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  1. I've just ordered one from Sportsguns, just for garden plinking and close range ratting and dispatching rats in live catch traps.
  2. Oh my memory.. I went in the garden shed earlier and found a present I bought for my wife from last Christmas and forgot to give it to her?? She would have loved that puppy!!
  3. That's my next purchase after the new year,might just go with the single shot version.
  4. I know my eyes are getting old,just like the rest of me,but has anyone else noticed that the writing text is either getting lighter, or its the overlay of text on the page colour underneath.I find the print is getting harder to read, now only if the writing in the articles was as bold and dark as the writing that comes with a picture in an article. I was going to drop Terry an email to ask. Does anyone have the same opinion or is it time to go to SpecSavers??
  5. Well for some time now my light bulbs around the house have all been halogen except my bathroom, that's a large bathroom LED.So basically in my living room we've got an upright chandelier with 3 candle bulbs small Edison screw halogen equivalent to 40w each.anyway one blew yesterday so I went to local hardware shop to replace it but they only had equivalent in LED for £2 each,so I bought 3 to change them all,well what a difference in brightness and light output,I couldn't believe it..its like white daylight not the yellowish tint you get from halogen. The rest of my light fittings are GU10 spots with 3 on each fitting, one in kitchen plus one single reflector spot,and same GU10 fittings in each bedroom and bayonet fitting bulbs on landing and passageway all theses were also halogen until I paid a visit to Poundland and replaced them all with LED.What a difference around the house. So if you've got halogen bulbs around your house, upgrade and change to LED,they certainly do make a huge difference. Though I'd post this to make a difference from lamps and lamping...what you running?? Lightforce,Cluson,Tracer,or maybe a D LLOYD... LED,Halogen, Cree. So by now you know I'm running top of the range Poundland GU10 LED.
  6. If you're out not for profit just give them away,I've found the pensioners are always great full for a rabbit or two,there's no need for waste.
  7. Like this you mean? Lansbury parks finest. https://images.app.goo.gl/nMLRM6GwCTGC3UUx7
  8. Caerphilly social last night! https://images.app.goo.gl/qjguZsKGhf4xDGtUA
  9. Worth a try DC,gota have a bit of banter on here.
  10. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/rubber-stamp-complite-utter-bullshit-text-1378234928
  11. No rain up here only 10 mins up from Ponty,I am on top of mountainside.
  12. Classics, can't beat the old ones.I remember having a photo with the warrenner(Pat) at the welsh game fair many year ago,he said I don't say "cheese" its got to be "Fanny" !!
  13. Yes that's the diner,called in there once for breakfast before beating on Nigel Ropers shoot(Home Farm) when Brian was the gamekeeper, he was a happy old chap
  14. Feels like snow in the air today in South Wales Valleys.
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