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  1. king

    String vest..

    so the string vest could cater for all body type's then..
  2. king

    String vest..

    they are probably great for someone suffering with extreme crotch rot as the increase of air flow could be a benefit for the user..
  3. king

    String vest..

    lots to think about before i fully commit to the string vest i think mate..
  4. king

    String vest..

    happy birthday mate..
  5. king

    String vest..

    See Katchum ray knows the benefits of a good string vest. You need to move with the times mun You are stuck in the past ffs. Even nesbitt knew years ago
  6. king

    String vest..

    The grandkids will keep asking why you can't look like the good looking man in the picture
  7. king

    String vest..

    I don't wear a belt.ive only ever put 1 pic of myself on here.and won't be posting any more
  8. king

    String vest..

    I thought my sun tanned 6 pack would look cool behind the white mesh..
  9. king

    String vest..

    Right with summer a few months away at what age would you have to be to rock the string vest look..with pyjamas while shuffling around the house. Or with jeans whilst visiting the supermarket.. Here's a pic of said vest.
  10. a wise man once said "if the panty's are clean your onto a winner" and he also said "any hint of soiling walk away"
  11. king

    Nice find

    nice find that peter.maybe the young lad should buy a metal detector.
  12. Ham and eggs, a days work for a chicken but a lifetime commitment for a pig..
  13. king


    Word must of got out FD
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