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  1. If you like Corbett have you read Death in the long grass by Peter Hathaway capstick? Both authors make you feel like your there.
  2. stumfelter

    Fcuk it

    If your doing track rod ends and tie rods remember to get the tracking done or your tyres will last about a fortnight. Ask me how I know......
  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of necrophilia troilism....
  4. No fishmongers near you then?
  5. Grow up you fcuking hero I'd have thought It was obviously a piss take to anybody but the hard of thinking....
  6. The army should be policing panic buying and stockpiling. I've just bought 32tins of beans at Sainsbury's and when the eight stone wet through spotty faced teenage security guard questioned my purchases I told him to fcuk off and walked out. Would I have said this to an sas type with guns, knives, garottes etc, the simple answer is no.
  7. This wasn't funny the first time you posted it so now you're just flogging a dead horse....
  8. Whatever chainsaw you buy it has one intention _ to kill or main you _ why do you think chainsaws start so promptly and willingly rev so high? It's not to gladly cut wood for you oh no it's only aim is to slice through your skin like a hot knife through butter. Look up who invented them, it was Satan....
  9. Just out of interest why do want to isolate one room?
  10. What's with all this handwashing? When we were kids we'd scrape the football in dogshit then throw it towards your mate and shout "on your head"....
  11. Yet again I've been fooled by clickbait....
  12. I fitted some to a land rover once and to be honest I couldn't feel any difference.....
  13. A proper good news story, make the most of your chance and good luck in the bungalow.
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