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  1. I have the Gamo Phox in .22 only difference between the Urban and the Phox is the silencer/moderator, fabulous guns,accurate and quiet.
  2. That's a good idea, thinking about it a bird fat ball in a mesh bag could work also?
  3. Leighton was one of my regular customers when I was a taxi driver.
  4. What bait did you use in the live catch traps?
  5. How about using a couple of trail cameras to monitor suspected entrance points?
  6. Keep the wind and draught out of their cages,cover over this time of year.A good meat diet and stick to it,don't keep changing their diet it will scour them.Fresh water should always be available, clean poo away every day,check bedding is dry daily,handle well and things will improve.
  7. Can anyone suggest a bait for the Victor snap trap that the woodlice and other insects won't eat and won't melt in the hot weather.I'm having to replace my crunchy peanut butter every couple of days due to woodlice, did think about using liver pate? Suggestions please...
  8. I'm not sure but are these only available on the American market? I could be wrong though?
  9. A big ginger pussy.
  10. Len Goodman arrives at the pearly gates met by St Peter he announces to Len there's a £5.00 entrance fee,Len rummages through his pockets and can only find a £10 note,not to worry says Len....its a 10 from Len.
  11. I've tried something different today I've zip tied a couple of chocolate hoops cereals to the trigger plate so they will have to give a tug if wanted.
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