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  1. Rabbit Hunter


    He’s still here, trying to control the 4 was enough
  2. Rabbit Hunter


    My mates 2 youngsters
  3. Rabbit Hunter


    What size was he Sid?
  4. Rabbit Hunter


    Daughter of Spartacus?
  5. Rabbit Hunter


    Out and about now the rain’s stopped
  6. Rabbit Hunter


    And a better stamp than Rags I’d say.
  7. Rabbit Hunter


    Fatman, from the pics I’ve seen, the dog had nothing left. Or are you on the wind up?
  8. Rabbit Hunter

    patterdales in ireland

    The best way is that decent lads get a mating and you take pick of the litter, and messers or idiots get no mating. Simple really. I mean, if you thought so litttle of someone or the way they were with terriers, then why would you help them in any way?
  9. Rabbit Hunter

    Old Photo's

    Beautys them Bosun
  10. Rabbit Hunter

    Lurcher and terrier

    With most shows it’s more of who’s at the the other end of the lead rather than the dog than wins it, I wouldn’t worry about it, they’re all a load of shite anyway.
  11. Rabbit Hunter

    Old Photo's

    The way I see it Bosun, if Glyn had posted that pic at the start and you had explained all this not long after, then I’d never have posted on the matter to begin with.
  12. Rabbit Hunter

    Old Photo's

    As long as you promise that Frain will be drawing no pictures, I’ll take one
  13. Rabbit Hunter

    Old Photo's

    No further comment
  14. Rabbit Hunter

    Old Photo's

    Also once Breay started breeding this type, all of a sudden Buck, Westmoreland, Bell and further on Gould, Nuttall, Stacey had this type, what’s the chances of that?? The black type took off like a rocket. Why didn’t it take off before then?
  15. Rabbit Hunter

    Old Photo's

    Ok, I’ll put it another way, why is there numerous pics of Buck and Breay with these black dogs, but none of Dobson etc with the same type of terriers, despite there being a lot of pics of Dobson with terriers that he owned? It’s easy for people to write that there was black dogs about 100 years before, but why is there no pics of them despite there being literally 100s of pics of terriers and terriermen at that time?