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  1. Furrosious ferreter


    Ive promised myself no more scopes... Unless i can get a decent priced first focal plane (ffp) Only because im starting to get annoyed with swapping over all my range markers (hold under n over) when shooting different quarry 6x on rats 10x on squizzies 14x on birds (not used that one for a while) 20x on rabbits 24x on the paper and steel targets at long range FF
  2. Furrosious ferreter


    Thanks FF
  3. Furrosious ferreter

    How much???

    I got an old webley tempest that could shot just as good... Just got to guess where the pellets going to land. FF
  4. Furrosious ferreter


    Looks good buddy... What lens caps are fitted to the super10 and hortitsia? FF
  5. Furrosious ferreter

    Skinny nursing jill

    OT will say put some 'hurbs' in with her or its ok she small cos shes a 'greyhound ferret' FF
  6. Furrosious ferreter

    Skinny nursing jill

    She looks very happy and lovely bright eyes. Im sure she'll be ok. 11 kits will get through some rabbits also. I start mine of on rabbit loin strips then the back of the rabbit with abit of bone then abit of fur later on FF
  7. Furrosious ferreter

    One for a royal navy commander

    How much does a knife like this sell for? I think whatever price its worth it. That is one really nice piece FF
  8. Furrosious ferreter

    Mini Ferrets

    Try n get them used to going through pipe work... drag a dead rabbit through it first for them to have some insentive go go in. On first trip out choose a small 5 or 6 holer that you know has rabbits in. Its handy if youve seen how many rabbits are home. Im sure they will be fine and work well for you. I had a small ferret... she would zoom through the warren and she still managed to push them out. FF
  9. Furrosious ferreter

    Mini Ferrets

    I got a new cat... FF
  10. Furrosious ferreter

    Mini Ferrets

    Oh... ok, got confused there FF
  11. Furrosious ferreter

    Mini Ferrets

    So ourteam... Did you say you have bred last years kits and they're brother n sister. Should that be done? FF
  12. Furrosious ferreter

    Which female end stirrup pump

    I think if you unscrew the whip off the stirrup pump you might be able to screw the buddy bottle straight on the pump... Depends where the pressure valve is. FF
  13. Furrosious ferreter

    Mini Ferrets

    Is a greyhound ferret better known as a STOAT. FF
  14. Furrosious ferreter

    Mini Ferrets

    Ill tell you a trick... Bet on the rabbit that always wins FF
  15. Furrosious ferreter

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    Do you smoke herbs? FF