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  1. I shall do that,can't help but over think, I'm a perfectionist with ocd.
  2. Is there any difference if the rebar is thicker than 6mm,been reading different topics and someone said rebar of 50mm is still ok to use? I've read people using old knitting needles or a beheaded golf club?
  3. @Nicepix I'm going to have a go of mole removal in my garden,I've ordered a barrel trap could a tent peg be used as a dibber? If not could you recommend something instead of buying an actual dibber? I did think about the metal bars used on building sites with the u shape on top that is used to hold up the orange plastic material, is one of these to thick in diameter for a dibber,I would have cut it to 33inches in length. Also on average how deep down from the ground top should you find the tunnel/run.I have watched numerous YouTube videos I can't wait to try. Many Thanks.
  4. Andy the site administrator and sole owner of the forum has sadly passed away.Therefore another forum had to be created.
  5. Them bird feeders are a free restaurants for rats,keep up the war and post some pictures.
  6. Who remembers the 1000,000 cp lamp from Argos with the red on/off button on top,with the unscrew handle with a tripod inside. Like most people I rewired mine up to a different switch. Think they sold for about £20,who remembers their actual name and does anyone still have one.I'm sure someone put a picture of one on here not long ago. I seen one on a market stall back about 3 years ago for £10,wish I picked it up now,even came with original box.
  7. I do like a bit of Vera,not physically mind,just the program.
  8. As soon as the news comes on I either change channels or turn TV off. Anyway I've got a new name for the news.... Your daily dose of depression. I know sometimes it's good to know what's happening in the world,but come on...
  9. Hey up Keith,good to hear off you and you're ok,no matter what the topic is join in. Nowt wrong with letting off some steam...we're all human...I think?
  10. Anyone else having trouble logging in? Search result pops up from browser, when clicked on says site can not be reached....reload.?
  11. What do you have for sale at moment? .177 .22 spring or gas ram?
  12. Whats their prices like? Were the lightnings spring models or gas rams?
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