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  1. Brilliant! He's shaking that dog like a terrier on a rat, is he ac bred....
  2. If closet homosexuality increases the risk of suicide there isn't much hope for thl, judging by some recent topics on here I'm sure half the fcukers are secret sausage jockeys....
  3. stumfelter

    Check Up

    Obesity seems a real problem in the NHS.
  4. Oldest scam in the world, the hole with the water in is u shaped and his mates pushing fish in from the other end. They use it to impress tourists and gullible weak minded people on YouTube....
  5. Enjoyed it, thought it was a good insight into his life especially his mental health issues and I wish him well.
  6. stumfelter


    Do you realise that by buying there products you're funding an anti?
  7. stumfelter


    Did you know that the holes in crocs are there to let what remains of your dignity to drain out....
  8. After reading some of the recent topics I thought this would be an ideal place to ask for assistance so here goes, whilst walking out to do a bit of roost shooting I noticed a friend of mine was suffering from vpl (visible pantie line) and I'd hate to think how embarrassed he would be if he was unaware of the problem. So I wondered if anyone has any ideas on how to raise the subject with him and what advice to suggest?
  9. stumfelter


    Two threads about gays, one whinging about having a cold and now we've got a thread about PJ's and slippers! Lads, lads, lads let's try to hold on to our dignity for as long as we can and try to present the hunting community as beer swilling hairy arse sons of guns and not a bunch of homo comfort loving modern men, please.....
  10. I like to insert a raw onion up my anus, nothing to do with the topic but I thought I'd just mention it....
  11. I'd advise that on a daily basis you take two tablets of mandafukup until your condition improves....
  12. Will it tackle Charlie single handed or do you just run it on rabbits?
  13. What this topic needs is a picture of a bloke doing a flag on a pole, any takers?
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