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  1. Took my girl to do her bit at the Remembrance service at our church with her pals this morning
  2. Do yourself a massive favour.Keep paying child maintenance and offer to pay for anything else that the little'un needs and make sure you leave a paper trail.It goes a long way to proving you're a responsible,caring,providing father if you end up in a family court.Also get yourself a decent solicitor that deals with family matters.
  3. Im sure he got banged up for embezzling money from a charity that he was running.Something to do with horse riding for disabled and special needs kids.There was large groups of idiots protesting outside Invicta studios for months when he got the sack.The studios were in the same building as the nightclub in Canterbury back when it was the only place in Canterbury that was open after 11.30
  4. ceaser the Boogieman.Are you a kent lad?
  5. Yep plenty of sweets at the ready and little'un is just of out round the village with her big sister and her nephew and neices
  6. downsouth


    Can I eat these?
  7. Is there posh commuters in Canning town?I thought it was just a load of pakis/blacks and the odd crook
  8. downsouth


    Got to admire him.Walking away from a sport that hes easily the best in the world at without even putting much effort in.Only to walk into a sport that hes not done before at the age of 30 and enter it at the highest level.That takes some balls.
  9. They were done in the oven mate so were done wrapped in the foil and just opened for the last 10minutes to crisp up.I still prefer how my ex missus made them done in a cloth and boiled but I always f**k em up when i try doing them like that.
  10. downsouth


    Ask them for a chicken tikka whatever ie chicken tikka balti/dansak/vindaloo etc.That way your curry will be made with nice chicken tikka pieces rather than them cubes.
  11. War dog breedsYou should be a tabloid journalist.
  12. And idiots will pay it.Look how many divs paid to watch that c**t McGregor put on that farce with Mayweather and actually believed it was real.
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