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  1. You and me both.I thought you know what it aint even worth commenting on.Be like trying to have a sensible debate about bulldogs and suchlike with a certain fella who keeps saluki lurchers.
  2. Hes always trying to flog something.Normally some magic potions hes invented
  3. We're off to Turkey next month mate.If we get out to Barbados later in the year we might as well have a nice gaff all to ourselves in amongst all the real stuff rather than a hotel on a complex surrounded by loads of othe tourists paying tourist prices for everything.
  4. We're hoping to do Barbados some time later this year.Its all dependent on when my missus's auntie comes back to spend some time in her house over here so that we can use her house out there for a couple of weeks.
  5. And the pens dry out quicker after washing down and are more airy.I always think fully enclosed kennels/runs look dark and damp
  6. Im surprised youre still going strong with all the Aids and syphilis floating around in your system
  7. Hows your diet going?You managed to get down to a 40" waist yet?
  8. This is me for today.First meal was at 10.30,Ive just eaten the eggs even though I wasnt really hungry so that Im ready for my dinner at 6 after walking the dogs for an hour which tonight will be 3 big pork belly strips,broccoli,carrots and asparagus.then wont eat anything till 10 or 11 tomorrow.8 monts ago Id have had 4 slices of toast with before I left for work,Sarnies,crisps,chocolate,cake in my pack up and been popping to the shop or bakery if there was one nearby.Dinner when I got in with bread and butter if there was anything to mop up and then be in and out the cupboards all night.Beca
  9. Its because youre not getting the insuline spikes from the carbs.Eat carbs or sugary food or drinks and you get a big insuline spike then when it drops off you feel hungry and weak and think you need more sugar or carbs and just a merry go round.Like you mentioned I have 1 crap a day and my stomoch/bowel feels empty afterwards.I sleep better and wake up fresher every day and my joints ache a lot less than they did and I haven't lost much weight,just a bit of fat from where I didnt really want it anyway.I also think only eating in a 6 to 8 hour window has had real benefits for me too.
  10. You honestly dont need all the carbs that were conditioned to think we need mate.I use to eat loads as I thought I needed them with how active I am but Ive cut them right down and feel great for it.My general work day goes.100g of natural 100%peanut butter with blueberries and a banana late morning.4 or 5 boiled eggs with mixed salad and advacado early afternoon with olive oil and sea salt,No salad dressings as theyre all full of sugar.Then a nice steak or pork chops,jerk chicken if Im lucky and loads of mixed veg no later than 6pm I might have a small ammount of sweet potato with my dinner.Br
  11. I take a ginger and turmeric shot every morning mixed with sea moss as soon as im up and showered.Then I have 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar with mother and juice from 1/2 lemon in a 1/2 pint bottle of water whilst I walk the dogs.I then dont have anything else untill at least 10am at work or later if Im not hungry.I also dont eat anything after 6pm at the latest.
  12. Its full of all sorts that aint food.Same as most processed/packet/jar food.Full of ingredients that aren't recognisable as food or sugar just going under a different name
  13. Must be proper bread then.Does what it always used to do
  14. If you know what youre doing?I treated it the same as any other bitch Id had with pups on it and none of them killed their pups
  15. Yeah I eat between 4 and 8 whole eggs a day and my daughter has 3 every morning before school.All from my mates chickens and ducks that spend all day running round his orchard.Cant even trick my daughter with a supermarket egg.
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