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  1. Nice size that mate..
  2. Just noticed the bear in this pic..his head is propped up with 2 sticks..
  3. The pics are compressed..tap on the pic to open it..or hold the phone sideways..
  4. Vintage photos of the old-school lumberjacks who fell giant trees with axes, 1890-1935 Lumberjacks pose with a Douglas fir tree in Washington. 1899. Before the invention of motorized chainsaws and logging machinery, the hard work of felling trees was done by the lumberjacks using hand tools such as axes and saws. The work was difficult, dangerous, intermittent, low-paying, and involved living in primitive conditions. Lumberjacks worked in lumber camps and often lived a migratory life, following timber harvesting jobs as they opened. T
  5. They are an amazing size mate..I saved a post about them a while back I will post it for you now.. The pics are compressed mate.. Tap on the pic or hold your phone sideways to view the pics..
  6. When settlers headed to the Pacific Northwest, they were forced to improvise dwellings and start their lives from scratch. Finding the stumps of gigantic trees that had been felled by logging companies still rooted in the ground, they saw a great opportunity. Many of these huge stumps stood a full 10 feet high but were undesirable as lumber because they tended to swell down toward their base, making the wood grain uneven. For select stumps, the newly arrived farmers found other uses. A few of the largest were leveled off and fashioned into platforms where “stump dances” were hel
  7. Fair play mate..a cracking day out. Bet the old bitch is having a good sleep after that
  8. Good video here mate.. How to make a "tree trunk whittle wizard.. FD sent it to me..hes mad for a whittle down the local woods..
  9. It is a lovely place mate..here's a little drone video on YouTube of barmouth..cracking sunsets there aswell..the camp sites are up the coast about a mile..walk for hrs on them beaches..
  10. king


    Get your paw in a bowl of very warm water..and drink a pint of water mate..
  11. Feck 200k kanny..few pots of paint wipe the cupboards down with a damp cloth..and get the kettle on lol.
  12. You would struggle to get cleaner water than that I bet mate.. You been to barmouth only about an hours drive from there.some nice camping sites there mate..small walk across the train track and onto the beach.
  13. They are filthy beasts mate..
  14. South hams putting his tounge in nicepixs pink balloon knot kieth.. He was so far up you could only see a toenail sticking out of the knot..
  15. Fair play to her mate..could you see any trout in them pools.. Used to take the 3 lads river swimming..they would spend hrs lying on a body board using a diving mask watching the trout..give them 1 of them little bean pole nets to hold below the board..could never catch 1 though lol..the wife would be doing a bbq..I'm sure them trout could smell the bbq and knew there fate lol
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