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  1. socks

    Dobermans ?

    I’ve done a bit with guarding types
  2. socks

    Dobermans ?

    I think she was ……..
  3. socks

    6 Nations.

    Well done Scotland. Hell of a game.
  4. socks

    Dobermans ?

    Not personally mate. I looked into getting one about 5 years ago and I narrowed it down to a breeder in west wales that had dutch blood in their dogs that came direct from South Africa but I can’t remember their name.
  5. socks

    Dobermans ?

    As long as it’s got a decent kennel no problem.
  6. I know they were stopping all boosters for under 50 year olds in February don’t know about a full stop for everybody though.
  7. socks

    Dobermans ?

    Well bred boerbell the ultimate guard dog.
  8. I had forgotten just how bad dry food was for dogs. I have fed raw meat to my dogs pretty much my whole life and really don’t like dry food. But I was away working for a few days this week so my daughter had to feed the dogs for 2 nights. Now she is full of cold so to make it easy for her I went out and got a some dry food and set up a little system where she just had to pour it into a steel tray for them. ANYWAY I came back to mountains of wet sloppy Shit all over the yard and over half a bucket of water drunk. Even in the hottest weeks of summer the bucket of water looks as if it’s hardly
  9. It’s out to tender mate ………
  10. Do the lads really like it then ?
  11. I use eu de badger …….
  12. Big problem in the forces when lads get out. They just can’t adjust to civvi street and end up tipping themselves. I know of 9 guys that have done it for seemingly no reason. sounds like your mate needs sectioning for his own safety. As much as you can be there for him you are not a professional and at some stage just being a mate isn’t enough and going into hospital is the only answer.
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