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  1. Kits... 1 jill 1 hob... Albinos. From working parents. Born end of may. Full of energy. Well handled and friendly. Locatated in colchester, essex Pm me on here if interested FF
  2. Furrosious ferreter

    2 free kits to working homes

    Any takers.... FF
  3. Furrosious ferreter

    2 free kits to working homes

    Ive got 2 kits, 1 hob 1 jill, Albino, well feed on rabbit, pigeon and high protein dried food. From unrelated working parents. In colchester essex. Free to the right home. The 2 on the outsides, born end of may, Eyes are open and they're running around, feeding well. Pm me if interested. FF
  4. Furrosious ferreter

    Bad times...

    I lost (passed away) my little jill today, she was 5 weeks pregnant. Last night when i checked her she was fine full of beans her normal self. This morning just laying there, no energy no go. So picked her up and just limp wouldnt eat wouldnt drink. She almost looked relieved to see me, so i said my goodbyes to her as it looked really bad, made her comfy with a liquidised chick besides her, but on returning from work, she had passed away. I hope she didnt suffer. She was my boys ferret that he used last season, and to be fair she was good very fast and great at bolting. Still havent told him as i think he'll be quite upset. Not a good day... FF
  5. Furrosious ferreter

    My ferrets vulva grazed!

    Vets told me 3 weeks, should i wait longer then? FF
  6. Furrosious ferreter

    My ferrets vulva grazed!

    Cheers guys... thank you Its looking alot better today. FF
  7. Furrosious ferreter

    My ferrets vulva grazed!

    Went to the court today and noticed my ferrets vulva is grazed. Ive just had my hob vasectomy done 2 weeks ago, so she is supposed to be going in with him at the end of the month. What is the best way to treat her? Cheers FF
  8. Furrosious ferreter

    im thinking

    Go for it... I like sitting on my box with a coffee, ferret in the hole and waiting for the first bolter... FF
  9. After a 1 or 2 year old male ferret intact or v-sected near to colchester please Pm me if anyone can help please FF
  10. Furrosious ferreter

    Tangled long nets

    Get someone else to do it. FF
  11. Furrosious ferreter


    Have you been walking round bare foot and going in circles... Fox... running as no back foot print present. FF
  12. Furrosious ferreter

    What was your BEST spring rifle shot of 2017 ?

    I think my best shot was a 40 meter rabbit in longish grass, with a weihrauch hw57 .22 leaning on a tree. FF
  13. Furrosious ferreter

    Gas ran.

    It doesnt show me underneath... FF
  14. Furrosious ferreter

    Ferret or shoot???

    Should i ferret or shoot tomorrow? Have been catching pregnant does and small ones. Have had a mate that has shot a few of the ground. What do you guys think? FF
  15. Furrosious ferreter

    Sub zero ferrets

    Ive notice mine have padded out their nest box with pigeon feathers and rabbit fur. FF