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  1. Meece

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    When read, the generall comments about the 270 are that it is a banger, that it damages carcasses, that it kicks like a mule and other ill informed nonsense written by people that have never used one. A 30.06 or 308 don't get labeled as such and they poke out bigger bullets at similar velocities. Some years ago basc published a load for the 270 which was a gun that they used of forest lets. The load which I .can't tottally recall ( anyone know/remember what the load was ) ? was something like a 130grn being propelled by a reduced charge of H4895. This was a sweet, accurate quiet load with enough power to be over the 1750 flb. A 270, like a Ferrari doesn't have to be driven at full throttle all of the time. Especially in built up areas. Ps. A 500 yard shot on a rabbit is a blooming long way and is either a specialist shot or a fluke. Pps. It has been known for red deer to be shot by a 270 in the body and for the neck to be broken by the impact shock. A tidy calibre.
  2. Meece

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    If I were only shooting rabbit and fox it would be the 22 LR. I've taken a lot of both with no problem with my 22 OR. If I was shooting bigger stuff, then I would use a 270 win. A proper animal of a calibre. Downloaded it can be like shooting a 20 bore and maxed out to have that much poke that the recoil hurts. It will take the largest red stag way out there. A 130 grn pumped out at 3300 fps has over half a ton of energy at twice the speed of sound out at 300 yds.
  3. Meece

    Back stop

    Good replies. I'd feel sorry for an unsuspecting emu but I don't suppose any politician would merit such concern. Still they might make excellent running target ; ( holders). And is a given that any target must be positively identified as a safe emu free area, before opening fire.
  4. Meece

    Back stop

    a few hundred pounds worth or maybe 3 large crane bags + individual sandbags !!! That's a bit over the top isn't it. Most sand butts on 25,mtr indoor ranges are either a sort of special rubberised back sheet or sand which is wet. If I were making a small range for single gun use i would fill a 25ltr drum with wetted sharp sand layed on its side and put the target in front of that. Neither a 22lr or a 1.7 hmr is going to get through that and if you .can't put the bullets into that area then either get closer or take up Tiddleywinks. I have seen a 40 gallon barrel used where it was laid on its side and a slot cut in it like a letterbox. Inside a piece of sheet sheet was put at an angle. The bullets went through the slot, hit the a angled sheèt and spun Round the drum. A small section of one end of the drum had been removed so that the spent bullets could be removed when they built up. All you got to do is hit the target and dissipate the energy of the bullet.
  5. Meece

    Back stop

    I don't know any real specifics but one year the club went to a blokes farm and he had made a 150 yard range with sleepers dug in to a bank for the butts. He had made it to zero his centre fire rifles. I remember another member comenting about range approval and this bloke saying .... No. It's just a bit of shoring to stop the bank slipping. Who give a flying anyway. I suppose that a 6.5 can be used to shoot rabbits
  6. Meece

    Back stop

    Oh no ! not the dreaded Rich O'shay Not much good for the pot then. There's not much worse than getting splinters caught in your tèeth. It depends on what is behind the backstop area. If it is an empty fourty acre field you're ok but if it is a car park , probably not. My 22lr will go right through a steel 40 gallon barrel at 100 yards and I really was surprised when the 17.hmr of my mate put a bullet clean through the side of a farm trailer ( of his ) at about 70 yards. The metal was about 3 mm thick. PS. Don't tell people that you've set up a range because I think that there are regulatons that apply.
  7. Meece


    I remember farther saying that the human race was too clever for it's own good and that we would destroy ourselves. National service. In the second world war the top age limit was 45. National service was only there to keep the young men off the street and relieve pressure in the job market so that ex servicemen had a chance to find employment and thus not end up with an unemployed army of disgruntled ex servicemen loitering about on street corners looking for revolution. After ww1 my grandfather repaired tools used by road gangs of ex servicemen who were employed making road but modern warfare is so high tech that you can't just give the groups a spade to dig holes and expect them to turn to operating high tech weapons all within a couple of years especially when there isn't 2 Bob spare in the economy. The fantasy and the reality. Still there is ebola waiting in the wings to help thin the masses.
  8. Meece


    Get them 10 Tory mp's deselected. Any MP not following the democratic vote of their constituents should be wheeled in and read the riot act and threatened with investigations into outside conflicting interests. I'm sure that suddenly their personal interests would sharpen their minds on the task in hand.
  9. Meece

    weathers bad here

    The garden needs the rain and if the temp is going up into the Mid 20s next week the grass will grow so fast it'll be like a jungle down south here. Roll on global warming. 30°c +. ..,. we're bound to have a Hose pipe ban next week.
  10. Good grief !! A like minded soul . I just don't understand how so many people can't see that basic are run as a business and are /and have been a totally useless fraud for many years. If the people in the organisation were in any other commercial outfit they would have been p 45d a long time ago. They ought to be working like the Nra does in America . Politicians are put on notice that their actions will result in no votes. And companies are also on notice of boycotting of their products. We cut our own throats or surrender before a shot is fired. Basic are more concerned with trying to get people to buy raffle tickets than geting ahead of the game. I'd like to rant a lot , lot more but I'm sure that kwis and his mates have the next attack well planned already. Basics Bill & Ben are well advanced on their menu for their christmas party. Ps. Basic are eighty quid not sixty Angry & disgusted of Tunbridge wells.
  11. Meece

    Taking the Pard for a walk

    You will detect them ..... but it is illegal to shoot winged vermin at night. Just saying.
  12. Meece

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Did you notice the Toyota pick up with the word Toyota in mirror image ? Well did you ? make my day! Back to the semi normal, if there is such a thing. Jam in a van. Garry Clark jr again. Clapton among other greats rate him as one of the best, ever ! He is married to an Australian super model and has received a fair amount of racist stick especially as he bought a big ranch for her. The local red necks hate him and write the N word along his fence. I just love that 1954 Fender Mustang bass line.
  13. Meece

    What you listening to at the moment.

    you told me to. ..... I love Carlos Santana. Well musically and then there's this.... Oh Kate. I would but she's on the other side.
  14. Meece

    over 75s

    Ha, ha, ha. My older brother is a very wealthy man but when it comes to paying for a tv license, he won't hear a bar of it. He's been on about it aĺl year that next year he'll qualify for a free licence. Ha ,ha not any more brother . He'll have to be careful that there isn't a rat trap in his pocket. I've a good mind to ring him up to advise him of the change of license fees.
  15. Meece

    What you listening to at the moment.

    I quite like this. and this... and this....