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  1. 3 years on... hope things are well my friend
  2. Bedlington grey x whippet I have litter sister...
  3. They both are pal... I can see penny has dropped on
  4. I'll post some up tomorrow Keith...
  5. Looks like she's putting a bit of height on last couple of weeks... Mine looks like bamby at the moment all legs lol
  6. Mines great in the garden Keith on field she puts the deaf ear on at times... I walk opposite direction... Then she comes flying back.....
  7. That's sound advise I'll take onboard with my pup also Casso...
  8. As already said it's prob gonna be a weak spot... Dodgy ankle put an end to my footballing career.... lol Hope we're wrong tho fella....
  9. He looks in fine fettle... Good luck with him
  10. Good grafting that both men and dogs top night and a good report as usual
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