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  1. Read the letter in the link. Sacked veterans Minister Johnny Mercer savages Boris Johnson | Daily Mail Online WWW.GOOGLE.CO.UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson sacked his veterans minister Johnny Mercer in a row over the treatment of British...
  2. https://twitter.com/pdevonian/status/1384597763195908097?s=21
  3. It was a done deal from the start ... even Biden pretty much said he was guilty so the guy was fukced ........
  4. yep you know that first hand
  5. I can guarantee he has a few quid more than you do
  6. maybe you should sell a few and make the money my mate is then ......
  7. There is something very similar in a massive garden I look after for the pest control. It’s half hidden behind bushes and on my first visit there my bitch nearly nailed it .......
  8. For those haven’t seen his bag work ......
  9. Here you go mate. Artwork | Barry John Artist WWW.BARRYJOHNARTIST.COM
  10. He’s an ex squaddie mate so nothing like a normal artist ive just sent him a message about the best place to see his other stuff.
  11. So amongst my massive array of friends I’ve got one that’s an artist ... he does a kind of modern graffiti street style of art and as he knows I’m a big fan of the legend Bruce lee he did this for me. I know it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but I really like it .....
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