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  1. Big Ron


  2. Big Ron


    You know what they say about small hands socks don't think that's my hand thou its an old pic from my library
  3. Big Ron


    I like a rattlers or two
  4. Big Ron


  5. Big Ron


    Only having a laugh last post to you don't go wanting me to drive down to you FFS
  6. Big Ron


    you spying on me ?
  7. Big Ron


    I drink Magners dark fruits because I enjoy it mate not so its an extension of my dick because its 8 % , and look how hard i am because i wear tights on surf boards Sandra i do like a drop of the below thou , is that ok ? now get back in ur box under the stairs as big Ron has spoken
  8. Big Ron


    All this bloody fighting talk driving Big Ron to a cider or two, chill and have a pint, on the Magners Dark Fruits now, bloody beautiful
  9. Big Ron


  10. Big Ron


    Why didnt you put your name forward for PM? You would have done well in the TV debates
  11. Big Ron

    Right or wrong .......

    Perfectly right in this day and age , min force used , what if she had stabbed 3 or 4 or blown her self up , I'm afraid in my books you play with feathers you can expect to get your arse tickled
  12. Big Ron


    I don't know you personally Dan , il speak as I find you speak a lot of sense. The lad is keen like all lads that age and gets out and about and dogs look well on the pics, we all did things when younger we wouldn't do now, However it still doesn't make peddling dogs right at any age but that's my personal view. But there comes a time when you got to think what you really want out of a dog, the enjoyment or get it going on a few rabbits then sell for a few Bob ?, If its the pleasure of seeing a dog grow from a pup to an animal that pleases you then stop listening to mates and stick to your guns and put the time in a dog instead of first thing wrong get rid or indeed think you can make a few bob from them,
  13. Big Ron


    Dogs are us
  14. Big Ron

    New Arrivals.

    Yes your dead right young fellow, I know of a few who have had dogs 30 odd years and still know the same as the first day that started out But you can't get experience overnight.
  15. Big Ron

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Better than the shithole last week mate