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  1. When all the MPs and civil servants send all their lads between 16 and 40 I'll be behind them in the queue....
  2. That's for steel not copper.
  3. I thought that was the guy off here, everybody used to rip him about?
  4. Bit weird as they're marked up in Imperial sizes, I'd have thought they'd be metric, 15mm 22mm etc.
  5. How many were they going to send to Rwanda? I bet it's a drop in the ocean seeing as 600 odd came in last Sunday...
  6. During the search the dog found a ripped bag of monkey dust and got two nostrils full...
  7. I sincerely hope that you are well prepared to reap what you sow...
  8. As part of the full VIP package every passenger gets a complimentary cork...
  9. Just checked and on the mx the carb has an autolube inlet where you have put the red circle in your picture.
  10. On the mx it might be on the carb or as I said earlier it might be on the inlet manifold, not sure as I've not restored one of them! ??
  11. The autolube feed goes directly into the cylinder on dt's. I knew that pipe on the carb wasn't right as I restored a 175 a few years back.
  12. That is definitely, I repeat definitely not for the autolube! That is the breather for the float bowl. There is also an overflow for the float bowl which is on the bottom of the carb. I'll check some pictures and get back to you but the auto lube pipe often connects into the inlet manifold.
  13. Anyone remember kickstart? Kids on trial bikes going over a course. Peter purvis commentated.
  14. Tell him to insert half a cucumber up his trumper, it won't stop him chundering but at least he won't shit himself at the same time...
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