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  1. You do seem very worked up about it all FD. I will leave you to find your answer
  2. And being christened didn't do you any harm mate did it.. The same as believing in god.it doesn't do any harm to a person..most feel better for it
  3. My thoughts about religion and believing in god etc..is people don't want to feel alone and lonely etc.and that someone is watching over them.thus giving them strength in life.. If you believe in god fine if you don't that's fine aswell each to there own mate.
  4. Some scientists think life started in or around deep sea smoking chimneys mate.. Hydrothermal vents: survival at the ocean's hot springs WWW.NHM.AC.UK Oceans are crucial for life on Earth - but did it begin at a hydrothermal vent?
  5. He's mad as feck.that little laugh at the beginning I can relate to . Toto must think he's fexked
  6. Some believe bigfoot is living in scotland..
  7. My dog commission drawing don't seem so bad now..
  8. Do you think it would be classed as a kidney punch to the back of the head mate..
  9. They call him fray bentos... But if you threw a kidney punch and a midget ran past and you caught him.that would indeed be a kidney punch to the back of the head mate..
  10. It's mind blowing mate..half way through greb demonstrates his legendary 87 punch combination. Then at the end he throws 7 kidney punches to the back of the head of the pad Holder. hitting his head guard straight off..scary speed and power..
  11. I thought for a moment that you had really gone into full on friar tuck mode
  12. Just got back from the squirrel feeder.been up the woods for a few hrs.nothing happening.had a closer look to check the peanut level.the perspex door is snapped on half..I thought an anti had attacked it.. opened it up it was half full of sheep's wool and green moss..the culprit was building a nest..no eggs in there though..must be some bird to smash through 2mm perspex..
  13. Spot on.i thought you was going to send me to the bowels of hell for a moment
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