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  1. socks

    Wine drinkers.

    I know what your saying but I’ve given up drinking through the week completely ......
  2. socks

    Best food for lactating bitch

    I’ve never seen a wolf or a dog in the wild hanging off a cows tit ........
  3. socks

    Arctic alone

    Anybody watching this years series ........
  4. socks

    Wine drinkers.

    Actually I’m a functioning alkie
  5. socks

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Yes mate the lad picked her up today so mine is in with my lurcher bitch and the terrier cross is now in solitary
  6. socks

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Mine has found out what nettles are
  7. socks

    Wine drinkers.

    Cheers all I think I’m going to head into my local majestic tomorrow and have a marathon tasting session
  8. socks

    England match

  9. socks

    England match

    I am not saying a bad word about your marvellous wife .... and I will be showing her this next time I see her
  10. socks

    England match

    Your missus must have wrote that for you ....
  11. socks

    England match

    I am happy to have a different opinion than anybody max ... I won’t get all precious over it ... if we all agreed what a fukc boring life this would be.
  12. socks

    England match

    When rugby fans go and watch a game they don’t throw out any racial language and can all mix in the same stand because they Have respect for the guys on the pitch and for the game ... I know what your saying and it’s the same as everything else in the world ... the work brigade and the I’m offended at everything brigade have hijacked everything including sport. .......
  13. socks

    England match

    As I said respect for the game and players so you don’t have all this bollox ......
  14. socks

    England match

    Agreed but surely a respect for the game and players must come into it ... for example there is no need for segregation at rugby games and fans from both sides stand side by side enjoying the game ......
  15. Probably because your a retard .......