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  1. Yeah my older bandog bitch is like that.Waits till I let her off then runs off into cover to have a shit out of sight.Most of my dogs have been clean over the years its just a matter of routine.Only time Ive really had dirty ones is if Ive bought something older in but even they normally come round once they realise they're not on 24hr bang up anymore.
  2. Yep.I dont have kennels as such anymore as I only have the 2 bandogs and my girls dachshund that live on a 18x10 cocrete yard at the back of the house thats fenced separately from the rest of the garden.I probably only wash down and disinfect once a week the rest of the time I just tip there water buckets out daily.No smell of piss but then I honestly cant remember the last time I had to pick a shit up or wash a piss stain away because I walk them as soon as I get up and they know theyll be out again as soon as I get back from work.
  3. My pal had the same problem as he had to put a soakaway in as he never had access to mains drainage.Dug his soakaway up numerouse times to find it completely blocked where the pipe joined the hardcore.In the end we fitted a small plastic inspection chamber a few feet back from the soakaway and he had a small cylinder made from ultrafine perforated metal sheet which fitted into the outlet of the chamber.Every couple of days hed just clean all the hair out of the manhole and remove the cylinder filter and bang it out and give it a wash.Never had a problem after that.
  4. Always see lads going on about concrete soaking up piss and stinking.Do these same lads never walk their dogs or wash their kennels out.Mine very very rarely ever piss in their kennels or yard full stop for that matter as the know they get walked twice a day so hold it till they go out.But even if I have had a dirty one over the years a quick swill out twice a day and a disinfect twice a week and I never gotany smell.Also mKe sure your concrete is knocked up strong enough and got a good troweled finish on it.Also soakaways are ok if you have some way of putting some kind of trap with a removab
  5. Both would be pretty useless to tbh.Whats the point in a protection dog that can be kicked up in the air
  6. Thats all well and good but I seiously doubt theres any line bred ones going back to fully tested bulldogs that havnt been diluted along the way.And there was just as many shit bulldogs about years ago as what there is now.
  7. 440x220x220 concrete blocks with the 2 holes in the middle.Sometimes called pot blocks.Tried giving him a dayrate but he wants me to give him a price but aint laid any ammount of them in years.
  8. I had a bird try and stick her finger up my arse once,that weren't going in there.Them old benders are more of a man than me.
  9. Any brickies on her know the going rate for laying H blocks atm(labour only)Been working for a mate on dayrate for over 10years now but got another palbeen bugging me for a month now to lay a load for him but wants a price.Been trying to put him off in the hope that he'llget somone else to lay the f***ing horriblethings.Straight runs between steel uprights
  10. Even the appetite songs didnt sound the same without Adlers funky edge after he left and Matt Sorum took over.
  11. My younger brother was into them befor me as I was more into old school metal/rock at the time 87/88 we'd have been 12 and 13ish.He had Lies but Id never took much notice But when I heard Welcome to the Jungle and Adlers drumming at the start of Rocket Queen I was hooked.Never the same band after they booted Adler out.
  12. My pal had that gig on VHS after he recorded it off some mad cable TV show one night when we were still at school.We watched it till it was warn out.
  13. Saw ACDC at Wembley arena in 1990 on there Thunderstruck tour.Same year I discovered ecstacy and went from a scruffy grebo biker to a loved up raver overnight.
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