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  1. Every man has his own opinion, but to me, I couldn’t and wouldn’t dream of risking a decent terrier in a death trap like that, where the best outcome possible is a bolted fox ? F*ck that.
  2. Depends on the fox you’re digging to in many cases, Ive seen dogs do a few hards hours and be relatively easy to look after and then others have a quick dig and the wounds are going bad the next day. Each dog and time to ground is different.
  3. Yeah I agree with the quad part Dilly, if everytime they’re out the box it’s straight into an earth then it’s natural that they’ll expect the earth to be occupied. Also a thing we do up here is mark an earth with a dog on the lead to save time, if you always use the same dog to mark and stick another in then the second dog can begin to assume everytime it goes to ground there’s something in. I suppose the answer is to put as much individual time into each dog as you can, it’ll come to your benefit in long run.
  4. The dog was a worker, but you had to be sure the earth was occupied otherwise he would mess about. Was it my youthful over-keenness encouraging him into earths as a pup or was it the fact he wanted work so much he would search and search?? I don’t know the answer, but I’ve never had it since.
  5. A lad I know calls them ‘peepers’, run around an empty earth baying at nothing and coming to a hole, peeping out and going back in. What a f*ck on, I had a dog that used to do it when I was a young lad, used to drive me mad, I simply couldn’t put up with it nowadays.
  6. Yeah I was chuffed mate Oh and Happy Birthday buddy
  7. Lovely cake DC, here’s mine from last year the missus had me made.
  8. I don’t think Ive seen a terrier yet that won’t mark an occupied earth on the lead, can save a lot of time if you’ve a lot of earths to check.
  9. Sorry mate yes you’re right, by a pup I mean 12 months onwards, not any younger than that.
  10. Got to agree, think we’ve all had this conversation on here before and had mixed opinions. The way I see it, if you’re out for a day digging and there’s space, chaining a youngster up is better than it sat looking at 4 walls all day.
  11. From what I’ve seen in the past, a dog that bays at nothing, either has been over encouraged into empty holes or is shit scared of it’s own shadow.
  12. Yeah that would make sense too, either way, I’ll bet the hotel staff had the cause out and away before the ambulance arrived!
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