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  1. You was very lucky mate..it takes a good while to get into the habit of grabbing the hard hat. Thank feck you had it on
  2. I was about to mention sitting on the dumper while being loaded...I wouldn't load it if the lad was in the seat... If the digger driver had a funny turn and pulled that left lever to the right..the lad will be decapitated..
  3. king

    Another one!

    Have a read of this list..of mps convicted of sex crimes..mind blowing amounts.... List of MPs Convicted of Sex Offences WWW.CONSPIRACYTRUTHS.CO.UK A long list of Paedophiles and sex offenders who have/are still working in Parliament...
  4. I don't know mate..I seen it online somewhere..it tickled me to be honest
  5. To do what you can't greb... Catch rabbits
  6. Greb you are like the other idiots on this site..waffling on about dogs this and dogs that..when you don't even own a running dog..because you ain't allowed one Deer and fox are illegal to take with a dog greb..only rabbits and rats allowed..
  7. It would still be a better runner than the lawnshitter greb.. So I'd imagine you would welcome it with open arms
  8. I know you can buy chalky and the boys dvd.. Grebs will be called... Greb and the gays
  9. Do you keep the lawnshitter lean greb..so he can track down his next large kebab meat and chips
  10. The pup I got off mchull is let to free run with the other 4 dogs here..when in the numerous fields I walk..she started from a young age of running and pretending to strike the neck on either terrier at speed..she hardly touches the terriers..I've never had a dog do it before..but she's done it 100's of times..its almost like she's practicing to strike..the coordination coming in at every angle possible and traveling at high speed is a skill in itself I think..it seems like its hard wired into her..almost like it's natural.. Roll on September she can put all that practice to work...
  11. A good bong you want fens..open the lung proper
  12. See if you can get a galaxy s10 kieth..plenty on Facebook for a touch over £150
  13. That's a fair stroll mate
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