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  1. Used to love a bit of nesting, my dad got me an old flip top school desk and I painted it and lined it with cotton wool. Blowing eggs over the sink then in the desk with a piece of paper with the birds name on it. Happy carefree times...
  2. Unless it's somebody that's been to your house before how would they know where you live?
  3. This will spread like wildfire with all those squaddies eating each others shit you mark my words....
  4. Don't blame the jab, that's from too much w*nking during lockdown...
  5. So your saying if you get burgled by a sad fecker to fund his habit that's not a problem for you?
  6. Seen it years ago, think it had Kirk Douglas in it? Good film.
  7. I'm struggling to find a violin emoji...
  8. Like her or loathe her she had more balls than the present cabinet combined...
  9. I used to do a lot of archery with the nfas but stopped a while back, my mate still shoots and the 3D champs was the other week at thoresby hall. Broadhead arrows are designed to kill by haemorrhage.
  10. Don't let wilf hear you say you don't like Africans, he'll want you to be in his gang.
  11. stumfelter

    6th June

    He might have thought " it's quiet and nobody's around, might as well knock one out".
  12. She's my sister in law and she seems fine now, look after yourself mate.
  13. Your not doing so bad, my sister in law spent all night on a trolley in A&E with the assorted shitballs that gravitate to hospitals at night. Morning came and she felt better and discharged herself. The elephant in this room is that the NHS is on it's arse and we as a nation are bystanders watching it's demise.
  14. They look a nice bit of kit.
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