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  1. Cheers ... I’ve had it from gfs before just wondered if you had a regular supplier
  2. Where do you get you G10 from mate.
  3. Nicholas parsons dies aged 96 ......
  4. They obviously earn more than they spend ... simple really ......
  5. Why would wales have to pick a side ... Wales is wales and we would just stay welsh .....
  6. I f***ing live the steak and kidney ones ......
  7. Always fancied that myself mate ... but a PROPER place ......
  8. As stated ... I may have a bit of trap checking work if anybody is from that area ......
  9. Yes but does she run like a roe deer ......
  10. Had an invite out to do some cover crops and empty pens today. The weather was shit but the dogs worked well and my young terrier whippet cross is getting better with every trip out so a good do all round. finished the day on a 194
  11. The cat I’ve got here would have kicked the fukc out of those two coyotes .......
  12. It’s a struggle to keep a collie cross when the dog is cleverer than the owner ......
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