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  1. king

    Stay off the drugs.

    11th heart attack.he must be in some bad way GM
  2. king

    Stay off the drugs.

    You must have a knob like a blue whale
  3. king

    This is all we need out here.

    Pop down to the valleys of South Wales. No foreigners down there. Except a few Chinese in the takeaway..
  4. king

    Stay off the drugs.

    Crazy difference...
  5. king

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    Probably does play a big part I think gnasher yea.thinking about it. Back in the day it seemed a bit more excitement was the feeling for the heavyweight world title. Today it seems not so exciting...
  6. king

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    I totally agree. We all comment on the golden era of boxing.70's/80's In 30+ years no such thing will be said about today's heavyweights..
  7. king

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    It's all about the ££££ shark...
  8. king


    You forgot 1
  9. king

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    I'm sure max will be watching it. Knob in hand throwing himself around the living room..
  10. king

    salmon head's

    3x 3 pieces. So is that 9 heads or 3
  11. king

    “Homeless” beggars

    I was sat in Birmingham new street station about 15yrs ago on my way to Oxford. A young tracksuit wearing lad asked me for any spare change. Cheeky fecker.i told him to feck off. He was away then asking other people. Then 5 mins later an older guy pissed up stopped by me and said excuse me. I thought here's another begger. Before he could get another word out I told him. I just told that cnut down there to feck off I haven't got any spare change so feck off. He then said. Does this train go to Oxford Yes I said and he sat with me waiting for the train lol.
  12. king

    salmon head's

    proper job BM
  13. king

    salmon head's

    cant get nothing local blackmag.a good size salmon head will weigh 1kg so plenty of meat on them.and less hassle having a load of heads in the freezer.