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  1. Don't forget about the c**ts that are buying them, just as bad.
  2. see if this works.......https://play.acast.com/s/moorethanjustapodcast
  3. Lol Sorry ,got you mate.Just been reading about it, if City lose the appeal there are all sorts of inplications regarding winning the league and other trophys, they couldl also be punished by the FA.....BUT....because the information was gained illegally it is likely they will overturn the ban.Everton and Villa could both get point deductions if found guilty by the FA.
  4. After spending over £600 million to win it , I beg to differ........
  5. Everton and Aston Villa are also under investigation for discrepancies into their financial dealings.
  6. its all in the mind.......
  7. It's all down to the Ideomotor phenomenon.The Illusion of Consious Will by Daniel Wegner is a good read into the subject.
  8. ArchieHood


    What I don't get is a lesbian prefers women to men which is fair enough, but why do they want to be f****d with a plastic cock by a women who looks and dresses like a bloke, surely a ladyboy would be perfect with tits and cock?and a bloke who prefers men prances around and acts like a f***ing women.If you're gay fair enough, but don't wallow in the meaning.
  9. or the new Sanchez, Mikhitarian, Schneiderlin,Fred, Di Maria, Pogba.................
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