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  1. Meece

    Is it a fetish ?

    It has a message that its not available in UK! And I can't find it BUT this one might work here. .... Thanks for the link. I love it but I don't think that the mrs would play out being a robot bit of meat. Christmas is coming and I'll enjoy it, if she hasnt caused me to have a heart attack before then. If isnt thrashing down with horizontal rain this weekend I'd better get out with the dog and gun and take my mind and body out in the fresh air. Trouble is that at some stage I'll be back into it so I'd better not be out too long. Good thread isn't it.
  2. Meece

    Is it a fetish ?

    it's something that has never fascinated me..... that much before but for some reason, lately I am fascinated by women walking in heels etc. the Mrs has been so, so hot lately so it's not like I haven't had another interest . I typed into google and there are loads of blokes that have put vid clips on there so it ain't just me. these women are fully clothed and some you don't even see their faces. its just the legs.
  3. Meece

    Is it a fetish ?

    Would having a fascination about women wearing high heels black stockings with tight jeans be classed as a fetish or perfectly normal, ( whatever normal is ) I haven't cleaned a gun all week
  4. Meece

    reloading .22 lr - is it worth it?

    In an ideal situation you wouldn't recut tyres BUT IF Tyres weren't available it might become expedient as if 22lr wasn't available then they would be a possibility. So would making your own blackpowder or any contrived propellant. Or even producing a gas propelled weapon like a nail gun. Needs must when the devil drives.
  5. Meece

    Knew this was coming....

    Brace thee self for immediate ramming! !! How the hell are patrol car drivers that are told to ram the fellows of foreign origin riding along on a nicked moped supposed to control the outcome of an impact.
  6. Meece


    a mate shot a pheasant and it came down on a clear flat bit of the wood floor not 20 yards away from me. I saw it hit the ground apparently stone dead. two dogs were soon in attendance and were going round in circles. I went over with the intent of just taking it from the dogs but we never did find the bird. w stayed there with the dogs for a good five to ten minutes trying to find it but no luck. I bet that Charlie found it though. my father used to come out with guff like that. He used to say let the ducks go by and shoot them from behind. >>> because the pellets will bounce off of the feathers!! I took the Mickey out of him something wicked and told him to lead the head and not the body. put the lead on the head and it doesn't matter which way they are going.
  7. Meece

    Eating less ?

    How heavy are you guys? the current problem that's going to bankrupt the nhs is pigging out and becoming obese or in other words a fat (b $€£*d). the Mrs and I have decided to throttle it back a bit on the catering front. Today attended to the mrs's needs, took the dog for a long walk and did a few jobs around the house. One of the girls had invited us over to hers to dinner so today all I had to eat up until was1 slice of toast drizzled with a bit of olive oil. The dinner was small (at our request) but nice, and I had a glass of rose. I dont feel hungry and the mrs wants to go Into Round two. The pounds should soon start to fall.
  8. Meece

    Anybody shoot at the range?

    A person I know invited me to the range and on one detail there was one bloke shooting long barrel pistol, the next was using a lever action rifle, the next was a 22 target rifle and the next was an mp5 in 22lr. It's was a good club with good facilities and setup.
  9. Meece

    Anybody shoot at the range?

    I only do 22lr prone, on the club range and no one uses that sort of weapon on our range but I did see them being used on the 1066 range in Hastings
  10. Meece


    Everyone is saying about how a mod is needed. Ok a mod will reduce the muzzle blast but there is no mod on this planet that wiĺ suppress the crack of a bullet travelling supersonic. Unless it is just rabbit clearace or dog food, does you friend really want rabbits that look like and are like road kill mince? And the ammo is very variable with split necks, soft rounds, crackers, misfires and ejection problems. It depends on how accurate the shooter is and the lay of the land ect.
  11. Meece


    Probably about right. Being American it's classed as a kid's plinking gun out there but Mossberg churn out millions of workman like guns so should be quite sold. I've got an 8 shot 500 pump on fac. It's a fun gun
  12. Meece

    Hull Comp X 21g

    Compare the primer indents on the ones that dont go off. If the strikes are the same its the cartridge. Make a note of the batch number. Technique has nothing to do with anything like this. And dont just eject cases all over the place. It's just mucky. Never leave a case behind to give away your presence. It's just the mark of an armature. Comp x is a nice cartridge. Contact Hull. The shop might just give you a handfull of cartridges as replacement.
  13. Meece

    gazza charged with sex assault

    Ok he's got a drink problem but if YOU are randomly accused of an incident does that immediately make YOU GUILTY? This akin to medieval witch hunts. A neighbour accuses you of something or your accused of being a peso and straightaway your blacked, a social pariah. If an offence has been committed the system has the ability to sort it out and deal with him as law prescribes. It doesnt need a twit like you to get involved advocating castration ect.
  14. Meece

    gazza charged with sex assault

    Was the train very crowded ?