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  1. tilimangro

    Blood moon tomorrow morning

    I’ve set the alarm theyre a cracking sight
  2. tilimangro

    3 Oxygen thieves jailed

    Good ole British names there
  3. tilimangro

    Pins and needles

    Carpal tunnel syndrome wear wrist braces at night
  4. tilimangro

    Mole numbers this winter ?

    Absolutely flat out with moles i suspect the drought forced the moles out of predators way in their search for food I was expecting a quiet winter but in currently booked up weeks in advance
  5. tilimangro


    The voting starts at 7 here
  6. tilimangro

    55 more of the dirty b*****ds

    The tea boy thing is culturally acceptable there and across many Islamic countries theyre centuries behind
  7. Country sports are fu ked Hearing so much recently that makes me think the clock is ticking
  8. tilimangro

    Cannabis oil

    Mate of mine went there to be a trimmigant to pay off some heavy debts he said it got very moody and scary several times while he was there and he got stitched up at the end and walked away its a great programme the black market is thriving
  9. tilimangro

    Kids boots

    Chap I’m happy to pay the postage on that if you can take paypal my lad would love to have it
  10. tilimangro

    beggers in your town

    Guildford was full of them last time I went i always give them something they might be genuine
  11. tilimangro

    If only in the UK!

    You do which is why my local slaughterhouse stopped doing halal and kosher they gave in to the antis and it’s the first time I’ve ever been happy to write that
  12. tilimangro


    Hairy armpits fine with me 70s bush too not the legs though
  13. tilimangro


    Been there in January a few times its always freezing Once the plane landing was blowing about like a kite and the big lady grabbed hold of me as we came in to land her husband seemed fine with it
  14. tilimangro

    Illegals...why they come

    Been watching murder mountain on Netflix?
  15. tilimangro

    Earliest memories

    Being about 2 and having a horrendous fever and hallucinating like f**k convinced some one was coming up the stairs to kill me