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  1. I've seen blue jays give hell to bald eagles near their own nestlings. A little while ago I saw a crow badgering a coopers hawk. There was a blue jay following them looking like he wanted in the ruckus. Interesting birds!
  2. Hi Chevin fox. The Red, and orange trees are sugar, and red maples, and some of the yellow ones as well. Popular (aspen) are yellow and so are Ash. Except all of our Ash trees are dead and most have fallen. In the picture with sand bar the plant with the few remaining red leaves in the bottom left is a Staghorned Shumac. These are typically the first leaves to turn and they are always a bright red. The colors came very late these last three years because of unseasonably warm weather. I'm not saying global warming. But global warming...lol
  3. Probably safer in the forest here.
  4. Here are a few more bear pics. They really like to take it easy and just plop down. The river is the Sturgeon again.
  5. Here are a few pics from the UP. I was up there hunting bears and though I didn't shoot one I saw a few. The first one has a collar and ear tags which means he's part of the Predator-Prey study the Department of Natural Resources is running. They trap and collar deer, wolves, coyote, and of course bears. Then they keep track of who eats who. So, if I shot this bear I guess I would have been part of the study. The valley is the Sturgeon River Gorge in Houghton county.
  6. Oh yeah, you have to be careful with wild mushrooms. The basic rule of thumb has always been: when in doubt let the Mother-in-law eat first. All kidding aside, I was nervous the first time I cooked some morels. But there really isn't a poisonous mushroom that looks like them. At least not here that is. Good hunting! ATB
  7. Here are a few more I saw. These were taken in the Upper Peninsula near where I was camping. For some reason maybe all of the rain this year. There are a lot of mushrooms popping up.
  8. Always a good topic. I can be pretty far from my truck let alone help so I carry a couple items to stop severe bleeding: quik klot, and a kerlix bandage. I also have a couple plastic staplers and needle nose pliers for porcupine quills. I've yet to have to carry a dog out or worse leave one behind. Oh, I also carry a little whisky and a few cigars. Just in case I need them.
  9. Here are a few pics from our Upper Peninsula.
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