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  1. Yep. That about the right way to look at it. I think of the amount of days that I've sat out in a cold field supposedly pigeon shooting. But the pigeons didn't cooperate and I didn't get any shooting. The only difference being that it didn't cost anything. Imagine if someone charged for you to sit out in a cold field.
  2. I've never been on a shoot like that but I've heard of a few. On one shoot I heard that a seagull, morehen, squirrel, jay and other randoms were added to the bag. Not many birds per drive though. Caused by small amount of birds put down in the first place, no real vermin control, no effective dogging back in on a daily basis. And insufficient feeding at the right places to hold the birds. Another thing that gets my goat is the sweepstakes. It doesn't matter if it's a pound or a tenner, it's generally some sort of fixed con. I went on a shoot and some bloke produced a sweet jar wit
  3. Don't forget the humble 22lr has killed people at 1 mile range so it has a fair amount of energy. If my memory serves me, the max distance / angle is near 30° elevation . AND I think that a full grown African elephant has been dropped by the humble 22 LR
  4. The furthest that I've shot my 22LR or on a range was 600 yards.!!! YES 600 yards. Using std target Eley match. The target bull (black) was about the size of a car tyre. The aiming point was to put the very bottom of the scope cross hairs on the top of the butts embankment. Which was possibly about 20.. 30 ft above the bull eventually I managed to hit the bull by others scoping down the range and watching the bullets kick up dust. I can't remember how far the first ones where seen. Possibly 300 yards. I just kept lifting the gun and they talked me on. When I found the mark the bulle
  5. I watched both videos with Interest, being a club smallbore (.22 LR) shooter. WITHOUT BEING RUDE etc my thoughts about this experiment is that this isn't a sensible or practical way to do a test like this and come out with any sort of sustainable result of anything other than an amount of ammunition was shot. I do not know why it is but ALL American .22 rimfire ammunition is fundamentally very inaccurate. I bought a thousand Remington std velocity target rounds and they were so different round to round that all they were fit for was barrel warmers. Other brands just seem to be too fast
  6. Naah. People will feed it cans of dog food. The daughters neighbour used to feed about six with butchers bones etc. Over the years I've encountered about 3 x 3 wheelers and they all seemed in good condition and ran well until encountering some lead. edit. My sister had a fox hole in her garden and foxes would move in for a few months then disappear. The hole would be vacant for a while then a different Fox would take up residence. My silly sister would feed them and some were tame enough for her to hand feed slices of toast.
  7. Anyone notice that nearly everyone seems to be just accepting this as a done deal. I haven't seen anyone taking basic to task over this. The only thing I did see was a statement right at the bottom of a cartridge manufacturer (Lyvale) possibly where the management wrote a clear statement that basic had made a claim that in 5 years time where there would be no lead or plastic in the shooting field at all.!! BUT that at No stage had basic consulted any of the 4 major cartridge manufactures in the UK about this and that as far as they were concerned that this was an impossibility because the
  8. That's all a bit on the negative side. everyone want the success and everyone wants the money. You'd be exactly the same.
  9. I've never heard of it but is it the same thing. Just a mistype. It just made me chuckle about the ring piece skid.
  10. I thought Damacus earth powder.? What the he'll is that.? I typed it into Google and the Oracle came back with...... Diatomaceous Earth Powder. Are you sure you got it right.? apparently it is used to combat red might on chickens.
  11. I'd be out for a look round today but wife's confined me to barracks today. On a friend's clay shoot on the 28th though.
  12. And people want to drink this stuff.??? Still offal and greens. I say OFFAL AND GREENS. There's some strange folk on here. I've woken up early on Christmas day in the morning and the wife's not in bed.??? Yesterday the daughter asked me if I wanted to get out with her dog FIRST THING !!!??? I asked her what time and she replied about 6 ! I said " Have you been drinking? It'll be dark! , The dog won't want dragging round fields in the middle of the night." I bet the wife's gone with her. Total barm pots. The pair of them. Next thing they'll de drinking act and eating
  13. That's not right. A pink gun.!!! Well, its not even pink. It looks like some cheap Chinese plastic toy. How the he'll are you going to get all that shite off of that when it starts to fall off. It's hideous. Still no one will thieve the b*****d tool. It wouldn't piss me off if I was beaten by a pink gun. No woman that I know would ever shoot a pink gun. They would want to beat me fair and square into the ground with wood and blued steel. Some of those women get super competitive. PINK !!!! It's so disrespectful to the gun.
  14. Just watched the shoot video. you had a good day there. It would have been a bummer if nothing turned out to play. A good example of decoying on a piece of bare dirt.... no crop showing. I thought that the shot cam images were good. watching the target picture would help a new shooter as to what the overall picture looked like.
  15. According to.... probably just a load of nonsense. there will be management companies doing all of the day to day running. All Neville and Giggs will have anything to do with this is that they have a name on it somewhere along with probably banks and others. Don't believe anything in the papers. Don't be sheep herded to the slaughter. Think about it.
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