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  1. tilimangro

    Mystery hiker

    I’d happily go back to those times
  2. tilimangro

    Big Cat Sighting

    I like the idea of rewinding with lynx however I have read a few instances of rewinding failing spectacularly and the animals starving to death if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
  3. tilimangro

    Cannabis oil

    Theresa may disagreed with the decision may she rot in hell
  4. tilimangro

    Should the heads of the BBC roll ?

    What’s the difference between the bbc doing this and Tommy doing this???
  5. tilimangro

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Autumn breeze
  6. tilimangro

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    Once given the referendum if we had voted to stay the supers would have had us over a barrels and been in a position to force more shit on us or
  7. tilimangro

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    I think she’s looking for a way to get out davis’ Replacement won’t go along with her
  8. tilimangro

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    If we don’t kick off we deserve everything we get
  9. tilimangro


    He’s a mayor elected by councillors not by the people It’s interesting how the people moaning about Brexit and the difficulty of trade deals etc are the same ones happy to jeopardise potential American trade deals with wanky shit c**t protests against someone we had no hand in electing whe saying and doing feck all when Saudi or Chinese leaders turn up over here
  10. tilimangro


    I’m sure you could rig something up I wouldn’t want to personally it’s a specific bit of kit that’s paid for itself a few times over
  11. tilimangro


    The xl8 is magic
  12. tilimangro

    NEVER EVER ........

    Had that with day old chicks In my hawking bag left it in the hallway of a shared house for a wee while then we had a massive fly infestation i denied it was anything to do with me and the guy I lived with went off the wall abit thinking people were trying to get at him by pouring maggots through the letterbox
  13. tilimangro

    Daytime badger

    Just spooked one on a public footpath with my terrier thats a first for me
  14. It’s interesting to see public opinion of the police change so rapidly across the board the fire and ambulance service are the only ones held In high regard anymore the police have fecked d themselves
  15. They did an investigation a few years back and found the NHS could change some practices and save something like five billion but they never bothered the waste in the nhs is staggering from shit management who you cannot get rid of to ordering things that normally cost twenty quid out of hours to the tune of 180 quid