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  1. Why would it cause any probs feeding pork ???????
  2. By meat they don’t mean KFC or McDonald’s mind
  3. I hit the nail on the head didn’t I , I can tell by your reaction , just enjoy the site for what it is and stop being and making a fool of urself
  4. That’s the trouble ur a nobody in the coursing world but craves the attention of a somebody on here , u are kennel blind had dogs (15 years u said ) no time to a lot of lads on here , make stupid statements about different crosses , I’ve forgot more than u know , done more than u ever will ,and dare I say it prob seen a lot more coursing dogs run than u , you’ve heard a few things then repete on here like ur the man lol , you had a heart attack a few years back ( wouldn’t wish this on u by the way ) your over weight and you talk about day and nights out , you prob couldn’t walk a mile if truth
  5. I wasn’t going to write no more and this the last for a while I promise I keep the type I do ( Not talking 1/2 Xs) because I can run whatever gets up as you say , you can’t do that with your type and this is where it all started with your silly talk of coursing dogs doing foxes and reds blar , blar blar …….on that note over and out
  6. Ye whatever , come season you will still be on here day and nite u see
  7. You got a short memory I said I’d run whatever you wanted then you run mine did I not ? Get your hand out of that Big MAC bag and think what your writing enough now ur boring me again , you don’t do much I know and just talk shit on here day and night
  8. dog world is full of net hero’s like u and the only way to shut you up is out in field , then it’s he’s never done that before shit but you jacked even before that stage no good having dogs go all night if you can’t lard arse you need a bull x get so more pics out exercising I liked them better than the constant shit you write
  9. Your the only one doing all the talking what bull x s do what your super dogs can do but that’s all it is aren’t it Is talk on here , only one big dreamer on here mate , have a look in mirror you will see him
  10. You were offered but remember your arse went I told you I would run what u wanted then you run my quarry , ………………the offer has now gone as I’ve made a few enquiries and your a nobody in coursing circle who would rather talk the talk on here than walk the walk out in field or slop
  11. Put it this way ,you don’t look a racing snake
  12. Why does that prove ? A pic of a headless person holding a dog
  13. He don’t worry about his door going through because it’s all on the net and nothing else and that’s lol the law will find out
  14. Would you be that bad ? I didn’t know you were that fat a knacker
  15. Bit fit coming from you aren’t it ? your arse fell out when offered out and your a fat knacker who would be hanging out his arse walking the big slop land
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