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  1. Strange 1 mate anal glands then surely like Ken said .
  2. Food is always a good business as obviously everyone has to eat. A lad I know was telling me his mate had a few doughnut vans that frequent Sunday markets and any other event he could get to and it's all cash payments.a biker meet up I used to go to which happened on a Thursday night had over 1000 bikes turn up it was like a food festival huge catering vans there etc.big money in food. Just found a video of the place on YouTube.thats early evening looking at the numbers there.them vans would take £1000s on the night no doubt..
  3. That's fecked mun ffs. Forestry commission seems a tidy number.not sure on the pay though.
  4. Breakfast the next morning was quite awkward they know my head is fecked though
  5. Come on dogfox ffs the answer is there looking at you.. Release the pad vid you will make mega ££
  6. I done the same myself on my wedding night.knocked the back out of the wife and wondered into the mother in law's bedroom where she was sleeping with her husband. And jumped into there bed naked
  7. A lad from the village about 30yrs ago went to live in Birmingham learning a welding trade. He ended up having an interview in a nuclear power station welding.the first weld he done they x rayed it and came back to him and didn't believe he done the weld himself.so he done it again in front of them.they x rayed it again.and give him the job.he lives in Amsterdam now.maried and very wealthy.nice to see the lad has done well..
  8. Why don't you climb the ladder so to speak.you been in the game long enough.you considered doing that..
  9. They paying the lodge tax free.which it should be as a government subsidy..
  10. It's up to you mate.£17 an hr for sitting on your arse pulling levers aint to bad.hs2 is kicking off proper next spring be some decent money to be earned on there.get in with a good firm and get the tax free lodge aswell about £37 a night for 7 days. Saying that you got experience on the tracks get more tickets for supervisor or higher and take the money..the only thing holding you back is yourself..
  11. You gone off the idea of a 360 already
  12. king

    Check this out

    Excately.. No doubt if it is used it will save lives.which is surely a good thing..an oap who's had a stroke he can be there with the electric machine in quick time..
  13. king

    Check this out

    Well if you ain't got the balls to give it a go then I will have to
  14. It's nice to see the thread opened again.some interesting stories from folk on here
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