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  1. Nice pair mine 9 months had a couple digs
  2. Looking for working terrier bitch fox type View Advert Looking for a smallish working terrier Advertiser Grunter123 Date 20/03/20 Price £2,345.00 Category Working Terriers  

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    Looking for a smallish working terrier


    - GB

  4. Or drop a roe or two and freez it up in bits or local shot and ask for pheasant they usually give you as many as you want free
  5. Don you have a pet store that sell frozen tripe or a local slaughter house sheep tripe green washed out 3 for a quid
  6. Did you get a Wheaton xbull off my son ,, are they your jag x
  7. Need a dog from Poole to Scarborough or goldthorpe any one know any numbers
  8. Has she seen much graft yet . looks nice thing
  9. Would need to be a big jab .
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