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  1. socks

    Raid fly and wasp killer

    If it's ficam they will be dead .....
  2. socks

    Raid fly and wasp killer

    Sounds like he has used ficam ... bye bye bees .....
  3. socks

    Ace boon coon

    No it's easier to feed kibble on the Iditarod as they have feed stations all accross the course with their food and straw etc waiting for them. Also they don't feed for convenience it's an 8 day race so they feed what's best for the dog .....
  4. socks

    Ace boon coon

    I never said anything about shit dogs did I ... a good dog will perform better on a good diet in fact any dog will work better on a good diet that's just common sense ... oh and all the mushers feed their dogs on meat and fish so that answers your question for you .......
  5. socks

    Ace boon coon

    I didn't say that did I ... I said the correct diet for a dog makes a world of difference. ... do you think the top sled dogs in the idarod race would be as competitive over the 1000 mile race if they were fed just on biscuit and not the fish and meat they also get ...
  6. socks

    Ace boon coon

    The correct diet for a dog makes a world of difference .....
  7. socks

    Anyone fancy a dip in the sea?

    Teenager takes footage of 9ft shark in St Ives harbour - BBC News https://apple.news/AMI4jhZqjSOiuTKMz8txRwQ
  8. socks

    Sam warburton retires

    One of the best players has ever produced. He will be missed at next years World Cup ...... 74 caps for Wales 5 caps for the Lions Wales record holder for most games as captain (49) Sam Warburton retires - a true legend of Welsh rugby
  9. All seems to be going quite well for Tommy at today's hearing ... you can follow live up to the minuet tweets by following this guy @ezralevant
  10. socks

    Fishing Comp 2018

    You just as well everybody else does ......
  11. socks

    Site? Messages??

    All the French in Quebec have died ??? Loads of land up for grabs then .......
  12. socks

    Anyone fancy a dip in the sea?

    This is the dog you want ...... https://youtu.be/hsm_tqa6uY4
  13. socks

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    It was on BBC breakfast this morning but the cause wasn't helped when they had some fella in with his staffy and he was saying how well balanced and loving etc they are then the dog seen itself on a monitor and started growling lol .......
  14. socks

    Who is America

    He is a very very clever man and he gets supposedly the most intelligent of people to do and say the most ridiculous things .... that senator that was obviously reading off an autocue about kids with guns naming pop stars without even knowing "Rita ora " lol ......
  15. socks

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Not true Dave .... it's 50/50 meat and alcohol