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  1. I thought it was you holding them
  2. I e got a massive array of birds feeding on my feeders every day now. Including this handsome fella
  3. Good he’s a fukcing prick .......
  4. I would say the Jill in your right hand is normal sized and the Jill I’m your left hand is big.
  5. That was an example but the gist of what I’m saying is just because one dog is two or three and another is five or six doesn’t mean the older dog has been tested more or has more experience.
  6. It all depends on how much work the dog gets. A dog that’s worked every weekend through the season will take longer to asses than a dog that worked every day all year round.
  7. And presented in Emma bridge water egg cups ........
  8. Clearly you need a visitor
  9. There are 65,000,000 in this country 380 people under the age of 75 have died WITH covid that didn’t have any underlying issues. Over 400 people drown each year. So you are more likely to drown than to die of covid. The government and media have a done an amazing job of terrifying a whole nation and turning them into fukcing sheep.
  10. Yes if your over 70 or got underlying problems otherwise you will be fine.
  11. If you ask astanley nicely he will show you his ........
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