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  1. Arry is the man to identify the mushrooms mate..
  2. Yes that's OK with me..carry on mate..
  3. Can you honestly blame wilf for leaving a place that's totally changed over the last few decades ? He's done his kids proud not having to grow up amongst it..
  4. Shit news shortstraw..sounds like a freak accident type of thing...
  5. That's right and I reply..dee, deeeaaa, deeaannnnn, The last hour of daylight if you see a barn owl nearby make a squeak with your hand not to loud though..I've done it many a time and had a few within 10ft of me..
  6. It's good calling them and getting a reply mate
  7. My lad had a school trip a few years back and came home with what he said was an owl call. just a little stick that's been split and a piece of thin tape sandwiched between the wood..while lamping if we hear an owl you can copy its call with it.and they will call back.after about 10 calls back and fore I leave them be..
  8. king


    Well the doctor said after viewing the scans.. Dean I can clearly see why you don't tolerate feck shorts or fools in everyday life. And he also said that every village or little town has a few..and they can so be found in the workplace
  9. king


    I read this sentence somewhere before.. The biggest prison people live in is in there own mind.. And I think it's right enough..very very complex mate..
  10. king


    I'm of the belief that no matter how much doctors study the brain/behaviour or administer medication they will never truly work out what's going on inside the mind mate..
  11. king


    I don't know then mate..
  12. king


    I think it's the common held theory of men feeing weak if they talk about there feelings etc mate..
  13. king


    The brain is the most powerful thing in the universe. The wife has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (split personality disorder) that an 2 autistic lads.there's never a dull moment in our house and certainly no time to feel depressed here..although I personally know or sadly knew many lads (mainly) who have taken there lives..depression is a very horrible thing for people to suffer from and to many take there own lives because of it..
  14. king

    Super cold

    Double berroca..5 skinner and a good shit mate.you be sorted
  15. If you was working in the kebab kitchen and was on your knees looking under the cupboards..do you think you could steer a cockroach with your torch...
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