished in an old mill pool. Think he had few bream from memory. Soon as I mentioned it in the bar the atmosphere changed. All locals couldn't stand him. Said he was really arrogant and not a nice man at all. I was a bit gutted. Still, the Wilson I knew I loved. That laugh, juggling with fish etc. Always remember the one where his rod snapped playing a catfish and it was a rod he made himself, still got it in. He was the inspiration behind wanting my own fishing pond in my garden because of his pond he had. Not everyone is nice, the ratio of twats to saints is probably higher in TV. He brought fishing to the front room of millions and got/kept people like me interested. It's something that needs to come back to terrestrial tv IMO but it won't because kids and even parents nowadays are more bothered about xfactor, love island, strictly and all that crap. Still have some of his dvds to show my little uns. Have passion for angling aswell for them to watch, another classic.
  19. If Fury takes the same game plan to AJ he will stop him aswell. Probably quicker.
  20. Ref doing everything he can to protect wilder here
  21. Wilder is a dedicated athlete who has camps to brush up but lives healthy etc. Fury has been so low and to get back to this point now. I get fed up with all the shite and pre fight carry ons but you can't not respect both blokes, for different reasons. I'm not a massive Fury fan but in his corner tonight. Bring the belt home. Come on Fury!!!!
  22. That galahad is a c**t. Awful human being and waste of skin. He is thebprick in all the videos with BJS picking on and humiliating vulnerable people. Set of c**ts both of em. I wouldn't shed a tear if owt happened to that pair. Regards the boxing I like watching em but as people the world would be better without.
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