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  1. socks

    Lie detectors

    I’ve beaten a lie detector on 3 separate occasions .......
  2. socks

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Yep that’s because I can grow my hair you baldy shreck looking fukcer .......
  3. socks

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Can’t put muscle on your chin .... I Fukcing beg to differ ....
  4. Could be the same bloke is he big old lad quite young ish ........
  5. socks

    New Smoker

    Bought one of those last year ... brilliant bit of kit used it loads .......
  6. Is the fella you know a young lad that lives up near hungerford ???
  7. Are you any closer to sorting my fishing out ??? ......
  8. socks

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    NZ gunman attacks single mosque Sadiq Khan - extra police patrols at British mosques Sri Lanka 8 Christian churches blown up - 160 dead, 400+ injured Sadiq Khan - thoughts & prayers
  9. socks

    The law

    What regiment are you ???
  10. socks

    Big Cat Sighting

    f***ing Wednesday legs ......
  11. socks

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Looking good mate
  12. Cmon then son sort me out .........
  13. Good man sort me out then ........
  14. socks

    Yin & Yang

    And there’s me thinking only women were bitchy ......
  15. They are cut out of a digger blade mate