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  1. He's an experienced decoy/helper who knows the dog and how he works.
  2. Yep.Unsuspecting people dont realise how easy it is for a trainer and decoy to shine a dog up and make it look like a million quid when just the right move could make its tail disappear up its arse and run.Ive seen plenty of dogs for sale for big money after a couple of weeks training in prey drive and dogs that ive seen melt when put under pressure.Also been asked to not mention what ive seen certain dogs do during training too.Some if the worse culprits have been the big name trainers/breeders that have made themselves famous since the invention of facebook.Makes me laugh how they've all become a trainer or have a kennel name /line inside of 3 or 4 years
  3. I'm usually out and about with him at least once a week.Yeah he keeps his head down but I guarantee whatever hes got around him does the job it was bred for.He keeps them to do a job not to make money from.Unfortunately theres not many like that in the security/pp/guard dog game.Ive never met such a lieing, peddling bunch of fuckers in my life.
  4. Yeah thats him.Dog got a second in in the gold class at the AVD night trials at Sati's place too.And them German boys were giving the dogs some proper pastings and making so called top dog turn tail and run.2013/2014 That would have probably been when he bred it to his Neo bitch.She was a proper guard dog too.He wants to put him to my bitch but I dont fancy a litter of pups that I've then got to try and find decent homes for.
  5. My pals old bandog.Imo the best working bandog male in the uk.Always placed top 3 in every trial hes competed in against dogs owned by so called top trainers and security ladswith hardly any training and a real sensible gentleman of a dog to be around.Ive seen this dog take some serious stick and never take a backward step.
  6. Some decent dogs coming out of Slovakia too.A few kennels out there with blood that all seems to origionate back to the same dogs.Sire to my bitch I have in the house Is an import from a well known yard out there.
  7. Thats what turned me onto them after time with other breeds.The way they can read situations and switch on and switch completely off when needed to.Of course im talking about proper bred mastiff based bandogs not some of these scatter bred mungrels that are being bred for silly colours that are having the name bandog hung on them to make a few quid.
  8. Troube is then every idiot going could walk around with a can of pepper spray snd a batton and ssy it was for self defense
  9. Couldn't be doing with a Mali as a guard dog or a pp dog.I'll stick with the bandogs.Totally laid back around people all the time im relaxed around them and like all my neighbor's say If we hear your dog bark we get up and have a look because we know shes doing it for a reason.
  10. If you're any good at it nobody will know you're out
  11. Southern Gas Network who myself and my mate do a lot of minor civils for have more or less gone on shutdown but we still have plenty of private building work as long as we can keep getting materials
  12. I know a few lads that do security and pp work that have them and even theirs are a f***ing nightmare.Unless you're going to give one plenty of work 7 days a week dont even bother.
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