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  1. king


    Yea to right it's great seeing the owls.1 of the young was screaming at me last summer.its time to go then lol. Only the odd kestrel around me.shame as they are an awesome little bird..
  2. king


    You got a bit of land with large trees Kev ain't you. The farmer put an owl box on a big oak tree 3yrs ago only a field away from the house.2 yrs nothing but last year they nested in it.great going up there for a walk last summer at evening time watching the young hopping about the oak tree..
  3. king


    Can't fault you feeding them mate.i filled the bird table in the back garden and the feeders out the front this morning.
  4. What was the situation with your friend greg.did he have health problems before catching covid.57 is considered young today I think..
  5. king


    I felt like I was being converted then lol.
  6. king


    Has that bit of road you had trouble on flooded again mate..don't take the Audi through that ffs
  7. Have you had a letter about the jab yet mate.. Sorry to hear of your friend passing Greg..
  8. I'm forced to make a decision max.. They say people with COPD are at risk. Those with high blood pressure are at risk. Our 17yr old son has 1 lung he is at risk. It's because of them fecking chinks that these decisions have to be made by me.
  9. Well I can't comment on such things max.. Rip to your aunty.. This whole discussion is getting heated so I will leave it there
  10. Mate.the only difference is nowadays the average person.has a voice via Facebook or youtube etc . When the mmr jab first started the general public didn't have a voice.. And I don't think there has been a massive decline in the population since the mmr jab started.. There's people around today for some strange reason are convinced that they are expert's in such things.. And just because they been using Facebook..it's a very weird situation mate.. And I don't want to argue with you francie because I think you are a good lad..
  11. Max can you or not see the irony of what you are preaching on here.. Your parents..you..and your children have been vaccinated... That's why 100's of thousands of us are alive and yet you think the covid jab is 100% wrong.why is that max ?? Is the power of facebook getting under you skin.. And what year did when did you become a professor of diseases max ??
  12. Maybe just maybe the grandchildren could pass it onto the grandparents max .
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