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  1. Does anybody know the covid regulations regarding offliners? Masks or not, indoors or outdoors etc. It's a minefield and probably a good job they never actually happen...
  2. stumfelter


    I think you're on the wrong forum, have you tried Mumsnet?
  3. stumfelter


    I certainly wouldn't advise that, a mate of mine tried it and choked to death on a tickover screw.. bdum tish I'm here all week.
  4. Glad to see Tom Daley finally achieved gold in the synchronized bumming, a just reward for all the hours he's put in...
  5. You certainly have you plum or crank or whatever (insert insult)
  6. If your going to campsites in a vehicle buy a caravan.
  7. There used to be a good market at chesterfield in the week, don't know if it's still going.
  8. I've had a few nice bits from Arthur Johnson's, sneinton was alright years ago but too many bagheads and eastern Europeans around there nowadays.
  9. My stupid terrier had no trouble finding one in the garden the other night, after me pulling six spines out of his chops he might not be so keen in future...
  10. How come the Texas covid outbreak of 1882 never gets mentioned?
  11. Fcuk me, we are living in a country where we can't even call the call the Indian variant of covid by its real name and people wonder why shit like this happens...
  12. After all them kids I bet her fanny is like a wizards sleeve...
  13. I think now all this is over they should canonise him and make him Saint George Floyd....
  14. A close scientist friend of mine has told me that when the time is right and enough people have had the jab they will be able to release a gas into the atmosphere that will react with the jab and make the recipient die in excruciating agony. I don't want to start a mass panic so keep it under your hats lads...
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