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  1. We won't ask about how you got that
  2. Keith if I was you I'd make an appointment with citizens advice or a benefits advisor to see if its worth you financially before accepting.
  3. Who remembers the one from Argos? 1000,000 cp halogen with thick handle with tripod in handle, big red on/off button on top. Think they sold for about £20 back in the day. I know I rewired the on/off button to a switch taped to the handle, cut the cigar plug off replaced with crocodile clips and carried a car battery in a rucksack. Those were the days,no lithium packs back then and had good results and burnt fingertips from the battery acid.
  4. At the moment I’ve gone for the traditional victor snap trap,and to protect unwanted kills I’ve placed it in a homemade box actually among my recycling. Im waiting for another Rosheild trap box and trap to arrive then I shall place one either side of my recycling boxes.
  5. Just below my kitchen window I have my 3 recycling boxes,one for tins and plastics,one for cardboard and the other for glass,easy and convenient to wash the item,open the window and drop it in the right box.Garden light came on a few times last night,went upstairs to investigate out of my bedroom window only to look down upon a huge rat rummaging through my recycling. Trap set today....will I get it....?
  6. @Stavross you’re a very generous Gent...I’m loving my coat from your last giveaway
  7. You deserve it @Sausagedog means I got the last coat.
  8. Do you think they could be abit more sensitive?
  9. I was in my local the other night and a weasel walked up to the bar...the barman asked what can I get you?...... ....pop goes the weasel
  10. I thought so,how do you find them?
  11. patterdale


    Is that why you’re called @Waz
  12. It’s better when they tremble. Ive been told I MUTTON do it.
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