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  1. Thanks DC, daughter of my old dog and so far so good
  2. Totally understand that mate, and I agree. But at the same time, am I willing to go help some idiot and risk bringing it on top for myself? I don’t think so. I might be being a bit cynical, but met too many idiots with terriers the last few years that I’d much rather stick to the few I know and trust
  3. I admire the lads that go and help out in these rescues and love the nostalgia of the old terrier clubs etc. But, and this is only my opinion, some of the places that the rescues happen makes me think, what idiot would risk losing their terrier for the sake of a bolted fox, as lets face it that’s the best outcome from putting dogs into these places. Also as I’ve gotten older and been at it long enough now, you come to realise that 90%+ terrier lads are in and out of the game continually and couldn’t care less about their terriers, so why should you go help out such idiots who could
  4. I think Harcombe writes a good book personally.
  5. As always in great nick AT, the rough haired one is my cup of tea
  6. Won’t beat Strongstuff for value, brass gives up long before the collars will.
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