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  1. socks

    Ferret in season again

    Get a snipped hob to service her ......
  2. socks

    Few furs

    Don't know about the stoles but you wanna hurry up and them fukcing Easter eggs .......
  3. socks

    'Africa' as f**k...

    I would be a bit concerned if I was staying there with a pack of hyenas that had no fear of humans.
  4. socks

    World Cup 2018

  5. socks

    He’s very angry

    I didn't even read the blurb and just by looking at the weasely Mekon headed fukcer makes me want to slap the Cnut sideways .......
  6. socks

    World Cup 2018

    I didn't know stavros flattly was the argi manager .......
  7. socks

    World Cup 2018

    Goal for Croatia ........
  8. socks

    World Cup 2018

    I've watched every game so far ......
  9. socks

    Trump Under Fire

    I know they are different programmes I just see you as a sheldon lol .......
  10. socks

    Trump Under Fire

    Fukc off you would be sheldon lol .......
  11. socks

    World Cup 2018

    Are you seriously saying people like Shane Williams had no artistry panache or finesse. And I would love to know where all these public schools are in the Welsh valleys
  12. socks

    World Cup 2018

    Size does have a lot to do with the modern game but you can't compromise that for athleticism otherwise you will have lumbering giants that will dominate in a scrum or maul but will lose out getting around the pitch. You have to have powerful but fast athletic players. There is a distinct difference in backs (which are your speed machines) and your forwards (which are the powerhouses) there are exceptions to the rule like George north and Jonah lomu who are big powerful but fast men. The game you watched would have been boring because of the type of game the manager wants them to play. It must have been a critical game and the managers didn't want an open flowing game and I agree when that happens it's boring as f**k. Luckily for me wales have always played an open fast flowing game releasingbtne backs whenever they can and that makes for a much better match.
  13. socks

    World Cup 2018

    Depends if you enjoy that sort of thing
  14. socks

    World Cup 2018

    lol you really haven't played a game of rugby have you .... a forwards cardio and recovery time has to be better than a backs ......
  15. socks

    Ferret in season again

    It's not uncommon for jills to have 3 or 4 seasons through the summer .......