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  1. So Noble last week, Bruno this week.Two of the best penalty takers out there, last minute pressure.....or the Pogba affect.?
  2. Good session last night plenty of Mackerel, Pounting, Skad.Mate finally got his Bass.
  3. Co2 is to knock em out.
  4. I see you've decorated since we cut the hedge....
  5. A few hours on the slugs this morning.
  6. The fraudsters who took advantage of Grenfell | UK News | Sky News
  7. All sorted, luckily I was in the area and was happy to help.
  8. Managed a few pollack last night but nothing of size.First time I've seen one of these on the beach.....
  9. Few hours in the evening mate,always worth it.Best time imo.Going to give Beer Head a go later.Dug mine out.
  10. I've got one, cracking little rod for spinning or a couple of feathers on a 2oz weight.Going to christen it this weekend.?
  11. Blah blah blah, Jim Davidson visits the nonce on a regular basis, and that's a fact.A family member works there and often signs him in.Maybe he forgot to mention to you.....Oh he's just turned up now.
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