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  1. In feltching …….
  2. He was a cracking dog for you you fair play. RIP big lad.
  3. You have very strange sexual tendencies
  4. 3 of my kids have had the jab and 1 hasn’t. They all know how I feel about it but they are all adults and have to make their own decisions.
  5. It’s a known fact that nearly all serial killers and psychopaths start off by torturing and killing animals so maybe that was in the judges mind when it came to sentencing.
  6. Just to be clear I’m not in either of the conspiracy theory camps when it comes to deaths. My reason for not wanting the jab is the same reason that I say on here is that it’s had no long term testing … it is no real danger to a normal healthy person and has a recovery rate of 99.8%.
  7. Granted I mixed up the 9 and the 1 so wrote it 99.1 instead of 91.9 but that was the only one.
  8. Just finished cooking this for tonight’s tea
  9. And then SHH comes on and talks utter shit as he doesn’t listen to the news or any scientists and gets all his facts from Facebook. Once he makes himself look a complete tool again he then goes and scratches about in the sand for worms in the hope everybody will forget that he is thicker than a wogs cock ………
  10. Fukc sake it’s bound to be low to the ground look how low the steaks are set and I’ve got my bag in there with me. you must try harder steptoe
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