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  1. Meece


    Yeah, me also. What a load of make believe nonsense those films are. I just go straight for the hard core pornography.
  2. Meece

    The winds....

    I..... know you. Your not a new member. Anyway what are you doing wearing my jacket.
  3. Meece

    Spanish fly....

    Did this really happen or is it some sort of fake nonsense. Have you all been decoyed in? Consider this. .... Why would you film this >. surely if you were going to dump this item you would just launch it quick. >>> where are the plod overseeing this? ok if one bloke dumped it was he on the rope or one of those assisting it to the top? ... if one or both coming up the hill had nothing to do with this, why were they there putting their selves at risk. it might be a bit of a laugh putting this online but is it too just get a reaction like you have been decoyed. just coz it's on the net don't mean that it is real. If plod instructed the two to go on the hill and someone got seriously injured ... like paralysed ect who bears the responsibility ? I'm sure that the lawyers would love to milk that situation. FAKE NONSENSE. YOU'VE BEEN DECOYED. Donald trump says so. it's all fake news.
  4. Meece

    The dam didn't break.

    Did the police go into panic mode as usual ? 22 households thought that it was health & safety gone mad. The police have criticized these people for hampering their efforts by using up police resources. Which are standing around on the ends of streets. Is this a case of the nnny state. Surely if adults are advised it should be up to them if they get killed because of their actions. Every time I see the police in action they seem to be in Nob mode and talking stupid. The so called experts called the shots but who is an expert on dam collapses in this country. Yesterday they said that there wou,d be at least two more daysumping to get the water level down but already today the level has been reached. The blokes doing the job such as the fire brigade and the engineers who get their hands dirty don't seem to get a mention but theres plod claiming how hard they've worked..... standing around on street corners. Waste of money. Whats others opinions?
  5. Meece

    Bore snakes

    Spot on. it might look clean if you shine a light down a barrel but It's not until a barrel is cleaned with something like Ed's red (Google it) and a phosphor brush that you see how much crap is in there. The liquid comes out like waste oil and after about 5 》》10 patches they start to come out clean that you have something approaching a clean barrel. A shotgun barrel just shoots but a rifle like my target rifle may take many shots to resettle down. ( my 22lr target rifle takes about 50 rounds to settle back in to a one shot hole group). I have known some people who have had their rifles for over 20 years and never cleaned them once without loosing that sort of accuracy. A lot of people have very random ideas about cleaning ect but if you point the gun st a target and you hit where you aim why mess about with what works. But then again some people couldn't hit a barn door from 10 paces.
  6. Meece

    Rape stubble shooting.

    Nice days bag. Haven't seen any cut down here yet. It might be worth checking the dogs feet for cuts. The stubble is very sharp and sometimes cuts don't show in a limp or anything. Sometimes the only showing is the dog licking it's foot.
  7. Meece

    Cracking year for butterflies.

    don't know why but when I was round mother in laws the other day there were a few big red admirals on a shrub in the back garden. I went to get the little girl to show her but by the time I got her out there they had moved on. there were a couple high up but she's only 4 and not in a frame of mind yet to stand quiet and wait. I'd rather her get older and gain an interest than catch one up and risk damaging the creature. Better that it is free on the wind for another day. It's like when I was a kid there were all sorts of butterflies and glow worms. I haven't seen a glow worm for about twenty five years. and that was only couple of them in a hedge on the farm
  8. Meece

    Ration packs!

    Ration packs >>>?? Ray Mears don't take ration packs with him. Two jiffies and he has a delicious hot three course banquet ready to eat. all supplied by the local branch of McDonalds. If it takes a day to get out through the heavy stuff and stalk and you can't take food with you how the hell are you going to get the kill out ? They didn't have army ration packs years ago.
  9. Meece


    Allowing this vermin to speak on any platform is wrong. It's not the first time that he has been told he's not welcome. Wasn't there some dog show or something a couple of months ago that he was advised that his presence would be disruptive. Or is it just some sort of propaganda stunt. Neville Chamberlin tried to appease Hitler. Fat lot of good that did. Chamberlin should have drawn a revolver and dropped the Nazi on the spot. Ok a couple of lives on the day but Chamberlin only had a few months left before he died of cancer and think of the >>> { source wikipedia } estimated total of 70–85 million people perished, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion).
  10. Meece


    Nahh. that's mental cruelty. surely anyone would prefer to opt for hanging , drawing and quartering. it could end up a case of cake or death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unkWbEmtYXs
  11. Meece


    I'm sure that Boris in being heavily advised by backroom staff and After the agresive cull of dead wood in the cabinet positions, I'm sure that a lot of those mp's that are still operating in a non democratic manner should be wheeled in by their constituencies and their cards heavily marked. P 45. Still the bloke who looks like a chimpanzee reckons he'll be hill walking a lot more. Along with a lot more of them. The bbc needs a bit of the night of the long knives also. Stiff action is needed right across the board and that loon that keeps hollering out at Westminster needs a spell in broadmore with the head jobs. They should make it unfashionable to be smart arses. Failing that a load on them strung up on the railings as the traitors that they are. Oh and I am a very moderate easy going friendly sort of fellow. So what are the extreme fellows thinking?
  12. Meece

    Firearms safety advice

    Safe gun in a safe environment. Nothing to damage there. 5 4 3 2 1 We have ignition! Lift off. Or It could be a cork inserting tool.
  13. Meece

    Steel shot.

    I read an Australian study on steel loads and they concluded that if steel were used in a non steel proved barrel of more than half choke it could result in a pressure ring at the point of choke. So by these results you could open out and hone / polish or buy a cheap side by side and carry on as you please. After all unless you start poking high power and large shot through it, test by tieing it to a work mate and use a bit of string for testing.
  14. Meece


    Ah, I see, previous injury caused by terrorist child. But, that's no excuse if your not well you should be at home not cavorting around northern Britain in the rain and wind.
  15. Meece


    Are you really sure that you want to go on holiday to either ? what's wrong with Spain or Greece or Turkey or anywhere with clean blue water and something different to do. From the weather forecasts it is either thrashing down with horizontal rain and blowing a Gale. Still a bloke I used to work with used to go to Scunthorpe every year and another used to go to Pontins in Camber every year. He only lived half an hour away. His reasoning was that it wasnt far to go and once inside the camp they were all the same and he could go back home to check the mail and water the garden plants. BORING. .. Then there was the couple in the hotel in Majorca who had come to the same hotel for 25 years. Same room, same fortnight but had never been outside the hotel. They just sat under a parasol and read a book! They didn't even know where the bus stop was to go into Palma. They might as well saved the holl money and stayed at home.