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  1. So true , there’s a few on here I’ve read about and had chuckle to myself and thought mmmmm maybe that’s not the complete truth being told here lol well I know so as word gets about , I feel for the youngsters ‘ new guys in the sport today getting took in by these so called big name dogs and men behind them , buying pups /adult dogs at inflated prices because of the legends who bred them or the legends they are out of ,only to find out in time the legends were not quite that and in fact a pile of shit , then you get the romancers who own these legend dogs who are out 3/4 times a week in their
  2. Any one say cider lol
  3. Come on now lard arse why the insults play nicely lol , I prob got a lot more varied diet with what I catch than you thou lol told you to play nicely lol
  4. What about Wendy or just a name to u mate lol ? who’s owns these ? I’m just interested as heard these names on here before
  5. Sounds tidy mate are Wendy Jamie coursing dogs ?
  6. I beg to differ mate , I like a 3/8 but not in same league for heavy work as a good 1/2 , just my view thou , like you say 3/4 too much and ones I had it never ended well
  7. Thanks for sharing
  8. The trouble is finding these working homes , I’ve been caught a few times with a friend of a friend who’s 100% only for the poor dogs to go on the dog roundabout . I only breed when I need and surplus pups don’t go to friends of friends or no one I’m not 100% with ,which aren’t many
  9. I’m afraid bull x s seem to attract the clowns of the lurcher world more than other lurcher crosses in my experience, maybe it’s a macho thing
  10. Why would it cause any probs feeding pork ???????
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