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  1. If you're gunna get a e bike and hoping to get anything much under 4k be prepared for it to fall apart as it will be made with shit components.
  2. Always makes me laugh when people say they were set up.If you dont say or do illegal or just plain f**king stupid stuff in front of complete strangers just to stroke your own ego you cant be set up.All the mouthy twats that have be caught because they've been showing off or gobbing off need to realise they've set themselves up.
  3. Has there been allegations about Schoefield then?
  4. You keep picking them you'll end up pissing the bed.
  5. Touch of the green eyed monster coz you haven't got any
  6. Wanking over gangter stories
  7. I thought so,I watched the film the other week hes a scouser aint he?.Ive got a scouse pal that did 10 years in the Bangkok Hilton.We all told him to be careful out there but them scousers seem to think they can go to SE Asia and carry oo like they're still in England.
  8. Is he the ex junkie who did a bit of bird in Thailand
  9. That James English prick is like cheap,evencringier internet version of Danny Dyer.Sucking off a load of over the hill ex wannabe gangsters.
  10. Thats 2 famous'ish people from my town snuffed it this week.The bloke off the comedy programme that someone posted about last week on here and noe Les.I wonder if Geldof will be next?
  11. And all his kung fu fighting was only pretend anyway.
  12. If youve levelled out your mot/type 1 good enough youd be better of laying on muck straight on top of that.
  13. Spotting them is shit.Always sound hollow and allows water to get underneath which if it freezes will lift the slabs.Solid bed all the way.
  14. He always comes across as an arrogant prick whos full of shit
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