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  1. Filling a pond in nice easy number
  2. king

    Blood test

    1/2 ml 150mg a week..will sort you out mate..you be waking up raring to go with stiff wood lol..
  3. Seen a large group of lads going around the IOM TT on monkey bikes looked a good laugh racing each other on the mountain. I picked this up on Monday..
  4. The grumbleweeds were a brilliant band mate..
  5. Fair play to usyk he's a game fighter and took some solid shots from someone 3st heavier..but the decision is ultimately the decision and the smallest man won..
  6. £24:95 to watch the fight, bloody ridiculous..
  7. I'm after some myself if you come across any mate..
  8. It's a bank holiday weekend wolfie.. Lots off here have probably gone to Rhyl to spend the weekend in a flea ridden damp infested caravan. And about this time of night will be singing karma chameleon by culture club on the karaoke whilst intoxicated on 8 to 10 pints of mild bitter whilst sporting there brand new £12 market bought shell suits and puffing away on cheap £5 under the counter knock off fags between songs,
  9. king

    Pub Fights

    Hammer throw
  10. The poor sod must of been in a very dark place..what a painfull way to go..
  11. king

    Stanley flask,

    It certainly is mate..
  12. king

    Stanley flask,

    So maybe the quality has dropped alot mate..they still want strong ££'s though..
  13. king

    Stanley flask,

    They can't be made as good nowadays mate..mine goes from the house in a rucksack and is used in a dozer then back in the bag and home again..it does say on the bottom, made in China ffs..
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