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  1. I’ve looked into it they are here and spreading spoke to a few french pesties for advice
  2. Lad I trained Jiu jitsu with one of the nicest lads in the world good looking incredibly talented artist took jiu jitsu belt and hung himself of the bannisters never got my head around that one still haunts me to this day if you understood why people did it you’d be doing it yourself
  3. Wire brush but if they still work don’t bothered
  4. Some of the rewilding stuff isn’t without merit we need to go back to small scale not industrial farming and be willing to pay for it however there was a rewilding scheme done on the continent and Huge swathes of animals just starved to death
  5. Year before last was mental for wasps and we had a very warm spell followed by a cold snap theyll be back
  6. Iran have been provoking for years benghazi was this generals orders the embassy storming was his orders Syrian attrocities his orders he can no longer give such retarded orders iran would do well to shut up and go back to what they do best oppression of it’s citizens
  7. Black cat rat trap with Apple and peanut butter remove food source Sit back and enjoy the silence
  8. This^^^^^^ find the main run permanent set putange trap there jobs a goodun
  9. Did exactly the same wouldnt have traded it for the world
  10. I don’t dispute your point there is no real community like before however one of the girls fathers reported it to the police and tried intervening and was arrested for racism go figure
  11. You are correct hence why so many holiday illnesses you relax and it gets a hold
  12. Had my last drink for a very long time I’ll not miss it
  13. Have a look at bpc 157 Its amazing stuff
  14. Rentokill drove through an hour earlier with vans back door flapping loose
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