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  1. Inevitably the hard man thread ended up about tough men and fighting etc ... it got me thinking about so called hard men and fighters and martial artists etc .... so leading on from that if your back was against the wall and things were coming on top who would you like next to you that most people would know ... no point saying mad mick down the road as no fukcer would know them .......
  2. socks

    Hard men...

    No that was for a very deep paper cut ........
  3. socks

    Hard men...

    I remember years back having a splinter in my thumb and I used my own teeth to pull it out ... now that’s fukcing hard ........
  4. socks

    Harsh winter ???

    That’s because they need to split to be used and they split in the frost
  5. socks

    Kelpies as a stud,

    No mate I’ve got the black machine back
  6. socks

    Hard men...

    I called a man a bad name once and made him cry ........
  7. socks

    Kelpies as a stud,

    I doubt it the beddy whippet is in a pet home
  8. socks

    Kelpies as a stud,

    9 so far so I might let you have one.
  9. socks


    Drove past the site of the murder today. Still a big police presence and lots of people there laying flowers and paying their respects .......
  10. socks


    I think someone very knowledgeable and very handsome gave him the same advice a few pages back .........
  11. socks

    how to pi55 off a load of canadians

    There’s an easier way to piss them off as I found out last Wednesday when my eldest girl got married to a Canadian and I thanked them all for travelling from America ........
  12. socks


    I will bet you a pound to a bucket of shit that the pikeys try and say the 13 year old kid was driving ........
  13. socks


    You lost me at light
  14. socks


    As an ex squaddie and somebody that has patrolled countless cities across the world if I was still serving I would happily patrol the streets of Britain to help clean up the filth that’s infesting the country ... BUT I know for a fact that all you would be is a presence with no authority to do anything, our politicians would see to that and the feral scum would soon cotton on and then squaddies would be a new fun target for them .......