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  1. Furrosious ferreter

    hectic 1st day of the season

    Not many young by the look of it? Still got plenty of young in my area... Still waiting for it to change down here. Good day out by the looks of it. Nice dogs, mines on his first season too. FF
  2. Furrosious ferreter

    Funny Joke Thread

    They all look like lamas to me... Its the same face compossed over the pic? FF
  3. Furrosious ferreter

    Air arms 510 ,broken trigger sear

    Could get onto airarms saying youll write to airgun magazines about their poor customer relations. Abit nasty though. FF
  4. Furrosious ferreter

    BSA Super Ten service

    John bowkett... get him to work his magic FF
  5. Furrosious ferreter

    Air arms 510 ,broken trigger sear

    Is it the top or bottom sear? Do you know if he's tryed 'proteksupplies' FF
  6. Furrosious ferreter

    A few hours out

    Good shooting... i havent seen that many rabbits on my perm this year. FF
  7. Furrosious ferreter

    Horse paddock

    My perm asked me to start ferreting today... not looking forward to it. Over grown nettles and brambles everywhere not to mention all the fern its like a carpet. FF
  8. Furrosious ferreter

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    Thats what ive got at the moment... I mean so the tray (high sided) slides in through a gap the length of the hutch so you pull it out to empty the whole lot. Like the dog and it looks like the rabbits still alive FF
  9. Furrosious ferreter

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    Im thinking of making a new hutch for the end of the court... But i think that using plastic trays as the bottom so i can just pull them out to empty into the wheel barrow would save time when cleaning out. FF
  10. Furrosious ferreter

    Funny Joke Thread

    Saw this the other day on another forum... Made me chuckle FF
  11. Furrosious ferreter


    Nice one... What are they like? FF
  12. Furrosious ferreter

    They did not stand a chance

    I would of shot them too... Bet they taste good, look like this years youngters. A quick question... off topic. If youve got a rabbit in your crosshairs and see that it looks like it has survided mixxy. What would you do? Shoot or not? FF
  13. Furrosious ferreter

    What a lovely rifle

    After finishing the stock for the hw97k and fitting the action back in... I went out this morning to check zero. After adjustments were made i went for a wonder getting abit late in the morning and getting warm, i decided to sit under an old oak tree for a little feet up time. I hadnt seen a rabbit, then one popped her head out from the fence line a quick side focus adjustment to 35 meters 1.50 mildots of hold over and a thud in the shoulder saw one into the bag. The rifles unadjustable cheek comb set perfectly for me has made a massive difference to the gun, now its a positive head position everytime. Roll on next week to get out again. FF
  14. Furrosious ferreter

    Quick trip out at woodgas

    Looks like a pat x buy the a hole FF
  15. Furrosious ferreter

    First time out in ages with the HW 100 KT .177

    Is it me or does a thumbhole stock make you feel like you have a more confident hold over the rifle? Nice shooting and love seeing a dog retrieve. FF