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  1. downsouth

    Irish society gone down the toilet.

    How would that help?They'd just fill it with scumbag foreigners and wogs again.
  2. downsouth

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    I agree its a shit fight but to be fair who else is he supposed to fight at the moment whilst he waits for one of the other big names to be free'd up ready for a fight.
  3. downsouth

    Pre Season

    Could never understand the "I only feed mine shit through the summer"train of thought.Mine get the same quality food a year through.
  4. downsouth

    Pre Season

    When I kept lurchers they never got out of condition enough through the summer to need anything more than taking out and running to have them tip top.
  5. downsouth


    Didn't realise how bad it had got with site brickies getting on the gear.That would explain why their work is so f***ing rough and why half of them can just about manage to run a line between 2 profiles.
  6. downsouth


    Been in the building trade all my life and half prices you hear that blokes reckon theyre getting is a load of old bollocks.All these blokes clearing a grand a week but never seem to have f**k all.Did my fair share oon the hod as a youngun and will still pick it up now if we cant get a decent lad on board.All great when you're young but it catches up with you in the end.Id tell any youngster these days stay in education and use your brain to earn a living.
  7. downsouth

    Foxred/Yellow Labrador pup's SOLD SOLD

    Have both parents had all relevant health tests? Hips scored/eye tests etc.
  8. downsouth


    They take some beating though them Portuguese lines of Patterdale
  9. downsouth

    English bull terriers

    A boring miserable c**t
  10. downsouth

    Camper van conversions

    Suppose it depends on if you want it fully windowed and also how many cupboards ets you want as if you use a minibus you have less space on the walls to fit stuff.im also guessing that a minibus would be colder if you was staying in it during the winter as wit a van youd have a larger area to insulate,plyline and carpet.
  11. downsouth

    English bull terriers

    She looks more like a Tyson
  12. downsouth

    Working Beagle-terrier pups

    Doubt it.cant even be bothered to knock up a fresh whelping box or at least give the old one a lick of paint.
  13. downsouth

    Best region or land you've ran?

    And still couldn't catch them
  14. downsouth

    Red kites heading south

    Seen a few kites down here in Kent over the last couple of years.See more of them poxy noisy parakeets than any native birds in certain parts of kent and all over SE London.