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  1. 9 years ago today Lee Rigby was brutally murdered by islamists on the streets of Britain. I bet the MSM won’t mention fukc all about this so it’s up to ordinary folk like us to do just that ……
  2. Did this 1.5lbs T bone tonight
  3. socks

    Frustrated kid

    Does your missus know your cuddling some bird called Chardonnay?
  4. socks

    Frustrated kid

    Or you could go down my old man’s rout and just fill him in on a daily basis
  5. socks

    Frustrated kid

    Ah then yes I would recommend a structured form of contact sport where he is controlled and allowed to vent his frustrations but in a safe environment
  6. socks

    Frustrated kid

    Any form of martial arts boxing or rugby or any other contact sport is a good anger release BUT I would want to get to the bottoms of the cause first.
  7. Losing a tooth/teeth no matter where in the mouth has nothing to do with jaw strength or ability and will not compromise the jaw at all. The majority of “hard” terriers that have reached a decent age hardly have a tooth left left in their mouths and their jaws work just fine.
  8. Birch bark is the best natural fire lighter there is. Also birch sap is lovely.
  9. As a footnote people like you bangers are dangerous on sites like this as youngsters and people starting out could well believe the shit you spout and end up damaging or killing their animals. And for the chest puffing about how we should all stop hunting because we ain’t as tough as you and we are all going soft there’s a saying …. A lion doesn’t need to roar for everybody to know it’s a lion.
  10. A ferret cannot mount a jill without his knackers as you put it … in other words castrated as he will have no testosterone and won’t be able to get an erection. As for the ferret will know whether the vet does it or not yes of course he will the same as you would know if the doctor gave you a vasectomy under anaesthetic or if I crushed them with a gelding pliers … which would you prefer do you reckon.
  11. Tristans real name was Brian …..
  12. There was no Siegfried the character was based on a vet called Donald Sinclair who was born in 1911 so nothing to do with Peter at all.
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