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  1. I’ve lost several friends to suicide and the greatest advice I ever received was if you understood why they did it you would be in their shoes and it’s pointless to try all of them had great things going for them one Of them was an incredible artist and incredibly charismatic he hung him self with his Brazilian jiu jitsu belt and was an absolute monster on the mats he would have been a legend for sure RIP to them all
  2. I genuinely can’t answer that drop him an email i have used them fresh out the pack and equally tweaked some but this was before he getting them in so like I say can’t answer sorry
  3. HOME | UK Putange Supplies | Mole traps and accessories WWW.UKPUTANGESUPPLIES.COM Welcome to UK Putange Supplies, serving both the general public and the professional mole trapping industry... New website for Paul Stamford trap supplier
  4. I have never used it and never wanted to always felt it wasn’t a nice way to go so when I smelt it thought I was done for another lad I told the tale to had a similar experience
  5. I think it shuts down your central nervous system but not sure i was asked to trap for mole somewhere when I stuck a trap in I got a whiff of it as they’d not long had the gas man in i was panicking all day just recently a lad had some in the back of his Landry near me Was found crashed and stone dead as it had activated somehow as he was bombing along
  6. I didn’t know how to do that thank you
  7. This isn’t about mole welfare and is all about Jeff ego in his book jeff admits he still gets foul catches with the traps he promotes what Jeff wants is to stop pest controllers being able to catch moles and only accredited mole catchers to do it funnily enough mole catchers who have paid him to do a courses and been accredited by him and using traps that he promotes if you think Jeff is on your side you’re even more stupid than I thought The mole game is hard enough as it is and any further legislation change will make ot harder Jeff an ego maniac who doe
  8. Thanks for that you have an uncanny knack of using lots of words to say almost nothing and I didn’t intend that as an insult
  9. That’s bizarre bit of lead behind the ear
  10. Give Paul Stanford a shout email Is ukputangesuppliesltd@btinternet.com
  11. Recent Muslim convert how surprising
  12. What a lot of people don’t know is the lad in wales is the same guy that pest stop had tweaking their tunnels after they were catching loads by their feet etc he showed every one how to tweak them for free had the pest stop team down to him for two days listening to what he said now the pest stops a good trap
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