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  1. socks

    Herb chopper

    Cheers guys .......
  2. socks

    Shooting Penzance

    They would easily shoot 40 rabbits at a time.
  3. When I was training I found the diet easy ... even getting up at 2am to eat chicken breast
  4. socks

    Choppers daddy .....

    Added a few more today lol .... but managed to get it finished ......
  5. socks

    Wtf is this

    Looks like a big cat to me to ... what country was this ???
  6. socks

    Choppers daddy .....

    As it happens I started sanding down one of the handles and it flew off the belt grinder and scimmed past my head lol ..... only managed to grind the top of my nail off today ... a good day in the office
  7. Decided to make a large chopper ... I’ve got to straighten up the handles and add wooden handles and it will be done.
  8. socks


    What a load of utter bollox ... you must have the dictionary of old wives tales on your bedside cabinet ......
  9. socks

    Skinny nursing jill

    Your not going to lose her or the kits it will obviously feed them but it is designed in a lab and made in a factory it has additives added to keep it fresher longer that can’t be as good as a natural raw diet ... chudleys ferret food is 45% chicken .... if I give my ferrets chicken they are getting 100% chicken .....
  10. socks

    Skinny nursing jill

    Times can change all they want YOU CANT BEAT NATURE .......
  11. socks

    Skinny nursing jill

    How can anything that’s produced in a lab for profit ever be better than natural food that evolution has produced .........
  12. socks

    Skinny nursing jill

    So it’s not even a real gun it’s an air rifle
  13. socks

    Skinny nursing jill

    So your gun is so expensive it can’t go out in the rain