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  1. king

    Do they know ??

    So sorry for your loss Ray. As has been said keep busy mate.. All the best dean...
  2. king

    Bare feet

    Looks just like ditch shitters foot
  3. king

    Copper braclet.

    Try 1 mate it might help
  4. king

    Copper braclet.

    My left elbow was bad so I wear it on my left..I don't know if the magnets do anything mate..there seems to be lots for sale with magnets in though..
  5. king

    Copper braclet.

    I've read that people don't wash the green off as it goes into the skin mate..do you wash it off or leave it..
  6. king

    Copper braclet.

    Its a strange thing mate..thats a brilliant story though..how the hell did someone work that out and how does it actually work..weird..
  7. king

    Copper braclet.

    How does that dowsing work mate..I've seen it on TV but can't get me head around how it works..
  8. king

    Copper braclet.

    Looks well made that mate..so yourself and arry and me have been healed by them..they do work then..the wife had 1 at the same time as me but her skin went red and sore from wearing it..
  9. king

    Copper braclet.

    Fair play mate. I did read online the medical people say there's no evidence..but like you say it cured you and I'm sure its cured me..so they definitely work..
  10. I've seen many people where them over the years and after a bit of research online apparently they don't work.. Well I've had tennis elbow for years from driving machines must be the repetitive movement I'm thinking.. last summer I would have to stop working and hang my arm down for a minute or 2.. So I bought a copper braclet back in October after a few months there was no difference at all. But the last say 6 weeks my elbow is 90% better..so I'm pretty sure they do help with joint pain etc.. The 1 I bought has a few magnets in it aswell.. Anyone else had symptoms ea
  11. Good luck agent mchull.. If you can bring them back alive,
  12. That is a cool flag. Maybe see if you can contact a Welsh military historian..they should be able to give you an insight into the flag..
  13. Dogs living the dream lying infront of the fire mate..
  14. About 93/94 I done a fair bit there..the small road bridge between the reservoirs..just there I liked going some good size perch there..its a cracking place to spend a day..lovely scenery mate..
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