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  1. According to sky news 500 came over yesterday, if that many come over in January think how many will come in June and July. Time to look after you and yours because sure as shit stinks the government won't....
  2. Don't buy that one, it looks like he's rolled it...
  3. Don't do pics as I don't do mobile phones but me and the mrs went to the national arboretum last week and we really enjoyed the day, plenty of things to see and tributes to the servicemen and women of the various services and an education about battles and campaigns. The place is massive and we didn't see it all so plan to go back in the spring, well worth a visit if you're that way inclined.
  4. My workmate used to keep birds and he tells me that at some of the shows and sales that he went to some of the British birds had rings the size of his wedding ring on!
  5. Never heard of them, you learn something every day!
  6. Just the bit below the beak? It's like spot the difference.
  7. What's the difference between that and a normal Goldie?
  8. His grandma must be spinning in her grave, shame really.
  9. What's sad is not only an embarrassment to his family he's also an embarrassment to himself with his latest round of bulls**t. He'll look like a right tw*t when the skeletons eventually start falling out of her closet...
  10. I've found that when using karate strikes making the correct sounds simultaneously can greatly increase the power released, examples are HEEYAH, OOOSH, WOOOOH, etc...
  11. I have to admit I get more pleasure restoring bikes than riding them as I get older, mainly 70's and 80's two strokes on and off road. Got a plaggy project on the go with lots of modifications.
  12. Those first pics are stunning, have you ever thought of turning professional?
  13. At least when his 'playing' career is over joke girlish can look forward to a place in the GB diving squad...
  14. Because they're overpaid grifters, I don't know if that applies to our armed forces but I doubt it.
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