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  1. It’s not a joke it’s do with the amount of air swallowed whilst gulping up mouthfuls of food from a bowl on the floor compared to eating normally if the bowl is raised.
  2. For a 12 year old nothing apart from making sure he has fluids (water)At that age he is not going to exert himself so physically that he needs extra nutrition or fluids.
  3. It can be stopped by raising the feeding bowl to chest height
  4. Personally I can’t abide aggression or violence. I can’t understand why we can’t all live in peace and harmony. If I was present at that horrid incident I would have stepped in and firstly established every bodies pronouns then sat in a circle and talked through their micro aggression issues whilst feasting in a bean burger and when the situation was calm burst into a verse of kumbia my lord. The incident would have ended in a group hug apologies all round and valuable lessons in tolerance learned by all.
  5. No you seen a picture of a steak that he was “going to share” his sharing meant that he ate the salad ………
  6. All of that is true … BUT I’m not a vegan
  7. Maybe now you will stop loosing the plot because Marie forgot to put oat milk in your tea …..
  8. Believe it mate it’s true 🥲
  9. Well done mate shame Kev doesn’t think that way.
  10. Bulking up on what it’s full of fukcing veg you bellson looking creature.
  11. From your shopping list ……
  12. Yep that’s Newkid …
  13. Don’t get all angry because you’ve run out of artichoke hearts ……
  14. Once he finishes his lentil soup I’m sure he will ask his wife’s permission to man up and face us.
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