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  1. As above.... nailed it!!! Only one thing to add. When shoting you 5m or 5 yard ranges use a drawing pin as aim point then 5 shots at aim point on dp, Then move your cross hairs onto the group and make a note off how many mildots between group and aim point. Ie... 30m zero 35m +0.5 md (hold over) 20m -0.5 md (hold under) i make little range cards that go on my covers... Keep magnifaction the same x8 x10 Unless its a ffp scope FF
  2. Where you have shot the bisley men, now looks like they have a dog sitting at their feet. Amazing rifles... i have a tx200 thats as accurate as my daystate. FF
  3. Or a song... i see a red door and i want to paint it black! FF
  4. I remember when we had no heating in the cottage... there was frost on the inside of the windows. You had to walk the 3 miles and knock on your mates door and have to speak to their parents... ' is marc coming out to play?' I dont think ive seen a kid up a tree for years No new mud slides in our local river. CC
  5. Well done buddy... but make sure your shooting is within the laws. As you are already probably aware of. FF
  6. I have an AGS litew8... Which i believe is the same gun just different stock, brough new in 2004. Have had numerous rabbits with it and a lovely rifle. Shot count is only about 35-40 shots per fill though. Exellent hunting gun... not a plinking gun. My mate brought a bsa super10 at the same time and i was super jealous of the fact i had to pump mine up 6 times to his one. FF Get some pics up when you get it collected
  7. Cracking buddy... lovely dog too. FF
  8. First of all... Is there a release valve on the pump, should be near the dial? Make sure thats done up tight then pump away. Your gauge isnt in BAR so pump up until 2750 psi = around 185bar. Release the air from PUMP by the release valve (it will pffffft abit) then remove the probe from the gun fill port. Make sure its not loaded before pumping up. Did i read you were part of a club? Maybe a local gunshop can help? Or the person that takes you out shooting. If not ask someone close by with a pcp to look over it for you. Compressed air can be very dangerous. I personally wouldnt let it go below 120bar which is around 1750 psi FF
  9. Liking that stock... looks like someone had it for hft or ft Adjustable trigger too? FF
  10. Looks like its in a very nice stock too... Got any pics of it side on? FF
  11. You wont be disapointed... now go get your rabbits for dinner. Make a note of how many shoots you get from a 200bar fill before it starts dropping off. Enjoy your new gun buddy. FF
  12. If you mean breaking the leather as in making it softer. I use a small block of soft wood rubbed on it while wet. Then while watching tv just keep playing with it rolling it in your hands. I stretch mine out first and pin the to a board then scrap the fleshy bits off with the back of a knife after a couple a days. Then i mainly use them as dummy covers. My jrt loves them. FF
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