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  1. socks

    Any idea what this is

    Yep I'm with arry lungs and windpipe.......
  2. socks

    RIP Enzo Calzaghe

    Joe enjoys the odd spot of ferreting
  3. socks

    RIP Enzo Calzaghe

    Surprised he has died at 69 he was a fit little fukcer .... used to see him often running Joe around the hills where I used to live .......
  4. socks

    Fukcing great .......

    Ferret killed it on we go
  5. socks

    Eenie meenie miney mo ......

    Isuzu blade ......
  6. https://youtu.be/Kfop9FSesCo
  7. socks

    Eenie meenie miney mo ......

    I highly doubt it mate ......
  8. https://youtu.be/eR_bMKj0Uac
  9. socks

    remi gaillard

    I would have pissed myself if a big old male grizzly came along and fukced the arse out of him lol ......
  10. socks

    This year's runners

    Sf50 you Mong .......
  11. socks

    Whippet yapping

    Fukcing yapping shivery thin skinned cnuts ........
  12. socks

    Do apple spy on you

    Yep same as your phone tv etc .......
  13. socks

    Do apple spy on you

    Smart phones smart TVs Alexa they all listen in ... there was a case in America where the FBI proved a mass murder in a house by getting a judge to make apple release the audio from one of the Alexa machines.
  14. The fella taught me all I know ......
  15. What a fukcing shambles. Embarrassing .......