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  1. Anyone ginger.Piggy eyed c**ts aint to be trusted
  2. Cant you do them either then?
  3. Nice little meet up and ride out this morning now the weathers warming up a bit.
  4. Just stay away from the Red light districts.You'll find seediness in any country if you go to the area's where all that goes on.
  5. What Scott stuff is he off of mate.I had one of the origional Sandvalley/Scott bulldogs imported from Alan in the late 90s
  6. Mine too.Tom Yung Gung,Red curry,Pad Thai and sticky rice withe an Ice cold Singha.Beats chinese or Indian hands down.Im quite lucky as Ive got an amazing Thai restaurant and street food stall in my local town.
  7. True but on the other hand how many blokes do you know that have been completely shafted by English birds that have took half of everything without ever putting f**k all into the relationship.My ex boss is fighting his ex atm whos looking at taking half of his 8 houses after just 7years of marriage.Poor c**t is living in one of his rental properties whilst shes living in the 900grand cottage that they shared with her to grown up kids and the new fella shes shagging.Before they got together she lived in the same close as me and drove a 50quid vauxhall zafira.
  8. Piss taken out of them by blokes with fat ugly missuses sat at home on their fat lazy arses who they have to ask if they wanna go down the boozer for a pint with their mates and then cop an earache for the next two days.I split with my missus about 7years ago and quite like the single life but if I was gunna settle again Id like it half as good as my pals got it with his thai missus.
  9. Whys that?Ive got a mate who could probably have his pick of most English women but has a Thai missus,hes been with her for 20 years now.Shes late 40s and still absolutely stunning,keeps an immaculate house and pretty much waits on him hand and foot a dont give him half as much earache as what you get from your average english bird.You are talking Thai birds though aren't you and not the ones with a pair of bollocks?
  10. Wishing the tele had a volume number 1/2 coz 1 is just a bit too loud and telling the dogs off for snoring too loud when your trying to listen out for the fuckers hiding in your garden
  11. Fury on points I reckon although Id love to se Whyte fill him in.
  12. Peering through the gaps with one eye whilst listening really carefully
  13. I like a bit of SA37 to mix into my dogs vitalin if a cant afford a real quality food like Dr Johns or Redmills
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