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  1. Now lads looking for someone good near me Scarborough but will travel to right man need a rapid 7 mk1 and airarms 410 and airarms servicing all in good nick but would like them sorting as grandsons are looking to start using them
  2. I been serious lol away on trip at moment but if you want rid let me have first go
  3. To much dog for you that pal send over to me I will give a good home . lol
  4. Wats it pull to be at nice looking dog
  5. Good look I been looking for a while all shite about all kids with dogs that are shit out there no old stuff that’s been proper tried and tested dogs that go out week in week out . once a month if there lucky and there shite . good look
  6. I sell insulated roof sheets kingsman tata so on £18 plus vat a meter and can do delivery
  7. Lol it was full on . Mute just wagged his tail never ran out of stamina work day and night . Out of two champions from Ireland. he was brilliant with other dogs but would break out of kennels lol and escape it could lamp very well and caught a few foxes single hand but you couldn’t ever Jack the dog
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