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  1. I thought the exact same thing.I know when I look my girl to the beach at that age my eyes didn't leave her.Probably staring at their phones
  2. Do you have any personal experience with the boerboell or owning different guardian breeds?They're nice dogs but no better than any other well bred mastiff type and most over here are bred from generationf of nothing more than show dogs.
  3. Didnt the fact that it looked like a fox and not a dog give them a clue?
  4. Did you not know that thats the crop the battle dogs used to have Gnash.I had one wally whos regarded as a top breeder in facebook circles tell ing me he has his bandogs cropped so nobody can grab their ears.I said "If I had a 120lb+ dog and someone could stop it by grabbi g its ears Id stick a bullet in the useless c**t.And if thats the case why doesn't he cut the big pointy ears of his malinoise?
  5. Heard all sorts of bullshit reasons given by loads of the wallys that have got into the bandog types in the last few years as to why theyve got their dogs cropped and none of them make any sense whatsoever
  6. I dont trust anyone that I dont know personally.For all I know you could be undercover old bill on here collecting evidence
  7. Good job hes given up the weed.Hopefully it will all be out of his system soon
  8. If anyones stupid enough to come on here blabbing about what theyre still doing it wouldnt be hard for the old bill to find out without having to put someone in undercover.And for that matter whos to say I or anyone else aint un undercover old bill.Surely if someones undercover they aint gunna come on admitting to being old bill as it kind of defeats the object of being undercover and surely people are less likely to tell them anything
  9. Undercover admitting to being ex old bill when he could come on here and pretend to be anything?And what would he be doing whilst undercover on here that anyone would have to worry about?
  10. I didn’t actually mean you mate
  11. If youve got a harris hawk playing up its time to give up
  12. Spoke to a couple of lads recently that have been pinched with bulldogs on nothing more than circumstantial evident.Theyve been told by their breifs that hopefully theyll go to court before the new law comes in that means that anything to do with animal creuelty which will include setting a dog on a wild animal could carry up to a 5 stretch
  13. Ive also noticed that a lot of the It'll never stop me brigade never really did that much in the first place.
  14. Difference with hunting compared to gamedogs is you're out in the fields or woods for any nosey rambler to get straight on the blower.Thats without the trail cams that the antis are now very fond of.It wernt too many years ago that we'd dig on embankments on the side of the lanes round hereand if anyone asked what we was up to we'd say"just a bit of fox control"And if they kept on that would change to"piss off and mind your own business"but unfortunately Times,technology and laws are constantly changing.
  15. Men in the army are in there to earn a living.Most go in as a single man.And what do you mean hasnt happened to anyone in England Theres been plenty of lads banged up for digging over the years.And even if you do only get a couple of months thats still f***ing shit being banged up with a load of shitty little smackheads.Unless your life is that shit on the outside that your one of thes mongs that thinks jail is like a holiday camp.
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