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  1. king

    When the shit hits the fan.

    good to hear she came good in the end stealthy.i was thinking the same as mackem in that this aint going to end well.but was nice to read she pulled through. and fair play to the vet for a good service at a good price.
  2. he must of seen the light mate lol.ken will give an honest opinion of the dog in a few year's no doubt if it's upto the job or not
  3. king

    How do they pass their test

    feck me you think car's are bad you should see some of the new starter's on 40 ton dump truck's.ive had them reversing into me whilst i been on a dozer lol
  4. king

    Oakwood South Wales

    i grew up in seven sister's lol yea the gunsmoke was a cracking place.the cowboy's loved it shooting flat out there. the slide was good there untill you were brave and didnt brake much dewi.if i remember right they had a black talking bird there.was it a minor bird.i remember the blue and yellow mccaw parrot big lovely looking bird.
  5. ken would of been better off with a half x bull/grey
  6. lol saying that mind the way the winter's are now it wont be long before we are wearing t shirt's all year round.the dog is panting sitting by my side with the curtains closed and window's open.
  7. nice pup ken.i see you have been fighting the urge to have a heavily whippet blooded beast for a while.lets hope you have mild winter's for the dog or you will have a shivering wreck lol
  8. king

    teaching recall to a bull x

    next time he stand's and look's at you.dont say anything just point to him and drop your hand to point at your feet but keep eye contact.like you are staring him out.dont move your body apart from pointing and repeat that movment every 30 second's but keep staring.he will soon come to you.then praise him he will soon stop the staring at you as he cant win that game.
  9. king

    It's time

  10. king

    It's time

    so you are threatening to grass him up. if he has ever done anything wrong.
  11. king

    Man Drowns, And Two Missing

    i was brought up by my grandparent's we lived on a hill.when i was 18 gran was in hospital.i went home at 10:00pm and found my the back yard full of water there was a main's pipe gushing out water that my grandfather was going to fix.the 3ft deep hole was dug in the day.water was lapping over the back door step. so i panicked and started scooping a bucket full of water a time and throwing it onto the lawn.trying to stop the water from coming in the house. and thinking were the feck is he.grandfather.it was pitch dark apart from light from the kitchen door.then i seen something floating near my foot.it was him dead. fecking shock was mental.so near water in the dark still scare's me now.
  12. king

    It's time

    do you wear them lamping near the bermuda triangle.
  13. king

    It's time

    pick up a few tins of unicorn meat when you are dragging that gammy leg through the isles.
  14. king

    It's time

    them old teeth still got the strengh to bite through fridge chilled corned beef.you better have spam.your jaw wont ache then
  15. king

    It's time

    corned beef you posh fecker.you get 2 tin's of spam for 1 tin of corned beef.