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  1. Yeah it is abit... Nice one though buddy and fingers crossed.
  2. Where you based buddy... I go fishing so travel around a few places
  3. Defo in the right place now buddy... Hopefully buddy, I've put the feelers out to people I used to know that had them, but since rhvd2 alot can't keep them as no rabbits round...
  4. Long time no post... But After COVID I had a pretty crappy time i lost job lost my family and someone poisoned my dogs and ferrets... So now I'm finally on a good road with a new life and new permissions I'm after a couple a hobs Any help appreciated Lee Ps I'm in north essex
  5. I've got a blank firerer hob not had him done and he takes the Jill's out off season with no kits, just lucky I reckon.. Just jinxed myself now... ill have 40 kits in 5 weeks now I got charged £85 last time I had one done and only one vets round me would do it, exotic animal apparently! FF
  6. I'm seeing a Labrador and jack Russell on the left too... FF
  7. Chartwell make some good but hutchs.. I've had to make my own as I've got to move them from the X Mrs house This one measures 8'x4'x4' it's a monster but I've got 5 ferrets FF
  8. Got mine off eBay 4 years ago with one collar for £100 bought a new collar off Jim chick for £23.... FF
  9. I made one out of a large cable reel, but mine never used it that much... FF
  10. As title chaps... Anyone been fishing in there around brightlingsea and st oysth from a boat? What to expect to catch? FF
  11. Nice shooting buddy... Your game bag is the same as mine but I'm needing a new one, can you remember where you got it and what make it is, as I cant. Ruddy good bag. FF
  12. On a side note... Did you have to ask for permission to dig in the graveyard before retrieving the ferret? As Ive been asked to do one but said it's not season yet but they want me to do it. FF
  13. I have an old Deben MK1 finder that I got quite cheap at a boot sale of all places. I don't use the finder that much only on the bigger warrens in hedge lines really. If one ferret stays down a while I'll collar up the other one and send it in to find the other. I would say it's a good idea to have one, as said 150 for a hobby is nothing really. I spend that on pellets per year... FF
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