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  1. But smells of fox piss now and cabbage
  2. Yes offspring ur right but everything that was needed was from bull side apart from his wind, heard a few tales that the peddler who owned him was saying what scout produced to a bull x lol , maybe after more stud fees put the word about
  3. Ron speaks the truth and knows more about this than people pretending they do Ron maybe not who you think too
  4. What else does a coursing dog provide ? Yes the dog was in kennel ; it did ok for what it was a coursing dog ,not a type of dog I’d keep as my main lamping dog, but coursing dogs are all one run from jacking
  5. Pity the bloke who owned him is a bullshitting peddler, who studs out dogs that have done very little at £500 a pop ,he never did much before the ban truth be told and even less after Scout was a cur like most coursing dogs and added wind , the bull side added what was wanted and needed
  6. Not as much as you scare me I’ve always had a fear of garden gnomes only joking don’t get nasty ,I can’t handle 2 people in one day FFS I edited it mate , because I thought WTF am I even answering a retard like that
  7. You mate , I may not post loads but I read a lot , your a net bully but that’s where it ends I’m afraid with u don’t it . you write the same old shit over and over .give it rest mun it’s boring
  8. Give it a rest bill FFS , You have threaten loads on here prob including me and nothing ever comes of it that tells me something so give it a rest and chill
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