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  1. Well, an enlightened one anyway. It's fair to say that the USA pushed Russia to the point of invading Ukraine. The rest of the west went along as usual. But honestly what choice did they have. It's not fair to say that the USA has given a green light to China. We have provoked them certainly. But they are in such a vulnerable position it's more like tormenting them. I detect a little of what we call populist rhetoric in your post. But it's hard to avoid populist rhetoric. When discussing Donald Trump isn't it? It might interest you to know that Joe Biden has kept in place almost all of Donald
  2. Typically, if you have to explain a joke it isn't funny. But in this instance for the younger folks who may not be familiar with the song. For those who are enjoy!
  3. He's just as pitiful as ever. lol
  4. Poorly paid, poorly regulated and poorly visited by family members.
  5. That's a little harsh, isn't it? The Ukrainians have had a hard history and they had no idea how to run a country when the Soviet Union broke apart. They have a long way to go to reach membership standards it's true. But they do seem to want it and assuming they somehow survive this war. I think they will get there.
  6. Death Valley California. Could always be worse.
  7. Man, you are a harsh judge. India is large and so is its population. Mainly because they were among the last to industrialize in the post WWII open markets world. (Industrialized nations tend to have fewer if any children.) I imagine they will catch up shortly after most European countries collapse. Canada's demographic is not promising: Whereas India's is just about ideal. Post Global Economy, they would be sitting pretty good with their location. Mountains protecting them from a collapsing China. Immediate access to oil from the "Arab" producers. They could
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