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  1. stumfelter

    Gone fishing

    I fancy the look of this, should be some good laughs as well as the fishing.
  2. stumfelter


    I did enjoy reading his posts, RIP.
  3. stumfelter

    Own Up

    So what your saying is the more mass an object has the more it will attract smaller objects nearby? That's plainly untrue as the massive fat bird four doors away holds no attraction to me whatsoever but the gym queen at number 43 would definitely get it and her mass is probably a quarter of the lardarses mass. I rest my case....
  4. stumfelter

    Senior Tory Blocks 'Upskirting' Bill

    I can't believe a seasoned member like yourself has made such a basic mistake. THL rules clearly state that if there are no photos it didn't happen!
  5. stumfelter

    Shit myself

    Witchetty grub appreciation society (think about it.)
  6. stumfelter

    Shit myself

    Ugandan summer solstice?
  7. stumfelter

    Shit myself

    Bet some fcuker had rolled them out of the back of an hgv from Calais and left them to it!
  8. stumfelter

    Our Friends In Social Services

    If the social workers got £90 statutory sick pay instead of full pay for being off with "stress" I don't think there'd be such a problem.....
  9. stumfelter

    wish i was coming in from school to this

    The old air cooled two stroke engines used to sound like the piston was trying to escape and bog down terribly but when it got into the power band you just had to worry about hanging on! And who can forget the smell of Castrol R.
  10. stumfelter

    Cobra (indian) gypsies

    Coming soon to a street near you.......
  11. It's posts like this with long words and sentences that are ruining THL. I come on here to see grown men arguing with swear words and everything and hopefully agreeing to a punch up that never actually occurs. You bunch of wankers!
  12. stumfelter

    Fave takeaway dishes?

    I don't eat Chinese but the Mrs is partial to the cream of sum Yung gai. Bdum tish. I'll do weddings etc....
  13. stumfelter

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    What's snatchlfc?
  14. stumfelter

    Ant farm.

    I was going to buy an ant farm but I realised I'd never be able to milk them with my eyesight. Bdum tish CDs available on your way out etc.
  15. stumfelter

    Long haul holidays

    I certainly enjoy the journey more now the A46 is dual carriageway between Bingham and Newark and don't forget the Sleaford bypass.