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  1. stumfelter

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    That is truly awful, I'd sooner have that Arab getting his meat and two veg removed.....
  2. stumfelter

    When it gets tough

    My life's ambition is to have a really good clear out on a solid gold shitter, one where you take a newspaper and end up with red marks on your upper thighs where your arms have rested and you feel light headed when you stand up, bliss.
  3. stumfelter

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    I think it was playing with blokes that got him into this mess.....
  4. stumfelter

    Irish society gone down the toilet.

    The root of the problem is bad (or non existent) parenting. While this country allows doing fcuk all to be a lifestyle choice nothing is going to change soon....
  5. stumfelter

    RIP and good riddence

    Sad news for the comedy moustache community.....
  6. stumfelter

    Camper van conversions

    Buy an old ambulance, they are usually fitted with blown air heating for the back and various seat mountings. Also if you feel ill you can drive yourself to hospital.
  7. stumfelter


    I bet half the dreamers on here couldn't fight sleep....
  8. stumfelter

    Bob Ross

    Used to love a bit of Bob, " beat the devil out of the brush, it's a happy little tree" and "phalo blue". I think his lad does it now.
  9. stumfelter

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

  10. stumfelter

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    Ronnie Pickering.....
  11. stumfelter

    What are you watching on youtube?

    I've been watching Mark Felton videos, some interesting stuff about ww2 etc.
  12. stumfelter

    Porting a mortgage?

    I've ported a fs1e an rd125 and an x7 but never a mortgage, no.
  13. stumfelter

    Anybody know anything about wetsuits?

    The last thing you want to be doing is swimming with an air pocket in the small of your back, get yourself to the doctors or A&E if it came on suddenly.......
  14. stumfelter


    He should have shat himself as well then he'd of had a full house, bdum tish I'm here all week etc.
  15. stumfelter

    What the f**k .......

    I think the correct term for that is a Cleveland steamer.