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  1. As they say there’s bull x s and there is bull x a
  2. Never seen it myself that way mate
  3. But seriously I can’t see what benefit if any at all a running dog will get from a weighted vest
  4. Big Ron likes a weighted vest for pull ups , body resistant exercises etc weight vests will get the ticker working harder running of course but believe me all running with weight does is f**k your knees , that’s from horses mouth
  5. Never I’ve heard 3/4 of them don’t even go out just make it up , had 3 out 3 today bitch ran well , when they didn’t leave their house what’s that all about ?
  6. Whatever X has got a good technique mate they will do the job
  7. Don’t be fooled , my dogs are no day time dogs but they wouldn’t jack , where I think I could easy jack u on a good walk , and don’t say I couldn’t as believe me with out giving too much away and those who do know me on here …I could Any way enough of this silly wager / challenge talk in the spring and have a cider or in your case a Diet Coke
  8. Who drives the land ? Not wonder you like coursing dogs and 8 min courses , it’s because you can have a rest as your blowing out ur arse on the slop
  9. It wouldn’t be you as you wouldn’t keep up fatty
  10. Do you keep a line mate ? Or ever been involved in practical side or just the scientific?
  11. If the 23 bitch had a good technique she wouldn’t of got dragged on a roe buck I don’t go for the good big un beat a good little un in the dog world myself deer is all about technique, the 29 bitch could bully a roe because of her size and get away with a bad technique but wouldn’t bully a fallow or red , not saying for one moment she didn’t have a good technique thou , I’m just giving examples
  12. We love a bit of slop you better lose some weight or the slop is going to kill u ffs
  13. it’s alright copying and pasting the scientific facts on here , some people actually do it
  14. Very interesting you need to have a cider mate u boring c**t
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