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  1. A man who streaks at football games...a man who sells brass cocks to the public.. A man who calls people who wanted the covid jab..scared..yet his wife wanted the jab.. And such a man wants to be taken seriously on this forum.. What a deluded you really are max..
  2. Shit scared of what exactly max.. Do you think you was brave and courageous by running onto the football pitch and sliding on your arse.. Is that a sign of being brave max..or is it an attention seeking pathetic thing to do...
  3. So max has teamed up with sunderlands FC mascot..the fountain shitter and are heading to Leicester... Max's plan is to Strip off and run into the waring crowds..within 2mtrs he's going for his classic streaking arse slide hoping to bowl a few people over with his 20st lard arse.. Meanwhile the fountain shitter has consumed 15 tins of baked beans and 6lb of prunes and is planning an ariel assault from the local mosque roof..Well she's had plenty of practice hopefully she hits her target... Good luck to both
  4. king


    Valium Keith.. you won't give a feck then...
  5. king


    Sorry to hear that mate..
  6. king


    What's your obsession with white and blacks constantly..you've mentioned it on this thread alone numerous times.. Do us all a favour max and feck up for a bit..
  7. king


    What sort of ££ were involved in the top tier matches mate.. And that last paragraph is spot on..at least you know what you are dealing with and can act accordingly..
  8. king


    The APBT as a breed has to be admired in my eyes.. It's got everything..the body the minset the power the courage the list goes on and on.. What a package..I had a bitch years ago from psycho/ stormer lines..the bite on her was impressive..she would line up a big nuckle from a fresh bone in her back teeth and just smash it in 1 bite..my other staff didn't have half the biting power of that bitch..very shallow stop on her I'm sure there was English bull somewhere down the line..
  9. king


    Probably 90% plus mate..
  10. king


    I seen an interview I think last night with 1 of them party leaders.. Saying they are having gun shootings every night..and crime has rocketed since 2015 due to Muslim immigrants..
  11. king


    Feck I've never seen a bud like that before dc..
  12. king


    Once the dreaded screw thickness sets in..its time to put the kettle on and have a minute..
  13. king


    Fair play mate..that's some experience.ive only seen the elephants in Chester zoo..and the size of them is crazy..
  14. king


    You are going in deep KD...
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