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  1. Very nice dog that Scarface, about as perfect a stamp as I could imagine, strong but not too big, good jacket etc
  2. The pic of the choc one running is a good one, looks a nice stamp of terrier too.
  3. Looks a lot like the dog Diesel the lads down your way had a few years back if that’s the right dog I’m thinking of, Elisderyn had him I think.
  4. They remind me of that old pic of Jim and Molly here Dilly
  5. She’s nice, back to Sid is she? She looks like him anyway.
  6. That’s a nationwide problem atm mate, EVERYONE is saying the same, I can’t see an end to it anytime soon either.
  7. Which bitch is it mate? Get him on her, sure it’ll work out, and also maybe give you a couple of ‘proper’ coloured Patterdales on the yard
  8. And stood me in good stead too DD It’s not just the working ability of them for me, it’s the lovely laid back nature they have amongst other things. A granddaughter of Jim, will be getting lined with her Sire this Summer all being well, to prolong the blood further
  9. Looking well Dilly, old fella looking well for his age too! Hope the youngsters come good for you
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