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  1. tilimangro

    Lance lab AR8

    I love it but it does get blocked sometimes and does drop powder from the connector sometimes bit not having to. Set up ladders all the time is a huge bonus
  2. tilimangro


    Just back from the drs im onanti biotics for lymes caught it early wierdly did a job last week for a guy who had it for a few years his best mate is head of some organisation that is to do with deer culling in the uk and told him they are restricted as to how many they can shoot or cull by the eu no wonder we are over run with the fecking things again
  3. tilimangro


    Not after I’ve sprayed them
  4. tilimangro


    A lot of the dolichovespula nests im treating are full of queens like they’re making up for lost time
  5. tilimangro

    That's townies for ya lol

    Its a shocking indictment as to how soft we have become i put up with everything as it’s oart and parcel of life you get c**ts moving to the sleepy little village I live in and petitioning for wednesday night bell ringing to be banned because it goes on till 9 pm bunch of Fanny’s
  6. tilimangro

    Lawn shrimps

    Yes once I though they were fresh water shriimps did a mole job that Wes fecking riddled with them
  7. tilimangro


    Customers are all allergic
  8. tilimangro

    is this accurate?

    Probably they’re both leftist outrage merchants
  9. tilimangro

    Big Cat Sighting

    I’d put the blokes name down on the not long for this world thread
  10. tilimangro


    When it was legal I took deer with dogs very regulalry I often came back covered in the fecking things not knowing a thing about lyme i know someone who has it John Lurie actor and musician has had it for over a decade it literally ruined his life he seems to be doing a lot better now i think the forestry commission etc not culling deer so readily plays apart in its increase same thing in the states massive deer population increase more deer with less health more ticks
  11. tilimangro

    First wasp nest of the season

    Done about five down here wish the rain would feck off people aren’t noticing their nests yet
  12. tilimangro

    weathers bad here

    Loved javea spent a lot of time there a few decades ago stayed in benitachell went back last year didn’t recognise the place
  13. tilimangro

    no mole pricing

    No mole no fee
  14. tilimangro

    Worst mole trap ever, for me ! (Putange)

    Rat packs are Chinese copies 100% buy better quality and you won’t be disappointed
  15. tilimangro


    Now that’s a shocker rip had me in stitches for the right reasons