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  1. A big ginger pussy.
  2. Len Goodman arrives at the pearly gates met by St Peter he announces to Len there's a £5.00 entrance fee,Len rummages through his pockets and can only find a £10 note,not to worry says Len....its a 10 from Len.
  3. I've tried something different today I've zip tied a couple of chocolate hoops cereals to the trigger plate so they will have to give a tug if wanted.
  4. I caught this big one last night in the Victor,my crocs are a size 9.
  5. @socks @shaaark Wasn't Bedwellty track on the wonk(not flat)? Do they still run dogs at Ystrad&Bedwellty?
  6. I think plans have been submitted to build a recycling centre at Ystrad Mynach track,just a five minutes drive from me.
  7. Look at the size of its feet,no wonder they can vertically climb.
  8. How long was that one set before it caught?
  9. Where the picture is taken is not where I trapped it,I caught it in its run,I've had a roshield bait box down with trap inside with a NARA bait for a couple of weeks with no success, Victor down and bang.To be honest think I'm going to stick to Victors haven't tried a Fenn as yet.
  10. Another one for the Victor no neophobia here only set it yesterday with Nutella caught it overnight, replaced and reset.
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