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  1. The only thing he has ripped is his ass hole trying to pass the food he shovels down his face.
  2. I told you salad you fat Cnut shreck.
  3. Ok 1 warning. FD and greyman take this to PM and leave the arguing off this post. If it carries in I won’t lock the thread I will Just give a little Holliday to whoever puts up the next thread that’s abusive or isn’t contributing to the original post. Have a nice day.
  4. Sandy you Lineker and your like are very much in the minority in this country when it comes to illegal immigration…. Every pole tells the same story. The majority of British people have had enough of open borders and want illegal immigration stopped. And for Lineker to equate the governments stance on immigration to that of nazi Germany in the 30’s is ludicrous at best and inflammatory at worst.
  5. To be fair it was aimed mainly at Marie I just mentioned your name so you didn’t go into an hysterical teenage girl tantrum ………
  6. The rugby results yesterday have me in a very jovial mood today ………
  7. Well done mate. You and Marie have worked hard to get the holiday homes up to a fantastic standard. I’m not the least bit surprised you’ve started being recognised. Long May it continue ………
  8. There’s no spuds in there.
  9. 10 hour Slow cooked lamb stew or cawl to the Welsh lads.
  10. Fukcing awful 4 foot high snow drifts potholes and road works everywhere. Enjoy …………
  11. Ok but do it at night I don’t want it disrupting your 20 hour day.
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