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  1. Careful mate could be a python pretending to be a slow worm haha
  2. Let’s not go there again , bet you still got the brown stains on ur pants the last time I offered you a run out haha
  3. You want to stop smoking the green ffs …..hahaha. In a few years hopefully you will read back what you’ve wrote on here and think Jesus and what a absolute bell end I was of the highest order hahahahaha
  4. Bull x with bit of coursing dog in them , dog on right in lot of other pics
  5. More tracking for the shooting clowns
  6. Few animals tracked for shooters
  7. You still ruining blokes topics Mc anus haha your the most kennel blind on here ffs
  8. The ingredients on both sides need to be the real deal from my experience, if you get that right you will some right handy animals
  9. f**k me Ray , bet you creamed ur pants , when u seen this topic and a chance to write about Buck Hahahahaha
  10. A mate of mine got raided 15 year ago ( by a police tip off by another jealous dog man ) had loads of pictures taken , dogs taken , he was interviewed by the police and questioned about the pics and answered all the questions about them , police said was no case as all they had was a tip off and pictures , the RSPCA kept the dogs saying were thinking of a private case , think it was bang on 6 months don’t quote me but got dogs back no case , never got pics back as police said RSPCA had them and RSPCA said police did .
  11. So true , there’s a few on here I’ve read about and had chuckle to myself and thought mmmmm maybe that’s not the complete truth being told here lol well I know so as word gets about , I feel for the youngsters ‘ new guys in the sport today getting took in by these so called big name dogs and men behind them , buying pups /adult dogs at inflated prices because of the legends who bred them or the legends they are out of ,only to find out in time the legends were not quite that and in fact a pile of shit , then you get the romancers who own these legend dogs who are out 3/4 times a week in their
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