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  1. A 5kw will be plenty for that size.
  2. socks


    If any of you lads ever needs somebody to offload to I’m here for you. I won’t be able to help with your problems but it will give me plenty of things to take the piss out of you with …….
  3. Same where I am loads of barn owls and can hardly sleep for those fukcing tawnies ……
  4. Just read that people that don’t have the booster will be classed as unvaccinated and their deaths will be recorded as covid.
  5. Dog owners face JAIL and £20,000 fine if they put pets on vegetarian diet | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Pet owners in the UK could be breaking the Animal Welfare Act 2006 if they try to stop their animal eating meat, the...
  6. Fukc off the man with more chins than a Chinese phone book.
  7. Taliban 'behead female volleyball player and post images across social media' - World News - Mirror Online WWW.MIRROR.CO.UK Rising Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club star Mahjabin Hakimi was executed by the Taliban after failing to escape...
  8. Fully jabbed apparently but died of covid.
  9. So the same chance as dying from covid then.
  10. Is it just me or is hughie a very average boxer. eubank jnr methodically took his opponent apart and hardly puffed a breath ……
  11. 12 months is not long term testing when it cones to vaccines. 5 years is the normal minimum amount of time.
  12. Except the covid jab HAS NO LONG TERM TESTING …….
  13. socks

    MP stabbed

    He was killed by a Somalian …..
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