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  1. socks

    Big Chopper

    Cheers mate
  2. socks

    Big Chopper

    Griff was the top of that knife just left unground to get the effect it was it also clay covered before heat treating .......
  3. socks


    What the fukc is wrong with motorists .... hounds and people running all over the road and no Cnut slowing down ... I fukcing disspair at people .......
  4. socks

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    No word of a lie I was part of a protection team looking after them in Kosovo ... they were there for three days entertaining the UN troops .......
  5. socks

    When you least expect it

    Fukcing killing machine that dog .....
  6. socks

    The last Alaskans

    Oh for a spare 40 grand ........
  7. socks

    When you least expect it

    f**k off your lap would get cold
  8. socks

    When you least expect it

    I would take the sausage dog geth .....
  9. socks

    The last Alaskans

    New series tonight at 10pm on discovery ........
  10. socks

    1890's glass negative

    Lools like a pedophile With a fanny licker on the lead .......
  11. socks


    That’s your problem it’s all about you
  12. socks

    Rettendon range rover murders

    At least I passed you the radox .........
  13. Both pups are completely different the eldest pup is more biddable than the younger one but both are pretty good to be fair ...
  14. socks

    When you least expect it

    What a fukcer I’ve sent your man a message to ask what the score is with that bitch