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  1. tilimangro

    First wasp nest of the season

    Done about five down here wish the rain would feck off people aren’t noticing their nests yet
  2. tilimangro

    weathers bad here

    Loved javea spent a lot of time there a few decades ago stayed in benitachell went back last year didn’t recognise the place
  3. tilimangro

    no mole pricing

    No mole no fee
  4. tilimangro

    Worst mole trap ever, for me ! (Putange)

    Rat packs are Chinese copies 100% buy better quality and you won’t be disappointed
  5. tilimangro


    Now that’s a shocker rip had me in stitches for the right reasons
  6. tilimangro

    trt treatment..

    Wolverson fitness was always good
  7. tilimangro

    A few books

    No money in books any more I used to buy and sell and made s good living out of it its great till you need to sell them every fuckers a critic if you didn’t have any of those books and you want them it’s a fair price but it’s never going to be an investment the younger generations don’t read anymore and they’re the ones you’d want to sell to
  8. tilimangro

    What knife do you carry ?

    I always have a sheath knife on my belt i take it out of the sheath when I go in public places etc i have a valid reason for carrying in all my years on the planet I’ve never stabbed anyone never felt the need
  9. tilimangro


    If it’s pest control it’s pest control not sport well done,some other bugger will be waiting to step in your shoes
  10. tilimangro


    With respect I was talking about the Russians and Chinese killing their own with higher death tolls than the nazis that was my own point the left is as bad as the right you are the one talking about something else
  11. tilimangro


    I respectfully disagree youre entitled to your opinion i assure you China was communist russia was communist cambodia was communist i wasn’t t implying genocides only occurred under communist regimes i was making the point that today’s young Marxists and communists are seemingly unaware that the left has been as bad as the right
  12. tilimangro


    Both the Russian and chinese genocides were in the name of communism
  13. tilimangro


    I’m often amazed at how today’s modern socialists and Marxists have no idea how many people died in China and Russia in the name of failed communism i suspect because we were not involved we don’t have an invested position and don’t push it for many the holocaust was on our doorstep and too close for comfort the others were across the other side of the globe so may as well have been on the moon
  14. tilimangro


    I’m amazed at this resurgence of anti semitism i worked for an elderly pair he slightly famous both minted and they were so anti Semitic it made my blood run cold my grandmother was German She ran from the Russians who were raping German women after the war I have her first husband s death certificate he was a German shot on the battlefield conscripted the holocaust went on alright and I think those figures are spot on theres plenty of literature and evidence out there but I’m amazed at how people don’t want to believe