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  1. Columbian marching powder ur on ffs
  2. Just out of interest and nothing else who keep dogs from a line on here be it your own or someone else’s ?
  3. It’s line breeding when all goes to plan and called inbreeding if it don’t
  4. Are you line bred too Poxon or bambagasgon off Uni Challenge ? Bit long winded but I think I got the point mate
  5. Yes totally agree , only way to confidently produce workers consistent. im afraid as most people know very little on the subject of line breeding it’s like anything if your not sure it must be wrong and bad .
  6. That took some reading mate
  7. Been gone a day and you can’t play nice how did this get onto day time hares with them horrible cur coursing dogs ffs
  8. A bull grey is made up of 2 breeds …..correct ? A coursing dog with Saluki say 5 gen back is made up of a few more breeds , there is beddy , deerhound way back aren’t there ? Correct me if I’m wrong here ? So to me it’s a coursing dog not a Saluki x
  9. Why is everyone saying saluki ? When the Saluki is 5 gen back in the coursing dog in my dogs .
  10. Your wrong it's not me
  11. All crosses have their purpose and chosen quarry , I’m never kennel blind
  12. It’s a mystery I don’t know 1/2 the time
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