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  1. Meece

    countryfile tonight

    I can understand you. But there was no need to ramp into me because I asked a straight question. That question is ..... is the use of lurcher or wippets an area thing. ? Is this banned dog work more area defined There are one or two greyhounds and wippets in the area that I've seen but they are just pets. Round here I've ònly ever known one bloke ( pre ban )( whatever that means) that used a lurcher to hunt rabits. It all seemed a bit inefficient way to control rabbits. The only time I saw something along these line was a p***y bloke chucked a dog into the boot of a car and money started changing hands. I've broken the thought up into individual parts to make more overall sense. I know what you mean by the thoughts that remain in the mind of a snippsnippet me and a memory of that high pheasant or that sky on a particular duck flight or that snap shot at that bolting fòx that chopped it down mid jump over a fence. So the question remains unanswered. Is this type of hunting an area thing because I don't see any around here.?
  2. Meece

    countryfile tonight

    You abuse me, so I can abuse you, you thick low life scum c**t . Why dont you open the two brain cells that you might have and read what i wrote. there ain't any dog hunters round here so is it an area or tradition thing? Or are you too thick to create a realistic reply?
  3. Meece

    countryfile tonight

    Is this banned dog work more area defined. I've had Labrador's and sprinters because I shot walked up, driven pheasant and pigeon with shotgun and rabbit and Fox and target with rifle, because those dogs suit that sort of hunting. There are one or two greyhounds and whispers in the area that I've seen but they are just pets. Round here I've ònly ever known one bloke ( pre ban )( whatever that means) that used a lurcher to hunt rabits. It all seemed a bit inefficient way to control rabbits. The only time I saw something along these line was a p***y bloke chucked a dog into the boot of a car and money started changing hands.
  4. Meece

    Too much fighting at the race course

    Women fights are entertainment. They always want to pull hair and strip off. When blokes fight people try to get in between but when women fight everyone cheers them on.
  5. Why , whats all this fighting about ? Whose fighting? I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Haydock Park: Mass brawl among 50 spectators - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/horse-racing/47267969
  6. Meece

    strange sightings when out and about

    One evening I was coming home from work I saw what must have been a chunk of space debris that was moving quickly across the sky. It lasted about five seconds like a sparkler. At one point the colour changed bright gold to bright green and then it sort of exploded then disappeared very quickly. But that was pretty obvious and explainable. Quite a sight. Ps. It's good how sometimes things stick in the mind like that high pheasant or double from many years ago or things that can't be explained and no one else saw and they can't be proved, but so what, the world still turns and you know what you did or what happened.
  7. Meece

    My house caught fire🔥

    A stressful and worrying time. But thinking of moving wouldn't make any difference to having a fire by misadventure. Blomming cat !!!
  8. Meece

    strange sightings when out and about

    Was it bagged and did it have a best before date on it ?
  9. Meece

    strange sightings when out and about

    Sometime back in the late 80s at the end of a shooting day, I was standing chatting to a friend in the yard when what appeared to be a fireball was in the sky. It was going quite slowly across the sky at an angle just above shoulder height. We both looked at it and tried to analyse what it could be. No noise, not a plane, quite large but slow. Visually like a ball of straw on fire like would be out of a medieval catapult. I could actually see large flames out of the back of it. But not near us probably some miles away. There were planes in the sky and it wasn't anything like that. Piece of space junk? Possibly, but I've seen that stuff and they are fast moving. Never did know what it was. Strange one but we were still standing. Eventually it went behind some buildings and trees and we lost sight of if. ... ???? Ps. I've been out so much on my own on the land and woods at night around cemeteries and I don't believe in ghosts or such. but I have been in buildings and felt unusual feelings. One particular place we were on a guided tour and this particular room felt horrible to the point that I walked out. Just a plain stone room over a portcullis , in broad daylight. Couldn't explain that one either.
  10. Meece

    Graylag geese

    WARNING ------- WARNING. .....Look up !!! Prepare to shoot to kill. ...... because 5_6 massive pink aliens are alleged to be heading down South!! We've got enough pink alliens hanging around down Brighton without more arriving from upt north.
  11. Meece

    ever shot a mole

    Shooting an underwater target is difficult. You have to have an idea of the refraction of light and the amount of depth and corresponding angles. If you understand these then the shot is pretty straightforward. There is a secondary consideration of the explosive shock value. This is quite powerful. When I was a kid my mum had a steel water butt to collect rainwater for her plants. Being an inquisitive lad I tied a standard firework banger onto a weight with a long string. I lit the firework and waited for the blue paper to ignite the fast fuse, then dropped it into the water. The resultant thump split the drum seam. I'd created a depth charge. Mum was not impressed and I was sent off to uncle to see if he could source her another oil barrel for her. Sometimes the target was stunned. Depth charged to the surface.
  12. Meece

    isis bint

    Although the opinion is pretty solid on here, we are a small minority. Has anyone got a wider span of opinion such as on other media such as Facebook or other ? Earlier on the news they sent a woman reporter to a school /college in Hackney. Now I know that they are all pretty much of foreign origin and young but there was a diverse range of opinion. Now if that reporter had gone to another place they would have had another view. So what's the population saying ?
  13. Meece

    ever shot a mole

    I've never shot a mole but I heard of a woman who shot 28 on the trot with a 410. Apparently she got nervous that she would mis. I have shot a frog in a marsh ditch, a mouse on an indoor range (moving target) , a trout in a stream with a 22lr and a big spider with a matchstick in my bedroom (when I was a kid, with a 177 webbley junior air pistol).
  14. Meece

    isis bint

  15. Meece

    isis bint

    It's a bad enough situation but when these girls went they were gulible children. All of them have suffered a lot and have lived lives with violence and terror but when I heard her on the news tonight she showed no remorse, regret or contrition at all. If she or others are allowed to return they become a dangerous drain on our resources and the public security of this country. If she comes back social services will take the child into protective custody and we will have to pay out for her,.. and others mistakes and follies. They may even end up going to other countries and help comit atrocities there. Ps. I'm surprised that the government hasn't removed he British citizenship already making her and any brats stateless.