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  1. Surely it ain't right mate..I haven't given consent for them to listen..and I've got a crap old phone aswell..
  2. My lad told me the other day that my phone is listening to everything I say.and then shows me adverts related to what I've been talking about..and the last month I've noticed it more and more. Today I used my polisher on the jimny.and told the wife earlier thats what I'm off down the garage to do..and literally minutes ago and advert popped up on here of the polisher that I bought from argos about a year ago.. Weird as feck...
  3. Ping him . I dont know who his friends must be if they are talking like that..he's 24yr old.and if the foreman asks him to do a certain few loads in the dumptruck over the radio..he allways replies.."not a problem"
  4. Talking of random sentences.. There's a guy in work.who after every sentence says "wow". Feck I feel like strangling him
  5. Can you gaurantee me that I wouldn't suffer from long covid if I caught covid 19 ? You couldn't because it effects everyone differently.if a jab helps to reduce that chance..then a jab it is for me
  6. Long covid is permanently scarring people's lungs for life..and having a huge effect on fitness etc..I don't fancy suffering from that..not at 45yr old...
  7. king

    Car Wow!

    Bollocks to the Tesla and rimac. Look at the back end of this cat 40ton dumper..now that's quality
  8. king

    The Jab

    Do you feel like you are coming up..like your are tripping your face off..
  9. king


    Greb just posted this on his facebook.im glad you took my advice mate
  10. king


    Mongo could be on the forum..
  11. king


    You are probably egg bound mate.a good shit you need to sort you out...
  12. Ain't you sitting on the side of the boat with a cuppa and rod on this lovely day mate..
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