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  1. Rabbit Hunter

    3 Legged Worker

    Personally I’d feel it’s a bit unfair on a dog to work it like that, what about when it comes up against a tight spot, or a sandy spot or a rooty spot where, let’s face it, a dog with 4 legs can struggle to push and dig on through? However it’s ultimately your call HowDeep.
  2. Rabbit Hunter

    Tougher quarry

    Taking a different slant on it, for those who have dug all 3. How do the raccoon and groundhog compare to the red fox to ground?
  3. Rabbit Hunter


    Thanks Rebel, and they’re just a line carried on from what a couple of mates have kept for many years
  4. Rabbit Hunter


    A couple of youngsters.
  5. Rabbit Hunter

    Aperture HELP!

    Thanks for that mate
  6. Rabbit Hunter

    Aperture HELP!

    Sorry to go over it mate, I’m a bit thick! But would you say the lower the aperture the more blurry the background ? I’ve just had it on the aperture mode and it seems there’s 3 settings, 2.4, 3.8 and then 8.4 I think it was, so would the lowest number give me the desired effect, or is there more to it?
  7. Rabbit Hunter

    Aperture HELP!

    Ok mate I’ll have a look, thanks for the advice, I do plan on getting a Canon or a Nikon but got the Fuji for real cheap so thought it would be worth a go.
  8. Rabbit Hunter

    Aperture HELP!

  9. Rabbit Hunter

    Aperture HELP!

    I’ve got a Fujifilm finepix s8200, I’m wanting to take pics of dogs out in the field where it basically focus’s on the dog and leaves the background blurry, my mate said it’s something to do with the Aperture? But despite looking on YouTube I can’t suss it out, any help from the camera experts on here will be appreciated.
  10. Rabbit Hunter

    Dog v Bitch

    Prefer dogs but will be starting to phase the dogs out and keep bitches over time, what a ball ache it is when the bitches are in season, dogs howling and playing up 24/7 isn’t for me
  11. Rabbit Hunter

    Old girl

    You been watching a few episodes of Inspector Cluseau FD?
  12. Rabbit Hunter


    You’ve misread the good old British sarcasm on that post I’d say, he’s not saying Gould has actually said them words.
  13. Rabbit Hunter


    That bitch looks like the old McCoy stuff, same shape head, same jacket, big white blaze etc.
  14. Rabbit Hunter


    I agree Apache but it can be a fine line, I feel over dogged during the Summer and then in the middle of the season I feel under dogged
  15. Rabbit Hunter


    How Deep I’ve never bred a litter from a bitch of my own so I’m in the same boat. My eldest dog has been over 2 bitches so that’s the closest I’ve come to breeding.