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  1. I wonder if we should have a thread like this. No doubt kiwis or some his nutter associates are reading this and taking a bent pleasure from it. Instead of venting anger over it those who waste their money on basc should be getting on to them as to why this happened without basc knowing anything about it. Still if it is anything like the hunting ban or pistols or lead shot or the delay in issuing certificates they won't have any influence anyway. Basc is basically ineffective and a waste of money. Still you do get four mags for your money.
  2. Signed. Nearly 23 thousand now. He suffers from Autism and its his way or no way. I wonder how he will take it if he is removed. He wilĺ probably claim human rights abuse. Jeez. In the time it took me, a minute or so, to type and post that about 500 more signings
  3. Quote...I did ask for 500 rounds but was told 200 is more than enough.. and what criteria did they use to determine this amount ? Get back on to them and tell them that your allocation isnt enough. Basically if you've got 200 what's it matter if you've got 1000. You can do a lot of harm with 200. If money isn't a problem go and keep buying ammo and tell the shop to use a line per purchase and then send your full up cert cert back in for a new cert. It might also be an inconvenience to frequently travel to the shop and that's why you want a bigger allocation.
  4. This is all wrong the way you are going about this. Firstly 200 rounds ain't nearly enough on your ticket. This amount doesnt allow for any error. Get in touch with your department and request an increase to at least 1200. This would allow you to get a 500 brick and have plenty of spare space. If youve got 70 rounds left and the cost doesn't matter just get a cardboard box and felt tip a 10p sized dot on two angled sides and shoot the 70 rounds off in one hit. Problem solved. Then buy more. The bullet wax and the smell doesn't affect the accuracy one bit. .22lr is so accurate that all that might need is a click or two between batches. I don't know where you are in the UK but if you were near I'd offer to come and help you. Ps. Don't take notice of some reports of ..... I read somewhere ...... that someone ?..... thought ? ..... that a product had a bad name You can only zero if you can group. If you are shooting all over the place you can't alter the scope zero. Bring your target to 25 paces and shoot 10 shot groups aiming all the time at the same point. When you get consistent groups then you can zero the group to the point of aim. If you keep using different ammo, persistently Cleaning and moving the scope all you will end up with is confusion and a trip to the gun shop for a new rifle. Seen this loads of times.
  5. There was a similar thread recently. Every barrel is different and individual. Generally the 22lr is pretty indifferent to which ammo is used. How much ammo have you got spare? As for the barrel, my target rifle takes about 50 rounds through it after cleaning to stabilize so I'd just set up a target and shoot the crap out of it. You might find that suddenly it starts to group. I've known some target rifle shooters that never clean their barrels which shoot one hole groups. And we're talking shooters, shooting several times a week for 20 to thirty years ! So don't dispair to quickly. I'm pretty sure that You can send your ticket in and get a bigger ammo allocation and it doesnt cost. If youve got too much spare just shoòt the stuff and enjoy it.
  6. Meece

    Gun light

    It isn't an answer to your question but I don't like /get on with lights on the gun. You end up pointing the gun at things that you want to look at but not shoot. It puts more top weight to the gun. And I just feèl restricted. And slow. Also sometimes you don't want or need the full power of the beam on the target. I much prefer to have a hand held. Holding it in the fore hand. But that's just me. You will find what suits you best.
  7. Meece

    Brexit party.

    "King Nige"; if you please. Let's have an election. Then we'll see what happens.
  8. Meece

    How the other half live

    Doesn't everyone park their helicopter on the back lawn ?
  9. Meece

    U.S gun ranges.

    When I've been abroad, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Greece it has been very difficult to find shooting grounds or gunshops at all. When I've tried to find anything online, there is not much info and when I have asked locally in the hotels I have been met with complete no knowledge of shooting sports to out in Turkey the person at the reception asked me if I wanted to kill someone ? they said "we can't have that sort of thing going on here " ! . Out in Turkey the hotel even f****d off out of it some Muslims wearing Burkas going down the slides in the swimming pool for shouting out " Allahu Akbar, for fear of frightening the western guests !! we'll not have that sort of thing going on here " ! Eventually they contacted the sports department in Ankara but the nearest shooting ground was some way off. Then A lad porter at the hotel spoke up and said that there were two gunshops in the nearby town of Manavgat. Armed with a rough map of their location in the town on an envelope I got on the dolmus and found the two shops. Unfortunately I don't speak either Turkish or German which is widely spoken in Turkey and they didnt speke English but they were very friendly and we sort of communicated in gun speke of guns and hound. I took some pictures of the shop and cartridge brands that they stocked which are different to here. I did manage a round of clays on Crete but that was only because the hotel manager said that his brother shot there and found out the location and days that they shot. Even so it wasn't easy to find the ground. I asked in a shop at the top of the road and the bloke didn't know where the shooting ground was and I sort of stumbled upon it by accident. The range was massive and catered for all sorts from archery to Airguns, handguns, rifles, and all sorts of clay shooting disaplines. The people there were very friendly and accommodating. I was asked if I had any shooting I.D. which I didn't but they still let me shoot. If I were to go again I would take my FAC and SGC as some sort of proof. They were looking for something like international clay pigeon membership ?? It's a pity that there isn't something like trip advisor on shooting facilities but I don't suppose that any tourists goo to places like this to shoot. The wives wouldn't reckon much on disappearing off shooting and leaving them on their own. Ps I've nust been trying to find a link to the shooting ground on Crete but lots of stuff but no real direct link. The place was kind of like Bisley and they have international shooting matches like Fitsac but not easy to find info about or to find. I'd love to shoot everywhere but it ain't easy to find the info for anywhere abroad.
  10. Meece

    Pigeon rotary

    You're welcome. ☺ Good hunting
  11. Meece

    Pigeon rotary

    Is there any point in shooting the pigeons with rape that high? How do you do you find and pick any shot birds in that crop. Another thing is that because the crop is grown like that are you breaking the terms of the General license by shooting them at all. Ps... look at the terms of the General licence. They have to be doing serious damage to any crop and you have to have tried alternative methods. Are they? Have you?
  12. Meece

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    The unfortunate thing is that whatever he might have achieved in his life he has reduced himself to being a poor quality roadsweeper. Wherever he goes or whatever he does he becomes a liability. Still I suppose he could find employment somewhere doing something. Is he part p***y or something? They have to start fighting wherever they go.
  13. Holy dog bolter Batman. It's all a bit technical, but. Didn't they get the memo ? why oh why do the clan think that it is right to put a scope like jodrell bank onto an air rifle? I have on the odd occasion taken a target out at around 300 with either the 223, 243 or 270 but that is rare. Normally I try to get eighty paces. 6 or 8 x 40 is more than adequate. Just point and shoot. I use Zeiss and Leupold. Still they might be trying to shoot fleas off of the rabbits ears across the channel.
  14. Meece

    People your dog don't like

    3. ... pikeys, coppers, and a lad in the village that was a nutter that used to do stupid things. like he went to the petrol station, got a gallon of petrol and chucked it over a girls car up the road and torched it for the fun of it !! The dog was very wary of him. No, there is a other thing. ... The grandson. He is autistic and the spaniel just don't take to him. The little b*****d.
  15. In my garden and the gardens around here. Some are on clover on grass fields. The other day there were about 30 out on the sports field up the road.