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  1. patterdale

    Forum Upgrade

    Getting somewhere now,trial and error
  2. patterdale

    New layout

    OK Thanks for replying so quickly, and am I right in thinking instead of having "Friends" you just follow a particular member?
  3. patterdale

    New layout

    I'm using Android phone,got to link for setting,but can't see delete option
  4. patterdale

    New layout

    Hi Ian can you tell me please how to delete notifications. Thanks
  5. patterdale

    New layout

    How do I delete notifications
  6. patterdale

    New layout

    Where's my friends list gone?
  7. patterdale

    Forum Upgrade

    I don't like it sorry,I know its new but is there anyway I can use old theme?
  8. patterdale

    Biothane Collars

    http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/366660-new-biothane-dog-collars-and-couples/ Not sure if Dai got any left?Give him a PM.
  9. Available from main WHsmiths on the 3rd Thursday of the month,good varied articles published by NFU,£3.60 per issue. Well worth a read its called COUNTRYSIDE and published by Warners.If you have trouble getting it you can get it from online newsagents Newsstand.
  10. patterdale

    Walking Stick Stand

    Joe,that explains the 3 legged elephant that passed me earlier? did it come hobbling out of a kebab shop ?No it was coming out of a telephone box...think it was making a trunk call?
  11. patterdale

    Casual Country Clothing Company...worth A Look.

    No i haventI've bought a few shirts, a few polo tops and a padded wax jacket..all good quality.
  12. patterdale

    Casual Country Clothing Company...worth A Look.