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  1. I did that mating recently, in the ideal world my next step is to put a different dog on the bitch for her next litter, and use a pup from each litter over each other going forward, few years down the line yet of course.
  2. What do you think is the reason? I recently heard of 2 lads that used the same dog and lost their litters once born, the stud dog in question is about 12/13 I think and similar related. And again with my litter, it was a father/daughter mating and the dog is getting on for 11 year old so was his age and/or closeness a factor??
  3. Nightmare mate, seems a common thing in these types? I had 8 with only 4 surviving ??
  4. What % of Wheeler would have been in the dog I had off you years back DownSouth?
  5. Absolute double of my eldest dog when he was a pup, good luck with it.
  6. The earth was hard to dig through, not soft, this is the 3rd dog of mine I’ve personally had to dig to dead and this is the only time the quarry was still alive.
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