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  1. Mickey Finn

    NZ South Island 2019

    Born Hunter that was quite a hunt. Thanks for taking the time to share your story. Tahr's are fine looking animals, you'll have to put up a pic of the shoulder mount. ATB
  2. Mickey Finn

    A few pics

    A couple pics of carriage horses. They were invented by Henry Ford
  3. Mickey Finn

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Hi Bud, the woodpecker is a Hairy Woodpecker. Very similar to the Downy which is also common around here. The bottom pic is a Gold Finch male and I think female or younger male (not sure). You guys as I've learned have a different gold finch and by the way the sparrow in the first pic (English transplant?) was trying to woo a mate with his display of grass. I think he struck out though. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. Mickey Finn

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Here's a few from the other day.
  5. Mickey Finn

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    They have been my favorite bird since I was around 6years old. Even when hunting or working out doors i always stop to watch them when they appear. Thanks for the kind words Tilly .
  6. Mickey Finn

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Northern Cardinal Brown Headed Cowbird (young) One of your Starlings teaching it's young to eat from a bird feeder. Turkey Vulture testing the wind on a black tar roof. The heat reflects off of the dark color and causes up-drafts. This enables the Vulture to rise up on the draft without a lot of effort. Cool birds really.
  7. Mickey Finn

    Dog whining and barking at night

    jiggy, bark collars and training collars are different. Bark collars shock when the dog barks and it senses the vibration in the dogs throat. If the dog stops barking all is well. If he keeps barking the correction increases. It works well on most dogs. Money well spent if you have a dog that's animated in the kennel.
  8. Mickey Finn

    Dog whining and barking at night

    Bark Collar.
  9. Mickey Finn

    no contents

    Dogo's are impressive dogs no mistake.
  10. Mickey Finn

    Kennel is it sufficient

    Those are some fine kennel runs. (put mine to shame)
  11. Mickey Finn

    no contents

    I suppose you hate the United States as well.
  12. Mickey Finn

    no contents

    I don't understand the issue with the number of dogs used. I can see where dogs unfamiliar with each other might get in each others way and result in injuries or even fights. But the sport is hunting and preventing the game from getting away is what it's about. Everything else that we enjoy about the sport is built on that.
  13. Mickey Finn

    no contents

    Body armor aside. Is it the number of dogs used that you don't approve of?
  14. Mickey Finn

    no contents

    I always wondered how dogo's did in the cold.
  15. Mickey Finn

    no contents

    Wahchadero I couldn't resist . lol Thanks for posting here. You have some very good looking dogs and it looks like some interesting game to hunt.