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  1. stumfelter

    Hard water...

    Ooooh get you and your fancy fridge!
  2. stumfelter

    Hard water...

    The waters that hard round here that it threatens to kick my head in when I turn the tap on....
  3. stumfelter

    Favourite Christmas Video?

    Not really Christmas themed but I like the one where Rocco does Bridget the midget up the Trumper......
  4. stumfelter

    Chance of a lifetime.

    Absolutely ridiculous, why sell a dog that has already bitten two kids? If it had the face off the new owners kid how could you live with yourself?
  5. stumfelter

    Trick or treat 😁

    Fcuk me, who invited the humour police?
  6. stumfelter

    Trick or treat 😁

    I like to answer the door dressed as Gary glitter on Halloween.
  7. stumfelter

    Mortgage advice

    There's a hell of an echo in here tonight.....
  8. stumfelter


    You filthy animal!
  9. stumfelter

    Council complaint dogs barking

    Not much chance of a cat doing anything near me any time soon, I'm serving 12 years for arson....
  10. stumfelter

    Council complaint dogs barking

    Find out who's complaining then burn the house down with them inside, then tell all your remaining neighbours they'll get the same if they moan about your dog barking.....
  11. stumfelter

    England match

    Wonder if they'd have walked off if they were losing 4-0?
  12. stumfelter

    England match

    One thing that annoys me is the way he keeps going on about the weather.
  13. stumfelter

    England match

    Here we go, here we go, here we go, nothing to do with The England match I'm referring to rusty and max.......
  14. stumfelter

    Any car mechanics?

    Half of the answers on here are the biggest bag of bollocks I've ever heard....
  15. stumfelter

    walking boots

    What type of water was in the bottle?