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  1. Gentlemen thank you all for your kind words towards myself and Chicky and for the pm’s. As gnasher said it’s all about his missus and kids now and doing whatever they need to help them get through. Financially they are in a good place as Chicky and his two business partners have worked hard over the last 6 years growing a company which now has over 50 guys on the books and one of the first things they did was write a contract to say that if anything happened to any of them their family will carry on getting the money. he was a hell of a boy and always up for the craic. He had a welsh youth cap and played first class rugby until an injury put paid to that, he spent a year travelling across Australia finding a hunting man wherever he went and got out with them. he spent every weekend in the summer out on his boat fishing and out hunting all through the winter. he will be greatly missed ......
  2. Some of you may remember I put a thread up a while back about my mate Chicky who had found out he had a brain tumour .... less than a year later it has killed him. 47 years old and leaves a wife and 4 kids behind. Life is very short and precious and can be taken away in a moment. See you on the other side mate ......
  3. Vegetarian??? Over half that plate is meat you lunatic.
  4. I like to mix it up every now and again.
  5. Do this the other day .... rolled pork brushed with a sage garlic and thyme oil ... layered with pancetta wilted spinach and Parmesan cheese .... rolled tied and cooked on the spit ......
  6. Looking tasty ... Stop bullshitting I’ve seen you cuddling Donald and daffy
  7. Built myself one today and it’s shit blunted every knife I tried on it .....
  8. Got invited by mate to help clear some rats from a small chicken rescue place ...... finished the morning with 93 ..........
  9. Going up on the train doesn’t count shreck .....
  10. Is that a nutra or some sort of big rat he’s holding ? If it takes 5 terriers to sort out I don’t think much of this roughty toughty Uruguay hunting ..
  11. I’ve got this pellet case which I love .......
  12. Apart from being dirty there’s fukc all wrong with that dog .....
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