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  1. stumfelter


    There used to be a joke about a rabbit meeting a snake that involved Niki but I won't be disrespectful.....
  2. stumfelter

    care home this sums it up ..

    When my old man got dementia they said we can put him in a care home but he'll have to pay out of his savings until it's all gone then the government will pay for the rest! Well that's my inheritance so I thought their not having it so I killed him and buried him in a landfill site, the grabbing b*stards got fcuk all of that 400 quid.
  3. stumfelter

    royal baby

    Why not? Is it because he is black?
  4. stumfelter

    royal baby

    If we're all descended from them there darkies I missed out in the donger department.
  5. stumfelter

    royal baby

    I bet she said to him "I'm pink inside like white lady".
  6. stumfelter

    royal baby

    I'd bet a pound to a pinch of shit that Harry is Hewitt's bast*rd.....
  7. stumfelter

    royal baby

    Didn't know that, I just assumed that we were being drip fed by the establishment their view of a utopian mixed race society.
  8. stumfelter

    royal baby

    Seems to me that mixed race couples are compulsory in adverts nowadays.....
  9. stumfelter

    Buzzards - any clue?

    I'm no expert but they look like bluebells to me......
  10. stumfelter

    royal baby

    She's an American actress so she'll have more skeletons in the cupboard than Fred west.....
  11. stumfelter

    50 pence in the back of the telly

    I went to a Honda day at donnington in the 80's and they had worzel riding round on a rev and go scooter waving at the crowds etc. I went for a piss and who should be there but old worzel with his carrot in his hand, I was smirking stood there next to him pissing....
  12. stumfelter

    50 pence in the back of the telly

    With blackjacks and fruit salads at two for a penny you thought you'd won the pools if you found ten Bob.
  13. stumfelter

    Poor Chwis .....

    Oh how I was wishing this was one of your RIP threads.......
  14. stumfelter

    Strangest thing.

    These type of posts always make my day. Because we hunt, shoot, fish etc people sometimes think we're a bunch of blood thirsty killing machines who will slaughter anything but I've yet to meet a hunter who doesn't care passionately about wild life and nature in general. Grated cheese works well with robins, wagtails and dunnocks, when I share my work sarnies with the birds they end up with more cheese than I fcuking do....
  15. stumfelter

    Black vermin

    I'd put him in a cage next to the clam trap to act as a decoy darkie......