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  1. Meece


    One year I took 14 nests locally to our house . The kids got stung, The wife got stung... twice on the same hand but the line was crossed when there were 3 of the blighters burrowing into the spaniel fur to sting her. Can't have that sort of thing going on here. !! Needs must when the devil drives and they'd signed their own warrant.
  2. Meece


    Nahh. Just wasps. They are nearby and youve got something that they want. I take them at every opportunity before they get me. Evening is the best time to find them because they are going home. during the day, Put a small It of jam on a bit of card board. They'll find it and see which way they go. Move the jam in that direction. Follow and move. Follow and move. The closer you get to their nest there'll be more. Be careful you don't stand on the nest, there might be more than one. Have a cut stick or three a couple of foot long with a bit it white tape on it to mark the position of
  3. That's a lot of dedicated hunting and work. For small reward. Eventually you will get sick to the sight of pig and deer meat. Still I suppose that smoked bacon sandwiches and fried bacon and eggs are quite nice.
  4. So your brother's not only getting a kicking from his Mrs he's going to get a clip round the ear from yours as well. He ain't going to be able to keep it quiet that its round at yours because your Mrs will have been transmitting the story. They all do it all of the time. Have you had the ...you were TOLD yet.? ! Hooligan you.
  5. Oh. Only 8 times! Is this acceptable. ? I thought that it was discretions like these minor fibs that did for Boris. I expect that it'll be news headlines tonight and on all of the front pages with people " CALLING FOR" RESIGNATION. we'll see.
  6. Mr Electric. Look at the state of it. A tool that don't have a purpose. I notice that its reported that he's broken some rule or code or something. It's all handbags stuff.
  7. When you look at the liebor front bench, ( couldn't name 4 or them) They aren't worth 2 Bob... the lot of them. There's that loud mouth woman that reckoned that Boris was looking up her skirt (probably more attractive than her face), there's that ugly scaggy haired thing.? And the electric starmer. .. unelectable. As for the libs.... turncoats who sold their principles to get their snouts in the trough. Wasters and chancers. Where's the monster ravin Looney's when you need them.
  8. Another crazy thing is that if you want a silencer for a non fac air rifle you don't need a slot for it. But if you want it for say a .22 rd then you do have to have a slot for it on the fax for that rifle.... even though it might be the same silencer. .? Now if you were using a silencer which had been alocated for an air rifle on an fax rifle which didn't have a slot alocation then you could be in the poop ..but who would really know and what difference does it make anyway. Like when they didn't want anyone to have one and then total reversal. ..yiu can have as many as you like. Crazy.
  9. That's a good idea..... but a minor issue. .....it's ok if the ground is dry but here in the UK it is mostly wet, the fields are home to either sheep or cows and the grass can be reasonably long. As a result if your laying on the ground it is either laying water or soaking wet long grass with either sloppy cow or sheep muck. If I use the biPod it is off of a vehicle. Either the bonnet (hood) or the roof. This is to gain hight and be able to get a better view of the target and not lay in a load of crap. The pointy legs would more than not skid all over the metalwork. Good idea though
  10. A few years ago I was on a forum called coyote gods. It was a specialist group of guys that hunted the coyote. Along with some like me from all over the world. Now these guys often came to verbal online conflict with other coyote hunters. The forum was driven by a guy called John Henry. They didn't just go out splogging every coyote with a 30.06 and leaving them where they fell for the flys. They advocated using the Rem 1.7 and Berger bullets. They used electronic callers and had Airdale dogs trained to tease and draw the coyotes to killing zones. They had respect for the coyote as a fin
  11. Not that there's anyone out there,, it would all be down to interpretation as to whether you had or hadn't used a light. IF there had been an encounter they might decide to destroy the bag. It would be down to you to proven that you had broken the law. No way to do this.
  12. You thought about the same as me. Perhaps your thing is ferreting, thus the spade. I would be out there with a shotgun so my take is to shoot. I was as guilty of not reading which section the post was in. Normally I would only shoot about three at a time to fit in the pressure cooker for the dogs.
  13. That is always assuming that you are equipped with a spade. If I were in the position. I would blast a bat at close range with the shotgun and then rat gnaw the bat with my knife. Needs must when the devil drives.
  14. So. Why is everyone talking about game ( phesant) carriers. What's wrong with cutting a pole branch down and carrying the RABBITS hamstring on that over the shoulder and if there's THAT many between two people like a stretcher. Somewhere I've got a foto of brother in law and other with about 40 rabbits on a pole
  15. I've got a Luxus Stutzen. Really high quality finish to wood and the depth of colour blacking. Oh I forgot its a tack driver also.
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