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  1. Aging and physical problems are a real drag down. I got slowed down by an operation on my shoulder for a rotor cuff tendon injury. With the time waiting for the operation and the healing time it was nearly two years.! Then I've had a ruptured Achilles tendon which has been over a year. I am looking towards an operation for repair. But apparently there is quite a high risk of serious problems so I may be looking for a piggy back.!
  2. Or going backwards and forwards over to Europe with belly tanks. I don't know about how they tax their fuel. From memory I think that I was told the ww2 petrol was blue and they called it pool petrol.
  3. What I was trying to get over was that making everyone use white is just a way to tax everyone because the red... and marker is only a way to show that no tax has been levied on that product. The actual product is the same. That's why tractors, diggers, and all machines will run on it with no probs at all other than visa.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know there is no physical difference between red and white except the red dye content for taxation purposes. All this is going to do is load taxation onto anyone who uses fuel for whatever purpose. The guy that I was apprenticed under told me that during WW2 dye was put in petrol and this was a get to work allowance. If you were pulled doing anything else you got a heavy fine. He had a quick change tank along with an upjetted carb and ran on methanol which wasn't restricted.
  5. Text speak.?? What is that then.?
  6. That's strange . The banned word in my post was 3 letters (what) and wasn't offensive, aggressive, rude or anything really. Odd. Anyway your posting.
  7. [BANNED TEXT] you doin.??? You been at the booze. You appear to be posting as normal from here.
  8. Been there.!! I was sitting behind the net in the hide. .... well I was until I shot the first pigeon. That's when muttley decided to break ranks and launch forward ripping down the hide and landing kicking and fighting in a ball of net like a bolted rabbit. Me left sitting on the drum completely exposed. This along with getting out of control chasing across the field after a winged bird flying about two feet off the ground until it came down three parts across the field. These events were my fault for failing to anticipate the actions of a dog. Now I could have given the dog a good thra
  9. Presumably as a club member you are using a club gun on the range if this is your first application,? It is a common failing on the part of applicants to think that it is what they consider allowing you to have. apply for what you have a reason to have. If you have the reason, the security and you haven't been a naughty boy then apply for whatever you can justify. i.e. if you had elephants or lion out there you wouldn't be applying for an air rifle. Also as a club member you could shoot on other ranges including military ranges. I thought that all that mentor nonsense had been scrapped.
  10. I know that dog.! I've seen it somewhere before. The woman next door has a clone of it. The muttly howls like a coyote when she goes out and leaves it behind. I'd go rouñd and teĺ her she was a bad person for causing the dog anguish but it would go strait over her head. Scatty as a box of frogs she is.
  11. Those times are unbelievably quick considering that in previous years before covid, cert applications or variations disapeared into a black hole. Renewals took months towards a year and they were handing out section 7's like leaves on the wind. So what was the excuse back then.? I seem to remember that it was lack of staff or some lame reason. Their oxygen thieves the lot of them.
  12. You wicked fellows you. Trying to evade the swear filter contrary to rules. Bar stewards you.
  13. RATS.!!! They are clever, they are razor Sharp regarding awareness. The other year we had a few coming over from a neighbours shed. I saw them on the infra red cctv at night. They never showed during the day and if it wasn't on the cctv l wouldn't have known that they were there. I caught them in traps in the past and they must leave a smell on the trap because they won't go anywhere near the traps again. Especially if there is any blood left behind. I hose the traps off if I use them. This time I set up a couple of bar over flip traps. I used bacon rind but had to use fuse wire to h
  14. You blasphemers you. . Perhaps they go to church on Sunday and have a picnic on Labour day. ( nut bush, .. Tina Turner). what exactly is mock swearing .?
  15. well, confess your sins you heretics. Let's guess.... You actually went shooting.? You weren't a member of basic.? Or you went out "controlling, ...... cats". Or you suggested dumping a load of rabbit guts in kwisses hedge so that he is feasted with half a million blue bottles.?
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