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  1. So long as the moles are killed cleanly tweaking is personal preference
  2. Let’s hope they aren’t expecting any funding or money from the uk government then this is very similar to how German citizens found themselves committing attrocities they would never have dreamed of 12 months earlier the line keeps being moved ever so slightly and no one notices or cares Whilst I don’t welcome the likes of hitler back a government of backbone and substance would be very welcomed
  3. To kill a mocking bird catcher in the rye blood knots the rough shoot shantaram
  4. For the next couple of months you are going to start to struggle to source any traps the foundries that shut down due to COVID are going to take two months to reheat to a decent level to produce metal again and aside from Chinese imports no one will have any traps
  5. I don’t drink anymore when I did and I drank 4% like becks vier or even the fosters type i was ok soon as I started on the 5% stuff it started going wrong
  6. Get plenty of doubles with Putanges your luck will change
  7. I bought some of flat pack Putanges and binned them setting on the wide side of the trigger the Putanges wouldn’t close anymore Not fit for purpose binned You get what you pay for
  8. One of them is the son of my mate he has some savage injuries for this over the years bit a hell of nice guy
  9. 40p each dried and skinned was the last I was offered and that was a long time ago not worth the effort
  10. I tried the cable ties and still lost some down the tunnel tied on with string now nkt changing as it works for me
  11. Rang pest stop yesterday to enquire about their barrels £3.60 plus vat samebarrels as Lodi’s for £2.20 plus vaT f***ing daylight robbery
  12. As above single strand of wire and use a whip pole I’ve seen blue alcatheyn pipe used with great success
  13. I have some 8 years old still catching as well aside from losing the odd few I don’t have an issue i clean them up once a year with a wire brush
  14. If they used stainless they would fall apart quicker different metal next to each other speed up rust it’s called electrolysis I believe people hang on to tunnels for way too long anyway worked hard they’re dead in six months and should be binned
  15. Lodi and pest stop are the same trap It’s ok properly tuned The Lodi trap they recalled was f***ing dog shite
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