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  1. I had a couple of knives and a blank from him I think great knives and way too cheap for a business to survive smashing bloke
  2. I was like that in my twenties lots of unfortunate life events led me down that path i am no longer like that but it’s easy to see how it happens explain it for the person and they may well wake up
  3. I had a quick read of both their prospective manifestos and I would rather give lepenn my vote than macron had I the opportunity I found it interesting that when macron seemed to be slipping In The polls boris handed over more fishing licences which seemed to boost him again they do not want lepenn I’m Hoping they aren’t given a choice
  4. Bird free gel on the limbs if you’re prepared to climb
  5. That’s my point mate i do pest control visit loads of places a day and generally they all say the same thing so personally I do believe it is the general consensus its the minority shouting louder whilst generally people aren’t happy but apathetic
  6. The general consensus in the uk is we’ve had enough yet come election everyone loses their bottle and puts a cross next a softer option you get what you vote for I will never vote conservative again I don’t think id rather not vote and I’m fully aware of what a pathetic statement that is i emailed my mp again last night only to be fobbed off with bullshit i told him he and the tories have f****d themselves i pray I’m right
  7. The thing you should take away from this conversation is when you act like a dick people will talk about you and not in a good way you won’t take that on board I know sadly for a man that constantly says he isn’t fussed you do seem to get rattled at the prospect of anyone new becoming a molecatcher unless it’s Jeff who you told me I wasn’t fit to lace his boots im done and I e just been shown how to block you so pipe clay up the lum to ya
  8. He also spent a lot of time emailing the new owners of ukputangesupplies moaning about the fact they do courses and said as far as he was aware he was the only guy who did large areas on foot anymore but wouldn’t answer the phone when they rang him to put him straight he then texted Alan jones moaning about his courses but don’t forget this a guy who isn’t fussed apparently
  9. Why are you bothered that other people do courses yet you aren’t bothered by jeffs the answers obvious i spent a long time emailing Jeff to see the dvd and he wouldn’t let me see it and stopped replying to emails after telling me I could see it in a couple of weeks hes as much of a c**t as you are youre both obsessed with what everyone’s up to jeffs as intellectually dishonest as yourself lets look at your track record stormed off because the moles games f****d csme back to tell everyone you would never use putanges then bought some and admitted they
  10. Keep digging that hole you cretin
  11. Yet again the only naive c**t here is you constantly moaning that there’s no need for courses yet still singing jeffs praises Who pretty much only does instructional or courses youre a cretin Nd for the record you aren’t the only bloke doing everything on foot I do 400 acre farms on foot and pull out far bigger numbers than the pictures you put up suggest you do crawl back under your rock kev It’s where you belong
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