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  1. I split up with my Mrs over it i always said if we have kids you stop and she always said of course my hormones will kick in etc she got pregnant refused to give up and kicked me out because she was guilt ridden my lads fine but she was an older woman and a c**t to boot Its wrong to smoke during pregnancy and all this what about abortions what about takeaways forget that youre potentially cutting off the kiddies blood supply when you smoke ihuge f***ing difference as for abortion you’re terminating a life not potentially leaving a child with perma
  2. If you get stuck talk to me I’ll ship you some
  3. Have a look at the British rat trap company i know they were importing them for a bit
  4. I’ve just ordered some to play with they look like they have place in a trappers tool box
  5. Black widow pretty good bit heavy on the feminism but incredibly easy on the eye
  6. Poirier checked the kick and pointed out something had happened to mcgregors ankle time to hang up your gloves Connor you’ve become a laughing stock
  7. Kill bill 1 a lot shitter than i remember
  8. Starting to get calls now very strange year too dry then too wet and cold not enough food time to pay attention I think
  9. They leave the hive with 3 days worth of food after that they can get pissy its better to call in a beekeeper who will rehome them rather than the bees deciding they will set up home in some ones chimney,roof,soffits etc
  10. I live properly on the sticks havent seen one for a year Roads are littered with perforated badger carcases
  11. If it has a soft loop or fixed snare in it regardless of your views it will be classed as a strangulation i have used them they aren’t for me i like to see the old ways kept going but I stand by what I said theyre not humane
  12. As much as I am an anachronism myself there’s nothing humane about strangling moles i have no issue with these traps but humane they aint
  13. Watched an idiot from a far using cymag in the pissing rain when I was a teenager i doubt he’s still with us
  14. My cousin is married to Alex ex wife blokes a f***ing nob I’d still read his biography mind
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