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  1. have a listen gnasher..get the headphones on and turn it up...
  2. I didn't nicepix I spent 35 mins flat out on a superbike in winter dealing with a back tyre that used to slip and slide.im the depth of winter. My while whole jaw bone would be numb after commuting in the winter. 30 mins in the dozer and the jaw would warm up That's the reason for flat out from cold Because I was very cold..
  3. king


    Bill I believe you have a lot of knowledge to give people on here. But you are a bit nasty bill. If you relaxed a bit and posted in a relaxed manor. Your info would be digested a bit better. You are throwing away knowledge bill through arguments.
  4. The last dozer i worked on I would start it at -3 And below and colder And would max revs when it instantly started From.sitting cold.all.night to max revs.within a few seconds Life to short to feck about rev feck out of it.
  5. There's more going on in the world that dinner mate. Any pics of the new arrival
  6. Katchum we have had stupid arguments on here for years. But standing above a Warren watching the dogs and ferrets working I'm quite sure we would get along. Life's to short to argue all the time. But 100% sure that if you started such a thread. There would be plenty of input. Maybe 50% of lads on here live in big towns etc. And such a thread would go down very well. You might think it's fecking useless starting such a thread of daily life on a working farm.. But I'm sure you will be surprised.
  7. Katchum. Start a thread..on the yard. Or something similar.named Where you post daily about the ups and downs of working in such a place. Surely that would be better than replying bullshit about Sunderland... Rise above it ffs I'm quite sure lads on here would be interested in you posting daily.with pics about the days events on the farm. You might think they won't but I'm sure people will enjoy such a thread. Even as far as milking pics. Times the cattle are milked etc. The process from the cow to the milk tanker wagon etc.. You are working in a place that many people would enjoy to work. It's got to be 1000% better than a factory And slag me off if you want. But. I would be interested in catching up with the day to day pics and info that you could provide. We have had many a stupid argument on here. Acting like bloody kids. Get a thread started about the daily life of the farm Katchum..
  8. It's not me max. It's fecking mental that Sunderland afc Has had 91 pages talked about it. Now that I can't get my head around. But anyway I'm off and won't post no more on a pointless embarrassing topic
  9. 90 pages of pure shit... And still they type
  10. As you have seen on murder documentary's pesky. When the parent's or who ever is being interviewed. There's people studying there body language. And they can tell with quite good accuracy if someone is lying. Funny how no-one has done the same with this fella.
  11. back when coke was the real deal. its so far out it's amazing..
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