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  1. Meece


    Where did they generate the prices for these knives from? The telephone book or the lottery? A tool has been made to do a job. If it isn't doing the job it was designed for then there isnt much point in having it. It's like people that buy very expensive shotguns and then store them in a bank vault. Some of these knives are pretty but all they are is a knife and how many have the needs of Ray Nears.?
  2. If the steel pellets are as hard or harder than the barrel stèel then every time a shot was fired metal would be removed and it wouldn't be very long before the wall thickness was reduced to out of proof dimensions. This would result in a situation where firstly the gun could become dangerous and a barrel could rupture and secondly the gun would become worthless because of selling weapons out of proof. This could also lead to a private prosecution for losses to any third party that got injured. If your wrapping steel shot in cardboard how do you know that the cardboard is staying with the shot and doing the job of protecting the barrel and not just being blasted out as confetti. Seeing as you can't look through a muzzle loader barrel how do you know how much wear has happened at various places if you can't see it or get to measure wall thickness or condition at different places? You'll probably get away with doing it for a ĺong time but it can't be a good thing. My Grandfather had an old 16 bore single that the muzzle wall was so thin due tò black powder and use wear that it could have been used as a wad cutter ! He died of a heart attack before the gun bĺew up on him !! Could you load the shot into plaswads designed for steeĺ into a muźlelòader?
  3. Meece

    Pout of control !

    This is a showing of how shallow society has become where very few seem to have any sort of self esteem. Right the way from about 10 year olds. The ... do I conform to what is thought to be the norm. A situation of bullying, self harm, drug taking , suicides, and the nonsense of black gangs knifing others over RESPECT !! ? Girls and body form. It is a disaster that is a growing menace. In contrast to the institutions of years gone by where children were abused, unfortunates were subjected to humiliation and people were consigned to a life of servitude and people like saville and Cyril Smith preyed on unfortunates with this even happeningby Asian gangs. And nothing is done about it. The ones that should be relied on such as the police and politicians are often involved and cover it up. Only the other day I received an e-mail advising that three people had unfriended me on social media.!!! Firstly that 3 people had unfriended me .!!! If this were true I would have been happy because that would mean that I didnt have to consider 3 other people and this would have been impossible because I'm not on any social media.
  4. Meece

    Black cat

    Port arms and Stand down chaps. It a lot of nonsense. Like it always is. .... thought to be, reported, calĺed for, spotted, expert. All the usual nonsense. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-45914506
  5. S No. Generally not Steel is loaded into thick walled plaswads that stop the steel pellets skidding down the bore. If fibre was used the steel pellets would plough trenches down the bore and F the barrel. If you look on the just cartridges site there is only one cartridge using #4. Perhaps the shot is soft steel.
  6. Meece

    Looking bit murky Merkel ??

    I'm sure that the civil servants and backroom boffins are working out all the political permutations.perhaps they are advising T May to delay, stall, promise and do anything so that time and motion can work in our favour. The weaker they are the better deal we can screw out of them.
  7. Meece

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    I know a lot of posts on here are a humorous tongue in cheek coment but everyone has a right to have relationships with who they please. Although Harry and Megan are now on the firm's payroll, paid for by us the tax payer, it is just a job. I might look at a woman and think , "I'd like to knòck the back out of that" but that's as far as it would go. There is no way that I would comment on another man's wife or kids such as saying something like " cor , your Mrs is a right fat ole dog or Blimey your kid is a right thick mongo Lloyd". it's just plain wrong. The royals of today have been brought up in an idea of fairness and humility even if they have the silver spoon. Good luck to them and whatever the future holds.
  8. Is it just that you want 36gm or is it that you cant find any steel or non tox? https://www.justcartridges.com/price-lists/
  9. Meece

    anybody watch the game last night ?

    Considering this was an England international it was almost a non event in as much as it wasn't televised on either BBC or ITV not everyone has a subscription to sky or whoever is screening the games this week .
  10. Of course he / she does. Especially in built up sensitive areas. What secret service government agency does he supply this service for? he has looked high and low for ammo . There's probably a reason for the non availability of sub sonic ammo.
  11. This is an odd question. .... A friend of mine. ?? In these internet days why isn't this person going online or walking into a gun shop and asking the question ? This sounds like somone is up to no good . As for reloading Anything can be done if you have a mind to do it but no one ehould be reloading for someone else because, A. You do nt know how the cartridges were loaded, whats in them and whether they are safe to use. And B. Because the loading of ammunition for yourself is one thing but if you start reloading and selling ammunition to a third party you effectively become an ammunition manufacturer and as such come under a whole new situation of rules and regulations which anyone ignores at their peril. The question kind of smacks of someone is up to no good because asking this for A FRIEND.. and the fact that subsonic non toxic ammo ain't suitable for the task in hand. It's like asking for a FRIEND if anyone loads low power silent ammunition to shoot a bull elephant down the road !!!
  12. Meece

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    I had to chuckle at some of the comments posted. The Mrs said that Harry has a brain of his own. I replied that a mans brain is a secondary control system in this situation and that it is a case of NbB. (Bob before brain) her personal trainer gives her a workout in Hyde park ? ! The mind boggles. What with the paparazzi snapping at her Arse . All the best to them. Everyone deserves happiness.
  13. Meece

    So warm.

    The desert is two faced. Burning hot in the day and freezing cold at night. A friend went to Ayers rock on a tour to see the colours of the rocks at sunset. When they arrived during the day it was 40c. And the crew were handing out blankets. My friend asked why. The crew said that it got a bit chilly. Chilly !!! The guide wasn't joking. Within half an hour the sundown had gone and the temp had fallen to minus numbers. People were standing shivering with their teeth chattering.
  14. Meece

    So warm.

    Excellent ******* bring a bagfull home with you. Its pretty mild down here in the extreame souh east. It was a bit breezy but ok . Just really warm and mild. We've only had a light shower. Roll on global warming. Sunshine in the day and the odd shower to keep he grass green and the dust down . Can't stand the cold. I'll take the desert anyday. The sunshine and the warmth. We've only got to have a couple of days of sunshine and people are moaning about it. " It's too hot, I can't put up with it" !!! Just remember the six months of misserable weather. dark when you go to work, dark when you come home. Horizontal rain, sleet snow, big fuel bills, mud. No wonder there is such a high suicide level in Ireland and Scotland and the majority of the population are on antidepressants. For the blokes over the pond, Q. how do you know when you've got to much snow? A. When the snow is so high that you can't throw the snow up on top of the pile. And the dog disappears in the snow when it goes it for a dump. I used to post to a bloke in Maine. All summer he cut, hauled and split trees for winter logs non stop. What a bind and in the winter the snow was DEEP. Not my idea of a fun life.