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  1. Ferrets get what ever i can get me hands on... Mainly rabbit, but as its shooting season get given some pheasants so they get frozen. Would rather feed squashed road kill then biscuits. FF
  2. Unfortunatly is abit far... 10 hour round trip. Thanks though FF
  3. I believe the top ad castrate the ferret before you get it and charge £60 (aint got that much) And the other 2 dont have any left. Thank you for your reply, appritiated greatly FF
  4. Im in need of a young hob to have vasectomismed. Just lost (died) my hob (friday). He had a hole in his pallet (mouth) probably from a bone, and an infection in his lung... so vets recommended putting him to sleep. He wasnt eating or breathing properly so i agreed. He had a good summer though in with five jills. Im in north essex dont mind traveling abit. Just time is a problem Hoping someone can help me out and im not expecting a free ferret, i will pay. Many thanks Lee
  5. Saw this one today... made me chuckle FF
  6. Someone in the pub told me to fill in as many holes as posible if you know rvhd has been there, as the virus can stay dormant on the carcass of a rabbits for 90 days... this apparently stops other rabbits spreading the decease. (Look for flies around the holes he said) And if rabbits are in the warren they will dig themselves out. But he also said 'dogs cant look up' FF
  7. We eat the legs... done on the bbq Very nice indeed FF
  8. I like net making, but im not on facebook. FF
  9. Indeed... need some frosts to kill cover off. Still seeing new nettles growing through. FF
  10. Took the lad and the dog out for a mornings ferreting... Dog showed great marking on this warren so netted up... and in with the ferret. Had one straight away then abit of a wait but i could hear the rabbit moving about. We had set 11 nets down and the rabbit came out a bolt hole id missed, right next to a netted hole. Unfortunatly the lad wasnt quick enough letting the dog off... so lost one. But all in all a great morning with one of the boys. Precious moments. FF
  11. Nice day out.... you need a youngen to do your running same as me... Dragging a 17 stone carcass around aint fun. FF
  12. Ive had to cut a bramble length out of the hedge before to hook a rabbit. Saw it in a video... some old boy used one. FF
  13. Let me know buddy.... it might even get turned into a tattoo... FF
  14. To true fred90... i understand that completely. There are pheasant shoots to the back and sides of the perm and the game keeper is always out and about... Spoken to him a few times and never seen or heard a poachers being about. Although i havent seen as many hares about this year either. Not seen any dead rabbits either or land owner saying so, but there are a few pairs a kites and buzzards around to pick them up i suppose. Badgers are more prolific this year seems to be twice as many as previous years. FF
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