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  1. ArchieHood


    Or another bottle of meths............
  2. ArchieHood

    Well, well, well.

  3. ArchieHood

    BASC Say carry on pest control

  4. ArchieHood

    Old bottles etc

    Nice little collection of pipes, you might find something about them here.........http://www.pipearchive.co.uk/howto/maker.html
  5. ArchieHood

    Skinny nursing jill

    Not everybody, apparently your dealer reckons you're the bees knees.......
  6. ArchieHood

    Best adverts of all time

  7. ArchieHood


    The word Gullible isn't listed in The Oxford Concise Dictionary.
  8. ArchieHood

    Top tip ......

    Ever used a pencil........
  9. ArchieHood

    Feeding quail and eggs to ferrets

    You either live it or hat it........
  10. ArchieHood


    Here you go Doofy.....http://bfy.tw/Nt4Y
  11. ArchieHood


    To be successful, the first thing you need to do is fall in love with you're work......
  12. ArchieHood

    152 fox and 3 feral cats.

    Definitely .22, more stopping power....
  13. ArchieHood

    saying mike ashly has sold nufc

    Here's some numbers for you jjm. Since Mike Ashley took over at NUFC. £76m Inherited debt £144m Current debt £68m Debt growth £0 Sports Direct payment for advertising £8.4 NUFC paid Sports Direct in 5 years to June 2017 £354m Spent on players since 2007 £322m Recouped selling players since 2007 £32m Net spend on players since 2007 £2.6m Average annual net spend £146 Season ticket increase (Gallowgate/Leazes) £189 Season ticket increase £47 Season ticket increase (L7) £6m Paid (by Mike Ashley) to NUFC for Strawberry Place (so he could personally develop it) £82m Increase in annual media income £6m Increase in annual wages paid 3 Top half finishes 8 Finishes outside top half 2 Relegations 2 Legal defeats from ex managers and players 1 Pending HMRC investigation 6 Players sold for over £15m 0 Players signed for over £15m 1 Training ground renovations announced (2013) 0 Training ground renovations started 25 3rd round cup games 10 4th round cup games 2 5th round cup games
  14. ArchieHood

    saying mike ashly has sold nufc

    Come rain or shine.......
  15. ArchieHood

    saying mike ashly has sold nufc

    Crazy numbers.