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  1. Never found it that funny.Especially after seeing them nutters in Dirty Sanchez
  2. Come on this is the terrier section.Surely everyone on here knows the forst thing you try ifor anything s a big old jab of penicillin
  3. Where do you see that then?most of the lads I see with bandog type spend lots of time with their dogs and are very proud of how well trained and socialised they are.In fact id go as far as saying they put 80%of terrier and lurcher lads to shame Even some of the younguns Ive seen round the estates in London have fantastic obedience and control over their dogs
  4. It dont get much better than this.Rod the Mod at his best
  5. This isn't still wheeler dogs and their owners you're still talking about though is it?
  6. Used a couple of dogs from that stuff years ago.Definitely wasnt one of my best moves.
  7. We have a couple of lads that do climbing for us if we need something dropped carefully and they swear by the stihl battery saws
  8. Milwaukee or Atlas copco which is exactly the same pisses all over Dewalt.Far superior build quality
  9. Its my brothers pond.I helped him build it about 10years ago when he was Ill for a couple of years.most of the fish were under 8"long when he put them in and theres a few in the lower 20lbs now.He even has a few rudd in there which we caught out of a local pond and chucked in there to help establish it when it was new that my pal whos a keen angler reckons would be specimens if they were in a lake
  10. 10.000 litre pond.10.000 litre an hr pump with 50w uv.
  11. Most decent bike dont come out of the box with pedals or if they do theyre shitty plastic things.Most lads put theyre preferred pedals of choice on
  12. Not really mate.They all tend to make you a bit sore untill your arse and back of your nut sack get a bit leathery.My pal whos just bought the 4.5k bike had stuck a big fat,padded seat with 2 springs under it on the bike.Looks funny as f**k.
  13. Pal of mine phoned Orange direct last week and they have no stock at all as everything they had sold out when their staff were furloughed.Lots of quality second hand stuff for sale at reasonable prices on mtb groups on fb.My pal bought a carbon xc bike fully speced out for £800 last week that was 4.5k new 4years ago almost mint condition.
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