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  1. His first bulldog was a scatterbred bitch.He got in cotact with me origionally because I had a bitch bred by AS out of joshua/Sandvalley lines
  2. Plenty round here.Not as many as Id see back in the 80s but a lot of the land has gone from fruit orchards to arable so hedgerows and banks have been rabbit fenced but still seeing good numbers on my morning and evening walks around the orchards that are still here
  3. What is the Scott stuff behind it?I had stuff out of the first dogs that came over from Alan.My good Pal also had some of that stuff and A lot of the origional Hines dogs that were over here.I think it was Roland and the little circle he was working with that bought that Hog hammer blood over here.Its just a shame that people like the Caldys lot up in Wales got there hands on it and peddled the arse out of it.Ive seen peds of dogs where 5 or 6 gens have been produced in not much more than 10years and the owners are still claiming theyre bred out of hard tested working lines.
  4. All that stuff may have been working lines back in the states but I know most of the people that origionally bought that stuff over from the states and a fair few of the people that kept it after that and all 90% of them did was breed the arse out of it.So although some of it was worked in the states most of it here did nothing so to call it working lines isnt quite correct when you have to go back multiple generations to find dogs that saw any serious work.
  5. That didnt answer any of the questions I asked
  6. When you say papers what papers do you mean?
  7. Who owns the parents and what working lines are they from.And what type of work?only 2 people in the UK id even consider getting a bulldog off and one of them very rarely breeds
  8. Its nothing to do withem being f1 or 2nd 3rd or 4th crosses.Its down to them being bred from shit quality animals in the first place.If defects are showing in the second cross they were there in the f1s and in at least 1 or both the origional purebred parents.If I was going to buy a cockerpoo of labradoodle which I aint Id want to see proof that the purebred stock ie poodle,Lab,cocker had all the relevant health tests associated with that breed
  9. Maybe she just got a shit one.You can get a dog with problems with any breed if you dont do your homework and get one out of decent stock.Like youve said on here in the past every f****r seems to be pumping out the next most wanted breeds up your way.
  10. Most of the ones Ive seen tend to come out cocker sized and if they're bred from a working type cocker should still have a bit of something about them
  11. Why would your average pet owner want a collie greyhound?lets face it The cockerpoos are half cocker so its probably down to the owners being lazy c**ts like a lot of pet owners are and not exercising them enough in which case anything with collie in it probably aint gunna be none too stable either
  12. Theres a park right outside my littleuns school and if ever I pick her up from school and take her over there theres usually a dozen or so cockerpoos all charging about over there.They all seen very nice natured,Mixing well together and playing amonst all the kids.My next door neighbour has one also and thats a nice enough little thing.Im guessing most are bred fom miniature poodles as the standards are quite big dogs and the toys are really tiny whereas the miniature is still quite small but the nearest to a cocker.Tbh all the ones Ive seen look pretty much the same in type and size.
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  14. Wouldnt that make lurcherwork a bit shit?
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