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  1. Furrosious ferreter

    Funny Joke Thread

    Is that an air rifle in the back ground? Showing off his quarry. FF
  2. Furrosious ferreter

    ASI Sniper (El Gamo)

    Not much difference then... FF
  3. Furrosious ferreter

    A few hours this morning

    Some nice looking perms you have there... Good shooting. Im out tomorrow morning so fingers crossed. Kids want rabbit for dinner. Who do you ask to get permission for shooting the allotments? Do you have to get people on the allotments to say its ok too? Fox look abit manky? FF
  4. Furrosious ferreter


    This is an insult to lloyd christmas as at least he could drive!!! FF
  5. Furrosious ferreter

    Weihrauch 97k

    Welcome along buddy. Great gun they are too. I have one in .22 i have stripped mine degreased, polished and short stroked it with a tinbum kit. Removed the crap bear trap (that wont save your thumb anyway). Polished the trigger sears to make it smoother on release. I now have hardly any recoil. And accurracy is spot on. The titanium piston is quite special, but not sure if any one does it any more. FF If i remember correctly its a shooting at dawn video.
  6. Furrosious ferreter

    Ferret finder mk1only going to 3 foot

    There are 2 slotted adjusters inside the box i think they adjust depth signal. FF
  7. Furrosious ferreter

    Theoben fenman pellet test.

    Yeah... shots taken from standing leant on car, rifle rested on a bsa cushion. Ive got springers hw57 77 97 but never owned a gas ram... different recoil and a break barrel and a short barrel at that too. Im confident the groups will pull in closer, like you say with practice. Got to get to know the gun and put some pellets through her. Not quite sure on the scope on her at the moment, its a hawke sidewinder 10x42 only spare scope i got at the minute. FF
  8. Furrosious ferreter

    Erratic groups at 30 yards

    Your local rdf should be able to help you out... id be suprised if they didnt. Keep us posted on your findings FF
  9. Furrosious ferreter

    Erratic groups at 30 yards

    Have you crhonographed the muzzle velosity? Ftlb under12 I had a 95 that was spiraling the pellet (like a corkscrew effect) But that was more to do with distance Ie left at 15m low at 20m right at 25m. FF
  10. Furrosious ferreter

    Erratic groups at 30 yards

    Wheres your other post gone rez? FF
  11. Furrosious ferreter

    Erratic groups at 30 yards

    The perfeckt trigger is one thats like the rekord but doesnt have the safety. It might as i think about it be the same sears and adjustments. I cant remember if the 85 had them... I think the hw50 did??? And another one. Or i dreamed it...not sure now. To many or not enough drugs FF
  12. Furrosious ferreter

    Erratic groups at 30 yards

    Could be scope paralax issue... is your shooting posture the same each time? What scope are you using? Do you know the history of the gun? Ie has the barrel been off? Is there chaffing around the breach seal, is the breach seal ok? Is the trigger ok... not hard to pull? Not sure if thats got a rekord or perfeckt trigger? Barrel clean, pull through? Ive just done this on mine and my groups are tightening up. Pellets... what ones are you using? Ive just done some testing yesterday and found a certain pellet doing the same at 25 meters. Have to have a play about... FF
  13. Furrosious ferreter

    Funny Joke Thread

    Are these the pants you were wearin at the time Ted? FF
  14. Furrosious ferreter

    Theoben fenman pellet test.

    Its a crusial part of owning an air rifle for pest control in my opinion. FF
  15. Furrosious ferreter

    Dog help... whinning!

    My old bxxxh is indoors