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  1. I did say attempt at semi- healthy Been up to that Devon today for treatment, back and forth in 4 hours total Cheers, D.
  2. Last night attempt at semi healthy eating Cheers, D.
  3. Never heard that before. Yeah several mate. Not bad ATM, now retired, regular visits to Derriford, I'm up there this afternoon. Cheers, D.
  4. Bees swarming on my walk yesterday afternoon. Cheers, D.
  5. Last of this batch of my home made chilli. Cheers, D.
  6. I have a quite strong Northern mill town accent that I haven't really lost, despite living in Cornwall for over 30 years but when we used to go to the Waterloo Cup and meet up with 5 or 6 if the Valley lads, my mate and I ended up talking like we were born and bred in Merthyr after only 4 or 5 days Cheers, D.
  7. Green tea and tomato ketchup apparently good for prevention also. Cheers, D.
  8. Pm sent mate.
  9. Yeah I know him but haven't got his phone number Cheers, D.
  10. Seen a few in Cornwall, not common but they are here. Got bullfinches on my feeders this year, several goldies, few siskin and a few greenfinch as well as the usual stuff. Shit phone pics. Chest, D.
  11. Signed mate. Cheers, D.
  12. They are eggs? Cheers, D.
  13. Been cinema to watch Civil War - don't make a special trip. A generous 7/10 and a fair 8/10 for my Chinese takeaway after Cheers, D.
  14. R.I.P. Brian. D.
  15. dytkos

    EFL L2

    Always have a soft spot for Doncaster. Spent 3 months working there in 89 and actually had a kickabout on the pitch, you could just walk on through a dwarf wall along one of the sides. Cheers, D.
  16. Used to work with a bloke who had one, 1980ish, crazy car, think you had to drop the rear axle to change the exhaust or something mad like that? Cheers, D.
  17. D+S ? Cheers, D.
  18. I've mostly been eating,..... Sausage casserole S/F chicken wrap Steak and Brie Cheers, D.
  19. Ask McHull, he'll be an expert at it. Cheers, D.
  20. Once bolted a Shelduck when ferreting Malham with Gary Cheers, D.
  21. Similar, don't like the white LED but the red is ok. Cheers, D.
  22. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. R.I.P. Mr. Soft. D. Although that was his greatest hits, he as fitted he was bored of the song! Had all his albums and know all the songs off by heart. A genius song writer. R.I.P. Steve, I loved your music. D.
  23. dytkos

    RIP Steve

    Gutted, after Bowie, was my favourite musician through my teenage years. The Best Years Of Our Lives. R.I.P. Mr Soft. D.
  24. Can't remember the names but have put a picture up on here before - me with a perm lol Circa early 80s Cheers, D.
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