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  1. Ive kept dogs on a kennel and chain in the past.I even had a bull cross bitch that preferred being on a chain setup to being in one of my 3mx2m runs.Never liked plastic barrels though.Tried them for a short time and didnt matter what I did with them they'd be soaked with condensation inside.Have used oak barrels though many years ago.
  2. You can end up getting loads of different prices but unless you know whos doing it and what quality of work you'll end up with and I dont just mean what you'll see an hour after its done the cheaper prices aint always the best.
  3. If you're going to start using Dex(Azium)on a dog thats put in a long hard shift then you seriously need to start thinking about adding fluids via i.v as you will being drying out a dog even more that could already be seriously dehydrated.
  4. So would you treat a dog with a course of antibiotics every time it gets bitten just incase it might get an infection in a couple of days?If I had a dog that had done a really hard shift and took a fair bit of cosh id be spending the first 24/36 hours making sure the dog was fully rehydrated so its kidneys were fully functioning properly before I considered loading it up wit antibiotics and putting even more strain on the vital organs.I guarantee more dogs have died of shock(hypovolemic)in the first day or 2 than have died of an infection in the first week.
  5. One of my real hates is a dog that spends time messing about in empty earths.I remember going out with a mate of mine years ago and I had the chocolate bitch in my avatar off lead working along some bramble covered bankings at a pace where i was walking at a fair pace almost jogging to keep up with her.My mate who was quite new to the job but to be fair hasnt progressed much since was getting the hump because she wasnt stopping at every hole and was just running across earths.After that we drove to another spot and when I got her let her out of the truck she ran sraight across the field and dropped in a spot on the opposite side in a bank about 75yds away and was on when we got across there.That same bitch that would never entertain an empty earth would half mark every earth you took her to if kept on a lead just so you'd let her off then she'd try and spin round and f**k off in front hunting the little c**t.
  6. Like i said 9 times out of 10.If youre having to regularly use antibiotics on a dog either you're not cleaning the wounds thoroughly enough or the dog must have a weak immune system.Size of wounds shouldnt make a difference,Infections are caused by dirt or bacteria in the wound not the wound itself.clean wounds thoroughly and most times antibiotics aren't needed but if within a couple of days you see an infection starting then run a coarse of antibiotics.Too many lads start banging antibiotics in within an hour of getting a dog home,Ive even seen lads giving them whilst still out in the field.Why?to treat an infection that isnt even there when theres far more important aspects of a dogs wellbeing to be dealt with in the upcoming hours or even days to be dealt with before even worrying about giving antibiotics.
  7. Loads of people smoke weed and dont go on to take anything else and I know plenty of people have issues with hard drugs that have never smoked weed.Maybe he was just destined to be a c**t and weed had nothing to do with it.Some people are just wired that way.
  8. Been enjoying the odd E for over 30 years now .Did my first in 1989 and have got a few to take to Amsterdam this weekend.The quality and purity of the pills that have been about the last couple of years has been consistently as good as or even better than back in the day.Coke Ive never known anything turn perfectly reasonable fun loving people into complete pricks in such a short amount of time.Personally I cant be doing with all these strong strains of weed that are about these days even though I could have an unlimited free supply if I wanted it and I used to smoke it from sunrise till bedtime but I dont mind the odd little spliff of good quality hash every now and then.Ive got mates as well as myself that have been partying for years and most of us are in better shape and look younger than a lot of lads I went to school with that have never done anything.We all have decent jobs,homes and family lifes.I suppose It all just depends on the individual and of course everthing in moderation
  9. Never seen the logic in giving any kind of milk to pups unless a bitch is not producing enough milk especially once they're weaned.Plenty of good quality meat and a decent biscuit 3 or 4 times a day will grow a pup well enough.
  10. Got to agree mate.Cant believe how much he's turned into a politically correct prick considering what his routines used to be like.
  11. Having a head like a football doesnt mean that an infection has set in.Swelling can occur in any wound wether infection has set in or not,Treating with metacam or a similar anti inflammatory will normallyhelp with this and help keep the dog comfortable. An infection in an open wound takes 2/3 days to set in.In that first 24/36hrs your time is better spent making sure the dog is fully rehydrated (just making sure its had a drink isn't enough if its had a grueler)rather than chucking a load of antibiotics in and giving its kidnys something else to try and deal with.Why chuck a lad of stuff in to try and beat an infection that might not even be there?
  12. 9 times out of 10 if a dogs is cleaned properly and given the correct aftercare there is no need to be giving any type of antibiotic.Seen too many lads reaching for the needle and probably doing more harm than good after a dogs put a hard shift in.
  13. For 3 or 4hundred quid you aint really gunna get anything decent brand neYou might be lucky and find something decent'ish second hand.Either that or get a mountain bike magazine,most of the shops that advertise in them do 0%finance and sometimes have deals on last years models.You could get something decent for 40quid a month.
  14. Not really.If anyones got a decent litter out of 2proven workers they'll probably have them placed already
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