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  1. Use what your comfortable with... what you learnt with. I use metric. Because im young... ha FF
  2. I think they cant carry compressed air. But by law i think you have to be 18 or 21 to buy an airgun. Dont use paypal to pay for any gun related stuff... as they dont refund money for gun sales if you have any problems. FF
  3. Would have to be released of air in the rifle. Well packaged and ive had them sent by parcel force 48hr before FF
  4. Good lad... I learnt on springers... and my mate went straight on with pcps. He cant shoot a springer for toffee... Mind you, he cant shoot a pcp either. As been said zero at 20m then get your groups spot on, keep the aim point (cross hairs) on the bull and put 10 shots at a time through at each target. Keep at it buddy... youll be better for it. FF
  5. Ive often taken the ferrets out and put them in holes just get them out of the court... for the hell of it. FF
  6. Once again... i have a similar gun, AGS litew8 .22 8shot... mags are expensive and if seal do leak can be tricky to replace all the allen keys are lock tighted in and soft metal. Shot count is about 40 shots. So if you only have a pump then youll get a great workout. Youll probably be better off with a drive bottle but that is more expence to consider. On the plus side pcp would be better as no recoil to deal with so easier to shoot. Mines accurate enough to 40 yards. FF
  7. Liking your group. Was the point of aim the bullseye? If so... you can bring that more to the bull with fine tuning the scope 1 or 2 clicks at a time. It could also be your technique that is pulling the rifle to the right as you squeeze the trigger. This is why you 'must' practice your technique with holding it the same every time. But it may also be that the spring is causing twisting torque when firing... but this is a whole different matter. I would give the gun and your technique a chance before going and getting another rifle. Me personally dont like break barrel rifles. I like under levers as they have a fixed barrel. Its probably more in my head then anything else though. As for pellets the super fields are prob your best bet. But save your pocket money for some jsb or aafd. Best of luck n keep at it FF
  8. Welcome along buddy... I have a webley xocet in .22 i have found it very harsh to shoot mine works best of a bag held loosely with a consistant cheek weld to the stock, but it does kick. I would suggest trying jsb exacts or airarms field diablo. If yours is a .22 Then practice practice and practice until you can put 5/10 pellets through a 20mm hole at 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 yards or meters, you can expect a few fliers if pellets arent checked. Good luck buddy and keep with it. Get some pics up of your attemps and rifle. FF
  9. I got told ferrets are an exotic pet... best phone around the vets in the local book. To see if they will do it. I did that local to me as 3 that i went to would touch the ferrets. FF
  10. Are you feeding rabbits? Might be good to feed in 2 places. FF
  11. Mine had the neck and gizzards... FF
  12. I use 2 jills when out and they scrap when put back in the court, could be smell or something... nuts shouldnt be out yet as they arent in season, bout feb time they pop out. FF
  13. Do you mean something like... She says... that aint going in there unless you ban hunting! He says... ok done FF
  14. I have been under the impression that if you leave a jill in season it can cause their estrigen levels to go up and cause poor health and baldness. But i have heard that they can take themselves out of season on logs and rocks in their enclosure. I dont know how true this is though. FF
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