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  1. Meece

    Our tune

    That put it Into prespective. It's not really "OUR TUNE" , it's more "YOUR TUNE". I've never seen that before. It's a good idea as is that sort of check list. I suppose that it is to get people up on the dancefloor. Blokes dont like getting up. Yeah ì'd have to think about that one myself. I remember a wedding that we were invited to that was hilarious and bad. It came time for the DJ to invited the happy couple onto the dance floor. But it was a demand !! He virtually dragged them out there, He played their tune for about 10 seconds and then shouted out "OK, ERE WE GO THEN" And proceeded to turn the music up to full chat !! Heavy metal ! The guests were sort of pinned back against the walls by this shockwave of noise. Within ten minutes 90% of the guests had left. It's about the only time the mrs and I had a disagreement about anything. It was her mates sons wedding and she felt obligated to stay !! Silly sod. I told her that I was off. Separately There was another band on another floor that were really good. A lot of the wedding guests had been blasted there also. After a while I found the mrs and told he that I was out in the carpark ! I sat out there haveng a snooze for about half an hour when she came out. Her ears were ringing for about three days. Silly bugger.
  2. We mis out on all of this flooding and snow down here in Kent. Mlst of it goes past us. It's rained a bit but it's just a bit sticky in the gateways. I can't remember how many years ago when we last had any snow. Roll on global warming
  3. Reminds me of the daughters sitting on my lap driving my old van across the fields when they were little and used to come pigeon decoying. Memories.
  4. Has that dog been trained to drive that tractor ?
  5. Meece

    Our tune

    Our tune.... ? I am under the impression that the "our tune thing" is for the couple getting married. It's their "our tune" so please explain why you are asking for suggestions if you just going as a guest.
  6. In the region of £280 -- £285. Just noticed that your in the eurozone anyway so €
  7. Today the sun is shining and there is a bit of warmth to it out of the wind. I suggested that as the next few days are forecast for more rain that We work together in the garden and get the roses pruned and General clear up. I've heard several people mowing their laws ect so give it a wèk or two and it could be a different picture. This time last year we were out with the boys clay shooting in T shirts it was so warm in the hot sunshine.
  8. I feel very sad for those who have been flooded out and lost stuff that can't be replaced. It has been very wet right back to bonfire night which was a complete wash out but considering how much rain we have had in this locality, the ground has dried out reasonably quickly. Several times I have said to the Mrs that if it were to not rain for a couple of days it would be reasonable underfoot. Then it goes and rains again. Last week we did consider pruning the roses but it tipped down again. yesterday did manage to find an hour to get the strimmer out and top the grass which was getting quite long. A mower wasn't an option because it would have sunk up to the axles. I did leave some footprints out there but the job needed to be done. No dobt we'll have a hose pipe ban later this year.
  9. Meece

    Casting Couch

    But we are fooled Into thinking this is normal. I've never thought about it because we don't have problems like that in this area. I have NOW noticed that virtually every advert on tv comprises a mixed family with woolly hair do's. It's like in companies the staff have to have at least one ... woman, invalid, Jew,, black / of foreign origin, ginger, / Scots person . The only sensible thing in all of this is the mandatory dog.
  10. It seems to me that this thread has gone off track, as is usual with any sort of discussion along these lines. People just seem to take obscure ideas or incorrect interpretation of what the salient points are. There is no point In demanding your medical records because they aint going to be any use firstly plod shouldn't /wouldn't accept them and they aint medically qualified. As to basic saying that they can provide a cheap doctor to vouch for you. That is disgraceful !!! l. How can some random doctor that's never even seen you, cert you from third party records from you own doctors who may it have seen you in regard to anything that would be applicable. ? All it means is that the org that is supposed to be representing you has surrendered without a squeak and is probably taking a cut from a very greatfull doctor who is on a very good screw as a doctor and now is taking a cut for churning out basically very suspect opinions on Patients they have no clinical experience of . The whole process is completely flawed and riddled with loopholes that potentially will let a nutter though. Plod will say "well, it's Not our fault. We attempted to put in place a procedure to avoid this . Everyone in the process failed. Therefore no one should have a firearm at all. Basic are completely F useless and like the dsc. they were looking to make a quick buck out of it . And the shooting public are stupid enough to not see that they are sheep being led on by a fifth column Judas goat.
  11. Sod it all the keyboard has melted. I'm off to do some paperwork and watch some porn. Before they ban that. Doing the paperwork late at night that is. Edit....... Be kind
  12. Im getting upset because these orgs are paid by their members to represent them and their activities. These orgs have taken it on themselves to sell those interests down the river without even questioning this. All this so called evidence isn't even looked at. The total nonse of it all is that if I shoot a pheasant flying over a river with lead that's ok. But if I shoot a duck flying over the middle of a 20 acre ploughed field with lead then I've broken the law. The fact that lead has been used for hundreds of years and is far more effective at dropping game and not wounding it doesn't even come in the frame. How dare the orgs claim to call for anything. Their acting like the labour party did before the election. Red rag to bull. Still if the virus takes hold it might thin some of the world population out and things like this will become a non event. If it got hold on that cruise ship just wait until it gets into some of these refugee camps with 60,000 people crammed into a postage stamp. It's getting bad out in northern Italy so there might be problems in getting any alternatives.
  13. "Calling for" that the latest bollocks that all the crap local tv station reporters come out with. I think that we all should be "calling for" the orgs to be disbanded. Still I exppct that their all a load of loveys anyway.
  14. what planet are you on. Are some sort of anti Brexit merchant that's a load of nonsense. Individuals don't export game or ducks to the EU its only big game dealers and since when did any ban stop people doing what they want anyway. The troubles in Ireland were a good example of that. For the individual weekend game shooter you can easily make enough cartridges in your kitchen. back in my grandfathers day they shot everything with their homeloads and they shot a load and they made everything from the ground up.
  15. Fifth colunm 》》》》》 ring any bells does it .? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_column
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