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  1. Or just run rabbits on permission like you wee man ????
  2. Don’t take things to heart Mc, it’s not real life it’s the hunting life ffs have a cider and chill , but from that pic you put up you aren’t walking far with them little fat legs in wellies
  3. I’m at that stage too brother I need all the aids and help I can get now when I was young lad use to be lamp and motorbike battery and knife and away I’d go now I’m like Robbocop with kit on me
  4. You are the original mr shit spouter of THL , have a cider and give your mouth a rest and get out and do a bit instead of living on here My job is done here now
  5. Still alive are u spouting your normal shit
  6. My dogs have a garmin collar on even if just exercising , I don’t do it for others I don’t it for piece of mind Had Garmin 13/14 years now , they are on even running rabbits as past experiences have taught me you never know what’s over the brow, had dogs on things silent 100m away in woods that wouldn’t of found if not for good old trusty Garmin. But suppose it can also boil down to type of animals you keep.
  7. Thin your getting into coursing dog country now mate
  8. Hence the saying knife dogs mate Got to be fair here and not be breed blind these super coursing stud dogs how much are these tested or are they wrapped up in cotton wool or retired early because of a fake injury and used at stud to get the coin in ???
  9. Prob a solid dog with a knife that was left a bit too long before she was helped this time , this is why there is so much shit about as these knife dogs are bred from and made out as super stars or net hero’s
  10. Great to read , well done to both lads sorting the guy out , there’s some cracking posts on here mind off some , get a life and take a chill pill ffs
  11. Big thing with choppers / planes is the price it costs to fly them with fuel , I can’t see them using these to much where a drone is much more cost effective.
  12. Because he wants an all rounder he says , you sure you don’t write books ?
  13. Biased ? I said have a cider not 7/ 8 ffs and then write shit pissed up no need for any of it on here , thou one is a cowardly terrorist and the other Protects you and our wonderful country , but I’m getting dragged into it now naughty me you sure your not sniffing some of your pest controller products thou Benny ?
  14. What a silly comment to write , your a Celtic supporting jock I take it benny ? keep shit like this off hunting sites and have a cider
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