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  1. patterdale

    Croc Martins Whatever Next??

  2. patterdale

    Croc Martins Whatever Next??

  3. patterdale

    Croc Martins Whatever Next??

  4. patterdale

    Croc Martins Whatever Next??

  5. patterdale


    Great news Kev.
  6. patterdale


    Kev You got to buy this for your daughter. https://www.pinterest.at/pin/374924737699911544/
  7. patterdale


    Best wishes to all the family.
  8. patterdale

    Saving Lives At Sea.

    Watching this at moment on BBC2,these people are unbelievable at what they do,worth their weight in gold. Strongly believe that these inflatables any one can buy should be banned, even the professional sea users get into trouble and rely on these guys,some are even unpaid volunteers.
  9. patterdale

    Funny Joke Thread

    "You'll like this... not a lot, but you'll like it! I wonder if Paul Daniels use to tell Debbie this before he worked his magic on her?
  10. patterdale

    Which scope mounted lamp.

    That system works well for me when solo lamping,like I said it saves you lifting the rifle all night just to spot. keep us updated.
  11. patterdale

    That's A Deer Haircut.......😂

    Does it look like Reindeer? No just a bit cloudy!
  12. patterdale

    Audi a4 advant swap for automatic

    Ideal for women drivers,it will fit at a squeeze 6 Asda bags in the boot,but forget a Bull x ,you got no chance!!
  13. patterdale

    Which scope mounted lamp.

    https://opticfire.co.uk/collections/extreme-range-hunting-torches-500-yrds Buy 2 one for mounted on scopes,one attached to lanyard around neck. use the one on lanyard for spotting,so you don't have to mount/raise rifle all the time,then just switch over for the shot.