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  1. Absolute double of my eldest dog when he was a pup, good luck with it.
  2. The earth was hard to dig through, not soft, this is the 3rd dog of mine I’ve personally had to dig to dead and this is the only time the quarry was still alive.
  3. No I was gutted tbh mate, he’s been a good honest dog for me. I’ll bell you tomorrow for a catch up
  4. True though mate I’ve seen a massive change since I started, so it must be totally different to when you were ratching about as a youngster.
  5. Walking local and trying for a couple of foxes is a thing of the past I think. Too many ramblers out and about all with mobiles thinking anyone with terriers is up to no good, foxes been slaughtered by thermal cutting their numbers at least in half amongst other things. I see more foxes walking my terriers after work on the streets at night than I do out and about in the country.
  6. Mine comes up e52 or something like that and has done for years, but then works perfectly after. I rang B&F up and they said each e… is an error code, mine was one of the antennas was cracked but it would still work ok. Don’t think they fix them as they didn’t make them boxes themselves.
  7. Aye was down that way. Couple of days ago, was bad while it lasted.
  8. Someone who does the job humanely and treats the dogs, quarry and land with respect.
  9. Of all the blacks I’ve had , I’ve only had one I felt I couldn’t trust for fighting, the rest were steady as.
  10. Glyn Jones on Ebay usually has this book for sale, have a look on there?
  11. The Pieps boxes regularly would land on the side of the dog I found. Never had the Barryvox things, couldn’t stand the noise of them. Does anyone know if Bellman plan on making a new box any time soon?
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