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  1. Nothing if its in the privacy of your own bedroom
  2. I can remember paying 600 for my first ever bar of puff back in the early 90s.Was paying 400/450 a key just before it all dried up around 2007ish
  3. f***ing hell mate.Where is it 25 on single??Id be all over some of that
  4. 4 or 5 different nice bits round here atm ranging from a nice blonde through to a very heavy black that comes in 200g balls.Been told theres as much as I want with as much time as Id need.My pal whos a right has conaseure reckons its all as good as anything hes smoked in Dam.Hash is making 34s to 36s on single atm whereas your hard pushed to get 34s for top green atm
  5. Dont even have to wait for the green to dry up round here.Few different types of quality hash down this way atm and all of the older heads have given up with the nutty weed and left it to the youngsters to mangle their brains
  6. Seen a couple of short clips of him on Youtube.Looked a bit of an old Iron
  7. We do that with all porcelein times now.Make up a slurry with sbr and cement and paint it on before laying them on a sharp sand and cement screed.They aint ever popping like that.
  8. What did the do fire it from a Cannon?
  9. If you can find a good one.More old scatter bred shit about than proper bandogs
  10. Oddbod did have a dog ch chuckie and the Asian fella had a son of him ch chuckie JR but I think the dog in Ireland was a different Chuckie
  11. Escoveitch fish,Brown stew chicken,Rice n Peas tonight and Jerk wings for pack up tomorrow.
  12. Yeah and 5 for gr ch
  13. One of mine from a few years back.Real sensible bitch
  14. I wouldnt put up with any dog acting around me mate.Dont matter how good they are at their job the have to fit in with me,my family and other dogs
  15. Ive personally seen and been told of ch bulldogs that were safe around other dogs and pups unless it was time to go to work.A pal had a little very well known bitch that could be loose with and walked out with other dogs as long as they behaved but hold her between your legs and she'd go into anything.Another good friend who I met when I was a kid in the 80s had a ch dog that he could put in the back of his car with his 3 british bulldogs and take him down the park and he wouldnt look at another dog unless he spotted his own kind
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