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  1. king


    So if a line of dogs is kept from work for say 20yrs as in kept on the couch as pets then a young keen lad started working that line of dogs.would the 20yrs have an effect on the line ? Maybe not as the blood is all ready there. And how many years would it take to Perfect a line of dogs. Now I know no such line exist as in perfect. even after the digging terrier blood of maybe 150yrs. Maybe 1000 years.woudnt even scratch the surface.or even 10,000 years the time cycle could even be infinate. .And I think never end I'm pretty sure after all these years and 1000s of breedings the digging terrier is still in its infancy as to what the terrier could produce. It seems to me that it's an infinate cycle that keeps.going what is the perfect terrier and what would it look like. Take for example the jaguar or leopard. Now that's been bred through luck of survival etc.for 1000s or even hundreds of thousands of years to what we see today.as the ultimate animal.maybe it's not the ultimate animal as it's still evolving. Could man even come close to perfecting the terrier in 200yrs as what mother nature could in 50'000 years. My thoughts are no matter what we think of the modern terrier and great terrier men. No one has even scratched the surface compared to what mother nature could in hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe the old saying rings true. Man wrecks everything he has ever touched.as in man thinks the modern terrier of today should have these and that traits etc. It's a massive minefield that no man can explore. But an amazing minefield that makes lads addicted to the thought of the ultimate terrier. Which obviously doesn't even exist. Lads talking about dogs is great. But the reality is it's a total infinate chat. That is endless. Sorry for that rant Glyn. Cheers king.
  2. king


    so some new blood is needed.so lads say breed tight.father daughter breeding.mother son.so when do you know when is the right time to inject some new blood.into the line. to add new vigour etc.and when do you know the line is going stale so to speak. watching the dogs perform etc.but if you are new to that line of dogs how do you work out when the line needs a bit of new blood.
  3. king


    hey RH if you ever feel over dogged this summer give me a pm lol
  4. To right it does kanny.and Tommy said that little snippet is the tamest.
  5. you do have a choice if YOU want to pay it or not bob. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/tv-licence/
  6. king

    Need bit of advice lads

    lol brother black neck is secretly using empty bean tins for hoof soaking purposes.but he says thats it a more advanced method compared to wellies.
  7. a little snippet in about 20 mins tommy said.cant wait to see what he has on that pedo corporation
  8. king

    Need bit of advice lads

    is the dogs cornering speed affected in wellies at all.
  9. king

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    come next weeks game against england which will be a tough game.who will warren pick then.unless he has played the trump card so to speak.and kept the best on the bench this week to prevent them being injured.so the bulk of next weeks team will be 14 days without playing.plenty of time to heal the bumps and bruises then.
  10. king

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    no good ken.10 changes in this weeks team.
  11. king


    dangerous addiction mate.well done on the win though.
  12. king

    Average speed check....

    caught bang to rights mate lol
  13. king

    Average speed check....

    you ain't received any letter
  14. Christ he's got to be coming down from 25ft + looking at the length of his body he must be nearly 6ft stretched out himself.