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  1. Is it a ability or expectation.? I would just freehand that crow at 75 yards without giving it a thought and expect a result. In fact I'd be surprised if I missed. Even when I was a teenager I never did the cowboys and Indians stuff. It wasn't what we did. IF I had done that I would have told to get up out of the dirt. And we shot at tin cans at about 50 yards with our air rifles. This Increased when we were told about putting a drip of red diesel Into the piston port of the rifle. So is it a case of ability or expectation.?
  2. Even way back in the eighties the shit tankers sucking it out of septic tanks took it to the shkt works and it was often dumped straight into the river. So many parts per million but along that river there must be about twenty sewage works that put water into the river. Perhaps not directly but indirectly into streams that eventually end up in the river. I've seen small outboard churning up green sludge and in the summer the bloody fools jumping off of the bridges into the river. I wonder how many got eye, ear infections or were on the pan next day. !!!
  3. Yeah. You didn't mention that it was two acres of knee deèp grass with a helping of slushy cat shit and that he had to use a shagged out push mower.
  4. Is it a 50/50.? Ask the audience or Phone a friend. Difficult decisions.
  5. They fail to mention a time limit. They didn't want to know when I went in to ask about a problem. They blamed covid. Be quick.
  6. SUPERB. YOUR SKIN IS LIKE VINYL. . SO CREEPY. I'll say that to the Mrs. ..... the drummer ain't playing in sync. We had this with a vise debit card in the first lockdown. The Mrs wanted us to go on the zip wire in Wales. Because of lockdown we couldn't go and they weren't operational but they didn't want to give the money back. You can go to the bank/building society but there are time limits. 90 days comes to mind. We were past the 90 days and past bank help. eventually zip wire did cough up but the cheeky sods claimed £3 admin. It depends on what you bought and ho
  7. Separately in spam mail I had a msg that 3 people had unfriended me. !!!! My reaction to the Mrs was f***ing good job to.! That's 3 arseholes that I haven't got to worry about. All I got to deal with now is to throw out the Mrs Christmas card list.!!! That would furnish me with at least a thousand 28 bore cartridges.... and a few triple whopper burgers also.
  8. It will be interesting to see if the breaking of habits will hold or whether the lure will draw people back to propping the bar up, although a lot of bars won't be there to prop up. I've never been a drinker so it won't affect me. I would imagine that those that do like a drink have got supplies from the supermarket . I don't know how much a pint is in a pub but it's going to be a he'll of a lot more and I don't like lining the chancellor's pocket out of mine.
  9. Surely your not insinuating that the posted trophy shots are not real.
  10. About 12 years ago we went to Egypt on holiday and I wanted a compact camera with top spec. So I bought a new Nikon p6000. It is still a superb campers that is small enough to go in a jacket pocketand produces superb results. The only minor downside is that it only has 4x optical zoom which isn't powerful enough for long range shots but even the most up to date models dont have more zoom. Recently I have been contemplating buying a new camera but it ain't simple. Phone cameras are very good but they don't have the selection capabilities of a priority camera.
  11. Blow back on all cylinders. I thought it looked like a fire breathing shark. When we were on a cruise in the med, they had professional photographers on-board who gave lectures / tips on photography and one part was about taking pictures of random clouds, skys and using them in Photoshop to add and create effects. I don't use Photoshop but if you got into it, there were amazing things that could be done to images. And the finished product was so good that it was almost impossible to determine the original part and where it had been modified.
  12. What device did you use to take the pictures. ? Phone camera or digital camera such as Canon ect. Are you a bit of a photographer or was it pot luck.?
  13. My brother is an electrician and did that showing of to some woman. Afterwards he said that he had been bloody silly because he could have had a flash over. I ain't an electrician so I don't know but I'll take his word for it.
  14. Just more kit to lug around. I know a bloke who "controls", a lot and he squeaks them on the back of his hand. The thing is that some come in like a train and others just don't want to know and have other plans at that time. Another night that same Charlie presents well.
  15. I was given a caller by a Canadian professor of geology who was passing by on route to Europe. I don't know what the make is because I never use it. It never drew a fox but it would draw magpies and crows. Knowing the ground that I use, I Mainly travel light on foot using the vantage poiñts to keep the distances down. Over the years I've gained experience using both voice calling and squeaker whistles. I've had them given to me from Australia, Canada and America but the most effective is one that I made from soldering two cymbals together from a toy tambourine. I used to shoot with a
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