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  1. Smacking her lips in front of you Bloody dirty Janet..
  2. Spot on..I also haven't bought a newspaper for about 10yrs now..
  3. The biggest cause was probably the relentless spread of fear. Through the TV etc..without doubt the biggest con so far this century..
  4. I wish I never had the single jab I rolled my sleeve up for..the wife nearly died shortly after her jab..very lucky she didn't.. No chance on earth my 3 lads the wife or myself having another 1..
  5. Fair play he delt with them pretty quick mate..
  6. The owners of the bully xl should get the dog a decent wig. So people don't recognise what breed it is..
  7. The way that lad drives he probably blamed brexit
  8. But fair play that takes a special skill to reverse up a hedge to the point of the car rolling over
  9. king


    Rhyl is nice at that time of year mate..
  10. Sorry to hear mate..stay positive as has been said..all the best dean..
  11. That is an impressive find mate..a good steam pressure wash would clean it up a treat.. It would be some ornament on the front lawn..
  12. That looks like the stupid cnut mate..
  13. I'm not sure who he was mate..anyone wearing such a fecked up hat I can't take serious..
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