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  1. Hi all. My Lurcher is closing in on nine years now and has been healthy and kept in good condition throughout. Last vet visit his ALT ( Alanine Aminotransferase) was elevated at 178 U/L. Normal range is 10-125 Today his ALT was 339 U/L. So, obviously doing nothing didn't help. I'm giving him VRS HEPATO capsules two once a day. After 4 weeks he'll be rechecked. In searching the web I came up with this article which pertains to this enzyme and retired greyhounds used for blood donors. Thought I would share it and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced elevated ALT? My Lurcher is 3/4 grey and 1/4 collie. Elevated Liver Enzyme
  2. The drink itself is offensive. But the logo is fine.
  3. I did a couple years in San Jose (working not jail). I'd say California is beautiful. But crowded until you get east of I-5. Then it's as nice a country as you would want to see. The coast of course is very nice as well. Their politics on the other hand... ATB
  4. We definitely have our issues with poverty and struggles with education. If you ask me the biggest problem the entire world faces is poverty. Find away to alleviate poverty and many of our societal problems will go with it. But then what do I know...
  5. Mickey Finn

    Tattoos 🤔

    Actually I made a mistake. That tat is the preamble to the constitution not the declaration of independence. My bad... But as I understand it. Insure as in insurance is the correct wording/spelling. But either way, it's fairly archaic by todays style.
  6. Mickey Finn

    Tattoos 🤔

    You could always get the Declaration of Independence.
  7. Here are a few pictures I took near the local waterfowl hunting spot. Just so you guys now it was about 18 degrees F. (-7.777 C) yesterday. It's 47 degrees F. today.
  8. Damned if that dog doesn't look proud.
  9. The collar's are training.
  10. I've seen blue jays give hell to bald eagles near their own nestlings. A little while ago I saw a crow badgering a coopers hawk. There was a blue jay following them looking like he wanted in the ruckus. Interesting birds!
  11. Hi Chevin fox. The Red, and orange trees are sugar, and red maples, and some of the yellow ones as well. Popular (aspen) are yellow and so are Ash. Except all of our Ash trees are dead and most have fallen. In the picture with sand bar the plant with the few remaining red leaves in the bottom left is a Staghorned Shumac. These are typically the first leaves to turn and they are always a bright red. The colors came very late these last three years because of unseasonably warm weather. I'm not saying global warming. But global warming...lol
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