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  1. Rabbit Hunter

    Hard men...

    Who is the bloke with the Frankenstein scars The well known hard man around our way got beaten up by a young lad the other week, there’s always someone ‘harder’ out there.
  2. Rabbit Hunter

    Fecking big spider

    I’d have to get the missus to kill it while I hid somewhereFook that!!
  3. Rabbit Hunter

    New boat

    Why do people wind others up but still call them ‘mate’ at the same time? I’ve never understood that.
  4. Rabbit Hunter

    Super Cup??

    Is the Super Cup free to watch does anyone know?
  5. Rabbit Hunter

    in house ferrets

    It’s like anything in life I’d imagine. Dogs, ferrets, horses even kids. The more time and effort you put in the better end result you get. Good on you Jigsaw, I hope they work for you and your daughter
  6. Rabbit Hunter

    Terrier clubs

    That’s what I was getting at further back Glyn, if there was more on offer such as cups, books, badges, hoodies whatever, it would attract a lot more attention.
  7. Rabbit Hunter

    Terrier clubs

    I think the terrier clubs would attract a lot more interest if, for example, every year each member received a badge and a small yearbook or something similar. I’m sure lads would be willing to pay £20 or whatever to be part of something like that. Rather than pay money for an annual piss up in the middle of nowhere and the use of terrier rescue that they’ll never use nowadays?
  8. Rabbit Hunter


    It’s all part of the laughs of having a good piss up, lighten up, it’s all good fun
  9. Rabbit Hunter

    The gut hook will gut ......

    Some tool that
  10. Rabbit Hunter

    Terrier clubs

    I think terrierwork in general is on a downward spiral, a lot have left the game and none of the younger generation have replaced them. Also in regards to terrier clubs, the notion of meeting once a month for a few pints and a catch up is long gone, everyone and everything is so easily accessible these days that the romance of it seems to have disappeared. Hope I’m wrong mind.
  11. Rabbit Hunter

    Double mitzie stuff

    True aswell.
  12. Rabbit Hunter

    Small axe

    You’re getting a dab hand at it now Socks
  13. Rabbit Hunter


    Chezney’s never 40?!
  14. Rabbit Hunter


    Tell me about it, I’m sure we’re all itching!