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  1. I have been with these for several years. ( https://www.ccc3.co.uk/shooting-insurance ) I used to be with basic but They are a useless waste of space. CCC3 have been ok and you can actually speak to a human being that is in this country. I think that they are about £32 a year.
  2. Meece


    I like the posts that Wolfe puts up like the alligators snouts poking up through the ice. I am out shooting both shotgun and rifle but I don't advertise the fact to neighbours. I.e.. I don't wander around waving guns about when I leave home.
  3. Meece


    That is a bit of a sweeping statement. I was watching a vid of a bloke who took an amount of .22 guns out on a range. All of the ammunition was high velocity boom bang stuff. Now as far as he was concerned about was spraying the contents of a 1500 round bucket onto a man silhouette that he had drawn on a bit of board. Now considering that he was only about 15 to 20 yards away from the target the accuracy was piss poor. Admittedly the target bad guy would have ceased being a problem but after about a hundred hits. It's just a different mindset.
  4. Meece


    Minor problem with that.... they ain't got any lead in the shops over there. And the stuff that they do have is so inaccurate that you probably wouldn't hit a barn door from more than 20 paces.
  5. Meece


    I don't think that there are many. They come on and then disappear. I don't know why because they aren't given a hard time.
  6. Weird. That everyone in the US has a stache of guns but their isn't any ammo available, .. or very little. And that this lot is made in Russia. Still I suppose that the guns could be used as clubs. There isn't a lot of choice here either but that is mostly down to covid and stock levels in shops. No point in shops holding money on the shelves when not much shooting going on. We've got a simulated driven game clays shoot coming up soon for small bores. 28 and 410 and I've had a bit of a ring round for cartridges. None of shops have more than a couple of slabs readily available in the
  7. Is it a ability or expectation.? I would just freehand that crow at 75 yards without giving it a thought and expect a result. In fact I'd be surprised if I missed. Even when I was a teenager I never did the cowboys and Indians stuff. It wasn't what we did. IF I had done that I would have told to get up out of the dirt. And we shot at tin cans at about 50 yards with our air rifles. This Increased when we were told about putting a drip of red diesel Into the piston port of the rifle. So is it a case of ability or expectation.?
  8. Even way back in the eighties the shit tankers sucking it out of septic tanks took it to the shkt works and it was often dumped straight into the river. So many parts per million but along that river there must be about twenty sewage works that put water into the river. Perhaps not directly but indirectly into streams that eventually end up in the river. I've seen small outboard churning up green sludge and in the summer the bloody fools jumping off of the bridges into the river. I wonder how many got eye, ear infections or were on the pan next day. !!!
  9. Yeah. You didn't mention that it was two acres of knee deèp grass with a helping of slushy cat shit and that he had to use a shagged out push mower.
  10. Is it a 50/50.? Ask the audience or Phone a friend. Difficult decisions.
  11. They fail to mention a time limit. They didn't want to know when I went in to ask about a problem. They blamed covid. Be quick.
  12. SUPERB. YOUR SKIN IS LIKE VINYL. . SO CREEPY. I'll say that to the Mrs. ..... the drummer ain't playing in sync. We had this with a vise debit card in the first lockdown. The Mrs wanted us to go on the zip wire in Wales. Because of lockdown we couldn't go and they weren't operational but they didn't want to give the money back. You can go to the bank/building society but there are time limits. 90 days comes to mind. We were past the 90 days and past bank help. eventually zip wire did cough up but the cheeky sods claimed £3 admin. It depends on what you bought and ho
  13. Separately in spam mail I had a msg that 3 people had unfriended me. !!!! My reaction to the Mrs was f***ing good job to.! That's 3 arseholes that I haven't got to worry about. All I got to deal with now is to throw out the Mrs Christmas card list.!!! That would furnish me with at least a thousand 28 bore cartridges.... and a few triple whopper burgers also.
  14. It will be interesting to see if the breaking of habits will hold or whether the lure will draw people back to propping the bar up, although a lot of bars won't be there to prop up. I've never been a drinker so it won't affect me. I would imagine that those that do like a drink have got supplies from the supermarket . I don't know how much a pint is in a pub but it's going to be a he'll of a lot more and I don't like lining the chancellor's pocket out of mine.
  15. Surely your not insinuating that the posted trophy shots are not real.
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